Ft. Pierre to Deadwood Wagon Trail itinerary is set

Lonis Wendt, program coordinator, announcer and scout, has revised and updated the program list of speakers, music and information for the trail ride.

Evening meals will begin between 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Evening programs will begin at 8:00 p.m. Interest will determine the length of the evening programs, with the musical programs continuing until 10:00 p.m.

Campsites for July 3, 4 and 5 will be north of Philip.

July 29, Day 0 - Gather at the fairgrounds in Ft. Pierre, with overnight camping available. Appreciation picnic and celebration followed by program. Speakers: Verendrye Trail Ride co-chairmen Charles Poches and Darby Nutter, Mayor Tidball, Pierre Mayor and Wagonmaster Gerald Kessler. The music will be by Harney Horhman and Friends.

July 30, Day 1 - 18 miles. Parade at 8:00 a.m. from fairgrounds, across Bad River Bridge up Verendrye Monument Hill and out of Ft. Pierre. Noon stop will be one mile north of the Highway 34 and Mud Road cut-across junction. Night camp: two miles west of Willow Creek Rd. on south side of Hwy. 34-14. Supper provided by Cattleman's Association. Speakers: Matt Reitzell and Carol Jennings of SD Historical Society-Trail History booklet research, Ken Stewart Willow Creek Stage Station, Chad Tussing Know Your Snakes, and Gerald Kessler Tack.

July 31, Day 2 - 19 miles. Weather conditions to determine daily departure time. Noon stop north of Hwy 34 at Lance Creek, one mile north of large dam on Prince ranch. Night camp at old Hayes townsite, south of Hwy 34-14 at Hayes. Supper; Hayes Fire Department cash BBQ supper. Speakers: ROY NORMAN DAY by Governor, Norman Family representatives, Dodie Garrity's history of Hayes, Ken Stewart of South Dakota Historical Society. Music: Harney & Friends.

August 1, Day 3 - 14 miles. Noon stop; 3 mi S of Hwy. 34 on Hwy 63 and then 2.5 mi E. Night Camp; 5 mi S of Hwy 34 on Hwy 63 then 2 mi W. Supper; Jeff Putzier and Friends Speakers; Hand Family, Jim Osburn , Gay Logan, discuss the Kunneke, Cottonwood Creek and Grey Rd. Ranch history.

August 2, Day 4 - 14 miles. Noon stop; From Day 3 campsite: 3 mi West, 3 mi South, and 3 mi West. Night Camp; From noon stop; 3 mi W and 1.5 S to Ottumwa townsite. Supper; Jeff Putzier Speakers: Ken Stewart-Road Ranches, Vern Foland will discuss the Black & Yellow Trail & local history, The Snook Family will discuss Great Grandpa Snooks diary of his days as a bullwhacker.

August 3, Day 5 - 19.25 miles. Noon stop: From Ottumwa, 1.25 mi S, 5 mi W, 2 mi S, 1.5 W to Nelson ranch Night camp; nine miles west of Nelson ranch, to McIllravy pasture at 11 Mile Corner/Hwy 73 junction or 11 miles north of Philip on Hwy 73, across from Boyd Waara's homesite. Supper: SD Cattleman's Association Speaker: Jan Cerney-Author, Paul Seamans, Sam Seymour and Lonis Wendt will discuss Zack Sutley and Scotty and George Philip. Music by Matt Trask and Friends, and Adella Kills Pretty Enemy Family.

August 4, Day 6 - Rest day; no activities scheduled and no change in campsite.

August 5, Day 7 - 17 miles. From 11 Mile Corner; 1 mi S, 5 mi W and 2 mi S to Lloyd Frein Ranch in the shadow of the Grindstone Buttes. Night Camp; 9 mi W of Frein ranch to Grindstone Post Office at Grindstone, SD. Supper; Philip Fire DepaRTMent. BBQ Speakers; Mrs. Gary Nixon-Grindstone history, Blaine Nordvold-Big Foot Trail, Jim Osburn-The death and trial of Mexican Ed Sanchez, Gay Logan and Dennis Sieler history of Peno Springs.

August 6, Day 8 - 15.25 miles. Noon stop; From Grindstone; 6 mi W on section line to Peno Springs; or, 8 mi N of Quinn on Quinn Rd, 3 E to Big Foot Rd, 8 mi N, 1 mi W on trail which is .25 m S of Sieler Ranch. Night Camp; From Peno Springs; approxImately. 8.5 mi W across prairie trail to Greg & LaVon Shearer Ranch; or, 9 mi N of Wall on Creighton Rd. Gift Certificates From Wall Merchants to participants. Speakers: local historians Lavon, Greg Shearer, Gay Logan and Dennis Sieler.

August 7, Day 9 - 14 miles. Noon stop; From Shearer Ranch; approxImately. 8 mi NW on Trask Rd.; from Wall; 9 mi north to Creighton Rd junction, 4 mi W, along Trask road. Night Camp; Follow Trask Rd 6.5 mi into Cheyenne river bottom. Camp in Patterson pasture along river. From Wall; 5 mi N on Cedar Butte Rd to Trask Rd, 10.5 mi NW on Trask Rd. Supper: Program will be 2 hours and will feature Poet Blaine Nordvold, Dave Bald Eagle, demonstrations, Dancing and entertainment by members of the Cheyenne, Standing Rock and Rosebud nations.

