Kadoka Press, May 23, 2013

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The official newspaper of Jackson County, South Dakota
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Volume 106
Number 45
May 23, 2013
Memorial Day, honoring those who served
Boyd Pederson buried
June 19, 1921 in Belvidere
Sunday afternoon the remains of
Boyd Pederson were laid in their
final resting place in the Belvidere
Cemetery, with full military hon-
ors, and a huge concourse of people
were out to pay the last tribute to
another of Jackson County’s Hero
Boys who gave his life for us, made
his sacrific on the field of battle on
the foreign soil of France, and it
was but fitting that the touching
tribute given over his remains
should have been paid to the mem-
ory of his gallant deeds.
The funeral services were under
the auspices of the Belvidere Post
of the American Legion, an dmany
from Kadoka were present at the
services. Rev. A. V. Bryan delivered
a touching discourse over the re-
mains. “Taps” were sounded as the
casket was lowered into the grave,
to bring sweet repose to the de-
parted until the Clarion Call of the
Judgement morn.
--taken from Kadoka Press
issue June 24, 1921
Oliver Gordon Omdahl was born
on July 3, 1921, at Cottonwood,
South Dakota, to Mandus Oliver
Omdahl and Sylvia Mabel
(Scotvold) Omdahl. Oliver was the
oldest of ten children.
Oliver was inducted into the
military on February 29, 1944 at
Camp Blanding in Florida and
served in Company B, 203rd Bat-
talion and 51st Armed Infantry
Battalion. He received his training
at Ft. George G. Meade in Mary-
Oliver served in European The-
ater and engagements included
Metz Drive.
His sister, Mabel Brunner, re-
ceived a letter from Oliver on No-
vember 5, 1944. The letter stated
that he was “Somewhere in
France” and went on to say:
“Received your letters yesterday
and today and boy, was sure glad to
hear from you. I just dropped a line
home and let them know I am o.k.
and then I told them I sent $35
home as I can’t use it here and so I
gave it for a Christmas present.”
He was transfered overseas on
September 9, 1944 from New York.
He served in European Theater
and engaged in Metz Drive.
Oliver was killed in action in
France on November 11, 1944, dur-
ing the Metz Drive, after serving
ten months, at the age of 23. He
was awarded the Rifle Medal and
Marksmanship Medal.
On December 27, 1944, a West-
ern Union telegram was received
by the family that stated Oliver
was killed in action.
He is laid to rest at the Ameri-
can Military Cemetery at St. Avold,
In February of 1944 Charles
Walter Vice entered service at
Omaha, Nebraska, with the Com-
pany 1, 104th Infantry, 26th Divi-
sion. He received his training at
Keesler Field,, Mississippi and at
Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
Charles was transfered overseas
in September 1944 from New York
and served in European Theater.
Charles was killed in action on
November 10, 1944, in the Nancy-
Metz Sector, France, after serving
ten months. He was awarded the
Purple Heart.
In January of 1944 Walter
Joseph Vice entered service at
Kadoka, South Dakota, with the
Navy. He received his training at
San Francisco, California, and also
in Idaho. He served on the USS
Lindsey (DM 32).
Joseph served in Pacific Theater.
He was killed in action on April
12, 1945 in the Zamamie Shima,
after serving fifteen months. As an
honor of his sacrifice he was
awarded four medals.
On January 12, 1923, the third
child of Arthur and Marie (Vallet)
Wheeler was born in Philip, SD. An
imaginative child with a good sense
of humor, Richard Arnold Wheeler
went to country school in Jackson
County through the eighth grade
and high school in Philip, graduat-
ing with the class of 1941.
In the fall of 1941, Richard
moved to Madison, Wisconsin,
where he worked in a defense plant
until he was drafted.
On August 12, 1943, at Omaha,
Nebraska, Richard entered the
service, with Company C, 889 Tank
Destroyer Battalion. He received
his training at North Hood Camp
in Texas. April 1, 1944, Pvt.
Wheeler went overseas to England
as part of Co. A, 128th T.D. Bn.,
2nd Reg. and served in Normandy
and was engaged in St. Lo, Failaise
Just months later, on August 16,
1944, Private Richard Arnold
Wheeler was killed in action during
battle at Dreux, France. A tank
mate of Pvt. Wheeler told some-
thing of what happened that day.
“They were having a tough time
with the Germans. Their tank was
the leading tank of the counterat-
tack and came to a cross road and
they were hit. Four got out with ei-
ther broken arms or legs. Richard
and George R. Dobbins were killed
instantly. The tank was hit directly
in the center front and Richard was
sitting between the driver and
radio man.”
His tank destroyer was burned
and there were no remains recov-
ered. His name is listed on the Wall
of Missing in the Normandy Ceme-
tery and he was awarded the Pur-
ple Heart.
Soldiers escort the remains of Boyd Pederson, of the 308 Inf. 77 Div., who was killed in battle during WWI on February 21,
1918 at the age of 20 years old. He was brought home and laid to rest over two years later on June 19, 1921.
The funeral of Boyd Pederson was held in Belvidere and he was laid to rest at the
Belvidere Cemetery.
2013 kindergarten graduation was held on Thursday, May 16. Graduates include, back row (L-R): Bella Williams, Gus Stout,
Don Schofield, Kash Pumpkin Seed, Jared Nemecek, Jacob High Horse, Garrett Hermann, Justice Child, Deanna Hagedorn.
Front row: Diamond Simental, Madison Stilwell, Stefani Sitting Up, Isaac Sitting Up, Mia Dartt, Hailey MacFeat, Laila Clair-
mont, Makaylan Bonenberger, Ashlynn Carlson, Talitha Ashley.
2013 eighth grade graduates, fourth row (L-R): Tate Grimes, Kelsey Lensegrav, Vanessa Buxcel, AJ Bendt, Shaina Solon,
Ryan Schlabach. Third row: Otis Perkins, Carson Good, McKenzie Stilwell, Lindsey VanderMay, Geoffrey DeVries, David Kary.
Second row: Colby Enders, Storm Wilcox, Jackie Thayer. First row: Emma Stone, Jeremy Ring, Kirsten Kiewel, Makayla Bad
Wound, Paul Smiley, Sydney Word, Chloe Baldwin, Emily Knutson. Not pictured: Kreid Amiotte, Mariah Dale, Miranda Dale,
Sierra Fisher, Summer Last Horse, Phillip Leithauser, Jesse May, Jacob Rosales, Ciara Stoddard.
Class of 2013. Back row (L-R): Shane Ring, Lonte Ashley, Chris Anderson, Ashton Standing Bear, Kahler Addison, Paul Kary,
Ryder Sanftner, Ty Merchen. Middle row: Katie Lensegrav, Tessa Stout, Shaley Herber, Kwincy Ferguson, Mariah Pierce,
Marti Herber, Misty Anderson, Rebekkah Kary. Front row: Kenar VanderMay, Klay O’Daniel, Chance Knutson, Clint Stout.
Seniors are ready to make new tracks!
Church Page …
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Coffee & Donuts: 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School: 10:45 a.m. Sept. - May
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Confession After Mass
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. • Church: 10:30 a.m.
Gus Craven • Wanblee • 462-6002
Sunday Church: 11:00 a.m.
(6 mi. north and 3 mi. east of 1880 Town)
Rev. Glenn Denke, pastor 605-462-6169
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Church Calendar
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Upcoming Area Events …
Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25 the state track meet will be
held in Sioux Falls.
Memorial Day Services in Belvidere will be held on Monday, May
27 at the cemetery at 9:30 a.m. and at the Belvidere Community Hall
at 10:00 a.m. Larry Dolezal will be the speaker.
June 1 Kadoka city wide rummage sales.
Read Colossians 3:23-24
If you’ve ever been locked out of your house, you know
how important keys are. For believers, goal setting is a
key that opens the door to Christlike living and affects
us in a number of ways. Let’s think about five changes we can look for.
1. Excitement is renewed. When we are not clear on our direction, enthusiasm wanes. Excitement comes
as we strive toward our goals and see the Lord at work transforming us.
2. Direction replaces drifting. Without goals, we lose sight of where we’re headed and instead begin to
drift. Complacency replaces passion, and we start allowing justification to enter our thought process—such
as, This is just who I am. Goals help us focus on who we are becoming.
3. Excellence replaces mediocrity. Without goals, we start living a humdrum “don’t bother me” way of life.
Working with focus counters this mindset.
4. Our attitudes will improve. When we don’t like the choices we’re making, our tendency can be to criticize
others. But when we are following God’s plan, we will feel better about ourselves and relate more positively
to those around us.
5. Life will be rewarding. If we live for ourselves, we will be disappointed. Setting godly goals helps us
wisely use the time, energy, resources, and talents that the Lord has given us. Life is a gift, and we are to
be good stewards of it. That is difficult to do in the absence of goals.
It will be easier to identify distractions and evaluate opportunities if you compare them to established
goals. Choices then become clearer, and you will be able to reap the benefits of goal setting: enthusiasm, di-
rection, excellence, and reward.
The Advantages of Goal Setting
Inspiration Point
Monday, May 27
Holiday-No Meals
Tuesday, May 28
Baked ham, sweet potatoes,
peas, bread and pineapple tidbits.
Wednesday, May 29
Salisbury steak in gravy,
mashed potatoes and gravy, cooked
cabbage, bread and mandarin or-
Thursday, May 30
Oven crisp chicken, potato
salad, seasoned green beans, din-
ner roll and peaches or cake and
ice cream at center.
Friday, May 31
Pizza, tossed salad, juice and
fresh fruit.
Meals for
the Elderly
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Fourth Grade students take field trip to De Smet
The students made harmonicas by using wax paper and a hair comb.
--photos by Mary Graupmann and Valerie Ohtrman
The covered wagon rides were a highlight of the trip for the students. Gabe Gar-
cia(L), Dan’Te Sitting Up, Jackson Grimes, Rico Ashley, TJ Hamar, Reed Ohrtman,
and Emil Last Horse go for a ride around the farm.
Sina Sitting Up at the schoolhouse. Gavin Sudbeck (L), Hudson Johnson, Jeremiah High Horse, Fred Waters, Tori Mad-
sen, Jessica Enders.
Reed Ohrtman (R) plays a tune on a
replica of Pa's fiddle.
Above, the students had the experi-
ence of what it was like to attend
school in 1880. Front row (L-R): Jessica
Enders, CJ Livermont, Jayden Two
Bulls. Back row: Bailey Grimes, Jadyn
Coller, Trent Cuny.
Kadoka Area fourth graders the in barn at the Ingalls homestead.
The fourth grade students went
on their annual field trip to
Mitchell and De Smet. They left on
Wednesday, May 8 for Mitchell,
stopping at the Lewis and Clark In-
formation Center to have lunch
and look at the Missouri River.
Then it was on to The Prehis-
toric Indian Village in Mitchell.
Students were able to see an actual
archeological dig of remains from a
prehistoric Indian tribe. Their fa-
vorite part was throwing spears
with an atlatl, just like the tribe
had. They also enjoyed seeing a
replica of one of the homes made of
waddle and adobe.
Early Thursday morning, every-
one was ready to head to De Smet
to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home-
stead. This was a favorite stop be-
cause of all the activities. The
students got to experience an 1880s
school house, make butter, ropes,
corncob dolls, and grind wheat into
flour. Driving the team of horses
was a new experience for many of
the students. Finally, they got to
see a replica of Pa Ingalls’ shanty
and sod house.
Then it was on to the Laura In-
galls Wilder Memorial Society.
There the students got to see a
state of the arts museum where
they store artifacts from the In-
gall’s estate, since there are no liv-
ing relatives to Charles and
Caroline Ingalls.
The students were really excited
to see the actual surveyor’s house
where Laura and her family spent
the first winter in what is now the
town of De Smet. They had read
about the surveyor’s house in the
book By The Shores of Silver Lake.
Some of the students couldn’t be-
lieve they were actually in the
same house where Laura walked
and lived in.
Later we went to the last house
Pa built in De Smet and the ceme-
tery where all but Laura and Al-
manzo were buried.
What a great experience for
Kadoka Area fourth graders!
Mathilda “Tillie” Eisenbraun,
age 88, of Wall, S.D., died May 19,
2013, at the Good Samaritan Cen-
ter in New Underwood.
