Kadoka Press, January 30, 2014

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Reckling benefit very successful
Commissioners meet to disc ss road matters
by Robyn Jones +C58 A5HH9FG 7CBGIA98 H<9 5;9B85 5H H<9 GD97=5@ A99H=B; C: H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9F H<5H K5G <9@8 -<IFG85M, #5BI5FM 23. CCAA=GG=CB9FG @9B B9BB9HH, #=A ,H=@K9@@, %5FFM D9B?9, 5B8 +CBB=9 -K=GG K9F9 =B 5HH9B85B79, CCAA=GG=CB9F %5FFM #C<BGHCB K5G 56G9BH. !=;<K5M ,ID9F=BH9B89BH DK=;<H D95J9F GH5H98 H<5H <9 5B8 A5FCB +=7<5F8GCB HF5J9@98 GCA9 C: H<9 7CIBHM FC58G HC;9H<9F HC 89H9FA=B9 K<=7< FC58G B99898 ;F5J9@ 5B8 <CK AI7<. ,CA9 FC58G B998 5 @CH C: ;F5J9@, K<=@9 CH<9FG 75B 69 GDCH ;F5J9@98. !9 KCI@8 @=?9 HC <5J9 5 HKC =B7< A5H C: ;F5J9@ @5=8 =B H<9 658 GDCHG 5B8 CB <=@@G 5B8 7IFJ9G. ,=B79 H<9 7CIBHM 8C9G BCH 7IFF9BH@M <5J9 HFI7?G H<5H 5F9 FIBB=B;, <5I@=B; H<9 ;F5J9@ K=@@ B998 HC 69 7CBHF57H98. ,<5BBCB 5FHB9F K=H< 5FHB9F -FI7?=B; 5B8 D5J=8 AFBC@8 K=H< #C<BGCB -FI7?=B; K9F9 DF9G9BH 5H H<9 A99H=B; HC 8=G7IGG <5I@=B; ;F5J9@. #C<BGCB -FI7?=B; <5G H<9 9EI=DA9BH HC @C58 H<9 HFI7?G, K<=@9 H<9 7CIBHM KCI@8 B998 HC <5J9 5 @C589F DF9G9BH HC @C58 5FHB9FUG HFI7?G. R&CGH C: H<9 7CAD@5=BHG K9UF9 F979=J=B; 56CIH H<9 FC58G 5F9 =B H<9 5F95 6M H<9 &5M D=H,S GH5H98 D95J9F. CIFF9BH@M H<9F9 5F9 20,000 HCB C: ;F5J9@ GHC7?D=@98 5H H<9 &5M D=H, 5B8 16,000 HCB KCI@8 69 B99898 HC H5?9 75F9 C: H<9 FC58G =B H<5H 5F95. F5J9@ =G GHC7?D=@98 5H H<9 $9BB98M 5B8 A88=GCB D=HG, 6IH H<9 B=9F@9 D=H CB@M <5G 7,300 HCB @9:H. -<9 7CAA=GG=CB9FG K=@@ 89H9FA=B9 K<=7< FC58G K=@@ F979=J9 ;F5J9@, K<9F9 H<9M 5F9 @C75H98 5B8 89H9FA=B9 H<9 5ACIBH C: :IB8G H<5H 75B 69 IG98 HC D5M :CF <5I@=B; H<9 ;F5J9@. B=8G :CF <5I@=B; H<9 ;F5J9@ K=@@ 69 58J9FH=G98. 0<9B F9J=9K=B; H<9 6I8;9H H<9 7CAA=GG=CB9FG :9@H H<5H K=H< H<9 5J5=@56@9 :IB8G, ;F5J9@ 7CI@8 69 <5I@98 HC 7CJ9F 5DDFCL=A5H9@M G9J9B A=@9G C: FC58G. B9BB9HH GH5H98 H<5H <9 KCI@8 69 7CBH57H=B; 5 A5=BH9B5B79 5B8 F9GHFI7HIF=B; 7CBHF57HCF HC =BEI=F9 K<9H<9F CF BCH H<9M KCI@8 69 =BH9F9GH98 =B KCF?=B; CB GCA9 C: H<9 7CIBHM FC58G. R09 B998 HC 8C GCA9H<=B; HC ;9H H<9 FC58G =B G<5D9,S G5=8 B9BB9HH. D95J9F GH5H98 H<5H <9 <58 F979=J98 5 F9DCFH :FCA H<9 6F=8;9 =BGD97H=CBG 5B8 :CIF 6F=8;9G B998 F9D5=F98 5B8 G=;BG ID85H98 CF F9D@5798. ,=;BG :CF H<9 6F=8;9G 5F9 9LD9BG=J9 5B8 AIGH 69 D@5798 CB H<9 7CFB9FG C: H<9 6F=8;9G. 0<9B K=89 @C58G 5F9 HF5BGDCFH98 5B8 H<9 G=;BG 5F9 85A5;98, H<9M B998 HC 69 F9D@5798 577CF8=B; HC H<9 GH5H9. R"UJ9 @CGH HKC B9K G=;BG C:: H<9 IDH=@ 6F=8;9 5B8 H<5HUG H<9 DFC6@9A K=H< H<=G 7CIBHM: H<9 :5FA9FG 5B8 F5B7<9FG >IGH 8CBUH 75F9,S G5=8 D95J9F, R6IH K<5H 8C MCI G=B79 H<9MUF9 H<9 H5L D5M9FG.S B9BB9HH GH5H98 H<5H H<9F9 5F9 GCA9 HFI7?G 5J5=@56@9 HC 69 DIF7<5G98 H<5H 5F9 DF=798 IB89F H<9 6=8 @=A=H 5H $24,995. -<9M 5F9 2005 "BH9FB5H=CB5@G, IB89F 600,000 A=@9G, H9B GD998 K=H< 6=; 6@C7? ACHCFG. B9BB9HH G5=8 <9 =BEI=F98 56CIH H<9 7CB8=H=CB C: H<9 H=F9G 5B8 <5G BCH ;CHH9B 5 F9D@M M9H. -<9 7CAA=GG=CB9FG F9J=9K98 GD97=:=75H=CBG :CF 6=8G HC DIF7<5G9 HFI7?G :CF H<9 FC58 89D5FHA9BH. -<9 B9LH A99H=B; K=@@ 69 <9@8 CB &CB85M, F96FI5FM 10 5H 9:00 5.A.
Robyn Jones The Kadoka Area High School Student Council and National Honor Society held a benefit fundraiser for Kay Reckling, who is battling cancer. Matching funds of $1,500 were provided by Modern Woodmen. Pictured are (front row, L-R) Destiny Dale, Raven Jorgensen, Kay Reckling, Myla Pierce, Shelby Uhlir. Back row (LR): Scout Sudbeck, Emily Knutson, Racheal Shuck, Don Haynes from Modern Woodmen, Gavin DeVries, Kelcey Lensgrav. Not pictured: Taylor Merchen, Austin Thayer, and Allie Romero.
&C89FB 0CC8A9B C: AA9F=75 A9A69FG, 5@CB; K=H< H<9 $58C?5 !=;< ,7<CC@ '5H=CB5@ !CBCF ,C7=9HM 5B8 ,HI89BH CCIB7=@, F979BH@M <9@D98 F5=G9 ACB9M :CF $5M +97?@=B; 6M <C@8=B; 5 D=9 5B8 65?98 ;CC8G 5I7H=CB. -<9 9J9BH, <9@8 CB 'CJ9A69F 23, 2013, F5=G98 $6,750. -<=G =B7@I89G $1,500 :FCA &C89FB 0CC8A9B, A5H7<98 6M &C89FB 0CC8A9BUG <CA9 C::=79 H<FCI;< H<9 CF;5B=N5H=CBUG &5H7<=B; FIB8 )FC;F5A. -<9 ACB9M K=@@ 69
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GIDDCFH 5 @C75@ B998,S G5MG DCB !5MB9G, @C75@ &C89FB 0CC8A9B 7<5DH9F 57H=J=H=9G 7CCF8=B5HCF. R-<5H GIDDCFH =G K<5H =HUG 5@@ 56CIH.S CCCF8=B5H98 6M @C75@ &C89FB 0CC8A9B A9A69FG, 7<5DH9FG DFCJ=89 CDDCFHIB=H=9G HC H5?9 D5FH =B GC7=5@ 57H=J=H=9G 5B8 7CAAIB=HM G9FJ=79 DFC>97HG HC A99H @C75@ B998G. FCF ACF9 =B:CFA5H=CB CF HC ;9H =BJC@J98, 7CBH57H !5MB9G 5H 605-859-2778 CF 8K<5MB9G@;KH7.B9H.
WR/L-J a!arded Water S"stem of Year
 09GH +=J9F/%MA5B-#CB9G +IF5@ 05H9F ,MGH9A K5G F97C;B=N98 5G ,CIH< D5?CH5UG 05H9F ,MGH9A C: H<9 295F :CF 2013 6M H<9 ,CIH< D5?CH5 AGGC7=5H=CB C: +IF5@ 05H9F ,MGH9AG, 8IF=B; 5 H97< 7CB:9F9B79 =B )=9FF9 @5GH K99?. R09 5F9 J9FM <CBCF98 HC <5J9 699B F97C;B=N98 5G H<9 2013 +IF5@ 05H9F ,MGH9A C: H<9 295F,S G5=8 9B9F5@ &5B5;9F #5?9 F=HN;9F5@8. R-<9 0+/%-# 8=F97HCFG 5B8 9AD@CM99G G<CI@8 69 DFCI8 C: H<9AG9@J9G :CF H<9=F 898=75H=CB 5B8 577CAD@=G<A9BHG. " D9FGCB5@@M 5A J9FM H<5B?:I@ 5B8 :CFHIB5H9 HC KCF? K=H< GI7< 5 ;F95H ;FCID C: D9CD@9 9J9FM 85M.S 0+/%-# =G 5 DF=J5H9, BCBDFC:=H 7CFDCF5H=CB :CFA98 :CF H<9 DIFDCG9 C: DFCJ=8=B; FIF5@ K5H9F HC =HG A9A69FG<=D. "H =G CB9 C: :CIF GDCBGCF GMGH9AG =B7@I898 =B H<9 &B= 0=7CB= 05H9F ,IDD@M )FC>97H. -<9 DFC>97H K5G 5IH<CF=N98 6M DI6@=7 @5K =B 1988 HC DFCJ=89 5 G5:9 5B8 589EI5H9 AIB=7=D5@, FIF5@ 5B8 =B8IGHF=5@ K5H9F GIDD@M. "B 1994, H<9 %MA5B-#CB9G 5B8 09GH +=J9F K5H9F GMGH9AG A9F;98 =BHC CB9 GMGH9A 5B8 K5G B5A98 09GH +=J9F/%MA5B-#CB9G +IF5@ 05H9F ,MGH9AG, "B7. -<9 5K5F8 BCA=B5H=CB @9HH9F K=H< H<9 D5GH M95F'G 577CAD@=G<A9BHG H<5H K5G GIDD@=98 HC H<9 ,DA+0, DF=CF HC H<9 5K5F8 F958G 5G :C@@CKG: R(B (7HC69F 9, 2013, H<9 09GH +=J9F/%MA5B-#CB9G +IF5@ 05H9F ,MGH9A <9@8 5 T)=D9 DF95A HC +95@=HMU 79@96F5H=CB K<9F9 H<9 GMGH9A 7CAA9ACF5H98 20 M95FG C: G9FJ=79 5B8 H<9 7CAD@9H=CB C: DFC>97H 7CBGHFI7H=CB. -<9 GMGH9A <5G 7CA9 5 @CB; K5M =B 20 G<CFH M95FG. -<9 DFC>97H =B7@I89G H<9 7CBGHFI7H=CB C: H<F99 K9@@G, 15 F9G9FJC=FG, 18 DIAD GH5H=CBG 5B8 3,450 A=@9G C: D=D9@=B9. R-<=G =B:F5GHFI7HIF9 <5G 5@@CK98 0+/%-# HC =ADFCJ9 H<9 EI5@=HM C: @=:9 =B 5 @5F;9 5F95 C: K9GH 79BHF5@ ,CIH< D5?CH5. -<9 GMGH9A DFCJ=89G 6I@? G9FJ=79 HC B=B9 7CAAIB=H=9G 5B8 =B8=J=8I5@ G9FJ=79 HC 6 HCKBG. -<9 6I@? 7CAAIB=H=9G <5J9 G=;B=:=75BH@M =ADFCJ98 H<9 K5H9F EI5@=HM HC H<9=F 7IGHCA9FG. -<9M <5J9 9LD9F=9B798 G5J=B;G =B H<9 7CGHG C: DFC8I7H=CB 5B8 HF95HA9BH, 5B8 H<9 8=GHF=6IH=CB GMGH9AG <5J9 =B7F95G98 G9FJ=79 @=:9 5B8 @CK9F A5=BH9B5B79 7CGHG. R0+/%-# =G 7IFF9BH@M DFCJ=8=B; G9FJ=79 HC 2,750 =B8=J=8I5@ FIF5@ 7IGHCA9FG. -<=G <5G G=;B=:=75BH@M =ADFCJ98 H<9 K5H9F EI5@=HM :CF H<9 R-<=G M95F 0+/%-# GI779GG:I@@M B9;CH=5H98 5 D=D9@=B9 7FCGG=B; 5;F99A9BH K=H< -F5BGC5B585. -<9 DFCDCG98 $9MGHCB9 1% 7FI89 C=@ D=D9@=B9 K=@@ 7FCGG 9L=GH=B; 0+/%-# D=D9@=B9G =B 36 @C75H=CBG. ": $9MGHCB9 1% ACJ9G :CFK5F8, 0+/%-# =G =B DCG=H=CB HC H5?9 5@@ DF975IH=CB5FM F97CAA9B898 A95GIF9G HC DFCH97H H<9 G5:9HM C: H<9 K5H9F IG9FG. R0+/%-# =G KF5DD=B; ID H<9 ,ID9FJ=GCFM CCBHFC@ 5B8 D5H5 A7EI=G=H=CB (,CADA) DFC>97H. ,CADA 5@@CKG CD9F5HCFG HC F9ACH9@M 7CBHFC@ 5B8 ACB=HCF DIAD GH5H=CBG 5B8 F9G9FJC=FG. -<9 GMGH9AUG G9FJ=79 5F95 9B7CAD5GG9G CJ9F 8,000 GEI5F9 A=@9G. 0+/%-# 7IFF9BH@M 9AD@CMG 9=;<H :I@@ H=A9 CD9F5HCFG K<=7< 75@7I@5H9G HC CB9 CD9F5HCF :CF 9J9FM 1,000 GEI5F9 A=@9G C: G9FJ=79 5F95. -<=G KCI@8 BCH 69 DCGG=6@9 K=H<CIH H<9 ,CADA GMGH9A H<5H =G 69=B; =BGH5@@98. R-<9 @5GH 0+/%-# 7CBGHFI7H=CB DFC>97H K5G 6=8 5B8 5K5F898 =B ,9DH9A69F 2013. -<9 DFC>97H 7CBG=GHG C: :=J9 A=@9G C: 12 =B7< D=D9 5B8 HKC DIAD GH5H=CBG. -<=G DFC>97H K=@@ 5@@CK H<9 GMGH9A HC DIAD CJ9F 500 ;DA HC H<9 @5F;9 FIF5@ G9FJ=79 5F95 BCFH< C: )<=@=D. -<=G DFC>97H K=@@ 69 B95F@M 7CAD@9H9 6M H<9 9B8 C: 2013 5B8 =H K=@@ GMA6C@=N9 H<9 7CAD@9H=CB C: H<9 0+/%-# 5G =H K5G 5IH<CF=N98 =B 1988. R-<=G D=D9 8F95A KCI@8 BCH <5J9 697CA9 5 F95@=HM K=H<CIH H<9 @9589FG<=D 5B8 J=G=CB C: D5GH 5B8 DF9G9BH 8=F97HCFG, 5@CB; K=H< 5 ;FCID C: 898=75H98 9AD@CM99G. .B:CFHIB5H9@M, G9J9F5@ 8=F97HCFG 8=8 BCH @=J9 HC G99 H<9 DFC>97H F957< H<9 :=B=G< @=B9, 6IH H<9=F 7CBHF=6IH=CBG K=@@ 5@K5MG 69 F9A9A69F98 5B8 5DDF97=5H98.S
