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July 24, 2013
Deadwood History will partici-
pate in displaying the South
Dakota Fallen Heroes Banners
Traveling Memorial at the Days
of ’76 Museum during the Days of
’76 Celebration and Rodeo July 23
– 28, 2013. 
During the conflicts of Opera-
tion Iraqi and Enduring Freedom,
and Operation New Dawn, South
Dakota has lost 35 servicemen
and women.  The South Dakota
Fallen Heroes Banners were cre-
ated to memorialize the lives of
these South Dakota Heroes. The
public is invited to visit, and give
a moment of pause to recognize
these 35 names. With each name
comes a face, a history, a once
lived life to be treasured for all
Deadwood History’s Days of ’76
Museum, Adams Museum and
Historic Adams House are also
participating in the Blue Star
Museum program.  The free ad-
mission program is available to
active-duty military and their im-
mediate family members (mili-
tary ID holder and five immediate
family members), which includes
active duty Reserve and active
duty National Guard.
The Days of ’76 Museum,
Adams Museum and Historic
Adams House are open 9:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m., daily. Guided tours
of the Adams House are offered
every half hour, with the last tour
of the day at 4:00 p.m.
South Dakota Lottery officials
are urging players to not be taken
in by a scam that promises them
winnings from a second chance
Mega Millions drawing.
The Lottery has been notified
by more than a dozen players, all
lotto or scratch ticket winners,
who have received phone calls
from an individual claiming to be
with the South Dakota Lottery
who advised them that their
prizes made them eligible for a
second chance Mega Millions
drawing. The caller then went on
to tell the player that they had
won a $5 million second prize in
the drawing and that representa-
tives from the South Dakota Lot-
tery would be delivering that
prize in person. Lottery Director
Norm Lingle cautions the public
not to be fooled if they are con-
"The Lottery never enters
someone into a drawing, promo-
tion for an added bonus or prize,
or for any other reason without
that person's knowledge," Lingle
said. "If you are contacted by the
scammer, either by phone or some
other method such as e-mail, we
urge you to contact local law en-
forcement and the Consumer Pro-
tection unit of the South Dakota
Attorney General’s office at 1-
Lingle says it's also a good idea
to check with his agency to see if
such  calls or e-mails  are legiti-
mate before taking any action re-
quested by the scammer. The
Lottery maintains three valida-
tion centers across the state in
Pierre (605-773-5770), Rapid City
(605-394-5106) and Sioux Falls
In at least one reported case,
the scammer requested the victim
purchase a Green Dot Card to re-
ceive their winnings. Lingle also
advises those contacted to not
provide any personal information,
including credit card and bank ac-
count numbers, if requested by
the caller. 
Lottery prizes of $101 or more
must be claimed at a Lottery of-
fice using an official prize claim
form. For more information on
avoiding lottery scams, visit
Lottery urges players
to beware of scam
Days of ’76 Museum to display
South Dakota Fallen Heroes
Banners during the Days of ’76
Celebration and Rodeo
The Faith City Council had
two special guests at their July
16th meeting. Paul Thares,
SDSU Community Development
Field Specialist and Nick Jack-
son, SD Rural Water Association.
Thares explained that their
new website iGrow is their latest
way of communicating informa-
tion to the public, and told of the
programs they have to offer to or-
ganizations, governments, as well
as individuals. He can help with
grant writing and developing
business plans. The Extension
has many resources. He told
Council he is willing to come here
and share information on any
program that might be of use to
Jackson brought his well
trailer and checked out a couple
areas that were thought to have
leaks, one by the community cen-
ter and one further north of town.
There was no leak found at the
community center, but there was
one at the other site, averaging
about 720 gallons a day. He vis-
ited with the landowner about the
Discussion was held on an ear-
lier motion regarding the fee for
swimming lessons. A new motion
was made and approved to have
the fee given to Tori Afdahl,
Water Safety Instructor, for giv-
ing the lessons, rather than pay-
ing her the hourly wage,
retroactive to the beginning of the
Donn Dupper explained that
he would like to see the city in-
stall liners in their sewer lines as
some of them are crumbling. Sev-
eral communities are having this
problem and are going with lin-
ers. Debbie thought there might
be grants available to help with
the cost. Council told her to con-
tact the lady about coming and
helping with the grant applica-
Atty. Bogue said he didn’t have
all the information but has verifi-
cation that the oil lease of Nakota
Energy was purchased by another
company. He feels comfortable
with extending the lease for an
additional two years with the new
company. They would pay a lump
sum up front and then an addi-
tional $2 per acre. Council ap-
proved the lease transfer with the
new company for two more years,
which would extend it into 2016.
Atty. Bogue gave members
copies of the job descriptions to
review and make any additions,
corrections to. He made some
changes in some departments,
most of the changes were for the
janitor as the new building wasn’t
here the last time this was done.
Council tabled this until the sec-
ond meeting in August.
The next item on the agenda
was the contract with Golden
West for fiber provision and
maintenance support. Bogue was-
n’t comfortable with the contract
as he felt is was too open-ended,
there was no specific fee stated
and he doesn’t like those types of
contracts. With costs changing
constantly he could understand
that portion and told Council if
they are comfortable with it they
could accept it, which they did.
Council discussed Ordinance
#306 regarding future develop-
ment. Bogue thought they were
worrying about something that
isn’t going to happen (man camps
from the oil development).