Mathilda F. “Tillie” Drewitz was
born March 12, 1925, on a farm
near Clayton, the daughter of John
and Alvina (Beuchler) Drewitz.
As a young girl, the family
moved to a farm near Bowdle,
where they resided until moving to
Wolsey. In 1936, after her father,
John Drewitz died, Alvina and her
children moved to Creighton.
She completed her education in
the Creighton area.
Mathilda was united in mar-
riage to Erwin Eisenbraun on June
14, 1945, on Erwin’s farm/ranch
north of Creighton.
They made their home on the
farm/ ranch where they operated a
dairy farm until Erwin’s death on
January 24, 1980. Tillie continued
to reside on the farm/ranch until
moving into Wall in 1998. While in
Wall, Tillie worked for the Forest
Service and the Wall Motel.
Because of health reasons, she
moved into the Good Samaritan
Center in New Underwood where
she resided until the time of her
Mathilda was a member of Em-
manuel Lutheran Church of
Creighton and was a member of the
Farm Bureau.
Her grandchildren and great-
grandchildren were a very impor-
tant part of her life which she
enjoyed very much.
Grateful for having shared her
life are her two sons, Roger Eisen-
braun of Wright, Wyo., and Alvin
Eisenbraun and his wife, Sandra,
of Wall; one daughter, Marjorie
Eisenbraun of Wall; nine grand-
children and eight great-grandchil-
dren, Keith and Natasha
Eisenbraun and their two daugh-
ters, Kyza and Nyah; Heather and
Gary Beck and their daughter,
Fisher; Ryan Eisenbraun and his
son, Radley; Jason Eisenbraun;
Seth Eisenbraun; DeeDee and Eric
Bresee and their son, Damion;
Kalvin and Heather Eisenbraun
and their two daughters, Kaydence
and Karlie; Brittany and Bill
Bryant and their daughter, Molly;
and Darick Eisenbraun; four sis-
ters-in-law, Goldie Eisenbraun of
Rapid City, Margaret Eisenbraun
of Creighton, Marilyn Drewitz of
Wall and Elnora Drewitz of Racine,
Wis.; and a host of other relatives
and friends.
In addition to her husband,
Erwin, she was preceded in death
by her parents; and three brothers,
Oscar, Edwin, and Alvin Drewitz.
Services were held Wednesday,
May 22, at the Emmanuel
Lutheran Church in Creighton,
with Pastor Curtis Garland offici-
Music was provided by Rhonda
Mettler, organist. Ushers were
Joshua Geigle and J.T. Moon. Pall-
bearers were Tillie’s grandsons,
Keith, Ryan, Kalvin, Jason, Darick
and Seth Eisenbraun. Honorary
pallbearers were her granddaugh-
ters, Heather Beck, DeeDee Bresee
and Brittany Bryant.
Interment was at the Creighton
A memorial has been estab-
Mathilda “Tillie” Eisenbraun ________
Belvidere & Norris News …
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 3
Norris News
June Ring • 462-6328
Belvidere News
Syd Iwan • 381-2147
Monday - Thursday
10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday & Saturday
9 a.m. to Midnight
1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Belvidere Store
Open Daily
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
24/7 Credit
Card Pumps
Diesel • Gas
Farm Fuel
Pop • Snacks • Beer
Starting case lot specials.
We will also hold our CASH
raffle drawing that night!
See any BVFD fireman for raffle tickets!
Street Dance to Country Rush
Belvidere Firemen’s
Feed & Dance
Burgers, Brats, Beans & Beer!
Saturday, June 8
at the Belvidere Fire Hall
Downtown Belvidere
Free-will offering Feed at 6 p.m.
Dance from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
If you want some rain, all you
have to do is schedule a branding.
That’s what we did, and it worked
a treat. The same storm, of course,
lifted the roof off the shed at the
river place, tossed it over north to-
wards the river and damaged a
tractor in the process. This wasn’t
so great, but the rain was wel-
comed. At least the strong wind
didn’t hurt Ted or damage his
nearby house.
The main problem with all this
is having to reschedule branding.
We had the help lined up, the fire-
wood, vaccine, food for the crew
and other supplies all ready to go,
and now we have to fall back and
regroup. The firewood isn’t going
anywhere. It just has to dry out.
The crew can be harder to resched-
ule since there are lots of brand-
ings at this time of year which
makes it tricky to find enough
available guys on any given date.
Some of the food can be frozen and
hauled out again later, but you
can’t keep potato salad very long or
refreeze thawed beef roasts.
Nevertheless, getting some
moisture was worth a lot. We were
starting to fuss about the lack
thereof. A few ranchers were even
selling some of their cattle due to
a shortage of feed caused by get-
ting little hay last year and not
having much of anything growing
yet this year. We did have a heavy
snow recently, but that never
brings much growth on the prairie
until we get a good rain. Now, per-
haps we are getting somewhere.
Thanks to a long dry spell not
that long ago, we do have the capa-
bility of pumping water from wells
to tanks in various pastures. This
cost a pretty penny, as you might
imagine, but it got us through. We
can use those systems again if ab-
solutely necessary, but they don’t
do much good if there isn’t any
grass. Critters seem to need both
feed and water.
In this area where the annual
rainfall only averages about eight-
een inches or so, we are never all
that far from drought. It worries
us somewhat from time to time.
We don’t expect lush pastures, but
we do require some growth to stay
in business. It was starting to get
a little scary again this spring
until just lately. Now we feel quite
a bit better despite having to post-
pone our branding and replace the
shed roof.
Many areas of the world have
the opposite problem than we do.
They get so much constant rain
that the places turn into jungles.
I’m not into jungles all that much
and actually love our somewhat
arid prairies. It’s just when it gets
too arid here that I fuss and start
seriously applying myself to
prayer. I recall the summer I spent
in Georgia by the edge of a wooded
area (which includes most of Geor-
gia it seems.) When two other guys
and I moved in there for Navy sup-
ply school in March or April, I
thought, “It will be fun to walk
around in the woods this summer.”
Boy, was I wrong. When warmer
(much warmer) weather arrived
complete with almost daily rains,
the woods became a jungle. You
could barely walk through without
a machete. Not that you would
want to anyway since the hoards of
huge mosquitoes could practically
eat you up alive. Air conditioned
places proved to be more enjoyable
than overgrown outdoor locations.
There was also that place I vis-
ited in Hawaii where the average
rainfall was over an inch a day.
Can you imagine what that would
do here? Our little rivers would get
as big as the Missouri, and you
wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere
that wasn’t paved.
In this area, we think that it
takes about 20 to 25 acres to sup-
port one cow for a year. We are
used to that and think it com-
pletely normal. East of us just a
little, they need a lot fewer acres
per critter, but that just turns
them into wimps who don’t know
how to deal with lots of land. It
also means many more people can
live in the area and still support
themselves, which is a decided dis-
advantage as far as I’m concerned.
Give me the wide open unpopu-
lated areas, and I’m happy as a
Incidentally, the one prairie res-
ident that might not be too happy
with the recent rainfall would be
the yucca plants of which we have
more that a few. Those things put
on their very best flower shows in
dry years so that may now be in
jeopardy. They’ll still flower but
maybe not with abandon.
Brandings, of course, can be
rescheduled. Ours is now set for
the last day of this month. All the
other dates between now and then
were pretty much already taken. It
might not rain again that day, or
maybe it will. If we get into June
too far, the calves might get so big
that we’ll have to have really big,
strong wrestlers to hold them
down, but somehow we’ll get by.
We always have in the past and
probably will in the future. The
nice rain was completely worth the
trouble. Thank you, Lord.
Showers of Blessings
Lookin’ Around
by Syd Iwan
New residents in town, albeit
temporarily, are Jerry Sanftner
and his wife, Angela Marcos, plus
Angela’s son, Guillermo Villasante,
and his wife, Carol, and their baby.
All are involved in restoring the
brick building on the west side of
Main Street that used to be the
post office. Before that, it had been
Pop Struass’ drug store and a bank.
Jerry and crew have been working
on this project for some time now,
but are getting serious about it at
present. They hope to have it done
by July 15. While here, they are
staying in the former Reuben and
Irene Buxcel house that is now
owned by Jo Rodgers. A new roof
was the first order of business in
restoring the brick building as the
old one leaked. This was done quite
a while ago. At present, all the
plumbing is in place for a kitchen
and bathroom, and some fairly-
heavy insulation has been applied.
Part of the ceiling has been redone
with patterned metal that used to
be on the old Brooks’ store. It will
be painted white. Old doors are
being restored, and wallboard isn’t
too far off. The place will be made
into living quarters for someone al-
though Jerry and family presently
plan to return to Rapid City when
the project is done. They already
have ripe tomatoes in a greenhouse
in Rapid City which is a dome sim-
ilar to the greenhouse now sitting
by their building in Belvidere.
Bill and Norma Headlee went to
Sioux Falls the weekend before last
to attend the graduation of their
daughter, Donella, from medical
school. Their other daughter,
Anora, took part in Donella’s hood-
ing ceremony since she is already a
doctor practicing at Winner.
Daughters Corale (a vet) and Mon-
ica (a teacher) also came from their
respective homes of Dell Rapids
and Hendricks, MN. Son Billy and
family came from Ames, Iowa. Billy
has a doctorate degree and works
in agronomy and related fields. In
short, this was an occasion for a
family reunion as well as atten-
dance at the graduation. Donella’s
degree was through USD at Ver-
million where she sometimes had
to go for classes as well as in Sioux
Falls. Her three years of residency
will be spent in Sioux Falls which
is fortunate since she already has
an apartment there and is set up to
Last weekend, Tom DeVries
loaded his team and wagon in his
horse trailer and went south of
Kadoka to Brett and Tammy
Prang’s open house at their Incred-
ible Metal Gallery. He gave rides to
the various people who came for
that which is traditionally held on
Mother’s Day. Tammy’s mom,
Lorna Moore, was quite taken with
Tom’s rig and took several rides
when there was room for her. Tom
said it was a beautiful day and lots
of people were on hand. He enjoyed
the event. Next weekend, he is
planning to do a similar horse-and-
buggy thing at Chuck and Merry
Willard’s since they are celebrating
their 40th wedding anniversary
with a do at their place. On Sun-
day, Tom and his sister, Norma
Headlee, were planning a trip to
Wessington on Monday. They
planned to attend the funeral of
Henry Van Asperen who was the
last surviving first cousin of their
dad, Wally DeVries. Henry’s
mother was a sister to four local
ladies, namely Isabelle DeVries,
Elsie Heaton, Clara Blom, and
Minnie Rosso. The Van Asperens
lived on what became Don Word’s
place back in the thirties before
moving to Wessington. Last
Wednesday, Tom attended the
piano recital that was given by the
students of his daughter, Trisha
Bork, at the Presbyterian Church
in Kadoka. He enjoyed that too. His
other daughter, Sarah, came from
Rapid City for the recital in com-
pany with her cousin, Kayla
Jo and Jory Rodgers took in two
graduations this weekend. On Sat-
urday, they went to Belle Fourche
for the graduation of Jeri Olson’s
oldest daughter. Jeri and Jo are sis-
ters. On the way, Jo and Jory
picked up sister Jamie’s husband,
Ray Williams, at Wasta. Jamie had
gone previously to help Jeri get
ready for graduation and the recep-
tion. Jo’s mom and sister, Carolyn
Manke and Jewell Bork, also were
in Belle. Then on Sunday, Jo and
Jory traveled to Murdo for the
graduation of Jo’s nephew, Kyle
Manke, from high school. Kyle’s
dad, Buddy, and other relatives
were at that too.
Davina Spoonemore is currently
in New Jersey for three weeks of
training in connection with her
being in the Army reserves. She
will be done at the end of this week.
Meanwhile, her daughter,
Keeghan, is keeping her grand-
mother, Crystal Paulson, company
here. Crystal is through teaching
for the year so has time now to
spend with her granddaughter.
They appear to be having a good
Kenny, Roxie and Wade Fox held
their branding on Saturday and
snuck it in between rains. Kenny
and Roxie’s son, Shawn, came from
Mobridge to help and his wife, Jodi,
and two-month old daughter, Bai-
ley Ann, also came. On Sunday,
Bailey was baptized at the
Belvidere Church. Jodi’s mom and
sister, Patty and Kari Eszlinger,
came from Belle Fourche for that.
