Haakon/Jackson County Livestock Show results

The Haakon/Jackson County Livestock show was held on Saturday, August 4, with 16 youth from the two counties participating. The show began with the sheep, followed by the goat and then finished with the cattle. The small animal show included five cat entries.


Showmanship: Katie Haigh - Top Purple, Peyton DeJong - Blue, Conner Dekker - Blue, Brian Pfeifle - Blue.

Cat: Peyton DeJong with Tinker Belle - Purple, Conner Dekker with Spotz - Purple, Brian Pfeifle with Tulip - Purple, Peyton DeJong with Callie - Blue, Katie Haigh with Fluffy - Blue.


Showmanship: Sam Haigh - Blue, Katie Haigh - Blue.

Market Wether: Sam Haigh - Top Purple, Katie Haigh - Blue.


Showmanship: Elsie Fortune - Top Purple.


Senior Showmanship: Tawnie DeJong - Top Purple, Kristin Schmidt - Blue.

Junior Showmanship: Trey DeJong - Top Purple, Tate DeJong - Purple, Dusti Berry - Blue, Seth Haigh - Blue, Jennifer Hulm - Blue, Sam Haigh - Blue.

Beginner Showmanship: Peyton DeJong - Top Purple, Alaina Stangle - Blue, - Rachel Parsons-Blue.

Bull Calf: Tawnie DeJong - Champion.

Breeding Heifer: Peyton DeJong - Champion, Dusti Berry - Reserve Champion - Kristin Schmidt - Purple, Tate DeJong - Blue, Tawnie DeJong - Blue, - Rachel Parsons - Blue, Seth Haigh - Blue, Sam Haigh - Blue.

Feeder Calf: Trey DeJong - Champion, Tate DeJong - Reserve Champion, Alaina Stangle - Purple, Jennifer Hulm - Purple, Jennifer Hulm - Blue.

"Congratulations to all of our young exhibitors and we encourage you to attend the show next year and support our area youth," said Adele Gelvin, Extension Educator-Livestock.)