Kadoka Press, June 27, 2013

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The official newspaper of Jackson County, South Dakota
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Volume 106
Number 50
June 27, 2013
Reunion Weekend: A time for family, friends and fun
Ranch Rodeo
Sunday Community Worship Service Kadoka Nursing 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk
Wilmarth honored for 50 years
Lex Grooms (L), Frank Carlson, Michael Jones, Tyler Jones
Colter Stout rides during the ranch bronc ride.
Team includes: Bryer Jones, Matt Jones and Shad Finn
Paul Briggs (L) presents Rick Wilmarth with a plaque of appreciation for his 50 years of dedicated
service to the Kadoka Volunteer Fire Department.
Firemen’s feed was attended by many. Fireman Dave Johnson grills up some burgers.
Joe Pavlas (above) rides during the
ranch bronc ride.
Team includes: Alan Brunsch, Luke
VanderMay and Cap Herber.
Austin Livermont (left) rides during
the ranch bronc ride.
Team includes: Trent Dierkson,
Henry Livermont and
Kempton Olney.
Division Winners: Standing (L-R): 30-39 F: Sara Speer; 50-59 F:
Deb Antonsen; 50-59 M: David Holman; 10-19 F: Tia Carlson; 30-
39 M: Dylan Moro; 60-69 M: John Moro; 10-19 M: Jace Burma;
20-29 M: Chris Byrd, F: Claire Beck. Kneeling: 40-49 F: Deb
Whipple and Youngest Runner: Jadyn Coller.
Karen Byrd and Elmer Williams (at right) help with registration
and explaining the route to contestants. Elmer earned the
resident winner medal for completing the 2 mile walk.
And they’re off… over 60 runners and walkers took part in the
first annual 5K run and 2 mile walk for the nursing home.
Over 100 people attended the Kadoka Community Worship Service
on Sunday morning. Pastor Gary McCubbin (below) from the Presbyterian
Church and Pastor Gus Craven (left) from the Eagle Nest Life Center in
Wanblee officiated.
Music was provided by the Holy Breeze Praise Band (above) from Lord
of Life Lutheran Church in Rapid City, SD. Members of the band were
Candy Wehrle, Gary Young, Brad, Brenda and Bailey Johnson. Local chil-
dren provided music during children's time.
Church Page …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 2
Pastor Gary McCubbin • 344-2233
Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m.
Coffee & Donuts: 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School: 10:45 a.m. Sept. - May
Father Bryan Sorensen • Kadoka • 837-2219
Mass: Sunday - 11:00 a.m.
Confession After Mass
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. • Church: 10:30 a.m.
Gus Craven • Wanblee • 462-6002
Sunday Church: 11:00 a.m.
(6 mi. north and 3 mi. east of 1880 Town)
Rev. Glenn Denke, pastor 605-462-6169
Sunday Worship--10:00MT/11:00CT
WIC, Food
Stamps & EBT
Phone: 837-2232
Monday thru Saturday
8 AM - 6 PM
CONCORDIA LUTHERAN • Kadoka • 837-2390
Sunday Services: 10:00 a.m.
Pastor Frezil Westerlund
Sunday Services: 5:00 p.m.
Kadoka • Pastor Gary McCubbin • 837-2233
Worship Services: 11:00 a.m.
Sunday School: Sr. Adults - 9:45 a.m.
Sunday School: All Ages - 9:45 a.m., • Sept. - May
Release Time: 2:15 p.m. Wednesdays. • Sept. - May
Interior • 859-2310
Sunday Worship: 11:00 a.m.
Church Calendar
Area Upcoming Events …
KCBA Cash Mob on Wednesday, June 26 at Badlands Petrified Gar-
dens from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Everyone invited to stop out!
The Summer Reading Program is held at the Jackson County Li-
brary on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Children 2-6 yrs and 7-
12 are welcome!
Author Danielle Sosin will be leading the discussion of her book,
"The Long-Shining Waters" on Thursday, June 27 at 5:00. Join them
at the Jackson County Library for this great summer opportunity--
and bring a friend or two!
Thursday, June 27 baseball game at home against Murdo. The B
game will start at 5:30.
Monday, July 1 T-ball at Kadoka against Philip.
Tuesday, July 2 baseball game at Kadoka against Philip. C game
will start at 4:30.
Jackson-Kadoka Econmic Dev. Corp. will have their monthly
meeting Tuesday, July 2 at 7 p.m. at the Gateway Apartments Com-
munity Room.
Read Psalm 34:9-10
As our Good Shepherd, the Lord fills many roles. Yes-
terday, we saw Him as a pardoning shepherd. He is also
a providing shepherd—He knows our necessities before
we even ask for help, and He delights in meeting those needs (Matt. 7:9-11). In practical terms, that means
He knows what we need physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And He is already at work, achieving and
providing things that we may not even have thought of as yet.
Not only does God provide for us; He’s also a protecting shepherd, who defends us from attack. In verse 4
of Psalm 23, notice what comforts the writer—the Lord’s rod and staff. Ancient shepherds used these two
implements to defend their sheep from vicious animals seeking a quick meal. God goes ahead of us, clearing
our path of the Enemy’s snares.
It is important to note, though, what Psalm 23 does not say. As much as we might want to avoid hard
times, this passage doesn’t tell us that God will lead us around the “valley of the shadow of death.” Rather,
He leads us through it (v. 4). This means that God’s plan often requires us to walk through painful circum-
stances, facing those shadows and dark places in our lives. However, in the midst of the rough journey, we
can remain confident by keeping our eyes on the Shepherd, who leads us safely home.
Have you experienced the Lord’s provision, only to fall into subsequent doubt and fear because of loss or
hardship? He has not left you. God remains your Good Shepherd, leading you through the darkness and into
the light, where He is.
Led by the Shepherd
Inspiration Point
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Vacation Bible school theme of the week
F.R.O.G. Fully Relying on God
Monday, July 1
Salisbury steak in mushroom
gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy,
spinach with vinegar, bread and
mixed fruit delight.
Tuesday, July 2
Cider braised pork roast with
vegetables (potatoes, carrots,
onions, etc.), tossed vegetable
salad, dinner roll and cinnamon
Wednesday, July 3
Oven fried chicken, country time
macaroni salad, seasoned green
beans, bread and cantaloupe.
Thursday, July 4
Closed for holiday
Friday, July 5
Eat at Jigger’s
Meals for
the Elderly
Throughout the week they studied the Bible verse: “Whatever you do, do it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not
men” Colossians 3:23. They enjoyed listening to stories, playing games, learning new songs and making crafts. On Thursday,
the group visited the nursing home and performed their new songs for the residents and they also performed the songs at
the community church service on Sunday under the tent on Main Street. --photos by Robyn Jones
First row (L-R): Maverick Bauman, Karson Eisenbraun, MaKaylan Bonenberger, Mason Dankert, Carter Kendrick, River Solon, McCoy Bonenberger, Dalton Grimes,
Jarrett Hutchinson, Jyrzee Coller, Owen Grimes, Jace Grimes, Ruth McCubbin. Second row: Cole Hermann, Tejai Saftner, Aurora Hamar, Madison Stilwell, Gus Stout,
Peyton Porch, Ryan Shuck, Jyntre Coller, Mason Stilwell, Kate Hetle, Garrett Hermann, Cassie DeRocher. Third row: Dana Eisenbraun and Julie Hermann (co-directors),
Landon Schofield, Alexis Hamar, Greyson DeVries, Gavin Sudbeck, Tagg Weller, Tyrell Mansfield, Abby Fromm, Kylee Fromm, Rebeka Shuck, Corrie Dankert, Ryan
Porch, Gracie Eisenbraun. Fourth row: Maribeth Roghair, Ana McKeehan, Kaylee Eisenbraun, Jean Weller, Pat Porch, Sawyer Clement, Reese Sudbeck, Cade Porch,
Geoffrey DeVries, Gage Weller, Savannah Solon, Molly McKeehan, Marcella Baldwin, Alie Porch, Chloe Baldwin, Nikki DeVries, Jennifer Van Pelt, Scout Sudbeck,
Sienna Clement, Jessica Jean Grimes, Gary McCubbin. --photos by Robyn Jones
Belvidere & Norris News …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 3
Norris News
June Ring • 462-6328
Belvidere News
Syd Iwan • 381-2147
Monday - Thursday
10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday & Saturday
9 a.m. to Midnight
1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Belvidere Store
Open Daily
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
24/7 Credit
Card Pumps
Diesel • Gas
Farm Fuel
Pop • Snacks • Beer
Starting case lot specials.
“He that rises late must trot all
day long.” Pennywise
Thursday morning Heather,
Morgan and Samantha Taft were
among those helping the Bligh’s
move cattle. Ed Ferguson and Wes-
ley Schmidt also helped. Thursday
afternoon Susan, Samantha and
Morgan headed for Rapid City to
help Samantha look for an apart-
ment. Dan was busy down at
Howard Heinert’s helping butcher
a buffalo that had broken a leg. Fri-
day Dan kept his usual physical
therapy appointment in Martin.
Saturday Susan, Samantha and
Morgan attended an auction in
Sharon Sumners and her
mother, Leona Schmidt, visited at
the Dan and Lori Schmidt home
Tuesday and had supper with
them. Saturday Brandi and boys
were out visiting and the Schmidt’s
also moved cattle that day.
Last Sunday evening, Evan and
Dorothy Bligh took Maxine Allard
to Martin for the viewing and
prayer service for Hazel O’Bryan.
Maxine’s brother, Lyle, came to
pick up her up Monday morning
and take her to the funeral in Mar-
tin. Maxine’s sisters, Betty and
Helen, and brother, Tom, also made
it to the funeral. Sharon Allard
came from Spearfish to attend the
funeral and visit with the family at
Dean’s home afterward and then
returned to Spearfish. Lyle brought
Maxine home that evening.
Thursday Maxine had an un-
usual visitor. She had propped the
doors open to get some fresh air
into the house while she was work-
ing outside in the garden, and later
as she was back in and working on
some papers while sitting on the
sofa, she felt something moving
near her on the sofa; looking
around she spotted the tail of a bull
snake, picked it up by that tail,
lifted it up and carried it outside
and set it free. It apparently didn’t
mind going back outside, as it gave
her no resistance.
Saturday Evan Bligh mowed at
Maxine’s place. Sunday evening
June Ring was a supper guest.
On Thursday Linda Ring took a
day off and Jeremy and Tyler ac-
companied her to White River
where they had lunch. Then they
continued on to Murdo for Jeremy
to keep his appointment with the
orthodontist there.
Wednesday Torey rode with
Rueben and Bruce Ring to Gordon
to attend the combine clinic there.
Thursday the Ring’s put the bulls
out and moved cattle around.
June 12, Steve Nichols and his
son of Lincoln, Missouri, Steve’s
brother, Chuck, and a friend, Joe
Kruchowski, and son-in-law, Jar-
rod, came from Missouri to get in
some prairie dog hunting. They ar-
rived at the Bruce Ring home and
helped with mowing while Jessie
fixed a meal for them. They got in
some good hunting and returned
home to Missouri that weekend.
On Father’s Day, Jessie picked
up the children’s parents, Reno and
Lisa, and with their children they
went to White River to visit Reno’s
mother. It just so happened that
Jessie’s son-in-law, Jeromy
Sweeney, was trucking in the area
and met them in White River, so
they had a visit with him, too, that
Last Monday morning Jessie
Ring took Reno, Riley and Risa to
Rosebud to stay for a few days,
then returned home to pick up
Stephanie, Ryan and Reina and
head for Pierre. Ryan and Reina
went to Bible Camp, and Jessie
and Stephanie continued on to
Iowa, to visit her family in Cresco.
Bruce meantime headed for
Rapid City to meet June’s plane as
she returned from Texas. Ordinar-
ily the flight is a straight shot from
Dallas to Rapid City, but due to a
weather delay before takeoff in
Dallas, and then a detour to Den-
ver because of turbulent weather at
Rapid City, the plane finally landed
in Rapid City at seven in the
evening, instead of the usual 2:00
p.m. All of which gave Bruce extra
time to run more errands, includ-
ing buying four apple trees, which
are now planted in their yard.
Stephanie stayed in Iowa, but
Jessie returned home Wednesday,
retrieved Reno, Riley and Risa on
Thursday, and picked up the Ryan
and Reina from Bible camp on Fri-
day. June Ring was a luncheon
guest on Saturday.
June Ring kept a dental ap-
pointment in Valentine on Tuesday.
Wednesday Jan Ring accompanied
her to Rapid City, where June had
her check-up with the eye doctor
and later in the afternoon with her
back doctor.
