Jacobson honored as 60-year Master Mason

60-year Mason ... Stanley Jacobson, front row, has been presented with a special recognition Masonic gold lapel pin. Seated next to Stanley is his wife, Loleta. Back row are fellow Masonic lodge members and recogniton presenters: Doug West, Durward Wheeler, Darral Brooks and Sherman Burns.

During a special ceremony held in the solarium of the Philip Nursing Home, Stanley Jacobson was recognized for his 60 years as a Mason.

Jacobson was born on May 18, 1910. Jacobson joined the Masons upon the request and insistence of friends. To use the Masonic terminology, he was "raised as a Master Mason" in the Midland Lodge on June 16, 1947.

He has held many positions and offices in the local lodges, including as the manager of the Masonic Cemetery near Philip for 16 years.

Officiating at the ceremony was Worshipful Master of Philip Lodge #153 Doug West. Also present to deem honors were Durward "Dud" Wheeler, Sherman Burns and Lodge Secretary Darral Brooks.

A special guest was Jacobson's wife, Loleta. She was recently noted as one of, if not the, oldest surviving graduates of Philip High School.

Sending regards for the Masonic honor were Leslie Spies - Past Grand Master and current Grand Secretary-Treasurer of South Dakota, Grand Master Kenneth Glaser, and District Master for District 15 Thomas Marsden. Jacobson and his 60-year recognition will be featured in the Masonic state-wide newsletter.