Berndt expressed her feelings
that the city doesn’t need this and
made the motion to not proceed
with the ordinance. Inghram
made a second to the motion and
Council was in agreement.
Council approved Atty. Bogue
sending letters to two homeown-
ers with nuisance properties.
Council retired into executive
session at 8:15 to 8:55 for possible
The City received a notice re-
garding information for insurance
of Durkee Lake. The lake is
owned by GFP, but the City owns
the land around it. The insurance
company wants a response from
them regarding several items
that need attention, as trees, the
spillway, fence, etc.
Resolution #07-16-13-01 for
the transfer of funds was ap-
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City council
hears from
SDSU Extension
and SD Rural
Sidewalk Chalk Contest ... for kids was one of the events
held Saturday, July 20th during Appreciation Day. This is one of the
drawings that was judged. Prizes were awarded in three age divi-
sions. Photo by Loretta Passolt
Appreciation Day ... Saturday, July 20th, drew many town and
country residents for the drawings at the Community Center. Prizes
were given away by the local businesses. Photo by Loretta Passolt
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Church Schedule
Faith United Methodist Church
Sundays ..............................................11:00
Faith Community Health Center
Hours of Operation:
Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Verna Schad, CNP – Monday - Thursday
Peggy O’Connor, CNP – Monday – Friday
David Rollason, PA-C - Thursday
For appointments call:
605-967-2644 or
Irwin Richardson, age 99, of
Marcus, SD, passed away on
Tuesday, July 9, 2013, at West-
hills Village in Rapid City, SD.
Irwin Richardson was born Au-
gust 28, 1913, at Rapid City, SD,
to Dick and Grace Richardson.
He spent his early years on his
parent's ranch near Howes, SD.
He started riding with his dad be-
fore school age, and from the time
he was 11 years old until he grad-
uated from high school, he spent
most of his life on a horse in a cow
camp on the Cheyenne Indian
Reservation herding cattle.  He
graduated from Faith High
School and later attended college
at the School of Mines in Rapid
On August 15, 1934, he mar-
ried Inga Stalheim. In the early
years, Irwin and Inga and two
daughters, Lila and Lola, lived in
a small log house built by French
fur traders in 1878, on Red Owl
Creek near Marcus. Later, they
purchased an adjoining ranch
where they had a daughter,
Jessie, and a son, Pete. Irwin and
Inga were both very hard workers
and devoted their life to the
ranch. In 1981, they leased the
ranch and moved to Sturgis. In
1998, Inga passed away.  In 1999,
Irwin sold the ranch. He kept one
saddle horse so he could go ride
once in a while. He went on trail
rides and worked cattle into his
In addition to ranching, Irwin
was active in the following:  South
Dakota Stockgrowers Association,
Masons 50+ years, Farm Bureau,
Black Hills National Cemetery
Conservancy, Elk Creek Soil Con-
servation, Rural Conservation
and Development Board, County
Commissioner, Kiwanis, Indus-
trial Expansion Council, Senior
Citizens, and the American Can-
cer Society.
He is survived by three daugh-
ters and one son and families:
Lila (Casey) Jones of Dowling,
MI, Lola (Dick) Frederickson, and
Jessie (Charlie) Russell, both of
Sturgis, SD, and Pete (Patsy)
Richardson of San Diego, CA; sev-
enteen grandchildren; twenty-
three great grandchildren; and
four great great-grandchildren.
He was preceded in death by
his parents; his wife, Inga;
brother, Billy; sister, Arlene;
granddaughter, Destiny Jones;
and great grandson, Cooper Ur-
A memorial has been estab-
lished to the Enning Volunteer
Fire Department.
Private services were held on
July 16, 2013, with burial in the
Bear Butte Cemetery in Sturgis,
Condolences may be sent to the
family at
Irwin Richardson
Debbie reported that paint is
in the grant for the ice house.
Riley wondered if they shouldn’t
power wash it before it is painted.
Reed is still working on the proj-
ect and don’t know when that
work will be done.
Council approved Dr. Thomas
Jacobsen as the medical director
for the ambulance, with Verna
Schad as the assistant.
Barb Berndt presented her re-
port on the police department
and ambulance committee meet-
ing. The PD received the grant
for the bulletproof vests and al-
ready have them. Chief Frank-
furth hasn’t heard anything on
the grant for the digital speed
sign. The Freshman Impact pro-
gram will be held at the Commu-
nity Center rather than the
school on Sept. 25th. There will
be one HP, and possibly one offi-
cer from the County for Stock
Show, along with a Tribal officer.
Hoss also wanted to close off the
block the tent is on during Stock
Show. It was noted that they
moved the tent down so parking
would be available for Lonny’s
Steak House. The PD will be
needing a new car in the next
year and should budget one in.
The ambulance received their
hardship status until October.
They will be able to have one
EMT, rather than two, and a
driver. They are planning EMT
classes for this fall so hope to get
some new EMTs. The door at the
ambulance hall needs to be re-
paired or replaced. Ighram com-
mented that the bank is
providing pop for the kids for the
Freshman Impact program.
Members felt it unfortunate that
only freshman get to attend, all
high school students could learn
from it.
Dianne Hellekson only had
one item to report for the recre-
ation committee. Two light poles
are broken off at Durkee Lake by
the picnic tables at the dock.
Dupper said he has two poles to
put up.
Karen Inghram gave her utili-
ties report. The committee dis-
cussed LED lights for the street
lights as they are more economi-
cal to run. They may be a little
more costly to begin with but in
the long run they would save
money. They have had no luck
finding a replacement bucket
truck at their $60,000 budget.