Lucy Freeman’s son, Rocky,
came through his surgery this
week to completely remove his thy-
roid. Part of the thyroid had been
removed previously due to cancer,
but now it was necessary to remove
the rest.
Jamie Dolezal went to church in
Midland on Sunday with her son,
Travis, and two foster kids. The fos-
ter kids are age 6 and almost 2.
Jamie said John has been busy
helping with brandings such as at
Bonenberger’s, Carlson’s, Willert’s,
Johnston’s, and Andy Schofield’s.
Several more are scheduled for the
coming week.
Pam and Eric Osborn attended
graduation in Kadoka on Sunday.
Pam’s daughter, Sydney Beth
Word, was graduating from the
eighth grade. Eric and Pam were
hoping to plant some tomatoes this
week, but rain and hail caused
them to postpone that operation a
little while yet. Pam has been help-
ing Greg Badure repair a saddle for
Zane Pettyjohn. Eric continues to
work at Moses Building Center in
Philip. Pam and Eric mowed their
place for the first time this week
which Pam says will probably grow
right back now that we’ve had
some rain.
Syd, Corinne and Chance Iwan
were in Rapid City last week from
Sunday until Tuesday. While there,
Chance had a tooth removed at the
hospital under general anesthesia
and came through okay.
“Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you
get.” Capsule Sermons
The James Letellier family had
prairie dog hunters visiting from
Wisconsin last week. Jim and Mar-
jorie were in Martin on Wednesday
on business, Thursday found them
in Kadoka running errands, and
Friday it was in to White River to
select some plants and have lunch
at the museum. Saturday after-
noon they were back in White
River to attend high school gradu-
ation, applauding with extra vigor
for the students who came from the
Norris and Prairie View schools.
Valedictorian Nic Waln and Saluta-
torian Gabby Waln both attended
Prairie View for a number of years.
Sunday they traveled to Sunshine
Bible Academy for the graduation
ceremonies there. Grandson DJ
Beckwith graduated from high
school and grandson Jimmy Burma
graduated from Kindergarten.
Friday they found out that their
tornado warning radio worked, as
it warned of a chance of a tornado
headed Norris way. A bit later it
said the tornado was approaching
Cedar Butte.
Anne Heinert helped with rally
day at White River on Wednesday.
She reported over two inches of
rain fall rain on Thursday and Fri-
Saturday evening, May 11, Evan
and Dorothy Bligh were among the
supper guests at Maxine Allard’s.
Thursday Stan and Patrick Allard
came from Rapid City to do some
chores for Maxine, and also to do
some mechanical work on their ve-
hicles. They headed back to Rapid
City that evening. June Ring was a
supper guest that evening. Friday
Brad Snell and wife of Minnesota
stopped in to visit Maxine. Brad is
the son of Dwayne Snell, who was
preacher at the Norris Bible
Church years ago, and then served
as Chaplain and Superintendent at
Sunshine Bible Academy. Maxine
had been busy setting out plants
for several days, and Saturday re-
built the tomato cages to set
around her plants. Thursday and
Friday rain totaled about an inch
and a half at Maxine’s. Daughter
Sharon reported hail at Spearfish
that knocked a lot of leaves off
Rose West and Jeannine Wood-
ward spent many hours last week
at the museum, along with other
Master Gardeners, getting ready
for and helping at the plant sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
They did take out time to go to the
reception for Shadow Heyduck on
Saturday afternoon.
The Mellette County Historical
Society will meet at noon at the
museum on May 21.
Richard Krogman was among
those helping at the marathon
branding session at the Eunice
Krogman ranch on Wednesday, as
they worked on Steve, Neal and
Gene’s cattle. Richard and Noreen
were at the graduation in White
River Saturday afternoon and at-
tended several receptions after-
wards, including the one for the 50
year graduates in the Janklow
room. May rainfall at their place
comes to 1.75 inches so far.
Kirby Krogman is home from
college at Chadron and has been
helping at brandings in the area,
including that all day session at
Eunice’s ranch.
Eldon Moon came to visit at
Blaine and Louann Krogram’s on
May 2. He stayed around to help
with chores and brandings for
about a week.
May 10 Louann had the 5th
graders for a “transition day” in
White River, getting ready to enter
middle school. That afternoon the
2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders had
their Circles of Hope celebration in
the middle school gym.
Last Monday Dan Taft had an
appointment with his doctor in
Rapid City and heard the good
news that his arm is healing well.
Thursday the Taft’s hauled cattle
for Susan father, Alvin Simmons.
Friday the vet was out checking
bulls. Susan and Morgan went to
White River on Saturday to select
garden plants at the museum.
They heard from Susan’s parents
that there was hail in Martin on
Saturday afternoon.
Cheyenne, Jace and July
Schmidt were in Kadoka for grad-
uation and receptions Sunday af-
ternoon. Orlana had gone to
Chamberlain for Latoya’s gradua-
tion there.
Monday May 13, Norris School
had a surprise party for Corrie
Face, celebrating the fact that she
was chosen as Teacher of the Year!
The school is planning a ‘Prairie
Garden’ surrounding the Norris
School sign. School gets out at
12:30 on Thursday. The students
may collect their report cards Fri-
day from 10:00 to 10:30.
Rueben and Janice Ring at-
tended graduation is Kadoka on
Sunday afternoon and the recep-
tion afterward for their grandson,
Shane Ring, who was a senior, and
their granddaughter, Kirsten
Kiewel, who graduated from the
8th grade. The reception was held
in the Peters’ shop.
Out of state visitors came for the
triple graduation of Ace and Edna’s
children, Rebekkah and Paul from
high school and David from the 8th
grade. Edna’s sister and her hus-
band and daughter came from
Montana, while Eric, RaeBeth, and
Cordelia Staab, and Anita Barret
came from Kansas. Anita and Rae
came in the first shift on Friday
night and drove through very
stormy weather. Eric and Cordelia
came in the second shift Saturday
and had a repeat performance of
the weather. A reception was held
for the graduates in the basement
of the Presbyterian Church.
Torey, Jeremy and Tyler Ring
drove to Gettysburg on Friday to
pick up some chemicals. Jeremy
was among the thirty-two 8th
graders graduating in Kadoka on
Sunday. A reception was held for
them in the auditorium annex after
Robert and Sharon Ring were in
Winner on Tuesday for parts. John
Donavan of Sioux Falls came
Wednesday to the Robert Ring’s to
get in some turkey hunting. Thurs-
day Sharon had Torey and the boys
join them all for dinner. Friday
Sharon went into White River for
the plant sale at the museum. That
afternoon Debbie arrived home for
the weekend, and on Saturday
cooked a belated Mother’s Day
meal for Sharon and the family.
Torey and the boys were there, but
Linda was still at work. Saturday
Robert, Sharon and Debbie were in
Kadoka to attend graduation and
Bruce and Torey Ring managed
to plant several fields of corn before
the rains descended. The rain
gauge shows a total of 2.56 inches
of rain so far in May.
Rueben Ring finished planting
corn and has just started on soy-
Norris Head Start had closing
day and graduation Wednesday,
the 15th. Jessie and June Ring and
Risa went in for the event, as Riley
was one of the graduates. Thurs-
day Riley and Risa stayed with
June, while Jessie took the rest of
the kids to school. Since they got
out at noon or so, she just stayed
around until time to bring them
home, including three girls who
came for a sleepover with
Stephanie. A tent was all set up in
the yard, but once that thunder
started that evening, they quickly
decided to sleep indoors.
Stephanie’s guests were Dawn
Clausen, Karen Petrak, and Lind-
say VanderMay.
Saturday afternoon the Bruce
Ring family was in Rapid City to
attend the reception for senior Aero
Amo, son of Joe and Judie Amo.
Sunday afternoon they were in
Kadoka to attend the receptions for
the Kary trio, and then came to Pe-
ters’ shop for the reception for
Shane and Kirsten.
Mike Ring of Highmore visited
his mother this past weekend. Sun-
day Janice met June in Norris and
gave her a ride to Kadoka for the
graduation and receptions. When
June returned home, there were
nine deer calmly gazing at her as
they spread out in the yard, ditch
and road. They barely moved aside
enough to get the car by them.
After she parked and persuaded
them to leave the yard, she noticed
that they had feasted on some
tulips and asparagus spears.
Join Us for Memorial Day Services
Monday, May 27
Colors & Firing Squad 9:30 a.m. at the Belvidere Cemetery
Program at 10:00 a.m. at the Belvidere Church Hall
Larry Dolezal will be the speaker.
Potluck Lunch to Follow
Locals …
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 4
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On April 30 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade in Kadoka and students in grades Kindergarten through
the eighth grade in Midland, Interior and Long Valley were rewarded with a field trip to the Badlands. At the beginning of the
school year reading goals were set by the teachers for each student. If the student met their goal seven out of eight months,
they were eligible for the field trip. Pictured are the students at the Badland National Park reciting the Junior Ranger Pledge.
ä|sr|¡ lrt|aa1
|s âê ¡tars ¡saa¡!!
|smt tt|t|ra|t w||| ||m
äaa1a¡, Ma¡ tä, tê11
|rsm t |s 1 ç.m. (MIì
k|s|sr|t Ka1s|a Massa|t ls1¡t
sa Ma|a ä|rtt|
Cards may
be sent to:
PO Box 310
Kadoka, SD
Kipp and Jessica Magelky are
the proud parents of a baby girl
born in Rapid City on Tuesday,
May 14. She was named Kaidean
Elizabeth, weighed eight pounds,
four ounces and is 20” long. Local
grandparents are Jerry and Janet
Bob and Sharyl Spears arrived
in Kadoka from their Arizona home
recently. They plan to pick up their
camper in Arizona soon and travel
to Oregon for the high school grad-
uation of their granddaughter,
Jade Spears, in June. After spend-
ing some time in Oregon they will
be returning to Kadoka.
Donna (Good) Embree of Rapid
City was in Kadoka on Monday and
spent part of the day visiting at the
home of Helen Good. Donna came
to the Philip and Kadoka cemeter-
ies to do some decorating of graves
in time for Memorial Day.
Major David Rasmussen of Bro-
ken Arrow, OK, arrived home
safely recently from a tour in
Afghanistan. He is the grandson of
Wanda Swan and called her to sur-
prise her for Mother’s Day and her
birthday, which was on May 13.
The Gateway Apartments was a
noisy and busy place this past week
as a new roof was put on the com-
plex. The first day the men worked
was one of the hottest days so far
this year, but they finished the
work shortly before the wonderful
rains hit this area later in the
week. Many places in the state
were still getting rain showers
Monday and Tuesday and the pas-
tures and lawns are getting nice
and green.
Joyce Hicks traveled to Wall on
Saturday morning and attended
the high school graduation of Kim
Billings, daughter of Terri Billings.
Later that afternoon she went to
Pierre and attended the graduation
reception for Avery Handcock, the
daughter of Marlin and Julie
Handcock. The girls are great-
granddaughters of Joyce. While in
Pierre she spent the night with
Ben and Patsy Handcock. High
school graduation in Pierre was
held on Sunday, but Joyce returned
home before the ceremonies.
Bill Zard of Laurel, MT, stopped
on Monday to visit his cousin, Bob
McCormick, and his wife, Ardis. He
was on his way home after visiting
relatives in Kansas. When he left
Kadoka, he planned to go on to
Spearfish and visit Ronald and
Darlene McCormick there, before
going on to his home in Montana.
On Sunday Bob and Ardis, along
with several other guests, attended
a birthday party for Raegan May-
field, one year old daughter of
Lucas and Hayli Mayfield. Her
first birthday party was held at the
family farm home.
Kay Pettyjohn of Custer at-
tended the Crazy Horse High
School graduation in Wanblee on
Saturday. Her former foster child,
Mary Lou Running Horse, was one
of the graduates. Kieth and Nona
Prang met her in Wanblee as Kay
brought them two dachshund dogs
to raise.
Brett and Tammy Prang spent
the weekend in Valentine, NE,
where they attended a grade school
musical in which their grandchil-
dren participated on Saturday.
Deb and Marv Moor, Mitch of
Pierre and Matthew of Cedar
Rapids, IA, drove to Rapid City on
Saturday and attended the gradu-
ation reception of Deb’s niece, Brid-
get Doyle, who graduated from
Central High School this past
weekend. Matt and Mitch both re-
turned to their homes on Sunday.