Kadoka N rsing Home holds ann al meeting
by Robyn Jones -<9 $58C?5 'IFG=B; !CA9 <9@8 H<9=F 5BBI5@ A99H=B; CB 098B9G85M, #5BI5FM 22. C<=9: (D9F5H=B; (::=79F +I6M ,5B:HB9F 588F9GG98 H<9 6C5F8, GH5H=B; H<5H CJ9F D5GH H<9 M95F 9AD@CM99G <5J9 F5B;98 :FCA 39-42 K99?@M. CIFF9BH@M 5@@ DCG=H=CBG 5F9 :=@98 K=H< H<9 9L79DH=CB C: H<9 D=F97HCF C: 'IFG=B; DCG=H=CB. 0CF?=B; K=H< H<9 G7<CC@, G9J9F5@ <=;< G7<CC@ GHI89BHG <5J9 F979=J98 HF5=B=B; HC 69 5 79FH=:=98 BIFG=B; 5GG=GH5BH. &5BM C: H<9A <5J9 7CBH=BI98 =B H<9 BIFG=B; DFC;F5A 5H 7C@@9;9 5B8 F9HIFB HC KCF? 5H H<9 BIFG=B; <CA9 9=H<9F D9FA5B9BH@M, CJ9F H<9 GIAA9F, CF CB 6F95?G :FCA G7<CC@. 05;9G D5=8 CJ9F 2013 HCH5@98 $827,396. -<9 6I8;9H :CF 2014 =B7@I89G K5;9 =B7F95G9G C: HKC CF H<F99 D9F79BH. ,9J9F5@ =ADFCJ9A9BHG <5J9 699B 8CB9 CJ9F H<9 @5GH M95F HC =ADFCJ9 H<9 <CA9. -<9 K=B8CKG <5J9 BCK 5@@ 699B F9D@5798, K<=7< <5G <9@D98 K=H< 7CBHFC@@=B; H<9 H9AD9F5HIF9G =B H<9 FCCAG. -<9 K=B8CKG K9F9 DIF7<5G98 H<FCI;< :IB8G F5=G98 6M H<9 $'! =ADFCJ9A9BH 7CAA=HH99. -<9 GHCJ9 =B H<9 ?=H7<9B K5G ID;F5898 K=H< 5 B9K G=L 6IFB9F DFCD5B9 GHCJ9, K=H< 5 @5F;9 ;F=88@9 5B8 HKC CJ9BG. )FC7998G :FCA H<9 DF=A9 F=6 GIDD9F K9F9 IG98 HC DIF7<5G9 H<9 GHCJ9 5B8 5 @5F;9F DFCD5B9 H5B?. -<9 5IL=@=5FM DIF7<5G98 H<9 J=BM@ :9B79 5FCIB8 H<9 ;5N96C. -<9 F9G=89BHG 9B>CM 69=B; CIHG=89 5B8 =H 5@@CKG H<9A 5779GG HC 9B>CM H<9 M5F8. FCIF B9K <=;<-@CK 698G K9F9 DIF7<5G98 5B8 CIF F9G=89BHG 5F9 9B>CM=B; H<9A. -<=G DFCJ=89G G5:9HM :CF H<9 F9G=89BHG, G=B79 H<9M 75B 69 @CK9F98 GC =H F98I79G H<9 7<5B79 C: =B>IFM :FCA 5 :5@@, 6IH 75B 69 F5=G98 K<9B H<9 GH5:: =G KCF?=B; K=H< H<9A. +9G=89BHG <5J9 F9A5=B98 5H 2930 H<FCI;<CIH H<9 M95F. -<9 ,D ,H5H9 !95@H< D9D5FHA9BH ,IFJ9M K5G <9@8 CB ,9DH9A69F 11 5B8 12, 2013. "H K5G 5 J9FM ;CC8 GIFJ9M K=H< H<F99 :989F5@ 89:=7=9B7=9G, CB9 GH5H9 89:=7=9B7M 5B8 CB9 @=:9 G5:9HM. -<9 :989F5@ H5;G K9F9 :CF G5B=H5H=CB =GGI9G =B H<9 ?=H7<9B, 5G H<9 8F=B?G :CF A95@G K9F9 DCIF98 ID 5B8 BCH 7CJ9F98, H<9 IG9 C: 5 :@MGK5HH9F, 5B8 <CK 8F=B?G K9F9 <5B8@98 K<9B 89@=J9F98 HC F9G=89BHG. -<9 B9LH 89:=7=9B7M K5G :CF H<9 DFCD9F GHCF5;9 C: B5F7CH=7G. A 8CI6@9 @C7? 6CL K5G DIF7<5G98 HC GHCF9 H<9A =B 5B8 8C7IA9BH5H=CB C: H<9 5ACIBH HC 69 89GHFCM98 K5G HC 69 8CB9. -<9 @5GH CB9 =G IB89F =B:97H=CB 7CBHFC@ K5G 8I9 HC F5NCFG BCH A5F?98. -<9 GH5H9 89:=7=9B7M K5G H<9 B998 :CF 5 J57IIA 6F95?9F CB H<9 G<CK9F. -<9 @=:9 G5:9HM 89:=7=9B7M K5G 5B 5BBI5@ :=F9 GDF=B?@9F GMGH9A H9GH <58 BCH 699B 7CAD@9H98. -<9G9 K9F9 F9A98=98 5B8 H<9 BIFG=B; <CA9 K5G =B 7CAD@=5B79 5G C: (7HC69F 31, 2013. $9BH (@GCB C: )<=@=D !95@H< ,9FJ=79G GH5H98 H<5H H<9 D5H=9BHG G9FJ=798 5H H<9 7@=B=7 8IF=B; 2013 <58 897F95G98 6M 113 K<9B 7CAD5FH98 HC 2012. )5H=9BH HCH5@G :CF 2013 K9F9 1,217. !9 GH5H98 H<5H A5=BH5=B=B; 5 DFCJ=89F =B H<9 $58C?5 C@=B=7 CB -I9G85MG K5G 8=::=7I@H, 6IH K=H< H<9 F9HIFB C: 5 DFCJ=89F, H<5H G<CI@8 BCH 69 5B =GGI9 =B H<9 7CA=B; M95F. AG :CF H<9 :=B5B7=5@ F9J=9K, (@GCB GH5H98 H<5H H<9 BIFG=B; <CA9 9B898 H<9 M95F K=H< 5 DFC:=H C: $6,042. AG CB #5BI5FM 1, 2014 DF=J5H9 D5M F5H9G K9F9 =B7F95G98 :FCA $160 HC $165 D9F 85M. &98=75=8 F5H9 =G $107.93 D9F 85M, 5B8 =B #IB9 H<9F9 A5M 69 5 H<F99 D9F79BH F5=G9. CIFF9BH@M H<9 BIFG=B; <CA9 =G A5?=B; D5MA9BHG CB H<F99 @C5BG. (B9 @C5B K5G :CF $50,000 :CF H<9 7@=B=7, K=H< 5 65@5B79 C: $27,908, 5 @C5B :FCA 09GH C9BHF5@ E@97HF=7 @C5B :CF H<9 7@=B=7 K<=7< K5G :CF $100,000 =B ADF=@ 2005, K=H< 5 65@5B79 C: $43,496, 5B8 5 $75,000 @C5B :CF H<9 FCC: CB H<9 BIFG=B; <CA9 =B &5F7< 2007 K=H< 5 65@5B79 C: $28,472. AB =ADCFH5BH B998 :CF H<9 BIFG=B; <CA9 =B 2014 =G HC ID;F589 H<9 75A9F5 GIFJ9=@@5B79 GMGH9A. -<9 7IFF9BH GMGH9A <5G H<F99 75A9F5G 5B8 8C9G BCH F97CF8. A B9K GMGH9A KCI@8 <5J9 B=B9 75A9F5G 5B8 F97CF8 :CF H<=FHM 85MG. (H<9F B998G =B7@I89 B9K 7<5=FG :CF H<9 8=B=B; FCCA 5B8 H<9 DIF7<5G9 C: ACF9 <=;</@CK 698G :CF H<9 F9G=89BHG. -<9 H9FAG C: 6C5F8 A9A69FG #C C<F=GH9BG9B 5B8 %=B85 ,H=@K9@@ K9F9 HC 9LD=F9. ,H=@K9@@ 5;F998 HC G9FJ9 5BCH<9F H9FA, K<=@9 C<F=GH9BG9B 7<CG9 HC 897@=B9. 'CA=B5H=B; CCAA=HH99 +5B8= (M5B BCA=B5H98 $9BBM FCL :CF H<9 6C5F8, K<=7< K5G 5DDFCJ98.
Courtesy photo WR/L-J Rural Water System Board of Directors. Back row, from left, are Veryl Prokop, Marion Matt, Casey Krogman and Secretary/Treasurer Dodie Schmitz Garrity. Front: Rick Doud, General Manager Jake Fitzgerald, President Paul Goldhammer and Kirk Cordes. Not pictured are Vice President Joseph Hieb, Jim Schaefer, Dave Fuoss and Lorne Smith.
:5FA 5B8 F5B7< <CIG9<C@8G. +IF5@ K5H9F <5G DFCJ=898 5 DCG=H=J9 =AD57H CB @=J9GHC7? CD9F5H=CBG 6M 5@@CK=B; 69B9:=7=5@ ;F5N=B; FCH5H- =CBG, 5B8 GHI8=9G <5J9 7@95F@M G<CKB H<5H 699: 75HH@9 <5J9 ;F95H9F K9=;<H ;5=BG K=H< FIF5@ K5H9F. +5B7<9FG <5J9 9LD9F=9B798 @56CF 5B8 A5=BH9B5B79 7CGH G5J=B;G 5GGC7=5H98 K=H< K9@@G 5B8 GHC7? DCB8G, 5B8 H<9 7CBH=BI=HM C: G9FJ=79 <5G =ADFCJ98. RE5F@M H<=G M95F, 0+/%# F979=J98 5 D97589 C: DF=B?=B; 05H9F EL79@@9B79 AK5F8 :FCA H<9 ,CIH< D5?CH5 D9D5FHA9BH C: EBJ=FCBA9BH 5B8 '5HIF5@ +9GCIF79G. -<=G 5K5F8 F97C;B=N98 H<9 GMGH9A :CF H9B 7CBG97IH=J9 M95FG C: 7CAD@=5B79 K=H< 5@@ GH5H9 F9EI=F9A9BHG :CF G5:9 8F=B?=B; K5H9F. R0+/%-# F979BH@M 7CAD@9H98 5B AIHCA5H=7 &9H9F +958=B; (A&+) DFC>97H. -<9 A&+ GMGH9A IG9G G5H9@@=H9 IB=HG HC G9B8 =B8=J=8I5@ A9H9F F958=B;G HC H<9 A5=B C::=79 CB 5 85=@M 65G=G. A&+ <5G =ADFCJ98 H<9 6=@@=B; 5B8 7C@@97H=CB DFC79GG, 5B8 <5G G5J98 7IGHCA9FG ACB9M 6M 89H97H=B; K5H9F @95?G. A&+ <5G 697CA9 5 J9FM DCK9F:I@ K5H9F 7CBG9FJ5H=CB HCC@. RE5F@=9F H<=G M95F 0+/%-# 7CAD@9H98 5 657?ID ;9B9F5HCF DFC>97H. -F5BG:9F GK=H7<9G K9F9 =BGH5@@98 5H 957< DIAD GH5H=CB 5B8 F9G9F-
JC=F G=H9. -KC GH5H=CB5FM ;9B9F5HCFG K9F9 G9H ID, CB9 5H H<9 A5=B C::=79 =B &IF8C 5B8 H<9 CH<9F 5H H<9 )<=@=D :=9@8 C::=79. &C6=@9 ;9B9F5HCFG K9F9 DIF7<5G98 HC 69 5J5=@56@9 HC IG9 5H 5BM DIAD GH5H=CB G=H9. -<9 89J5GH5H=B; 6@=NN5F8 H<5H <=H K9GH9FB ,CIH< D5?CH5 H<=G D5GH (7HC69F ?BC7?98 8CKB 8CN9BG C: DCK9F DC@9G K=H<=B H<9 0+/%-# G9FJ=79 5F95. -<9 GMGH9A K5G 56@9 HC AC6=@=N9 H<9 ;9B9F5HCFG K<9F9 B99898 5B8 DFCJ=89 7CBH=BICIG K5H9F G9FJ=79 HC =HG 7IGHCA9FG :CF G9J9F5@ 85MG K<=@9 H<9 9@97HF=75@ 7C-CDG =BGH5@@98 B9K @=B9G.
Free tax preparation at Jackson County Library provided by AARP
FF99 F989F5@ -5L DF9D5F5H=CB K=@@ 69 DFCJ=898 5H H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM %=6F5FM :CF H<9 ID7CA=B; H5L G95GCB. -<=G G9FJ=79 =G DFCJ=898 =B 7CCD9F5H=CB K=H< "+, 5B8 AA+) HC <9@D @CK 5B8 A=88@9 =B7CA9 H5LD5M9FG :=@9 H<9=F D9FGCB5@ =B7CA9 H5L F9HIFBG. AA+) JC@IBH99FG HF5=B98 5B8 79FH=:=98 6M H<9 "+, DF9D5F9 5B8 9:=@9 ACGH F9HIFBG. -<9F9 =G BC @=A=H CB 5;9G CF =B7CA9 5B8 MCI 8C BCH <5J9 HC 69 5B AA+) A9A69F HC H5?9 58J5BH5;9 C: H<=G G9FJ=79. !CIFG C: CD9F5H=CB K=@@ 69 ACGH -<IFG85MG 9 5A HC 12 DA, F96FI5FM 6 H<FI ADF=@ 3, 2013, 5H H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM %=6F5FM, 910 &5=B ,HF99H, $58C?5, ,D. ,9FJ=79 K=@@ 69 DFCJ=898 6M 5DDC=BHA9BH CB@M. C5@@ D96 &CCF9 5H 837-2689 ($58C?5 %=6F5FM) HC A5?9 5B 5DDC=BHA9BH. C5@@ BC6 &7D5B=9@ 5H 859-2227 ()<=@=D) :CF =B:CFA5H=CB.
2 - Thursday, January 30, 2014 - Kadoka Press
F&$" (he U.S. Se#a(e ? #+4'957 J5.4 $.:4+
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
L$$ i#. A&$)#d ? #>* I<'4
G429-1+ O/()4
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K%(2.% P4)55
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-9@9D<CB9 605-837-2259 O )( BCL 309, $58C?5, ,CIH< D5?CH5 57543-0309 E-A5=@: DF9GG@?58C?5H9@7C.7CA F5L: 605-837-2312
R%8)//)66) P7&/-'%6-215, I1'.
