Last school board meeting before classes

The Haakon School District 27-1 Board of Education's meeting Monday, August 15, was the last meeting before classes are to begin August 24.

Four open enrollment requests were approved. According to Superintendent Keven Morehart, these students are "coming this way" from out of the Haakon School District. Because of contacts and inquiries to school administration and board members, it is anticipated that a total of approximately a dozen students will apply for open enrollment before classes begin. Also, several families moving into the area will increase kindergarten through 12th grade attendance, compensating for the unusually large graduating class last school year.

The board officially assigned students to Milesville School, the last open rural attendance center in the school district. The assignment was actually just a formality; adjusting the mileage for the families of students who used to attend the center that was suspended or closed.

The board approved joining an emergency bus pact. Morehart said this was "simply an annual thing. Most of the schools in the state have an agreement that if we get stuck some where because our bus broke down, another school would loan us a bus until ours is fixed or the trip is finished." He said that Haakon District has once in the past had to take advantage of this agreement.

The last section of concrete between the elementary gymnasium building and the shop building has been poured. Philip Health Services, Inc. is working on the last pipe to be tied into the school's geothermal well system. The upcoming teachers' in-service will focus on increasing the utilization of the district's many smart-boards.

The monthly financial report showed an increase over this month last year in capital outlay, special education, and all categories except scholarships. Morehart warned that some expenses have not been received yet, and may alter these optimistic figures.

Claims payable as of August 15 total $27,652.64. Hourly wages for July total $8,577.60, for an equivalent of 733.75 hours of work.

All fall coaches have been put on contract and approved by the board. Most were approved previously, as part of the coach's teaching contracts. Others were approved separately. Fall practices began August 15. Approximately 28 athletes are out for football and 29 for volleyball. With 15 students out for cross country, nine boys and six girls, this is the largest team coach Ralph Kroetch has had since he took over cross country.

Student check-in for classes will be from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. August 17 and 18. Homecoming Week will be early this year, September 5-9. Morehart pointed out, with Monday being Labor Day, the four-day school week will still be only four days with that week including Friday as a school day. Homecoming coronation will actually be on Monday, Labor Day. The football team will battle White River.

There will be open house from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday, August 22, as an opportunity for parents to tour through the kindergarten through high school classrooms and to visit with the staff. "We figure, since we have some new students coming in, it would be a good time for parents to see th teachers and meet everybody," said Morehart.

September 14, students in grade nine through 12 will be bussed to Wall to join Wall and Kadoka students for an anti-alcohol and anti-drug presentation. The event will include an free concert that evening.

The next Board of Education meeting will be at 7:00 p.m., Monday, September 19, in room A-1 of the Philip High School.