The Jackson County Library
gratefully accepted a nice donation
of non-fiction books recently from
Jerry Baldwin, according to Deb
Moor, local librarian.
Kadoka Area High School held
its graduation ceremonies on Sun-
day, May 19, at the city audito-
rium. Twenty graduates were
awarded their diplomas, along with
32 eighth grade graduates, and
many graduation receptions were
held in Kadoka. Congratulations to
all of them and good luck in the fu-
The Lenny Sanftner family had
a busy weekend with the wedding
of their son, Tim Sanftner, and Car-
rie Bergen on Friday and the high
school graduation and reception for
their grandson, Ryder Sanftner, on
Abe and Esther Ritchhart of
Sioux Falls arrived in Kadoka on
Friday to attend the graduation of
their great-grandson, Ty Merchen.
They stayed with Cindy and Kenny
Wilmarth while here and returned
home on Monday. Among other rel-
atives attending Ty’s graduation
and reception were his grandpar-
ents, Harry and Jeanne Merchen of
Rapid City; Donna and Mark Koch
of Custer; Sherri and Steve
Merchen of Gillette, WY, and Mel-
onie and Marc Medalen of Rapid
Vi Olney is currently a patient
at Mayo Clinic. Friends and rela-
tives can send greeting to her on
the website Caring Bridge, under
Viola Olney. Updates are done
daily concerning her condition.
Rusty Olney turns 50 on May
30. They had a big birthday
blowout scheduled for the 25th at
their place. Due to health compli-
cations with his mom and the fact
that they may not yet be home
from Mayo, it is officially canceled.
To all of you that did not even know
you were invited we are on uninvit-
ing you (at this time)! Once all is-
sues are resolved with his mom
and she is back home, then they
will celebrate. Phatt Daddy is play-
ing at Club 27 on the 25th. They
may see Rusty there if he is back,
if not have a good time dancing.
Hello everyone! What do you think
about this change in the tempera-
ture? We got our flowers planted
out front and in the flower pots, but
now we got to remember to give
them plenty of drinks. We will be
putting in our vegetable garden in
the next couple weeks and we all
enjoy this project.
This week for visiting we had
our weekly visitors. Renate Carson,
Lola Joyce Riggins, Lova Bushnell,
and Bonnie Madsen, these ladies
are very loyal to our residents and
stop by quite often.
On Tuesday, Frances Terkilsen
and Geraldine Allen came by and
called Bingo. I think everyone got
a Bingo except a couple of our un-
lucky players! Oh well, there’s al-
ways next time.
Tory Lurz, Amanda Reddy, and
Payton Garret all stopped by to see
Grandma Mary Bull Bear. It’s al-
ways nice to see Mary’s big smile
when they come to visit. Mary re-
ally is loving the nice weather and
enjoys sitting outside in the fresh
Rick and Paulette Wilmarth
dropped in to see his mom, Alice
Wilmart, on Saturday. Alice lost a
real good friend, Norma Olney, and
she needs a lot of support through
this time of her loss.
At this time we would like to ex-
press our deepest sympathy to the
Olney family. Our thoughts and
prayers go out to the whole family.
Betty VanderMay got a visit
from Steve VanderMay. They en-
joyed a good visit.
Ruth Klundt’s family came down
to visit with her for the weekend.
They went for a ride on Mother’s
Day down through the Badlands
and ended up in Wall. They enjoyed
a great meal at Wall Drug .
To celebrate Kadoka Nursing
Home Week we had a Birthday
Bash on Monday May 20, honoring
Charity Edwards, Alice Wilmarth,
Elaine Kemnitz, and Dwight
Louder. On Tuesday, we had coun-
try western day and a Bingo
Marathon. On Wednesday we held
a staff/resident/volunteer Appreci-
ation barbecue. On Thursday there
will be our crazy hat day and Fri-
day we will have a dog show at 2:00
Sunday, Carol Borelson received
a visit from Michael Vogelsang.
They are good friends from a few
years back.
Dorothy and Brad Louder came
down to spend Dwight’s birthday
with him. They enjoyed a good visit
once they got him awake.
Carsyn and Neveah Pierce
dropped in to see their grandma,
Mary Bull Bear. She also got a visit
from Sonia, Esperanza, and Pey-
ton. The kids always bring a smile
to Mary’s face.
On Tuesday we got a surprise
visit from the sixth grade class.
They came over and played kick-
ball, cards, painted fingernails,
went on walks, and just visited
with many of the residents. We so
appreciated Mr. Hutchinson for
thinking of us and for sharing his
students with us!
Wednesday, we had three guest
speakers come in and give us a
presentation on the CHIP program
(child identification program). It is
so interesting on how much help
the Masons andEastern Star par-
ticipates in. Our speakers were
Kenny Ireland, Herbert Cook, and
Jack Wellar. We appreciate you
coming to talk to us and for all your
volunteer hours.
Joy Parker received many visit
throughout the past couple weeks.
Ron and Renate Carson and Wilma
Carleton stop by on a regular basis.
Several residents attended the
third grade play. Those going for
the play were: Cathy Stone, Elmer
Williams, Sheila Bowen, Charity
Black Bear, and Mary Ellen
Herbaugh. We got there a little late
so Mary Beth had the students per-
form it twice.
Don Kemnitz drove down to see
his wife, Elaine. They shared a
good visit.
Until next week, enjoy the
Ella Hindman and Bridgit have
been visiting Bonnie Riggins and
others quite often. Saturday
evening I accompanied Ella and
Bonnie to the Philip hospital for a
checkup for Bonnie, but we all
came home.
Quilters met Wednesday
evening at the Community Room.
On one news item, I mistakenly
listed Jean Addison and it should
have read Marie Addison are re-
lated. These ladies Susie Bauman,
Beverly Howe, Marjie Peters, Lova
Bushnel, Shirley Josserand and
Marie Addison are real dedicated
and time permitting work each
Wednesday afternoon. They so
often get two quilts tied, and they
are given to the Rockerville Chil-
dren’s Home. The children are
given a choice of the one they like
and that is their quilt to take home
with them when they go home.
Dick Pinney got word his friend,
Rena Belle, was taken to the hospi-
tal suffering a heart attack late last
week. Word was also received
about the passing of Leonard Yel-
low Elk of Wanblee. He was my
neighbor and a real nice person.
May we extend sincere sympathy
to the family. Linda and husband
are residents at the apartments.
Cora Dillman’s grandson, Lance,
visited his grandmother over the
weekend. I failed to get the partic-
ulars but hopefully they will read
this and give me my corrections.
Our sympathy is extended to the
family of Suzanne (Tiny) Randall.
Glenda Yellow Elk, adopted grand-
daughter of Suzanne, is a resident
Greetings! Please don’t forget
Poppy Day and wear your poppy in
honor and respect for our Veterans
and loved ones especially Memorial
The Diamond (720 Roof) Roofing
crew started roofing and shingling
the Gateway Apartments building
Monday morning. This is definitely
necessary as what little rain we’ve
had found its way in on the floor
and ceiling tiles. There were shin-
gles stacked 5-6 packages deep on
the peak of the building full length
of the roof and on the additions.
They took most everything off and
started over. It got quite noisy in-
side, but it is a long building so we
got some reprieve. They finished
the roof last Friday and cleaned up
the mess. I don’t know how many
trips they made with the trailers of
old roofing discard to the local
trash dump. I do know they worked
in some extreme heat and winds.
I joined the many area residents
attending the yearly awards night
last Monday to watch our young
people being appreciated and
awarded for their participation in
their school activities.
A graduation reception was held
for Katie Lensegrav at the Gate-
way Community Room. Her grand-
parents, Dave and Rhonda
Lensegrav; parents, Ken and Kim
Lensegrav; great uncle and aunt,
Curt and Judy Elson; great aunt,
Karen, and a many others were in
attendance. Katie opened her gifts
to the enjoyment of her guests.
There were many ohs and ahs for
all the beautiful quilts and many
gifts. Our Congratulations to Katie
and the senior class.
Dance to Phatt Daddy
Saturday, May 25
Music starts at 9 p.m.
Club 27
Hwy 284 • Kadoka • 837-2241
Friday & Saturday
Prime Rib Steak
with salad bar
~ ~ SPECIAL ~ ~
Excellent Germination
Cleaned - Priced to Sell
Call Nicholas Patterson
Proso Millet For Sale
Tuesday, May 28 through Saturday, June 8
The City of Kadoka is helping you clean up Kadoka!
Free dumping at rubble site
(does not include tires or household trash)
(City Residents Only)
Tuesday & Thursday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
If you need assistance.
Call Patty at 837-2229 or Jackie at 837-2200
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 5
Wall 6:01.90 1) Bauer, Maddi 2)
Sawvell, Kyla 3) Deutscher, Savanna
4) Casjens, Jessica
Girls Shot Put: 1) Schulz, Autumn
Wall 35-01.00; 2) Astleford, Rachel
White River 32-00.00; 3) March,
Brandy Oelrichs 29-11.00; 4) Red Hair,
Morgan Oelrichs 29-09.00; 5) Morgan,
Hannah Rapid City C 29-08.00; 6)
Fairbanks, Casey White River 28-
10.00; 7) Chester, Rachel Lyman 28-
06.50; 8) Feldman, Shelby Wall
Girls Discus Throw: 1) Morgan,
Hannah Rapid City C 108-07; 2)
