Haakon School Board aligns budget

The Haakon School Board is already aligning its budget and accounting practices toward any possible “scarcity” bill which may be re-introduced in the state legislature.

School districts which have few students in a very large area may be given additional support if a bill similar to last year’s session is introduced and passes in the next session. Any qualifying factors for candidate districts would probably depend on budgets, expenditures, and student/area ratios.

Another issue concerning the next school year is the increasing discussion and investigations into a four-day school week. Board members have received an unofficial indication from teaching staff and people from downtown in favor of a shortened week. More formal and detailed work on the matter will proceed as the year goes on.

Career Day for the high school will be on October 21. This year, the booths and representatives will be in Rapid City. The trend is for fewer, but bigger, career fairs state-wide.

The geo-thermal heating issue with downtown businesses has been settled. The group’s fee of $5,000 has been raised to $6,500 per year. Temperature of the water flow, diminishing rate of the water flow, and aging of the downtown equipment are all factors. If the heat or other factors of the agreement change, then renegotiations will be done.

Explicit deadlines for final tests and final grades will be clarified at a future date. Fairness is the concern for allowing seniors to march through the graduation ceremonies if their required classes are not passed. The issue was tabled until the next meeting.

The Haakon School Board meets the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the high school. The meeting room is the distance-learning room across the hall from the finance office at the north end of the building. The public is welcome to attend.