The Galleria nail care new Philip business

“All about pampering” ... Illustrating the luxurious pedicure “throne,” is Tricia Burns, owner and operator of a new nail care business in the area. The Galleria Nail Care is at the south door of 103 North Larimer Street. Nail treatments range from 15 minutes to “the works” of two and a half hours.

The Galleria nail care salon at the south entrance of 103 North Larimer Street, opened Monday, June 1, as a new business in Philip.

"The nail care business is all about pampering and taking care of clients," said Tricia Burns, the owner and operator. "My job isn't just to make them look pretty, but to make them feel good. It's very therapeutic.

"We use our hands and feet every single day, and take them for granted. Here, we pay attention to them. And, here, there is no stress. The worst problem would be if someone prefers a different shade of polish, so we'll take it off and repolish. Clients come in and it's a happy feeling," said Burns.

Though nail care treatments can be done any time, many clients take advantage of the various services before such events as weddings, proms and vacations. "They want their toes to look and feel good before going on a cruise or anywhere with a beach," explained Burns.

Services include artificial nail enhancements for fingernails and toenails, paraffin (wax) hand treatments, natural nail manicures, relaxing hot stone heated pedicures, spa-style pedicures in a pedicure throne style chair with pureflo pipeless jets, and a soothing tru-touch massage system.

Burns has eventually come to Philip after, first, graduating from Sturgis High School and then, in 2001, completing 400 hours of nail technology courses at Stewart's School of Hair Design. She continued her training in a one year mentoring program at Mystique Edge in Rapid City, where she continued working until 2005. Until just recently, Burns was a part owner and the nail technician at the Polished Pinky in Wall.

Burns' husband, Marty, is a rancher and the family lives on a ranch north of Cottonwood. Their 19-month-old son, Carson, makes five children in the household, the older ones being Tricia's stepchildren. Carson is attending day care and will be attending school in Philip. Family, school, and now her new business, are all Philip-based. "I wanted my own business for several reasons, but mainly because I wanted to do my own thing. Then, opportunity came for me to move my business into this building," said Burns.

She said that a basic service, a buff and polish, requires about 15 minutes, while "the works" requires about two and a half hours. An average treatment session, on hands or on feet, is estimated at about an hour.

The Galleria will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On Mondays, though the exact opening hour is not set yet, the doors will remain open until 8:00 p.m. Other evenings and weekends will be available by appointment. Call for appointments at 859-2292.