Letter to the Eitor

Dear Editor,

State should not give, get nothing in return.

Do you know that 10 barrels of oil a day at $100 a barrel is worth $365,000 every year? We (in the United States) buy over 2,000,000 barrels of oil from Canada every day. How much is Canada's oil worth?

How much do the Canada Oil Sands producers expect to receive for their 900,000 barrels a day?

The TransCanada pipeline company plans to transport Canada's oil across western South Dakota and the United States via the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. Answer - $32.85 billion a year at $100 per barrel and when the line is at maximum thru put volume.

How much do the state and counties of South Dakota expect to receive for giving the TransCanada pipeline company the right for the pipeline to cross South Dakota? Answer - nothing - except for the taxes on pipeline and facilities.

If you agree the United States, states and counties should receive some financial benefits for permitting foreign oil to be pumped across the United States to world markets; call or write your governor, United States senators and representative. Also call or write state representatives. They are now trying to pass legislation to increase the benefits some South Dakota landowners will receive when TransCanada pipeline uses it's right of eminent domain.

Dwayne Coleman

Rapid City, SD 57701