)( BCL 309 O $58C?5, ,D 57543-0309
)I6@=G<9F: DCB +5J9@@9HH9 F5D<=7 D9G=;B/'9KG 0F=H=B;/)<CHC;F5D<M: +C6MB #CB9G )I6@=G<98 957< -<IFG85M 5B8 )9F=C8=75@G DCGH5;9 D5=8 5H $58C?5, #57?GCB CCIBHM, ,CIH< D5?CH5 57543-0309
(::=7=5@ '9KGD5D9F :CF H<9 C=HM C: $58C?5, H<9 -CKB C: "BH9F=CF, H<9 -CKB C: B9@J=89F9, H<9 -CKB C: CCHHCBKCC8, H<9 CCIBHM C: #57?GCB 5B8 H<9 $58C?5 ,7<CC@ D=GHF=7H #35-2.
< ANN"AL "B CRIP!ION RA!E < A@@ C: #57?GCB, !55?CB, #CB9G, &9@@9HH9 5B8 B9BB9HH CCIBH=9G 5B8 *I=BB 5B8 05@@ A88F9GG9G . . . . . . . . . . . .$35.00 )@IG -5L A@@ CH<9F 5F95G =B ,CIH< D5?CH5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$42.00 )@IG -5L (IH C: GH5H9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$42.00 'C -5L
,CIH< D5?CH5 '9KGD5D9F AGGC7=5H=CB )(,-&A,-E+: ,9B8 7<5B;9 C: 588F9GG HC H<9 $58C?5 )F9GG, )( BCL 309, $58C?5, ,D 57543
Correspondent News
Ga(e+a- Ne+' ? L52' J5>)+ "/--/48, 837-2053 (L+9 /9 7/4-.)
L%56 $)).=5 N)95 #CM79 !=7?G 5B8 %CJ5 BIG<B9@@ D@5M +I6=7I69 =B H<9 5:H9FBCCBG 8IF=B; H<9 K99?; 5B8 C<5F@9G 0=@@9FH 5B8 #CM79 !=7?G D@5M FIAAM GCA9 9J9B=B;G 6IH H<9F9 =GBUH AI7< A=B;@=B;. " <58 H<9 DF=J=@9;9 C: 577CAD5BM=B; C<F=G, AB=H5 %MB 5B8 DM@5B HC )<=@=D CB ,IB85M ACFB=B; :CF 6F95?:5GH <CGH98 6M H<9 &5GCB=7G :CF H<9 ,9B=CF C=H=N9BG 5H H<9 ,9B=CF C=H=N9BG C9BH9F. -<9 ;9BH@9A5B A5?=B; D5B75?9G GIF9 <58 H<9 :@=D 8CKB D5H! "B H<9 5:H9FBCCB " K5@?98 8CKB HC H<9 %=6F5FM 5B8 >C=B98 13 CH<9F @58=9G HC 5HH9B8 H<9 8=G7IGG=CB CB H<9 6CC? -<9 %5B8 -<9M )CGG9GG98. DCFCH<M %9=;< @98 H<9 8=G7IGG=CB; G<9 =G GI7< 5B =BH9F9GH=B; 98I75H=CB5@ @9589F. A:H9F H<9 6CC? 8=G7IGG=CB, H<9 %=6F5FM BC5F8 A99H=B; K5G <9@8. -<CI;<H: "B 5 ACA9BH C: 897=G=CB H<9 69GH H<=B; MCI 75B 8C =G H<9 F=;<H H<=B; HC 8C. !,-5 $)).=5 N)95 -<9 EI=@H=B; @58=9G K9F9 6IGM 5;5=B CB 098B9G85M; H<9M <58 5 :I@@ 7F9K GC EI=H9 5 @CH K5G 577CAD@=G<98. -<9F9 K5G 5B AIL=@=5FM A99H=B; CB H<9 9H< 5B8 CIF AIL=@=5FM )F9G=89BH :FCA &5FH=B 5HH9B898. -<9F9 K5G 5 656M G<CK9F CB H<9 11H<, @IB7< :CF D9BB=G 5B8 ,I9 ,7<I@HN CB H<9 13H<, A@=GG5 D9CCFMUG 6=FH<85M CB H<9 14H<, H<9 )95F@ !CH9@ A9A69FGU A99H=B; CB H<9 22B8 5B8 +C89C BC5F8 A99H=B; CB H<9 23F8. 05BH HC H5@? 56CIH 5B 5:H9FBCCB C: 9B>CMA9BH? %C=G )9HHM>C<BUG 6=FH<85M D5FHM K5G <9@8 =B H<9 )F9G6MH9F=5B C<IF7< 65G9A9BH. !9F 85I;<H9F $5F9B 5B8 :5A=@M <CGH98, 5B8 =H K5G G9H ID 5G 5 7CAD@9H9 GIFDF=G9. &5BM ACF9 :F=98BG 5B8 F9@5H=J9G K9F9 =B 5HH9B85B79. ,99=B; <5DDM H95FG 5B8 69=B; 5 D5FH C: 7CAD@9H9 5DDF97=5H=CB 5B8 H<5B?:I@B9GG A589 GI7< 5B 5:H9FBCCB! %C=G =G GC 6IGM 75FFM=B; A95@G CB K<99@G 5B8 8C=B; :CF D9CD@9 H<5H =H K5G ;F95H HC G<CK <9F <CK =H 5@@ =G 5DDF97=5H98. )5A 5B8 C@=:: F5=F7<=@8 5B8 E@@5 +C7? C: ,HIF;=G J=G=H98 5H H<9 <CA9 C: ,HI5FH %9H9@@=9F 5B8 :5A=@M =B $58C?5 CB ,5HIF85M. -<9M 79@96F5H98 5 @5H9 6=FH<85M :CF ,HI5FH, K<CG9 6=FH<85M K5G #5BI5FM 13H<. E@@5 5@GC J=G=H98 K=H< +IGG 5B8 /=C@5 (@B9M 69:CF9 H<9M 5@@ F9HIFB98 HC H<9=F <CA9G. (FJ=@@9 5B8 E@@5 +C7? K9F9 :CFA9F $58C?5 )F9GG CKB9FG. FF=9B8G 5B8 F9@5H=J9G C: &=@8F98 (!=7?G) 2CIB; @95FB98 C: <9F 895H< 5H H<9 C@5F?GCB !95@H<75F9 C9BH9F =B +5D=8 C=HM CB -I9G85M, #5BI5FM 21GH. &=@8F98 K5G 5 :CFA9F @CB;-H=A9 F9G=89BH C: $58C?5 5B8 K5G 95 M95FG C@8 5H H<9 H=A9 C: <9F 895H<. A A9ACF=5@ G9FJ=79 K=@@ 69 <9@8 5H 5 @5H9F 85H9. ,MAD5H<M =G 9LH9B898 HC <9F :5A=@M. 05B85 ,K5B F9HIFB98 HC <9F <CA9 @5GH K99? 5:H9F 5 <C@=85M HF=D HC BFC?9B AFFCK, ($., K<9F9 G<9 J=G=H98 5H H<9 <CA9 C: <9F 85I;<H9F 5B8 <IG65B8, B9HHM 5B8 D5J9 +5GAIGG9B. ,<9 @9:H :CF (?@5<CA5 CB D979A69F 18H< 5B8 K5G 56@9 HC J=G=H K=H< <9F HKC ;F5B8GCBG 5B8 H<9=F :5A=@=9G 5@GC. ,<9 G5=8 H<5H
Kadoka Press - Thursday, January 30, 2014 -
Kad$ a A&ea Ne+' ? #>*4+ L+45=, 837-2465
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
Be!*ide&e Ne+' ? #>* I<'4, 381-2147
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
Kad$ a N)&'i#g H$"e ? C'9.> #954+, 837-2270
-<=G K99? 69=B; J9FM 7C@8 CIHG=89 @=A=H98 CIF ;I9GH HC 5 J9FM :9K. #57? 5B8 E@5=B9 +C;<5=F 75A9 =B CB &CB85M ACFB=B; 5B8 9L9F7=G98 K=H< IG. -<9B K9 D@5M98 5 @CH C: ?=7?65@@ 5B8 65G?9H65@@. #57? ;9HG GC 9L7=H98 K<9B 5BMCB9 A5?9G 5 65G?9H, <9U@@ H<FCK <=G <5B8G =B H<9 5=F 5B8 7@5D 5B8 7@5D! 09 5@@ @CJ9 K<9B F5B8A5 5B8 #57? 7CA9G HC J=G=H! %C@5 #CM79 +=;;=BG K5G =B HC G5M <9@@C 5B8 HC D5GG 5FCIB8 H<9 K99?@M -/ ;I=89. 09 GIF9 5DDF9=75H9 %C@5 #CM79 :CF 8C=B; H<=G :CF IG 5B8 :CF 69=B; GI7< 5 ;CC8 :F=9B8 HC H<9 F9G=89BHG. +CB 5B8 +9B5H9 C5FGCB GHCDD98 =B 5B8 7<97?98 CB AIBH #CM )5F?9F. 09 CIF 5@@ H<5B?=B; C8 H<5H G<9 =G :=B5@@M :99@=B; 69HH9F, 5B8 ;9HH=B; 657? =BHC <9F 85=@M FCIH=B9 5;5=B. %5FFM F=AA9 8FCDD98 6M 5B8 D@5M98 GCA9 695IH=:I@ AIG=7 CB 098B9G85M :CF IG. )@95G9 7CA9 657? 5BMH=A9! -<9 F9G=89BHG @CJ9 AIG=7 C: 5BM ?=B8. +5ACB5 05@8F9B, 5 ;CC8 :F=9B8 C: &5FM BI@@ B95FUG, GHCDD98 6M HC G5M <9@@C. -<=G K5G EI=H9 5 GIFDF=G9! -<9M 9B>CM98 5 ;CC8 J=G=H. AF@MG $@IB8H 5B8 +5MB=H5 8FCJ9 8CKB :FCA +5D=8 C=HM 5B8 HCC? <=G ACA, +IH< $@IB8H, CIH :CF GIDD9F 5H C@I6 27. +IH< G5=8 9J9FMH<=B; H5GH98 ;F95H! ,<9 7CI@8 95H H<9F9 9J9FM85M =: DCGG=6@9! !5FC@8 5B8 E8=H< "F9@5B8 K9F9 =B HC G99 ,<CFHM "F9@5B8 CB ,5HIF85M. -<9M 75I;<H ID CB GCA9 B9KG 5B8 <58 5 ;CC8 5:H9FBCCB HC;9H<9F. C5H<M ,HCB9 HCC? &=7?= 0CF8 HC H<9 ;=F@GU 65G?9H65@@ HCIFB5A9BH CB ,5HIF85M. EJ9B H<CI;< H<9 H95A @CGH K9 GH=@@ D@5M98 <5F8 5B8 ;5J9 =H CIF 69GH G<CH! 09 GIDDCFH CIF $CI;5FG <9F9 5H $'!, K<9H<9F K9 0"' CF %(,E MCIUF9 GH=@@ #1 HC IG! E@5=B9 $9AB=HN <58 5 J=G=H :FCA <9F GCB CB &CB85M ACFB=B;, 5B8 <9F <IG65B8, DCB 5@GC 8FCJ9 8CKB CB ,IB85M :CF 5 J=G=H. E@5=B9 =G GI7< 5 89@=;<H HC <5J9 5FCIB8, G<9 B9J9F <5G 5 B9;5H=J9 KCF8 HC G5M. BIBBM F99B <58 <9F R+9G=89BH C: H<9 &CBH<S A95@ CB ,IB85M. !9F ;I9GHG =B7@I898: /9FBCB 5B8 D966=9 5B8 H<9=F GCB, -F5J=G. -F5J=G 5@GC 6FCI;<H 5@CB; <=G :F=9B8 5B8 85I;<H9F. BIBBM 7<CG9 65?98 7<=7?9B, A5G<98 DCH5HC9G 5B8 ;F5JM, ;F99B 695BG, 7CHH5;9 7<99G9 G5@58, FC@@G, 5B8 D=B95DD@9 IDG=89 8CKB 75?9 :CF 89GG9FH. &5BM 7CAD@=A9BHG K9BH CIH HC H<9 7CC?, C5H<M "F9@5B8, 5B8 G<9 K5G 5GG=GH98 6M C5H<M ,HCB9. -<9 8=BB9F HIFB98 CIH F95@ B=79, @CHG C: D=7HIF9G K9F9 H5?9B, 5B8 BIBBM K5G ;=J9B 5 J9FM 7IH9 :FC; J5G9 K=H< 5 :@CK9F 5FF5B;9A9BH :FCA )C7?9H:I@ C: )CG=9G. D966=9 ABHCBG9B 8C9G 5K9GCA9 KCF?! .D7CA=B; EJ9BHG: )F9-;5A9 ,ID9F6CK@ D5FHM ,IB85M, F96FI5FM 2, 2014 @ 3:30-;5A9 H=A9.. @CHG C: ;5A9G 5B8 :CC8 5F9 69=B; D@5BB98! EJ9FMCB9 =G =BJ=H98 HC 7CA9 5B8 K5H7< H<9 ;5A9 CB CIF 6=; G7F99B -/! ,<CFHM "F9@5B8 K=@@ 69 79@96F5H=B; 5 6=FH<85M CB F96FI5FM 10H<, D@95G9 GHCD 6M 5B8 K=G< <=A K9@@, ,<CFHM K=@@ F95@@M 5DDF97=5H9 =H. EAA5 #5F@ K=@@ 69 HIFB=B; 100 H<=G M95F CB ADF=@ 7. " 5A HFM=B; HC ;9H <9F 5H @95GH @00 6=FH<85M 75F8G G9BH =BHC <9F. )@95G9 A5?9 BCH9 C: H<=G 85M!
