Haakon County election results breakdown

According to the 2000 Census, there are 2,196 people in the county. This is broken down to Philip having 886 residents, Midland with 179, and 1,131 people considered as rural. As of election day, there are 1,498 active voters registered at the Haakon County Courthouse. There were a total of 1,116 citizens who voted during the last election.

Not all of the six precincts voted the same way on all the election issues and candidates. Precinct #1 polls at the Deep Creek Church. Precinct #4 votes in the Milesville Hall; #16 and #19 in the Community Room of the Haakon County Courthouse, #17 at the Senior Center, and Precinct #20 votes in the Midland Fire Hall.

Haakon County, as a whole, was overridden by other South Dakota voters concerning the accepted tobacco tax increase. Haakon County also voted to not further limit the use of the state aircraft, which will now be restricted. Legislated restrictions on abortion would have gone into effect, if left to the voters in Haakon County. Local voters would have put John Koskan, instead of Steve Kolbeck, in as Public Utility Commissioner. Craig Hanrahan would have easily won over Theresa Two Bulls for District 27 Senate. Gene Williams would have been a District 27 representative, instead of Jim Bradford. Haakon County would have put Rose Ann Wendell on the Sixth Circuit Court (position D) instead of Kathleen Trandahl.

In other issues and for other candidates, Haakon County voted along the lines of the rest of the majority of South Dakota.