Grant for Haakon County Library reading group

The South Dakota Humanities Council, an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, has awarded a grant to the Haakon County Public Library.

The program, Reading Group Toolkits, assists small rural libraries with their reading groups. According to standards used by humanities programs, the Philip area is considered an underserved community.

The library was able to acquire a grant from the Humanities Council that provides up to 30 copies of the book being discussed in a community book club program. The grant also supplies a scholar who leads the discussion on that particular title. Currently, over 30 different titles are available for loan. The publicized discussion evening is open to all. At the end of the evening, the coordinator fills out a program evaluation and a cost sharing analysis, which are turned into the Humanities Council.

With ample time for individuals to read the book before the January 25 meeting, the Philip area's new reading group's first title was "Giants in the Earth" by O.E. Rolvaag. A talk was given by Dorothy Liegl, one of the scholars provided by the Humanities Council. Afterward, the attendees discussed a list of questions that was provided along with the books.

"We had seven people in attendance that evening," said Annie Brunskill, Haakon County Public Library director, about the group's first meeting. "And (we) enjoyed a potluck and more discussion afterwards."

"We will tentatively be holding a second reading group evening in April. We'll be reading either "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger or "The Land They Possessed" by Mary Worthy Breneman.

For more information or to join the reading group, call Brunskill at 859-2442.