Faith Independent, November 6, 2013

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$1.00 ((+#)1$%/ 0!4)
F!(0' G!6%00% & T'% F!(0' I+$%-+$%+0 S(+#% 1910 ,)1*% 85 7 N,. 09
8>.6+.: 6, 2013
F*2<1 H201 %,1774 ;<=-.6<; ,.4.+:*<.- $.- $2++76 )..3
"-, "1**65 '--2 2; <1. 74-.;< *6- 4*:0.;< -:=0 8:.>.6<276 ,*58*206 26 <1. ,7=6<:A. $.- $2++76 )..3 0.6.:*44A <*3.; 84*,. <1. 4*;< /=44 ?..3 26 ",<7+.:. &12; A.*: $.$2++76 )..3 ?*; ,.4.+:*<.- ",<7+.: 28-31, 2013, *6- <1. F*2<1 %<=-.6< C7=6,24 ;876;7:.*,<2>2<2.; /7: ;<=-.6<; -=:260 <1. ?..3. &1. <1.5. <12; A.*: ?*; BA H.*4<1A . 2; D:=0-F:..C. *6A F*2<1 ;<=-.6<; *6- ;<*// ?7:. $.- 76 &1=:;-*A, ",<7+.: 31 26 1767: 7/ $.- $2++76 )..3.
The Bold The Brave
Ag mediators/counselors wanted
/>; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 D;F7HJC;DJ E< A=H?9KBJKH; (;:?7J?ED +HE=H7C ?I I;;A?D= ?D:?L?:K7BI ?DJ;H;IJ;: ?D 9EDJH79J?D= M?J> J>; IJ7J; <EH C;:?7J?ED I;HL?9;I. (;:?7JEHI 7D: 7= <?D7D9; 9EKDI;BEHI 7H; D;;:;: ?D L7H?EKI 7H;7I E< J>; IJ7J;. (;:?7J?ED JH7?D?D= M?BB 8; FHEL?:;: <EH ?D:?L?:K7BI JE 8;9EC; GK7B?<?;: C;:?7JEHI, IE FH;L?EKI ;NF;H?;D9; ?I DEJ H;GK?H;:. (;:?7J?ED I;HL?9;I 7H; FHEL?:;: JE FHE:K9;HI H;=7H:?D= 7=H?9KBJKH7B B;D:?D=, <;:;H7B B7D: =H7P?D= F;HC?JI 7D: IKH<79; :;FH;:7J?ED :K; JE E?B EH =7I :;L;BEFC;DJ. A= <?D7D9; 9EKDI;BEHI 97D >;BF FHE:K9;HI KD:;HIJ7D: J>;?H <?D7D9?7B I?JK7J?ED 7D: C7A; ?D<EHC;: :;9?I?EDI ?D FH;F7H7J?ED <EH C;:?7J?ED. !?D7D9; 9EKDI;BEHI CKIJ >7L; ;NF;H?;D9; ?D <?D7D9?7B C7D7=;C;DJ, IK9> 7I 9ECFB;J?D= BE7D F7F;HMEHA, 7D: <7HC FHE=H7CI EH >7D:B?D= <?D7D9?7B :?<<?9KBJ?;I. /E 7FFBO, I;D: 7 B;JJ;H E< ?DJ;H;IJ 7D: H;IKC; JE 7=C7?B@IJ7J;. I:.KI EH .DDA (;:?7J?ED +HE=H7C, 523 7IJ C7F?JEB AL;., +?;HH;, .D 57501. !EH CEH; ?D<EHC7J?ED, 9EDJ79J &7J?; &ED:7 7J 605-773-5425 EH 7=C7?B@IJ7J;.I:.KI.
Veterans Day is Monday, November 11, 2013. Early Faith Indendent Deadline: Thursday, November 7th at Noon
%0%.!+/ D!5 P.,&. !*
E2%.5,+% (+2(0%$ 0, #,*% ',+,. ,1. 2%0%.!+/ 3(0' 0'% F!(0' S#',,) /01$%+0/
M,+$!5, N,2%*"%. 110' 2:45 -* - S#',,) G5*
The Faith Indeendent
(605) 967-2161 ¥ Faith, SD
Page 2 ;
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7<
A-*5 J*5.; E60.4
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
$<=-.7<; /:86 F*2<1 H201 $,1885 *<<.7#.0287 $<=-.7< C8=7,25 (8:4;189 *< M8+:2-0.
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
#:;,-5: C6;5+13 4-4*-89 (.864 3-.: :6 81/0:) K)831 K13*?, B8662- E581/0:, $681 #1465965, J)2- F69:-8, #0)31 #0-81,)5, B)133? E581/0:, A*1/)13 '1+29, B6551- L;:@, #1-88) !81+- & D-)55) F19+0*)+0 (),<1968). !06:6 +6;8:-9? 6. D-)55) F19+0*)+0
2?J> ?DGK?H?D= C?D:I 7D: =H;7J ;DJ>KI?7IC, 138 >?=> I9>EEB IJK:;DJ B;7:;HI 7D: J>;?H 7:L?IEHI <HEC 15 >?=> I9>EEBI M;H; ?D 7JJ;D:7D9; 7J J>; 0FF;H (?IIEKH? -;=?ED .JK:;DJ CEKD9?B 2EHAI>EF. />; 2EHAI>EF, M>?9> M7I 9E-IFEDIEH;: 8O J>; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 #?=> .9>EEB A9J?L?J?;I AIIE9?7J?ED (.D#.AA) 7D: J>; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 .JK:;DJ CEKD9?B AIIE9?7J?ED (.D.CA), M7I >;B: ?D (E8H?:=; ED 2;:D;I:7O, *9JE8;H 23, 2013. .JK:;DJI <HEC !7?J> #?=> .9>EEB M;H; 7CED= J>; 2EHAI>EF F7HJ?9?F7DJI. />; 0FF;H (?IIEKH? -;=?ED .JK:;DJ CEKD9?B 2EHAI>EF ?I ED; E< ;?=>J H;=?ED7B MEHAI>EFI J>7J 7H; >;B: J>HEK=>EKJ J>; IJ7J; ;79> O;7H JE FHECEJ; J>; ?CFHEL;C;DJ E< J>; B;7:;HI>?F IA?BBI KJ?B?P;: 8O IJK:;DJI M>E 7H; ?D I9>EEB B;7:;HI>?F FEI?J?EDI. />; 2013-2014 -;=?ED7B 2EHAI>EFI IJHK9JKH;: 7HEKD: J>; J>;C; W!?J <EH '?<;X, <;7JKH;: 7 FHE=H7C :;I?=D;: JE FHEL?:; 7 8B;D:?D= E< ?DIJHK9J?ED7B J?C; <EH J>; IJK:;DJI 9EC8?D;: M?J> 7
J?C; <EH J>; IJK:;DJI JE ;N9>7D=; ?:;7I 78EKJ IJK:;DJ 9EKD9?B 79J?L?J?;I M?J> IJK:;DJI <HEC EJ>;H I9>EEBI. DKH?D= J>; 2EHAI>EF ;79> E< J>; -;=?ED7B 2EHAI>EF 7JJ;D:;;I F7HJ?9?F7J;: ?D L7H?EKI IC7BB =HEKF 79J?L?J?;I 9;DJ;H;: ED J>; JEF?9I E< W CEJ?ED7BUB7B7D9;: B?<;X, W+>OI?97BU N;H9?I;, =;JJ?D= ?DLEBL;: <EH B?<;X, W.E9?7BU#;7BJ>O 9>E?9;I, EDB?D; 7D: ?D F;HIEDX, 7D: W)KJH?J?ED7BU)KJH?J?ED <EH B?<;X. $D 7::?J?ED, ;79> 2EHAI>EF
F7HJ?9?F7DJ M7I FHEL?:;: M?J> ?D<EHC7J?ED 78EKJ <KHJ>;H B;7:;HI>?F EFFEHJKD?J?;I J>7J 7H; 7L7?B78B; J>HEK=>EKJ J>; O;7H. />; <EBBEM?D= IJK:;DJI <HEC !7?J> #?=> .9>EEB 7JJ;D:;: J>; -;=?ED7B 2EHAI>EF: B7?BBO DH?=>J, BHEEA; DH?=>J, &7HB? &?B8O, A8?=7?B 2?9AI, /EH? .?CEDIED, BEDD?; 'KJP, .?;HH7 +H?9;, %7A; !EIJ;H, 7D: .>7B? .>;H?:7D. />;O M;H; 799ECF7D?;: 8O (HI. D;7DD7 !?I9>879>, .JK:;DJ CEKD9?B A:L?IEH.
",<. 29<1 32 ",<. 30<1 33 ",<. 31;< 52 !7>. 1;< 50 !7>. 2657 !7>. 3:54 !7>. 4<1 43 &7<*4 ",<7+.: #:.,282<*<276 2.64C
25 30 30 33 30 33 29
.03 0 .01 0 0 0 0
AD'E#%I$ING #A%E$: 'E97B D?IFB7O: $4.70 F;H 9EBKCD ?D9>. (AN% AD$ & CA#D$ F %HANK$: $5.00 <EH <?HIJ 20 MEH:I; 10Q F;H MEH: J>;H;7<J;H. AD$ & NE($ DEADLINE: (ED:7O )EED
!&BLIC N %ICE DEADLINE: !H?:7O, 10:00 7.C.
F)1:0 C644;51:? H-)3:0 C-5:-8
H6;89 6. 7-8):165: M65,)? 8:00 )4 B 7:00 74 $;-9,)? - F81,)? 8:00 )4 B 5:00 74
&-85) #+0),, CN! B M65,)? - $0;89,)? !-//? CC65568, CN! B M65,)? B F81,)? D)<1, "633)965, !A-C - $0;89,)? F68 )77615:4-5:9 +)33: 605-967-2644 68 1-800-584-7668
!<+42:1.- 26 ;1. H.*9; 7/ ;1. (.:; #2=.9 E5829. +K8B?97J?ED )E. 184760 +K8B?I>;: 2;;ABO ED 2;:D;I:7O !7?J>, .D 57626-0038
+*./(A./ -, .;D: A::H;II C>7D=;I JE: +.*. BEN 38, !7?J>, .D 57626-0038 +#*) : (605) 967-2161 U !A3: (605) 967-2160 -C7?B: <7?J>?D:@<7?J>I:.9EC
DEADLINE: '7IJ FEII?8B; CEC;DJ JE JKHD D;MI ?J;CI ?D 7J J>; E<<?9; JE 8; FK8B?I>;:. LEGAL NE($!A!E# F #: .J7J; E< ..D., (;7:; CEKDJO, C?JO E< !7?J>, !7?J> .9>EEB D?IJH?9J 46-2
+K8B?I>;H.............................................................DED -7L;BB;JJ; *<<?9; (7D7=;H.......................................................D?7D; $I779I -;FEHJ;H, +HEE<H;7:;H, CECFEI?J?ED.................'EH;JJ7 +7IIEBJ
.0B.C-$+/$*) -A/ : !7?J> & DKFH;; $34.00 + BE97B J7N; $D-IJ7J; $39.00 + BE97B J7N; *KJ-E<-IJ7J; $39.00; !EH;?=D $45.00.