N$&&i' Ne+' ? M'7057/+ A44+ L+9+22/+7, 462-6228
#IB9 +=B; K5G 5ACB; H<CG9 5HH9B8=B; H<9 :=FGH D9F:CFA5B79 C: H<9 0<=H9 +=J9F !=;< ,7<CC@ CB9 57H D@5M, R-<=FH99B 05MG HC ,7F9K .D 2CIF CC@@9;9 "BH9FJ=9K.S -<9 F9;=CB5@ 7CBH9GH K5G <9@8 =B )=9FF9 CB 098B9G85M. &CF;5B -5:H K5G =BJC@J98 =B H<9 DFC8I7H=CB. (IF <95FHG ;C CIH HC H<9 -=A 5B8 -5AAM &9F7<9B 5B8 :5A=@M H<=G K99? 5H H<9 @CGG C: -5AAMUG ;F5B8A5, A@=79 0=@A5FH<, 94, =B $58C?5. -<9 G9FJ=79G K9F9 <9@8 CB 098B9G85M ACFB=B; 5H H<9 )F9G6MH9F=5B C<IF7< K=H< H<9 6IF=5@ 5H H<9 '5H=CB5@ C9A9H9FM =B ,HIF;=G. -<9 #5A9G %9H9@@=9FG K9F9 =B $58C?5 CB 6IG=B9GG 5 7CID@9 85MG H<=G K99?. #IB9 +=B; 5HH9B898 H<9 :=FGH 098B9G85M B=;<H B=6@9 GHI8M 5H H<9 ,H. #C<B %IH<9F5B C<IF7<. EJ5B 5B8 DCFCH<M B@@=;< K9BH HC )<=@=D, 0=BB9F 5B8 /5@9BH=B9 CB 6IG=B9GG H<=G K99?. &5L=B9 FC89 5@CB; HC /5@9BH=B9 CB 098B9G85M 5B8 9B>CM98 J=G=H=B; K=H< <9F G=GH9F, !9@9B, 5B8 <9F <IG65B8, #C<B. -<9 'CFF=G ELH9BG=CB C@I6 A9H 5H H<9 <CA9 C: #9GG=9 +=B; CB -<IFG85M 5:H9FBCCB. EB>CM=B; H<9 5:H9FBCCB HC;9H<9F K9F9: #95B $5FM, #IB9 +=B;, ,IG5B -5:H 5B8 #9GG=9 +=B;. C5FC@ 5B8 E8 F9F;IGCB K9BH HC 0=BB9F CB -<IFG85M. FF=85M, H<9 #5A9G %9H9@@=9FG 5B8 EJ5B B@=;<G K9F9 5ACB; H<9 7FCK8 5HH9B8=B; H<9 :IB9F5@ G9FJ=79G :CF &=@@5F8 ,95A5B, 87 =B ,HIF;=G. &F. ,95A5B K5G H<9 :CIB89F, H957<9F 5B8 GID9F=BH9B89BH C: ,IBG<=B9 B=6@9 A7589AM =B H<9 95F@M M95FG. ,CA9 A5M F9A9A69F &=@@ 5B8 <=G K=:9, C5FC@9, 7CIBG9@=B; 5H C5AD /=7HCFM )=B9G =B H<9 B@57? !=@@G =B H<9 95F@M 50G. ,5HIF85M #CABB %9H9@@=9F K5G 5ACB; H<9 ;FCID C: @58=9G H<5H 5HH9B898 H<9 R%9H .G #CIFB9M -C;9H<9FS KCA9BUG F9HF95H <9@8 =B &5FH=B 5H H<9 (IF %58M C: H<9 ,57F98 !95FH C5H<C@=7 C<IF7< =B &5FH=B. %9GGCBG :CF H<9 CB9 85M F9HF95H K9F9 65G98 CB H<9 6CC? C: +IH<. ,IB85M 5:H9FBCCB, 5 G<CFH9F J9FG=CB K5G ;=J9B =B $58C?5 :C@@CK=B; &5GG 5H H<9 (IF %58M C: /=7HCFM C5H<C@=7 C<IF7<. E8 5B8 C5FC@ F9F;IGCB GD9BH FF=85M J=G=H=B; BC6 -CHHCB =B &IF8C. C5FC@ F9F;IGCB 5B8 <9F ACH<9F, "F9B9 $5I:A5B C: /5@9BH=B9, GD9BH ,5HIF85M K=H< $5=H@MB F9F;IGCB 5B8 :5A=@M =B 0=BB9F. -<9 #5A9G %9H9@@=9FG A9H ID K=H< H<9=F 85I;<H9F, #I@=9, =B &=GG=CB CB ,5HIF85M 5B8 H<9 H<F99GCA9 HF5J9@98 CB HC H<9 KF9GH@=B; A5H7<9G =B 0=BB9F. -<9 %9H9@@=9FUG ;F5B8GCB, B95J9F BIFA5, 5 G9J9BH< ;F589F KF9GH@9G :CF ,IBG<=B9 B=6@9 A7589AM 5B8 <=G 858, #5GCB BIFA5, =G H<9 7C57<. D5J=8 5B8 D9BJ9F )5I@, GCBG C: D5B=9@ 5B8 -F9G5 (B5IA5B), 5F9 D5FH C: H<9 ,BA KF9GH@=B; H95A. "H K5G GC :IB HC G99 H<9 D9/F=9G 6CMG 5B8 C<5B8@9F ,I8697? KF9GH@9, HCC. 09 IGI5@@M >IGH <95F 56CIH H<9A. B95J9F G5=8, R,I8697? =G 5K9GCA9!S D=8 MCI G99 H<9 G7CF9 69HK99B 0<=H9 +=J9F 5B8 EH<5B 5H H<9 !5BGCB C@5GG=7 ,5HIF85M B=;<H? EJ9FMCB9 " G5K @5H9F G5=8 K9 F95@@M A=GG98 5 ;CC8 ;5A9. -=;9FG K9F9 H<9 J=7HCFG 51-50 5:H9F H<9M @98 ACGH C: H<9 K5M. ,5HIF85M, D5B, ,IG5B 5B8 &CF;5B K9BH HC 5B 5I7H=CB 69HK99B &=GG=CB 5B8 0=BB9F. -<9M K9BH CB =B HC 0=BB9F 5B8 D=7?98 ID GCA9 GIDD@=9G 5B8 9B>CM98 GIDD9F. CC::99 ;I9GHG C: H<9 E8 F9F;IGCBG CB ,IB85M 5:H9F 7<IF7< K9F9 9B9 5B8 &5F>CF=9 )CD?9G C: %5?9J=9K. ,IB85M 5:H9FBCCB, D5B, ,IG5B 5B8 &CF;5B -5:H J=G=H98 ,IG5BUG ACA #I8M ,=AACBG =B &5FH=B 5B8 K9F9 GIDD9F ;I9GHG. #IB9 +=B; K5G 5 ,IB85M B=;<H GIDD9F ;I9GH C: &5L=B9 A@@5F8. )5A A@@5F8 KCI@8 @=?9 :C@?G HC 7CBH=BI9 HC DF5M :CF <9F ACH<9F =B ,=CIL F5@@G. ,<9 G99AG HC 69 F9DCB8=B; K9@@ HC H<9 HF95HA9BHG.
4 - Thursday, January 30, 2014 - Kadoka Press
First place for Bra!lers at Winner to rne"
BF=B;=B; <CA9 5BCH<9F :=FGH D@579, H<9 )<=@=D AF95 KF9GH@=B; GEI58 HCDD98 9=;<H CH<9F H95AG 5H H<9 0=BB9F "BJ=H5H=CB5@ 0F9GH@=B; -CIFB5A9BH #5BI5FM 25. !958 7C57< &5HH DCBB9@@M BCH98 0=BB9F 5B8 BCB !CAA9/,7CH@5B8 K9F9 HKC HCI;<9GH H95AG 5H H<9 HCIFB5A9BH. R-<9F9 K9F9 5 @CH C: HCI;< =B8=J=8I5@ KF9GH@9FG 5H H<9 A99H,S <9 G5=8. -<9 )<=@=D AF95 KF9GH@9FG KF9GH@98 K9@@, <9 BCH98. -KC KF9GH@9FG 5F9 DCGG=6@M CIH :CF H<9 G95GCB, +598CB AB89FGCB 5B8 )98FC D9BB=G, 8I9 HC =B>IF=9G. (B H<9 DCG=H=J9 G=89 +5B79 #C<BGCB K5G B5A98 ACGH J5@I56@9 KF9GH@9F 5H H<9 HCIFB5A9BH. !9 H<9B DF9G9BH98 H<9 5K5F8 HC -F=GH5B 05HN9@ C: H<9 0=BB9F GEI58. 05HN9@ <5G GCA9 D<MG=75@ 7<5@@9B;9G 5B8 #C<BGCB H<CI;<H <9 89G9FJ98 H<9 <CBCF 5G K9@@. DCBB9@@M BCH98 H<5H CH<9F )<=@=D KF9GH@9FG CJ9F H<9 M95FG <5J9 8CB9 H<=G 5G K9@@ 5B8 <9 =G DFCI8 C: H<9A :CF GH9DD=B; ID =B H<=G A5BB9F. -95A DC=BHG K9F9: )<=@=D AF95 P 276.5, 0=BB9F P 254.5, BCB !CAA9/,7CH@5B8 P 246, +98:=9@8/ DC@5B8 P 143, &C6F=8;9-)C@@C7? P 128, ,IBG<=B9 B=6@9 A7589AM P 64, &H. /9FBCB/)@5B?=BHCB/CCFG=75 P 60.5, AB89G C9BHF5@ P 53, !=@@ C=HM P 22, C<9M9BB9 - E5;@9 BIHH9 P 0.
106 /&5: H716)4 P)6)4521 21( 4)'24( 24-10 O)=B #579 BIFA5 (,-&) 3:12 O)=B B5=@9M ,7<A=8H (&/)C) 3:15 O)=B &5F7IG .F65B (&/)C) 3:21 OD97. 6M ,H5G ,IH9F5 (B!,) 7-11 106 /&5: C%5, $-/521 4)'24( 3-6 O)=B 6M ,IH9F5 0:26 OBM9 OD97. ,7<A=8H 9-2 O)=B 6M $5@96 CFCKBCJ9F (B!,) 0:14 113 /&5: K)%+%1 F-6', 34( 4)'24( 12-9 OBM9 O)=B !IBH9F 0F=;<H (+ED) 2:27 O)=B 6M DIB75B ,HC96B9F (B!,) 1:33 O0=B 6M FCF:9=H (!C) OD97. 0F=;<H 12-5 120 /&5: !4); E/5,)4) 4)'24( 4-8 OBM9 O)=B 6M "G557 (@GCB (&)) 3:12 OBM9 O)=B 6M $5@9@ 0CF=G7<97? (!C) 3:32 126 /&5: J)( B4291 156 4)'24( 24-5 O0=B 6M FCF:9=H (AC) O&5>. D97. '5H<5B B5I9F (&)) 11-0 O&5>. D97. C5A9FCB B=;;=BG (0"') 13-2 OD97. D5@HCB 9F6F57<H (,BA) 9-4 132 /&5: R%1') J2,1521 156 4)'24( 25-8 O0=B 6M FCF:9=H (CEB) OD97. -F=GH5B 05HN9@ (0"') 19-16 O)=B D9BJ9F )5I@ (,BA) 5:05 O)=B 357< +I7?H59G7<9@ (AC) 3:21 138 /&5: N-'. D211)//; 21( 4)'24( 20-9 OBM9 O)=B BF9B89B %9B5F (!C) 1:13 O)=B &C=G9G %CN5BC (B!,) 1:41 O%CGG 6M FCF:9=H ,95B B=79 (0"') 145 /&5: K%;/24 P-11); 34( 4)'24( 14-9 OBM9 O-97< F5@@ AIGH=B )=BB9M ()!"%) 17-2 O&5>. D97. 6M -MF9@ !5@9M (0"') 4-15 OD97. C<5B79 #5B89@ (+ED) 4-0 OD97. A. )=BB9M 11-8 145 /&5: A756-1 P-11); 46, 4)'24( 6-6 OD97. #5B89@ 6-3 O-97< F5@@ 6M $. )=BB9M 2-17 OBM9 O)=B 5FF9HH F=G<9F (CEB) 0:28 O)=B -5BB9F +=GG99IK (&/)C) 2:58 OD97. 6M $. )=BB9M 8-11 152 /&5: L%1) B/%5-75 156 4)'24( 23-1 O0=B 6M FCF:9=H (!C) O)=B $=@@=5B 05FB9F (&)) 2:11 O)=B -F=; C@5F? (,BA) 2:17 O)=B $5M@96 BFCN=? (0"') 2:38 160 /&5: R))( J2,1521 21( 4)'24( 19-9 OBM9 O)=B A5FCB %9L5 (!C) 0:44 O)=B %I75G CFCKBCJ9F (B!,) 5:39 OD97. 6M BF5B8MB &=88@9GKCFH< (0"') 4-9 170 /&5: C,%1(/-)4 7(&)'. 156 4)'24( 27-2 OBM9 O)=B B@5?9 CFCKG9F ()!"%) 2:38 O)=B CCDD9F B5@CIB (+ED) 1:15 O&5>. D97. FCFF9GH C9FJ (0"') 13-4 170 /&5: B/%.) C4295)4 56, 4)'24( 5-10 O0=B 6M FCF:9=H (CEB) O)=B 6M ,I8697? 2:38 OBM9 OD97. CCF89@ /=GG=5 (&/)C) 8-6 O)=B 6M -5BB9F "K5B (B!,) 0:19 O)=B D5@HCB &5FH=5B (&)) 0:40 182 /&5: G4%(; C%4/); 156 4)'24( 19-2 O)=B #98 /=GG=5 (&/)C) 1:03 O)=B D5@@5 -FCBJC@8 (AC) 4:49 OD97. #5M89B ,7<FC989F (0"') 9-2 OD97. (- #9GG9 %CN5BC (B!,) 5-3 182 /&5: G%&) %1(%/ 56, 4)'24( 6-12 O)=B CC<@ -IFBEI=GH (0"') 2:35 OD97. 6M %CN5BC (B!,) 3-9 OBM9 O-97< F5@@ #98 $CB97<B9 (,BA) 15-0 OD97. 6M ,7<FC989F 4-7 O)=B -IFBEI=GH 3:34 195 /&5: G%8-1 D)#4-)5 46, 4)'24( 15-13 OBM9 O)=B #=AAM ,<5F?9M (0"') 0:56 OD97. 6M C5A9FCB $CGH5@ (&/)C) 2-7 OD97. A@5B !55H5>5 (B!,) 7-1 OD97. 6M -M@9F &5G5H (+ED) 4-7 220 /&5: L2+%1 A00215 156 4)'24( 16-4 OBM9 O)=B $9@@M $=8K=@9F (0"') 1:57 OD97. C<5G9 ,7<C9B<5F8 (&)) 7-4 O)=B ,7CHH AGGA5B (0"') 3:48 220 /&5: G)2**4); D)#4-)5 66, 4)'24( 6-12 OBM9 O)=B 6M BF9HH %5B; (&)) 1:11 OBM9 O0=B 6M D9:5I@H *I=H9B F=G< (&)) O)=B 6M -F9UN9B DCF9B (AC) 0:51 O)=B 6M $M@9 B@IA9 (+ED) 0:35
)<=@=D AF95 K=@@ <958 HC )=9FF9, FF=85M, #5BI5FM 31, :CF 5 A=88@9 G7<CC@ HCIFB5A9BH 5B8 HC 05;B9F ,5HIF85M, F96FI5FM 1 :CF J5FG=HM 57H=CB.