The Mellette County Cattle-
women met at the museum in
White River Friday. Jan Endes was
hostess, but all members made spe-
cial beef dishes to taste, and others
were invited to come. The storm
that moved through that morning
kept some of the members at home,
but a special guest did stop in dur-
ing the meeting. Jim Spencer and
wife came to see the museum. Jim
had been here before and Rose gave
him a thorough tour; this time he
brought his wife to show her
around. Jim is with the Historical
Preservation Society in Ft. Pierre.
Other members present were
Donna Adrian, Jean Kary, Rose
West and June Ring. Karla Hey-
duck also joined us for the meeting.
Jan Rasmussen’s grandchildren,
Kate Rasmussen and Patrick
Lehman, plus Patrick’s cousin,
Alyssa, visited Jan Wednesday, and
then did some chores around the
place for her that were both inside
and outside. Jan goes twice a week
to Philip for physical therapy. The
storm on Friday left behind a few
hailstones and 1.40 inches of rain.
Blake and Amy Lehman were in
Lincoln, Nebraska, last week to
watch Jason and teammates race
their car. 80 colleges participated
in the competition. Blake and Amy
returned home Saturday night.
Cliff and Pam Allard’s friend,
Todd Haberman, lost his repair
shop when a tornado hit and de-
stroyed it. Pam says it is another
family to add to the prayer list of
her friends and family.
Alberta Allard is here helping
with haying.
The Bligh’s have been moving
cattle home, some on Monday and
more on Thursday. Wednesday af-
ternoon Evan and Dorothy went to
Valentine on business. Dorothy
went to physical therapy twice last
week in Martin.
Gary and Anne Heinert were in
Sioux Falls over Father’s Day
spending time with their children
and that new grandson.
Cliff and Elaine Krogman met
Cliff ’s sister, Marilyn Kent, on
June 4 when she flew in from Cali-
fornia. They came to the ranch on
the 5th. Marilyn went to visit Sis
McKee on the 16th, and then flew
back to California on the 21st.
Noreen Krogman went to DNP
quilting in Mission on the 9th.
Richard and Noreen were among
those celebrating Doris Vos’ 90th
birthday with her on the 16th.
Richard went in to help with
church cleanup on the 22nd. Then
Richard and Noreen attended Mass
at 4:30 and the picnic in the hall
following the service.
The Krogman’s have been busy
haying whenever the weather al-
lows. Noreen reports 1.32 inches of
rain so far in June.
Jim and Marjorie Letellier and
JaLynn Burma left Monday morn-
ing to attend the funeral of Karen
Delbridge in Sturgis. When they
returned home later in the day,
they were amazed at how quickly
the Blackpipe community had
cleaned up after the big fast pitch
softball tournament that had gone
on over the weekend and lasted
late into the evening Sunday.
Jason, JaLynn and Jace Burma
were among those running in the
5K benefit for the nursing home
Saturday in Kadoka. Jace placed
1st in the 13-19 age division and
also was first ahead of the men in
the race. Way to go, Beaver! Jakki,
Jimmy and Jade took part in the
sack races that day. The Burma’s
went to Sunshine last Tuesday.
Jean Kary accompanied Edna to
Valentine Thursday, and Friday
rode with June Ring to the Cattle-
women’s meeting in White River.
Wednesday afternoon, June 12,
the Howard Heinert’s got their
branding done. On the 14th,
Howard, Nette Chris and Beau
were among those helping the
Kary’s brand.
This past Tuesday, Nette Hein-
ert served on the school election
board in Parmelee. Wednesday
there was a fire department meet-
ing, and after the meeting, Chris
and Dawn Letellier, Wes Schmidt
and Stanley Heinert came to
Howard’s to help Howard celebrate
his birthday. Friday Chris and
Beau Heinert were in Winner on
business, and Saturday Howard
and Nette had to go to Valentine for
repairs for their pump.
Pastor Denke visited the Dennis
Keyes family last Sunday after-
noon. He went on to Pierre on Mon-
day for some business there. Friday
he had to return to Pierre, and
after conducting his business, he
headed for Rapid City to visit his
sister, Aileen. Saturday they at-
tended the Eisenbraun family re-
union, which was held at the hall
in Creighton. There were a great
many in attendance there.
Robert and Sharon Ring were
among those attending the school
reunions in Kadoka Saturday. It
was Robert’s 60th year class re-
union. Of the ten members still liv-
ing, there were 7 of them there.
They met at the school in the after-
noon and enjoyed the tour of the fa-
cilities. Then many of them went to
Philip for supper that evening.
Ed and Carol Ferguson spent a
long Father's Day weekend at their
cabin in the Black Hills. Daughter
Cora, Scott and Moya Brickman
brought their tent and stayed also.
Jes was there also for the day on
Saturday. Carol worked at the post
office in Wanblee Wednesday and
Saturday, and in Belvidere on
Thursday and Friday of this week.
Ed helped move cattle at Bligh's on
We spent three days of last
week vacationing in the penthouse
(10th floor) of the Rapid City hos-
pital. Son Chance rather enjoyed
himself. His mother and I not so
much. This all was occasioned by
Chance starting to bleed rather
profusely from around his stomach
tube late Sunday evening. After
turning several paper towels red,
we got a little spooked and decided
to bundle our boy up and take him
to the local emergency room.
There weren’t many sophisti-
cated scanning devices locally to
find out exactly was going on, so
Dr. H recommended an ambulance
ride eighty miles father west to an
associated larger facility. As a re-
sult, Chance and Corinne were on
their way before very long. I
gassed up the car, gathered a few
supplies, and followed on behind.
By about sunrise, we were at the
big hospital in the “admit” (admit-
tance) department. An hour or two
after that found us ensconced in a
room on the tenth floor. Then noth-
ing much happened until a doctor
wandered in mid-afternoon. Fortu-
nately, the bleeding had mostly
stopped except for a short outburst
when Chance stood up in moving
from the ambulance cart to a bed.
Since we hadn’t had much
sleep, we checked into a motel
where Corinne took a nap and I
waited in Chance’s room for some
action. As I said, not much hap-
pened since the doctor just set up
some scans and things for the next
day and not right away. This was
when I found out how uncomfort-
able hospital chairs can be. They
had a reclining chair that was one
of the most hopeless things I have
ever had the misfortune to use. For
one thing, it had such a strong
spring that, if you pushed it back
into the reclining position, it
snapped you right back upright. If
I scooted as far back as possible so
most of my weight was on the
back, then it might stay that way
unless I moved. Secondly, the arms
of the thing had wooden tops so
they put your arms right to sleep
if you used them. My arms had to
be kept by my sides with my hands
in my lap. Nevertheless, I was
tired enough to doze off from time
to time until Corinne returned
from the motel.
The rest of the day was spent
waiting around, going out to eat,
buying a few supplies and the like.
Corinne and I took turns resting at
the motel or keeping guard at the
room. We find that one of us has to
be with Chance when he’s in a hos-
pital or they try to administer
something to which he is allergic
or doesn’t tolerate well. Some-
times, too, they need advice on
how to deal with our guy.
They finally got to a scan with
dyes on Tuesday afternoon which
showed almost nothing except that
there might be a minor infection
which could be treated with some
antibiotics. We thought we might
as well go back home, but the doc-
tor advised staying overnight since
Chance had been anesthetized for
the scan which can cause problems
that need to be watched. We
grudgingly agreed and prepared
for another night’s stay. That was
when I got a second lesson in bad
furniture. In Chance’s room, be-
sides the dreadful lounge chair,
there was this odd wide chair that,
through various weird manipula-
tions, could be made into a cot
which was only slightly softer than
the floor—very slightly. Still, when
you’re really tired, you can sleep
on such a thing with a little effort.
I did for several hours on and off
between caring for Chance.
What probably upset us the
most was that Chance went with-
out food for over twenty-four
hours. They thought his stomach
feeding tube might be misplaced
somehow and didn’t want to risk
using it. Since Chance can’t chew
and swallow worth a hoot, the
stomach tube is his only way of
getting nutrition. Finally after the
scan showed the tube was not
badly out of place, we could re-
sume feeding to his relief and ours.
It was interesting to note that
Chance has a way about him that
makes people like him. When
nurses first come in to Chance’s
room, they enter with a certain
amount of trepidation since our
boy is autistic and they don’t quite
know what to expect. Before long,
however, they discover what a
sweetheart he is and start babying
him something chronic. They often
later tell us he is their favorite pa-
tient. It’s no wonder Chance isn’t
in any hurry to leave since he en-
joys all the attention and action.
His mother and I, however, tire of
huge parking lots, the many ten-
floor elevator rides, fighting town
traffic, and struggling to get
enough sleep. We were more than
ready to get home about one in the
afternoon on Wednesday. Appar-
ently we would have been ahead to
just have Chance lie flat at home
and apply light pressure until the
bleeding stopped. Unfortunately,
we didn’t know that at the time.
Neither did we know the infection
wasn’t so minor and would give us
fits the rest of the week with high
temperatures, low oxygen satura-
tion, racing heart, and the shakes.
At least that could be dealt with at
home with the help of our local
doctor. Anyway, so much for pent-
house vacationing. Next time
maybe we’ll go to a lake or some-
Lookin’ Around
by Syd Iwan
Jim Mansfield was able to re-
turn home on Saturday after suf-
fering a heart attack late last
Saturday and being hospitalized
first in Le Mars, Iowa, and then in
Sioux City. They installed three
stents right away last Sunday and
another on Wednesday via a blood
vessel in his wrist. Although there
was some heart damage, they told
Jim he could go back to doing what
he normally does. His body will tell
him what he can and cannot do.
Fayola said the cardiac division of
the Sioux City hospital is rated
about third in the nation and is
very good. If you’re going to have a
heart problem, Iowa is apparently
the place to have it. After being re-
leased from the hospital on Thurs-
day, Jim and Fayola stayed with
Jim’s brother near Le Mars until
coming home on Saturday. Jim’s
brother drove them to Mitchell
where Michelle Mansfield picked
them up and brought them home.
Aaron, Michelle, and Tyrel had
been in Iowa at the same family re-
union as Jim and Fayola, but they
had returned home earlier in the
week. Although Jim isn’t running
any foot races just yet, he is doing
okay and recovering well. Fayola
said they have very much appreci-
ated the prayers sent up for Jim
and the concern people have
Frank Carlson participated in
the ranch rodeo at Kadoka this
weekend in company with Lex
Grooms and Tyler and Michael
Jones. Unfortunately, Frank said
they “did no good” and were beaten
out by the group from Gordon Live-
stock that won the same event last
year. Frank said Toni was in
Kadoka as well to celebrate her
high school tenth reunion. The
family also took in the street dance
and other events. In addition to the
rodeo participation, Frank has
been busy lately with AI (artificial
insemination of cows.)
Rick and Ronda Dennis had a
busy weekend since they had taken
in all the activities in Kadoka this
weekend, including the ranch
rodeo and dances. It was the 40th
anniversary of their high school
graduation so their class had activ-
ities planned. The Belvidere class
members include Rick and Ronda,
Tom DeVries, and Larry Johnston.
A gathering of the classmates was
held on Friday night at Club 27
and Saturday evening with a
potluck at home of Laure Hilde-
brand and Rusty Olney. Fourteen
classmates were in attendance.
Their daughter, Bobbi, was home
for the weekend with her friend,
Ben. They came from Denver on
Thursday and returned there on
Sunday. After a full weekend, it
was back to work for everyone on
Delores Bonenberger took in the
ranch rodeo in Kadoka on Satur-
day. Brett Bonenberger had
brought along a trailer that he put
a cover over so everyone could have
sort of a tailgate party. Brett has
dual citizenship at Kadoka and
Belvidere so often gets called on for
help in both places. He was as-
signed gate duty at the rodeo.
Keith, Pam, and Kade Bonen-
berger were also on hand as were
Brett’s family members, Nikki,
MaKaylan and McCoy. Delores said
Nikki had her hands full keeping
track of McCoy since he tends to be
a busy boy. She also said the arena
was so muddy that you couldn’t al-
ways tell who was who. Mud even
tended to splash around and get on
people or vehicles that were too
close. On Sunday, Delores attended
the church service held in the tent
on Main Street. Gus Craven was
the preacher, and there was special
music. Grandkids MaKaylan and
McCoy also took part with songs
and verses they had learned at four
days of Bible school held last week.
It was a nice event.
Dale Nemec arrived this week
from Belle Fourche to help his
grandparents, Larry and Joy
Dolezal, this summer with haying
and such. So far, it has been too wet
to do much haying, so Dale has
helped with other projects such as
roofing and dealing with the “for-
est” in Joy’s yard. Joy said this is
fortunate so it won’t look so bad in
comparison to Kirby Schofield’s
yard and flowers next door.
Kenny and Roxie Fox attended
the wedding of their niece last
weekend in Belle Fourche. They
also had kind of a family reunion in
connection with that event. Roxie
said it looks promising that there
will be plenty of wild plums this
year thanks to a lack of late frosts
and the good moisture. Lots of
plums are growing on the tree near
their house which often has plums
even when others don’t do to late
frost. They are in a protected area
by the house and close enough to a
wall that retains heat.
