Four Philip area students earn honors at West River Math Contest

The 57th annual West River Math Contest was held at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City on Monday, May 14.

About 475 students, representing 21 schools, competed.

Prizes were awarded in each division for first through fifth place in A and B school divisions. An overall winner in each division was also determined.

The only exception to this is the masters test and all students, whether class A or B, are tested against each other. The top five place winners receive medals and certificates and the overall winner receives a plaque. After the first five spots, ties were common.

Results follow by division for class B, with the asterisk next to a name denoting the overall winner in the division including A and B schools. Philip students are in bold print.

Algebra I: 1. *Danielle Piroutek, 2. Jeremiah Sutton, Rapid City Christian, 3. Tomilyn Trask, 4. Tawnie DeJong, and 5. Genevieve Tillotson, RCC, 6. Zane Pekron, 7. Michelle Van Tassel, 10. Karch Foley.

Geometry: 1. Mary Wade, St. Thomas More, 2. Loni Nelson, 3. Tyler Adams, Newell, 4. Christine Nervig, Custer High School, 5. Nicole Phelps, RCC, 6. Tate Guptill and Mick Trask, and 8. Chana Gottsleben, Grace Schnabel, and Rob Williamson.

Algebra II: 1. Julia Nichols, STM, 2. David Verhey, STM, 3. Marin Plumb, STM, 4. Makenzy Sufficool, STM, 5. Erin Duffy, STM, 10. Kayla O'Connell, 11. Mark Trask, and 12. Skye Brucklacher and Ashley Scheessele.

Advanced Math: 1. *Bryan Schulte, STM, 2. Stephen Kilber, RCC, 3. Jacquelyn Osnes, STM, 4. Tarra DeCastro, RCC, 5. Sydney Shaefer, homeschool, 7. Katie Nelson, 9. Brandy Bartels, Jade Duncan, and Elizabeth Lawson, and 11. Martina Simons.

Masters division: 7. Michael Westerberg, 10. Shea Olivier, 11. Sierra Slovek.