Gavin DeVries
Janice Millage _________________________________
#5B=79 &=@@5;9, 5;9 78, C: )<=@=D, 8=98 098B9G85M, #5BI5FM 22, 2014, 5H H<9 !5BG ). )9H9FGCB &9ACF=5@ !CGD=H5@ =B )<=@=D. #5B=79 %. CIFF=9F K5G 6CFB &5F7< 21, 1935, =B (B=85, ,. D5?., H<9 85I;<H9F C: !5FC@8 5B8 &=BB=9 (+=D@9M) CIFF=9F. ,<9 ;F9K ID =B (B=85 5B8 ;F58I5H98 :FCA (B=85 !=;< ,7<CC@. AG 5 MCIB; ;=F@ G<9 KCF?98 =B H<9 ,I@@M CCIBHM CCIFH<CIG9. #5B=79 K5G IB=H98 =B A5FF=5;9 HC F@CM8 -CKB9. -<9M A589 H<9=F <CA9 CB 5 F5B7< =B BCFH<95GH9FB !55?CB 7CIBHM. %5H9F H<9M ACJ98 HC )<=@=D, K<9F9 H<9M CKB98 5B8 CD9F5H98 D5@9UG F998 ,HCF9 5B8 5@GC -CKB9UG -FI7?=B;. (B D979A69F 31, 1964, #5B=79 K5G IB=H98 =B A5FF=5;9 HC +=7<5F8 &=@@5;9 5H $58C?5, ,. D5?. -<9M ACJ98 HC BIF65B? K<9F9 H<9M F9G=898 H<9F9 :CF 29 M95FG 5B8 10 ACBH<G 69:CF9 ACJ=B; 657? HC )<=@=D CB H<9 &=@@5;9 <CA9 D@579. 0<=@9 =B BIF65B?, #5B=79 KCF?98 5G 5 BIFG9GU 5=89 5H H<9 %CIF89G !CGD=H5@, DF=CF HC ACJ=B; 657? HC )<=@=D. "B 1971, H<9M 58CDH98 H<9=F D5J=8, C: FCF9GH FCJ9, (F9.; HKC ;F5B87<=@8F9B, !5BB5< E@5=B9 F579 &=@@9F 5B8 ,5A5BH<5 &=@@9F; HKC 6FCH<9FG, 5FM CIFF=9F C: (B=85, 5B8 C97=@ CIFF=9F C: (B=85; CB9 G=GH9F, ,5B8= AB89FGCB C: C5BHCBA9BH, F@5.; G9J9F5@ B=979G 5B8 B9D<9KG; 5B8 5 <CGH C: CH<9F F9@5H=J9G 5B8 :F=9B8G. #5B=79 K5G DF979898 =B 895H< 6M <9F D5F9BHG; CB9 6FCH<9F, DI5B9 CIFF=9F. &9ACF=5@ G9FJ=79G K9F9 <9@8 2:00 D.A. C,-, &CB85M, #5BI5FM 27, 5H H<9 &9H<C8=GH C<IF7< =B (B=85. A G97CB8 A9ACF=5@ G9FJ=79 K5G <9@8 11:00 5.A. &,-, -I9G85M, #5BI5FM 28, 5H H<9 CCAAIB=HM EJ5B;9@=75@ FF99 C<IF7< =B )<=@=D, K=H< )5GHCF 5FM 05<@ C::=7=5H=B;. "BH9FA9BH K=@@ 69 5H H<9 (B=85 C9A9H9FM. AFF5B;9A9BHG 5F9 K=H< H<9 +IG< FIB9F5@ !CA9 C: )<=@=D !9F CB@=B9 ;I9GH6CC? =G 5J5=@56@9 5H KKK.FIG<:IB9F5@<CA9.7CA &=@8F98 &5FH<5 2CIB;, 95, 8=98 -I9G85M, #5BI5FM 21, 2014 5H H<9 C@5F?GCB !95@H<75F9 C9BH9F, +5D=8 C=HM. ,<9 K5G 6CFB &5F7< 24, 1918, 5H BFCC?=B;G, ,. D5?., HC +CGG 5B8 CIA5 !=7?G. -<9 :5A=@M ACJ98 HC H<9 $58C?5 5F95 K<9B &=@8F98 K5G =B ;F589 G7<CC@. ,<9 ;F58I5H98 :FCA $58C?5 !=;< ,7<CC@ K=H< H<9 7@5GG C: 1936. ,<9 5B8 FF5B7=G 2CIB; K9F9 A5FF=98 CB ,9DH9A69F 15, 1943. -<9M <58 HKC 7<=@8F9B, 9CF;9 5B8 C5FC@. -<9M A589 H<9=F <CA9 K9GH C: $58C?5 K<9F9 H<9M :5FA98 5B8 F5B7<98 5B8 K9F9 57H=J9 A9A69FG C: H<9 B=; BI::5@C CCAAIB=HM. ,<9 K5G 5 4-! @9589F, C:H9B <5J=B; 7CC?=9 65?=B; CF GCA9 CH<9F 57H=J=HM "GH=FF98 ID" =B <9F ?=H7<9B. &=@8F98 K5G 5 A9A69F C: H<9 )F9G6MH9F=5B C<IF7< =B $58C?5. ,<9 @CJ98 F9A=B=G7=B; 56CIH <9F 85MG H957<=B; ,IB85M ,7<CC@, 9GD97=5@@M H<9 :=FGH ;F589 7@5GG.
Kadoka Press - Thursday, January 30, 2014 -
Mildred Young _________________________________
9CF;9 2CIB; C: )9BB /5@@9M, C5@.; CB9 85I;<H9F 5B8 GCB-=B-@5K, C5FC@ '=9@G9B 5B8 %99 B9B8=7?GCB C: +5D=8 C=HM; H<F99 ;F5B87<=@8F9B: C<F=GH=9 2CIB; ,<5K (+988=B;, C5@.), 09B8M '=9@G9B B@CCA:=9@8 (%5?9 D5@@5G, -9L.), 5B8 C<58 '=9@G9B (BF=;<HCB, CC@C.); G9J9B ;F95H ;F5B87<=@8F9B: B5=@=9 ,<5K, FCFF9GH '=9@G9B, +59B '=9@G9B, 0=@@CK '=9@G9B, E@5=B5 B@CCA:=9@8, &5HH<9K B@CCA:=9@8, 5B8 CC@=B B@CCA:=9@8; CB9 6FCH<9F, +IGG !=7?G C: $58C?5, CB9 G=GH9F, D9@CF=G E?GHFCA C: AIFCF5, CC@C., 5B8 CB9 G=GH9F-=B-@5K, #CM79 !=7?G, $58C?5. &=@8F98 K5G DF979898 =B 895H< 6M <9F <IG65B8, FF5B7=G, <9F D5F9BHG, 5B8 <9F 6FCH<9F, &9@J=B. CF9A5H=CB <5G H5?9B D@579 5B8 5 A9ACF=5@ 79@96F5H=CB C: &=@8F98UG @=:9 =G D@5BB98 :CF 95F@M GIAA9F. AB CB@=B9 ;I9GH6CC? =G 5J5=@56@9 5H KKK.CG<9=AG7<A=8H.7CA.
85I;<H9F, $=A69F@M, K<C ;F9K ID =B 05G<=B;HCB, 5B8 ;F58I5H98 :FCA <=;< G7<CC@ 5B8 7C@@9;9 H<9F9. #5B=79 K5G 5 :CFA9F A9A69F C: H<9 &9H<C8=GH C<IF7< =B (B=85, H<9 D99D CF99? C<IF7< BCFH<95GH C: )<=@=D, 5B8 H<9 EJ5B;9@=75@ FF99 C<IF7< C: )<=@=D. ,IFJ=JCFG =B7@I89 <9F <IG65B8, +=7<5F8 E. R+=7<S &=@@5;9 C: )<=@=D; CB9 85I;<H9F, $=A69F@M F579 &=@@9F, 5B8 <9F <IG65B8,
A:H9F FF5B7=G' 895H< =B 1978, G<9 7CBH=BI98 HC GD9B8 K=BH9FG =B AF=NCB5 5B8 GIAA9FG =B $58C?5 IBH=@ G<9 ACJ98 HC +5D=8 C=HM =B 2006. DIF=B; H<9 M95FG G<9 GD9BH =B AF=NCB5, G<9 <58 H<9 CDDCFHIB=HM HC 89J9@CD <9F 5FH=GH=7 G?=@@G 7F95H=B; 695IH=:I@ D=979G H<5H K=@@ 69 :CF9J9F 7<9F=G<98. ,IFJ=JCFG =B7@I89 <9F GCB,
Robert “Bud” Finley _____________________________
+C69FH %. RBI8S F=B@9M, 5;9 86, C: +5D=8 C=HM, :CFA9F@M C: )<=@=D, 8=98 -I9G85M, #5BI5FM 21, 2014, 5H H<9 C@89B %=J=B; C9BH9F B9@@5 /=GH5 =B +5D=8 C=HM. +C69FH %. RBI8S F=B@9M K5G 6CFB #I@M 12, 1927 5H BFM5BH, ,CIH< D5?CH5 H<9 GCB C: +C69FH 5B8 E@@5 C97=@=5 (B5FF9HH) F=B@9M. !9 ;F9K ID =B H<9 BFM5BH 5F95 5B8 ;F58I5H98 :FCA BFM5BH !=;< ,7<CC@. AG 5 MCIB; A5B <9 9BH9F98 =BHC H<9 ., AFAM G9FJ=B; :FCA ,9DH. 19, 1946 HC <=G <CBCF56@9 8=G7<5F;9 CB F96. 27, 1948. A:H9F <=G 8=G7<5F;9 <9 F9HIFB98 HC H<9 BFM5BH 7CAAIB=HM. 0<=@9 =B BFM5BH <9 DIF7<5G98 5 HFI7? 5B8 <5I@98 7CFB HC 09GH9FB ,CIH< D5?CH5. BI8 K5G IB=H98 =B A5FF=5;9 HC DCF5 A. &=@@9F CB ,9DH9A69F 1, 1958 =B -=A69F %5?9, ,. D5?., 5B8 HC H<=G IB=CB HKC 7<=@8F9B K9F9 6CFB, DCF99B 5B8 D5F=B. -<9 :5A=@M A589 H<9=F <CA9 =B "G569@, ,. D5?., K<9F9 H<9M 6I=@H 5B8 CD9F5H98 H<9 F=B@9M &CH9@. BI8 5@GC KCF?98 5G 5 A97<5B=7 :CF %=B8G?CJ "AD@9A9BH :CF G9J9F5@ M95FG. FFCA 1965 HC 1967 <9 8FCJ9 HFI7? :CF 5 7CBGHFI7H=CB 7CAD5BM <5I@=B; ;F5J9@ 5B8 <CH A=L. %5H9F <9 895H< CB F96FI5FM 3, 2006. BI8 7CBH=BI98 HC F9G=89 =B )<=@=D IBH=@ ACJ=B; HC +5D=8 C=HM 6975IG9 C: <95@H< F95GCBG 5B8 HC 69 B95F <=G GCB, D5F=B 5B8 :5A=@M. F5H9:I@ :CF <5J=B; G<5F98 <=G @=:9 5F9 <=G 85I;<H9F, DCF99B B@5BHCB, 5B8 <9F <IG65B8, -=A, C: F@CF=GG5BH, CC@C.; <=G GCB, D5F=B F=B@9M, 5B8 <=G K=:9, )5HF=7=5, C: B@57? !5K?; HKC ;F5B8GCBG, EF=7 5B8 CCBBCF; 5B8 5 <CGH C: CH<9F F9@5H=J9G 5B8 :F=9B8G. "B 588=H=CB HC <=G K=:9, DCF5, BI8 K5G DF979898 =B 895H< 6M <=G D5F9BHG 5B8 5 G=GH9F, $5H<9F=B9 %9AA9. FIB9F5@ G9FJ=79G K9F9 <9@8 10:00 5.A. FF=85M #5BI5FM 24, 2014 5H (IF +9899A9F %IH<9F5B C<IF7< =B )<=@=D K=H< )5GHCF +5M F99BG9H< C::=7=5H=B;. /=G=H5H=CB K5G <9@8 CB9 <CIF DF9798=B; H<9 G9FJ=79 5H H<9 7<IF7< CB FF=85M. "BH9FA9BH K5G <9@8 3:00 D.A. FF=85M #5B. 24, 2014 5H H<9 !=@@J=9K C9A9H9FM =B "G569@. AFF5B;9A9BHG 5F9 K=H< H<9 +IG< FIB9F5@ !CA9 C: )<=@=D. !=G CB@=B9 ;I9GH6CC? =G 5J5=@56@9 5H KKK.FIG<:IB9F5@<CA9.7CA
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H29 !2 D)%/ $-6, M26,)4 N%674)=5 C2/( ,27/()4
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
KCF?98 5G 5 75F G5@9GA5B :CF )<=@=D &CHCF =B )<=@=D4. !9 KCI@8 H5?9 IG98 75FG :FCA H<9 895@9FG<=D 5B8 HF5BGDCFH H<9A 657? HC H<9 "G569@ 5F95 HC G9@@. "B 1971 H<9M GC@8 H<9 F=B@9M &CH9@ 5B8 ACJ98 HC )<=@=D. 0<=@9 =B )<=@=D <9 7CBH=BI98 HC KCF? 5H )<=@=D &CHCF IBH=@ 1985 K<9B <9 DIF7<5G98 5 G9A=-HFI7? 5B8 HF5=@9F 5B8 <5I@98 <5M, 7FIG<98 75FG, 9H7. IBH=@ F9H=F=B; =B 2005. !=G K=:9, DCF5, DF979898 <=A =B
Mea!' f$& (he E!de&!M21(%;, F)&47%4; 3: !5A6IF;9F CB 5 6IB K=H< @9HHI79 5B8 CB=CB, CJ9B-6FCKB98 DCH5HC9G, C5FC@=B5 695BG, 5B8 D95FG. !7)5(%;, F)&47%4; 4: BF95898 DCF? 7IH@9H, 6C=@98 DCH5HC9G K=H< 7CIBHFM GHM@9 ;F5JM, 7CFB (UBF=9B, 8=BB9F FC@@, 5B8 A5B85F=B CF5B;9G. $)(1)5(%;, F)&47%4; 5: !IB;5F=5B ;CI@5G<, 7CC?98 75665;9, FF9B7< 6F958, 5B8 65?98 5DD@9G. !,745(%;, F)&47%4; 6: (J9B:F=98 7<=7?9B, A5G<98 DCH5HC9G 5B8 ;F5JM, 7CFB, 8=BB9F FC@@, 5B8 5B;9@ :CC8 75?9 K=H< GHF5K69FF=9G. F4-(%;, F)&47%4; 7: C<=@=, 7C@9G@5K, :FM 6F958, 5B8 D957<9G.
Ch)&ch E*e#(':
B-&/) 67(;: ,IB85M 9J9B=B;G 5H 7 D.A. 5H H<9 $58C?5 )F9G6MH9F=5B C<IF7<. -<=G GHI8M CB H<9 !C@M ,D=F=H 5B8 @958 6M $9B -C9KG. EJ9FMCB9 =G K9@7CA9. L%(-)5 B-&/) 67(;: A B=B9 K99? GHI8M, RA #CIFB9M C: F5=H<, H<9 %=:9 C: &CG9G,S =G 69=B; <9@8 5H H<9 $58C?5 )F9G6MH9F=5B C<IF7<. &CB85M B=;<HG 69;=B 5H 6:30 D.A. 5B8 098B9G85M B=;<HG 5H 5:30 D.A. -<9 GHI8M K=@@ 7CB7@I89 CB &5F7< 10 5B8 12. )@95G9 >C=B IG. F)//295,-3 2* C,4-56-%1 A6,/)6)5: E57< 098B9G85M B=;<H 5H H<9 2CIB; %=:9 6I=@8=B; CB &5=B ,HF99H. ,IDD9F =G 5H 6:30 D.A. K=H< 89JCH=CBG HC :C@@CK. A@@ <=;< G7<CC@ 5;98 GHI89BHG 5F9 K9@7CA9. R)/)%5) !-0): E57< 098B9G85M 5H 2:45 D.A. :CF G7<CC@ 5;98 GHI89BHG :FCA ?=B89F;5FH9B H<FCI;< 9=;<H< ;F589 5H $58C?5 )F9G6MH9F=5B C<IF7<. C%6)',-50: AH (IF %58M C: /=7HCFM C5H<C@=7 C<IF7< CB 098B9G85M 9J9B=B;G. ,IDD9F 5B8 :9@@CKG<=D 5H 6:00 D.A. K=H< 7@5GG HC :C@@CK :CF GHI89BHG =B ;F589G G=LH< H<FCI;< HK9@:H<. CCBH57H H<9 $58C?5 )F9GG 5H 8372259 HC @=GH CH<9F 7<IF7< 9J9BHG 5B8 57H=J=H=9G.
