HCYW’s Kiddie Park dreams soon to be an even greater reality

The dream began long ago. The grant was applied for in early April of 2005. That grant was formally approved in January of 2006. On Saturday, April 29, a large quantity of new playground equipment will be installed at the Philip Kiddie Park.

Haakon County Young Women have worked long to see this dream become a reality. The land is owned by the City of Philip. And, since requirements dictate that a public entity must do the paperwork for the grant, the City of Philip has been the official facilitator. No taxes go toward the maintenance of the Kiddie Park (nor the Fire Hall Park maintained by the Community Betterment Committee). The City of Philip does provide water.

HCYW will be calling on all members and other volunteers to help with the equipment installation. Some dirt will be removed to make a shallow pit for the new surface material, then an estimated 10 semi-loads of pea-rock will go in as a somewhat ‘giving’ playground surface. The pea-rock will be an estimated 10 inches deep.

There will be more than just the originally planned large manufactured playground unit with slides, monkey bars, bridges and other kid-intriguing items. The main unit is geared for children from ages five to 12. Another unit going in will be for children from two to five. An extra swing set, a spring-mounted ATV, and several park benches will also be installed.

As a matter of fact, so many donations of money and items have been given that there are plans to put up a donor wall of plaques noting gifts of $500 or more. Some items such as park benches will be in memory of individuals and will be marked as such.

The Federal National Park Service, by way of the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department, has approved the fifty-fifty matching $11,500 grant. HCYW and other donors have easily exceeded their amount. Currently the project’s total is at $35,420. By displaying patience for the right manufacture’s sale, the HCYW have purchased the main $38,334 combination unit for $28,751, which now includes free shipping.

The president of HCYW is Hallie Albrecht. There are 17 other members, including Doreen Vetter, who researched and finalized the purchase of the main playground unit.