Four-person Scramble Golf Tournament

The sixth annual Four-Person Scramble Golf Tournament, sponsored by local Farm Bureau agent, Glenn Parsons, was held Saturday February 4th, at the Lake Waggoner Golf Course.

Fifteen four-person teams from around the area competed in an 18-hole tournament. Farm Bureau sponsored prizes on every hole for men and women. Also, every player had a chance to win $5,000 for a hole-in-one on the par-3 Hole #2.  Nobody succeeded in making a hole in one, but many came close.

Championship Flight

1. Luke Weber, Bob Thorson, Tianna Fitch, Don Heltzel - 57

2. Jake Fitzgerald, Trace  O'Connell, Dak Carley, John Lesselyoung - 58

3. Floren Falzone, Irv Jones, Jack Heinz, Jim Sandstrom - 59

4. Jim Kanable, Mark Kyling, Bill Walker, Ron Coyle - 63

4. D.J. Rush, Tristen Rush, Dean Schulz, Jordan Kjerstad - 63

4. Colt Terkildsen, Landon Peterson, Tyler Hauk, James Mortensen 63

First Flight

1. Andrew Reckling, Casey Slovek, Elliot McQuirk, Colt Fitzgerald - 67

2. (Tie) Dean Fitzgerald, Janice Fitzgerald, Amanda Fitzgerald, Abby Fitzgerald - 68

2. (Tie) Bud Jeppesen, Leo Stangle, Kenny Karp, Keith Karp - 68

4. Doug Hauk, Allen Hauk, Duane Hauk, Jody Gittings - 69

4. Corky Thorson, Pat Stout, Jerry Carley, Jerry Ingram - 69

6. Jim Selby, Melinda Selby, Larry Grueb, Beth Grueb - 70

7. Brant Sundall, Randy Reckling, Bruce Kroetch, Lee Sundall - 71

8. Bill Parsons, Grant Parsons, Brad Parsons, Glenn Parsons - 72

8. Kelly Blair, Ray Smith, Darrel Terkildsen, Mark DeVries - 72

This is one of the local highlight tournaments for the golf course, though there are many activities still to come at Lake Waggoner Golf Course. The next event will be August 18 at 5:00 p.m., with a day-night two-person team tournament. Nine holes will be played during the day, and nine at night. It will be open to all skill levels.