Keven Morehart is new superintendent for Haakon Schools

Morehart family new to Philip ... Keven Morehart is the new Haakon School District superintendent and elementary principal. His wife, Melanie, is the new elementary special education instructor. Stratton is about five months old; while Madyson is four, and Bosten is three.

“I’m anxious to get going with my work; to be part of the Philip community and part of the school district,” said Keven Morehart. He is the new Haakon School District superintendent and elementary principal. Though his official start date is not until July 1, he is already on the job and attending out-of-town meetings with Philip High School Principal Jeff Rieckman.

Originally hailing from Hillsboro, N.D., Morehart attended Mayville State University to earn certification in elementary education and coaching. He was then part of the U.S. Navy for nine years. He did not want to be a military instructor, so left the service and took a position teaching in Lemmon, SD, for two years.

Two more years were spent teaching in Devils Lake, ND, followed most recently by nine years in Lyman School District at Presho, SD, where Morehart was the elementary and middle school principal. “While at Lyman, I used to be the wrestling coach and got to know people from Philip. I have always liked this town and the people we met during concerts and sporting events.”

Morehart will be the head football coach in Philip. Jerry Rhodes had previously asked to step down from that position to be an assistant football coach.

Morehart admitted, “We don’t like moving. We wouldn’t have come here if we didn’t think Philip was a great community and one of the best school systems.” Morehart continued, “Everybody has been more than cordial and helpful. People have gone beyond what we could have expected. It seemed that everyone was looking for housing for us.”

Morehart’s wife, Melanie, loves Philip so far. “There are more services available. Main street seems to always be busy. Kids seem to adapt a lot faster than adults and our kids already love their day care and are already in T-ball. We want the kids to know their neighbors, and we trust them to ride their bikes to the swimming pool and back with no troubles,” she said.

The Moreharts have a four-year-old daughter, Madyson; a three-year-old son, Bosten; and their youngest son, Stratton, was born in February.

Mrs. Morehart will fill the position of the elementary special education instructor. She was the pre-school/kindergarten teacher during their years at Lyman. Melanie is originally from Hoven.

Keven Morehart described his work philosophy. “Being an ex-military man, I like structure and organization. As educators, we are to make sure the kids get the best education possible – that is why we are here,” he said. “I am also a strong believer in the team concept. I'd rather give accolades to my staff than get them myself, because they will earn it the most. “When it comes to discipline, we will find out how that goes. I like to take a wait-and-see attitude and expect the best. All we hear about is Scottie pride – you can almost feel it – it’s great.

“Jeff Rieckman seems like a pretty nice guy. He’s very willing to listen to people and has a knack of knowing everyone and remembering names. We should be a good team together,” he concluded.

Morehart enjoys sports. He golfs while she likes to ride in the cart. Melanie enjoys walking and scrapbooking. They family is eager to belong to a church family. They say that their kids are getting older and will be more and more involved in different activities. Coincidentally, their family dog, though a Shih-tzu, is named Scottie.