+ -$*D$CA'. +*./A" +A$D !7?J>, .EKJ> D7AEJ7 57626
C*+4-$"#/: 1988 !7?J> $D:;F;D:;DJ. ABB H?=>JI H;I;HL;:. )EJ>?D= C7O 8;H;FH?DJ;:, F>EJE9EF?;:, EH ?D 7DO M7O H;FHE:K9;: <HEC J>?I FK8B?97J?ED, ?D M>EB; EH F7HJ, M?J>EKJ J>; MH?JJ;D 9EDI;DJ E< J>; FK8B?I>;HI.
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
Page 3
&-:-8)59 N-=9
L)88? (144-84)5 #D #-+8-:)8? 6. &-:-8)59 A..)189
$JZI >7H: JE 8;B?;L; J>7J )EL;C8;H ?I 7BH;7:O >;H;. />; 2EHB: .;H?;I ?I EL;H, J7?B=7J?D= ?I 9EC?D= JE 7D ;D:, J>;H; 7H; BED= B?IJI E< >ED;O :EZI JE 9ECFB;J; 8;<EH; J>; IDEM <B?;I, 7D: EKH J7IJ; 8K:I 7H; 9H7L?D= J>; J7IJ; E< FKCFA?D. )EL;C8;H ?I 7BIE 7 =H;7J EFFEHJKD?JO <EH KI JE J>7DA EKH L;J;H7DI M>E >7L; I;HL;:. *KH 9EKDJHO'I C?B?J7HO >7I B;<J 7 B;=79O B?A; DE EJ>;H <?=>J?D= <EH9; ;L;H 7II;C8B;:. />; KD?<EHCI J>;O M;7H, 7D: J>; <B7= J>;O 97HHO, 7H; >;B: ?D ;IJ;;C M>;H;L;H J>;O >7L; I;HL;:. AD: J>7J ?I J>;?H <?D;IJ JH?8KJ;: A9HEII J>; MEHB:, JE F;EFB; M>E IJHK==B; 7D: IK<<;H, J>; I?=>J E< 7D AC;H?97D ?D KD?<EHC >7I C;7DJ >EF;, H;B?;<, 7D: :;B?L;H7D9;. 'EEA 7HEKD: OEKH D;?=>8EH>EE:I, OEKH BE97B 9E<<;; I>EFI, DKHI?D= >EC;I, 9EBB;=;I, 7D: KD<EHJKD7J;BO J>; IJH;;JI. .EKJ> D7AEJ7ZI 75,000 L;J;H7DI M>E <EK=>J <EH EKH <H;;:EC 7H; ;L;HOM>;H;. .;;A J>;C EKJ, J>7DA J>;C 7D: 7IA ?< OEK 97D :E 7DOJ>?D= <EH J>;C. (EIJ <EEJ87BB J;7CI 7H; C7:; KF E< 11 FB7O;HI U 7D: ?J ?I I7?: J>7J J>; 79J?ED E< 7 FB7O;H M>E ;D78B;I 7 J;7CC7J; JE I9EH; ?I I7?: JE 8; 7 9>7CF?ED U M; M7DJ EKH J;7C E< 7:LE97J;I 7J J>; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 D;F7HJC;DJ E< 1;J;H7DI A<<7?HI JE 8; J>; 9>7CF?ED <EH EKH L;J;H7DI. 2; M7DJ JE 7II?IJ J>;C ?D H;9;?L?D= J>; 8;D;<?JI J>;O >7L; ;7HD;:. 2; ;D9EKH7=; J>;C JE 9EDJ79J J>;?H BE97B L;J;H7DI I;HL?9; E<<?9;H 7D: =;J J>; 87BB JE J>; <?D?I> B?D;. 2>?B; $ C7O DEJ 8; J>; <?HIJ JE J>7DA EKH L;J;H7DI <EH J>;?H I;HL?9;, $ 7IA ;79> E< OEK JE ;DIKH; J>7J $'C DEJ J>; B7IJ ED; M>E J>7DAI J>;C. />7DA OEK 1;J;H7DI! BB;II OEK 7BB 7D: "E: 8B;II J>; 0D?J;: .J7J;I E< AC;H?97!
G8>. D*=0**:- ;..4; -2;*;<.: -.,5*:*<287 /8: ?.;< :2>.: +52BB*:"EL. D;DD?I D7K=77H: JE:7O H;GK;IJ;: 7 +H;I?:;DJ?7B D?I7IJ;H D;9B7H7J?ED JE >;BF 14 9EKDJ?;I 7D: JME $D:?7D H;I;HL7J?EDI H;9EL;H <HEC 7 FEM;H<KB ;7HBO*9JE8;H 8B?PP7H: ?D M;IJ;HD .EKJ> D7AEJ7. />; H;GK;IJ ?I <EH FK8B?9 7II?IJ7D9; ?D J>EI; M;IJ-H?L;H 9EKDJ?;I, IDEM H;CEL7B 7II?IJ7D9; ?D I?N 9EKDJ?;I M?J> H;9EH: IDEM<7BBI, :;8H?I H;CEL7B 7D: :?I7IJ;H KD;CFBEOC;DJ 7II?IJ7D9;. /;7CI E< IJ7J;, BE97B 7D: ! (A E<<?9?7BI 9ED:K9J;: FH;B?C?D7HO :7C7=; 7II;IIC;DJI ?D J>; IJEHC-?CF79J;: 7H;7 8;=?DD?D= (ED:7O, *9J. 28. />EI; 7II;IIC;DJI I>EM;: 7 FH;B?C?D7HO ;IJ?C7J; E< D;7HBO $38 C?BB?ED ?D :7C7=;I JE FK8B?9 ?D<H7IJHK9JKH; 7D: FHEF;HJO E< FH?L7J;, DEDFHE<?J ;DJ?J?;I. $< 7 FH;I?:;DJ?7B :?I7IJ;H :;9B7H7J?ED ?I =H7DJ;:, 7 CEH; :;J7?B;: 7II;IIC;DJ E< 9EIJI M?BB 8;=?D. $D 7 B;JJ;H JE +H;I?:;DJ B7H79A *87C7, J>; "EL;HDEH DEJ;: J>7J J>; IJEHC 8;=7D M?J> >;7LO H7?D<7BB ?D J>; BB79A #?BBI 7H;7. />; H7?D 9>7D=;: JE IDEM, 7D: J>; M?D:I ?D9H;7I;: JE 7I CK9> 7I 65-70 CF> ?D IEC; 7H;7I E< J>; M;IJ;HD FB7?DI. -;9EH: IDEM<7BBI M;H; H;9EH:;: ?D BKJJ;, CKIJ;H, !7BB -?L;H, '7MH;D9;, (;7:; 7D: +;DD?D=JED 9EKDJ?;I. );7HBO 50,000 9KIJEC;HI M;H; M?J>EKJ FEM;H <EH 7 F;H?E: E< J?C; 7D: DE JH7L;B M7I 7:L?I;: 79HEII CEH; J>7D >7B< J>; IJ7J;. WAI J>; I;L;H; M?DJ;H IJEHC M7I E99KHH?D=, 7 L7IJ C7@EH?JO E< M;IJ;HD .EKJ> D7AEJ7 M7I B?J;H7BBO I>KJ :EMD <EH <EKH :7OI,ZZ "EL. D7K=77H: MHEJ;. />; <?HIJ IJEHC M?J> >;7LO IDEM 7D: >?=> M?D:I IJHK9A ED *9J. 3. A I;9ED: IJEHC J>7J IJ7HJ;: ED *9J. 10 8HEK=>J CEH; H7?D M>;H; :;;F IDEM M7I 7BH;7:O C;BJ?D=. />7J H;IKBJ;: ?D <B7I> <BEE:?D= ?D IEC; 7H;7I. />EKI7D:I E< >;7: E< 97JJB; 7D: EJ>;H B?L;IJE9A M;H; BEIJ :KH?D= J>; JME-M;;A-BED= IJEHC ;L;DJ. WAI OEK 97D ?C7=?D;, J>?I >7I DEJ EDBO J7A;D 7 <?D7D9?7B JEBB ED J>; H7D9>?D= 9ECCKD?JO 8KJ 7BIE 7D ;CEJ?ED7B JEBB,ZZ J>; "EL;HDEH
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%7,2*4 %.,=:2<A *667=6,.; 1.5 8.:,.6< +.6./2< 26,:.*;. /7: 2014
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Sr. Citizens Menu
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
Vila! Pha mac$ & Heal"hca e S"o e
Need a new prescription? " Refill an e isting RX?
All !our hometown needs!
M (+ S1., F (1', SD
N7<2/? $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< 7/ ?7=: ,1*60. 7/ *--:.;; +./7:. 57>260 7: *; 9=2,34? *; 87;;2+4., ;7 *; 67< <7 52;; * ;2604. 2;;=..