They may have to increase their
amount to $70-80,000. Dupper
did find one for $69,000 that is
ready to go. The repair work on
the water tower should start
within the next week. It was also
suggested they change the fee for
new hookups as it has been sev-
eral years since they have up-
Peggy Riley said the streets
committee discussed paving N.
Main to the county line, curb and
gutter in the housing area west of
Hwy 73, chip sealing this year
and also crack sealing. Bids for a
street sweeper will be opened on
August 6th. The transmission in
the blade needs to be repaired. It
was suggested they get a quote
for this. Bob Linn is working on
the drainage at the fairgrounds.
The valley at Fishers is marked
where it will be. It was noted that
Linn is not interested in doing
curb and gutter. She said the air-
port committee also met. A grant
to purchase land and fence it was
discusssed. The liquor committee
items included replacing the
cooler under the bar and upgrad-
ing the security cameras. They
are working the bugs out of the
new computer. As of now, they
only have two bartenders for
Stock Show. The possibility of
closing off the package liquor
door during Stock Show, and
using wrist bands as a means of
recognizing carded patrons was
their thought. They would also
like to have the bar sign rehung.
A dish was discussed for the bar
but they decided not to go with it
as it would bave to be commercial
rate and that is very expensive.
Two building permits were is-
sued: Jake Schauer for a
water/sewer connection and Rick
Smiths for siding and windows.
The arrears list was reviewed
and discussed.
Their next meeting will be
Tuesday, August 6th.
City Council
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Dear Editor:
Faith HS Alumni, we need
your help. Your current alumni
officers are looking for lost paper-
work. The alumni officers have
looked through all material avail-
able to us. We are looking for the
original Certificate of Deposit for
CDs being held at the bank and
we are also looking for our origi-
nal tax exempt form. Without
these items the alumni cannot
make the adjustments we need to
keep up with today’s changes.
Without the original tax exempt
form we cannot use PayPal to col-
lect alumni dues. The Alumni is
missing many years of meeting
minutes and information. All past
alumni officers please check your
attics, basements, and safe dep-
posit boxes. Any information on
the whereabouts of these items
please contact, or send to:
Wanda Ruth, Alumni Seciretary
17518 Avance Rd.
Faith, SD
Faith Stock Show parade theme is
“My Hero/Heroes”
Contact Tracy Ingalls to enter 748-2273
2013 Parade Marshalls are Hugh & Eleanor Ingalls
July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 3
Sr. Citizens Menu Sr. Citizens Menu
75th Birthday Open House for
Volmer Jensen
Sunday, July 28, 1PM–4PM
Light Refreshments
56 Belair Circle, Sturgis, S.D.
No gifts Please
Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare Store
Main St., Faith, SD
All your hometown needs!
Need a new prescription? – Refill an existing RX?
-We match or beat most costs-
-Vilas takes most insurance-
-We are proud to serve our VA members-
Bring us your empty refill bottle or
have your physician contact our pharmacy
Give us a call 605-967-2123
or Fax 967-2910
We will answer your questions
On Monday, July 29, crews will
begin work to replace the existing
bridge over Brushy Creek south-
west of Faith in Meade County,
according to the South Dakota
Department of Transportation.
Corr Construction Services,
Inc. of Hermosa will be replacing
the existing bridge with a pre-
stressed concrete structure.    
Brushy Creek Road will be
closed at Brushy Creek during
construction and motorists will
need to find an alternate route.
Drivers should be aware of con-
struction equipment and workers
in the area and drive with cau-
This completion date on this
$667,000 project is Oct. 4, 2013.
For more information, contact
Joel Flesner with the South
Dakota Department of Trans-
portation at 605-892-2872.
Complete road construction in-
formation can be found at
www.safetravelusa.com/sd or by
dialing 511.
Terry and Lois (Aasheim) Heckman, Loveland, CO are pleased to
anounce the upcoming wedding of their son Traver James Heckman
to Laura Beth Shafer.
The groom is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University, Fort
Collins, CO. He is employed as a HVAC technician at Lakeside Me-
chanical Service, Inc., Loveland, CO and is a Volunteer at Eaton Fire
The bride is a 2009 graduate of Colorado State University, Fort
Collins, and is in CO Executive management with Target Corporation.
She is the daughter of Rick and Linda Shafer, Fort Collins, CO.
The couple met  and began dating while attending college in
2008.  Traver proposed to Laura on December 23, 2012 at Cub Lake in
Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park., which was followed by a surprise engage-
ment party at McGraff's Restaurant in Loveland, Co.
The couple will be married September 1, 2013 at Colorado Youth
Outdoor's Swift Ponds, Fort Collins, CO.
Travor is the grandson of Lester and Marilynn Aasheim, Kalispell,
MT and the great grandson of Harvey and Gladys Peterson, of Faith.
All meals served with milk and
bread. Menu subject to change
without notice.
