Letters to the Editor:

Flags for overseas military

We frequently hear about the negative actions of the people in power. I would like to share a kind action of a man I know little about.

I am an employee of the State of South Dakota. This is important only for the details to make sense. Recently, while I was at work, my supervisor phoned me and asked for the names of my son and daughter-in-law who are both in the military and serving overseas. The names had been requested by Governor Rounds. My supervisor said the reason for requesting this personal information had something to do with a note at Christmas, but she knew little more than that. After giving the information, I forgot about it because of all the Christmas activities.

Upon returning home from spending Christmas out of state, I was surprised to find a package from Governor Rounds. After seeing what was inside, I couldn’t help but cry. The contents of the box included new, full-size flags which had been flown over the South Dakota State Capitol Building in Pierre on December 17 in honor of my son and his wife. There were certificates signed by Governor Rounds authenticating that each flag had been flown on that day. I also received a very kind and noble letter from this man thanking me for the support of my family and my duties during the last two years. Of course, this reminder made me miss my son and his wife even more, but at the same time my pride in them also surfaced. I was surprised and overwhelmed by this honorable action of Governor Michael Rounds at a time when our families are apart in uncertain times.

I have no idea if this has made the news already, since, as I mentioned before, I missed a few days of news. I am not into politics, although I treasure our rights and freedoms and will do what I can to keep them. But, my gratitude for this package was for the man with the heart who did not just give a touching Christmas speech to the troops and their families, but went much farther than that. He quietly went to the heart of it all and let his actions say a very, very sincere “thank you.” He touched my heart.

Thank you, Mr. Michael Rounds.

/s/ Lynn Buchholz

Lynn Buchholz

Philip, SD 57567