Haakon County not eligible for emergency CRP haying/grazing

Haakon County has been disapproved for Emergency CRP haying and grazing. The county could only show a 36 percent below normal loss of precipitation. The adhered-to procedure states that Haakon County must have at least 40 percent or more below normal precipitation for the preceding four months.

South Dakota Farm Service Agency administrator Steve Cutler said that producers in the eligible counties with CRP acreages devoted to any of these practices, CP1, CP2, CP4B, CP4D, CP10, CP18B and CP18C, are eligible to complete a request to graze up to 75 percent of each field or contiguous CRP fields. CRP annual rental payments will be reduced by 25 percent on the acres grazed.

Additional requests from counties are being processed as they are received at the state level. To qualify for emergency grazing, counties must document a 40 percent loss of precipitation, pasture and forage production for the four most recent months, plus the days in the current month up to the date of application.

“Producers must contact their local FSA office to designate the CRP acreages that will be grazed and work with NRCS to modify their conservation plan,” said Cutler. “CRP participants who do not own or lease livestock may rent or lease their grazing privileges.”

Producer applications to graze CRP must be approved by the local County Committee prior to any grazing of the CRP. To expedite producer approval, Cutler encourages interested producers in the approved counties to immediately contact their local FSA office to set up an appointment to complete the CRP grazing application process.

To check on the status of county drought applications or for additional disaster information, contact your local FSA county office.

For more information contact: SED, Steve Cutler at 605-352-1160 or at www.fsa.usda.gov/sd/