Midland Drama Club to perform Finders Creepers, a mystery/comedy/romance

Two friends visit one's aunt and uncle for the weekend. Then they discover he is a mortician, a dead body is waiting burial, and somebody poisoned it. Well, that is what the dead body tells them.

The Milesville Drama Club will put on the three act mystery/comedy Finders Creepers on April 3 through 5. The Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday is at 2:00 p.m.

Directed by Linda Schofield, the play has been adapted for regional appeal, complete with a Dr. Klopper character played by Justin Freeman. The annual play carries its annual disclaimer, "The references we make of the people and places in this production are for entertainment only. These people are our friends, and our intention is not to put them down or condemn their businesses, but to make them laugh."

The dialogue is full of jokes and puns such as "over my dead body," "drop dead," "dead certain," and many others.

The two young men are first frightened out of their wits, and remain out of their wits. They try to play detective, but everybody seems to join the game, even the suspects. Was the milk, like spinach surely must be, laced with poison? In more ways than one, they "gotta get a clue."

While these shenanigans are going on, members of different couples show their infatuation toward each other. This is one play where over acting actually makes everything even more fun.

The two frightened detective wanna-bes are played by John Dolezal and Matthew Jones, eight-year and two-year, respectively, Midland Drama Club veterans.

The rich newspaper-reading, food-loving, can't sit still dead man is played by Dennis Sinkey. Sinkey, one of the original club actors, has 10 years experience. Ask him about his friend Agnes.

The corpse's sister, played by Audrey Jones, in her sixth year, is friends with the ambitious family lawyer, played by six-year vet Cody Jones.

The dead man's orphaned granddaughter is played by Michele Schofield. In her first year, she has to act distraught, a possible suspect, a romantic interest and a detective all at the same time.

Doug Maddox and Tee Maddox, both in their first year of acting in Midland, play the mortuary owners. They are comfortable with their parts, rather than stiff. Though through good intentions, the body, their friends and their business may be lost, even if they somehow manage to stay out of jail.

Brenda Jensen, a seven-year vet, and Jamie Dolezal, a six-year vet, play the daughters of the funeral home directors. One character loves mystery novels, while the other loves a certain young detective. Both definitely know what they are after.

The caretaker, played by Joe Woitte, in his fourth year, is helpful, though forlorn over the nonexistent attentions from the housekeeper, played by six-year veteran Rayma Reimann. He gets two main responses from her, "Get off the bed," and "Drop dead."

The mortician's grandmother, played by third-year actress, Nancy Schofield, has one foot in the grave ... and the other on the dance floor. She plans on eloping, but the audience will have to guess with whom.

The character played by first-year Midland actress, C.J. Schofield, helps the caretaker with the bodies. Maybe she knows more about dead bodies than she should.

Freeman, with four years experience, adds a completely new persona to local medical professional, Dr. Klopper. You'll die laughing.