Schulz, Autumn Wall 96-04; 3)
Gottsleben, Tyana Philip 96-02; 4) Red
Hair, Morgan Oelrichs 93-03; 5) Stef-
fen, Samantha Wall 90-11; 6) Astle-
ford, Rachel White River 84-08; 7)
Word, Mackenzie Kadoka Area 84-05;
8) March, Brandy Oelrichs 81-03
Girls High Jump: 1) Hansen,
Mckenzie Rapid City C 4-10.00; 2) Tis-
dale, Jessica New Underwood 4-09.00;
3) Porter, Kyla Edgemont 4-07.00; 4)
Lockhart, Elizabeth Oelrichs J4-07.00;
5) Reinhold, Molly Rapid City C J4-
07.00; 6) Bielmaier, Monica Wall 4-
05.00; 7) Twite, Emma White River
Girls Long Jump : 1) Pierce, Myla
Kadoka Area 14-00.75; 2) Herber,
Marti Kadoka Area J14-00.75; 3)
Rounsley, Jessie White River 12-11.00;
4) Hamilton, Darci Oelrichs 12-08.25;
5) Huether, Tayah Wall 12-07.00; 6)
Flitner, Anna Lyman 11-11.00; 7)
Dowling, Molly Jones County 11-10.75;
8) Twite, Emma White River 11-09.50
Girls Triple Jump: 1) Pierce,
Myla Kadoka Area 30-09.00; 2) Flitner,
Anna Lyman 30-06.25; 3) Lockhart,
Elizabeth Oelrichs 29-00.25; 4) Heide-
mann, Breanna Rapid City C 27-11.50;
5) Hand, Shay Philip 27-07.75; 6) Daw-
son, Mary Oelrichs 27-03.00; 7)
Sawvell, Kailey Rae Wall 26-11.25; 8)
Coller, Jerica Kadoka Area 25-08.75
Girls Pole Vault: 1) Bauer, Maddi
Wall 7-06.00; 2) Pinney, Cheyenne
Philip J7-06.00; 3) Coller, Jerica
Kadoka Area 7-00.00
Boy’s Events
100 Meter Dash: 1) Trask, Tyler
Wall 11.50; 2) Patterson, Nathan Wall
11.70; 3) Eisenbraun, Taran Wall
11.90; 4) McLaughlin, Paul Rapid City
C 12.00; 5) Hall, Lucas New Under-
wood 12.10; 6) LaRoche, Charlie
Lyman 12.20; 7) Hunt, Jordan Rapid
City C J12.20; 8) Goodface, Kolayapi
Lyman 12.30
Boys 200 Meter Dash: 1) Waln,
Nic White River 22.90; 2) Hespe,
Wyatt Jones County 23.00; 3) Christo-
pherson, William Rapid City C 23.40;
4) Trask, Tyler Wall 23.70; 5) Engle-
bert, Miles Edgemont 23.90; 6) Patter-
son, Nathan Wall 24.00; 7) LaRoche,
Charlie Lyman 24.60; 8) Kinsley, Dal-
ton Jones County 25.50; 8) Leader
Charge, Russell White River 25.50
Boys 400 Meter Dash: 1) Hespe,
Wyatt Jones County 52.50; 2) Cropsey,
Korder Lyman 53.60; 3) Eisenbraun,
Taran Wall 56.50; 4) Pinney, Austin
Philip 56.90; 5) Snook, Garrett Philip
57.00; 6) Stevens, Lathen Edgemont
57.80; 7) Rush, Tristen Philip 58.30; 8)
Rang, Christian Rapid City C 58.90
Boys 800 Meter Run: 1) Uthe,
Jaylen Lyman 2:10.20; 2) Koch, Bran-
don New Underwood 2:10.60; 3) Hol-
man, Nelson Philip 2:15.90; 4)
Anderson, Bobby Kadoka Area 2:21.70;
5) Rouillard, Ray Oelrichs 2:24.00; 6)
Uthe, Jaelani Lyman 2:24.80; 7) Kins-
ley, Dylan Jones County 2:25.20; 8)
Huether, Austin Wall 2:27.00
Boys 1600 Meter Run: 1) Stout,
Clint Kadoka Area 4:57.50; 2) Huether,
Austin Wall 4:59.80; 3) Schelske, Hay-
den Lyman 5:00.20; ) Martinez, Tomas
White River 5:17.90; 5) Bintliff, David
New Underwood 5:21.60; 6) McMani-
gal, Derek Lyman 5:41.30; 7) Kiewel,
Steven Kadoka Area 5:47.20; 8) Dar-
row, Rodney Edgemont 5:50.20
Boys 3200 Meter Run: 1) Ander-
son, Bobby Kadoka Area 11:21.60; 2)
Martinez, Tomas White River
11:24.00; 3) Bintliff, David New Un-
derwoo 11:43.10; 4) Schelske, Hayden
Lyman 11:55.10; 5) Huether, Austin
Wall 12:15.80; 6) Bartels, Damian
Philip 13:45.50; 7) Venhuizen, Cade
New Underwood 14:03.10; 8) Grass-
rope, Gabe Lyman 14:17.40
Boys 110 Meter Hurdles: 1)
Adrian, Ben White River 16.30; 2) Sud-
beck, Chandlier Kadoka Area 16.50; 3)
Ostenson, Mason Edgemont J16.50; 4)
McManus, Liam Lyman 18.20; 5)
Mohr-Eymer, Conrad Lyman 18.80
Boys 300 Meter Hurdles: 1)
McLaughlin, Paul Rapid City C 42.90;
2) McManus, Liam Lyman 45.60; 3)
Mohr-Eymer, Conrad Lyman J45.60;
4) Koch, Cameron New Underwood
Girl’s Events
Girls 100 Meter Dash: 1)
O'Rourke, Sadie Wall 12.90; 2) Iwan,
Holly Philip 13.50; 3) Porter, Kyla
Edgemont 13.70; 4) Jahner, Darienne
Rapid City C 14.00; 5) Ferguson,
Kwincy Kadoka Area 14.00; 6) Eisen-
braun, Anika Wall 14.00; 7) Choal,
Phoenix Lyman 14.10; 8) Deutscher,
Savanna Wall 14.90
Girls 200 Meter Dash: 1)
O'Rourke, Sadie Wall 27.20; 2) Iwan,
Holly Philip 27.70; 3) Porter, Kyla
Edgemont 28.60; 4) Hansen, Mckenzie
Rapid City C 29.10; 5) Ogunremi,
Funke Rapid City C 29.30; 5) Herber,
Shaley Kadoka Area 29.30; 7) Porch,
Allie Rapid City C 29.50; 8) Choal,
Phoenix Lyman 29.70
Girls 400 Meter Dash: 1)
O'Rourke, Sadie Wall 1:01.50; 2) Her-
man, Sara Lyman 1:03.10; 3) Huether,
Tayah Wall 1:04.10; 4) Letellier, Victo-
ria Kadoka Area 1:04.60; 5) Porter,
Kyla Edgemont 1:06.60; 6) Ogunremi,
Funke Rapid City C 1:07.00; 7) Wom-
bold, Kathleen Rapid City C 1:07.70; 8)
Winegar, Mercedes New Underwood
Girls 800 Meter Run: 1) Buxcel,
Rachel Jones County 2:28.00; 2)
Huether, Tayah Wall 2:29.20; 3) Her-
man, Sara Lyman 2:40.00; 4) Wom-
bold, Kathleen Rapid City C 2:47.80; 5)
Bray, Billie New Underwood 2:51.00;
6) Knutson, Emily Kadoka Area
2:52.00; 7) Lulf, Quinn Lyman
J2:52.00; 8) Anderson, Carissa New
Underwood 2:52.00
Girls 1600 Meter Run: 1) Coyle,
Ellie Philip 5:48.00; 2) Huntley, Savan-
nah Rapid City C 5:52.10; 3) Lulf,
Quinn Lyman 6:02.20; 4) Gossard,
Adrienne New Underwood 6:05.20; 5)
Garnos, Chesney Lyman 6:35.70; 6)
Green, Skylar Jones County 6:42.90; 7)
Leppert, Hannah Rapid City C 7:49.20
Girls 3200 Meter Run: 1) Huntley,
Savannah Rapid City C 13:00.80; 2)
Sudbeck, Scout Kadoka Area 13:23.30;
3) Coyle, Ellie Philip 13:42.00; 4) Lulf,
Quinn Lyman 13:45.80; 5) Garnos,
Chesney Lyman 14:28.60; 6) Green,
Skylar Jones County 14:59.60; 7)
Pekron, Allison Philip 16:18.80
Girls 100 Meter Hurdles: 1)
Philipsen, Brianna New Underwood
16.60 10; Pierce, Myla Kadoka Area
17.00; 3) Batie, Rachel Rapid City C
17.60; 4) Herber, Marti Kadoka Area
18.00; 5) Heidemann, Breanna Rapid
City C 18.50 4 6) Reinhold, Molly
Rapid City C 19.70; 7) Cameron, Lizzy
White River 20.10
Girls 300 Meter Hurdles: 1)
Smith, Ashton Lyman 51.00; 2) Choal,
Phoenix Lyman 51.50; 3) Batie, Rachel
Rapid City C 53.50; 4) Herber, Marti
Kadoka Area 54.10; 5) Heidemann,
Breanna Rapid City C 57.10; 6)
Cameron, Lizzy White River 57.50; 7)
Reinhold, Molly Rapid City C 59.10
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: 1 New
Underwood 54.20 1) Shaub, Alyx 2)
Benter, Jacy 3) Brindley, Taylor 4) Ma-
ciejewski, Abbi; 2 Wall 54.50 1) Biel-
maier, Monica 2) Eisenbraun, Anika 3)
Huether, Tayah 4) O'Rourke, Sadie; 3
Rapid City Christian 55.80 1)
Mann, Danica 2) Jahner, Darienne 3)
Robinson, Hayley 4) Ogunremi, Funke;
4 Kadoka Area 57.40 1) Ferguson,
Kwincy 2) Hicks, Kassie 3) Pierce,
Myla 4) Herber, Marti; 5 White River
59.30 1) Cameron, Lizzy 2) LeBoeuf,
Julia 3) Fairbanks, Casey 4) Rounsley,
Jessie; 6 Jones County 59.80 1) Ve-
nard, Paige 2) Manecke, Melyssa 3)
Addison, Jami 4) Montoya, Melissa; 7
Lyman 1:00.20 1) Uthe, Casie 2) Lulf,
Bailey 3) Welter, Jessica 4) Cropsey,
Hadley; 8 Philip 1:02.10 1) Snyder,
Jaisa 2) Wheeler, Elise 3) Slovek,
Paige 4) McIlravy, Annabelle
Girls 4x200 Meter Relay: 1
Jones County 1:52.80 1) Glaze, Calli
2) Buxcel, Rachel 3) Waldron, Mikayla
4) Hespe, Kalli; 2 New Underwood
1:53.00 1) Brindley, Taylor 2) Ma-
ciejewski, Abbi 3) Benter, Jacy 4)
Philipsen, Brianna; 3 Lyman 1:57.20
1) Uthe, Casie 2) Flitner, Anna 3)
Smith, Ashton 4) Choal, Phoenix; 4
Rapid City Christian 1:58.90 1)
Hansen, Mckenzie 2) Robinson, Hay-
ley 3) Jahner, Darienne 4) Porch, Allie;
5 Wall 2:03.30 1) Sawvell, Kailey Rae
2) Eisenbraun, Anika 3) Deutscher, Sa-
vanna 4) Bielmaier, Monica; 6 Philip
2:06.70 1) Guptill, Tia 2) Wheeler,
Elise 3) Slovek, Paige 4) McIlravy,
Annabelle; 7 White River 2:07.20 1)
Cameron, Lizzy 2) Astleford, Rachel 3)
LeBoeuf, Julia 4) Rounsley, Jessie
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay: 1
Jones County 4:23.70 1) Hight, Han-
nah 2) Buxcel, Rachel 3) Waldron,
Mikayla 4) Hespe, Kalli; 2 New Un-
derwood 4:26.70 1) Shaub, Alyx 2)
Maciejewski, Abbi 3) Philipsen, Bri-
anna 4) Benter, Jacy; 3 Philip 4:28.90
1) Iwan, Holly 2) Guptill, Tia 3) Knut-
son, Katlin 4) Snyder, Jaisa; 4
Kadoka Area 4:37.30 1) Ferguson,
Kwincy 2) Herber, Shaley 3) Letellier,
Victoria 4) Knutson, Emily; 5 Lyman
4:41.20 1) Herman, Sara 2) Flitner,
Anna 3) Welter, Jessica 4) Smith, Ash-
ton; 6 Rapid City Christian 4:59.90
1) Robinson, Hayley 2) Christiansen,
Dana 3) Voigt, Ellen
4) Wombold, Kathleen; 7 Wall 5:42.60
1) Bauer, Maddi 2) Steffen, Samantha
3) Casjens, Jessica 4) Sawvell, Kyla
Girls 4x800 Meter Relay: 1
Lyman 10:47.60 1) Herman, Sara 2)
Smith, Ashton 3) Lulf, Quinn 4) Gar-
nos, Chesney; 2 Kadoka Area
10:56.30 1) Herber, Shaley 2) Sudbeck,
Scout 3) Letellier, Victoria 4) Knutson,
Emily; 3 New Underwood 11:48.40
1) Bray, Billie 2) Anderson, Carissa 3)
Anderson, Kelsie 4) Winegar, Mercedes
Girls 1600 Sprint Medley: 1 New
Underwood 4:35.00 1) Brindley, Tay-
lor 2) Philipsen, Brianna 3) Benter,
Jacy 4) Gossard, Adrienne; 2 Philip
4:41.50 1) Iwan, Holly 2) Knutson,
Katlin 3) Guptill, Tia 4) Coyle, Ellie; 3
Kadoka Area 4:44.50 1) Ferguson,
Kwincy 2) Letellier, Victoria 3) Sud-
beck, Scout 4) Herber, Shaley; 4 Jones
County 4:50.70 1) Glaze, Calli 2) Wal-
dron, Mikayla 3) Hight, Hannah 4)
Hespe, Kalli; 5 Rapid City Christian
5:03.30 1) Porch, Allie 2) Hansen,
Mckenzie 3) Wombold, Kathleen 4)
Huntley, Savannah; 6 Lyman 5:26.60
1) Welter, Jessica 2) Lulf, Bailey 3)
Cropsey, Hadley 4) Perry, Caroline; 7