Terri and Steve Kezar were in
the area this weekend from their
home south on the Nebraska and
Wyoming border. They came to do
some business and combined it
with attendance at the reunion and
other activities in Kadoka on Fri-
day and Saturday. Steve got to visit
with his brother, Mike, who was
here from Texas for the reunion.
Terri said June 24 would mark ten
years since her first husband, Don
Clay Word, had passed away. She
also said her son, Clayton Word, is
currently stationed in Alaska in the
Military. He’s doing okay there but
having a little trouble adjusting to
all the hours of sunshine they have
right now in that far-north state.
Terri was a little envious of the
lush green around here since there
corner of the country has had trou-
ble getting much moisture so far
this year.
Perry Compton is being visited
for a few days at the ranch by his
mom, Mary, of Pierre. He said she
came in part to check on his gar-
dening activities along with just to
keep in touch. Perry said he has
been working for the county lately
in mowing on four days a week.
The mowing on Friday didn’t work
out, though, since a huge cloud
with hail was coming on fast when
they went southwest of Wanblee to
mow. They decided it would be ad-
visable to turn and go back instead
of weathering the storm in the mid-
dle of nowhere.
Her family is requesting a
card shower in her honor.
It's time to celebrate
Marjorie Letellier's
90th Birthday on June 30.
Cards may be sent to:
Marjorie Letellier
PO Box 818
Philip, SD 57567
Spacious 1 bedroom
units are available for the elderly
(62 years or older)
and/or disabled/handicapped adults
(18 years or older)
CALL 1-800-481-6904
301 1st AVE. SW
Locals …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 4
Kadoka Nursing Home
Cathy Stone • 837-2270
Gateway News
Lola Joyce Riggins
Local News
Sydne Lenox
Join us for lunch…
Buffet Every Sunday
Includes Salad Bar & Dessert
serving 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Jigger’s Restaurant
837-2000 • Kadoka
Daily Noon Speicals
Monday through Friday
Serving 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Homemade Salad Bar
everyday of the week!
Ranchers ln Raakon, 1ackson
& East Pennlngton
A 0ìstrìct Urant to cost share |ìvestock water
deve|opment ìs now avaì|ab|e! 5top ìn at your |oca|
Uonservatìon 0ìstrìct offìce for detaì|s & an
app|ìcatìon form. App|ìcatìons due Ju|y 1, 2013.
PUU0 - Phì|ìp: (605) 859-2186 · Lxt. 3
JUU0 - Kadoka: (605) 837-2242 · Lxt. 3
LPU0 - Wa||: (605) 279-2451 · Lxt. 3
lOw^ Oº !^l5F!OF
4^^u4| 4ld Oº Ju|9
Taylor and Tammy Merchen re-
turned home Sunday, June 16,
from a mission trip to the Domini-
can Republic where they were part
of a group that helped build a
church and a school. Thirty-eight
people were on this particular mis-
sion trip and other locals who went
included Maria Herber, Shaley
Herber, Kate Rasmussen, Marti
Herber, Lynn Herber, Jamie
Brown, Mariah Pierce, and Cassie
Doris (Brown) Rock of Sturgis
and Maxine (Barber) Boone of
Rapid City arrived in Kadoka Fri-
day to spend the alumni weekend
and take in several events held
here. They returned to their homes
on Sunday morning.
Joy Parker’s daughter and son-
in-law, Martha and Tommy Thune,
visited in Kadoka several days last
week. They are from the Dallas-
Fort Worth, TX, area and arrived
on Tuesday and left for Cheyenne,
WY, on Thursday. They are travel-
ing in a motor home and seeing lots
of country. They also visited Wilma
and Mel Carleton and Ron and Re-
nate Carson and all enjoyed a fish
fry at the Carsons on Wednesday
Jeff Parkinson of Rock Rapids,
IA, spent the weekend in Kadoka
with his parents, Larry and Alvina
Parkinson, and to attend his 40th
class reunion of Kadoka High
School. Jeff returned to his home
on Sunday.
Anita (Totton) Cramer and fam-
ily of Spokane, WA, visited at the
home of Nancy and Rex Totton last
week and all attended the Rich-
gauer family reunion at the Happy
Holiday Campgrounds south of
Rapid City over the weekend. Also
among the nearly fifty attendees
were Dustin and Andrea Reutter
and family of Murdo. Relatives
from California, Texas, Illinois and
South Dakota were there.
Mitch Moor of Pierre visited
with his parents, Marv and Deb
Moor, over the weekend and at-
tended his 10th class reunion. Mar-
cus Moor and friend, Misty Hicks,
of Springfield, MO, briefly stopped
to see his parents on Saturday, and
Deb’s father, Hank Kosters, of
Pierre was also a Saturday visitor
and accompanied them to the fire-
men’s dinner at noon. Marv was
called out to an electrical outage at
Lower Brule and spent most of Sat-
urday there with the electric crews
getting power back to the area. The
heavy rain, hail and wind storm
that hit Kadoka Friday morning
did lots of damage and cause power
outages in several areas of South
Art and Joyce Glynn of Rapid
City took in several of the alumni
weekend events. They are also
looking forward to the Belvidere re-
union which will be this coming
Visitors at the Bob and Ardis
McCormick home included their
daughter, Nancy Majerus, of Buf-
falo, WY, who came on Wednesday,
June 19, Marv Majerus and daugh-
ter, Andrea, arrived on Sunday and
they left for Petersburg, NE, to
visit Marv’s mom and take in an
annual celebration there; Ronald
McCormick of Spearfish came Sat-
urday and went home Sunday, and
Jan (Riggins) Schaefer of Wall who
stayed with Faye Eisenbraun over
the weekend. Jan and Nancy were
in the Class of 1978 (35 years ago)
and some of their classmates also
got together for reminiscing during
the weekend. Ron’s wife, Darlene,
was unable to be here, but said she
will definitely be in Kadoka next
year for her 60th class reunion.
Six members of the Class of
1993 got together on Saturday and
included Terry Ireland of Sioux
Falls, Diane (Peterson) Hughes of
Philadelphia, PA, Sara (Stilwell)
Gottlob of Spearfish, Jeff Page of
Interior, Valerie (Richardson) Ohrt-
man and Brandon Rock both of
Long Valley.
Curtis and Casey Huffman of
Mobridge spent the weekend at the
home of his parents, Tim and Car-
men Huffman. They are finally all
moved into their new home in Mo-
bridge. They attended Curtis’ 10
year class reunion and all four
went to the ranch rodeo on Satur-
day to watch the cowboys compete
in the mud. The rodeo was a huge
success in spite of the muddy con-
ditions caused by a couple nice rain
storms Friday morning and that
evening. The Huffmans returned
home Sunday.
Several classmates of the Class
of 1946 got together at Club 27 on
Saturday night. Those attending
included Cloreta (Riggins) Eisen-
braun, Larry and Alvina (Eisen-
braun) Parkinson, Les and Muree
(McRae) Struble, Keith Crew, Lil-
lian (Erickson) Carlson, Norma
(Johnston) Hopkins, and Delbert
Coller’s wife, Virginia. Cloreta had
worked up a quiz for the class to
take part in and one thing she
asked was how many students
were in high school in 1946 and
how many now in 2013. The an-
swer was 87 in 1946 and 80 in
2013. Surprised?
The Class of 1948 (65 years) got
together three different times in
the past couple weeks and those
who came at one point or another
included Nona (Pettyjohn) Prang,
Bob McCormick, Iola (Solberg) Hal-
ligan of Carmichael, CA, Beverly
(Williams) and Jerry Larson of Bel-
grade, MT, June (Munger) Randall
of Owatonna, MN, Ervin “Bud”
Mednansky of Bandera, TX, and
Russ Olney who, with his children,
Rusty and Marcy, brought Viola
over on Saturday for the firemen’s
feed from her swing bed at the
Philip hospital. Jerry Patterson
and Roy James Buckmaster also
visited with the class. Most at-
tended a supper at the H&H
Restaurant on Saturday evening
along with some of their spouses.
Six members of the Class of
1953 toured the high school on Sat-
urday afternoon. They were Bob
Ring of Norris, Sally (Slater) Rubin
and her husband, Roy, of Sultan,
WA, Betty (Pearson) Boyer and her
husband, Jerry, of Hermosa, Le-
land Baldwin of Pierre, Eleanor
Solon of Rapid City, Tom Kukal and
wife, Arlee, of Kadoka, and Bar-
bara (Holcomb) Toliver and hus-
band of Kingsley, IA. Tootie
Terkildson, a former classmate,
joined some of them at Club 27 Sat-
urday evening.
Boyd and Pat Porch headed East
on June 6 and attended their
granddaughter, Rachel Schoon’s,
basketball game in Sioux Falls that
evening. On Friday, June 7, they
drove to Minnetonka, MN, and at-
tended the high school graduation
of their grandson, Sawyer Clement,
and the annual dance recital of
their granddaughter, Sienna
Clement. On Monday they flew
from Minneapolis to San Diego,
CA, to attend the Marine Corps re-
tirement ceremony of their nephew,
Lt. Col. Eric Knowlton. Pat’s sister,
Dee (Dixie) Knowlton, and her hus-
band were also celebrating their
50th wedding anniversary. While
in California, Boyd and Pat enjoyed
a very complete tour of the Marine
Base including the flight line of the
Osprey Helicopters and also a tour
of the Aircraft Carrier, Midway.
They flew back to Minneapolis on
Friday, the 14th, and drove home
from there accompanied by Sawyer
and Sienna Clement on Saturday.
Allie, Cade and Ryan Porch of
Rapid City joined this gathering on
Monday. Friday, June 21, Peggy
Schoon and her family came from
Brandon to attend Peggy’s 30th
high school class reunion. All visi-
tors returned to their homes on
Butch Parkinson of Irene spent
Saturday with his sister, Sydne
Lenox, and attended the firemen’s
feed, ice cream social at the Pearl
Hotel, and visiting with his good
friend, Richard McRae, and his
wife, Jan, of Englewood, CO, who
also came for the reunion.
Richard’s sisters, Jeanette Cote of
Denver was here for the 50th year
class reunion of 1963 and Kathy
Nelson of Brookings, who came by
bus to be with her siblings and
greet friends. Butch went home on
Sunday morning after the alumni
breakfast and the McRae siblings
also left on Sunday.
The reunion weekend was again
a fun and successful event with lots
of local people working together to
make it happen. Some of the visi-
tors signed the registers at the
Pearl Hotel, the museum and the
Sunday breakfast and here are a
few of those out-of-town names
that haven’t been previously men-
tioned: Gary and Janet Stratton,
Great Bend, KS; Stanley Stratton,
Waverly, KS; Brad, Brenda, Bryce
and Bailey Johnson, Ted and Lau-
rie (Uhlir) Pettyjohn, Colleen Van-
derMay, Gary Young, Candy
Wehrle, all of Rapid City; Bob and
Sherryl Andera, Lennox; Ed and
Diane Hughes, Philadelphia, PA;
Steve and Terri Kezar of Lyman,
NE; Julie Neugebauer, Hermosa;
Diane McDaniel, Philip; Del and
Athene Eberlin, Eau Claire, WI;
Ramona Iwan, Spokane, WA, Terry
Thomas, Interior; Janelle Hicks,
Wanblee; Shanesa Rhodes, Black
Hawk; Lloyd and Margee Willery,
Wasta; Danny and Paula Geerson,
Martin; Quiana McGuire, Boze-
man, MT; several friends from
Belvidere and Long Valley. Hope-
fully the many I missed will let me
know for next week’s paper.
people needing attention at
Rochford Children’s Home.
The big Kadoka Alumni week-
end celebration brought two late af-
ternoon rains that interfered with
Friday and Saturday’s dance
evenings. The rain was much
There was destruction in some
areas from hail. Sterling Riggins
got some broken windows and hay
pounded into the ground.
The noon meal under the tent
was well attended. It got kind of
noisy, but it was good to see long
time friends. I did not recognize
some old time friends.
They had a well attended church
service under the tent on Sunday.
Joe Hoffman had some tomato
plants growing, but they must have
gotten sprayed by mistake.
Thought of the day... A kind
word is like a spring day. If you
want to keep your memories first,
you have to love them.
Our sympathy to Zane Nelson’s
family. His maternal grandparents,
Lavern and Dianne Terkildsen, are
former Kadoka area residents. His
mother, Diana, was also a former
resident as well.
Cloreta Eisenbraun, Helen Good
and a friend drove to Rapid City for
appointments. They also stopped at
the Golden Living Center to see
Bonnie Riggins.
