Kadoka hosts two days of Triple Crown Rodeo

The 20th annual Triple Crown High School Rodeo was held April 30, May 1 and 2. The first two days of rodeo action were held in Kadoka and the final rodeo performance was held in Burke.

Rodeo contestants and their families came from across South Dakota, making a total of 196 contestants competing.

Awards were given each day and average awards were given after the three rodeo performances.

Kadoka Rodeo

Performance 1

Pole Bending: 1st Kristi Steffes, Vale 20.76; 2nd Helen Breitag, Pierre 21.4; 3rd Lacey Stevens, Edgemont 21.67; 4th Kallie Odenbach, Hamill 21.9

Barebacks: 1st Chance Englebert, Edgemont 54; 2nd Sean Nicholas, Mitchell 50

Steer Wrestling: 1st Eli Lord, Rapid City 4.97; 2nd Jed Kammerer, Wall 5.7; 3rd Jess Woodward, Dupree 6.98; 4th Layne Livermont 9.38

Breakaway: 1st Cassie Crowser, Whitewood 3.08; 2nd Sierra Christensen, Kennebec 3.48; 3rd Carissa Doolittle, Midland 3.66; 4th Brianna Roberts, Rapid City 3.69

Goat Tying: 1st Hallie Fulton, Miller 9.26; 2nd Tessiah Sprague, Nisland 9.88; 3rd Jordan Tierney 10.05; 4th Chelsey Kelly, Dupree 10.1

Saddle Broncs: 1st Dawson Jandreau, Kennebec 78; 2nd Clint Nelson, Philip 66; 3rd Wyatt Kammerer, Philip 64; 4th Chet Smith, Rapid City 63

Team Roping: 1st Eli Lord, Rapid City and Jhett Williams, Faith 6.86; 2nd Travis Nelson, Philip and Jace Nelson, Philip 12.28; 3rd Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap and Dillon Schroth, Buffalo Gap 14.72; 4th Cole Fulton, Miller and Drew Cowan, Highmore 15.0

Tie Down Roping: 1st place Jade Nelson, Midland 11.93; 2nd Trey Young, Dupree 13.54; 3rd Rowdy Curr, Scenic 17.41; 4th Rolly Fortune, Interior 18.83

Barrels: 1st Hallie Fulton, Miller 16.587; 2nd Kayla Fanning, Olivet 16.716; 3rd Cally Carlson, Kadoka 16.796; 4th Taylor Berry, Carter 16.798

Bull Riding: 1st Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap, 72; 2nd/3rd John Luke McGriff, Quinn 68; 2nd/3rd Rance Maddocks, Hecla 68; 4th Joel Bertus, Avon 63

Boys Cutting: 1st Rowdy Curr, Scenic 71.5; 2nd Drew Cowan, Highmore 70; 3rd Treg Schaack, Edgemont 69.5; 4th Trey Fortune 68

Girls Cutting: 1st Hallie Fulton, Miller 69; 2nd Katie Lensegrav, Interior 68.5; 3rd Frankie Smith, Rapid City 68; 4th/5th Lexy Williams, Hettinger 67; 4th/5th Brielle Yackley, Watertwon 67

All Around Girls: Hallie Fulton, Miller

All Around Boys: Trey Young, Dupree and Rowdy Curr, Scenic

Kadoka Rodeo

Performance 2

Pole Bending: 1st Chelsie Shearer, Wall 21.503; 2nd Helen Breitag, Pierre 21.521; 3rd Kelsey Fanning, Olivet 21.749; 4th Mazee Pauly, Wall 21.796

Barebacks: 1st Chet Smith, Rapid City 65; Chance Englebert, Edgemont 51

Steer Wrestling: 1st Jess Woodward, Dupree 6.51; 2nd Clint Nelson, Philip 6.75; 3rd Drew Cowan, Highmore 8.43; 4th Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre 8.84

Breakaway: 1st Brianna Roberts, Rapid City 3.37; 2nd Carissa Doolittle, Midland 3.55; 3rd Shawnee Yordy, Martin 3.72; 4th Breann Albers, Harford 3.76

Goat Tying: 1st Chelsie Kelly, Dupree 8.73; 2nd Kelsey Richter, Quinn 10.14; 3rd Lexy Williams, Hettinger 10.23; 4th Shawnee Yordy, Martin 10.29

Saddle Bronc: 1st Wyatt Kammerer, Philip 68; 2nd Chet Smith, Rapid City 59; 3rd Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap 55

Team Roping: 1st Billy Bolden, Oglala and Tucker McDaniel, Philip 8.75; 2nd Treg Schaack, Edgemont and Tell Schaack, Edgemont 8.77; 3rd Ty Clark, Wessington and Eliot Hight, White River 12.33; 4th Jed Kammerer, Wall and Rolly Fortune, Interior 12.57

