Haakon 27-1 School Board finalizes 2006-07 contracts

The Haakon School Board has approved the contracts for certified and extra-curricular employees for next school year. All teaching positions are filled for the 2006-07 year except for one – the high school science position. Four extra-curricular spots are still open – oral interp advisor, sponsor for the annual, head volleyball coach, and coach for junior high boys’ basketball.

The board voted to condemn a proposed lawsuit by the South Dakota Coalition of Schools. The Coalition is planning to sue the State of South Dakota, trying to prove that there is an inadequacy of funding. The Haakon School Board does not believe that a lawsuit is the way to go about changing the funding for schools by the state. One comment made was that items pending in a lawsuit are not otherwise addressed as long as the suit is pending.

The board has agreed to support most of the resolutions made by the Associated School Boards of South Dakota. The board is cautious to stress not only adequacy, but also equality, in funding of education. The board is also cautious to retain authority over its school district, rather than allowing the state to dictate local matters and decisions.

The district gave approval of the first reading of a wellness policy, which every school must have in place before next school year. The policy deals with nutrition, exercise and safety of the students and of the school’s contribution in these areas to the community. Most suggestions made by the state and other school districts are already being implemented in this school district.

The recent school board election showed a turnout of a little more than 10 percent of the registered voters. Incumbents Matt Reedy and Kelly Blair will retain their seats on the board.

The building committee reported on suggested repairs and improvements for the buildings and grounds. Alfalfa Valley and Deep Creek RACs will be kept up and winterized, with the hopes that a population increase in their area will call for their re-opening. Some general upkeep, such as painting, as well as some major repairs, such as roofing repair, were suggested for the Cheyenne and Milesville RACs. Repairs or replacements were suggested for some windows and doors in the Philip schools. Some suggestions were also made concerning the playground equipment, paving and fences for the schools. No action will be taken until after further discussion and until after the budget meeting.

The Dakota STEP testing in grades 7-11 has been completed. Mrs. DeJong and Mrs. Hicks organized the activity.

Gale Patterson of Kadoka and Jeff Rieckman of Philip are working on a plan to create one athletic conference for area schools. Many of the schools are in two conferences now and it is proposed that one conference would be better for all of the schools involved.

Senior graduation will be May 14. Eighth grade recognition night will be May 16.

The next scheduled Haakon School District 27-1 Board of Education meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 15, in Room A-1 of the Philip High School.