Kadoka School Board accepts eight resignations, considers new bus

The Kadoka Area School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 9, with all members in attendance.
Minutes from the April 11 and 16 meetings, financial statement, bills and agenda were approved as presented.
Superintendent Jamie Hermann reported that the Indian Ed application had been completed and submitted. Plans for the requested funds will be used for a bus monitor, education aide, transportation costs for student to attend tutoring sessions on Fridays, a camera for the bus and possibly second servings at lunch.
Hermann stated that the transportation committee needed to consider purchasing a new bus for the district. The bus that is currently being used on the Long Valley route is getting older and has a lot of miles on it. In addition, the repair cost to the bus has been quite significant and is in need of more repairs. The transportation committee will make a recommendation at a future meeting.
Graduation will be held on Sunday, May 20 at 1:00 p.m. Presenting diplomas this year will be Dan VanderMay, DJ Addison and Mark DeVries.
Secondary Principal Tim Hagedorn and Elementary Principal Roger Jensen presented the student handbooks for the first readings. Several changes within the elementary and secondary handbooks were presented. The attendance policy and grading scale were referred to the policy committee.
Colby Shuck requested permission from the board to use a school van to transport the music students to Sioux Falls, where they will board a plane for their music trip to California. The board approved the request to use a van and the music department will pay for the gas used.
The buildings and ground committee stated that bids had been received for the external repairs on the Great Hall, but no bids were received for the interior portion. Many contractors were interested in doing both the internal and external repairs. New bids will be obtained as a combination of the internal and external portions of the repairs. Bids will be opened on Wednesday, May 16 and awarding of the bids will be done at a special meeting on Friday, May 18. A projected time period to complete the projects has been estimated at 30-45 days.
During the citizen input section, Teresa Shuck stated that the National Honor Society will be hosting a baked goods auction during the awards banquet to raise funds for Joyce Richardson.
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