Konst, Snook join Haakon County Commissioners

Two new men were sworn in as members of the Haakon County Board of Commissioners at their January 6, 2009, meeting.

Nick Konst, Philip, replaced Mel Smith and Gary Snook, Midland, took over Lawrence Schofield's seat. Konst defeated Smith in the June primary election. Schofield had opted to step down and Snook ran unopposed for the position. Rita O'Connell was voted in as chairman and Neal Brunskill as vice chairman.

Marlene Knutson, director of the Central South Dakota Enhancement District, introduced new employee, Seth Hyberger, to the board. Knutson stated Hyberger would be working with the county in regards to flood prone areas and ways to address and reduce the chances of flooding in the same locations. She noted funding for Hyberger's position and work is funded through the U.S. Department of Commerce. She also noted that he would help the county identify buildings that could be revitalized to help boost the local economy. The CSDED is comprised of Haakon, Jackson, Stanley and Hughes counties and the towns within those counties.

Haakon County Highway Department Superintendent Kenny Neville noted that the old blades had been advertised for sale in the Machinery Trader magazine with the bids to be opened at the February meeting. The new blades should be delivered about the same time.

The board also went through its yearly ritual of naming individuals to boards, setting mileage reimbursements, wages, designating the official newspaper, bank depository, investment of funds, election precincts, and gravel crushing price along with several other items.

They approved the meeting minutes from December 2 and 23, 2009, and warrants. They surplused the six remaining heating/AC units as salvage.

Terry Deuter was named as the veteran's officer for Haakon County for a term of four years. They reviewed quarterly reports from the county health nurse, sheriff, register of deeds and veteran's offices.

Ross Williams was appointed to county Extension board. The board approved storing 45 years worth of state's attorney's records in the courthouse.

The board denied a raffle request for Haakon County Community Action, submitted by Tim Heuer, Midland. The board would like for more information about the group.

The next regular meeting for the commissioners is Tuesday, February 3, 2009, at 9:00 a.m. in the commissioner's room at the Haakon County Courthouse.