-We match or beat most costs-Vilas takes most insurance-We are proud to serve our VA members-
B/(+& 20 5,2/ $*-15 /$%()) !,11)$ ,/ ' 3$ 5,2/ -'50("( + ",+1 "1 ,2/ -' /* "5
G(3$ 20
" )) 605-967-2123 ,/ Fa# 967-2910 W$ 4()) +04$/ 5,2/ .2$01(,+0
Page 4 ;
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7<
Faith Ne s
B! Loretta Passolt
2; >7: JME :7OI E< >;7LO <E= B7IJ M;;A, /K;I:7O 7D: 2;:D;I:7O. />KHI:7O, #7BBEM;;D D7O M7I L;HO M?D:O 7BB :7O 8KJ M;DJ :EMD ?D J>; ;L;D?D= <EH J>; JH?9A EH JH;7J;HI. $J JKHD;: EKJ JE 8; 7 L;HO D?9; D?=>J <EH J>; A?:I JE 8; EKJ =;JJ?D= JH;7JI. C?D:O I9EJJ 7D: $ 799ECF7D?;: D?7D; $I779I JE B?IED <EH J>;?H C>H?IJC7I !7?H ED .7JKH:7O. D?7D; 7D: C?D:O =EJ JE L?I?J M?J> J>;?H 9EKI?DI, D7B; 7D: AHB;D; D;BA;H, M>E >7: 7 8EEJ> J>;H;. $J M7I 7 D?9; :7O 7D: M; >7: 7 =EE: J?C;. *J>;H 7H;7 <EBAI J>;H; M;H; DEH?I !H7DA<KHJ>, D?7D; #KC8B; 7D: >;H CEJ>;H, AHB;D; (7HJ?D <HEC DKFH;;, 7D: 1?H=?D?7 /?BB <HEC DKFH;;. $ZC IKH; J>;H; M;H; I;L;H7B EJ>;HI J>7J $ :?:DZJ I;;. 4EK C?=>J M7DJ JE 9>;9A J>?I EKJ ?< OEK >7L; 7 9ECFKJ;H EH 799;II JE ED;. 'KA; BHEMD, %E:O 7D: %EADDZI IED, >7I 7D 7M;-?DIF?H?D= L?:;E ED 4EK/K8; J>7J ?I M;BB MEHJ> J>; M7J9>. 'KA; ?I FB7O?D= AC7P?D= "H79; ED :EK8B; )7J?L; AC;H?97D <BKJ;I 7I 7 JH?8KJ; JE >?I =H7D:F7H;DJI, 1;HDED 7D: .O8B; BHEMD. $J <;7JKH;I F>EJEI E< >?I =H7D:F7H;DJI. />; L?:;E M7I I>EJ ?D J>; 8;7KJ?<KB CEKDJ7?DI ?D .M?JP;HB7D:. 'KA; ?I ?D J>; I;C?D7HO ?D -EC;. />; 'ED=>EHDI <EEJ87BB I;7IED 97C; JE 7D ;D: B7IJ M;;A. />; 'ED=>EHDI BEIJ JE 27BB ?D J>; <?HIJ HEKD: E< FB7OE<<I. />;O >7: 7 =H;7J I;7IED, M?J> EDBO 2 BEII;I, 7D: I>EKB: 8; L;HO FHEK: E< J>;CI;BL;I. A 9EKFB; CEH; M;;AI 7D: ?J M?BB 8; J?C; <EH 87IA;J87BB FH79J?9; JE 8;=?D. />; :?IJH?9J LEBB;O87BB JEKHD7C;DJ IJ7HJ;: J>?I F7IJ /K;I:7O D?=>J. 2; >EF; J>; =?HBI >7: IEC; =EE: BK9A. />; JEKHD7C;DJ 9EDJ?DK;I J>?I />KHI:7O 7D: !H?:7O D?=>J 7J #7H:?D= CEKDJO. />; -;=?ED 9>7CF?EDI>?F =7C; M?BB 8; >;B: 7J /?C8;H '7A; ED /K;I:7O, J>; 12J>. !7?J> .9>EEB IJK:;DJI M?BB 8; FH;I;DJ?D= J>; 1;J;H7DI D7O FHE=H7C D;NJ (ED:7O, )EL;C8;H 11J>. />; FHE=H7C M?BB 8; >;B: ?D J>; I9>EEB =OC 7J 2:45 7D: ;L;HOED; ?I ?DL?J;:. />?I ?I J>; ED; J?C; E< J>; O;7H M>;D M; I>EKB: 7BB J>7DA EKH L;J;H7DI <EH 7BB J>;O >7L; =?L;D JE EKH 9EKDJHO IE M; C?=>J >7L; J>; <H;;:ECI M; ;D@EO. />7DA OEK L;J;H7DI!! />; B?8H7HO ?I >EB:?D= !7C?BO )?=>J (ED:7O ;L;D?D=, 11J>, 8;=?DD?D= 7J 3:30 KDJ?B 5:00. L;HOED; ?I M;B9EC; JE 7JJ;D:. $JZI 7 <KD D?=>J <EH 7BB! />; @H. >?=> =?HBI 87IA;J87BB J;7C M?BB 8; FB7O?D= 7J DKFH;; D;NJ />KHI:7O. )EL;C8;H 14J>. $ 9;HJ7?DBO M?I> CEH; E< OEK MEKB: I>7H; OEKH D;MI. />EI; 7M7O <HEC >;H; B?A; JE ADEM M>7J J>;?H <H?;D:I 7D: H;B7J?L;I 7H; :E?D=. C7BB C;, :HEF ?J E<< 7J J>; E<<?9; EH ;C7?B ?J JE J>; E<<?9;.
Opal Area Ne s
B! Ka! Ingalls
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
Central Meade Count! Ne s
B! Sand! Rhoden
/>; M;7J>;H M7I KD;L;DJ<KB J>?I F7IJ M;;A;D: M?J> IKDI>?D; 7D: 9EEB;H J;CF;H7JKH;I. 2; 7H; FH;JJO CK9> IDEM '<H;;' 7J J>?I J?C;. />; DD?D=/0D?ED C;DJ;H .9>EEB M?BB >EB: 7 1;J;H7DI D7O +HE=H7C J>?I />KHI:7O 7J J>; C;DJH7B (;7:; CEKDJO CECCKD?JO C;DJ;H 7D: 7BB 7H; M;B9EC;. $J M?BB 8;=?D 7J 1:00 FC. />; !7?J> 'ED=>EHDI ;D:;: J>;?H <EEJ87BB I;7IED M?J> 7 BEII JE 27BB. $J M7I 7 L;HO 9EB: D?=>J <EH 7BB E< J>; 8EOI. .E, <EEJ87BB I;7IED ?I <?D?I>;: 7D: J>; 87IA;J87BB FB7O;HI M?BB >7L; 7 9EKFB; E< M;;AI E<< 8;<EH; IJ7HJ?D= J>; D;M I;7IED. -KH7B );?=>8EHI M?BB 8; J>; I;9ED: />KHI:7O, )EL;C8;H 14 ?D 0D?ED C;DJ;H. L;HOED; ?I M;B9EC;. !EH GK;IJ?EDI :K; JE M;7J>;H EH I9>;:KB?D= ED; 97D 9EDJ79J DEDD7 C7CC79A EH C7I;O BH?DA. /H?9A EH JH;7J;HI >7: 7 97BC D?=>J JE 8; EKJ 7D: 78EKJ ?D. 2>?B; ?J M7I 9EEB, J>; =HEKD: M7I :HO. .EB:?;HI E< J>; CHEII ?I ?D <KBB IM?D= ED 2;:D;I:7O 7<J;HDEEDI. />; 87IA;J87BB I;7IED <EH J>; HKH7B IJK:;DJI >7I 8;=KD 7I M;BB. />EI; M>E 7H; J;79>;HI EH B;7:;HI ED 2;:D;I:7OI ?D9BK:; 2;I '78H?;H, .OBL?7 ->E:;D, )?DK .FH?D=, (;B7D?; C7CC79A, &H?IJ;D .C?B;O, .7D:O ->E:;D 7D: .>7HED &;<<;B;H. (;D'I +H7O;H BH;7A<7IJ J7A;I FB79; ;L;HO !H?:7O CEHD?D= 7J J>; CECCKD?JO B7FJ?IJ C>KH9> 87I;C;DJ 7J 6:30 7C. AI 7 H;C?D:;H, 7BB C;D 7H; M;B9EC;. '7HHO 7D: .7D:O ->E:;D IF;DJ IEC; J?C; ?D CKIJ;H ED (ED:7O D?=>J. $J M7I J>; <?HIJ GK;IJ?ED 7D: 7DIM;H JOF; <EHKC J>7J >7I 8;;D >;B: <EH J>; 0... .;D7J; 97D:?:7J;I. $J JEEA FB79; 7J J>; 1!2 7J 7:00 ?D CKIJ;H. />; I;9ED: C;;J?D= E< J>?I A?D: ?I I9>;:KB;: <EH 2;:D;I:7O, )EL;C8;H 6 7J J>; 0D?L;HI?JO E< .?EKN !7BBI 7J 7:00 FC. C>KH9> 7JJ;D:;;I ;D@EO;: 7 FEJBK9A :?DD;H 7<J;H I;HL?9;I ED .KD:7O. 2;I 7D: .K; M;H; .7JKH:7O ;L;D?D= =K;IJI 7J '7HHO 7D: .7D:O ->E:;D'I ED .7JKH:7O D?=>J. ,K?DJ;D 7D: %E:? (EH;B7D: F7?: 7 L?I?J JE C7I;O 7D: !H7D9?; BH?DAI ED .7JKH:7O D?=>J 7I M;BB. $ MEKB: B?A; JE J>7DA ;L;HO L;J;H7D <EH >?I EH >;H I;HL?9; JE J>?I 9EKDJHO. .EC; >7L; =?L;D KI J>; KBJ?C7J; I79H?<?9;. 2; >7L; 8;;D 78B; JE ;D@EO C7DO <H;;:ECI 8;97KI; E< J>;?H I;HL?9;. *D; OEKD= C7D, 7CED= IE L;HO C7DO, ?I -O7D (KHF>;O <HEC .JKH=?I. #; >7I 8;;D :;FBEO;: CEH; J>7D ED9; 7D: >; ?I 7D KFIJ7D:?D= IEB:?;H, M?BB?D= JE I;HL; >?I 9EKDJHO. #?I F7H;DJI, -EII 7D: D;8 (KHF>;O 7H; JE 8; 9ECC;D:;: 7I M;BB. -EII I;HL;: EL;HI;7I M?J> J>;?H EB:;IJ IED, "H7DJ, 7D: 8HEK=>J 7BB E< >?I KD?J >EC; I7<; 7D: IEKD:. />7DA OEK JE 7BB M>E >7L; 7 IJEHO JE J;BB 78EKJ OEKH C?B?J7HO I;HL?9;. 2; >EDEH 7BB L;J;H7DI 7D: M?I> ;L;HOED; 7 #7FFO 1;J;H7DI D7O.