Wed., June 24: Autumn
Chicken, Baked sweet potatoes,
Harvest beets, Tossed salad,
Mandarin oranges
Thur., June 25: Hot beef
sandwich, Mashed potatoes &
gravy, Corn broccoli bake,
Peaches, Vanilla ice cream
Fri., June 26: Tator Tot
Casserole, Seasonal fruit
Mon., July 29: Meatloaf,
Baked potato, Lima beans w/pi-
mento, Pineapple tidbits
Tue., July 30: Hamburger on
bun, Potato salad, Tomato slice
on lettuce, Cooked apples
Wed., July 31: Chicken &
Dressing Casserole, Mashed pota-
toes & gravy, Carrots, Fruity
slaw, Grapes
Thur., Aug. 1: Chicken
Parmesan, Scalloped potatoes,
Corn O’Brian, Tropical fruit
Fri., Aug. 2: Salisbury Steak
w/gravy, Mashed potatoes, Pars-
ley carrots, Fresh pears
The U.S. Department of Edu-
cation (DoE) has a specific role
within the federal government,
fostering the education and
growth of our nation’s students.
The coordination of federal educa-
tion programs, management of
education activities, and supple-
menting states efforts to provide
our students with the highest
quality education is a massive re-
sponsibility–one that requires
both financial and workforce re-
sources. So it was disconcerting
when it was revealed that DoE
will be assisting with the imple-
mentation and dissemination of
information of ObamaCare.
While the effects of the presi-
dent’s health care law will be felt
by parents, teachers, and their
families, it is unclear how the
DoE’s involvement in implemen-
tation will further the depart-
ment’s mission of educating our
nation’s students. Further, the
implementation of ObamaCare
will require taxpayer dollars
and/or federal employees to shift
focus from education related ef-
forts to focus on execution of a law
that should be spearheaded out of
the Department of Health and
Human Services–not DoE. The
department’s involvement in
these efforts raise questions
about why the DoE is focusing on
implementing ObamaCare in-
stead of fulfilling the priorities of
the agency’s mission, and what
authority the DoE and other fed-
eral agencies have to disseminate
information and assist with the
implementation of ObamaCare, a
law that 55 percent of respon-
dents in a recent Gallup poll view
The DoE is not the first federal
agency that has indicated it will
aid in the implementation of Oba-
maCare. Numerous federal agen-
cies have announced intentions to
assist with the implementation of
the president’s signature health
care law, despite the fact that
none of these agencies have rele-
vant jurisdiction.
Due to my concerns with the
DoE’s involvement in the imple-
mentation of ObamaCare, I re-
cently led a group of my
Republican Senate colleagues in
sending a letter to Secretary of
Education Arne Duncan question-
ing the DoE’s authority to involve
itself in the implementation of
ObamaCare. The letter questions
the amount of federal spending
the department will devote to im-
plementation, the number of DoE
employees that will be used for
the effort, and what authority the
DoE has to disseminate informa-
tion and assist with implementa-
tion of ObamaCare.
Rather than commandeering
the DoE and other federal agen-
cies to assist in the implementa-
tion of programs and provisions
that are not, and may never be
ready–as evidenced by the admin-
istration’s latest delay of the em-
ployer mandate–the admin-
istration should instead focus on
solutions that actually lower the
cost of care and allow Americans
to keep the insurance they like. I
will continue to monitor the im-
plementation of ObamaCare to
ensure the federal government is
not diverting important resources
from their intended purposes to
aid in the implementation of this
broken legislation.
Education Department should focus on helping
students, not implementing ObamaCare By Senator John Thune
Bridge replacement over Brushy
Creek near Faith
Wedding Announcement
Page 4• July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent
email us at
Come and go
bridal shower
Cody Teller &
Ashley Lizak
August 3,
2-4 PM
Fai th
Communi ty
Legion Hall
Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
Union Center received a much
needed shot of moisture on Satur-
day night, bringing an inch of
rain to the area. There was some
golf ball sized hail that did a bit
of damage to the north side of
some buildings and trees. The
temperatures have remaind hot
into the 90s through Sunday.
Brooke Enright was selected to
serve on the South Dakota Farm-
ers Union Junior Advisory Coun-
cil for 2013-2014. She was one of
six youth elected by her peers
during the organization's annual
state leadership camp on June 2-
7. Brook will organize and facili-
tate the 2014 Farmers Union
State Leadership Camp and at-
tend several Farmers Union func-
tions including the State Fair and
the Farmers Union State Conven-
tion. Brooke will be a senior at
Faith High School this fall.
Approximately 60 - 70 people
attended the 20th anniversary
event for the Central Meade
County Community Center on
Saturday. They had a good meal
and some comments were made
by Harold Delbridge about previ-
ous board members and such.
They have been selling chances
on a quilt, made by Edna Smith,
to raise money for air-condition-
ing for the building. The hail hit
hard during the event so folks
hurried home to assess the dam-
Jack and Edna Smith's home
got pelted on the north side as did
Levi and Hillory Rhoden's by hail
on Saturday. Rob Smith lost a
porch window and many gardens
were flattened. With the warm
temperatures Central Meade
County could use more moisture
at any time.
Larry Rhoden was the keynote
speaker at the Meade County Re-
publican Picnic held at Lamphere
Ranch on Sunday. Senator Larry
Rhoden, Rep. Dean Wink, and
Gary Cammack were in atten-
dance as our District 29 legisla-
tors. Past legislators, Marie
Ingalls and Marguerite Kleven,
were recognized as well as former
governor, Walter Dale Miller.
Folks enjoyed a very good meal
that included roast beef, twice
baked potatoes, beans, salad, and
desserts. The night ended with a
team of Gary Cammack, Larry
Rhoden, Ross Lamphere and
Scott Philips working to finally
retrieve keys out of Gary and
Amy Cammack's vehicle that
were locked inside.
