Laudenschlager is doing clinical rotation in Philip

After six years of hard study already under his belt, Mark Laudenschlager is experiencing his first clinical rotation at the Philip Medical Clinic.

Laudenschlager has already graduated from the School of Mines with a degree in Interdisciplinary Science – Tech’s version of a chemistry/biology degree. He has just finished his second year at the University of South Dakota and has begun the four weeks in Philip on his “rural medicine preceptorship.”

Dr. Dave Holman is supervising the student’s hands-on medical experiences, “He is doing well so far; just getting his feet wet. Now he gets to put clinical circumstances with his basic sciences.” Holman continued, “We start slow, but by the end of this four weeks, he will have plenty of doctor and patient interaction and plenty of practice on his physical examination skills.”

Mark grew up in Rapid City and graduated from the School of Mines. He will be staying in Philip, though, in order to experience different shifts and requirements of the learning opportunity in Philip. That should be no hardship, since he thinks Philip is full of “fantastic people” and that Dr. Holman has also been fantastic.

Laudenschlager is studying for the medical field because, “I have a profound love for science. As a high school senior, I knew that I was headed toward medicine.” He is now in a class of 48 future doctors. All of them have been assigned to different hospitals and clinics for this rotation. Mark is studying hard for his first real major test, a USMLE Step One. Then, he will continue his studies at Sioux Falls hospitals until he graduates in 2007.