Haakon/Jackson County Fair and Philip Festival Days a success

See Photo Gallery for more candid photos from the fair and Festival Days!!

The Haakon/Jackson County Fair and Philip Festival Days were a resounding success. Individuals and groups of all ages could find something to do during all three days, Friday through Sunday.

Actually, the activities began on Thursday afternoon with the 4-H and open class exhibits and judging. Anything from photography, to food, to miniature rockets and most things in between were on display.

On Friday, the exhibits and the Pen of 3 opened before noon. Later, the youth goat roping kept guys and gals busy until well after the barbecue supper, which was provided by the fair board.

Some entrants in the stick horse rodeo were shy and some were bold. Some were intent on the events, while others were more intent on the cheers and directions from the audience. First place for the two-to-five age barrel racing was taken by Dawson Reedy, while second place went to Kyla Sawvell. The six-to-eight winner was Grady Carley, while second place went to Jace Giannonatti. First place in the pole bending for the 2-5 ages went to Kyla Sawvell, with Brianna Schrieber and Damian Bartels tying for second. For the 6-8 ages, Sterling Ellens took first, while second was split by Blake Crowser and Grady Carley.

The tractor pedal pull was also a big audience draw. Many completed pulls had to be run again and again to break ties. The four-year-old girl winner was Consuelo Pugh, and the boys’ winners were Casey Schriever (1st) and Ethan Tryan (2nd). The five-year-old girls first and second place winners were Kyla Sawvell (Quinn) and Emily Trapp (Midland); for the boys were Dawson Reedy and Dylan Schofield. Six-year-old girls were Miranda Dale and Mariah Dale (Midland); boys were Riley Heltzel and Jesse Sawvell (Quinn). No seven-year-old girls competed; boys were Grady Carley and Wyatt Trapp (Midland). Eight-year-old girls were Tyana Gottsleben and Destiny Dale (Midland); boys were Rylee Schreiber (Wall) and Nelson Holman. There were no nine-year-old girl competitors; boys were Chauncey Trapp and Tristen Rush. The 10-year-old girl was Sam Johnson; boys were Laketon McLaughlin (Wall) and Dalton Ellers (Phoenix, AZ). Eleven-year -old girls were Cassidy Trapp and Misty Johnson; boys were Brandon Dale and Zebb Crowser.

After a free barbecue by the fair board, and an ice cream social fundraiser by the 4-H, the talent show entertained the audience. Contestants under 13 performed, but were not judged. These included Michelle VanTassel, Jacob Bielmaier, Marcus Martinez and Katie Bielmaier. The judged competition included fourth place Colby Smith singing God’s Will, 3rd place Chancie Smith singing Me and Emily, 2nd place Tracie Erdmann performing Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, and first place Cassidy Smith doing Angel. Rose Heeb sang Crazy, though she has already been invited as a return performer to this year’s contest in early September in Mitchell.

The carnival downtown included five different air castles for shoeless youth. The dunk tank wore out throwing arms of tiny girls up to tall semi-pro guys. The mechanical bull bucked off beginners, braggarts, and experienced riders until the early hours.

The street dance presenting “Sweet Addiction” drew mostly younger dancers, though residents throughout the town could open their windows and enjoy the music, which many did.

The 5K walk/run sponsored by the Cowgirls Cookin’ up a Cure group attracted 42 participants. Many walked, though some did run. In the 14- to 19-year-old women's division, Sarah Albrecht took first and Taylor Holman took second. In the women’s 30 to 39 bracket, Shannon Amiotte took first and Julie Nelson took second. The winner of the men’s under 13 bracket was Nelson Holman; 14-19 Marc Moor; 20-29 Carey Radway; and 40-49 Mike Albrecht. Amiotte and Radway ran the best times in their respective gender divisions.

The 4-H livestock shows began Saturday morning until the parade began, then continued until two o’clock.

The parade involved horse-drawn wagons, bicycles, golf carts, tractors, flat-beds, hot rods, clowns and candy. Even the class reunions meeting over the weekend joined as part of the Hawaii theme.

Many people ate their mid-day meal at the burger bust.

The hot weather during the demolition derby added to the sales of pop, snowcones and bowls of ice cream. Any overheating and small fires were quickly taken care of by the Philip Volunteer Fire Department. Heat #1 ended with first place going to Travis Vetson, 2nd – Derek Orth, 3rd – Dale Morrison, 4th – Alex Moos, 5th – Andy Schofield. Heat #2: 1st – Dustin Arthur, 2nd – Andy Fitzgerald, 3rd – Kenny Clements, 4th – Brandon Morrison, 5th – Caleb McLaughlin. Heat #3: 1st – Jeff Chrisman, 2nd – Coddy Gartner, 3rd – Luke Clements, 4th – Warren Sweezy, 5th – Ted Schofield. Consolation heat: 1st – Dale Morrison, 2nd – Brandon Morrison, 3rd – Alex Moos, 4th – Ted Schofield, 5th – Warren Sweezy. The main heat ended with first place going to Chrisman; 2nd – Orth, 3rd – Vetsch, 4th – D. Morrison, 5th – B. Morrison, 6th – Gartner, 7th – Clements, 8th – Fitzgerald.

The reunions of the classes of 1954, 55, 56 and 57 met for an evening meal at the Philip elementary gymnasium, where they were entertained by the Haakon County Crooners and rehashed old memories.

The Propbusters Club was in Philip for the third year to present a radio controlled air show. This year, the flying was done at Lake Waggoner where the wind was less of a factor. One distant plane found a tree while across the lake and several had to be retrieved from the water by the PVFD rescue team in a boat, but the flying was enjoyed by the club members and the spectators.

The Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tournament drew 42 golfers. The tournament results can be found on page seven.

The mud bog was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. In the street stock division, the winners were Casey Willard – 1st, Tyler Rankin – 2nd, Scott Miller – 3rd. The powder puff winners were led by Julie Kelly –1st, Tina Sharken – 2nd, Kristin Roseth – 3rd, Shatah Willard – 4th. In the small block super stock, Chance Wooden Knife – 1st and Tim Eymer – 2nd. In the big block super stock, Cole Venard – 1st, Adam Roseth – 2nd, Tim Eymer – 3rd. Small block modified, Mike Rosk – 1st, Tyler Rankin – 2nd, Dale Morrison – 3rd. Big block modified, Todd O’Connor – 1st, Chris Kruml – 2nd, Trace O’Connell – 3rd. The extreme category was won by Chance Wooden Knife, with second place going to Chris Kruml and third going to Todd O’Connor.

Plans have already begun for next year’s Haakon/Jackson County Fair and Philip’s Festival Days.