Memories of the Past
2>;D $ M7I I?N O;7HI EB: M; CEL;: JE 7 >EC; J>H;; C?B;I IEKJ> E< 7 B?JJB; FB79; 97BB;: #7LBE9A, )EHJ> D7AEJ7. (O :7: M;DJ JE MEHA <EH CO KD9B;, %E>D 2;?D7D:O, M>E >7: 7 B?=D?J; 9E7B C?D; J>;H;. />; C?D; 9EDI?IJ;: E< 7 8?= >EB; ?D J>; 9H;;A 87DA M>;H; >; :OD7C?J;: J>; 9E7B 7D: IEB: ?J JE J>; FK8B?9. (O EB:;H I?IJ;H 7D: $ M;H; I9>EEB 7=; IE M; IJ7HJ;: I9>EEB 7J #7LBE9A. />; I9>EEB 8KI M7I 7 97DL7I 9EL;H;: M7=ED FKBB;: M?J> 7 J;7C E< >EHI;I J>7J JEEA KI JE 7D: <HEC I9>EEB. A <;M O;7HI 7=E, J>; .B;JJ;DI JEEA C; 7BED= <EH 7 B?JJB; JEKH E< J>7J 7H;7. $J M7I I7::;D?D= JE I;; M>;H; J>; 9E7B C?D; >7: 8;;D. />;H; M7I DEJ>?D= CEH; J>7D 7 97L;:-?D >EB; ?D J>; =HEKD: 7D: J>; 8KB:?D= J>7J >7: DEJ 8;;D CEL;: 7M7O M;H; H;7:O JE <7BB ?D, ?D9BK:?D= J>; I9>EEB >EKI;. $ J>?DA J>;H; M7I EDBO ED; <7C?BO IJ?BB B?L?D= J>;H;. ";D; 'KD:
P'*+ P)'% F,&d)a"*e) 2 C$a** 'f 2017
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L"++$e Cae*a)* ()'d,c+* 2 ("11a* a&d '+!e) "+e%* T' ($ace a& ')de) ($ea*e c'&+ac+ N'%a We$+e) a+ 748-2484 b0 N'-e%be) 17
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E-/$,. $.. :163 N(84, #('',0* $0' E0*$*(/(05 A00160&(/(054 51 !+( F$,5+ I0'(2(0'(05
U*b')&e C'. a$$ 'cca*"'& ca)d* 2 -a)"e+"e* - B'/e* 'f 30
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
Page 5
Marcus Ne s
B! Vick! Waterland
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'A B5*,4 H255; H.*5<1 C*:. $A;<.6 :.,8072B.; *<287*5 F*625A C*:.02>.: M87<1
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$D /EMD & DKFH;;: $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? $D CEKDJO: $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *KJ E< CEKDJO: $39.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *KJ E< .J7J; $39.00
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(.+:2;. $<+:,928;276: $34
+* BEN 38 !7?J>, .D 57626
Page 6 ;
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/>; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 D;F7HJC;DJ E< A=H?9KBJKH; ?I 799;FJ?D= 7FFB?97J?EDI <EH 7FFHEN?C7J;BO 580 :ED7J;: 2012 C-+ C?:-J;HC C7D7=;C;DJ >7O 87B;I. 0.DA-!7HC .;HL?9; A=;D9O ?I 7BBEM?D= FHE:K9;HI M?J> 2012 C-+ C?:-J;HC C7D7=;C;DJ >7O JE :ED7J; J>; 87B;: H;I?:K; JE .DDA, H7J>;H J>7D :;IJHEO ?J. +HE:K9;HI ?D J>; 7<<;9J;: AJB7I BB?PP7H: 9EKDJ?;I 7H; ;B?=?8B; <EH J>; :ED7J;: >7O. .K8C?JJ?D= 7D 7FFB?97J?ED :E;I DEJ =K7H7DJ;; :?IJH?8KJ?ED E< >7O JE OEKH EF;H7J?ED. W2; 7FFH;9?7J; J>; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 !.A E<<?9; MEHA?D= M?J> KI JE I;D: J>;I; 87B;I JE FHE:K9;HI ?D D;;:,X I7?: .EKJ> D7AEJ7 .;9H;J7HO E< A=H?9KBJKH; 'K97I ';DJI9>. B7B;: H;I?:K; <HEC F7HJ?9?F7J?D= FHE:K9;HI M?BB 8; 7L7?B78B; ?D
B?C?J;: GK7DJ?J?;I. .DDA M?BB 9EEH:?D7J; J>; :ED7J?ED ;<<EHJ 8;JM;;D J>; C-+ F7HJ?9?F7DJ 7D: J>; B?L;IJE9A FHE:K9;H. />; H;9?F?;DJ M?BB 8; H;IFEDI?8B; <EH ;NF;DI;I 7D: 7HH7D=;C;DJI 7IIE9?7J;: M?J> JH7DIFEHJ?D= J>; :ED7J;: >7O. NJH7 FH;97KJ?EDI C7O D;;: JE 8; ;N;H9?I;: 7I CEL78?B?JO E< J>; >7O ?I B?C?J;:. +HE:K9;HI H;9;?L?D= >7O M?BB 8; I;B;9J;: 8O .DDA 87I;: ED J>; DKC8;H E< 7FFB?97J?EDI H;9;?L;:, J>; 7CEKDJ E< >7O 7L7?B78B; 7D: D;;:. /E 7FFBO <EH J>; FHE=H7C, L?I?J >JJF://I::7.I:.=EL/:E9KC;DJI/2013-C-+-D?IJH?8KJ?ED7FFB?97J?ED.F:< EH 9EDJ79J .DDA. AFFB?97J?EDI CKIJ 8; H;9;?L;: 8O 5:00 F.C. CD/, !H?:7O, )EL;C8;H 15. !EH ?D<EHC7J?ED ED ;B?=?8?B?JO 7D: 9ED:?J?EDI, 9EDJ79J %7C?; CH;M 7J 605-773-4073.
F (1' U+(1$# M$1',#(01 C'2/"' F )) F2+ F$01(3 )
N7<2/? $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< 7/ ?7=: ,1*60. 7/ *--:.;; +./7:. 57>260 7: *; 9=2,34? *; 87;;2+4., ;7 *; 67< <7 52;; * ;2604. 2;;=..
N,3 16-6 PM S,2- 02--$/
Free will donation Auction to follow
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
Page 7
Congra!"la!ion on an o"! !anding ea on!
F189: 86=, 3-.: :6 81/0:: B8)5,1 #14659, C63- $8)1568, '133 L;:@, G)88-: D8;4, $8-? D656<)5, '?3-- N-3965, #0)31 #0-81,)5. #-+65, 86=, 3-.: :6 81/0:: J6+-3?55 K-..-3-8, G3-55 !)34-8, C3)? B-859:-15, #)4 K-55-,?, C0)5-? K-..-3-8, J)2- F69:-8, J)41 D-8.315/-8, B8)5,1 B)+04)5. $018, 86=, 3-.: :6 81/0:: #0)5- L;:@, '?):: #+0;-32-, J690 A.,)03, J)-3)51 %:01, G-8-:0 B;9065/, $819:-5 "06,-5, C0)5+- E9+6::, D)3:65 #0-81,)5. B)+2 86=, 3-.: :6 81/0:: $?-5 !)34-8, J605 G8677-8, $?- G8;*3, "16 H;34, $?3-8 H60-5*-8/-8, B3)@- M+M;8:8?, $-1/-5 G8;*3, H;5:-8 J605965. C6;8:-9? 6. L1.-:6;+0
B86;/0: :6 ?6; *? :0-9- 786;, 97659689
C A/-*15D; A9952*7,.
J8.5, C5*=-27., %8:2 & J8;1
C B80=. & B80=. L*? !//2,.; C B:*7-270 I:87 I77 C C.7.@ 8/ F*2<1 C C2<A 8/ F*2<1 C D.5+:2-0. %:=,4270 C B:*7-*,. D2.<<.:5., D:. 8/ C12:89:*,<2, C F*2<1 A:.* M.68:2*5 C1*9.5 C F*2<1 C866. H.*5<1 C.7<.:
C F*2<1 L=6+.: C8. C F*2<1 $,1885 D2;<:2,< 46-2 C F*2<1 '.<.:27*:A $.:>2,. C FI:;< *<287*5 B*74 C F2;1.: G*; C8. C H*27.; %:=,4270 C K.A77 H87.A C8. C K.//.5.: K:.*<287; C LA77D; D*48<*6*:< C L27-*D; D:2>. I7 C L877AD; $<.*4 H8=;.
C M&D F88- $189 C "*=5D; F..- & $..C #2,4D; A=<8 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< C %1. "5*27; A0.7,A I7;=:*7,.
J26, J*62., D*5<87, $1*52 & K*<2.
C %8?.: $<885 C8. LLC. C '25*; "1*:6*,A & H.*5<1,*:.
Page 8 ;
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7<
G8>.:78: D*=0**:- ;207; '.<.:*7; D*A 9:8,5*6*<287
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H.59 *>*25*+5. /8: 87527. M*:4.<"5*,. 1.*5<1 ,*:. 27;=:*7,.
$J I;;CI ;L;HOED; >7I GK;IJ?EDI 7D: 9ED9;HDI H;=7H:?D= J>;?H >;7BJ> 97H; D;;:I 7D: J>; 9>7D=;I ?D EKH D;M >;7BJ>97H; ?DIKH7D9; IOIJ;C. />; A<<EH:78B; C7H; A9J ?D9BK:;: FHEL?I?EDI JE >?H;, JH7?D, 7D: FHEL?:; )7L?=7JEHI JE 7II?IJ 9EDIKC;HI 799;II J>; EDB?D; (7HA;JFB79; M;8I?J;. $< OEK >7L; GK;IJ?EDI, 9EDJ79J OEKH 2;IJ;HD .D )7L?=7JEH ?D -7F?: C?JO 7J (605) 348-1460. 4EKH )7L?=7JEH 97D 7II?IJ OEK M?J> CEH; KD:;HIJ7D:?D= E< J>; (7HA;JFB79; M;8I?J;, EH OEK 97D I9>;:KB; J?C; <EH F;HIED7BT 7II?IJ7D9; 799;II?D= ?DJE J>; (7HA;JFB79; IOIJ;C. )7L?=7JEHI 7BIE :E =HEKF EH EH=7D?P7J?ED FH;I;DJ7J?EDI H;=7H:?D= IC7BB 8KI?D;II 7D: J>; (7HA;JFB79;. +B;7I; 97BB (605) 348-1460 JE I9>;:KB; J?C; <EH 7DO I?=D-KF D;;:I.X
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8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
CEM8EOI E99KHH;: ED %KD; 13, 1898, M>;D #;H8;HJ '7MH;D9; E< /HEEF :?;: E< JOF>E?: <;L;H. A99EH:?D= JE .K;I, 78EKJ 20 E< "H?=I8OZI 9EM8EOI :?;: E< JOF>E?: <;L;H, :OI;DJ;HO, IF?D7B C;D?D=?J?I, 7D 799?:;DJ7B =KDI>EJ MEKD: 7D: EJ>;H 97KI;I M>?B; 7J C7CF />EC7I EH B7J;H <HEC :?I;7I;I 9EDJH79J;: 7J J>; 97CF. ABJ>EK=> HKCEHI 78EKD:;: ?D 97CF J>7J J>; 9EM8EOI MEKB: 8; I;DJ JE CK87, J>EI; EH:;HI D;L;H 97C;. *D AK=. 10, 1898, ?J 8;97C; ADEMD J>7J .F7?D >7: =?L;D KF J>; M7H 7D: J>7J >EIJ?B?J?;I M;H; 9;7I;:. W/>KI :?: M; I;; ;L;HO >EF; E< 79J?L; I;HL?9; L7D?I>,X .K;I MHEJ;. 6*D .;FJ. 5, 1898, "H?=I8O =7L; >?I B7IJ EH:;HI 7D: :;B?L;H;: 7 <7H;M;BB C;II7=; JE >?I C;D. #; I7?:, WABJ>EK=> ?J ?I 7 =H;7J :?I7FFE?DJC;DJ JE 7BB E< KI J>7J M; M;H; DEJ F;HC?JJ;: JE <EHC 7 F7HJ E< J>; B?D; E< 87JJB; 7J J>; <HEDJ, ?J 97DDEJ 8; I7?: E< J>; YCEM8EO -;=?C;DJZ U ;?J>;H E<<?9;HI EH C;D U J>7J J>;O :?: DEJ :E ;L;HOJ>?D= FEII?8B;, DEJ EDBO JE =;J H;7:O 7J J>; ;7HB?;IJ FEII?8B; CEC;DJ <EH 79J?L; I;HL?9;, 8KJ 7BIE JE ?D:K9; J>EI; ?D 7KJ>EH?JO JE I;B;9J J>?I H;=?C;DJ 7I 7 F7HJ E< J>; 7HCO E< ?DL7I?ED. W$J >7I 8;;D M;BB 7D: @KIJBO I7?: 8O +H;I?:;DJ (9&?DB;O J>7J J>EI; IEB:?;HI M>E J;D:;H;: J>;?H B?L;I JE J>; 9EKDJHO 7D: F;H<EHC;: KD9ECFB7?D?D=BO J>;?H :KJ?;I ?D 97CFI E< ?DIJHK9J?ED, KD:;H 9ED:?J?EDI CEIJ KD<7LEH78B; JE >;7BJ> 7D: 9EC<EHJ 7H; :;I;HL?D= E< 7I CK9> 9H;:?J 7I J>EI; M>E M;H; 9>EI;D JE =E 7=7?DIJ J>; ;D;CO.X />; !?HIJ 0... 1EBKDJ;;H C7L7BHO -;=?C;DJ 8;=7D CKIJ;H?D= EKJ. />; 9EM8EOI >7: 8;9EC; IEB:?;HI 7D: DEM M;H; L;J;H7DI. ABJ>EK=> "H?=I8OZI CEM8EOI :?: DEJ I;; C?B?J7HO 79J?ED IK9> 7I -EEI;L;BJZI -EK=> -?:;HI, J>;O M;H; FH;F7H;: JE I;HL; J>;?H 9EKDJHO 7D: C7:; >?IJEHO. "H?=I8OZI CEM8EOI 7H; 7D ;N7CFB; E< J>; DKC;HEKI J?C;I J>7J .EKJ> D7AEJ7DI >7L; 7DIM;H;: J>;?H 9EKDJHOZI 97BB JE I;HL?9;. *D 1;J;H7DI D7O, 7BB M>E I;HL;: J>;?H 9EKDJHO 7H; I7BKJ;:. ",-7 131)28 -2 !398, D%/38% ,-7836= -7 463:-()( &= 8,) !398, D%/38% H-7836-'%0 !3'-)8= F392(%8-32, 8,) 232463*-8 *92(6%-7-2+ 4%682)6 3* 8,) !398, D%/38% !8%8) H-7836-'%0 !3'-)8=. F-2( 97 32 8,) ;)& %8 ;;;.7(,7*.36+. C328%'8 97 %8 -2*3@7(,7*.36+ 83 79&1-8 % 7836= -()%.