Ben and Laura Meyer wel-
comed new baby daughter,
Nevaeh Jo, into the world at
12:24 a.m. Sunday weighing 9 lbs.
She was born at home in Union
Center and baby and mom are
both doing great. Robert and
JoDee Ingalls are the proud
grandparents. She joins big
brother, Bryson at home.
Harold Waterland, Allen Wa-
terland, Robert, Lacey, Quirt, and
Rio Wondercheck, D’Anne,
Amanda and Troy Thompson
were Friday night supper guests
at my house to honor Bub Thomp-
son for his 65th birthday. I sent a
photo of him in his diaper and
cowboy boots along with the head
shot of him to the Faith paper for
his birthday ad but I guess it did-
n’t fit. Darn! If you’d like to see it,
it’s in the Timber Lake Topic.
After church Sunday, Tucker
and Bev Hudson drove to Mait-
land Canyon near Spearfish and
had dinner and visited with
Tucker’s sister, the Kelloggs. The
Kelloggs took them for a drive up
the canyon and over to Mt. Roo-
sevelt in the afternoon.
Tuesday, Phyllis and Marvin
Coleman were afternoon, supper,
and evening guests of Jim and
Vonnie O’Deas. They came to
check up on Amy Deichert and
see how she was doing after her
adventure with the cow. Dominos
was the game for the evening.
O’Deas were also celebrating an
Wednesday found Amy De-
ichert and Vonnie O'Dea in Rapid
City for appointments. They met
Holly and Paige at noon and
Paige came home to spend until
Friday night when Amy met
Holly at Sturgis. Amy then went
to Spearfish to be on hand for a
wedding on Saturday. Quiet
house for O’Deas until Monday.
Tuesday, Robert, Lacey, Quirt,
and Rio Wondercheck and I were
in Pierre for another checkup on
Quirt’s hearing. The good news of
the day was that Rio has good
The children of Jack and Kath-
leen Ward of rural Timber Lake
held a benefit for their mom
Kathleen on Saturday in Timber
Lake. Kathleen is being treated
for cancer and could use our
prayers. I thought that some
readers might like to know this as
they have probably roped at the
Ward Ranch Arena. Jack and
Kathleen’s oldest daughter, Kim
Pinney, lives at Philip. Kim’s
daughter, Kinzey, takes care of
my dad at the Philip Nursing
Home. Small world isn’t it.
Speaking of nursing homes,
Neva Samuelson is in the Belle
Fourche Nursing Home. She has
been ill and needs to regain
strength. Neva is the mother of
John Samuelson and the sister of
Darrel Griffith. Darrel has also
been under the weather so I hope
he’s home soon.
Congratulations to Troy
Thompson, who tied for first place
Saturday in Dupree 4-H rodeo
bull riding. D’Anne and Amanda
attended the rodeo with him.
I keep copies of my news on my
computer so that I can check back
on what I have written. I have a
new computer and can’t get to my
archives right now so if I said this
before, I apologize. When I wrote
about the Faith High School
rodeo club John Heidler pointed
out that I missed Keith
Schuelke’s name as a member of
the club. Sorry about that Keith
and John. Also Ronnie Bachman
I need to talk to you and write
down all that you told me about
Mr. Pust last year at Marge Hoff-
man’s sale. I have not forgotten, I
just put some things off! In hopes
of reminding myself about the
Pust story I looked in the old 1960
Faith book. I easily found the
Pust name by using an index that
Richard Collins made up for the
book. I received my copy by photo
copying it from someone else who
had received theirs from Richard.
If anyone is interested in it, I
think we could make a copy. How
about it Collins family? Would
any of you care or does anyone
have a copyright to it? Richard
certainly did a lot of work on this.
He was an amazing guy when it
came to technology.
Harold and I were in Spearfish
Sunday and visited Kristen, Chet
and Cadence Kilmer. Jill
Schilling and kids joined us in the
afternoon. They had all been to
Florida to Disney World last
month but were not overly excited
about it.
If we were in an arena I’d ask
for a round of applause for Faith
and their Appreciation Day last
Saturday. I didn’t know it before
but I understand Corinna Thomp-
son was the mover and shaker on
this deal. Way to go Corinna! We
were in for the rummage sales,
prize drawings and Craft Fair. I
bought a wedding gift, a baby gift,
some Christmas gifts and some
good food at the Craft Fair. What
a great place to buy “Made In
America” items. They are of good
quality and one of a kind, unique
items. Not only that, I am NOT
helping a chain store get more
money for foreign investors.
Dawn and Alysha Simons had a
wonderful food booth raising
money to fight cancer. I have to
tell you Alysha made some really
delicious Oreo Bar cookies.
Alysha, you’re a pretty special girl
for working so hard for this and
Dawn you’re one darn good
momma! Corinna, I hope you
keep kicking Faith in the behind
to get it moving like it used to. I
have such great memories of
Faith having Demolition Derby
Day, Appreciation Day, Fourth of
July fireworks, Homecoming, and
Faith Stock Show. If you’d like to
see Faith get off its duff we all
need to be sure and make the ef-
fort to come to town and support
deals like Appreciation Day. We
need our small town and we need
the small town businesses that
care about people!  Go Corinna…
Keep ‘em movin’ girl!
Things look a little better in
Faith Country as we had some
rains over the past week. Friday
we received .35 of rain along with
thunder and lightning. Others
close to us got .50 that same day.