Our dining room tables look so
nice with doilies, vases of red,
white and blue flowers for the Na-
tional Korean War Armistice Day
and upcoming Fourth of July.
There is also a small flag. Lois Pet-
tyjohn keeps our tables decorated
and looking special at times.
The quilting ladies, Susie Bau-
man, Phyllis Word, Margie Peters,
Shirley Josserand, Lova Bushnell,
Marie Addison and Beverly Howe,
were busy tying quilts Wednesday
afternoon. They are busy and in-
dustrious ladies quilting, but we
also have a population of young
Fun night was held on Thurs-
day, June 20 at the O’Bryan Arena
in Belvidere.
Jr. Polebending: 1. Tessa Men-
zel, Gabby; 2. Hunter Johnson,
Daisey; 3. Hudson Johnson, Tekela;
4. Eve Patterson, Rocko; 5. Adie
Patterson, Cotton
Jr. Barrels: 1. Tessa Menzel,
Gabby; 2. Hunter Johnson, Daisey;
3. Maraya VanderMay, Alice; 4.
Hudson Johnson, Tekela; 5. Josie
Menzel; 6. Eve Patterson, Rocko
Jr. Keyhole: 1. Hunter Johnson;
2. Tessa Menzel; 3. Maraya Vander-
May; 4. Lilly Jandreau; 5. Brisa
Jr. Roping: 1. Tessa Menzel; 2.
Hunter Johnson; 3. Hudson John-
Open Barrels: 1. 1D Jo Jan-
dreau; 1. 2D Wanda VanderMay; 2.
Luke VanderMay; 3. JoBeth Uhlir
Open Poles: 1. 1D Jo Jandreau;
2. Wanda VanderMay; 2D 1. Jo-
Beth Uhlir; 2. Luke VanderMay
Open Keyhole: 1. 1D Hunter
Johnson; 2. Luke VanderMay; 2D
1. Wanda VanderMay; 2. Jo Jan-
The next fun night will be July
3. Enter at 5:30 and run at 6:00.
Fun night held at
O’Bryan Arena
The annual Mednansky reunion,
which began in 1980, was held in
Kadoka on June 15 and 16 , 2013.
Everyone gathered in the commu-
nity room at the Gateway Apart-
ments. Friends and family from 13
South Dakota towns and seven
states were there. Approximately
78 to 80 people were in attendance.
Among those who enjoyed the
occasion were Garry and Denny
Davis, Aberdeen; Logan Mednan-
sky, Avon; Pete and Lori Tokley,
Belle Fourche; Betty Kusick,
Belvidere; Kevin Hall and Deb Bo-
sanco, Egan; Chris, Kenny, Kevin,
Kaylee Kusick, Robin Rath, Art
Mednansky, Rex and Nancy Totton,
Cloreta Eisenbraun, Bud Weller,
Pat Kozlik, Norma Hopkins, Les
and Muree Struble, Bob Mc-
Cormick and Roy Buckmaster, all
of Kadoka; Ed and Audrey Bur-
rette, Pierre;
Bruce, Randy, Marla, Cory Boyd,
Kristen Schmidt, Bud and Dorothy
Stickler of Philip; Robert and Jill
Peterson, Cedric LaCroix, Kristo-
pher and Gavin Dale, Jay Boyd,
Tammey, Cristina, Catherine
Zelfer, Jason Boyd all of Rapid
City; Hope, Macy, Alana Jacobs,
Judy Roberts of Sioux Falls; Ashley
Hall, Larce Relf, Vermillion;
Gladys Lien of Volin; Justin, Sage,
Bailey Mednansky, Duane Med-
nansky, Richard Mednansky and
girl friend Peggy, Rod, Oleta, and
Taylor Mednansky, Janice Ellis all
of White River.
Out-of-state relatives were:
Sonya Feaster, Tucson, Arizona;
Care Bosanco, San Diego, CA; Car-
old and Norm Stickler, Loveland,
CO; Ed Mednansky, Carrollton,
GA; David and Angie Aud, Great
Mills, Maryland; Merle and April
Bork, Lakeville; Kathy Stariha,
McGregor; Rochelle Shepard, Du-
luth; Michael, Niki, Emery, Gabe,
Kaela, Elcie, Rudolph, Apple Val-
ley, MN; Ervin “Bud” and Lyle
Mednansky, Bandera, TX.
Next year’s reunion will be held
on June 21 and 22, 2014.
Mednansky family
reunion held
What a great reunion weekend!
The 5K/2milewalk race and bake
sale turned out fantastic! The
weather was nice and the weekend
was filled with many things to do.
Fireman’s lunch was enjoyed by
several of the residents. Some of
them also attended the ice cream
social at the Pearl Hotel, the ranch
rodeo, the street dances and Sun-
day church service.
Renate Carson is so faithful in
coming to see Aunt Joy Parker. It’s
just a couple blocks from their
house and it works out perfect for
the both of them. Joy loves the
fresh air and her daily walks. She’s
a real JOY to have here with us!
Ron Carson and Wilma Carleton
were also guests this week. Joy had
some extra visitors this week in-
cluding her daughter and son-in-
law, Thomas and Martha.
On Tuesday Marie Thielen
dropped by to see her good friend,
Betty VanderMay. They enjoyed
their time spent together. Betty’s
family always comes by to pick her
up for Mass and the beautiful flow-
ers out front of the church are in
full bloom and are picture perfect.
Elaine and Jack Roghair came
by to see the residents during fit-
ness and group activity. Jack has
been coming by since he was a new
born and he’s grown so big. We all
love him and his big smiles!
Clara Belle Weller was a lucky
little lady this week. She continues
to receive several visitors, those
stopping in were: Bud Weller,
Glenn and Lucy Freeman, Iola Hal-
ligan and daughter, Ginny Romero,
from Carmichael, CA. Others stop-
ping by were Beverly and Jerry
Larson and Quiana McQuire.
Mary Bull Bear’s granddaugh-
ter, Amanda, popped in for a chat
and took Mary out for some fresh
air. Mary loves to sit outside and
people watch. Mary is very lucky to
have her family members living
close by.
Alice Wilmarth looks forward to
the afternoons when someone from
the family stops by. She’s been
going outside quite often and loves
the beautiful flowers, the blue sky,
and just everything in general.
This week we had our regular
visitors and we appreciate all of
you and you make the residents
day with your smiles and words.
Edith Perault is our newest res-
ident. She seems to be adjusting
fairly well and I’m sure she would
welcome any visitors that would
like to stop by.
Oliver Willert continues to be
blessed by his family stopping by
every morning and afternoon.
Charles brings his mail and then
usually Jerry will stop in the after-
noon. Oliver took in some of the
weekend activities.
Community …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 5
Ice • Beer
Kadoka Oil Co.
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For fuel &
propane delivery:
Mark & Tammy Carlson
Jackson County
Title Co., Inc.
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Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon
and by appointment.
Over 20 Years of Service
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•Fuel •Twine
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Ditching & Trenching of
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Craig cell 605-390-8087
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Kadoka Clinic & Lab
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Fax: 837-2061 Ph: 837-2257
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Dave Webb, PA-C
Wednesday - CLOSED
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Clinic Hours:
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Complete line of veterinary
services & products.
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8:00 a.m. to noon
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Check out our website!
The Lab & X-ray departments
accept orders from any provider.
Kadoka Clinic is a Medicare provider &
accepts assignments on Medicare bills.
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dirt work
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Kennebec Telephone
Excavation work of ALL
types! Back Hoe
Tire tanks
The 2013 South Dakota High
School Rodeo finals were held last
week, June 19-23 at the Roundup
grounds in Belle Fourche.
Area contestants fought hard for
the spots to go to the national fi-
nals in Rock Springs, Wyo. in July.
Scores were affected by the heavy
rains, especially for the short go.
Point scoring for the finals in-
cludes 15 places. First place is
given 15 points down to 15th place
which is awarded one point. In in-
stances where there is the same
score the points are totaled and
then divided equally. The first and
second rounds each had 15 plac-
ings; the short go had 10. Average
winners are based upon totaled
scores from the three rounds.
The champion and runner-up
spots are chosen by the total of all
the points earned during the sea-
son plus, those at the finals. The
top four contestants from each
event move on to the national fi-
In some cases, while a contestant
may not have had the best state fi-
nals, the had enough season points
to place them in the top 15 of total
points for the year.
Katie Lensegrav qualified for na-
tionals in girls’ cutting and True
Buchholz qualified for nationals in
boys’ cutting.
First Go
Barrel Racing: 1. Taylor Engesser,
Spearfish, 17.397; 2. Tearnee Nelson, Faith,
17.763; 3. Brandi Wolles, Dell Rapids, 17.815; 4.
Cassy Woodward, Dupree, 17.893; 5. Bailey
Tibbs, Ft. Pierre, 17.908; 6. Katie Lensegrav, In-
terior, 17.985; 7. Jana Hunt, Dupree, 17.996; 8.
Brittany Eymer, Spearfish, 18.059; 9. Makayla
Kroeplin, Highmore, 18.072; 10. Jessica Ryan,
Belle Fourche, 18.093; 11. Brandi Cwach, Ged-
des, 18.148; 12. Sydney Cowan, Harrold, 18.157;
13. Dawson Munger, Pukwana, 18.174; 14. Jor-
dan Tierney, Oral, 18.229; 15. Tyra Leonhardt,
Groton, 18.342
Goat Tying: 1. Becca Lythgoe, Colton, 8.130;
2. Kailey Rae Sawvell, Quinn, 8.220; 3. Carlee
Johnston, Elm Springs, 8.300; 4. Cedar Jan-
dreau, Kennebec, 8.450; 5. Mazee Pauley, Wall,
8.600; 6. Tricia Wilken, Meadow, 8.20; 7.
Cheyenne Severson, Raymond,, 9.010; 8. Knip-
pling, 9.150; 9. Ryder Heitz, Newell, 9.170; 10.
Fehrin Ward, Fruitdale, 9.540; 11. Miller, 9.640;
Lensegrav, 10.110; 13. Riley Ann Smith, Rapid
City, 10.250; 14 Kaycee Monnens, Watertown,
10.460; 15. Maddie Schaack, Clark, 10.560
Steer Wrestling: 1. Jace Christiansen, Flan-
dreau, 5.920; 2. Andy Nelson, Spearfish, 6.630;
3. Tucker Chytka, Belle Fourche, 7.040; 4. Casey
Heninger, Ft. Pierre, 8.440; 5, Wyatt Schaack,
Wall, 8.470; 6. Tyler Gaer, Newell, 10.530; 7.
Jacob Kammerer, Philip, 11.300; 8. Wyatt Ful-
ton, St. Lawrence, 13.670; 9. Reid Rutten,
Colome, 15.380; 10. Dalton Hurst, Buffalo,
19.620; 11. Logan Christensen, Kadoka, 27.600
Team Roping: 1. T. Schaack/Levi Lord, Stur-
gis, 7.470; 2. Klay O’Daniel, Kadoka,/ Samuel
Boldon, Oglala, 8.360; 3. Colby Hetzel, Lem-
mon/Cash Hetzel, Lemmon, 9.340; 4. Grady Egly,
Oelrichs/James Kirwan, Bonesteel, 10.350; 5.
Thomas Doolittle, Midland/ Gunner Hook,
Kadoka, 13.120; 6. Sloan Anderson, White
Horse/Nolan Hall, Timber Lake, 15.500; 7. Cody
Bernstein, Faith/Cody Trainor, Faith, 16.420; 8.
Lamphere/Tyen Palmer, Dupree, 17.860; 9. Dal-
ton Fischer, Centerville/Matt Nelson, Colman,
18.340; 10. Jeremiah Johnson, Huron/Damon
Wangerin, Mitchell 18.410; 11. Darwyn Thomp-
son, Eagle Butte/Clay Bernstein, Faith, 19.520;
12. Tyler Plaggermeyer, Meadow/Collin Palmer,
Bison, 22.850; 13. Rylee Jo Rutten, Colome/Mo-
riah Glaus, Chamberlain, 24.410
Tie Down Roping: 1. Lane Blasius, Wall,
12.620; 2. Palmer, 13.230; 3. Cyler Dowling,
Newell, 13.430; 4. Carson Musick, Pierre, 16.030;
5. Fischer, 17.070; 6. Joe Hendrickson, Chancel-
lor, 17.190; 7. Carson Johnston, Elm Springs,
17.630; 8. Christiansen, 17.680; 9. Kirwan,
17.880; 10. W. Schaack, 18.390; 11. Nolan Richie,
Bristol, 18.490; 12. Cody Bernstein, Faith,
18.690; 13. Rance Johnson, Philip, 18.730; 14.