Page 9
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$J IJ7HJ;: M?J> 17 >EKHI E< H7?D.T J>; J;CF;H7JKH;I />;D, :HEFF;: 7D: J>; 70-C?B;-7D->EKH M?D:I I;J ?D, 9H;7J?D= 8B?PP7H: 9ED:?J?EDI <EH J>H;; :7OI.T #KD:H;:I E< .EKJ> D7AEJ7 <7C?B?;I :K= EKJ E< J>; IDEM JE <?D: J>7J J;DI E< J>EKI7D:I E< 97JJB; >7: M7BA;: E<< E< 9B?<<I, :HEMD;: ?D H?L;HI, EH 8;;D ICEJ>;H;: 8O J>; IDEM.T .EKJ> D7AEJ7 H7D9>;HI >7: DE I7<;JO D;J.T />;O 7H; DEM IJHK==B?D= JE IJ7O ?D 8KI?D;II 7D: IEC; C7O D;L;H H;9EL;H.T />7J ?I M>O M; CKIJ >7L; B?L;IJE9A :?I7IJ;H FHE=H7CI J>7J C?J?=7J; IEC; E< J>; BEII;I. />?I M;;A, $ C;J M?J> #EKI; 7D: .;D7J; B;7:;HI JE 8;=?D :H7<J?D= J>; <?D7B L;HI?ED E< J>; <7HC 8?BB 7I F7HJ E< J>; 2013 !7HC B?BB CED<;H;D9; CECC?JJ;;.T $ 7C J>H?BB;: JE =?L; .EKJ> D7AEJ7 7 I;7J 7J J>; D;=EJ?7J?D= J78B;.T />?I ?I J>; <?HIJ J?C; 7 C;C8;H E< J>; #EKI; E< -;FH;I;DJ7J?L;I <HEC .EKJ> D7AEJ7 >7I :ED; IE ?D D;7HBO 20 O;7HI. />; CED<;H;D9; CECC?JJ;; ?I I;J KF JE D;=EJ?7J; J>; :?<<;H;D9;I 8;JM;;D J>; #EKI;ZI L;HI?ED E< J>; <7HC 8?BB 7D: J>; .;D7J;ZI.T BEJ> 9>7C8;HI F7II;: B;=?IB7J?ED J>?I IKCC;H, 8KJ J>;O >7: 7 DKC8;H E< :?<<;H;D9;I J>7J CKIJ 8; MEHA;: EKJ 8;<EH; 7 <?D7B 8?BB ?I I;DJ JE J>; FH;I?:;DJ <EH >?I I?=D7JKH;. AI 7 C;C8;H E< J>?I CED<;H;D9; CECC?JJ;;, $ 7C <E9KI;: ED FHEL?:?D= IEC; 9;HJ7?DJO <EH .EKJ> D7AEJ7 FHE:K9;HI.T *D; E< J>; FHEL?I?EDI $ M?BB 8; FKI>?D= <EH ?I J>; B?L;IJE9A :?I7IJ;H FHE=H7C J>7J $ 7KJ>EH;:, M>?9> M7I ?D9BK:;: ?D J>; #EKI;ZI L;HI?ED E< J>; <7HC 8?BB.T />?I M?BB DEJ EDBO =K7H7DJ;; J>7J :?I7IJ;H H;B?;< M?BB 8; 7L7?B78B; <EH J>; ;DJ?H;JO E< J>; D;NJ <7HC 8?BB, 8KJ ?J M?BB 7BIE MEHA H;JHE79J?L;BO JE >;BF C?J?=7J; IEC; E< J>; :7C7=;I H;IKBJ?D= <HEC B7IJ CEDJ>ZI 8B?PP7H:. CEC?D= <HEC 7 <7HC?D= <7C?BO, $ 7BIE ADEM >EM ?CFEHJ7DJ 7
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&1. F201<260 C7?+7A; 7/ C74. .4>26 G:20;+A
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
C.:<*26<A /:75 <1. /2.4- <7 <1. /7:3
IJHED= 9HEF ?DIKH7D9; FHE=H7C ?I JE ;DIKH?D= IEC; B;L;B E< 9;HJ7?DJO 7D: $ >7L; C7:; ?J 9B;7H JE J>; CED<;H;D9; CECC?JJ;; J>7J J>?I CKIJ 8; J>; 9EHD;HIJED; E< J>; <7HC 8?BB. $D9BK:?D= ?CFEHJ7DJ IE:I7L;H FHEL?I?EDI J>7J FHEJ;9J EKH D7J?L; =H7IIB7D:I 7D: ;DIKH?D= <7HC FEB?9O MEHAI <EH EKH )7J?L; AC;H?97D 9ECCKD?JO 7H; 7BIE L;HO ?CFEHJ7DJ 9ECFED;DJI E< J>; <7HC 8?BB. !?D7BBO, ?< OEK =E JE J>; BB79A #?BBI, M; >7L; :;7: 7D: :O?D= JH;;I B;<J <HEC ?DI;9J ?D<;IJ7J?EDI J>7J JKHD EKH <EH;IJI ?DJE 7 J?D:;H 8EN.T $ 7C 7:LE97J?D= IJHED=BO <EH ;<<EHJI J>7J =?L; KI J>; JEEBI M; D;;: JE 7::H;II J>; F?D; 8;;JB; ;F?:;C?9. 2>?B; J>;H; 7H; :?<<;H;D9;I ?D >EM J>; #EKI; 7D: .;D7J; 8;B?;L; EKH <7HC FEB?9O I>EKB: BEEA, ?J M7I 9B;7H <HEC B7IJ M;;AZI CED<;H;D9; CECC?JJ;; C;;J?D= J>7J 7BB J>; 9ED<;H;;I 7=H;; M; CKIJ IJH?L; <EH 7 <7HC 8?BB J>7J FHEL?:;I 9;HJ7?DJO <HEC J>; <?;B: JE J>; <EHA 7D: J>; F7IJKH; JE J>; FB7J;.T A<J;H 7BB, KD9;HJ7?DJO ?D <7HC FEB?9O 7BIE C;7DI KD9;HJ7?DJO <EH <7C?B?;I 7J J>; =HE9;HO IJEH;.T ABH;7:O, D;MI EH=7D?P7J?EDI 7H; H;FEHJ?D= J>7J M?J>EKJ 7 <7HC 8?BB, C?BA FH?9;I 9EKB: H?I; JE 7I CK9> 7I $8 7 =7BBED.T )EJ ;L;HOED; C7O <7HC, 8KJ ;L;HOED; ;7JI.T !?D?I>?D= 7 <7HC 8?BB ?I DEJ =E?D= JE 8; ;7IO.T BKJ $ 9EC; <HEC 7 <7HC <7C?BO.T $ >7L; BEIJ 9HEFI JE >7?B 7D: :HEK=>J.T $ >7L; BEIJ 97JJB; F;HIED7BBO, 7BJ>EK=> D;L;H 7DOJ>?D= 9BEI; JE J>; C7=D?JK:; E< M>7J M;IJ H?L;H <7C?B?;I 7H; ;NF;H?;D9?D=.T $ >7L; 7BIE L?I?J;: M?J> 7 DKC8;H E< .EKJ> D7AEJ7 H7D9>;HI I?D9; J>; *9JE8;H IDEMIJEHC.T $ZL; I;;D J>;?H BEII;I <?HIJ>7D: 7D: $ 7C 9ECC?JJ;: JE =?L?D= J>;C J>; >;BF J>;O D;;: JE H;9EL;H 7D: J>; 9;HJ7?DJO J>;O :;I;HL; JE CEL; <EHM7H:. $J ?I J?C; M; <?D?I> EKH MEHA 7D: F7II 7 <7HC 8?BB.T *KH FHE:K9;HI D;;: ?J, 7D: IE :E AC;H?97D 9EDIKC;HI.T
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Dan Pi!o$#ek ha" been an a$c#ionee! a# Phili Li%e"#ock A$c#ion and o#he! loca#ion" fo! 35 'ea!". He ha"n’# "een an'#hing #o bea# #he hi"#o!ic Oc#obe! 4, 2013, "no&"#o!m – bo#h in ca##le lo"#, b$# al"o in #he high %al$e. M?DJ;H F7IJKH;I ?I IJ7D:7H: EF;H7J?D= FHE9;:KH;. 'EII;I 7H; M?B:BO ;HH7J?9 7D: ?D;NFB?978B;. .EC; MEKB: BEI; D;7HBO ;L;HOJ>?D=, 7D: EJ>;HI D;NJ :EEH C?=>J BEI; <;M. *B:;H FHE:K9;HI M?BB B?A;BO >7L; J>; <?D7D9?7B IJH;D=J> JE H;9EL;H. 4EKD=;H ED;I J>7J >7: 8;;D 8EHHEM?D= CED;O JE =;J ?DJE J>; 8KI?D;II C7O 8; :ED;. W$ :EDZJ ADEM >EM C7DO M;ZL; BEIJ U DE8E:O ADEMI, M?J> 9ED<?:;D9;,X C7CC79A I7OI. .EC; I7O BEII;I 7H; ?D J>; J;DI E< J>EKI7D:I. .EC; M?BB =K;II 100,000. .EC;M>;H; ?D J>; C?::B; ?I J>; JHKJ>. $ZC =K;II?D= ?JZI 20,000 JE 30,000.X !HEC 7D ;9EDEC?9 IJ7D:FE?DJ, ?< ;79> M7I 7 9EM-97B< F7?H, 7 JOF?97B L7BK; C?=>J 8; $1,500 JE $2,000, :;F;D:?D= ED >EM OEK 9EKDJ ?J. $< J>; JEJ7B JKHD;: EKJ JE 8; 100,000, J>7JZ: 8; 7 JEJ7B E< 78EKJ $150 C?BB?ED JE $200 C?BB?ED. $< J>; BEII;I 7H; 9BEI;H JE 30,000 7D?C7BI, J>; ?CF79J C?=>J 8; $45 C?BB?ED. WAD: J>;OZH; ?D:;F;D:;DJ. />;O :EDZJ J>?DA ?JZI 7DO8E:O ;BI;ZI 8KI?D;II.X #; :?: >?I 8;IJ M?J> F>EJE=H7F>?D= ;7H J7=I 7D: 97H97II;I, 8KJ ?JZI =E?D= JE 8; :?<<?9KBJ <EH ;L;HOED; JE L;H?<O BEII;I.
