Faith Moldan – new intern at Ravellette Publications

Faith Moldan is the new intern at The Pioneer Review. She will be experiencing hands-on learning while she works in almost every facet of the weekly newspaper.

A senior at South Dakota State University in Brookings, Moldan is working toward a major in news-editorial journalism. She has always been more comfortable writing than speaking, though her minor is in Spanish. She helped with the newspaper at her St. Mary’s High School in Sleepy Eye, Minn., and now thinks it “nice to work for a weekly paper where you get to do all the things, not just one.” Working as the sports editor at the SDSU Collegian newspaper was good, “but not as good as real experience and knowledge.”

An internship is required for college students who want to graduate with a journalism degree. Moldan will reach graduation next December after only three and half years of college because she took honors classes while in high school. Sports writing has been her interest since her days of being statistician for the girls’ basketball, volleyball and softball teams. She likes covering sports because of the wide variety of personalities and because of the competition.

A future dream job for Moldan would be as a sports reporter or editor for a large daily newspaper such as the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That dream won’t come too soon, because Moldan has learned that the larger newspapers require experience in a daily newspaper setting.

Her first contact with the city of Philip was when Don Ravellette visited Brookings for an internship fair. Moldan then sent out resumes and writing samples during Christmas break. She is thankful that her placement at The Pioneer Review was relatively quick; she knows of some fellow interns who didn’t receive confirmation of their placement until well into May.

Moldan’s many interests include bowling and going to movies. Though still open-minded, she mentioned golf, “Golfing, like skiing, I’ve only tried once and I’ve never been so frustrated in my life.”