Saturday, we got .45 more of rain
and some close strikes that shook
the house. Apparently one of the
Friday strikes started a prairie
fire on my brother, Bub’s just
north of our place, but rained it
out before it really got moving.
Tucker and Bev Hudson were
Hills shoppers on Thursday. That
evening they met some of their
classmates in Sturgis to work on
plans for their class reunion in
Happy 100th Birthday to
Harold Bauer, he was an original
Marcus baseball team player
managed by the Bishop Brothers.
He lives in Rapid City in his own
apartment. De and Kay King and
Mae Keffeler attended the party
for him Sunday in the Sturgis
Park. We visited with Dale and
Marie Ingalls who were also on
their way home from the party.
Harold, I have to apologize for not
being there. We thought it was
Saturday in Rapid City and knew
we could not do that! Best wishes
on a very special
birthday.   Thinking of all the
folks I know who are or were Cen-
tral Meade County residents and
reached the age of 100 and be-
yond, I wonder what they did
right out here? Was it eating red
meat, working hard, being honest
and square with the neighbors,
praying to God and attending
church, raising a family in hard
times without all the government
handouts?  How about it Harold?
Do you have any advice?
Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
ALL types!
Brent Peters
WTire Tanks
WCobett Waters
Located in
Kadoka, SD
Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568
Excavation work of
July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 5
Career Opportunities
Contact Bev Stradinger at the Isabel Clinic
at 605-466-2120 for an application and more
information on the following openings:
Full-time Receptionist at
Faith Community Clinic and
Part-time position in Billing Dept
at Faith Community Clinic
Prairie Community Health, Inc.
is an equal opportunity em-
Faye Fees returned home on
Monday afternoon from a trip to
Rozet, WY., where her son Bruce
lives, then on to Casper, WY with
Bruce where they spent a couple
day visiting her daughter
Wanda.  Faye stopped to visit her
mother in Sturgis on her way
Monday,  Yesterday's Kids
Camp was held at the Cedar
Canyon Bible Camp facilities
with a good turnout. Harold Del-
bridge was the speaker and his
theme was "Mending Fences".
Music and food was provided by
some great young folks and
sounded like everyone had a good
time and appreciate the time that
those folks that worked to put it
on did.
Tuesday, Dwayne Vig flew to
Sturgis to replace the wrong parts
that were sent out on Monday.
They did not have the part he
needed so he took an airport car
to Rapid City and picked up what
he needed.
Jami Derflinger and Wyatt
Schuelke from the Opal commu-
nity both qualified for the Little
Britches National Finals in
Pueblo, CO.  Wyatt qualified in
calf roping and team roping while
Jami qualified in barrel racing.
Congratulations to you both. The
competition starts on Monday
and gets over on Saturday.  Wish-
ing you both the best of luck.
Wednesday, Dale Young called
on his neighbors the Lemmels
and shared his fish catch.  He also
stopped by for a visit with them
on Saturday.
Carmen Heidler reported be-
sides spending time in the hay
field, she went to Faith on
Wednesday and Rapid City on
I took Glenn and Margaret Fo-
gelman to Rapid City on Wednes-
day for Glenn's eye appointment.
Thursday, Zona Vig took a cow
to Newell and met up with
Cheyenne Winkler and kids,
Cherokee, Wyatt and Garrett for
a short visit.
Marlin and Ethel Ingalls made
a trip to Rapid City for appoint-
ments on Thursday.
I took grandkids Timmy and
MaryBeth Ingalls to Faith on
Thursday morning for their
swimming lessons.  While the
kids were there, I visited with Ar-
lene Beebe for a little while.
Rod and Tracy Ingalls went to
Sturgis and Rapid City on Thurs-
day.  They stopped  for a bit at
Northern Hills Sod Farm and vis-
ited with Rita Bestgen  and bor-
rowed their covered trailer to
take to Rapid to pick up Tracy's
left over garage sale items. Friday
evening Rod, Tracy and Justin
took it into Faith and set up Sat-
urday morning for the rummage
sale they had in Faith. I went in
on Saturday to help a bit, also.
Jack and Kay Overland
stopped by for a visit with neigh-
bors Dwayne and Zona Vig one
evening about dark.  Was cooling
on the deck, so Dwayne came in
from the hay field and they all en-
joyed some refreshments and a
Brynn Lemmel, Rorey's girl,
had spent a few days this
week  visiting grandpa and
grandma Spud and Bernice.  Ber-
nice took her to Maurine  on
Thursday to catch a ride with
Roxie Haines to go into Faith to
visit at Ronny and Carmen's.
Bernice visited awhile with
friend Earlene Price before com-
ing back home.
Paul Delbridge and daughter
Christy and granddaughter Sab-
rina were taking home their hay-
ing machinery from the Ingalls
place on Sunday afternoon.
Sunday, August 4th, the fam-
ily of Allen and Ellen Talley will
be hosting a 60th anniversary
open house from 3-5 in the after-
noon to help them celebrate.  It
will be at the Country Living fa-
cility they call home and that is at
10905 Sourdough Road, Belle
Fourche.  Come and enjoy a visit
and no gifts please.  That street is
when you get to the stop light at
Taco Johns, you go west.
August 4th, Chris Orr, the
weatherman, will be the guest
speaker at the Opal Community
Church at 11:00 a.m. Potluck
lunch will follow so you can eat
and take off for Belle Fourche.