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.EKJ> D7AEJ7DI 7H; <7C?B?7H M?J> I79H?<?9;. $D C7DO M7OI, ?J ?I 7 >?IJEH?97B JH7?J E< J>?I =H;7J IJ7J;. *L;H 71,000 L;J;H7DI 97BB .EKJ> D7AEJ7 >EC; JE:7O, F7HJ?9?F7J?D= ?D 7 >;H?J7=; M>?9> :7J;I JE J>; I;JJB?D= E< J>; IJ7J; ?JI;B<. $D J>; O;7HI <EBBEM?D= J>; C?L?B 27H, C7DO L;J;H7DI C?=H7J;: M;IJM7H: JE J>; D7AEJ7 /;HH?JEHO ?D I;7H9> E< J>; FHEC?I; J>7J J>; FH7?H?; E<<;H;:. /EMDI B?A; ";JJOI8KH=, .JKH=?I, 7D: CKIJ;H, D7C;: <EH J>; :;9?I?L; 87JJB;I 7D: :7H?D= B;7:;HI, =H;M <HEC J>?I ?D<BKN E< L;J;H7D I;JJB;HI 7D: JE:7O H;C?D: KI E< J>?I >;H?J7=;. $J M7I EKH D7J?EDZI L;J;H7DI M>E EH?=?D7BBO >;BF;: C7A; J>?I =H;7J IJ7J; FEII?8B;. DKH?D= 2EHB: 27HI $ 7D: $$, CEH; J>7D 90,000 .EKJ> D7AEJ7DI <EK=>J ?D KHEF; 7D: J>; +79?<?9 ?D :;<;DI; E< J>; AC;H?97D :H;7C. .?NJO-<?L; J>EKI7D: I;HL;: ?D 2EHB: 27H $$ 7BED;, ED;-J;DJ> E< J>; IJ7J;ZI JEJ7B FEFKB7J?ED 7J J>7J J?C;. A<J;H J>; M7H, EKH F7H;DJI 7D: =H7D:F7H;DJI, L;J;H7DI E< J>; "H;7J;IJ ";D;H7J?ED, H;JKHD;: >EC; JH?KCF>7DJ 7D: >;BF;: KI>;H ?D 7D ;H7 E< KDFH;9;:;DJ;: FHEIF;H?JO. 2; IJ?BB B?L; ?D :;8J JE J>;I; =H;7J :;;:I. />?I JH7:?J?ED E< I;B<B;IID;II 7D: I79H?<?9; <EH A?D 7D: 9EKDJHO ?D J?C; E< D;;: >7I 9EDJ?DK;: KD787J;:BO, :;97:; 7<J;H :;97:;, JE J>; FH;I;DJ :7O. 2>;J>;H ?J M7I &EH;7 EH 1?;JD7C, $H7G EH A<=>7D?IJ7D, :KH?D= F;79;J?C; EH M7H, .EKJ> D7AEJ7DI >7L; 7BM7OI 7DIM;H;: J>; 97BB JE I;HL;. 1;J;H7DI 7H; 7D ?DJ;=H7B F7HJ E< EKH 9ECCKD?J?;I. />;OZH; EKH =H7D:F7H;DJI, F7H;DJI, 9>?B:H;D, D;?=>8EHI, J;79>;HI, 7D: <H?;D:I. />;O 79J M?J> 9EKH7=;, >KC?B?JO, 7D: :;:?97J?ED ?D :;<;DI; E< J>; 9ECCKD?J?;I J>;O 9>;H?I>. (EH; E<J;D J>7D DEJ, J>;O @KIJ?<O J>;?H I;HL?9; 7I W@KIJ :E?D= CO @E8.X />;O 7H; EKH >KC8B; >;HE;I. AI M; 9;B;8H7J; J>?I 1;J;H7DI D7O, ?J ?I ?CFEHJ7DJ JE >EDEH, J>7DA, 7D: IKFFEHJ J>EI; M>E >7L; I79H?<?9;: 7D: M>E 9EDJ?DK; JE C7A; I79H?<?9;I ?D I;HL?9; JE EKH 9EKDJHO. />;I; ;N9;FJ?ED7B ?D:?L?:K7BI ;D78B; KI JE ;D@EO J>; <H;;:ECI M; >EB: :;7H, 7D: J>;O :;I;HL; 7BB J>; H;9E=D?J?ED 7D: IKFFEHJ M; 97D E<<;H. +B;7I; @E?D C; ?D >EDEH?D= .EKJ> D7AEJ7ZI 7D: EKH D7J?EDZI L;J;H7DI, DEJ @KIJ ED 1;J;H7DI D7O, 8KJ ;L;HO :7O.T
Page 12
%1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
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C;DJ. (O M?<;, (7H?BOD, 7BIE 8;97C; KFJ?=>J 7D: >7: JE J7A; 7 BED= D7F 7<J;H J>; J;DJ7J?L; 7=H;;C;DJ M7I 7DDEKD9;: ED J>; D;MI. .E, $ M7IDZJ 7BED; ?D CO I;DJ?C;DJI EH H;79J?EDI. />; EH:;7B FHECFJ;: C; JE J>?DA 78EKJ >EM EJ>;H F;EFB; H;79J;: JE J>; I>KJ:EMD 7D: EJ>;H KD9EDJHEBB78B; I?JK7J?EDI. $ :;9?:;: JE MH?J; 78EKJ >EM M; 97D 9EF; M?J> 7M<KB <;;B?D=I, M?J> 7D ;O; JE F7HJ?9KB7H I?JK7J?EDI <7HC;HI 7D: EJ>;H HKH7B F;EFB; <79;. (7DO E< EKH MEHIJ <;;B?D=I 7H; 9EDD;9J;: JE C7JJ;HI M; >7L; B?JJB; 9EDJHEB EL;H, IK9> 7I IJEHCI, KD;NF;9J;: ?BBD;II;I 7D: :;7J>I E< BEL;: ED;IV7D: <EH <7HC;HI: 9HEFI 7D: B?L;IJE9A 7I M;BB, 7I E99KHH;: ?D .EKJ> D7AEJ7 :KH?D= J>; H;9;DJ I;L;H; 8B?PP7H:. .EB:?;HI JEE, E<J;D <;;B CEIJ LKBD;H78B; M>;D ED :KJO ?D 7H;7I M?J> ;NFBEI?L; :;L?9;I 7D: J;HHEH?IJI D;7H8O, 8KJ DE ADEMB;:=; M>;H;. 2>;D;L;H M; BEI; 9EDJHEB EL;H J>; <79JEHI J>7J 7<<;9J EKH M;B<7H;, M; 8;9EC; >?=>BO 7B;HJ JE 7DO I?=DI E< :7D=;H. $JZI 7 DEHC7B H;79J?ED JE 7D KDM7DJ;: I?JK7J?ED. #EM :E M; :;J;9J J;DI?ED ?D EKH B?L;I J>7J M; 7H; DEJ D;9;II7H?BO ;NF;9J?D=? *KH 8E:?;I E<J;D J;BB KI CEH; 78EKJ >EM M; <;;B J>7D EKH C?D:I. *KH 8H7?D 9EHJ;N--J>; J>?DA?D= F7HJ E< EKH 8H7?DI--7H; EKH C?D:I. 2; :;J;9J J>H;7JI J>HEK=> EKH I;DI;I (;.=., >;7H?D= 7 JEHD7:E I?H;D) 7D: EKH C?D:I (;.=., H;7:?D= 78EKJ J>; =EL;HDC;DJ =E?D= 8HEA;), M>?9> I;D: C;II7=;I JE J>; B?C8?9 IOIJ;C, 7D ?DJ;H?EH F7HJ E< J>; 8H7?D @KIJ 78EL; EKH 8H7?D IJ;C. />; B?C8?9 IOIJ;C FHE9;II;I J>; ?DFKJ 7D: J;BBI EKH 8E:?;I JE =;J H;7:O JE ;?J>;H <?=>J J>; J>H;7J, 7LE?: ?J, EH ?J C7O 8;9EC; IE EL;HM>;BC;: M?J> H;F;7J;: I;L;H; H;79J?EDI J>7J M; 8;9EC; ;CEJ?ED7BBO F7H7BOP;:. />; B?C8?9 IOIJ;C 7BIE J;BBI KI M>;D M; <;;B =EE:, IK9> 7I 7<J;H 7 >;7HJO B7K=>. $J 97D 8; JH?9A;: ?DJE <;;B?D= =EE:, 8O M>7J M; 7BBEM EKHI;BL;I JE J>?DA, 7D: 8O IK8IJ7D9;I IK9> 7I C;J>7CF>;J7C?D;I. />; B?C8?9 IOIJ;C H;=KB7J;I ;CEJ?ED7B H;79J?EDI. 2>;D EKH B?C8?9 IOIJ;C H;79JI M?J> 7B7HC, 7:H;D7B?D <BEMI 7D: M; 8;9EC; ;:=O 7D: ;7I?BO KFI;J. .EC; F;EFB; >7L; :?<<?9KBJO IB;;F?D=. 4EK FHE878BO ADEM >EM OEK H;79J M>;D OEK 7H; IJH;II;:. +;HIEDI B?A; C; :;L;BEF F>OI?97B IOCFJECI IK9> 7I CKI9B; J?=>JD;II. />7JZI M>O $ I7?: ;7HB?;H J>7J IEC;J?C;I EKH 8E:?;I J;BB KI 8;JJ;H M>;D M; 7H; KFJ?=>J J>7D J>; 9E=D?J?L; J>?DA?D= =E?D= ED ?D EKH C?D:I. #EM :E M; H;IEBL; J;DI?EDI ?D EKH :7?BO B?L;I? 2; >7L; JE J7A; 79J?EDI. 2; 97D C7A; 9EDJ79J M?J> J>; F;HIEDI 97KI?D= KI IJH;II, IK9> 7I ;C7?B?D= EKH ;B;9J;: B;7:;HI 78EKJ >EM M>7J M; M7DJ J>;C JE :E. 2; 97D J7BA M?J> F;HIEDI M>E M?BB B?IJ;D 7D: H;79J M?J> KI;<KB <;;:879A. 2; 97D :?II?F7J; J>; F>OI?97B F7HJI E< EKH J;DI?ED M?J> L?=EHEKI ;N;H9?I;, MEHA 7D: FB7O. 2; 97D H;79> EKJ JE EJ>;HI M>EC M; ADEM 7H; MEHH?;: 7D: KD:;HJ7A; J>;I; FEI?J?L; 79J?L?J?;I JE=;J>;H. /EK9>?D= EJ>;HI 7D: H;9;?L?D= 9EC<EHJ?D= JEK9>;I >;BFI 97BC EKH D;HL;I. $< M; :EDZJ >7L; <7C?BO 7D: EJ>;H BEL;: ED;I 7HEKD:, M; 97D 7FFHE79> 7 9>?HEFH79JEH EH C7II7=; J>;H7F?IJ. +>OI?97B 9EDJ79J M?J> F;JI 7BIE ?I 8;D;<?9?7B. +H7O;H 7D: C;:?J7J?ED >;BF C7DO E< KI. CH;7J?L; FHE@;9JI IK9> 7I FB7O?D= CKI?9 JE=;J>;H, MH?J?D=, 7HJ, 7D: 8K?B:?D= J>?D=I >;BF EKH B?C8?9 IOIJ;C H;B7N. 2>;D 97BC;: :EMD, EKH B?C8?9 IOIJ;C I?=D7BI EKH 8E:?;I JE H;B;7I; 8;D;<?9?7B 8E:?BO 9>;C?97BI. CEHJ?IEB :;<KI;I J>; 7B7HC J>7J E99KHH;: M>;D M; <;BJ J>H;7J;D;: 7D: EKH 8E:?;I H;B;7I;: 7:H;D7B?D JE A;O KI KF. CEHJ?IEB H;B7N;I KI. L;DJK7BBO, M>;D M; <;;B I7<;, M; FHE:K9; I;HEJED?D 7D: DEH;F?D;F>;H?D; 7=7?D, M>?9> 7H; J>; 9>;C?97BI 7IIE9?7J;: M?J> M;BB8;?D=. />7JZI M>O C7DO 7DJ?:;FH;II7DJ C;:?97J?EDI 9EDJ7?D I;HEJED?D 7D:/EH DEH;F?D;F>;H?D;. $J ?I >;7BJ>?;H ?< M; 97D :;7B M?J> 7M<KB <;;B?D=I M?J>EKJ H;BO?D= ED C;:?97J?EDI 8O C7D7=?D= >EM M; 8;>7L;. D6. 371%22 -7 % 47=',303+-78 ;,3 0-:)7 2)%6 H%60%2, I3;%. H) '%2 &) '328%'8)( %8: ;;;.%+:&),%:-36%0,)%08,.'31.
