Kid-friendly games/ideas needed for Festival Days

The Haakon County Young Women are spearheading a game time for during this year's Philip Festival Days.

Between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., Saturday, June 18, the HCYW will lead other groups, organizations and individuals in operating a large array of booths in the parking lot of the First National Bank in Philip.

Doreen Vetter, the coordinator of this event, said that it will be similar to Scottie Fest, with tickets sold to the customers and game-players. The different booths and activities will charge a set amount of tickets, then at the end of the day turn them in for that booth's share of the income. Though a profit may be possible, the original goal is to entertain the youth.

The HCYW are looking for games, food and other creative ideas that kids will enjoy. Also, the Philip Chamber of Commerce has carnival type games that individuals and organizations may use free of charge. Manning the booth and supplying the prizes or food would be the responsibility of the operators of the individual activities. The booths are to be pre-registered so that there will not be any doubling up on the same activity.

If interested or for more information, call Vetter at 859-2594 or 859-3023.