Brody Jones, Midland, 18.890; 15. Dalton
Lessert, Martin, 19.970
Boys Cutting: 1. Christensen,143; 2. Jade
Crago, Belle Fourche, 142; 3. (tie) T. Schaack,
Josh Hunt, Faith, Chance Escott, Faith, and
Zane Whitney, Iona, 140; 4. Palmer, 138. 5. Jade
Maier, Bowdle, 137; 6. Clint Stangle, Caputa,
136; 7. (tie) Chet Crago, Belle Fourche, and
Olathe Schmidt, White River, 134; 8. Musick,
132; 9. Wyatt Maciejewski, Rapid City, 131; 0. C.
Palmer, 128; 11. Jett Peterson, Parade, 124.
Girls Cutting: 1. Erin Kenzy, Iona, 148; 2.
Lensegrav, 146; 3. (tie) Shelby Strand, Harris-
burg and Karlie Robertson, Caputa, 142; 5. Both-
well, 140; 5. (tie) Ryan, and Brandy March, Hot
Springs, 138; 6. Jayci Lamphere, Belle Fourche,
137; 8. Kailee Webb, Isabel, 135; 9 (tie) F. Ward,
and Smith, 134; 10. (tie) T. Nelson, and Sydney
Davidson, Parkston, 133
Second Go
Breakaway Roping: 1. Tibbs, 2.250; 2.
Woodward, 2.510; 3. Rutten, 2.560; 4. Barry,
2.660; 5. Cassidy Mutchler, Whitewood, 2.770; 6.
Lamphere, 2.790; 7. Lensegrav, 2.930; 8. Howell,
3.210; 9. Jayce Hupp, Huron, 3.330; 10. Lock-
hart, 3.360; 11. C. Christensen, 2.650; 12. Miller,
3.670; 13. Ferguson, 2.720; 14. Jandreau, 3.810;
15. Jordan Tierney, Oral, 3.910.
Bull Riding: 1. Casey Heninger, Ft. Pierre,
74; 2. Jake Frazier, White Horse, 73; 3. (tie) Hall
and Jake Rozell, Mansfield, 69; 4. Dylan Riggins,
Kadoka, 60
Saddle Bronc Riding: 1. Tayte Clark,
Meadow, 70; 2. Jordan Hunt, 61; 3. Kash Deal,
Dupree, 56; 4. Maier, 48; 5. Paul Kruse, Interior,
Steer Wrestling: 1. Gaer, 4.610; 2. Novak,
5.020; 3. A. Nelson,5.490; 4. Justin Boll, Hart-
ford, 5.720; 5. Fanning, 7.530; 6. Michael De-
ichert, Spearfish, 8.410; 7. Kaiden White Bear,
Sturgis, 8.560; 8. Kammerer, 10.270; 9. Richie,
12.040; 10. (tie) R. Rutten and Brendon Porch,
Kadoka, 15.130; 11. Tyus Olson, Mud Butte,
15.200; 12. Taylor Tupper, St. Onge, 19.950; 13.
Herbie O’Daniel, Kadoka, 21.770; 14. Clay Bern-
stein, 23.849
Tie Down Roping: 1. T. Schaack, 9.620; 2. S.
Andersen, 12.010; 3. Caden Packer, Sturgis,
12.760; 4. Reed Johnson, 12.800; 5. W. Andersen,
13.370; 6. Egly, 13.620; 7. L. Blasius, 13.940; 8.
Carson Johnston, Elm Springs, 14.710; 9.
Trainor, 15.000; 10. R. Rutten, 15.200; 11. K. O’-
Daniel, 16.410; 12. Sterling Gehrke, Castlewood,
16.510; 13. Cole Schneider, Brookings, 17.040;
14. J. Fulton, 17.100; 16. Lathan Lauing, Oral,
Boys Cutting: 1. Josh Hunt, 144; 2. Kenneth
Carmichael, Belle Fourche, 141; 3. (tie) Schaack
and H. O’Daniel, Kadoka, 140; 4. (tie) Chris-
tensen, Peterson, and True Buchhoz, Kadoka,
139; 5. Stangle, 137; 6. J. Crago, 136; 7. (tie)
Baker, Musick and Jeb Hunt, Faith, 135; 8. (tie)
Whitney, and Maier, 131; 9. Sawyer Strand, Har-
risburg, 130
Girls Cutting: 1. (tie) Lensegrav and Webb,
145; 2. Kenzy, 144; 3. Bothwell, 143; 4. Strand,
142; 5 (tie) Ryan and K. Peterson, Sturgis, 141;
6. (tie) Lamphere and Karisa Odenbach, Hamill,
1239; 7. (tie) T. Nelson, Keanna Ward, Fruitdale,
and Batie, 137; 8. (tie) March and Emma Lutter,
Zell, 136
Short Go
Breakaway Roping: 1. Knippling, 2.220; 2.
Woodward, 2.710; 3. Lockhart, 4.220; 4. Elsie
Fortune, Interior, 4.900; 5. Howell, 5.290; 6.
Hupp, 8.360; 7. Christensen, 12.130; 8. Barry,
14.950; 9. Lamphere, 18.050; 10. R.J. Rutten
Average: 1. Lockhart, 2. Howell, 3. Hupp, 4.
Christensen, 5. Barry, 6. Lamphere, 7. Knip-
pling, 8. Woodward, 9. Miller, 10. Lensegrav
Total Points: 1. Woodward, 2. Christensen,
3. Lockhart, 4. Howell, 5. Barry, 6. Knippling, 7.
Hupp, 8. Lamphere, 8. R.J. Rutten, 10. Fortune,
11. Miller, 12. K. Ward, 13. Lensegrav, 14. Hap-
ney, 15. Tibbs
Bull Riding: 1. Scott Shoemaker, Greg-ory,
Average: 1. Hall, 2. Heninger, 3. Frazier, 4.
Spiel, 5. (tie) Reder and Rozell; 6. Riggins
Total Points: 1. Hall, 2. Frazier, 3. Heninger,
4. Spiel, 5. Shoemaker, 6. Reder, 7. Rozell, 8. J.
Peterson, 9. Riggins; 10, J.D. Phelps, Porcupine
Steer Wrestling: 1. Gaer, 6.520; 2. J. Fulton,
8.180; 3. Christiansen, 8.930; 4. Clay Bernstein,
15.400; 5. T. Chytka, 19.440; 6. Fanning, 21.30;
7. A. Nelson, 21.860; 8. Kammerer, 24.220
Average: 1. Gaer, 2. A. Nelson, 3. Fanning, 4.
Kammerer, 5. Clay Bernstein, 6. Novak, 7. J.
Fulton, 8. Christiansen, 9. Richie, 10. White Bear
Total Points: 1. Fanning, 2. A. Nelson, 3.
Gaer, 4. J. Fulton, 5. Kammerer, 6. Christiansen,
7. Clay Bernstein, 8. Novak, 9. Richie, 10. T.
Chytka, 11. Boll, 12. White Bear, 13. Stangle, 14.
Deichert, 15. W. Fulton
Team Roping: 1. Fischer/M. Nelson, 9.560;
2. Tupper/Cyler Dowling, 18.560; 3. Gaer/Mu-
sick, 21.600; 4. Sheridan/Foster, 22.860; 5. T.
Schmidt/Baker, 29.870
Average: 1. Tupper/Cyler Dowling, 2.
Gaer/Musick, 3. Fischer/M. Nelson/ 4. T.
Schaack/L. Lord; 5. Doolittle/Hook, 6.
Sheridan/Foster, 78. Thompson/Pirrung, 8. T.
Engesser/Deichert, 9.K. O’Daniel/Bolton, 10. S.
Andersen/W. Andersen
Total Points: Gaer/Musick, 2. T. Schmidt/L.
Lord, 3. Tupper/Cyler Dowling, 4. Fischer/M.
Nelson, 5. Sheridan/Foster, 6. Thompson/Pir-
rung, 8. Doolittle/Hook, 9. S. Andersen/W. Ander-
sen, 10. T. Engesser/Deichert, 11. Mann/Novak,
12. T. Schmidt/ Baker, 13. Rance Johnson/Kam-
merer, 14. Connor McNenny, Sturgis/Jade
Schmidt, Sturgis, 15. Reed Johnson/Jones
Tie Down Roping: 1. Egly, 10.920; 2. Lee
Sivertson, Ree Heights, 12.780; 3. Reed Johnson,
13.510; 4. J. Fulton, 13.650; 5. Johnston, 14.970;
6. Packer, 16.790; 7. T. Schaack, 17.900;8. Pear-
son Wientjes, Mound City, 17.900; 9. S. Ander-
sen, 20.640; 10. Cody Bernstein, 20.890
Average: 1. T. Schaack, 2. Egly, 3. J. Fulton,
4. Johnston, 5. S. Andersen, 6. P. Wientjes, 7.
Packer, 8. Sivertson, 9. Reed Johnson, 10. Bla-
Total Points: T. Schaack, 2. Egly, 3. J. Ful-
ton, 4. Johnston, 5. S. Andersen, 6. Reed John-
son, 7. Blasius, 8. , 9. Sivertson, 10. P. Wientjes,
11. Richie, 12. J. Schmidt, 13. Cody Bernstein,
14. Carmichael, 15. Trainor
Boys Cutting: 1. C. Crago, 144; 2. Buchholz,
140; 3. T. Schaack, 138; 4. Escott, 136; 5. Baker,
133; 6. Stangle, 125; 7. J. Peterson, 125; 8. H.
O’Daniel, 124; 9. Carmichael, 123; 10. J. Crago,
Average: 1. T. Schaack, 2. Stangle, 3. J. Pe-
terson, 4. (tie) J. Crago and Buchholz, 45. Escott,
6. Baker, 7. Josh Hunt, 8. Christensen, 9. C.
Total Points/Season Winners: 1. Schaack,
2. Josh Hunt, 3. J. Crago and Buchholz, 4. Stan-
gle, 5. Escott, 6. Christensen, 7. Peterson, 8. C.
Crago, 9. Whitney, 10. Baker
Girls Cutting: 1. Kenzy, 147; 2. T. Nelson,
144; 3. Lutter, 141; 4. Ryan, 140; 5. Bothwell,
136; 6 (tie) March and K. Ward, 133; 7. Robert-
son, 129; 8. Peterson, 126; 9. F. Ward, 125
Average: 1. Kenzy, 2. (tie) Bothwell and
Ryan, 3. T. Nelson, 4. March, 5. Robertson, 6. K.
Ward, 7. F. Ward, 8. Strand, 9. Webb
Total Points/Season Winners: 1. Kenzy, 2.
Bothwell, 3. Ryan, 4. (tie) Lensegrav and Strand;
5. T. Nelson, 6. March, 7. Webb, 8. K. Ward, 9.
For complete results go online to
www.sdhsra.com; click on Regional and State Re-
High school finals rodeo held last week
Class of 1983… Standing (L-R): Chuck Enders, Amy Barber, Sandy (Hart) Staples, Steve VanderMay, Dana (Letellier)
Zacharias, Stephen Dias, Joanne (Herber) Sarringer, Shivaun (Jensen) Williams, Kelly Lester. Seated: Deb (Getz) Whipple,
Cindy (Brown) Turner, Ramona (Ireland) Iwan, Peggy (Porch) Schoon. Not pictured: Jeff Barber.
Class of 2003… Back row (L-R): Mitch Moor, Beau Walker, Seth Thomson, Nathan Riggins, Lucas Mayfield, Jeremy Kujawa,
Jamie (Livermont) Dierksen, Caleb Crew. Front row: Donelle (Stout) Cobb, Colleen VanderMay, Toni Romero, Jessica Vander-
May, Amber (Riggins) Cornella. Not pictured: Curtis Huffman and Tyler Peterson.
Class of 1963… Eleanor Solon (L), Betty (Pearson) Boyer, Tom Kukal, Sally (Slater) Rubin, Barbara (Holcomb) Toliver, Robert
Ring and Leland Baldwin.
Class of 1973… Standing (L-R): Craig Blom, Rick Dennis, Ken Kujawa, Jeff Parkinson, Larry Johnson, Tom DeVries, Ted Pet-
tyjohn, Mike Kezar and Greg Thomas. Seated: Ronda (Foreman) Dennis, Rita (Olson) Thomas, Laurie (Uhlir) Pettyjohn, Laure
(Neiffer) Hildebrand and Debbie (Uhlir) Antonsen.
Dylan Riggins
Samuel Bolden and Klay O’Daniel
Logan Christensen
Youth …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 6
“A” Team, back row (L-R): Coach Rich Bendt, Coach Richard Lamont, Geoffrey DeVries, Seth Patterson, Jory Rodgers, Isiah
Hogen, Lavin Bendt, Coach Jody Sudbeck. Front row: Bryan Letellier, Jarred Hicks, Reece Sudbeck, Marcus Herber, Richard
Lamont, Abe Herber. --photos by Del Bartels
“B” Team, back row (L-R): Coach Rich Bendt, Eve Patterson, Greyson DeVries, Reed Ohrtman, Lavin Bendt, Landon Schofield,
Coach Jody Sudbeck. Front row: Adie Patterson, Dawson Reckling, Gavin Sudbeck, Reese Ohrtman, TJ Hamar, Gabe Garcia.
