Kadoka's Rodeo Bible Camp results

Careful ... the rain-soaked arena made for treacherous footing and slow times. Daniele Piroutek, Milesville, takes her horse around the pole at Kadoka’s Rodeo Bible Camp. She took fifth in the poles on the first day of competition. She also particpated in team roping and breakaway roping. Photo by Robyn Jones

The 33rd annual Rodeo Bible Camp was held at the Kadoka Rodeo Arena on August 3-6. There were 92 campers who attended and participated in daily chapel services, games and new friendships.

During camp, each camper received rodeo event instructions for two days and then competed in those events during the two-day rodeo, which included two performances.

Cowboys and cowgirls could receive instruction and compete in a maximum of three events.

Tie down roping: 1st place, Eric Gewecke, Gillette, WY, 2nd place, Kourt Starr, Dupree, 3rd place, Jake Bauman, Linton, ND, 4th place, Tee Hale, White Owl. Instructors: Brett Wilcox, Red Owl, Tom Hunt, Faith, Colby Porch, Wanblee.

Barrel racing: 1st place, Lanie Olson, Prairie City, 2nd place, Amy Deichert, Spearfish, 3rd place, Jamie Britton, Buffalo, 4th place, Kasey Till, Dupree. Instructor: Georgeann Addison, Belvidere.

Barebacks: 1st place, Mark Kenyon, Hayti, 2nd place, Christian Jensen, Sisseton, 3rd place, Mike O'Connell, St. Onge, 4th place, Sage Till, Dupree. Instructor: Dave Stangle, Milesville.

Steer wrestling: 1st place, Cody Hilzendeger, Bismarck, ND, 2nd place, Brice Carmichael, Meadow, 3rd place, Hale, White Owl, 4th place, Troy Wilcox, Red Owl. Instructors: Casey Olson, Prairie City, and Clay Schaack, Wall.

Team Roping: 1st place, Sonnie Gartner, Interior, and Jed Kammerer, Wall, 2nd place, Colter Stout, Kadoka, and Ty Cantrell, Philip, 3rd place, Tucker Dale, Timber Lake, and Hale, White Owl, 4th place, Taz Olson, Prairie City, and Carmichael, Meadow. Instructors: Chris Elwood, Tyler Jones, Joe Stoddard, Michael Jones, Kyle Stoddard, Sam Stoddard and Diana Elwood.

Goat tying: 1st place, Tarin Hupp, Huron, 2nd place Callie Britton, Buffalo, 3rd place, Colby Lesmeister, Parade, 4th place, Tricia Wilken, Meadow. Instructor: Lorita Nelson, Philip.

Breakaway roping: 1st place, C. Britton, Buffalo, 2nd place, Jamie Britton, Buffalo, 3rd place, Shania Johnston, Union Center, 4th place, Amy Deichert, Spearfish. Instructors: Wilcox, Red Owl, Porch, Wanblee, and Hunt, Faith.

Pole bending: 1st place, Kami Elshere, Faith, 2nd place, C. Britton, Buffalo, 3rd place, Deichert, Spearfish, 4th place, Johnston, Union Center. Instructor: Addison, Belvidere.

Saddle bronc: 1st place, Eric Gewecke, Gillette, WY, 2nd place, Dace Kelly, Quinn, 3rd place, Jace Nelson, Philip, 4th place, Zach Schofield, Belle Fourche. Instructors: Jeff Gabriel, Quinn, Eudell Larsen, New Underwood, and OJ Heidler, Opal, SD.

Bull riding: 1st place, Terrance Maier, Pierre, 2nd place, Tyrell Bachman, Faith, 3rd place, Joshua Meintsma, Pierre, 4th place, Dylan Madsen, Presho. Instructor: John Adrian, Osceola, MO.

Girls all-around: C. Britton, Buffalo. Girls reserve: Deichert, Spearfish.

Boys all-around: Gewecke, Gillette, WY. Boys reserve, Hale, White Owl.

Girls Bible: Ann Wilken, Meadow. Boys Bible: Marshall Kruse, Interior.