Hayes community comedy performance "Squirrel Lake" full of hilarious nuts

Oh no, its departed Mom in a strange man’s body ! ... In this play, performed at the Hayes Community Hall, estranged siblings come together for the reading of their mother’s will. Their mother, though, shows up in the body of an out-of-his-mind detective.

Mistaken identities and confusion run rampant at the Olsen family's summer cottage on Squirrel Lake.

Imagine a normal dysfunctional family of three grown siblings who haven't seen one another for years. Each one is struggling to survive their own faults. Now, put them in a cabin to discuss what to do with their mother's will and see how human nature takes over. A series of unfortunate accidents, misunderstandings, and totally out of control children lead to an interesting weekend.

Pat Prince plays the lead as the older brother, Phillip, a 40-year-old Chicago lawyer who is divorced with no children. He facilitates the reading, and eventual the altering of his mother's will.

Shad Riggle plays Patrick and Annette Hand plays Sally, Phillip's younger siblings. Patrick, the youngest, is still single and works at Captain Happy's Burger Barge. Sally is married to Bob and is an overly accepting mother to four kids.

Duane Hand plays Sally's extremely accident-prone husband, Bob, sarcastically nick-named "Mr. Lucky." He is a sports journalist for the Chicago Tribune and is a die-hard Cubs fan.

Sally and Bob's four children are never on stage. Thank goodness for the safety of everyone.

Christi Hand plays the questionable nun Sister Mary Elizabeth Catherine Theresa. Her expertise is thought by others, even her brother, to be in a far more colorful area. She is a sister to Lance.

Vince Bruce plays Detective Lance Hardy, a somewhat out-of-sorts Chicago police detective currently bordering on a nervous breakdown. His over-medication is a hindrance and a help to the plot.

Julie Hand plays bachelorette Joy, Captain Happy's daughter. She has a serious crush on Patrick and takes stalking to a whole new level.

This two act comedy is directed by Judy Fosheim. It has three scenes in the first act and two scenes in the second act.