Golden West putting in communication cable

Golden West project ... Golden West Telecommunications is excavating and laying new cable in Philip. The construction project, expected to be completed by mid-July, includes burying copper, coax, and fiber optic cables. This work is a back up for current systems and to ease any future additions and advancements.

Golden West Telecommunica-tions is excavating ground, drilling new cable paths and laying new cable in Philip.

The current construction project, which is expected to be complete by mid-July, includes burying copper, coax, and fiber optic cables. Westcott Construction Company, Inc. is working with Golden West on the project.

According to Tom Finn with Golden West, the work is a backup to current cable routes. If communication lines were ever for some reason to fail, the system would be able to be re-routed so that little if any loss of service would be noticed. Old air-core cable laid down in the 1960s and 1970s is being replaced with grease-filled cable. Finn said that the copper, coax and fiber cabling will now all be in the same trenching and in a better location for the trenching. This should simplify things if the city ever puts in a sewer system on Wood Avenue.

The three types of wiring - copper, coax and fiber - are currently backups, with a few homes getting drop cables. There will be two four-inch ducts from north of Scotchman Industries to the Golden West shop, plus the existing duct work. "The new duct system will now be there so if Golden West ever needs to add new cable, we can pull it through this duct work without more excavating," said Finn.

There are projections of a television upgrade for late this summer. "But, we wouldn't have had to do this in order to do that," said Finn.

Golden Wests' Jody Bielmaier will provide information concerning any cable television upgrades as they develop. She said, "This project is an investment in the community that ensures homes and businesses will receive innovative and dependable services now and into the future."