M.E. Ladies' Aid in Philip, Circa 1910

The ladies’ aid in Philip consisted of, front row, left to right, Unknown, Mrs. Wilburn, Mrs. Ella Block, Mrs. J.C. Severin, Mrs. U.G. Benson, Mrs. David Coyner, Mrs. Chas. Gillen, Unknown, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Holbrook, Unknown; Second row: Mrs. Waldorf, Mrs. Keyster, Mrs. C.A. McPeek, Myrtle Inse, Mrs. Gust; Third row: Mrs. Alvin Waggoner, Unknown, Mrs. Urton, Mrs. E.F. Walden, Mrs. Maud Fislar, Unknown; Fourth row: Unknown, Unknown, Mrs. Kumm, Mrs. Fred Cooley, Mrs. Diamond Long, Elsie Isenburg, Mrs. Ince, Mable Ince, Mrs. Lake, Mrs. Rogers.