“C” Team, back row (L-R): Maxwell Zickrick, Rebecca Shuck, Gracie Eisenbraun, Lexi Hamar, Coach Jody Sudbeck. Front
row: Ian VanderMay, Ryan Shuck, Tyrel Mansfield, Jonathan MacFeat, Mason Stilwell.
The Haakon/Jackson County 4-
H horse show was held on Thurs-
day, June 20 at the arena in
Beginner Western Showman-
ship: Kash Block, red; Riley
Schofield, red.
Beginner Pony Western Show-
manship: Tagg Weller, blue
Junior Western Showmanship:
Sage Bierle, blue; Savannah Solon,
blue; Kaelan Block, red
Pony Western Showmanship:
Gage Weller, purple
Senior Western Showmanship:
Shaina Solon, top purple; Dustin
Enders, purple; Thomas Doolittle,
blue; Ben Stangle, blue; Wyatt En-
ders, blue; Mark Stangle, red
Beginner English Showman-
ship: Tagg Weller, blue
Junior English Showmanship:
Gage Weller, purple
Beginner Horse Stock Seat Eq-
uitation: Kash Block, blue; Riley
Schofield, blue
Beginner Pony Stock Seat Equi-
tation: Tagg Weller, blue
Junior Stock Seat Equitation:
Sage Bierle, top purple; Savannah
Solon, blue; Kaelan Block, blue
Junior Pony Stock Equitation:
Gage Weller, blue
Senior Stock Seat Equitation:
Shaina Solon, purple; Ben Stangle,
blue; Mark Stangle, blue; Dustin
Enders, blue; Thomas Doolittle,
blue; Wyatt Enders, blue
Junior Pony Hunt Seat: Gage
Weller, blue
Junior Western Riding: Gage
Weller, blue; Savannah Solon, blue;
Kaelan Block, blue; Kash Block,
Senior Western Riding: Thomas
Doolittle, blue; Ben Stangle, blue;
Wyatt Enders, blue; Dustin En-
ders, blue; Shaina Solon, blue;
Mark Stangle, white
Junior Reining: Gage Weller,
purple; Kash Block, blue; Kaelan
Block, white
Senior Reining: Thomas Doolit-
tle, top purple; Wyatt Enders, blue;
Dustin Enders, blue
Junior Trail: Kaelan Block, blue;
Savannah Solon, blue; Gage Weller,
red; Tagg Weller, red; Kash Block,
Senior Trail: Shaina Solon, top
purple; Thomas Doolittle, top pur-
ple; Wyatt Enders, purple; Ben
Stangle, blue; Dustin Enders, red
Junior Pole Bending: Kaelan
Block, purple; Sage Bierle, red;
Kash Block, white
Pony Junior Pole Bending: Gage
Weller, blue; Tagg Weller, red
Senior Pole Bending: Shaina
Solon, purple; Thomas Doolittle,
purple; Ben Stangle, blue; Dustin
Enders, blue; Mark Stangle, red
Junior Barrel Racing: Kaelan
Block, blue; Savannah Solon, blue;
Sage Bierle, red; Kash Block, white
Pony Junior Barrel Racing:
Gage Weller, purple; Tagg Weller,
Senior Barrel Racing: Thomas
Doolittle, purple; Shaina Solon,
purple; Wyatt Enders, purple; Ben
Stangle, purple; Dustin Enders,
blue; Mark Stangle, blue
Junior Break Away Roping: Sa-
vannah Solon, white; Gage Weller,
white; Kaelan Block, white
Senior Break Away Roping:
Thomas Doolittle, white; Wyatt En-
ders, white.
All members who received a pur-
ple will advance to the SD State 4-
H horse show that will be held on
July 23-25 in Huron.
H/J 4-H horse show held in Kadoka
Savannah Solon
Kaelen Block
Tagg Weller
Dustin Enders
Gage Weller
Brakes • Fuel Pumps
Alternators • Starters
Timken Seals
& Bearings
We’re Open Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - Noon • 1 - 5 p.m.
Phone 837-2214
Tim home 837-2087
Dave cell 488-0326
Auto Parts
Hwy 248 • Kadoka, SD
For all your automotive
supplies -- give us call!
Local & Statewide Classified Advertising …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 7
Sioux Falls Construction/ Black Top Paving is
hiring experienced Blade Operator in the Sioux
Falls Area. Competitive wages, CDL preferred
but not required. Wage DOE. Benefits include:
health, dental and life insurance, vacation pay,
401K, EAP and Flex Program. EOE. Sioux Falls
Construction 800 S 7th Ave Sioux Falls SD
Full-time Special Education Aide Position now
open at the Menno School District. Applicant
needs to be highly qualified or willing to become
highly qualified. Applications can be picked up
at the Menno School Office or obtained by call-
ing (605) 387-5161. EOE.
BRIDGE-POLLOCK School District #62-6 for
2013-2014 School Year: HS Math; MS Special
Education; and Birth to 2nd Grade Special Ed-
ucation. Contact Tim Frederick at 605-845-9204
for more information. Resumes and applica-
tions can be mailed to the school Attn: Tim
Frederick at 1107 1st Avenue East in Mobridge
SD 57601. Open until filled. EOE, Signing
Bonus available.
STARTS HERE! Statewide construction jobs,
$12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No experience
necessary. Apply online www.sdwork.org. #con-
tendance bonus & experience pay. Shifts
Available: 12 hour overnights or days. Apply in
person: 1120 E 7th St., Mitchell, SD 57301, or
online at www.welcov.com. Firesteel Health-
care Community by Welcov Healthcare.
TION Crew Positions Open Now!! If you have a
hard work ethic and carpentry experience apply
at www.mortonbuildings.com or (800) 447-7436
Preschool- W/WO SPED, Contact: Michelle
Greseth, 516 8th Ave W, Sisseton, SD 57262,
(605)698-7613. Position open until filled. EOE.
STARTS HERE! Statewide construction jobs,
$12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No experience
necessary. Apply online www.sdwork.org. #con-
applications for full- time Douglas County High-
way Superintendent. Must have valid Class A
Driver’s License. Experience in road/bridge
construction/maintenance. For application con-
tact: Douglas County Auditor (605) 724-2423.
Vocal 6-12, Contact: Jim Frederick, 516 8th Ave
W, Sisseton, SD 57262, (605)698-7613. Po-
sition open until filled. EOE.
STARTS HERE! Statewide construction jobs,
$12.00 - $18.00 OR MORE. No experience
necessary. Apply online www.sdwork.org. #con-
with or without coaching (4 day school week) at
the Edgemont School District. Position open
until filled. For more information contact Dave
Cortney at 605-662-7254 or email dave.cort-
DISH TV RETAILER- Starting at $19.99/month
(for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at
$14.95/month (where available.) SAVE! Ask
About SAME DAY Installation! CALL Now! 1-
SAVE ON CABLE TV-Internet-Digital Phone-
Satellite. You`ve Got A Choice! Options from
ALL major service providers. Call us to learn
more! CALL Today. 888-337-5453.
HIGHSPEED INTERNET everywhere By Satel-
lite! Speeds up to 12mbps! (200x faster than
dial-up.) Starting at $49.95/mo. CALL NOW &
GO FAST! 1-888-518-8672.
only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide
Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25
words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call
this newspaper or 800-658-3697 for details.
The PDR Hunt is a FREE deer hunt for physi-
cally disabled children ages 12-18, September
13-15, 2013. Clark, South Dakota. Call Dean
Rasmussen (605) 233-0331, www.pdryouth-
sorted by rent, location and other options.
www.sdhousingsearch.com South Dakota
Housing Development Authority.
DRIVERS WANTED: CDL, owner operators,
freight from Midwest up to 48 states, home reg-
ularly, newer equipment, Health, 401K, call
Randy, A&A Express, 800-658-3549.
BLACK HILLS building site. 3 acres with view
situated between Pactola and Sheridan lake.
$59,000 call Gene at RE/MAX of Rapid City
Kadoka Press
Classified Advertising
& Thank You Rates:
$5.00 minimum/20 words
plus 10¢ for each word thereafter.
Call 605-837-2259
E-mail: press@kadokatelco.com
Buy • Rent
Sell • Trade
or Giveaway
Classifieds Work!!
Kadoka Press • 605-837-2259
Kadoka City Council at its regular meet-
ing on Monday, July 8, 2013, at the ap-
proximate hour of 7:15 P.M. will consider
the following malt beverage applications.
AW! SHUCKS CAFE, Colby and Teresa
Shuck owners: located Lot 8, Block 5 of
Original Town of Kadoka, (On-Off Sale
Malt Beverage).
SUNSET GRILL, LLC, Grant Patterson,
owner: located Lot C of Merchen 1, City
of Kadoka (On-Off Sale Malt Beverage).
person(s) or his/her attorney may appear
and be heard at said scheduled public
hearing who is interested in the approval
or rejection of any such application.
Dated this 17th day of June, 2013.
Patty Ulmen
Finance Officer
Published June 20 & 27, 2013, at the
total approximate cost of $28.16]
Notice is hereby given that the Town
Council of Belvidere is accepting sealed
bids on the following pasture land for the
period of July 8, 2013 through April 30,
2018. All pasture fencing and liability will
be the responsibility of the lessee with
the following pasture to be bid:
Original Town of Belvidere according to
recorded plat map thereof, also that part
of the North ½ (R24E) of the NW ¼ of
Section 32, Township 25 described as
lying South of Chicago, Milwaukee and
St. Paul Railway Company right -of-way
as now there located and established
and North of the line of A Street west on
the line of 3rd Street in said town contain-
ing an estimated 40 acres.
All bids must be submitted in a sealed
envelope plainly marked “Town Pasture
Bid” and must be filed in the Town of
Belvidere Finance Office, Box 189,
Belvidere SD 57521 by 5:00 pm Monday
July 8, 2013. Bids will be opened at 7:30
pm Monday July 8, 2013. For further in-
formation contact a member of the
Belvidere Town Council.
The Town Council of Belvidere reserves
the right to accept or reject any or all
bids, and accept the bid that is in the best
interest for the Town of Belvidere.
Jo Manke-Rodgers
Finance Officer
[Published June 27 & July 4, 2013, at the
total approximate cost of $30.34]
May 16, 2013
The West River Water Development Dis-
trict convened for their regular meeting at
the West River Water Development Dis-
trict Project Office in Murdo, SD. Chair-
man Joseph Hieb called the meeting to
order at 10:30 a.m. (CT).
Roll Call was taken and Chairman Hieb
declared a quorum was present. Direc-
tors present were: Joseph Hieb, Casey
Krogman, Marion Matt and Veryl Prokop.
Absent: Lorne Smith. Also present: Jake
Fitzgerald, Manager; Kati Venard,
Sec./Bookkeeper; Dave Larson, Larson
Law PC.
Motion by Director Krogman, seconded
by Director Matt to approve the agenda.
Motion carried unanimously.
The minutes of the April 12, 2013, meet-
ing were previously mailed to the Board
for their review.
Motion by Director Matt, seconded by Di-
rector Prokop to approve the April min-
utes. Motion carried unanimously.
Joseph Hieb . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55.41
Casey Krogman . . . . . . . . . . . . .55.41
Marion Matt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55.41
Veryl Prokop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55.41
West River/Lyman-
Jones RWS . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,000.00
Motion by Director Prokop, seconded by
Director Krogman to approve the District
bills. Motion carried unanimously.
The financial status of the District to date
was previously sent to the Board. A copy
of the April Financial Report is on file at
the District office in Murdo.
Motion by Director Matt, seconded by Di-
rector Krogman to approve the April Fi-
nancial Report. Motion carried
Manager Fitzgerald presented his May
report to the Board.
Motion by Director Prokop, seconded by
Director Matt to approve the Manager’s
Report. Motion carried unanimously.
There being no further business, the
meeting was adjourned at 10:49 A.M.
Joseph Hieb, Chairman
Kati Venard,
Recording Secretary
[Published June 27, 2013 at the total ap-
proximate cost of $30.23]
Kadoka Area
School District
Notice is hereby given that the Kadoka
Area School District will conduct a public
hearing at the Kadoka School in Kadoka,
South Dakota on Wednesday, July 10,
2013 @ 6:30 p.m. for the purpose of con-
sidering the foregoing proposed school
district budget for fiscal year beginning
July 1, 2013, ending June 30, 2014, and
its supporting data.