Opal Area News By Kay Ingalls
Faith News By Loretta Passolt
More of those 90s last week,
and no rain. We had a thunder-
storm pass through here Friday
night around 11:30 but all we got
was thunder and lightning, no
rain. They say chances yet this
week, but it all seems to be hit-
ting everywhere but here. Hope-
fully it’s hitting in the country
where they need it, and it sounds
like it did in many areas this past
week. We had a thunderstorm
roll through here early this Tues-
day morning. It gave us quite a
bit of thunder and lightning but
only about .10” of rain. Better
than nothing though!
The fire whistle blew a couple
times last week but I never heard
where they were. We’ll probably
hear it more often as things start
getting drier.
Paul said he visited with Ryan
Ross at M&D last week. He and
his family were here visiting his
parents, Raymond and Bette.
Condolences to the family of
Irwin Richardson. Irwin passed
away July 9th. He was a long-
time area rancher and served on
many boards over the years. He
will be missed.
Garnet Gaaskjolen visited at
the Keith Gaaskjolen ranch on
Monday afternoon. Clayton
Gaaskjolen from Stanley, ND was
spending a week with his grand-
parents. A 3 year old so you can
be sure Keith and Roxi were re-
ally enjoying the week. Vanden
and Sarah Gaaskjolen and 1 year
old son were also there so she was
able to visit with them and enjoy
seeing little Eli. It was a great af-
Gaarnet Gaaskjolen and Betty
Walker attended the Singspira-
tion at the Coal Springs Commu-
nity Church on Sunday evening.
There were quite a few in town
on Saturday for Appreciation Day
sponsored by the City. There were
many activities held throughout
the day for young and old alike.
Customers registered in busi-
nesses all day for the chance to
win one of the many prizes do-
nated by the businesses that were
drawn for that afternoon. Corinna
Thompson, Information Center
employee, did a nice job organiz-
ing the day.
Got this e-mail from proud
grandma Georgia Collins – Fri-
day night, July 19th, the singer of
the National Anthem at the Na-
tional Finals High School Rodeo
in Rock Springs, WY was 13 year
old Jaiden Collins of Rock
Springs. Jaiden is the daughter of
Jody Collins, Rock Springs, and
James and Natalie Collins of
Pinedale, WY. James is a 1981
graduate of Newell High School,
Newell. Jaiden is the grand-
daughter and James is the son of
L. Eugene and Georgia Collins,
formerly of Newell,  now living in
Paul and I were going to go to
Rapid City last Friday afternoon
and take in the car races but
Melissa informed me that after-
noon that it was about ready to
rain there. We decided to stay
home and sure enough, they were
rained out. They had them Sun-
day night so we didn’t go. Melissa
said Eric finished second in his
heat and in the main, so had a
good night, but unfortunately had
a flat tire which did some damage
to his car. He, and Wes, are going
to be busy this week getting it re-
paired. He may have an extra
week as they are talking rain Fri-
day-Sunday this week! It seems
like Rapid City has been getting
its fair share of rain this summer!
And mostly on Fridays!
I guess we all know the next
big event for Faith is Stock Show.
Be sure you check out all the ac-
tivities that are planned. You
won’t want to miss any of them!
There is no carnival this year but
they have some other fun activi-
ties for the kids.
The parade “My Hero/Heroes”
is at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday only.
Plan your entries now. Congratu-
lations to Hugh and Eleanor In-
galls for being named this year’s
Parade Marshalls!
The Open Class Exhibit Book
is available at the Faith City Of-
fice, Information Center, Vilas,
Linda’s Drive In, Faith Independ-
ent, First National Bank, Dakota
Plains FCU and from Tami
Page 6• July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Tanglewood Apts, 2 Br
Meadowlark Plaza, 1 Br
Elderly 62+, Disables & Handicap Housing
Bella Vista Village, 2 & 3 Br
Johnson Apts, 2 Br
Grand & Green Valley Apt, 1 Br
Elderly 62+, Disabled & Handicap Housing
* Bluff’s Edge Apts, 1Br
Heritage Acres, 1 & 2 Br
Elderly 62 & Handicap Housing
Butte Ridge Apts, 2 Br
* Hunter’s Run Townhouses, 3 Br
Elderly 62+, Disabled & Handicap Housing
Timberland Apts, 2 & 3 Br
Gold Mountain Apts, 1 Br
Elderly 62+, Disables & Handicap Housing
Chiang Apts, 2 Br
Westside Apt, 1 & 2 Br
McLaughlin Manor, 1 Br
Iron Creek Plaza, 2 Br
* Rolling Hills Apts, 2 & 3 Br
Lookout Mountain view, 1 Br
Elderly 62+, Disables & Handicap Housing
Countryside Estates, 1Br
No rain this week so everyone’s
busy in the hayfield. The last cou-
ple weeks have been hot with the
mercury occasionally creeping
into triple digits and the grain is
starting to ripen.
Jan Swan Wood came up from
Newell Tuesday to interview Bob
Hanson for a story in the Tri-
State Livestock News. We met in
Reva and I took her to Bison to
meet Bobby. At 94 years of age,
Bob has led a very interesting life.