August 8, Day 10 - Noon stop; On a ridge above the Cheyenne River, 1 mi S of 73 Ranch and 6.5 mi E of Elm Springs Rd. Night Camp; 6.5 mi W of noon stop; From Wasta; 10 mi N on Elm Springs Road near steel towers. Supper. Speakers: History of the Smith Crossing and Smithville area by Kenny and Philip Wilson, Mel Anderson, Tom Trask family, Music by Matt Trask and Friends.

August 9, Day 11 - 18 miles. Noon stop; one mile south and seven miles west to Edgar Simon Ranch on Lakeside Rd; From Wicksville exit; 3 mi N, 2 mi W and 1.25 N. Night Camp: From Simon Ranch; 9 mi W over prairie and Red Top Road to Stacey Madsen ranch. From New Underwood Exit; 5 mi N on New Underwood Road, .5 mi E to Madsen Ranch. Supper; New Underwood Fire DepaRTMent. Beer from Hereford, SD Fire DepaRTMent. Speakers; Meade Co. Historian Edgar Simon, Verle Hackens, . Local history of Viewfield, Telegraph, etc. Music by Lonnie Johnston & Dell Brost and band: Westbound.

August 10, Day 12 - Rest day; no activities and same camp site.

August 11, Day 13 - 18 miles. Noon stop; From S. Madsen's 1.5 mi W to Elk Creek Crossing, cross over to N side of Elk Creek, follow trail 6.5 mi NW. stop in field. From New Underwood; 9 mi N to Elk Creek Rd, 5 mi W, 2 mi S to Patton Road (Section line) 1.5 mi W and l.5 S. Night Camp; From noon site; N to Patton Rd. 2 mi W, 1 mi N to Bend, 6 mi W to campsite 1 mi E of Elk Creek Rd/Elk Vale Rd junction. From Piedmont; 14 mi E on Elk Creek Rd, From R.C. 9 mi N on Elk Vale Rd, 1 mi E on Elk Creek Rd. Supper; Speakers: Local Historians Hugh Reichert, Martin Rapaal. Rick Mills "The Railroad Comes to the Black Hills." Special Music: Hank Harris of Rapid City, will do tunes from his "Songs of Deadwood" CD's which, are songs that were played during the 1880's & 1890's.

August 12, Day 14 - Noon stop; From campsite; 7 mi W on Elk Creek Rd, 3 mi N on Ricardo Rd to junction of Tilford Rd. Camp on Iverson Ranch. From Tilford; 8 mi E on Tilford Rd Night Camp; 6.5 mi W on Tilford Rd to Bruce Blair Ranch. From Tilford: 2 mi E on Tilford Road. Supper pending. Speakers; Ross Lamphere (Custer In the Hills), author Ray Hunter, local historian George Blair and photos and stories by Pat Bice. Special music by Hank Harris and the Songs of Deadwood.

August 13, Day 15 - 16.5 miles. Noon stop; From Blair Ranch; 2.5 mi E to Pleasant Valley Rd, 6.5 mi NW on Pleasant Valley Rd, ,75 mi NE on Cardinal Rd through pasture gate. Night camp; From noon stop; 1.5 mi NW thru gateway to gravel rd, follow rd to Lady's horse ranch, turn W then N thru gate, W thru gate, N thru Alkali Creek onto gravel road N 2.4 mi to first pipe block trail to the E to base of large hill, N to camp at Barry Stadium at Ft. Meade. Supper: Buffalo Feed sponsored by Bourke Ranch and Verendrye Museum Association. Speakers: Greetings from Mayor Maury LaRue of Sturgis, author/historian David Wolff is a professor at BHSU and has a book out about Seth Bullock and hard rock mining, Ft. Meade Calvary Museum curator Charles Rambow, and author Irma Klock (health permitting).

August 14, Day 16 - Total of 16 miles. Mayor Maury LaRue will be mounted and leading us in a parade through Sturgis, timed to begin after morning rush traffic. Noon stop; West on Hwy 34 through Sturgis, North of Whitewood access Road to Oak Grove Way Station. Night Camp; (Subject to change) From Oak Grove Way Station SW to Crook Mt. follow old Ft. Pierre/Bismarck to Deadwood "Toll" road to Boulder Canyon Prairie. Supper; Speakers; Co-Chairmen Poches & Nutter, Deadwood Historic Preservation Chairman-Kevin Kuchenbecker, Wagonmaster Kessler, Scouts, Directors, and any of our participants who wish to comment, we hope you all take part. No time restrictions on tonight's program.

August 15, Day 17 - Parade, celebration, BBQ and historical program. The program is being sponsored by the Deadwood Chamber and Preservation people. Noon stop: 5.5 mi to Deadwood, Parade time to be announced. Thanks everyone for sharing this historical ride. Night camp; anywhere you want to be.