Eileen C. Stolley
Business Manager
Kadoka School District
Instruction . . . . . . . . . . . .947,677.00
1131-High School
Instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . .411,914.00
1111-Title II, Part A . . . . . . . .50,609.00
1131-Title II, Part A . . . . . . . .53,098.00
Title II, Part A
Indirect Cost . . . . . . . . . . . . . .458.00
1140-Early Childhood . . . . . .24,864.00
1111-006 Title VII-
Indian Education . . . . . . . .34,852.00
1111-212 Rti Grant . . . . . . . . .2,000.00
1273-Title I . . . . . . . . . . . . .617,363.00
2129-Guidance` . . . . . . . . . .97,174.00
2134-Health Services . . . . . . .1,600.00
Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .800.00
of Instruction,Title II,
Part A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4,202.00
2229- Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7,318.00
in Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . .98,292.00
2319- Board of
Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43,365.00
2314-Election . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,455.00
2315-Legal Services . . . . . . .10,000.00
2317-Audit Services . . . . . . .17,550.00
2321-Office of the
Superintendent . . . . . . . . .129,284.00
2410-Office of the
Principals . . . . . . . . . . . . .210,809.00
Administration . . . . . . . . . . .1,200.00
Educational Unit . . . . . . . . . .1,080.00
2529-Office of the
Business Manager . . . . . .153,853.00
2549-Operation &
Maintenance of Plant . . . .226,844.00
2553-Bus Monitor
services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8,063.00
Transportation . . . . . . . . .114,853.00
2650-Fresh Fruit &
Vegetable Program . . . . . .15,300.00
and Placement . . . . . . . . . . . .700.00
4400-Unemployment . . . . . . . .2,000.00
6000-Co-Curricular . . . . . . .155,812.00
7000-Contingencies . . . . . . .70,000.00
EXPENDITURES . . . . .3,515,389.00
Revenue Local Sources:
1110-Ad Valorem Taxes . . . .597,987.00
1111-Mobile Home Taxes . . .18,500.00
1120-Prior Years Taxes . . . . . .3,500.00
1140-Utilities Taxes . . . . . . .161,300.00
1190-Penalties &
Interest on Taxes . . . . . . . . .2,600.00
1500-Interest Earned . . . . . . .2,200.00
1710-Admissions . . . . . . . . . .14,500.00
1740- Activity
Participation Fees . . . . . . . .1,000.00
1790-Yearbook . . . . . . . . . . . .4,500.00
1910-Rentals . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,000.00
1940-Services Provided
other LEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5,000.00
Administration . . . . . . . . . .25,000.00
1990-Other local Revenue . . .7,000.00
Revenue County Sources:
Apportionment . . . . . . . . . .48,000.00
Revenue State Sources:
3111-State Aid . . . . . . . . .1,252,020.00
3111-Sparcity Aid . . . . . . . . . .48,397.00
3112-State Apportionment . . .36,000.00
3114-Bank Franchise Tax . . .17,000.00
Revenue Federal Sources:
5110-Transfer in
from Impact Aid . . . . . . . .418,000.00
4121-National Minerals . . . . .60,000.00
4133-Bankhead Jones . . . . . .1,800.00
4122-Taylor Grazing . . . . . . . . . . .50.00
4142-Title 7- Indian
Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34,205.00
4151-009 Fresh Fruit
& Vegetable Program . . . . .14,700.00
4151-021 College Access . . . .4,000.00
4159-Title II Part A . . . . . . . .116,367.00
4158-Title I . . . . . . . . . . . . .617,363.00
4169-Artist in Schools . . . . . . . .900.00
4175-Rti Grant . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,000.00
5130-Sale of General
Fixed Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . .500.00
FUND REVENUES . . . .3,515,389.00
Instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . .114,400.00
1131-High School
Instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31,150.00
2227-Technology in
Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18,000.00
2229-Library . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1,200.00
2547-Land and
Building Rental . . . . . . . . . .48,000.00
2549-Operation &
Maintenance of Plant . . . .188,046.00
2559-Pupil Transportation . . .40,500.00
2569-Food Service
Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2,200.00
3500-Community Service . . .10,000.00
6930-Music Department . . . . .2,500.00
Reserve for Buildings/
5 year plan . . . . . . . . . . . . .90,000.00
EXPENDITURES . . . . . . .545,996.00
1110-Ad Valorem Tax . . . . .233,866.00
1111-Mobile Home Taxes . . . .5,800.00
1120-Prior Years Taxes . . . . . .1,000.00
1190-Penalties &
Interest on Taxes . . . . . . . . .1,600.00
1510-Interest earned . . . . . . . .3,000.00
1990-Sale of surplus
property . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .600.00
Transfer from
Impact Aid . . . . . . . . . . . .299,130.00
Budgeted Fund Balance . . . . .1,000.00
OUTLAY REVENUES . . .545,996.00
1226-Early Childhood
- Preschool . . . . . . . . . . . . .23,656.00
1221-Programs for
Mild to Moderate
Disabilites . . . . . . . . . . . . .161,272.00
1222-Programs for
Servere Disabilities . . . . .190,938.00
1227-Early Intervention . . . . . . .500.00
2132-Medical Services . . . . . . . .400.00
2142-Psychological Testing
(Evaluation) Svs . . . . . . . . . .6,499.00
2159-Speech Services . . . . .69,938.00
2162-Audiology Services . . . . . .500.00
Therapy Services . . . . . . . . .1,200.00
Therapy Services . . . . . . . . .2,600.00
2213-Instructional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Staff Training Services . . . . .1,200.00
Education Director . . . . . . . .7,987.00
2718-Programs for
Visually Impaired . . . . . . . . . . .150.00
2735-Pupil Transportation . . . .2,000.00
Language Mileage . . . . . . . . . .650.00
EXPENDITURES . . . . . . .469,490.00
1110-Ad Valorem Taxes . . . .315,530.00
1111-Mobile Home Taxes . . . .6,500.00
1120-Prior Years Taxes . . . . . . .900.00
1190-Penalties &
Interest on Taxes . . . . . . . . . . .900.00
1500-Interest Earned . . . . . . .1,000.00
Administration . . . . . . . . . . .2,200.00
3111-State Aid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0.00
4111-Impact Aid . . . . . . . . . . .22,000.00
4175-IDEA Part B 611 . . . . .111,218.00
4186-Pre School
Incentive (619) . . . . . . . . . . .9,242.00
REVENUES . . . . . . . . . . .469,490.00
8110-Transfers to
Other Funds . . . . . . . . . . .737,130.00
1510-Interest Earned . . . . . .13,000.00
4111-Impact Aid . . . . . . . . . .360,000.00
Applied Cash on hand . . . . .364,130.00
Total: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .737,130.00
4800-Early Retirement
& Retirement . . . . . . . . . . .68,429.00
1110-Ad Valorem Taxes . . . . .67,229.00
1111-Mobile Home Taxes . . . .1,200.00
Total: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68,429.00
[Published June 27, 2013 at the total ap-
proximate cost of $89.89]
Area School District has the follow-
ing positions open: asst. cook, cons-
ession stand advisor(s), asst.
volleyball coach, and Long Valley
bus driver. Applications may be ob-
tained from the school or on the
school district’s website;
kadoka.k12.sd.us. Contact the
school with further questions about
these positions. Completed applica-
tions may be dropped off at the
school or sent to: Attn: Supt. Jamie
Hermann, PO Box 99, 800 Bayberry
Street, Kadoka, SD 57543 or call
837-2175. KP49-2tc
HELP WANTED: Cooks, counter
personnel, wait staff, and assistant
manager position(s) are available for
Aw! Shucks Café opening soon at
909 Main Street in Kadoka. Please
apply within or contact Teresa or
Colby Shuck for more information:
837-2076. K49-3tc
YARD SALE: 1010 Maple St.,
Kadoka. Sat., June 29, 8-11; Sun.,
June 30, 8-?. DVD cabinet, dresser
desk combo, deck stain, hardwood
floor nail gun and staples, counter
top sink and faucet, Lg. womens
clothes, lots of misc. KP49-1tp
Sat., June 29, 9 a.m. to noon. Ire-
land Storage Units, Kadoka.
Area School District is accepting ap-
plications for a certified teacher for
lower elementary position in
Kadoka. Certified applications may
be obtained from the school or on
the school district’s website;
kadoka.k12.sd.us. Please feel free
to contact the school with further
questions about this position. Com-
pleted applications may be dropped
off at the school or sent to: Attn: Jeff
Nemecek, Elementary School Prin-
cipal, PO Box 99, 800 Bayberry
Street, Kadoka, SD 57543 or call 1-
605-837-2171. KP49-2tc
FOR SALE: Alfalfa seed, grass
seed and high test alfalfa hay. Deliv-
ery available and volume discount
available. Call 798-5413.
POSITION OPEN: Jackson County
is accepting applications for a full
time Deputy Auditor. Must work well
with the public, have clerical, secre-
tarial and computer skills and per-
form other duties as directed.
Knowledge of governmental ac-
counting and payroll beneficial. Se-
lected applicant will also work with
voter registration and the election
process. Jackson County benefits
include health insurance, life insur-
ance, S.D. Retirement, paid holi-
days, vacation and sick leave.
Hourly wage. Position open until
filled. Applications are available at
the Jackson County Auditor’s office
or send resume to Jackson County,
PO Box 280, Kadoka, SD 57543.
Ph: 837-2422. KP48-5tc
school and college students are wel-
come to apply. Will train. Apply at ei-
ther America’s Best Value Inn and
Budget Host Sundowner in Kadoka
or call 837-2188 or 837-2296.
POSITION OPEN: Jackson County
Highway Weed Sprayer. Seasonal
part-time employment spraying
county highway right of way. Com-
mercial herbicide license required or
to be obtained before start of work.
Pre-employment drug and alcohol
screening required. Applications / re-
sumes accepted. Information 837-
2410 or 837-2422, Fax 837-2447.
POSITION OPEN: Part-time Jack-
son County Highway Department
Worker. Tractor operator to mow
county road right of way, and per-
form other duties as directed. Pre-
employment drug and alcohol
screening required. Applications / re-
sumes accepted. Information 837-
2410 or 837-2422, Fax 837-2447.
POSITION OPEN: Full time Jack-
son County Highway Department
Worker. Truck driver, heavy equip-
ment operator, light equipment oper-
ator. Experience preferred, but will
train. CDL required, or to be ob-
tained in six months. Pre-employ-
ment drug and alcohol screening
required. Benefits package. Applica-
tions / resumes accepted. Informa-
tion 837-2410 or 837-2422, Fax
837-2447. KP48-5tc
SERVICE: Need a plumber? Li-
censed plumbing contractor for all
your indoor plumbing and outdoor
water and sewer jobs call Dale
Koehn 441-1053 or leave a mes-
sage at 837-0112. K48-4tp
SERVICE call 837-2320 or 515-
0616 or contact Dick Stolley.
POSITION OPEN: Jackson County
is accepting applications for full time
Deputy Director of Equalization. Se-
lected applicant may be required to
become certified as per SDCL. Must
work well with the public, and have
clerical and computer skills. Jackson
County benefits include health insur-
ance, life insurance, S.D. Retire-
ment, paid holidays, vacation and
sick leave. Position open until filled.
Beginning wage $9.00 per hour. Ap-
plications are available at the Jack-
son County Auditor’s office or send
resume to Jackson County, PO Box
280, Kadoka, SD 57543. Ph: 837-
2422. KP48-5tc
EARN A FREE TV: Apply now at the
Gateway Apartments and if you
qualify for one of the apartments,
you could be eligible for a free 19”
flat screen TV. Please call 1-800-
481-6904 for details on how you can
earn your free TV. K26-tfn
CRETE: Will do all your concrete
construction jobs. Call us and we will
give you a quote. Office 837-2621,
Rich’s cell 431-2226, toll free 877-
867-4185. K45-tfn
APARTMENTS: Spacious one-bed-
room units, all utilities included.
Young or old. Need rental assis-
tance or not, we can house you. Just
call 1-800-481-6904 or stop in the
lobby and pick up an application.
Gateway Apartments, Kadoka.
do all types of trenching, ditching
and directional boring work. See
Craig, Diana, Sauntee or Heidi
Coller, Kadoka, SD, or call 605/837-
2690. Craig cell 390-8087, Sauntee
cell 390-8604, email
wrex@gwtc.net. 27-tfc
2243 or contact Wendell Buxcel,
Kadoka, SD. 10-tfc
POSTER BOARD: White and col-
ored. At the Kadoka Press. tfc
COPIES: 8-1/2x11 - 20¢ each; 8-
1/2x14 - 25¢ each; 11x14 - 35¢
each. At the Kadoka Press. tfc
Dakota's best advertising buy! A 25-
word classified ad in each of the
states’ 150 daily and weekly news-
papers. Your message reaches
375,000 households for just
$150.00! This newspaper can give
you the complete details. Call (605)
837-2259. tfc
Peters Excavation
Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568
Excavation work of
ALL types!
