Local scholarships to Philip High School 2009 graduates

Over $60,000 worth of local scholarships were awarded to the Philip High School graduating class of 2009 during the graduation ceremonies on Sunday, May 17.

Bud Coyle Family Scholarship - $250 for two semesters to Tate Guptill

Christopher C. Lurz Memorial - $400 to Abby Fitzgerald

Class of 1964 - $230 to Andrew Brech

Cottonwood Roping Club - $300 to Loni Nelson

Dalles Brucklacher Kudos Award - $300 to Callie Schofield

Don and Mert Jacobsen Scholarship - yet to be determined amount to Kayla O'Connell

Douglas Payne Memorial - $500 to Mariah Evans

Edward and Alice Arthur Memorial - $150 to Jeb Stewart

Elizabeth Trenchard Scholarship - $550 per semester up to eight semesters to Abby Fitzgerald, Jeb Stewart, Kayla O'Connell, Grace Schnabel, Tara Ravellette, Mariah Evans, Callie Schofield, Cecil Heeb and Loni Nelson

FCCLA Scholarship - $200 to Rhiannon Schultz and Grace Schnabel

Farm Bureau Scholarship - $300 to Loni Nelson and Grace Schnabel

First National Bank Scholarship - $100 to Grace Schnabel

Fred and Bev McDaniel Scholarship - $1,000 to Loni Nelson and Tate Guptill

Golden West Telecommunications - $1,000 to Grace Schnabel

Hans T. Hanson Memorial Scholarship - $250 to Mick Trask

Jennifer Nelson Celebration of Life Scholarship - $100 to Taylor Holman, Tara Ravellette, Tate Guptill, Kayla O'Connell and Grace Schnabel

Jerry Ainslie Memorial - $250 to Loni Nelson

Krofam, Inc. Scholarship - $100 for up to eight semesters to Jeb Stewart and Kayla O'Connell

Marvin E. Cihak Memorial - $150 to Abby Fitzgerald, Tate Guptill and Mick Trask

National Mutual Benefit Scholarship - $330 to Andrew Brech, Kayla O'Connell and Tara Ravellette

Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship - $200 to Tara Ravellette

Palmer and Dorothy Pearson Memorial - $200 to Callie Schofield

Paul Brucklacher Memorial - $200 to Kayla O'Connell

Philip FFA Chapter Scholarships $150 to Grace Schnabel and Mick Trask

Philip Livestock Auction Scholarship - $175 to Mick Trask

Philip Ambulance Service Scholarship - $300 to Mariah Evans

PHS Student Council Scholarship - $100 to Mick Trask and Tara Ravellette

Ralph Kroetch, Sr. Memorial - $100 to Jeb Stewart

Richard and Echo Rockafellow Scholarship - $100 and a dictionary to Ashley Scheessele

Richard and Gladys Smith Scholarship - $1,000 for up to four years to Sierra Hook

Trent Allen Matt Memorial Scholarship - $200 to Tate Guptill, Mick Trask and Tara Ravellette

Tri-County Alcohol Awareness Scholarship - $500 to Callie Schofield

West Central Electric Scholarship - $500 to Mercades Martin, Grace Schnabel and Kayla O'Connell.