U%c$"i#g A&ea E*e#('
$)(1)5(%;, J%17%4; 29: OA@@ 5F9 K9@7CA9 HC 5HH9B8 5 D@5BB=B; A99H=B; :CF 57H=J=H=9G HC 69 <9@8 CJ9F F9IB=CB K99?9B8. -<9 A99H=B; K=@@ 5H C@I6 27 5H 7 D.A. !,745(%;, J%17%4; 30: O =F@G 5B8 6CMG 65G?9H65@@ 5H #CB9G CCIBHM 5H 3:00 D.A. &-. F4-(%;, J%17%4; 31: O =F@G 5B8 6CMG 65G?9H65@@ K=H< B=GCB 5H GH5FH 5H 10:00 5.A. &-. O MAB5GH=7 5H !CH ,DF=B;G 5:00 D.A. &O&, 0F9GH@=B; @ )=9FF9 %674(%;, F)&47%4; 1: O0F9GH@=B; 5H +98 C@CI8 5B8 05;B9F. M21(%;, F)&47%4; 3: O =F@G 65G?9H65@@ 5H '9K .B89FKCC8 5H 6:00 D.A. !7)5(%;, F)&47%4; 4: OBCMG 65G?9H65@@ K=H< B9BB9HH CCIBHM 5H 6:00 D.A. $)(1)5(%;, F)&47%4; 5: O#$EDC 5BBI5@ A99H=B; 5H 7:00 D.A. 5H H<9 CCAAIB=HM +CCA. !,745(%;, F)&47%4; 6: O$CBA A99H=B; 5H 12:00 D.A. 5H #=;;9FUG. O =F@G 5B8 6CMG 65G?9H65@@ K=H< +C C<F=GH=5B. O&=88@9 G7<CC@ 6CMG 65G?9H65@@ 5H 05@@. F4-(%;, F)&47%4; 7: O =F@G 5B8 6CMG 65G?9H65@@ 5H 05@@. O MAB5GH=7G 5H 05@@ 12:00 D.A. %674(%;, F)&47%4; 8: O&=88@9 G7<CC@ 6CMG 65G?9H65@@ HCIFB5A9BH 5H 0<=H9 +=J9F. O0F9GH@=B; 5H !=@@ C=HM. M21(%;, F)&47%4; 10: O#57?GCB CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG K=@@ A99H 5H 9:00 5.A. OC=HM C: $58C?5 CCIB7=@ A99H=B; K=@@ 69 <9@8 5H 7:00 D.A. %674(%;, F)&47%4; 22: O-<9 %=;<H +9589FG K=@@ 69 8=G7IGG=B; H<9 6CC? C5D9 %=;<H 5H 2 D.A. 5H H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM %=6F5FM. -<9M K=@@ <C@8 5 G97CB8 8=G7IGG=CB CB -I9G85M, &5F7< 4 5H 5:00 D.A. 5H9K5M ADHG.
Inspiration Point
The Landmine of Discouragement
)G5@A 42:5-8 -<9F9 5F9 D9CD@9 K<C GI::9F H<9 9::97HG C: 8=G7CIF5;9A9BH :CF M95FG. -<9M 8CBUH ?BCK <CK HC F9D5=F H<9 85A5;9 75IG98 6M H<=G 89J5GH5H=B; @5B8A=B9. !CK 8C9G H<=G @CGG C: 7CB:=89B79 5B8 CDH=A=GA CF=;=B5H9? D=G5DDC=BHA9BH =G CIF 9ACH=CB5@ F9GDCBG9 HC 5 :5=@98 9LD97H5H=CB. 0<9B K9 F9:IG9 HC F97C;B=N9 5B8 895@ K=H< H<9 :5=@IF9, H<5H B9;5H=J9 F957H=CB 75B :9GH9FQH<9B K9 75B G@=D =BHC 8=G7CIF5;9A9BH. D=G5DDC=BHA9BHG 5F9 =B9J=H56@9, 6IH 69@=9J9FG 8CBUH <5J9 HC 69 =B 6CB85;9 HC 8=G7CIF5;9A9BH. 09 5@@ D9F=C8=75@@M :579 8=::=7I@H=9G H<5H A5?9 IG :99@ K95?. D=G7CIF5;9A9BH, <CK9J9F, @=?9 5 8F=J9 H<FCI;< 5 85F? HIBB9@, G<CI@8 69 H9ADCF5FM: 5:H9F 5 G<CFH K<=@9, K9 G<CI@8 7CA9 CIH CB H<9 CH<9F G=89. " <5J9 9LD9F=9B798 G=HI5H=CBG =B K<=7< " K5G J9FM 8=G7CIF5;98 :CF 5 G95GCB. (B C775G=CB, " <5J9 <58 HC ;9H CB AM ?B99G 8IF=B; H<9 B=;<H HC 7FM CIH HC C8 :CF 9B7CIF5;9A9BH. A:H9F 5G?=B; !=A :CF 5 7<5B;9 =B 5HH=HI89 5B8 <9@D =B @5M=B; 8CKB AM 6IF89B, " <5J9 699B 56@9 HC ;9H 657? HC G@99D. "B CF89F HC ;5=B J=7HCFM, K9 AIGH :=FGH @CC? K=H<=B CIFG9@J9G. 09 B998 HC 58A=H CIF GD97=:=7 8=G7CIF5;9A9BH 5G K9@@ 5G H<9 IBF9GC@J98 7CB:@=7HG =B CIF <95FH. "89BH=:M=B; H<9 FCCH 75IG9 C: CIF 8=G<95FH9B98 :99@=B;G 5@@CKG IG HC KCF? H<FCI;< H<9A. &CGH =ADCFH5BH@M, K9 AIGH HIFB HC C8. AG @CB; 5G K9 5F9 H5@?=B; 56CIH CIF <IFH, GI::9F=B;, 9A65FF5GGA9BH, CF G<5HH9F98 8F95AG, K9 K=@@ K5@@CK =B 89GD5=F. BIH H<9 ACA9BH K9 @=:H CIF <958G 5B8 G5M RF5H<9F,S K9 H5?9 CIF :=FGH GH9D CIH C: 8=G7CIF5;9A9BH.
Church Calendar
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
0"C, FCC8 ,H5ADG & EB)<CB9: 837-2232 ";:1.C ?5=@ '.?@=1.C 8 ..9. - 6 <.9.
6 - Thursday, January 30, 2014 - Kadoka Press
Public Notices
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$33606.8 %=;02216:4> &EG)!A& "EE(I#G B;.=1 ;3 J.07>;: C;@:?C C;996>>6;:2=> J.:@.=C 13, 2014
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
'"-2 AC-"(': %5FFM #C<BGHCB; CE'-+A% , D E'!A'CE&E'- D",-: +CBB=9 -K=GG & %5FFM #C<BGHCB; %(CA% E&E+ E'C2 )%A''"' C(&&: +CBB=9 -K=GG & #=A ,H=@K9@@; #. C. 0EED & )E,- B(A+D: A@@ CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG 5B8 $9@@M FCFHIB9; C(.'-2 ,.+)%., )+()E+-2 A))+A",A% BD.: A@@ CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H H<9 :C@@CK=B; D9FGCBG 69 5DDC=BH98 HC H<9 4-! ELD5BG=CB & )FCACH=CB CCAA=HH99 5B8 F5=F BC5F8: 4-! ELD5BG=CB & )FCACH=CB CCAA=HH99: #57?=9 ,H=@K9@@, '=7?= BCB9B69F;9F, DCBB5 EB89FG, C=5F5 ,HC885F8, &7$9BN=9 ,H=@K9@@, EA=@M $BIHGCB 5B8 CCAA=GG=CB9F D9B?9, 1 MF.; F5=F BC5F8: +M5B 0=@@9FH, #9GG=75 &5;9@?M, #C B9H< .<@=F, &5F? ,@CJ9?, (FF5B79G D5J=G Q J575BH), AAM ,A=@9M, 5B8 CCAA=GG=CB9F D9B?9 1 MF. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H H<9 :C@@CK=B; D9FGCBG 69 5DDC=BH98 HC H<9 %=6F5FM BC5F8: %=6F5FM BC5F8: +I6M /5B89F&5M, 2 MFG.; C@CF9H5 E=G9B6F5IB, 2 MFG.; ,M8B9 %9BCL, 1 MF.; D=5B5 CC@@9F, 1 MF; #5B C9FB9M, 3 MFG.; CCAA=GG=CB9F ,H=@K9@@, 1 MF. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG G<5@@ <C@8 H<9=F F9;I@5F A99H=B;G CB H<9 G97CB8 &CB85M C: 957< ACBH< 5H 9:00 5.A. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H B5B?09GH, $58C?5, ,D, 69 89G=;B5H98 5G H<9 C::=7=5@ 89DCG=HCFM C: #57?GCB CCIBHM. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H H<9 $58C?5 )F9GG 69 89G=;B5H98 5G H<9 C::=7=5@ B9KGD5D9F C: #57?GCB CCIBHM. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898 H<5H 6IF=5@ 9LD9BG9 :CF 2014 69 G9H 5H $2,300.00 A5L=AIA D9F 6IF=5@. C<5=FA5B B9BB9HH 89G=;B5H98 H<9 :C@@CK=B; @C75H=CBG HC <C@8 7<5HH9@ ACFH;5;9 G5@9G: -CKB C: B9@J=89F9, FFCBH 8CCF C: DCGH C::=79; -CKB C: CCHHCBKCC8, "BH9FG97H=CB C: ,D 14 5B8 C! 8; -CKB C: "BH9F=CF, FFCBH 8CCF C: DCGH C::=79; C=HM C: $58C?5, FFCBH 8CCF C: 7CIFH<CIG9; /=@@5;9 C: %CB; /5@@9M, FFCBH 8CCF C: DCGH C::=79; /=@@5;9 C: 05B6@99, FFCBH 8CCF C: DCGH C::=79 ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, -K=GG G97CB898, H<5H F9=A6IFG56@9 7CIBHM 9LD9BG9G 69 G9H 5G :C@@CKG, 5B8 7CIBHM 9AD@CM99G K=@@ 69 F9GDCBG=6@9 :CF 7CGHG 9L7998=B; H<9 5ACIBHG G9H: BF95?:5GH, $7.00; %IB7<, $12.00; D=BB9F, $16.00; -CH5@ A95@G D9F 85M, $35.00; &=@95;9, 7IFF9BH GH5H9 F5H9 ($0.37 D9F A=@9) 5B8 HC 5IHCA5H=75@@M =B7F95G9 =: GH5H9 F5H9 =B7F95G9G; %C8;=B;, ID HC $85.00 D9F B=;<H D@IG H5L K=H< @C8;=B; F979=DH F9EI=F98 :CF @C8;=B; F9=A6IFG9A9BH. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, -K=GG G97CB898, H<5H >IFCF A95@G G9H 5H 57HI5@ 7CGH, BCH HC 9L7998 H<9 A5L=AIA C: $12.00 D9F A95@. #IFCFG K=@@ 69 F9GDCBG=6@9 :CF 5BM 588=H=CB5@ 7CGHG :CF H<9=F A95@G. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, -K=GG G97CB898, H<5H 9@97H=CB KCF?9F 9LD9BG9 69 G9H 5G :C@@CKG: ,5@5F=9G, $7.25 D9F <CIF :CF HCH5@ <CIFG KCF?98; &=@95;9, 7IFF9BH GH5H9 F5H9 ($0.37 D9F A=@9) 5B8 HC 5IHCA5H=75@@M =B7F95G9 =: GH5H9 A=@95;9 F5H9 =B7F95G9G, :CF 57HI5@ A=@9G 8F=J9B =B 89@=J9F=B;, D=7?=B; ID 5B8 F9HIFB=B; 9@97H=CB GIDD@=9G; "BGHFI7H=CB ,7<CC@ :99: $20.00. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98 H<5H #C<B +C8;9FG, B9@J=89F9, 69 BCA=B5H98 5G H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM F9DF9G9BH5H=J9 HC H<9 &+C +9;=CB5@ +5=@FC58 AIH<CF=HM BC5F8. D9B?9 G97CB898 H<9 ACH=CB. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H +CG9 B9BB9HH 69 5DDC=BH98 :CF 5 CB9 M95F H9FA 5G F@CC8D@5=B &5B5;9F 5G D9F H<9 58CDH98 :@CC8D@5=B CF8=B5B79. &CH=CB 75FF=98 K=H< H<9 :C@@CK=B; JCH9: B9BB9HH, 56GH5=B; D9B?9, M95; #C<BGHCB, M95; ,H=@K9@@, M95; -K=GG, M95. 'CH=79 K5G F979=J98 :FCA A779GG E@9J5HCF & %=:HG H<5H H<9 5BBI5@ DF9J9BH5H=J9 A5=BH9B5B79 5;F99A9BH 7CGH K=@@ =B7F95G9 $30.00 :FCA $620.00 HC $650.00. D9B?9 ACJ98, #C<BGHCB G97CB898 H<5H -9FFM D9IH9F 69 5IH<CF=N98 HC 5HH9B8 H<9 5BBI5@ /9H9F5B ,9FJ=79 (::=79F HF5=B=B; 5B8 H<5H 5BBI5@ 8I9G C: $40.00 5B8 F9;=GHF5H=CB C: $150.00 :CF H<9 5BBI5@ HF5=B=B; 69 5DDFCJ98. #C<BGHCB ACJ98, -K=GG G97CB898, H<5H /=7?= 0=@GCB 5B8 %5-5G<5 BI7<<C@N 69 5IH<CF=N98 HC 5HH9B8 H<9 5BBI5@ F9DCFH KCF?G<CD 69=B; <9@8 =B &=H7<9@@ B9LH K99?. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H DK=;<H D95J9F 5B8 $9@@M FCFHIB9 69 5IH<CF=N98 HC 5HH9B8 H<9 0998 & )9GH CCB:9F9B79 =B A69F899B =B F96FI5FM. ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H 5@@ !=;<K5M D9D5FHA9BH 7F9K A9A69FG 5B8 H<9 !=;<K5M ,ID9F=BH9B89BH 5HH9B8 H<9 &,!A HF5=B=B; =B ,HIF;=G CF %958 @5H9F H<=G K99?. -K=GG F9DCFH98 H<5H 5@@ CCAA=GG=CB9FG 5F9 F9EI=F98 HC <5J9 "C, H9GH=B; 7CAD@9H98, 5B8 H<5H #57?=9 ,H=@K9@@, EA9F;9B7M &5B5;9F K=@@ F9DCFH ACF9 CB H<9 H9GH=B; @5H9F HC85M. 'CH=79 K5G F979=J98 :FCA H<9 ,. D. D9D5FHA9BH C: !95H<, 0"C )FC;F5A, H<5H F9=A6IFG9A9BH C: DFC;F5A 9LD9BG9G BCK K=@@ 69 A589 :CF HKC ACBH<G DF=CF F5H<9F H<5B H<9 ACBH< DF=CF. EL5AD@9 KCI@8 69 D5MA9BH :CF D979A69F K=@@ 69 =B F96FI5FM. C=B8M 0=@@9FH, -F95GIF9F, A9H K=H< H<9 6C5F8 5B8 DF9G9BH98 5 F9DCFH C: 89@=BEI9BH AC6=@9 <CA9 H5L9G. +9DCFH K5G F979=J98 :FCA C=B8M 0=@@9FH, -F95GIF9F, CB -F95GIF9FTG -FIGH 577CIBHG 9GH56@=G<98 =B 2009 5B8 2012 5B8 H<5H 6CH< 5;F99A9BHG HC D5M C:: 89@=BEI9BH H5L9G <5J9 699B 7CAD@9H98 H<=G D5GH M95F. D=G7IGG=CB K5G <9@8 CB 5 7<97? =GGI98 HC $5H=9 !=7?G CB AI;IGH 19, 2013 =B H<9 5ACIBH C: $10.74 K<=7< <5G BCH 699B DF9G9BH98 HC H<9 7CIBHMTG 65B? :CF D5M-