Region 7 track meet held May 16
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay: 1
Lyman 46.30 10 1) LaRoche, Charlie
2) Uthe, Jaylen 3) Mohr-Eymer, Con-
rad 4) Cropsey, Korder; 2 White River
46.40 1) Adrian, Ben 2) Leader
Charge, James 3) Larvie, Tanner 4)
Waln, Nic; 3 Rapid City Christian
46.80 1) Hunt, Jordan 2) Zylstra,
Thomas 3) Christopherson, William 4)
McLaughlin, Paul; 4 Wall 48.20 1)
Eisenbraun, Taran 2) Huether, Austin
3) Patterson, Nathan 4) Trask, Tyler;
5 Edgemont 49.20 1) Stevens, Lathen
2) Ostenson, Mason 3) Schumacher,
Brice 4) Evans, Zack; 6 Philip 1:00.00
1) Kroetch, Lane 2) Heltzel, Riley 3)
West, Cooper 4) Bartels, Damian
Boys 4x200 Meter Relay: 1
Lyman 1:36.90 1) LaRoche, Charlie 2)
Hoogendoorn, Harley 3) Mundlien,
Trey 4) Cropsey, Korder; 2 Wall
1:37.00 1) Eisenbraun, Taran 2) Peter-
son, Tyler 3) Patterson, Nathan 4)
Trask, Tyler; 3 Jones County 1:38.30
1) Johnson, Chad 2) Hight, Cody 3)
Daum, Josh 4) Hespe, Wyatt; 4 Edge-
mont 1:41.00 1) Stevens, Lathen 2)
Ostenson, Mason 3) Evans, Zack 4)
Englebert, Miles; 5 Rapid City
Christian 1:43.80 1) White, Thomas
2) Rang, Christian 3) Brennan, Noah
4) Christopherson, William; 6 Kadoka
Area 1:46.40 1) Buchholz, True 2)
Pretty Bear, Matthew 3) Bendt, AJ 4)
Anderson, Chris; 7 Philip 1:47.90 1)
Kroetch, Lane 2) Heltzel, Riley 3)
West, Cooper 4) Snook, Garrett; 8 New
Underwood 1:50.20 1) Baker, Nick 2)
Paulson, Clay 3) Nelson, Robbie 4)
Clemens, Colton
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: 1
Kadoka Area 3:40.00 1) Sudbeck,
Chandlier 2) Stout, Clint 3) Anderson,
Chris 4) Pretty Bear, Sam; 2 Jones
County 3:42.50 1) Johnson, Chad 2)
Hight, Cody 3) Daum, Josh 4) Hespe,
Wyatt; 3 Philip 3:44.30 1) Holman,
Nelson 2) Pinney, Austin 3) Snook,
Garrett 4) Guptill, Paul; 4 Lyman
3:47.30 1) Mohr-Eymer, Conrad 2)
Cropsey, Korder 3) Hoogendoorn,
Harley 4) Uthe, Jaylen; 5 Rapid City
Christian 4:25.00 1) Schriner, Joshua
2) Schmagel, Jonah 3) Schriner,
Zachariah 4) Rang, Christian; 6 Wall
4:33.30 1) McDonnell, Allan 2) Eisen-
braun, Preston 3) Moschell, Aaron 4)
Eisenbraun, Tate
Boys 4x800 Meter Relay: 1
Kadoka Area 9:00.70 1) Stout, Clint
2) Anderson, Bobby 3) Anderson, Chris
4) Pretty Bear, Sam; 2 New Under-
wood 9:05.50 1) Bintliff, David 2)
Finkbeiner, Jhett 3) Koch, Cameron 4)
Koch, Brandon; 3 Lyman 9:28.10 1)
Terca, Alec 2) Terca, Eric 3) Uthe, Jae-
lani 4) Uthe, Jaylen
Boys 1600 Sprint Medley Team
Relay: 1 Kadoka Area 3:52.30 1)
Sudbeck, Chandlier 2) Pretty Bear,
Sam 3) Anderson, Chris 4) Stout, Clint;
2 White River 3:52.80 1) Adrian, Ben
2) Waln, Nic 3) Larvie, Tanner 4)
Leader Charge, James; 3 Jones
County 3:59.10 1) Kinsley, Dalton 2)
Hight, Cody 3) Johnson, Chad 4)
Daum, Josh; 4 New Underwood
4:16.90 1) Hall, Lucas 2) Stangle, Clint
3) Madsen, Trent 4) Finkbeiner, Jhett;
5 Lyman 4:21.80 1) Mundlien, Trey 2)
Goodface, Kolayapi 3) Terca, Eric 4)
Terca, Alec; 6 Rapid City Christian
4:32.60 1) Christopherson, William 2)
Eggebraaten, Jonathan 3) White,
Thomas 4) Brennan, Noah; 7 Wall
4:37.30 1) Eisenbraun, Preston 2)
Sawvell, Camden 3) Moschell, Aaron 4)
Eisenbraun, Tate
Boys Shot Put: 1) Ammons, Logan
Kadoka Area 46-01.50; 2) McLaughlin,
Laketon Wall 43-11.75; 3) Lockhart,
Wade Oelrichs 43-08.00; 4) Slovek,
Quade Philip 40-03.00; 5) Mortenson,
Gaige Lyman 39-05.00; 6) LaCroix,
Sawyer Lyman 38-02.50 3 7) Gillen,
Matt White River 36-04.50 2 8) De-
Jong, Dillon Lyman 36-04.00 1
Boys Discus Throw: 1) Ammons,
Logan Kadoka Area 144-04; 2)
McLaughlin, Laketon Wall 122-11; 3)
Slovek, Quade Philip 117-06; 4) Baker,
Trevor New Underwood 111-10; 5)
Gillen, Matt White River 111-08; 6)
LaCroix, Sawyer Lyman 108-11; 7) De-
Jong, Dillon Lyman 99-11; 8) Benter,
Dalton New Underwoo 97-02
Boys High Jump: 1) Lockhart,
Wade Oelrichs 6-00.00; 2) Englebert,
Miles Edgemont 5-06.00; 3)
Finkbeiner, Jhett New Underwoo J5-
06.00; 4) Peterson, Tyler Wall J5-
06.00; 5) Hoogendoorn, Harley Lyman
5-04.00; 5) Bendt, AJ Kadoka Area 5-
04.00; 7) White, Andrew Rapid City C
J5-04.00; 8) Eggebraaten, Jonathan
Rapid City C J5-04.00
Boys Long Jump: 1) Larvie, Tan-
ner White River 18-07.25; 2) Peterson,
Tyler Wall 18-03.50; 3) Rouillard, Rob
Oelrichs 17-03.75; 4) Evans, Zack
Edgemont 16-03.50; 5) Terca, Alec
Lyman 15-09.50; 6) Englebert, Miles
Edgemont 15-07.75; 7) Leader Charge,
Russell White River 15-05.00; 8) Terca,
Eric Lyman 14-10.75
Boys Triple Jumps: 1) Peterson,
Tyler Wall 40-07.50; 2) Ostenson,
Mason Edgemont 36-07.00; 3) Egge-
braaten, Jonathan Rapid City C 35-
07.75; 4) Rouillard, Rob Oelrichs
35-05.00; 5) Stevens, Lathen Edge-
mont 35-00.50; 6) Uthe, Jaelani Lyman
34-11.75; 7) Schriner, Joshua Rapid
City C 33-09.25; 8) Bendt, AJ Kadoka
Area 32-09.00
Boys Pole Vault: 1) Pinney, Austin
Philip 10-06.00; 2) Cleveland, Haydon
Lyman 10-00.00; 3) West, Cooper
Philip J10-00.00; 4) Hoogendoorn,
Harley Lyman 9-06.00
Kassie Hicks
AJ Bendt Clint Stout receives a congratulation hug from his mom, Annie.
Kahler Addison and his grandmother, Lillian Carlson
Valedictorian Kwincy Ferguson (L) and Salutatorian Mariah Pierce
2013 KAHS graduation
Good Luck Track Team …
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 6
Peters Excavation
Brent Peters: 837-2945
Groven’s Chemical
Rick Groven: 837-2550
Kadoka Clinic
Club 27
Lonny & Carrie Johnston:
Headlee Vet Clinic
Drs. Bill & Norma Headlee
Kadoka: 837-2431
Philip: 859-2610
Kadoka Gas & Go
Grant Patterson: 837-2350
Kadoka Press
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Stadium Sports
Mission, SD: 1-888-502-3066
Midland Food & Fuel
Clint & Brenda Jensen:
J&S Restore
John & Sue Kaiser: 837-2376
People’s Market
Rich & Shawna Bendt: 837-2232
Dr. B.L. Porch, DVM
Dr. Boyd Porch: 837-2697
Double H Feed
& Supply
Ted & Arlene Hicks: 837-2976
Kadoka Booster Club
Promoting Spirit
H & H Restaurant
& Rodeway Inn
Ken & Cindy Wilmarth: 837-2287
Gene Christensen: 837-2281
Lori Waldron: 837-2277
Rod Knutson, Mgr: 837-2600
Hildebrand Steel
& Concrete
Rich & Colleen Hildebrand
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Discount Fuel
Mark & Tammy Carlson
Phone: 837-2271
West River
Craig & Diana Coller: 837-2690
Sauntee & Heidi Coller
State Farm Ins.
Jan Hewitt: 859-2559
1600 Sprint Medley & 1600 M Relay
Chandlier Sudbeck, Sam Pretty Bear,
Chris Anderson & Clint Stout
Shot Put & Discus
Logan Ammons
3200 M
Scout Sudbeck
800 Meter Relay
Victoria Letellier, Shaley Herber,
Scout Sudbeck & Emily Knutson
3200 M
Bobby Anderson
3200 Meter Relay
Sam Pretty Bear, Chris Anderson
Bobby Anderson & Clint Stout
Marti Herber
1600 M
Clint Stout
110 M & 300 M
(School Record)
Chandlier Sudbeck
100 M Hurdles,
Long Jump &
Triple Jump
Myla Pierce
SD State Track & Field
May 24 & 25 • Sioux Falls
Community … May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 7
Ice • Beer
Kadoka Oil Co.
Kadoka, SD
For fuel &
propane delivery:
Mark & Tammy Carlson
Jackson County
Title Co., Inc.
615 Poplar St. • Kadoka, SD 57543
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Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon
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Dave Webb, PA-C
Wednesday - CLOSED
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Clinic Hours:
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Lab Hours:
8:15 - 12:00 1:00 - 5:00
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Complete line of veterinary
services & products.
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to noon
by appointment
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The Lab & X-ray departments
accept orders from any provider.
Kadoka Clinic is a Medicare provider &
accepts assignments on Medicare bills.
Kay Reckling
Independent Norwex Consultant
605-391-3097 cell
Dam Repair
or other
dirt work
Tom DeVries
Belvidere • 605-891-8022
CTAR Chapter Green Hand award for outstanding Freshman
was presented to Steven Kiewel (R) by Brandy Knutson.
Long Valley students and teachers.
Dawson Reckling - Perfect Attendance Award Stephanie Ring - One Million Words Read Award
Senior Male and Female Athlete Award
Clint Stout (L), Kwincy Ferguson, Marti Herber
--photos by Robyn Jones
Army Scholar Athletes
Chance Knutson and Kwincy Ferguson
Vern Uhlir (L) was reconized for his many hours of volunteer
servicce dedicated to the students.
Track & Field MVP Athletes
Kwincy Ferguson and Chandlier Sudbeck
Boys Basketball, Most Improved Aage Ceplecha, Practice
Player Lane Patterson, Senior Award and Western Great
Plains Kenar VanderMay
Girls Basketball: Western Great Plains Honorable Mention,
Taylor Merchen (L),Western Great Plains Honorable
Mention, Girls Basketball Offensive Player, Katie
Lensegrav, Western Great Plains All Conference Team,
Southern Great Plains All Conference Team, and Girls
Basketball Offensive Player Kwincy Ferguson.
Not pictured: Girls Basketball Most Improved
Joanne Cross-Amiotte
Kadoka Awards Night
Over $100,000 in scholarships were
awarded to Kadoka Area students at
the awards night Monday, May 13. Fol-
lowing the acedemic awards, atheletes
were reconized for their achievements.
At the conclusion of the night, Vern
Uhlir was honored for his many hours
of volunteer service to the students.
