Meeting issues tabled by Philip City Council

The Philip City Council held its November 3 meeting in the Commissioner's Room of the Haakon County Courthouse, since the community room was set up for election day.

Many issues were tabled until the next meeting. The city will be getting and erecting up "no parking" signs in specific spots downtown. The council will look into cost differences in buying new retro-reflectivity street signs or having resurfacing done.

In order to comply with the federally mandated Identity Theft Prevention Program, the council has approved a committee. It will wait for clarification on regulations and will meet next spring.

The city may be writing ordinances in preparation for the regulation of towers for wireless telecommunications and for wind energy. The council will review information from the SD Public Utilities Commission and sample ordinances passed by other South Dakota towns. Such ordinances would possibly cover noise limits, liability, surrounding fencing, size and zoning. The council wants to have something in place, rather than scramble for regulations later. There has been one inquiry from an area citizen about construction of such a tower.

The council reviewed preliminary information from the South Dakota Department of Energy and Natural Resources regarding the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. The Act may influence the specifics in the upkeep and upgrade of the city's swimming pool.

The council reviewed new Economic Stimulus Legislation information from Central South Dakota Enhancement District. The city will be purchasing a $9,356 emergency siren to be erected near Scotchman Industries. The economic stimulus, in the form a a Homeland Security Grant, will pay over $5,000 toward that siren, which rules say cannot be actually ordered until after the first of next year.

The airport snow removal equipment building and windcone project is a disappointment. According to council member John Kangas, the construction crew ran into the siding at least four times and also damaged the overhead door area with a skid loader. The concrete leveling was sloppy and the construction foreman left boot prints in the fresh concrete. Such damage will have to be compensated for by the construction company.

The city's commercial liability umbrella insurance policy is being updated by the Continental Western Group. Safety benefits on behalf of the South Dakota Municipal League workers' compensation fund will be doing a loss control survey. The city's application to the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance has been submitted for an insurance quote.

Approved building permits include: Don Heltzel for a sidewalk replacement, John Heltzel for Eric Heltzel for front steps and an 8'x8' back deck, Willard Murray for a 14'x32'x12' carport, Philip Pearson for a sidewalk replacement and a 5'x5' front deck and a 8'x20' back deck, and Midwest Co-op for a 50'x82'x2.5' dirt containment berm with a liner and a 24'x82' concrete pad and a chain link fence.

The council reinforced its approval of city employees receiving Tetanus shots paid for by the city. "It's a work hazard and the city should pay for the shots," said Mayor John Hart.

The mayor is proclaiming November 18, 2008, as Latvia Day. Philip has a sister city in that country, which annually celebrates its regained independence from outside rule.

The Philip water department has been searching out water leaks and fixing them. It has lowered the overall loss to an estimated 10 percent by volume from the water tank north of town throughout Philip. This is an acceptable amount according to industry standards.

City offices will be closed on November 11 for Veteran's Day and on November 27-28 for Thanksgiving. 

The next regular council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, December 1, in the community room of the Haakon County Courthouse.