Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I disagree with last week’s article proclaiming the need for foreign workers. Rural USA has a surplus of young hard-working people. To import workers from another country only increases competition for existing jobs.

The increased competition may lower the wage an employer has to pay and force native-born workers to move to another town or state to make a living.

The foreign worker takes a large portion of his USA wages back to his native country.

For the economy to prosper, especially in the small towns, we need young families to stay in our town and state.

USA workers who live in our community year around spend their wages in main street businesses, send their children to local schools, and donate time and money to community organizations. Keep our small towns and schools alive. To import something we already have plenty of, whether wheat, beef, or labor doesn’t make sense to me.

/s/ Keith Harry

Keith Harry

P.O. Box 201

Midland, SD 57552