Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On our first day of hiking in the Black Hills, we never expected to visit the Peterson Memorial Hospital's emergency room, but we did.

And, it turned into a positive experience. It started when we were met and evaluated by Rebecca. Her pleasant disposition and professional demeanor made us immediately comfortable. Then we met Dr. Holman, who was equally as pleasant and professional

After a complete examination, Dr. Holman requested both x-rays and blood tests. Two very nice young ladies went to work and were both very business-like and equally as nice. Once the tests were completed and reviewed, I received an injection and some oral antibiotics and told to return to see Dr. Holman tomorrow.

The next afternoon we were again greeted, and told that additional blood tests and x-rays were needed. Once completed and reviewed, Dr. Holman determined I was well enough to continue on our hike. But first, I needed to get some antibiotics at the Zeeb Pharmacy. When we picked up our prescription, the pharmacist actually came from behind the counter to explain in detail what the medication was and how often it should be taken. We thanked him and left.

As Sue and I were leaving, we commented to each other about how well we were treated by everyone in Philip, and agreed that it must be a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Since returning to Florida, we have told everyone of our positive experience.

Philip is a wonderful community! Thanks for being so hospitable!


Doug and Sue Marquis

Vero Beach, Fla.