Long-time Philip businessman remembered

Edmund “Eddie” Baye, Sr. passed away Oct. 24, 2006, at Rapid City Regional Hospital after a brief illness. Pictured here is Eddie with his wife, Lila, taken by Bill Kunkle just weeks before Eddie’s death.

Edmund "Eddie" Baye, Sr., 93, remembers when he was six years old and rode to church in Philip in a horse-drawn buggy. He now drives himself to Mass everyday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Mr. Baye had the John Deere implement business here for 40 years. Before that, he worked for Dorothy Brothers Chevrolet dealer.

He decided a couple years ago that it's no fun being lonely, so he got married. His second wife is Lila Maxine (maiden name Keyser). They have a winter home in Long Beach, California, and Eddie drives his motor home out there when "it starts to get chilly here." That's usually mid-October. Lila doesn't drive and said, "Eddie just loves to be on the road driving."

Baye doesn't really know how to explain his long, active life other than the clean fresh air and a lifetime with local friends. He has never smoked, but has a beer once in awhile. He does like his beef. "This is South Dakota, you know, and we have to eat beef," he said. He also credits his faith.

Lila didn't say how old she is. They appear as a very happy couple who have enjoyed long life - and it's not over 'til it's over.