JC-M Rebels blanket Kougars, 34-0

The football game at Kadoka on Friday, September 23, was a display of the Jones County/Midland Rebels defense, as well as of the offense. The Rebels won handily 34-0.

Only 20 seconds into the first quarter, the Rebels recovered a fumble during Kadoka’s first offensive play. The Rebels then advanced down field, until, at the 8:42 mark, Kevin Ball ran the ball in the single yard remaining to score the first touchdown. Henry Ireland made the two point conversion run. Again getting control of the ball soon afterward, the Rebels made their second touchdown when Ireland made a 40 yard run. The extra point attempt failed.

The second quarter remained scoreless for both teams.

The third quarter, mimicking the first, showed the Rebels advancing down field until a four yard run by Jake Mathews scored a third Rebel’s touchdown. The extra point attempt failed.

With no relief for the Kougars, the Rebels kept up the system of advancements up to the goal line. At the 6:28 time, Mathews ran in two yards to score again. Mathews also ran in the two point conversion. With only 1:30 left on the clock, Andrew Bork forced in a two yard run for the Rebel’s fifth touchdown. The extra point attempt failed and, when the clock soon ran out, the final score was 34-0.

The Rebels made two out of nine passes for a gain of 28 yards; Bork catching one for 18 yards and Ireland one for 10 yards. The Kougars made three out of 20 passes for 48 yards.

The Rebels made 49 runs for 297 yards. The leading rushers were Ireland - 12 for 100 and Mathews - 17 for 100. The Kougars ran 35 times for 84 yards.

JC/M had 71 tackles in the game. The leaders were Kirk Byrd with nine assists and five solos, and Brian Fedderson with seven assists and five solos.

JC/M completed 10 first downs, one because of a pass. JC/M were charged with four penalties for a loss of 35 yards, while Kadoka had four penalties for a loss of 25 yards.

The next football game for the Jones County/Midland Rebels will be Friday, September 30 at Dupree. An adult fan bus is being scheduled to go from Murdo; for more information please call 669-2258.