/=7?= 0=@GCB, AI8=HCF, F9DCFH98 H<5H CB9 BCH=79 C: <CGD=H5@=N5H=CB K5G F979=J98 :FCA +5D=8 C=HM +9;=CB5@ !CGD=H5@. -<9 6C5F8 HCC? BC 57H=CB. -<9 ,. D. D9J9@CDA9BH5@ C9BH9F, +98:=9@8, ,D <5G 6=@@98 #57?GCB CCIBHM 5B 588=H=CB5@ $60.00 :CF 5B 577FI98 HCH5@ C: $1,320.00 :CF 7@=9BH 5GG9GGA9BH. #57?GCB CCIBHM F9GDCB898 =B #IB9 2012 H<5H 7<5F;9G G<CI@8 69 5GG9GG98 HC H<9 5DDFCDF=5H9 :989F5@ ;CJ9FBA9BH 5;9B7M 5G D9F ,DC% 27B-3-27. D9B?9 ACJ98, ,H=@K9@@ G97CB898, H<5H H<9 6=@@=B; 69 89B=98. +9-6=@@=B; K5G F979=J98 :CF A9BH5@ =@@B9GG 7CGHG :FCA %9K=G & C@5F? B9<5J=CF5@ !95@H< ,9FJ=79G. D9B?9 ACJ98, ,H=@K9@@ G97CB898, H<9 6=@@=B; :FCA %9K=G & C@5F? B9<5J=CF5@ !95@H< ,9FJ=79G, A9BH5@ =@@B9GG 7CGHG, $309.00 69 89B=98. AB 5DD@=75H=CB :CF 5GG=GH5B79 K=H< A98=75@ 7CGHG K5G DF9G9BH98 HC H<9 6C5F8 :CF F9J=9K. FC@@CK=B; F9J=9K, ,H=@K9@@ ACJ98, -K=GG G97CB898, H<9 5DD@=75H=CB :CF 5GG=GH5B79 69 89B=98 5G H<9 5DD@=75BH =G 5 7IFF9BH F9G=89BH C: #57?GCB CCIBHM, 6IH K5G BCH 5 F9G=89BH K<9B H<9 A98=75@ 7CGHG K9F9 =B7IFF98, 5B8 H<9 8C7IA9BH5H=CB DFCJ=898 K=H< H<9 5DD@=75H=CB K5G =B7CAD@9H9. CCIBH=9G K=H<=B H<9 ,. D. )I6@=7 AGGIF5B79 A@@=5B79 K9F9 BCH=:=98 6M !5;5B B9B9:=HG, "B7. H<5H H<9=F 7CBHF57H K=H< H<9 ,D)AA K=@@ BCH 69 F9B9K98 5B8 H<9=F G9FJ=79 HC H<9 ,D)AA A9A69FG<=D K=@@ 9B8 CB D979A69F 31, 2014. -K=GG ACJ98, D9B?9 G97CB898, H<5H H<9 6C5F8 F979GG :CF @IB7<. C<5=FA5B B9BB9HH 75@@98 H<9 A99H=B; HC CF89F 5H 1:00 D.A. K=H< 5@@ A9A69FG DF9G9BH. DK=;<H D95J9F, !KM. ,IDH. 5B8 $C@9HH9 ,HFI6@9, !KM. ,97. K9F9 5@GC DF9G9BH. DK=;<H D95J9F F9DCFH98 CB 5B 577=89BH CB +98 ,HCB9 +C58 =B K<=7< 5 7CIBHM G=;B K5G ?BC7?98 8CKB 5B8 =G A=GG=B;. -<9 J9<=7@9 CKB9FTG =BGIF5B79 7CAD5BM =G ;C=B; HC D5M :CF F9D@579A9BH C: H<9 G=;B. DK=;<H D95J9F F9DCFH98 H<5H <9 <58 :CIB8 5 7CID@9 IG98 ;F5J9@ HF5=@9FG, H<9 DF=79 <5G =B7F95G98 CB H<9A, GC 8=8 BCH DIFGI9 DIF7<5G=B; H<9A 5BM :IFH<9F. !9 F9DCFH98 H<5H +D( EEI=DA9BH, ,=CIL F5@@G, <5G CFCGG CCIBHFM HF5=@9FG :CF @95G9 5H $2,300 D9F ACBH<. DK=;<H D95J9F F9DCFH98 H<5H +D( EEI=DA9BH 8=8 <5J9 HKC IG98 85M 756 HFI7?G
!24.8> C;:?6:@21 ;: %.42 7
$5.00 3/4/3:3 ,57 20 <57*8, 62:8 10@ ,57 +'). '**/9/54'2 <57*. $5 62')+ '4 '* )'22 605-837-2259 57 +3'/2: 67+88 @1'*51'9+2)5.)53
Kadoka Press - Thursday, January 30, 2014 -
C!a''ified Ad*e&(i'i#g & Tha# Y$) Ra(e':
He!% Wa#(ed B)'i#e''/Se&*ice'
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
S(a(e+ide C!a''ified':
#5:9. D'159''8 (+89 '*;+79/8/4- (:>! A 25-<57* )2'88/,/+* '* /4 +'). 5, 9.+ 89'9+8A 150 *'/2> '4* <++12> 4+<86'6+78. &5:7 3+88'-+ 7+').+8 375,000 .5:8+.52*8 ,57 0:89 $150.00! $./8 4+<86'6+7 )'4 -/;+ >5: 9.+ )5362+9+ *+9'/28. C'22 (605) 837-2259.
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
%(+2: "HTG -!E -+(.B%E-,!((-E+! 2672, CF5=; CCBB9@@, 605-264-5650, AB 9L7=H=B; B9K 09GH9FB G9F=9G 6M D5J9 KKK.;C@89B95;@9@C;<CA9G.7CA. D=5ACB8. AJ5=@56@9 BCK CB AA5NCB $=B8@9. $(& D&I*E&' D+"/E+, 0A'-ED: CD%, CKB9F CD9F5HCFG, :F9=;<H :FCA &=8K9GH ID HC 48 GH5H9G, "F 2(. .,ED -!E B%((D -!"''E+ <CA9 F9;I@5F@M, B9K9F 9EI=DA9BH, !95@H<, )+ADA1A 5B8 GI::9F98 =BH9FB5@ 6@998=B;, 401$, 75@@ +5B8M, A&A ELDF9GG, 800-658<9ACFF<5;=B;, F9EI=F98 <CGD=H5@=N5H=CB CF 3549 5 @CJ98 CB9 8=98 K<=@9 H5?=B; )F585L5 69HK99B (7HC69F 2010 5B8 H<9 DF9G9BH, MCI )+(FE,,"('A% -+.C$ D+"/"' A5M69 9BH=H@98 HC 7CAD9BG5H=CB. C5@@ AH- C%A,, @958=B; HC 5B 9L7=H=B; 5B8 DFC:HCFB9M C<5F@9G !. #C<BGHCB 1-800-535- =H56@9 75F99F 69;=BG 2/24/14. -F5=B=B; IH=5727. @=N9G G=AI@5HCF, HF57HCF-HF5=@9F 7@5GGFCCA. F=B5B7=5@ 5GG=GH5B79 5B8 >C6 D@579A9BH H)#(I#G D$G' 5J5=@56@9! /=G=H IG, GC K9 75B 5BGK9F 5BM EI9GH=CBG! 1-866-308-7755 KKK.5A9F=2E%%(0 %AB ).),, A5@9G, 9L79@@9BH 75BHFI7?8F=J=B;57589AM.7CA. D9HG, 9J9B 69HH9F =B H<9 :=9@8. B9GH 6@CC8@=B9G. (B@M :=J9 @9:H :FCA CB9 5B8 CB@M @=H&EA! E'(A(E #$(ICE H9F. $600. 605-940-0852. 0E !A/E RCA,!S 6IM9FG :CF %5F;9F -F57HG C: F5FA & )5GHIF9 %5B8! CCBH57H !$G H$"E' &=?9 $CBGH5BH @ D5?CH5 )FCD9FH=9G +95@ DA$(-A %( !(&E BI=@89FG F9DF9G9BHEGH5H9 (605) 641-0094 (%=7. =B; C@89B E5;@9 %C; !CA9G, 6I=@8=B; =B ,D,'D,&-,02). 95GH9FB, 79BHF5@, BCFH<K9GH9FB ,CIH< & 'CFH< D5?CH5. ,7CHH CCBB9@@, 605-530HEA!(H/BEA)(-
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
%CC?=B; :CF 5K9GCA9 D9CD@9 :CF D5FH 5B8/CF :I@@-H=A9 DCG=H=CBG 5B8 K=@@=B; HC KCF? 9J9B=B;G 5B8 K99?9B8G 5H F95H KCF? 5HACGD<9F9, K5;9G 5B8 DFC:=H G<5F=B;!
If you’d like to join our team, apply in person or online at www.subway.com or call 837-2400.
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
Tha# Y$)
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
Sunset Grill and Kadoka Subway.
#$(ICE ($+# $F I#(E&I$&
-<9 -CKB C: "BH9F=CF K=@@ A99H 5H 7:00 D.A. CB F96FI5FM 12, 2014 5H CCK6CM CCFB9F HC 7CBG=89F H<9 :C@@CK=B; (B9 D5M -9ADCF5FM (B ,5@9 &5@H B9J9F5;9 %=79BG9: "BH9F=CF /C@IBH99F F=F9 D9D5FHA9BH, /5@=8 F96FI5FM 15H<, 2014 :CF 5 GD97=5@ 9J9BH. ABM D9FGCB(G) CF <=G/<9F 5HHCFB9M, =BH9F9GH98 =B H<9 5DDFCJ5@ CF F9>97H=CB C: 5BM @=79BG9, A5M 5DD95F 5B8 69 <95F8 5H H<9 56CJ9 A99H=B;. F=B5B79 (::=79F %=B85 %=J9FACBH 3)I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 30, 2014, 5H H<9 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $7.794
Fa&" / Ra#ch
HA- F$& 'A!E: 900 -CB B9H KF5DD98, 1,480/1,750 @6. FCIB8 65@9G. )F5=F=9 ;F5GG, =BH9FA98=5H9/K9GH9FB A=L 5B8 GCA9 80% A@:5@:5/20% 7F9GH98 A=L. 0CI@8 @C58 5B8 7CI@8 <9@D 5FF5B;9 :CF HFI7?=B;. $85 HC $100 D9F HCB. %C75H98 10 A=@9G 95GH C: B9@J=89F9, ,D C5@@ 605-843-2869 CF 308-862-1327
(;B: ;3 C;??;:B;;1 &EG)!A& "EE(I#G J.:@.=C 15, 2014
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
=GGI98 6M H<9 GH5H9 C: ,CIH< D5?CH5 AIGH 577CAD5BM H<9 6=8. "B @=9I C: 5 7CDM C: H<9 @=79BG9, H<9 6=889F G<5@@ GI6A=H 5DDFCDF=5H9 9J=89B79 H<5H H<9 6=889F 5B8 5@@ 5::=@=5H9G <5J9 H<9 5DDFCDF=5H9 @=79BG9G. -<9 BC5F8 C: E8I75H=CB C: H<9 $58C?5 AF95 ,7<CC@ D=GHF=7H F9G9FJ9G H<9 F=;<H HC 5779DH CF F9>97H 5BM CF 5@@ 6=8G. *I9GH=CBG F9;5F8=B; H<=G DFC>97H 5B8 F9D5=F GD97=:=75H=CBG G<CI@8 69 8=F97H98 HC: #5A=9 !9FA5BB, ,ID9F=BH9B89BH 5H 605837-2175. $58C?5 BC5F8 C: E8I75H=CB #C B9H< .<@=F, BIG=B9GG &5B5;9F 3)I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 23 & 30, 2014, 5H H<9 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $50.704
A%A&("E#(': ,D57=CIG CB9-698FCCA IB=HG, 5@@ IH=@=H=9G =B7@I898. 2CIB; CF C@8. '998 F9BH5@ 5GG=GH5B79 CF BCH, K9 75B <CIG9 MCI. #IGH 75@@ 1800-481-6904 CF GHCD =B H<9 @C66M 5B8 D=7? ID 5B 5DD@=75H=CB. 5H9K5M AD5FHA9BHG, $58C?5. 36-H:7
(A, B$$ ': F5FA9FG/+5B7<9F H5L 6CC?G 5J5=@56@9 5H H<9 $58C?5 )F9GG. 'C&A(CH %AD': 50O 957< 5H H<9 $58C?5 )F9GG.
