Midland to co-op all school sports in 2006-07 season

The Midland School Board has decided to co-op all of its school sports. After lengthy research and discussion, the board made the resolution at the regular meeting on Thursday, December 15.

Questions were raised such as, “Can all the kids coming up handle the stress, such as seventh graders playing varsity?” And observations were made such as, “The four-day school week and the one-hour time change with Murdo has been challenging this year.”

“I don’t like the necessity of the co-op thing either, but at least the kids will get to play.” Many similar comments were made by board members.

It was made clear that “We don’t have to co-op all the same direction, we could go with different towns for different sports.”

With which school system each sport will be co-oped will be determined at a later date.

Other topics on the agenda included the update on the 27 laptop computers that were obtained through a $27,000 grant. All the seventh through twelfth grade students have been assigned a computer. An early observation by several teachers is that students who would not do their homework before having access to the computers, are completing their homework now.

The South Dakota Board of Regents has been tracking recent high school graduates. Students who graduated in 2004 and who are continuing their education have a 2.79 grade point average; while the Midland graduates currently have a 3.47 GPA.

The four-day school week is still showing different aspects from the five-day school week. Superintendent Denise Fox reported that more of the staff is working on their professional development this year. There will be seven people from Midland area attending the National Renaissance in March.

A possible greenhouse operation was tabled for more research before the next board meeting.

The next regular meeting for the Midland School Board will be at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, January 9, 2006.