Golf course's "new" clubhouse in place

The new Lake Waggoner Golf Course clubhouse building is now on its foundation.

According to club board member Glenn Parsons, several years ago a club committee investigated both the old building's need for repairs and the club's need for more building space. The old building is constructed of deteriorating cinder block, the roof and many rafters need to be replaced, and the floor is beginning to break apart. Repair would be too expensive. Also, there was no way to expand the current structure.

The board looked at several options for a new building that would provide adequate room and still be economical to build. Quotes for stick built buildings were assembled, both as a turn key unit and with partial volunteer labor. The cheapest was around $70,000 - the limit the golf course was willing to invest. An engineer was consulted on the feasibility of converting some or all of the water treatment plant. Remodeling costs were estimated at around $130 per square foot.

The decision was passed at a meeting of the general membership to go ahead with a stand-a-lone building. A large share of the labor would be donated from the members of the golf course, and the technical details would be hired.

A board member came across a listing of a building for sale. It seemed like something that could work and save money. Two groups of club members looked at the building, which was already sitting on moving beams. There would need to be some remodeling, but the assets outweighed the liabilities. The club decided to purchase the building.

The next decision was exactly where to locate the building on golf course property. By this time the City of Philip had surplussed the water treatment plant and the golf course had purchased it. Some club members wanted to incorporate the treatment plant into the clubhouse plans. Attaching the newly purchased building to the east side of the treatment plant would offer possibilities for future expansion. It would also create more room in the clubhouse area by allowing the bathrooms and showers, which will also be available for the lake campground, to be constructed in the treatment plant.