(;B: ;3 C;??;:B;;1 &EG)!A& "EE(I#G D2029/2= 18, 2013
-<9 F9;I@5F A99H=B; C: H<9 -CKB C: CCHHCBKCC8 K5G <9@8 098B9G85M 9J9B=B;, D979A69F 18, 2013 5H 7 D.A. 5H -CKB !5@@. -<CG9 DF9G9BH K9F9 #.C. !95H<, DCI; !CJ@5B8 5B8 D5J9 F=::99. A6G9BH K5G #9:: !95H<. (@8 BIG=B9GG: (B;C=B; 8=G7IGG=CB D9FH5=B=B; HC=BGIF5B79 7CJ9F5;9 CB CCHHCBKCC8 !5@@. 'CH<=B; F9GC@J98 5B8 GI6>97H K5G H56@98 IBH=@ :IFH<9F A99H=B;G. '9K BIG=B9GG: -<9 :C@@CK=B; 6=@@G K9F9 D5=8. 05@?9F +9:IG9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .94.70 #C !95H< . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30.00 ,<=F@9M D9BB=G . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30.00 0+EA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .101.00 C<97?=B; 577CIBH B5@5B79 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14,976.98 CD B5@5B79 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4,852.32 0=H< H<9F9 69=B; BC CH<9F 6IG=B9GG, H<9 A99H=B; K5G 58>CIFB98 IBH=@ #5BI5FM 15, 2014 5H 7 D.A. =B HCKB <5@@. #C !95H<, )F9G=89BH 3)I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 30, 2014, 5H H<9 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $12.014
I# CI&C)I( C$)&( 'I,(H J)DICIA! CI&C)I(
'(A(E $F '$)(H DA $(A C$)#(- $F JAC '$# CI*: 35CI*14-000002 #$(ICE $F HEA&I#G F$& #A"E CHA#GE $F "I#$& CHI!D ()#C$#(E'ED) I: ?52 ".??2= ;3 ?52 %2?6?6;: =24.=16:4 '?;=9 F=.:06> %.028?6 (B6=?5 C2=?6360.?2 #.92), A "6:;= C5681. F;= . C5.:42 ;3 #.92 ?; '?;=9 F=.:06> G@<?688 (%=;<;>21 #.92.) #$(ICE I' HE&EB- GI*E# H<5H 5 /9F=:=98 )9H=H=CB :CF '5A9 C<5B;9 C: 5 &=BCF C<=@8 <5G 699B :=@98 6M D96F5 %95 &7C@IF9 H<9 C6>97H 5B8 DF5M9F C: K<=7< =G HC 7<5B;9 H<9=F A=BCF 7<=@8TG B5A9 :FCA ,HCFA FF5B7=G )579@H= HC ,HCFA FF5B7=G IDH=@@. (B H<9 26H< 85M C: F96FIF5FM, 2014, 5H H<9 <CIF C: 10:00 5.A. G5=8 /9F=:=98 )9H=H=CB K=@@ 69 <95F8 6M H<=G CCIFH 69:CF9 H<9 !CBCF56@9 )5HF=7=5 D9/5B9M )F9G=8=B;, 5H H<9 CCIFH +CCA =B H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM CCIFH<CIG9, C=HM C: $58C?5, #57?GCB CCIBHM, ,CIH< D5?CH5, CF 5G GCCB H<9F5:H9F 5G =G 7CBJ9B=9BH :CF H<9 7CIFH. ABM =BH9F9GH98 D5FHM A5M 7CA9 5B8 5DD95F 5H H<5H H=A9 5B8 D@579 5B8 G<CK F95GCBG, =: 5BM, K<M G5=8 B5A9 G<CI@8 BCH 69 7<5B98 5G F9EI9GH98. D5H98 H<=G 7H< 85M C: #5BI5FM, 2014 5H $58C?5, ,CIH< D5?CH5. /G/ C5FC@ ,7<C:=9@8 C@9F? C: CCIFH 3)I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 16, 23, 30, 5B8 F96FI5FM 6, 20144
0<99@ B5G9: 170S 0<99@G: -9B (10) ,H99@ D=G7 CF A@IA=BIA -=F9G: -9B (10) 11+22.5 CF 9EI=J5@9BH K=H< HF57H=CB HF958 CB F95F H=F9G HC <5J9 50% HF958 K95F F9A5=B=B;. F=:H< 0<99@: A=F G@=89 BF5?9G: A=F: BF5?9G HC <5J9 5H @95GH 75% C: K95F F9A5=B=B; CB G<C9G ,IGD9BG=CB: B=889F HC GD97=:M HMD9 CB AC89@ 69=B; 6=8 ,H99F=B;: )CK9F ,H99F=B; FI9@ -5B?G: (B9 (1) CF ACF9 K=H< 5 A=B =AIA C: :=:HM (150) ;5@@CB 75D57=HM &=FFCFG: -KC (2) CIHG=89 09GH CC5GH HMD9, CB9 CB 957< G=89 C: 756 !95H9F & A/C: !95JM 8IHM <95H9F, 89:FCGH9F 5B8 5=F 7CB8=H=CB9F CCC@5BH !95H9F: EB;=B9 6@C7? 7CC@5BH <95H9F %=;<HG: A@@ @=;<HG HC A99H ".C.C. F9;I@5H=CBG &5=BH9B5B79/-F5::=7 05FB=B; %=;<HG: A@@ @=;<HG HC A99H ".C.C. F9;I@5H=CBG B=889F HC @=GH A=@95;9 CB HFI7?, 5B8 5@GC @=GH <CIFG / A=@95;9 CB 9B;=B9, HF5BGA=GG=CB 5B8 F95F 9B8G G=B79 @5GH A5>CF CJ9F<5I@. A@@ GMGH9AG AIGH 69 =B G5H=G:57HCFM KCF?=B; 7CB8=H=CB. &5L=AIA 5@@CK98 A=@95;9 =G 600,000 A=@9G. A88=H=CB5@ EEI=DA9BH / AHH57<A9BHG: B=889F HC @=GH 5@@ 588=H=CB5@ 9EI=DA9BH CF 5HH57<A9BHG. "B:CFA5H=CB HC =B7@I89 M95F, A5BI:57HIF9F, AC89@, 5B8 5@@ D9FH=B9BH GD97=:=75H=CBG. A@@ 9EI=DA9BH / 5HH57<A9BHG AIGH 69 =B G5H=G:57HCFM KCF?=B; 7CB8=H=CB. E'E+A% "'F(+&A-"(': B=889F HC DFCJ=89 75G< DIF7<5G9 DF=79 6=8. ": 5 @95G9 DIF7<5G9 CF :=B5B79 D57?5;9 =G 5J5=@56@9, 6=889F =G HC DFCJ=89 5@@ 89H5=@G C: H<=G D57?5;9 5G 5 GIDD@9A9BH5@ 6=8 5B8 9B7@CG9 =H K=H< H<9 75G< DF=79 6=8. B=889F =G HC GH5H9 =B KF=H=B; H<9 ;9B9F5@ 7CB8=H=CB C: H<9 HFI7?, 5H< K<99@, 5B8 588=H=CB5@ 9EI=DA9BH, 5B8 HC =B7@I89 5BM K5FF5BH=9G H<5H A5M 5DD@M. B=889F HC GH5H9 89@=J9FM 85H9 F.(.B. $58C?5, ,D. A 79FH=:=98 7<97? CF 75G<=9FTG 7<97? 8F5KB CB 5 ,CIH< D5?CH5 65B? =B H<9 5ACIBH C: :=J9 D9F79BH (5%) C: H<9 6=8 5ACIBH A589 D5M56@9 HC #57?GCB CCIBHM AIGH 577CAD5BM H<9 6=8. "B @=9I C: GI7< 7<97?, 5 6=8 6CB8 =B H<9 5ACIBH C: H9B D9F79BH (10%) C: H<9 6=8 5ACIBH, =GGI98 6M 5 GH5H9 CF B5H=CB5@ 65B? 8CA=7=@98 K=H<=B ,CIH< D5?CH5, G<5@@ 577CAD5BM H<9 6=8. A@@ 6=8G 5F9 HC 69 F979=J98 =B H<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM AI8=HCFTG (::=79 BC @5H9F H<5B 1:30 D.A. &-, F96FI5FM 10, 2014. B=8G 5F9 HC 69 CD9B98 5H 2:00 D.A. &-, F96FI5FM 10, 2014. -<9 BC5F8 C: #57?GCB CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG F9G9FJ9G H<9 F=;<H HC 5779DH CF F9>97H 5BM CF 5@@ 6=8G, 5B8 HC 5779DH H<9 6=8 H<5H =G =B H<9 69GH =BH9F9GH C: #57?GCB CCIBHM. FCF :IFH<9F =B:CFA5H=CB 7CBH57H, #57?GCB CCIBHM, ) ( BCL 280, $58C?5, ,D 57543 CF 6M 75@@=B; 605 Q 837 Q 2422. /=7?= D. 0=@GCB #57?GCB CCIBHM AI8=HCF 3)I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 30 & F96FI5FM 6, 5H 5B 9GH=A5H98 7CGH C: $71.464
B=8G :CF F9D5=F=B; H<9 CIH 6I=@8=B; FCC:G C: H<9 $58C?5 AF95 ,7<CC@ D=GHF=7H K=@@ 69 5779DH98 IBH=@ 2:00 D.A., -<IFG85M F96FI5FM 6H<, 2014. B=8G K=@@ 69 CD9B98 5H H<=G H=A9 =B H<9 C::=79 C: H<9 6IG=B9GG A5B5;9F. B=8G K=@@ 69 7CBG=89F98 6M H<9 6C5F8 C: 98I75H=CB 5H H<9=F F9;I@5F A99H=B; HC 69 <9@8 098B9G85M, F96FI5FM 12, 2014 5H 3:30 D.A. 5H "BH9F=CF. A 89H5=@98 @=GH=B; C: 5@@ 85A5;9G HC 69 F9D5=F98 =G 5J5=@56@9 5H H<9 G7<CC@ 6IG=B9GG C::=79. B=889FG D@95G9 6=8 :CF H<9 :C@@CK=B; 6I=@8=B;G HC <5J9 5 B9K A9H5@ FCC: K=H< B9K IB89F@5MA9BH, K=H< 5@@ DF9J=CIG FCC:=B; A5H9F=5@ HC 69 F9ACJ98. !=;< ,7<CC@ 'CFH< ,HCF5;9 ,<98 563.93 GIF:579 5F95 $58C?5 ,7<CC@ &C8I@5F 1318.93 GIF:579 5F95 ,HCF5;9
#$(ICE $F *ACA#C$# 'CH$$! B$A&D AD$ A A&EA 'CH$$! DI'(&IC( 35-2
-<9 :C@@CK=B; G7<CC@ 6C5F8 DCG=H=CBG K=@@ 697CA9 J575BH 8I9 H<9 9LD=F5H=CB C: H<9 DF9G9BH H9FAG C: C::=79 C: H<9 :C@@CK=B; G7<CC@ 6C5F8 A9A69FG: D5@9 C<F=GH9BG9BQ H<F99 M95F H9FA /575BH )CG=H=CB- H<F99 M95F H9FA C=F7I@5H=CB C: BCA=B5H=B; D9H=H=CBG A5M 69;=B CB #5BI5FM 31, 2014 5B8 A5M 69 :=@98 =B H<9 C::=79 C: H<9 6IG=B9GG A5B5;9F @C75H98 5H H<9 $58C?5 ,7<CC@ 69HK99B H<9 <CIFG C: 8:00 5.A. 5B8 4:00 D.A., ACIBH5=B GH5B85F8 H=A9, BCH @5H9F H<5B H<9 28H< 85M C: F96FI5FM, 2014, 5H 5:00 D.A., CF A5=@98 6M F9;=GH9F98 A5=@ BCH @5H9F H<5B H<9 28H< 85M C: F96FI5FM, 2014. #C B9H< .<@=F, BIG=B9GG &5B5;9F $58C?5 ,7<CC@ D=GHF=7H 3)I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 23 & 30, 2014, 5H H<9 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $17.674
,DCFHG CCAD@9L ,HCF5;9 ,<98 539.70 GIF:579 5F95 ,<98 69<=B8 :579 5F95 F5B8GH5B8G 125.53 GIF-
D9BCH9 CB CIHG=89 C: 9BJ9@CD9: (IH BI=@8=B;G +9D5=FG B=889FG D@95G9 6=8 :CF H<9 :C@@CK=B; 6I=@8=B; HC <5J9 5 40 M95F G<=B;@9, B9K IB89F@5MA9BH 5B8 5@@ DF9J=CIG FCC:=B; A5H9F=5@ F9ACJ98. ,ID9F=BH9B89BH <CIG9 1322.74 GIF:579 5F95 D9BCH9 CB CIHG=89 C: 9BJ9@CD9: ,ID9F=BH9B89BH !CIG9 +CC: +9D5=FG E57< 6=8 AIGH 69 577CAD5B=98 6M 5 79FH=:=75H9 C: =BGIF5B79 K=H< A=B=AIA @=56=@=HM 7CJ9F5;9 C: CB9 A=@@=CB 8C@@5FG. )IFGI5BH HC GH5H9 @5K, 5 7CDM C: H<9 6=889FTG G5@9G 5B8 IG9 H5L @=79BG9 5B8 5 7CDM C: H<9 6=889FTG 9L7=G9 H5L @=79BG9 5G
#$(ICE ($ BIDDE&'
-<9 #57?GCB CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG 5F9 F9EI9GH=B; G95@98 6=8G :CF ID HC HKC (2) IG98 2005 CF B9K9F AC89@ HFI7? HF57HCFG K=H< 5H<. K<99@. ,H5B85F8 85M 756 DF9:9FF98. )F9:9F 6CH< HFI7?G HC 69 G5A9 M95F, A5?9, AC89@, 5B8 <5J9 =89BH=75@ 9EI=DA9BH GD97=:=75H=CBG. -FI7?G HC 69 IG98 :CF ;F5J9@ <5I@=B;. -<9 HFI7?G 5F9 HC A99H, CF 9L7998, H<9 :C@@CK=B; A=B=AIA GD97=:=75H=CBG: EB;=B9: D=9G9@ ACHCF F5H98 5H 5 A=B= AIA C: 450 <D. -F5BGA=GG=CB: 10 GD998 FFCBH AL@9: +5H98 5H 12,000 +95F AL@9G: -5B89A DF=J9; F5H98 5H 40,000
!24.8 D2.186:2 F=61.C .? #;;:
8 - Thursday, January 30, 2014 - Kadoka Press
Wi##e& Regi$#a! E,(e#'i$# Ce#(e&
N%6-21%/ C28)4 C423 %1( 2-/ H)%/6, F2470 -<9 ,D,. ELH9BG=CB +9;=CB5@ C9BH9FG 5H 05H9FHCKB, 0=BB9F 5B8 ,=CIL F5@@G K=@@ <CGH 5 @=J9 6FC5875GH C: H<9 '5H=CB5@ CCB:9F9B79 CB CCJ9F CFCDG 5B8 ,C=@ !95@H<, 69;=BB=B; 5H 9 5.A. C,CB F96. 18, 2014. -<9 B5H=CB5@ 7CB:9F9B79 =B (A5<5, '96. K=@@ :C7IG CB DFCGD97HG :CF 7CJ9F 7FCDG 5B8 GC=@ <95@H< =ADFCJ9A9BHG 5B8 :95HIF9: !CK5F8 . BI::9HH, !CK5F8 . BI::9HH FCIB85H=CB - 5 DF=J5H9 :5A=@M :CIB85H=CB KCF?=B; HC =ADFCJ9 H<9 GH5B85F8 C: @=J=B; 5B8 EI5@=HM C: @=:9 :CF H<9 KCF@8UG ACGH =ADCJ9F=G<98 5B8 A5F;=B5@=N98 DCDI@5H=CBG; -CA /=@G57?, ,97F9H5FM C: A;F=7I@HIF9 (=BJ=H98); +5M 59GG9F, AA9F=75B ,CM695B AGGC7=5H=CB )F9G=89BH; A D5B9@ C: 9LD9FH DFC8I79F 7CBG9FJ5H=CB=GHG: D5J9 BF5B8H ((<=C), 569 BFCKB ('CFH< D5?CH5), D5B D9,IHH9F ("B8=5B5), 5B8 C@5M &=H7<9@@ ("CK5). R-<=G K=@@ 69 5 ;F95H CDDCFHIB=HM :CF :5FA9FG =BH9F9GH98 =B 7CJ9F 7FCDG 5B8 GC=@ <95@H< HC A99H ID K=H< @=?9-A=B898 =B8=J=8I5@G :FCA H<9=F @C75@ 5F95 HC 8=G7IGG 6CH< @C75@ 5B8 B5H=CB5@ =GGI9G F9@5H98 HC 7CJ9F 7FCDG,S G5MG +C6 &M9FG, 7CB:9F9B79 7<5=FA5B 5B8 F9;=CB5@ 8=F97HCF C: ELH9BG=CB DFC;F5AG :CF H<9 'CFH< C9BHF5@ +9;=CB ,A+E. R09 <CD9 H<5H :5FA9FG K=@@ 7CA9 DF9D5F98 K=H< EI9GH=CBG 5B8 =895G H<5H H<9M 75B :998 657? HC H<9 ..,. D9D5FHA9BH C: A;F=7I@HIF9 56CIH DFC;F5AG 5B8 5GG=GH5B79 B99898 :CF 7CJ9F 7FCDG 5B8 GC=@ <95@H<.S AHH9B8=B; H<9 B5H=CBK=89 6FC5875GH =G :F99 C: 7<5F;9 5B8 CD9B HC 5BMCB9 K<C =G =BH9F9GH98 =B <95F=B; 56CIH 5B8 8=G7IGG=B; H<9 DFCGD97HG :CF 7CJ9F 7FCDG 5B8 GC=@ <95@H< =ADFCJ9A9BHG CB AA9F=75B :5FAG 5B8 F5B7<9G. FC@@CK=B; H<9 6FC5875GH, 8=G7IGG K=H< @C75@ 9LD9FHG <CK 7CJ9F 7FCDD=B; 75B 6I=@8 GC=@ <95@H<, =ADFCJ9 M=9@8G, 7IF6 9FCG=CB, A5B5;9 D9GHG 5B8 6I=@8 F9G=@=9B79 =BHC MCIF :5FA=B; GMGH9A. !9F9 5H H<9 ,D,. ELH9BG=CB C9BH9F =B 0=BB9F, K9 <5J9 5G?98
B5( F'44/4-, !2'49 !'9.525-> F/+2* #6+)/'2/89 842-1267
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
Weathering risk on the ranch workshop in Miller
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
B@C E &2:? '288 E (=.12
9H =H 8CB9 H<FCI;< H<9 C@5GG=:=98G C5@@ $58C?5 )F9GG 837-2259

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