WBackhoe WTrenching
WDirectional Boring
WCobett Waters
WTire Tanks
Brent Peters
Located in
Kadoka, SD
Thank you to Club 27 for allowing
us have our Friday night gathering
there. The service and food was
awesome. Thank you to the Buffalo
Stampede Comm. and Ryan Willert
for being so accommodating so we
were able to have a flat bed trailer at
the ranch rodeo, so our class could
sit together. Thank you to Bob and
Frances Getz for the use of their
grill. Thank you to Chuck and Donna
Enders, Steve and Vicki VanderMay,
and Steve Williams for all the work
they done to help with the class re-
union. It was a great time we appre-
ciate all that was done.
Shivuan Williams and the
Class of 1983
Thank Yous
Agriculture …
June 27, 2013 • Kadoka Press • Page 8
EmaiI: info@phiIipIivestock.com
(605} 685.5826
Midland · (605} 567.3385
JEFF LONG, FIeIdmanJAuctIoneer
Fcd Owl · (605} 985.5486
Ccll. (605} 515.0186
Fcva · (605} 866.4670
Milcsvillc · (605} 544.3316
Yard Foreman
(605} 441.1984
Siurgis · (605} 347.0151
Wasia · (605} 685.4862
(60S) SS9:2S??
lkllll ll\läIê|K 1||IlêK
lkllll, äê|Ik 01KêI1
Upoom1ng Co111e So1es:
VIEW SALES LIVE ON THE INTERNET! Go to: www.pbIIIpIIvestock.com. UpcomIng saIes & consIgnments can be
vIewed on tbe Internet at www.pbIIIpIIvestock.com, or on tbe DTN: CIIck on SALE BARNS NORTH CENTRAL
PLA |s now qua||f|ed to hand|e th|rd party ver|-
f|ed NhT6 catt|e (Non-hormona| Treated 6att|e}.
Reep suppor11ng R-CALF USA! R-CALF USA 1s our vo1oe 1n
governmen1 1o represen1 U.S. oo111e produoers 1n 1rode
morKe11ng 1ssues. ]o1n 1odog & Þe1p moKe o d1]]erenoe!
PhiIip Livestock Auction, in conjunction with
Superior Livestock Auction, wiII be offering video
saIe as an additionaI service to our consignors,
with questions about the video pIease caII
Jerry Roseth at 605:685:5820.
PhiIip, SD
Upoom1ng Horse So1es:
We Þod o good run o] oous ]or our
drg oou speo1o1. MorKe1 oons1derob1g
Þ1gÞer. We uon1 1o u1sÞ evergone o
so]e & Þoppg 41Þ o] Ju1g. Ne×1 so1e
1s Tuesdog, Ju1g 91Þ.
1....................................FED COW 1470=..........$86.00
1....................................FED COW 1395=..........$83.00
1....................................FED COW 1325=..........$84.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1330=..........$82.50
1 ....................................DLK COW 1415=..........$82.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1395=..........$81.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1380=..........$80.50
1 ....................................DLK COW 1565=..........$80.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1405=..........$79.50
1 ...................................FED DULL 1740=........$111.00
1....................................DLK DULL 2000=........$110.00
1..................................CHAF DULL 1900=........$110.00
5 ........................FED & DLK COWS 1381=..........$83.25
2...................................DLK COWS 1453=..........$79.00
1....................................FED COW 1185=..........$84.50
3 ........................FED & DLK COWS 1437=..........$82.00
2...................................DLK COWS 1328=..........$83.75
3...................................DLK COWS 1348=..........$83.00
2 ............................DLK COWETTES 1013=..........$92.00
1....................................DLK DULL 1960=........$109.50
1 ...................................FED DULL 2030=........$101.00
1 ...................................FED DULL 2055=........$107.00
1 ...................................FED DULL 1955=........$105.00
2 ........................FED & DLK COWS 1645=..........$81.00
10 ......................FED & DLK COWS 1395=..........$80.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1425=..........$83.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1230=..........$81.50
1 ....................................DLK COW 1570=..........$80.00
1....................................DLK DULL 1940=........$109.50
1....................................DLK DULL 2175=........$109.00
1....................................DLK DULL 2155=........$107.00
1....................................DLK DULL 2145=........$106.50
1....................................FED COW 1325=..........$83.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1255=..........$83.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1295=..........$82.50
1..................................CHAF DULL 2080=........$109.00
1..................................CHAF DULL 2000=........$108.00
1..................................CHAF DULL 2120=........$105.00
1....................................FED COW 1645=..........$82.50
1....................................DLK DULL 1835=........$108.50
1....................................DLK DULL 1920=........$101.50
1..............................DLK COWETTE 930=............$89.00
1..............................DLK COWETTE 990=............$85.50
1....................................DLK DULL 2205=........$108.00
1....................................FED COW 1390=..........$82.50
2 ..................................FED COWS 1258=..........$80.00
7 ........................FED & DLK COWS 1397=..........$82.25
1....................................DLK DULL 2135=........$106.00
1....................................DLK DULL 1925=........$106.00
1....................................DLK DULL 1855=........$105.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1460=..........$82.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1355=..........$80.50
1....................................DWF COW 1350=..........$79.00
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1 ...................................FED DULL 2035=........$105.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1365=..........$82.00
1....................................DLK DULL 2015=........$105.00
1....................................DLK DULL 2220=........$104.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1520=..........$81.50
2 ........................DLK & DWF COWS 1205=..........$80.50
5...................................DLK COWS 1271=..........$80.00
1....................................DLK DULL 1840=........$105.00
1..................................CHAF DULL 1850=........$105.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1420=..........$81.00
2..................................FED DULLS 1795=........$105.00
1 ...................................DLK HFFT 890=..........$107.00
8..................................DLK HFFTS 898=..........$105.50
5 .......................DLK & DWF HFFTS 941=..........$105.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1250=..........$81.00
2 ........................DLK & DWF COWS 1608=..........$80.50
9 ........................FED & DLK COWS 1296=..........$80.50
5..................DLK & DWF COWETTES 1067=..........$89.50
7 .........................FED & DLK HFTS 921=............$96.50
3..................................DLK HFFTS 1015=..........$95.00
1....................................DLK DULL 1780=........$103.50
2 ..................................DLK DULLS 2013=........$103.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1420=..........$80.00
1..............................DLK COWETTE 1010=..........$92.00
2 ............................DLK COWETTES 1053=..........$91.50
7 ......................CHAF & FED COWS 1299=..........$80.00
6 ......................CHAF & FED COWS 1494=..........$79.50
11 ......................DLK & DWF COWS 1247=..........$79.75
1....................................DLK DULL 1965=........$102.50
1....................................DLK DULL 1870=........$102.50
2 ..................................DLK DULLS 2128=........$100.00
1 ....................................DLK COW 1375=..........$79.50
1..............................DLK COWETTE 1160=..........$84.00
11 ......................FED & DLK COWS 1437=..........$78.75
1 ....................................DLK COW 1575=..........$78.00
23.......................DLK & DWF HFFS 817=..........$127.50
For $150, place your ad in 150
South Dakota daily & weekly
papers through the …
Call 605•837•2259
Winter Wheat Variety
Plot Tours
Winter wheat faced significant
challenges this year, and the
SDSU Crop Performance Testing
(CPT) plots were certainly not
spared. Some of the locations have
already been destroyed in hopes of
raising other crops, while others
remain intact with hopes of gath-
ering viable yield data.
Besides providing yield, test
weight and other valuable infor-
mation, Winter Wheat CPT plots
also provide an opportunity for
producers to learn about new, up
and coming varieties. Between
plots being abandoned and posi-
tions open at SDSU Extension,
crop tours will be scaled back a lit-
tle this year, but Winter Wheat Va-
riety Plot Tours are planned near
Ideal, SD on July 1 and Martin,
SD on July 2 in south-central
South Dakota.
The tour near Ideal, SD, will be
held at the Jorgensen Farm, begin-
ning at 5:30 p.m., CDT. From Win-
ner, SD, go 8.5 miles north on N
County Road, 2.5 miles west, 4
miles north and 0.5 miles west.
You can also go 1 mile east, 1 mile
north and 0.5 miles west of the
Ideal, SD Post Office. Speakers
will be Steve Kalsbeck, Sr Re-
search Associate with the SDSU
Winter Wheat Breeding program,
and Bob Fanning, Plant Pathology
Field Specialist. A meal will be
served following the tour, spon-
sored by Winner Seed, Simplot Soil
Builders and Country Pride Coop.
The Winter Wheat Variety Plot
Tour at Martin will begin at 5:00
p.m., MDT and is located 5 miles
east of the stop light in Martin, on
the south side of SD Hwy 18-73.
Farm Credit Services of Rapid City
will be providing refreshments.
Visit iGrow.org for information
on other crop tours across South
Some Winter Wheat Did
Not Vernalize
Earlier this spring, many win-
ter wheat producers, agronomists
and crop insurance adjusters were
deliberating if winter wheat
stands were adequate, what yield
they might produce, and if the crop
vernalized. As discussed in past ar-
ticles, winter wheat must vernal-
ize in order to enter the
reproductive stage, i.e. elongate
and produce a seed head.
Again, in order for the vernal-
ization process to occur, the wheat
kernel must at least begin the ger-
mination process (at a minimum
absorb moisture and swell), then
go through a period of time at a
temperature below 48 degrees F.
This period of time can vary from
as little as a few days for some of
the early, “winter tender” varieties;
to as long as 3 weeks for the later,
winter hardy varieties. The maxi-
mum temperature may also vary
slightly, depending on the earli-
ness/winterhardiness of the vari-
ety. This process usually occurs in
the fall, before winter sets in, if ad-
equate soil moisture is present to
germinate the seed. Vernalization
can also occur during the winter if
warm spells begin the germination
process, or early in the spring.
It is virtually unheard of for fall
planted winter wheat not to ver-
nalize in South Dakota. The win-
ter wheat year of 2012-13 will
certainly go down in the record
books in confirmation that this
anomaly can occur. As of June 19,
there were reports of winter wheat
not yet jointing, indicating that the
plants did not vernalize, and in
some fields, the majority did not.
There is no way to determine for
sure a winter wheat plant vernal-
ized until it elongates or fails to do
6/27/2013: Dakota Lakes Re-
search Farm Tour, 4:00 p.m., 17
miles east of Pierre, SD
6/27-28/2013: IPM Field School,
Dakota Lakes Research Farm, 17
miles east of Pierre, SD
7/2/2013: Winter Wheat Variety
Plot Tour, 5:00 p.m. MDT, 5 miles
east of Martin, SD
Winner Regional Extension Center
Bob Fanning, Plant Pathology Field Specialist • 605-842-1267
Officials with the South Dakota
Game, Fish and Parks and Agriculture
Departments are reminding ranchers
and producers to contact either agency
if they have unwanted prairie dogs.
The state’s prairie dog control pro-
gram is cooperatively funded by GFP
and SDDA. GFP manages encroach-
ment issues on private lands which
have been encroached from adjacent
public lands, while SDDA manages
complaints between private landown-
“GFP will control prairie dogs that
have encroached onto? private land
from adjacent public land,” GFP
Wildlife Damage Program Administra-
tor Keith Fisk said. “Landowners who
have encroachment problems on their
property from adjacent public land
must be within one mile of the public
land and have at least 20 acres of ac-
tual prairie dog colonies to be eligible
for assistance.”
Additionally, landowners must con-
tact GFP and report that they have un-
wanted prairie dogs before August 15,
2013. “GFP provides assistance to
many landowners across western
South Dakota,” Fisk said. “This dead-
line allows GFP sufficient time to coor-
dinate the logistics of our control
If a landowner has a complaint re-
garding prairie dogs that are encroach-
ing from public land, GFP must be
contacted at 605-773-5913 to request
control. Once eligibility has been veri-
fied, GFP field staff or a department
representative will control the invad-
ing colony on the private land later this
fall. All complaints must be received by
the August 15, 2013 deadline.
Landowners that are experiencing
encroachment from adjoining private
land need to contact SDDA or their
local county weed and pest board. If the
colony is encroaching from private
land, a signed written complaint must
be made.
There are two methods to file a com-
The first option is for the effected
landowner to sign a letter of complaint
and mail it to the local County Weed
and Pest Board. The second method re-
quires a formal complaint (available by
calling 800-228-5254 or through the
SDDA website at sdda.sd.gov/Ag_Ser-
v i c e s / P l a n t -
Protection/Weed%20and%20Pest). One
copy must be sent to SDDA and an-
other copy to the landowner with the
invading colony. The mailing address
for the Department of Agriculture is
523 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501.
Notices of encroachment may be sent
in throughout the year.
The South Dakota Prairie Dog Man-
agement Plan may be seen by visiting
management-plan.pdf or by calling
GFP at 605-773-3387.
Prairie dog

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