Farm & Ranch LIfe
Dr. Rossman
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NRCS help for blizzard recovery
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G2=. * 02/; :<+:,928;276
$D /EMD & DKFH;;: $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? $D CEKDJO: $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *KJ E< CEKDJO: $39.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *KJ E< .J7J; $39.00
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Page 13
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"E!"E#EN$A$I&E #ALE#
512 .............$203.50 574 .............$184.50 457 .............$211.75 529 .............$196.50 405 .............$229.00 437 .............$187.25 564 .............$188.00 530 .............$195.50 459 .............$211.50 584 .............$188.50 610 .............$182.25 562 .............$184.00 566 .............$170.25 527 .............$190.00 424 .............$220.00 572 .............$184.50 485 .............$200.00 535 .............$183.00 537 .............$184.50 516 .............$193.25
'%DA/F*:5 %.:>2,. A0.6,A !.?;
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
%8-- G.:+:*,1< 63 .......................+43 & +4-A ;<..:; 36 .............................+*4-A 1.2/.:; H8?*:- H*=0.7 65.............................A60=; ;<..:; C*99 #*7,1 I7, 90.........................+43 & :.- ;<..:; L*::A A7-.:;87 54 .......................+43 & +4-A ;<..:; 43 ......................+43 & +4-A 1.2/.:; L8=2;. J.7;.7 58.............................A60=; ;<..:; 44............................A60=; 1.2/.:; J87 H856.; 39.............................A60=; ;<..:; %:*,A (85// 94.............................A60=; ;<..:; H8?*:- (2.;270.: 111......................+43 & +4-A ;<..:; 93 ............................C1*: @ ;<..:; 99 ...........................C1*: @ 1.2/.:; 74 ......................+43 & +4-A 1.2/.:; $<:*-270.: #*7,1 98 .....................$.- A60=; ;<..:; 117....................$.- A60=; ;<..:; 117....................$.- A60=; ;<..:; AC L*=:.7B 85 .......................+43 & +4-A ;<..:; 56 .......................+43 & +4-A ;<..:; H*55 L & L 114 ...........................A60=; ;<..:; D87 "*56.: 79 .......................+43 & +4-A ;<..:;
564 .............$187.75 551 .............$181.50 567 .............$183.75 481 .............$197.75 464 .............$204.50 434 .............$186.50 610 .............$179.75 575 .............$164.75 600 .............$180.00 580 .............$185.75 527 .............$194.50 543 .............$190.00 519 .............$177.75 482 .............$182.00 605 .............$182.25 577 .............$184.50 541 .............$193.00 615 .............$185.75 558 .............$188.50 443 .............$217.25 616 .............$178.25
E>7-+:15/ 2500-3000 +)3<-9, 300-400 ?-)8315/9
C6591/54-5:9: A5,-8965 B 200 A60=; ,*4>.; 400-550# A2-8 B 150 +43 & +4-A ,*4>.; 500-600# !);3 B 225 A60=; ;<..:; 475-550# D8;4 B 90 A60=; ;<..:; 500-550# M133-8 B 90 A60=; ,*4>.; 500-600# H-,9:864 B 140 A60=; ,*4>.; 475-550# L-44-3 B 80 A60=; ,*4>.; (?.*6.-) 475-550# F6> B 130 A60=; ,*4>.; 500-600# B-3, B 135 +43 & C1*: @ ,*4>.; 500-625# M)965 B 160 :.- & +4-A ,*4>.; 400-500# A5,-8965 B 120 +43 & +4-A ;<..:; 525# B;-8 B 150 A60=; ,*4>.; 475-550# M68- +)3<-9 )5, ?-)8315/9 ->7-+:-, *? 9)3- :14-.
#)3- $14-: 9 AM
&"C!MI G $ALE$
M87-*A, 8>.6+.: 18: %8.,2*4 ;<7,3 ,7? *6- +:.- 1.2/.: ;*4. M87-*A, 8>.6+.: 25: %8.,2*4 :.84*,.5.6< 1.2/.:, +:.- ,7? ;*4. M87-*A, D.,.6+.: 2: $.0=4*: ,*<<4. *6- ;1..8 ;*4. M87-*A, D.,.6+.: 9: %8.,2*4 ?.*6.- ,*4/ *6- A.*:4260 ;*4. M87-*A, D.,.6+.: 16: L*;< %*4. 7/ 2013
#( $223(&,$5( :163 %64,0(44. G,7( 64 $ &$.. $5 605-967-2200 13 888.)$,5+.,7(451&-.&1/ ,) :16 +$7( .,7(451&- 51 4(... #( 816.' %( *.$' 51 7,4,5 8,5+ :16. G$3: "$0&( < (605) 967-2162 OR &155 "$0&( < CELL: 484-7127 OR=M$9 L16*+.,0 < 1-605-645-2583 (&(..) OR G.(0 K,0* 1-605-390-3264 (&(..)
Page 14
; %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
8>.6+.: 6, 2013
.5*24 =; *< /*2<126-@/*2<1;-.,75
N7<2/? $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< 7/ ?7=: ,1*60. 7/ *--:.;; +./7:. 57>260 7: *; 9=2,34? *; 87;;2+4., ;7 *; 67< <7 52;; * ;2604. 2;;=..
PICKUPS • 4x4s • 4x2s
2009 CHEVY 2500 EXT CAB 4X4: Silverado HD with utility box, very usable trade-in, way under book . . . . . . . . $18,995
Home: (605) 837-2945 Cell: (605) 381-5568
2010 F-350 CREW CAB LARIAT 4X4: FX4 pkg., V-10, shortbox, boxliner, heated seats, camera, 31,000 miles .................................$34,995
2008 SUPERCAB 4X4 XLT: Well equipped trade, 93,000 miles, way under book. . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995
2010 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4: Lariat, heated & cooled leather, box cover & lots more, 34,000 miles, town pickup, just in ..........$32,995
2005 DODGE DAKOTA: 4x4, V-8, SLT pkg., quad cab & more $8,995
2012 CHEVY MALIBU LT: 26,000 miles, very well equipped ..$15,995
Mid-Sized & Family-Sizes Cars
WTrenching WTire Tanks WVacuum Excavation WCobett Waters WDirectional Boring
Excavation work of WBackhoe ALL types!
Brent Peters
Located in Kadoka, SD
1995 F-250 4X4: 7.3 diesel, 120K miles ...................................$8,495
1999 F-150 4X4 SUPERCAB: Ready for winter ..................$4,995
2012 TAURUS LIMITED: Loaded with options, very nice 20,000-mile program car ......................$22,900 2012 LINCOLN MKS: Navigation, heat & cool seats, 16,000 miles, Ecoboost engine, like new. $38,995 2012 FUSION SEL: Sunroof, heated leather, 17,000 mile program car ....................................$21,495
2009 FORD TAURUS LIMITED: Sunroof, heated leather, 60,000 miles, call on this one! ......$16,250
2004 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature Series, very good, comfortable car, 143,000 easy miles, $1,500 under book ...........................6,495
2005 FORD RANGER EDGE: Supercab, 4x4, Edge, 5 speed, 4.0 V-6 engine, well equipped, 111,000 miles. Just traded. One owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,995
2013 EXPEDITION EL: Heated & cooled leather, 18,000 miles, very nice, under book . . . . . . . $38,995
SUVs & Vans
18 FT. CAR TRAILER Dovetail Tandem, 3500 lb. Axles $2,895
2003 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature, 170,000 easy miles, well cared for car.................................$5,995
2010 IMPALA LT: 72,000 miles, well equipped....................$11,995 2010 GRAND MARQUIS LS: Ultimate pkg., good full sized car, 63,000 miles .....................$14,995
2003 FORD TAURUS SES: Sunroof, power seat, good tires, 119K easy miles...................................$4,995 2002 BUICK LESABRE: Very well equipped, local trade with only 63,000 miles .......................$6,995
2008 GMC YUKON DENALLI: All the options, DVD, nav., sunroof, buckets & more, good trade-in . . . . . . . PRICED TO SELL
8036 8056 8091
2004 EXPEDITION 4X4 XLT: Like new tires, ready to go . . . . . $7,895
2011 FORD EXPLORER 4X4: Back-up camera, 34,000 mile local trade . . . . . . . Call for great deal!
2013 ESCAPE SEL: Ecoboost, 4x4, heated leather, sunroof & more, 16,500 miles . . . . . . . . . . $27,995
1996 CHEVY SUBURBAN: 3/4 ton, 4x4, very usable . . . . . . . . . $3,995
New DCT 20 ft. Car Hauler: Tandem 3500 lb. axles ...$3,695 2005 Trailer: 2 place snowmobile, drive-on, drive-off ....................$1,995
TOLL-FREE: 1-800-658-5585 • www.murdo-ford.com
Terry Van Dam: 669-2918 • Jim Butt: 669-2881 • Travis Van Dam: 406/239-8020
(605) 669-2784 EVENINGS: 669-2881 • 669-2918 • Murdo, SD
MURDO FORD • 669-2391
F-150 F-150 F-150 F-150 F-350
2013 F-150s & F-350s Nice Rebates & Discounts!
4x4 4x4 4x4 4x4 4x4
2012 F-350 Crew Cab, Lariat, shortbox, 6.7 diesel, 4x4 $59,440. Discounts & Rebates: $10,618. Final Price ..................................................................$48,822 2012 F-350 Crew Cab, 4x4, shortbox, 6.2 gas, XLT $45,450. Discounts & Rebates: $7,243. Final Price ..................................................................$38,207 2012 F-350 Crew Cab, shortbox, Lariat, 4x4, 6.7 diesel $58,445. Discounts & Rebates: $10,433. Final Price ..................................................................$48,012
H3; %&398 % 79&7'6-48-32 83
%1. F*2;1 I6-.8.6-.6;
$D /EMD & DKFH;; $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? $D CEKDJO $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *KJ E< CEKDJO $39.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *KJ E< .J7J; $39.00
Looking for a gift idea...