Governor's Academic Excellence,
Kwincy Ferguson; Board of Regents
Scholars, Marti Herber, Shaley Herber,
Katie Lensegrav, Mariah Pierce, Clint
Stout, Tessa Stout, Kwincy Ferguson;
GoldenWest Scholarship, Kwincy Fer-
guson, West Central Scholarship,
Kenar VanderMay, Shane Ring, Chance
Knutson, Marti Herber; Freshman Im-
pact Scholarship, Tessa Stout; Jessica
Grimes Memorial Scholarship, Marti
Herber, Clint Stout; George C. and Flo-
rence Smith, Chance Knutson; Coca-
Cola Scholarship, Kenar VanderMay;
Roseanne M.E. Albin Scholarship,
Shane Ring, Clint Stout; Jackson
County Farm Bureau Scholar, Katie
Lensegrav; Ardell Bjugstad Scholar-
ship, Chance Knutson; Conservation
Speech Scholarships (2) Tessa Stout;
Edith Hogen Scholarship, Tessa Stout,
Chance Knutson; IOOF (independent
Order of Odd Fellows) Scholarship,
Klay O'Danial; Veterans of Foreign
Wars, Shaley Herber; Ladies Auxiliary,
Post Level, Shaley Herber; Ladies Aux-
iliary, District Level, Shaley Herber;
Ladies Auxiliary, District Level, Shaley
Herber; Coyote Commitment Distinc-
tion Scholarships, Kwincy Ferguson,
Mariah Pierce; USD Valedictorian
Scholarship, Kwincy Ferguson; Ullyot
Lakota Scholarship, Mariah Pierce;
Army ROTC Scholarship, Shaley Her-
ber; BHSU Cross Country Scholarship,
Shaley Herber; BHSU Track and Field
Scholarship, Shaley Herber; Black Hills
Stock Show Scholarship, Katie Lenseg-
rav; BHSU Joe and Elain Flyod Schol-
arship, Katie Lensegrav; Gillette
College Scholarship, Tessa Stout;
SDSMT Scholarship, Kwincy Ferguson;
Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Memo-
rial Scholarship, Chance Knutson.
Student of the Month: Kate Ras-
mussen, Foster Berry, Raven Jor-
gensen, Shane Ring, Samone Last
Horse, Desmond Bad Wound, Taylor
Merchen, Emery Little Thunder,
Racheal Shuck, Dylan Riggins, Myla
Pierce, Logan Ammons; HOBY, Myla
Pierce, Destiny Dale; Girls All State,
Raven Jorgensen, Racheal Shuck; Boys
State, Logan Ammons, Foster Berry;
SD Girls State Citizenship Program,
Kwincy Ferguson; AG/FFA, CTAR
Chapter Green Hand award for out-
standing Freshman Steven Kiewel,
STAR Chapter Farmer award for out-
standing Senior Chance Knutson; Ein-
stein science awards, Shai Lamont for
highlighted projects looking at helping
to provide viable water sources to
African countries and Braden Letellier
for alternative energy sources such as
battery power.
Female and Male Senior Athletes,
Kwincy Ferguson,
Marti Herber, Clint
Stout; Army Scholar
Athlete, Kwincy
Ferguson, Chance
Knutson; Gymnas-
tics, MVP Jerica
Coller; Boys Basket-
ball, Most Improved
Aage Ceplecha,
Practice Player
Lane Patterson,
Senior Award Kenar
VanderMay, West-
ern Great Plains Kenar VanderMay;
Girls Basketball, Southern Great
Plains All Conference Team Kwincy
Ferguson, Western Great Plains All
Conference Team Kwincy Ferguson;
Western Great Plains Honorable Men-
tion Katie Lensegrav, Taylor Merchen;
Girls Basketball Offensive Player
Kwincy Ferguson, Girls Basketball De-
fensive Player Katie Lensegrav, Girls
Basketball Most Improved Joanne
Cross-Amiotte; Track & Field, Girl
MVP Kwincy Ferguson, Boy MVP
Chandlier Sudbeck, Track All State Ac-
ademic Kwincy Ferguson. Volleyball,
Academic All-State Volleyball team,
Mariah Pierce, Kwincy Ferguson.
The Midland School spring concert was held May 9. The students performed a musical Character Matters Too. Back row
(L): Miranda Dale, Mariah Dale, and Kaelan Block. Middle row: Brandon McLaughlin, Kash Block, Carson Daly, Eagan Fitzger-
ald, Ashley Hand, Caylo McLaughlin, and Logan Sammons. Front row: Dane Daly, Kaitlyn Schofield, Cass Finn, Rydek Neilan,
and Morgan Sammons.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Logan Sammons (L), Carson
Daly, and Eagan Fitzgerald.
Hansel and Gretel, Dane Daly (L) and Kaitlyn Schofield.
Midland School hosts spring music concert
Long Valley students end year with awards ceremony
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 8
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Jadyn Coller (L), Jeramiah High Horse, TJ Hamar and
Hudson Johnson sprint to the finish line.
Shaylee Porch (L) and Payton Porch hop beside each
other in the sack race at the Kadoka Area Elementary
track meet.
Tagg Weller (L) hands off the baton to Tyus Williams
at the Kadoka Elementary track meet.
Makaylan Bonenberger races to
the finish line in the relay race.
--photos by Rhonda Antonsen
Kadoka Area elementary track meet held May 6
will help VanEe in the collection of
native plants from the area and
submit them for preservation and
research. VanEe guided the first se-
mester Native American Literature
class members on a hike through
Botany Bay of the Black Hills near
Spearfish identifying plants that
were described in the course liter-
At the end of the course, in addi-
tion to the mural, students brain-
stormed a quote that they are
considering painting on their
mural that captured the essence of
the novel: Leave two sets of
tracks...one that is grounded at
home and one that moves you to
your future. Class members in-
clude: Braden Letellier, Victoria
Letellier, Elizabeth Hoon, Brittany
Pumpkin Seed and Keenan Ze-
As part of Native American Lit-
erature Class at Kadoka Area High
School, students contributed to a
mural on a high school hallway
wall that represents key elements
of one of the pieces of literature
that was focused on during the se-
mester course. The novel Fool’s
Crow by James Welch, is about a
young native teen coming of age
during the 1850’s on the western
plains. The course focused on com-
prehension skills, specifically text-
to-self connections that were
recorded in personal journals and
vocabulary development.
An added “plus” to the course is
the possibility (grant approval
pending) of working with a Black
Hills State University professor,
Ben VanEe, on a summer ethno-
botanical project where students
Kadoka students contribute to
school beautification project
Ashlynn Carlson winding up for
the softball throw at the Kadoka
Area Elementary Track Meet.
Kimimila Pretty Bear (L), Abby Finn and Becca Shuck
race to the finish line.
Cass Finn (L) and Caden Stoddard giving it all they got
to win the race.
Jarred Hicks races to the finish
line at the track meet.
Jacob Rosales plays his contest piece
on the tuba during the Interior School
Spring Concert that was held on Thurs-
day, May 2.
Julie Jondreau from Badlands National Park pays tribute to Sandy Shortbull for
her year of dedication at Interior School.
Gabe Garcia, CJ Livermont, and Rayna Grimes singing at the concert.
Kelsey Lensegrav plays her contest
piece on her clarinet.
Interior School Spring Concert
Insurance Statements …
May 9, 16, 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page
Insurance Statements …
May 9, 16, 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page
Kadoka Press
Local & Statewide Classified Advertising …
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 11
Deadline 10 a.m. Tuesday
aerial photography of farms, com-
mission basis, $7,000-
$10,000/month. Proven product and
earnings, Travel required. More info
at msphotosd.com or call 877/882-
AVON – Only $10 to start. Call for in-
formation without any obligation. 1-
HELP WANTED: Auto body techni-
cian for auto body, painting, and
glass work. Previous autobody ex-
perience necessary. Located in Brit-
ton. Weber Body Shop
TRICT is seeking 1 elementary
teacher, 1 Pre-School teacher, and a
Title 1 Teacher. Send a letter of ap-
plication and resume with refer-
ences: Alexander Public School,
Lynn Sims, PO Box 66, Alexander,
ND 58831, or
l ynn. si ms@sendi t . nodak. edu
>. EOE.
ACE READY MIX - is looking for
Ready Mix truck drivers. Competitive
wages and benefits. Stop by the cor-
ner of Rice Street & N Bahnson Ave,
Sioux Falls, or call 605- 338-0405
www.acereadymix.com. EEO/AA.
construction jobs, $12.00 - $18.00
OR MORE. No experience neces-
sary. Apply online www.sdwork.org.
MYRL & ROY’S PAVING now hiring
CDL drivers. Competitive wages and
benefits. Stop by the corner of Rice
and N Bahnson Ave, Sioux Falls, or
call 605-334-3204 www.myrlan-
droyspaving.com. Women and mi-
norities encouraged to apply.
is taking applications for full- time
Douglas County Highway Superin-
tendent. Must have valid Class A Dri-
ver’s License. Experience in
road/bridge construction/mainte-
nance. For application contact: Dou-
glas County Auditor (605) 724-2423.
School Boards of South Dakota
(ASBSD) seeks a person to serve as
Director to handle legal and policy
services. Qualifications – Law De-
gree. Experience in education, public
policy, adjudication of worker’s com-
pensation claims, public sector labor
laws, human relations and health in-
surance is preferred. Application
deadline, Noon, June 14, 2013. Con-
tact Katie at: Katie@asbsd.org, 605-
773-2502, or ASBSD, PO Box 1059,
Pierre, SD 57501 for complete appli-
cation materials or
Salary and benefits competitive. An
equal opportunity employer.
Vocal 6-12, Contact: Dr. Stephen
Schulte, Supt., 516 8th Ave. W. Sis-
seton, SD 57262, (605)698-7613.
Positions open until filled. EOE.
construction jobs, $12.00 - $18.00
OR MORE. No experience neces-
sary. Apply online www.sdwork.org.
TOR opening with the Mobridge-Pol-
lock School District #62-6 for the
2013-2014 school year. Contact
Kadoka Press
Classified Advertising
& Thank You Rates:
$5.00 minimum/20 words
plus 10¢ for each word thereafter.
Call 605-837-2259
E-mail: press@kadokatelco.com
Tim Frederick at 605-845-9204 for
more information. Applications to be
sent to Mobridge-Pollock School Dis-
trict #62-6, Attn: Tim Frederick, 1107
1st Avenue East, Mobridge SD
57601. Open until filled. EOE.
bookkeeper. Work from home.
Hourly wage based on experience.
M-F 8-4, Degree/management expe-
rience a plus. Resume, questions:
has full time Occupational Therapist,
RN and LPN or Medical Assistant op-
portunities available. We are located
in the beautiful southern Black Hills
of SD - just a short distance from
Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave Na-
tional Park, Custer State Park, Jewel
Cave National Park and many other
outdoor attractions. Call 605-673-
2229 ext. 110 for more information or
go to www.regionalhealth.com to
apply. EOE.
construction jobs, $12.00 - $18.00
OR MORE. No experience neces-
sary. Apply online www.sdwork.org.
MENT OPERATORS and one (1)
blade operator wanted Contact Davi-
son County Highway Department for
details at 605-995-8625.
full time, accounting experience nec-
essary. Responsible for city account-
ing system: budget, reports, payroll.
Salary DOE, qualifications. Informa-
tion contact City of Faulkton, 605-
598-6515, EOE.
operation located in central South
Dakota. Commercial hydroponic
greenhouse (88x128) on two acres,
producing and distributing local pro-
duce. Established statewide. Will sell
with existing crop and provide grow-
ers training and tech support. For
more information, call 605-680-9093.
Serious inquiries only.
have lowered the price & will con-
sider contract for deed. Call Russell
Spaid 605-280-1067.
DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders rep-
resenting Golden Eagle Log Homes,
building in eastern, central, north-
western South & North Dakota. Scott
Connell, 605-530-2672, Craig Con-
nell, 605-264-5650, www.goldenea-
Beautiful home, attached 3 car, main
master suite and laundry. Panoramic
views, new 38x80 barn. RE/MAX
Rapid City, Call Larry 605-484-6446.
large gift shop space downtown
Custer. Includes professional lit
sound stage. 605-209-5746.
statewide for only $150.00. Put the
South Dakota Statewide Classifieds
Network to work for you today! (25
words for $150. Each additional word
$5.) Call this newspaper or 800-658-
3697 for details.
MENT Listings, sorted by rent, loca-
tion and other options.
www.sdhousingsearch.com South
Dakota Housing Development Au-
Pheasant, quality Mule Deer 170”
class+, Whitetail Deer 150” class+
and Merrium Turkey. Call 605-448-
| lat¡ | 1a¡as kaat|
Two-year-o|d Angus bu||s for sa|e!
8ons & grandsons of:
8 A V 004 Trave|er 4412 & N ßar Pr|me T|me 080ô
- 3erer Tesled & 3crola| Veasured
- Ca|v|rg Ease & Valerra||y 8red
- 3e|||rg Pr|vale Trealy
ßob Fortune: (ô05} 488-1003
6huck Fortune: (ô05} 891-8197
SAV004 TraveIer 4412
Peters Excavation
Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568
Excavation work of
ALL types!
