Hit & Miss ... Philip Social News

Pioneer Review Correspondent Vivian Hansen

Elderly Meals

Thursday Nov. 17: Chipolte Lime Tilapia, Baby Bakers, Cauliflower Au Gratin, Roll, Banana.

Friday, Nov. 18: Beef Tips Dijon, Mashed Potatoes, Cheesy Beans, Roll, Cran-apple Delight.

Monday, Nov. 21: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Wild Rice, Prince Edward Veggies, Roll, Fruit Parfait. Tuesday, Nov. 22: Steak and Grilled Onions, Roasted Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Roll, Fruit, Pudding.

Wednesday, Nov. 23: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Corn, Roll, Fruit, Pistachio Eclair Dessert.


Philip people have been noticing Vivian Hansen's debut into an acting career on television. Many have caught her in the ad for Somerset Court. Keep up the good work, Vivian. It is good to see you having fun.

The Rapid City Journal of November 6 had the obituary of Richard Burnett, Philip. Richard and Jeanette Burnett were my good neighbors in Philip. They shared their apples and pears, year after year. My sympathy to family and friends.

Also in the Journal that day was the obituary of Dale Hansen, Frazier Park, Calif., formerly of Philip. He was my husband's brother, son of Alvina and Ralph Hansen. Dale and his wife, Doris, raised a family of nine and helped over 100 other kids on their way when they needed a place to stay and someone to care for them. His obituary mentioned that Dale was an accomplished machinist and that he had his own precision grinding business. Dale loved basketball and helped neighborhood kids learn and appreciate the game. Dale loved music and art. He made unique creations out of recycled materials. In 2009, he drove to Philip for my 90th birthday. He drove a motorhome that he had made on the back of a small pickup. It looked like a miniature cabin. We love you, Hunka Daley!

Graveside services for Dale were held Saturday, November 12, 2011, at Philip Masonic Cemetery with Pastor Frezil Westerlund officiating.

Sunday, Wayne and M.R. Hansen came to Somerset Court to visit Vivian Hansen and stayed for lunch. M.R. stayed for scrabble. It was not a spectacular game.

Sunday, November 6, 2011, we had church services with Pastor Terry Pulse and Steve. Thanks also to Jack Humke for playing the piano for hymn singing. Present were Terry and Mrs. Pulse, Steve, Jack, Mac and Dorothy, Don, Connie, Jeannie, Floy, Ruth S., Irene McKnight, Erma Brandt, Edna Buckles, Virginia Gray, Lois Schultz, Ellen, Annette, Jim and Eleanor, and Vivian Hansen.

Tuesday, whist was scheduled and Irene A. and Irene C. beat Sandy and Vivian.

At Tuesday bingo, winners were Jeannie, twice, Addie, Doris, Ruth S., Irene A., Irene McK., and Violet. Thank you, Sandy, for calling bingo numbers. For snack and chat, we had a variety of cheese slices, rolled up meats and white and wheat crackers. Very tasty. Thank you, Amy, Shawn and Sandy.

After bingo, Floy and I walked laps. I showed Floy the pretty postcard that my granddaughter, Crystal Jackson, Huntington Beach, Calif., had made. Thank you for the beautiful, imaginative card, Crystal. Crystal said ther her colored corn has a little ear, which is surprising, because Southern California is not really corn country. She has a tiny avocado in a pot. I like avocadoes for houseplants, and I have two of them. (Just plant the big pit out of an avocado. The plant has pretty leaves. One of mine is 18 inches tall. They can be trimmed back for houseplants.)

Last night, I got down the special paper that I use for Christmas snowflakes. It is onion skin, 25 percent rag. M.R. Hansen provided me with a whole ream of this special paper a few years ago, and I use it only for snowflakes. (Note from Pioneer Review: Vivian makes beautiful snowflakes. We put them up every year at Christmas time.) We used to call it second sheets when we typed things. It made a strong, but thin, copy to cut down on storage. I cut two snowflakes. If you get a Christmas greeting from me, it will probably have a snowflake with it.

I finished reading the book, "Heaven Is For Real," which was one of the books sent to me from the Rapid City library on their homebound program. This book has been on the USA Today's best seller list for several months. It is about a little boy and the story of his near death experience as related by his father who is a minister. What you think of the book will of course be determined by what you bring to the book.

Wednesday, November 9, Somerset Court had a bus load of residents going for lunch bunch out to the Elks Club including Ruth Sharp and her daughter, Virginia, Anne Brink, Connie Stevens, Blanche, Ann Onymous, Agnes, Ellen, Violet and Charlie. They reported a big dinner at a pretty place.

Sandy and Shawn played a little whist with Inez and Vivian. Next we went to fully fit exercises. These exercises use small weights, one or two pounds, in a variety of stretching and lifting routines. Fully fit is a Somerset Court activity that is usually scheduled twice a week.

We just received a pamphlet in which there is an article asking "Are You Flexible?" It encourages a 10-minute routine and outlines the benefits from stretching. It suggests starting gradually and building up to 10 minutes. The illustrations show the standing hamstring stretch, the standing backward bend, posterior shoulder stretch, back expansion, chest expansion, and calf stretch.

Violet, Sandy, and Vivian had a little session of pool Wednesday. Violet's daughter comes to see her regularly and they shoot a little pool.

Thank you, RoseAnn and Larry Schulz, Philip, for your nice note.

I just finished the Rapid City library book, "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet," by Jamie Ford. It was a fascinating story of the historic times in WWII when the Japanese residents of Seattle were sent to concentration camps in Idaho and Nevada. The main character is a Chinese boy there in Seattle, whose parents make him speak only English. He becomes acquainted with a Japanese girl who is also a scholarship student. She speaks only English. They couldn't just have a normal life and go dating. Read the book and find out what happens.

Somerset Court plans to send a bus to the Rush hockey game Saturday evening, November 12.