Jambor is new Lake Waggoner Golf Course manager

As of the first of March, John Jambor is the new general manager of the Lake Waggoner Golf Club and Course of Philip. He has already moved to town and begun seasonal preparations at the course.

His formal introduction to the club members will be at the annual meeting at 1:00 p.m. Sunday, March 20, at The Steakhouse in Philip. Election of new officers, planning discussions for the clubhouse, and a membership drive will be the other main points of the meeting. The building task force will report on possibilities of remodeling or replacing the current clubhouse to increase space and make it a year-round multi-function building.

Jambor has the background and the drive to advance the potential of the course. While a student at Sturgis High School and, later, at Black Hills State University, he was on their golf teams. Simultaneously, he was the assistant grounds keeper at the Boulder Canyon Golf Course. Some work experience before he left South Dakota included being the assistant manager at the Elks Club Course and then the assistant manager at the Meadowlark Course, both of Rapid City.

Since then, his golfing career has been varied and extensive. “For about 15 years, my golfing career included places like Georgia, Indiana, Chicago and all points in between,” said Jambor. He was the assistant at Olympia Field Country Club, the site of the 2003 U.S. Open. “I am a PGA pro. That means I have a four-year degree plus two more intensive years of running the full gambit of golfing enterprises. I was in the top 10 percent at my golf business school.”

Lately, Jambor has been getting back to his home roots as far as golfing is concerned. The big city atmosphere is not desirable. He was in Philip several years ago and offered lessons at the Lake Waggoner Course. Last season, he was the manager for the Tomahawk Golf Course near Deadwood.

Jambor comes to Philip for several reasons. “The majority of it is I like the small town atmosphere. People wave at you as they drive by.” He is encouraged that Philip has a good high school golf team. He already has hopes to start a junior program and a women’s golf clinic. When not working as the course’s manager, he will be offering golf lessons on a personal capacity. Jambor also will accept used clubs or bags as donations for others to get people started in golf and to keep their interest. Jambor admits to being a “down to earth Bohemian” who wants to give something back to others; to help somebody enjoy golf like a neighbor did for him when he was young. Jambor now says, “If you have the interest, I’ll find the time.”

Golf is user-friendly in that it can be fun and accessible to whoever wants to learn to play. “It is a social game meant for fun, not frustration,” said Jambor. “Hold the club gently, like your toothbrush, razor or steering wheel. There is no need to have your stomach in knots.”

“We are pleased to have John Jambor as our golf course and clubhouse manager,” said board chairman David Dick. “It is a plus that he can also give instructions so people can enjoy the game more.” Dick continued, “The Lake Waggoner Golf Club has just under 100 members. One of our club goals is to go over 100 in membership.”

“Why is golf such a good game?” Dick asked, then only partially answered, “It is not necessarily an easy game, but everyone can play. Handicapping adjustments make it so everyone can play evenly.” Club members and non-members may rent equipment at the clubhouse. Non-members pay a “user fee” each time they use the course, while members pay only dues.