WBackhoe WTrenching
WDirectional Boring
Located in
Kadoka, SD
GERLACH, Secretary of the Depart-
ment of Revenue for the State of SD;
MARTY JACKLEY, Attorney General
for the State of South Dakota;
All of the Unknown Heirs, Devisees,
Legatees, Executors, Admnistrators,
and Creditors of The Following
Named Persons, To-Wit; LUCILLE M.
ALL of the Persons Unknown who
Have, or Claim to Have An Interest or
Estate in, or Lien or Encumbrance
Upon, the Premises Described in the
required to answer the Complaint of the
Plaintiff, which was filed in the office of
the Clerk of Courts in the City of Kadoka,
County of Jackson, State of South
Dakota, on the 9th day of April, 2013,
which prays for a judgment quieting title
to and determination of all adverse
claims against the premises EIGHTEEN
(18) IN BLOCK FIVE (5), GRABLE’S 7th
and to serve a copy of your Answer to
said Complaint on Gay Klima Tollefson,
at her office in the City of Philip, South
Dakota, within thirty (30) days after the
completed service of this Summons
upon you, exclusive of the day of such
service, and if you fail to answer said
Complaint within that time, Plaintiff will
apply to the Court for the relief de-
manded in the Complaint.
object of the above entitled action is to
quiet title to the real estate described in
the Summons and that no personal claim
is made by the Plaintiff against any of the
above named Defendants, other than
that above stated.
Dated this 8th day of April, 2013
/s/Gay Tollefson
Gay Klima Tollefson
Attorney for Plaintiff
P.O. Box 848
Philip, SD 57567
[PUBLISH: May 2, 9, 16 & 23, 2013]
We’re Open Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - Noon • 1 - 5 p.m.
Phone 837-2214
Tim home 837-2087
Dave cell 488-0326
Auto Parts
Hwy 248 • Kadoka, SD
Wix Filters
Gates Belts & Hoses
We make
Hydraulic Hose &
Chainsaw Chains!
FOR RENT: 1,600 sq. ft. space for
rent which includes 2 offices, 1
meeting room, large front room.
Utilites included in rent. Main Street
Plaza on Main Street in Kadoka. Call
Richard 431-2226 or Colleen 431-
6485. KP45-2tc
POSITION OPEN: Jackson County
Highway Weed Sprayer. Seasonal
part-time employment spraying
county highway right of way. Com-
mercial herbicide license required or
to be obtained before start of work.
Pre-employment drug and alcohol
screening required. Applications / re-
sumes accepted. Information 837-
2410 or 837-2422, fax 837-2447.
Area School District is accepting ap-
plications for a certified teacher for
MS/HS business and computers.
Certified applications may be ob-
tained from the school or on the
school district’s website;
kadoka.k12.sd.us. Please feel free
to contact the school with further
questions about this position. Com-
pleted applications may be dropped
off at the school or sent to: Attn:
George Seiler, High School Princi-
pal, PO Box 99, 800 Bayberry
Street, Kadoka, SD 57543 or call 1-
605-837-2172. K45-2tc
Area School District is accepting ap-
plications for a MS/HS secretary. Ap-
plications may be obtained from the
school or on the school district’s
website; kadoka.k12.sd.us. Please
feel free to contact the school with
further questions about this position.
Completed applications may be
dropped off at the school or sent to:
Attn: George Seiler, High School
Principal, PO Box 99, 800 Bayberry
Street, Kadoka, SD 57543 or call 1-
605-837-2172. K45-2tc
POSITION OPEN: Jackson County
Highway Department Worker. Expe-
rience in road/bridge construction
/maintenance preferred. CDL Pre-
employment drug and alcohol
screening required. Applications / re-
sumes accepted. Information 837-
2410 or 837-2422 Fax 837-2447
SERVICE: Need a plumber? Li-
censed plumbing contractor for all
your indoor plumbing and outdoor
water and sewer jobs call 441-1053
or leave a message at 837-0112.
FOR SALE: seven city blocks in
Kadoka, horses and calves allowed,
an outdoor arena with two roping
shoots, three corrals, a pasture, two
out buildings, two car garage with a
built in workshop, one storage shed,
very large yard, three bedroom, two
baths, large kitchen and large living
room trailer house surrounded by
trees. Call 488-0022. KP42-4tc
SERVICE call 837-2320 or 515-
0616 or contact Dick Stolley.
be Saturday, June 1. Call the
Kadoka Press to list your sale!
POSITION OPEN: Jackson County
is accepting applications for full time
Deputy Director of Equalization. Se-
lected applicant may be required to
become certified as per SDCL.
Must work well with the public, and
have clerical and computer skills.
Jackson County benefits include
health insurance, life insurance,
S.D. Retirement, paid holidays, va-
cation and sick leave. Position open
until filled. Beginning wage $9.00
per hour. Applications are available
at the Jackson County Auditor’s of-
fice or send resume to Jackson
County, PO Box 280, Kadoka, SD
57543. Ph: 605-837-2422
EARN A FREE TV: Apply now at the
Gateway Apartments and if you
qualify for one of the apartments,
you could be eligible for a free 19”
flat screen TV. Please call 1-800-
481-6904 for details on how you can
earn your free TV. K26-tfn
CRETE: Will do all your concrete
construction jobs. Call us and we will
give you a quote. Office 837-2621,
Rich’s cell 431-2226, toll free 877-
867-4185. K45-tfn
APARTMENTS: Spacious one-bed-
room units, all utilities included.
Young or old. Need rental assis-
tance or not, we can house you. Just
call 1-800-481-6904 or stop in the
lobby and pick up an application.
Gateway Apartments, Kadoka.
do all types of trenching, ditching
and directional boring work. See
Craig, Diana, Sauntee or Heidi
Coller, Kadoka, SD, or call 605/837-
2690. Craig cell 390-8087, Sauntee
cell 390-8604, email
wrex@gwtc.net. 27-tfc
2243 or contact Wendell Buxcel,
Kadoka, SD. 10-tfc
POSTER BOARD: White and col-
ored. At the Kadoka Press. tfc
COPIES: 8-1/2x11 - 20¢ each; 8-
1/2x14 - 25¢ each; 11x14 - 35¢
each. At the Kadoka Press. tfc
dered at the Kadoka Press. Regular
or self-inking styles. tfc
Dakota's best advertising buy! A 25-
word classified ad in each of the
states’ 150 daily and weekly news-
papers. Your message reaches
375,000 households for just
$150.00! This newspaper can give
you the complete details. Call (605)
837-2259. tfc
Thank you to everyone who
made the Mother’s Day Open
House a hit again this year. Katie
Butler was the winner of sculpted
rose this year and Maxine Jones
was the winner of the Mother’s Day
Incredible Metal Guest House
& Art Gallery
Brett & Tammy Prang
Thank you to the EMT drivers,
First Responders, and the volunteer
fire departments for all the hours you
contribute throughout the year. We
not only thank and salute you during
EMS Week, May 19-25, but through
the entire year.
Thank you,
Kadoka Ambulance Service
Thank Yous
Agriculture …
May 23, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 12
For $150, place your ad in 150
South Dakota daily & weekly
papers through the …
Call 605•837•2259
This Ad will
in seconds
if we put it on
the radio.
Publications, Inc.
with offices at:
SDSU Extension Wheat Walks
June 11 & 12
SDSU Extension will host
Wheat Walks in the Delmont and
Winner areas June 11 and at the
Dakota Lakes Research Farm and
the Gettysburg area on June 12,
2013. The drought and cool spring
created significant challenges for
winter wheat producers. The goal
of these educational events is to
help optimize the wheat producers
have in place and effectively man-
age the crop in the future. Winter
wheat producers may find these
walks to be of particular interest
as some SDSU Winter Wheat CPT
plots have been abandoned and it
is unsure how many Variety Plot
Tours will be held this summer.
SDSU Extension Agronomy
Field and State Specialists will be
on hand at each location, providing
expertise in plant pathology, weed
control, entomology, soil fertility
and agronomic information. Each
specialist will give a brief presen-
tation, followed by time for discus-
sion and questions. Those
attending are welcome to bring
samples from their fields for the
agronomists to assess. CCA credits
have been applied for.
Area agribusinesses have
agreed to sponsor the Wheat
Walks and there will be no charge
to attend. Those attending will re-
ceive several Extension publica-
tions, including the “iGrow Wheat
– Best Management Practices for
Wheat Production in South
Dakota and the “Crop Protection
Guide-Wheat”, as long as the sup-
ply lasts. Refreshments will be
Wheat Walk dates, times, loca-
tions and sponsors:
•June 11 at 9:30 a.m. CDT –
.Agland Coop, 2 miles south and 3
miles west of Delmont, SD, or 5
miles south and 6 miles east of Ar-
mour, SD. Sponsored by Agland
•June 11 at 2:30 p.m. CDT –
Jorgensen Farm, from Winner, SD,
8.5 miles north on N County Road,
2.5 miles west, 4 miles north and
0.5 miles west. Also 1 mile east, 1
mile north and 0.5 miles west of
the Ideal, SD Post Office. Spon-
sored by Winner Seed, Simplot Soil
Builders and Country Pride Coop.
•June 12 at 9:30 a.m. CDT –
Dakota Lakes Research Farm, 17
miles east of Pierre on SD Hwy
#34, sponsored by AgriPro Wheat.
•June 12 at 2:30 p.m. CDT –
Robbenault Farm, from the junc-
tion of SD Hwy 83 and 212, 5 miles
west of Gettysburg, SD, go 1 mile
south on 305th Ave. Sponsored by
Northern Plains Coop.
For more information, visit
http://igrow.org/ and check the cal-
endar and upcoming events or call
5/28/2013: HOSTA, 10:00 a.m.,
SDSU Ag Engineering Building,
Room 125, Brookings, SD
5/29/2013: HOSTA, 10:30 a.m.,
Aberdeen Regional Extension Cen-
ter, Aberdeen, SD
5/30/2013: HOSTA, 10:00 a.m.,
Winner Regional Extension Cen-
ter, Winner, SD
6/3/2013: HOSTA, 10:00 a.m.,
C&B Operations John Deere Deal-
ership Gettysburg, SD
6/11/2013: Wheat Walks, Del-
mont and Winner, SD
6/12/2013: Wheat Walks,
Dakota Lakes Research Farm and
Gettysburg, SD
Winner Regional Extension Center
Bob Fanning, Plant Pathology Field Specialist • 605-842-1267
USDA Farm Service Agency
(FSA) State Executive Director
Craig Schaunaman encourages
farmers and ranchers to enroll in
the 2013 Direct and Counter-Cycli-
cal Payment Program (DCP) or the
Average Crop Revenue Election
Program (ACRE) before the June
3, 2013 deadline.
“We understand that producers
are busy planting this spring, but
they can’t forget to visit their
county office and sign up for DCP
or ACRE,” said Schaunaman.
“Just as farmers and ranchers
plan their spring plantings, pro-
ducers should plan to schedule an
appointment to visit their USDA
Service Center at the earliest pos-
sible time. It’s best to set up an ap-
pointment now rather than wait
until the day before the deadline,”
advised Schaunaman.
The sign-up for both programs
began Feb. 19, 2013. The deadline
to sign up for ACRE is June 3,
2013. The DCP sign up period
ends Aug. 2, 2013.
The 2013 DCP and ACRE pro-
gram provisions are unchanged
from 2012, except that all eligible
participants in 2013 may choose to
enroll in either DCP or ACRE for
the 2013 crop year. This means
that eligible producers who were
enrolled in ACRE in 2012 may
elect to enroll in DCP in 2013, or
may re-enroll in ACRE in 2013
(and vice versa).
For more information about the
programs and loans administered
by FSA, visit any FSA county office
or www.fsa.usda.gov.
J&S ReStore
Kadoka, South Dakota • 837-2376
Full Service Mechanic Shop!
selection of
hoses & ends.
Check with
us first!
Lower prices
on hoses &
Mon - Fri: 7:30 to 5:30
Saturday: 8 to Noon
Tire Service!
Cars for salvage,
call today!
We’re here for
all your vehicle
Give us a
call today!
USDA urges
to enroll in

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