Super Crew, XLT, shortbox, 5.0 engine ~ Kodiak Black Super Crew, Lariat, shortbox, Ecoboost ~ White Super Crew, XLT, longbox, 5.0 ~ White Super Crew, Lariat, shortbox, Ecoboost ~ Blue Crew Cab, XLT, shortbox, 6.7 diesel ~ Blue
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 C %1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
Page 15
Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser OPTOMETRISTS
F*2<1 C4262, 1#$A3"D 'EDNE#DA)# F $HE M N$H !H: 967-2644 1-800-648-0760
910 H*:576 #<
J-1 Cake!
A$ailable fo all occa!ion!
Dusty’s Tire Service PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck & machinery tire repairs call Dusty. Leave a message if no answer
Bi "hda%! G ad#a"ion! Anni$e !a % - Wedding! Call Diane Fee!
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
I 1*>. <=+.; & 57;< ,75576 <2:.; 76 1*6- & ,*6 7:-.: 26 *6A <2:. 7/ A7=: ,172,..
605-748-2210 o 2244
"*>.44.<<. !=+4. I6,. '. 7//.: * ,7584.<. ,755.:,2*4 8:26<260 ;.:>2,. ... @ B=;26.;; C*:-; @ L.<<.:1.*-; @ E6>.478.; @ B:7,1=:.; @ //2,. F7:5; @ A6- M7:.! $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< !H: (605) 967-2161 " FA(: 967-2160 .-5*24: /*2<126-@/*2<1;-.,75
"*>.44.<<. !=+4. I6,. '. 7//.: * ,7584.<. ,755.:,2*4 8:26<260 ;.:>2,. ... @ B=;26.;; C*:-; @ L.<<.:1.*-; @ E6>.478.; @ B:7,1=:.; @ //2,. F7:5; @ A6- M7:.! $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< !H: (605) 967-2161 " FA(: 967-2160 .-5*24: /*2<126-@/*2<1;-.,75
#)A $EAGE#
C.55: (605) 441-7465 F*@: (605) 859-2766 :A*7;.*0.:@18<6*25.,86
"HILI" M!%!#, I C.
B=;. (605) 859-2585 8: 1-800-859-5557 101 (. !*4 $<., "! B8@ 816 "12529, $D 57567-0816 C08?93-8 A D6,/- ")4 A F68,-L15+635
Bogue & Bogue Law oFFiceS
Eric Bog"e Cher#l La"ren$ Bog"e 416 S Main S!., Fai!h, SD 967-2529 or 365-5171 H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 '$. W & 3 '$. N )! H)0 -, SD
E+/$*. R *a$,/Ma$(. (a(c H1d,a/&$c- - A/C - T$, Ca, & L$"#. T,/c% T$, S#)*: 605-985-5007 C &&: 605-441-1168 C ,.$!$ d D$ - & T c# ##, *a$,@"0.c.( .
For all your Real Estate Needs call Kevin Jensen 381-4272
Black Hills land, homes and businesses. With values and honesty born and bred in Faith, trust Kevin Jensen to help you solve your real estate questions.
WEST RIVER CABLE TELEVISION .;HL?D= J>; JEMD E< !7?J>, .D 1-888-411-5651 B?IED, .D
Ke$in Jen!en %o# f iend in eal e!"a"e Exit Realty, Rapid City "*>.44.<<. !=+4. I6,. '. 7//.: * ,7584.<. ,755.:,2*4 8:26<260 ;.:>2,. ... @ B=;26.;; C*:-; @ L.<<.:1.*-; @ E6>.478.; @ B:7,1=:.; @ //2,. F7:5; @ A6- M7:.! $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< !H: (605) 967-2161 " FA(: 967-2160 .-5*24: /*2<126-@/*2<1;-.,75
F!(0' C,**1+(05 Dr. Brandace Dietterle DC Chiropractor H%!)0' S%.2(#% H %"# M76.AF:2.: EVERY MONDAY 8 *.5.A12; 1 -5 8.5. Loca"ed in 605/967-2644 P ai ie Oa!i! Mall, A/<.: H7=:; Fai"h, SD &.:6* #,1*-: 964-6114 7: PH: 415-5935 605-365-6593 (,.44)
Faith Veterinary Service (605) 967-2212
Monda%–F!ida%: 8 a.m. – 5:30 .m. Sa#$!da%: 8 am-Noon CLOSED: SUNDAYS Fo! #he be"# in c!i##e! ca!e!
"*>.44.<<. !=+4. I6,. '. 7//.: * ,7584.<. ,755.:,2*4 8:26<260 ;.:>2,. ... @ B=;26.;; C*:-; @ L.<<.:1.*-; @ E6>.478.; @ B:7,1=:.; @ //2,. F7:5; @ A6- M7:.! $1. F*2<1 I6-.8.6-.6< !H: (605) 967-2161 " FA(: 967-2160 .-5*24: /*2<126-@/*2<1;-.,75
CLASSIFIEDS & CALL 967-2161 & E!ai : fai%hi"d@fai%h$d.c#!
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
%1. F*2<1 I7-.9.7-.7< ;
8>.6+.: 6, 2013 ;
Page 16
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
B8G <>=C7B. 'A4-4<?;>H<4=C 3AD6 0=3 0;2>7>; B2A44=8=6 A4@D8A43. B4=458CB ?02:064. A??;820C8>=B / A4BD<4B 0224?C43. =5>A<0C8>= (605) 837-2410 >A (605) 837 K 2422 F0G (605) 837-2447. FOR SALE #&%GB(A%CH % ' E((E, )D. -4 70E4 ;>F4A43 C74 ?A824 & F8;; 2>=B834A 2>=CA02C 5>A 3443. C0;; (DBB4;; )?083 605-280-1067. HEALTH & BEAUTY F /&+ +)ED *HE B#&&D *H %%E( '(ADA.A 0=3 BD554A43 8=C4A=0; 1;4438=6, 74<>AA7068=6, A4@D8A43 7>B?8C0;8I0C8>= >A 0 ;>E43 >=4 3843 F78;4 C0:8=6 'A030G0 14CF44= &2C>14A 2010 0=3 C74 ?A4B4=C, H>D <0H 14 4=C8C;43 C> 2><?4=B0C8>=. C0;; ACC>A=4H C70A;4B H. !>7=B>= 1-800-5355727. LOG HOMES DA"&*A #&G H&$E BD8;34AB A4?A4B4=C8=6 G>;34= E06;4 #>6 H><4B, 1D8;38=6 8= 40BC4A=, 24=CA0;, =>AC7F4BC4A= )>DC7 & %>AC7 D0:>C0. )2>CC C>==4;;, 605-530-2672, CA086 C>==4;;, 605-264-5650, FFF.6>;34=406;4;>67><4B.2><. MISCELLANEOUS *HE C&+GA( C#A)) C BA)"E*BA## *>DA=0<4=C 8= (0?83 C8CH 8B D424<14A 6,7 & 8*7. &?4= C> 68A;B 0=3 1>HB C40<B 6A034B 4-8. (468BCA0C8>= 8B $140/C40<, C7A44 60<4 6D0A0=C44. (>BC4AB 3D4 %>E4<14A 28C7 F>A 8=5>A<0C8>=: FFF.A0?8328CH2>DA60A2;0BB82.2><. D )H *, (E*A #E(- )C0AC8=6 0C $19.99/<>=C7 (5>A 12 <>B.) & H867 )?443 =C4A=4C BC0AC8=6 0C $14.95/<>=C7 (F74A4 0E08;01;4.) )A,E! AB: A1>DC )A$E DA/ =BC0;;0C8>=! CA## %>F! 1-800-3081892. NOTICES AD,E(* )E % %E-)'A'E() BC0C4F834 5>A >=;H $150.00. 'DC C74 )>DC7 D0:>C0 )C0C4F834 C;0BB85843B %4CF>A: C> F>A: 5>A H>D C>30H! (25 F>A3B 5>A $150. E027 0338C8>=0; F>A3 $5.) C0;; C78B =4FB?0?4A >A 800-658-3697 5>A 34C08;B. WANT TO BUY -A%* *& B+/: &#D &( %EF0A< H>DB4 F8C7 1D8;38=6B >= 0 54F 02A4B 8= C4=CA0;/E0BC4A= )>DC7 D0:>C0. C0;; 913.633.7133 14CF44= 9 0.<.- 9 ?.<.
EDUCATION $ED CA# &FF CE *(A %EE) %EEDED! B42><4 0 $43820; &55824 ABB8BC0=C 0C )C *A08=! %> 4G?4A84=24 =44343! &=;8=4 20A44A CA08=8=6 64CB H>D 9>1 A403H! H) 38?;><0/GED & 'C/ =C4A=4C =44343! 1-888-424-9412. EMPLOYMENT CA## A,&% *& EA(% 4GCA0 <>=4H 5>A C7A8BC<0B. **40% 38B2>D=C/2><<8BB8>= - $10 C> BC0AC** C0;; 605-334-0525. $$ED A*E &'E% %G): #'%JB & C%AJB, C>? F44:;H ?0H, 38A42C 34?>B8C, & 5;4G81;4 B2743D;4B. *0:4 2>=CA>; >5 H>DA B2743D;4 F8C7 *A8)C0C4 %DAB8=6. A??;H >=;8=4 C>30H. FFF.CA8BC0C4=DAB8=6.2>< 800-7271912. -A%*ED: B(&"E(/&-%E( >5 BD224BB5D;, ;>=6-4BC01;8B743 F4BC4A= )D/%D A40; 4BC0C4 1A>:4A064 >55824 8B B44:8=6 0= 4G?4A84=243 ;824=B44 C> 0BB8BC 0=3 4E4=CD0;;H C0:4 >E4A >55824. )4=3 2>=C02C 8=5>A<0C8>= C> B3=0@B3=0.2>< 5>A ?A><?C A4B?>=B4. F+## * $E !AC")&% C&+%*/ H GH-A/ D4?0AC<4=C ->A:4A. *AD2: 3A8E4A, 740EH 4@D8?<4=C >?4A0C>A, ;867C 4@D8?<4=C >?4A0C>A. EG?4A84=24 ?A454AA43, 1DC F8;; CA08=. CD# A4@D8A43, >A C> 14 >1C08=43 8=
P.$&( $ C.$44,),(' A'...
26 $1. F$,5+ I0'(2(0'(05
E/$,.: )$,5+,0'@)$,5+4'.&1/

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