Local mother/daughter team featured in regional advertisement campaign

Local faces in ad campaign ... featuring Reghan Bloomquist and Brittney Drury, is the advertisement that will be on a billboard half a mile east of Murdo.

Six-year-old Reghan Bloomquist and her mother, Brittney Drury, Philip, have been chosen as the actresses/models for a West Central Electric Cooperative advertisement campaign that will include a billboard, print media and television spots.

"Joe Connot called me out of the clear blue," said Brittney. "They were looking for a mother/daughter couple and he asked, 'Do you want your 30 seconds of fame?' "

Connot is the head of member services for West Central Electric Cooperative out of Murdo. He said, "I know Brittney, and figured quite a lot of people know Brittney. We wanted someone whom the people know and will want to watch the commercial. By us using local talent, we hope the people will say, 'I know them,' and will watch it. It'll be 30 seconds of fame for a year."

The campaign to promote wiser, more efficient use of electricity will begin in the next couple of weeks. "The public should see the print media ads in the next couple to three weeks. The ad will be in all the local papers at various times through the year. We will run it in the Cooperative Connections along with maybe the South Dakota Magazine. A billboard a half mile east of Murdo should be up within a month; it is being built right now. The television spots will air in a month, if not sooner, during the airing of football games and news broadcasts," said Connot.

The Rushmore Group of electric cooperatives consists of seven members. Each will use its own actors/models for its own ad campaign. Because of their locations and memberships, one electric cooperative will air its television spots in Wyoming and another will not use any TV spots. The remaining five are West Central Electric Cooperative, Butte Electric Cooperative, West River Electric Association, Lacreek Electric Association, and Black Hills Electric Cooperative.

The posing for the still shots and for the television spots for all five co-ops were done during July in Summerset by a Basin Electric camera crew out of Bismark, N.D. "I was there. There were challenges with it," said Connot. "When we first got there, I didn't know if Reghan was going to do it or not. But, after she did it once or twice, she really got into it and had a blast. The crew had a hoot with Reghan, and she also had a hoot. She was a good little actor. When she was done, she had to give her autograph to all of us."

Actors for the five different co-ops were not just mother/daughter teams, but father/daughter, father/son and mother/son groupings. Brittney believes that Reghan was the youngest of the five children. Jill Rankin, a West Central Electric representative who forwarded the finished ads to Drury, wrote, "You two are too cute in these ads!"

"I was a lot nervous, and it was a long drive there," said Reghan. "I got freaked out when I looked into the TV camera. It was a big camera that sticks out. But, when the man told me what to do, I wasn't all that nervous. Mom and I did the whole camera thing, and then we went to Red Lobster. She said that it was going to be exciting and fun, but I didn't know so many people were going to see it."