Girls' basketball season begins with energy

“The Philip Scotties girls’ basketball seniors are out to make a statement, and the rest of the team is ready to support them,” according to the team’s head coach Bobbie Jo Hix.

The 20 players, four student managers, and assistant coach are working hard on creating a solid team. Hix said of assistant coach Mike Albrecht, “This is his first time being an assistant basketball coach, but he’s been a referee, so he knows the game. We work very well together. All the girls respect and look up to him.”

The players also have already earned praise from Hix. “They are exciting, awesome. They are willing to do anything for the team. I’m very lucky to have the athletes that I have,” she said. “The seniors have excellent leadership ability and are highly motivated and positive. The juniors and the rest of the team are doing a really good job supporting that.”

Hix describes the progress of the practices: “They’re very quick defensively. Offensively, they are coming along well, especially for a having to learn a new offense. We’ll be using a modified motion offense; continuous motion looking for a back door. They’ll be looking for and working for a fast break; if they can’t get that, then they’ll do a set up and run it. We’ll be using a wheel defense; no surprise there.”

The first Scotties girls’ basketball game was at home against the Dupree Tigers on December 7.