Good start for Philip's new business Hometown Computer Services (HCS)

Ron Larson, with support from his wife, Trisha, has started Hometown Computer Services (HCS), which services the greater Philip, Kadoka and Murdo area.

"Basically, I struck up the business because there was a need in town. People were paying more than I thought they should for computer repair and service," said Ron Larson, owner and operator of Hometown Computer Services out of Philip.

Starting in April, Larson has been acquiring more and more work and satisfied customers. "I pretty much know up front what I can and can't handle when it comes to computer problems, and I'll admit that before I start any job," said Larson. "The newspaper advertisement was good, but positive word of mouth is also very important."

Having had computer schooling and experience from Cedar Rapids, IA, Larson can work on personal and business computer repair, removal of spyware and viruses, wireless and local area networking, printers and general troubleshooting. With house calls as a main aspect of the business, Larson is currently working out of his home, though soon will be using his remodeled garage as an office and workshop. The work phone number is 685-9316.

"When someone calls with a computer related problem, you first ask a few questions, though you don't do a whole lot of troubleshooting over the phone," said Larson. He admitted that he has had to relearn some things on the far older computers and programs. "I do quite a lot of virus removal, even though most computer viruses are preventable."

HCS has grown from a part-time business to a major service in the area. Along with working at an auto business in Philip, Larson is growing more and more into the HCS business. Larson said, "At some point it will be my only full-time job."

Larson and his wife, Trisha, moved back to Philip "because of our two kids. Here you don't have to worry about where your kids are playing or about your neighbors. You feel secure here. Philip is family."

T. Larson agreed, and she thinks computers and computer related businesses could be in the future for Philip. "I think an office building or something for remote telecommuters could start up in Philip," she said. She believes work by e-mail and other methods would be "mostly because of alumni who want to get back to their hometown of Philip and raise their families here."