Tie Down Roping: 1st Drew Cowan, Highmore 10.86; 2nd Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre 11.3; 3rd Ty Clark, Wessington 11.85; 4th Trey Young, Dupree 12.25

Barrels: 1st Cally Carlson, Kadoka 16.631; 2nd Chelsie Shearer, Wall 16.72; 3rd Kristi Steffes, Vale 16.767; 4th Kayla Fanning, Olivet 16.778

Bull Riding: 1st Tanner Bothwell, Sturgis 83; 2nd Cole Wynia, Avon 70; 3rd Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap 68; 4th Tate Thybo, Belle Fourche 66

Boys Cutting: 1st Klay O'Daniel, Oglala 71.5; 2nd/3rd/4th Drew Cowan, Highmore 71, Rowdy Curr, Scenic 71, Jace Melvin, Ft. Pierre 71

Girls Cutting: 1st Kallie Odenbach, Hamill 69; 2nd/3rd Brielle Yackley, Watertown 68, Frankie Smith, Rapid City 68; 4th Hallie Fulton, Miller 67

All Around Girls: Chelsie Shearer, Wall

All Around Boys: Drew Cowan, Highmore

Burke Rodeo

Performance 3

Boys Cattle Cutting: 1st Drew Cowan, Highmore 71.5; 2nd Treg Schaack, Edgemont 71; 3rd Jess Woodward, Dupree 70; 4th Rowdy Curr, Scenic 68

Girls Cattle Cutting: 1st Charli Kenzyiona 68; 2nd Brielle Yackley, Watertown 67; 3rd/4th Frankie Smith, Rapid City 66; 3rd/4th Lexy Williams, Hettinger 66

Pole Bending: 1st Kayla Fanning, Olivet 21.113; 2nd Tanya Talsma, Iona 21.69; 3rd Peyton Healy, Pukwana 22.612; 4th Katie Lensegrav, Interior 22.706

Barebacks: 1st Chet Smith, Rapid City 61

Steer Wrestling: 1st Cole Fulton, Miller 4.56; 2nd Trey Fortune, Milesville 7.51; 3rd Jade Nelson, Midland 9.23; 4th Blake Boysen, Sioux Falls 9.63

Breakaway: 1st Kristi Steffes, Vale 2.56; 2nd Katy Kokesh, Belle Fourche 3.00; 3rd Jill Jandreau, Kimball 3.13; 4th Syerra Christensen, Kennebec 3.25

Goat Tying: 1st Chelsey Kelly, Dupree 9.19; 2nd Chelsie Shearer, Wall 10.05; 3rd Kristi Steffes, Vale 10.07; 4th Shawnee Yordy, Martin 10.23

Saddle Broncs: 1st Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap 69; 2nd Dexter Netterville, Mobridge 66; 3rd Dillon Schroth, Buffalo Gap 61; 4th Preston Kafka, Wagner 60

Team Roping: 1st Cole Fulton, Miller and Drew Cowan, Highmore 7.36; 2nd Trey Schaack, Edgemont and Tel Schaack, Edgemont 7.38; 3rd Hallie Fulton, Miller and Syerra Christensen, Kennebec 9.31; 4th Tyler Gaer, Pierre and Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre 9.39

Tie Down Roping: 1st Cole Fulton, Miller 10.64; 2nd Clint Nelson, Philip 11.76; 3rd Chase Albers, Hartford 12.24; 4th Tate Cowan, Ft. Pierre 12.55

Barrels: 1st Kristi Steffes, Vale 16.148; 2nd Mariah Krogman, White River 16.38; 3rd Shandra Stromer, White River 16.473; 4th Jordan Tierney, Oral 16.53

Bull Riding: 1st Kevin Hunter, Kyle 72; 2nd John Luke McGriff, Quinn 66

All Around Girls: Kristi Steffes, Vale

All Around Boys: Cole Fulton, Miller

Triple Crown

Average Winners

Boys Cattle Cutting: Drew Cowan, 212.5

Girls Cattle Cutting: Brielle Yackley 202

Pole Bending: Shandra Stromer, White River 67.53

Barebacks: Chet Smith, Rapid City 126

Steer Wrestling: Cole Fulton, Miller 29.4

Breakaway: Cassie Crowser, Whitewood 12.42

Goat Tying: Chelsey Kelly, Dupree 28.1

Saddle Broncs: Travis Schroth 124 on two

Team Roping: Cole Fulton, Miller and Drew Cowan, Highmore 35.67

Tie Down Roping: Jade Nelson, Midland 40.42

Barrels: Kristi Steffes, Vale 49.752

Bull Riding: Travis Schroth, Buffalo Gap 140 on two

Triple Crown All Around Boys Saddle winner: Drew Cowan, Highmore

Triple Crown All Around Girls Saddle winner: Chelsie Shearer, Wall.