He was born and raised in the
river breaks north of Bison and
knew most of the old cowboys
around this area. Bob started
breaking horses at the ripe old
age of eight. Besides being an ex-
cellent horseman, he’s also a
blacksmith, a welder, a carpenter,
and does beautiful woodwork on a
lathe. He was also a boxer and
rode racehorses for Nels Fogh and
other horse people around the
After joining the Army in 1941
as a member of the 15th Cavalry,
Sgt. Hanson was injured in
France when his armored car was
hit by an incendiary shell. A Ger-
man aid worker found him suffer-
ing from terrible burns with the
bones in both feet smashed by the
shell that passed through the ve-
hicle and killed his driver. After
the aid worker saved his life, he
was taken captive by the Ger-
mans and spent the next four
years as a prisoner of war.
We thought it would only take
an hour or so for the interview,
but Bob was so interesting that it
turned into an all day project. I
can hardly wait to read Jan’s
After I got home Tuesday
evening, Reub and I headed to-
ward Lemmon to hear the author
of “Heaven Is For Real” speak.
We had a flat tire just as we got
to Hettinger, the first one we’d
had on this vehicle, and we had
quite a time getting it changed.
Thankfully, it went flat right in
front of Alliance Ag and Dale
Nash was buying some stuff in
there. While Reub was reading
the manual and trying to figure
out how to get the doughnut out
from under the car, Dale came to
our rescue, thank goodness! After
Dale and Reub got the doughnut
put on, we headed back home
since it was after hours and no
one was around to fix the flat.
Thanks Dale!
Sunday night coming back
from Bible study at Sharon and
Lester Longwood’s, the same tire
went flat. It was dark out, but we
had a flashlight and kinda re-
membered how the tire changing
deal worked. As soon as we
started to jack up the car along
came Everett Johnson with his
cordless impact wrench, ready to
remove the lug nuts! Everett and
Leo Strid were haying for Lester
Longwood and were moving ma-
chinery when Everett saw us
parked along the road.
We attracted a crowd. Pastor
Brad and Linda Abelseth stopped
on their way back to Rapid City
and John and Corinne Erickson
swung by to check on us just as
Leo Strid pulled up with his trac-
tor and baler. There is hardly
ever any traffic on the almost
forty miles of gravel road between
our ranch and Longwood’s, but
there was no shortage of folks
stopping by to help out that night.
I’ve told you before that we live in
the greatest spot on earth and
this just reinforced my opinion.
Thanks to our friends we made it
safely back home over that long,
lonely gravel road!
We’re back in the chicken busi-
ness. Casey’s bunch went up to
our Horse Creek pasture Thurs-
day and picked up a dozen young
hens from Kaye Smith on the way
home. I put the chickens in the
barn and hopefully have the
coons locked out. Wish me
Bob Hanson rode to Spearfish
with me on Saturday for the
Campfire Show at the Western
Heritage Center that afternoon.
The Heritage Center was cele-
brating the National Day of the
American Cowboy, focusing on
early-day ranchers and cowboys
in Harding and Perkins Counties.
Ken Williams and Kevin Willey
joined Bob, Peggy Ables and me
on the stage. Bob shared some of
his experiences growing up with
the old cowboys in Perkins
County. Kevin told stories about
Dode Willey, his great grandfa-
ther who rode for the big cattle
outfits. Ken gave us the history of
his grandfather Billy Clanton,
who came north with the Cross
Anchor and Laurel Leaf herds,
and the story of the Clanton’s
cousins involved in the gunfight
at the OK Corral in Tombstone.
We called Donn Hett up to the
stage to tell about his mother’s
brother, Howard McCrorey, win-
ning the steer wrestling finals at
the Madison Square Gardens in
New York City in 1941.
The Campfire Show featured
Tennessee Vaughn, foreman of
the Turkey Track, and Peggy
Ables related his history. Several
of Tennessee’s relatives were in
the crowd, including granddaugh-
ters Shirley Melum and Ella Ole-
The Cowboy Show was held in
the theater at the Heritage Cen-
ter and having all those cowboys
gathered there together reminded
me of this:  
A cowboy lay sprawled across
three seats in a movie theater.
When the usher came by and no-
ticed this, he whispered to the
cowboy, "Sorry, sir, but you're
only allowed one seat."
The cowboy groaned but didn't
budge. The usher became more
impatient: "Sir, if you don't get up
from there I'm going to have to
call the manager."
Once again, the cowboy just
groaned. The usher marched
briskly back up the aisle, and in a
moment he returned with the
manager. Together the two of
them tried to move the cowboy,
but with no success.
Finally they summoned the po-
lice. The cops surveyed the situa-
tion briefly then asked, "All right
buddy, what's your name?"
"Fred," the cowboy moaned.
"Where’d ya come from, Fred?"
asked the cop.
With terrible pain in his voice,
and without moving a muscle,
Fred replied, "the balcony."
Grand River Roundup
By Betty Olson
The Faith Stock Show & Rodeo
queen contest will be held on Sat-
urday, August 10th. The contest
begins with a contestant’s meet-
ing at the Community Legion
Hall followed by horsemanship.
The reigning Faith Stock Show
rodeo queens and this year’s con-
testants will ride their horses in
the parade and then will go to the
Community Legion Hall for
lunch. Interviews with the judges
will follow lunch and that will be
followed by the modeling portion
of the contest. Coronation will
take place on Saturday evening
prior to the rodeo performance at
the Faith fairgrounds arena.
The public is invited to the mod-
eling portion of the queen contest;
there will be refreshments avail-
There are three age divisions:
Little Miss for ages 8 years old &
younger, Junior Miss for ages 9
through 14, and Miss Faith Stock
Show for ages 15 and older; this
is as of January 1, 2013. Contest-
ants are judged on horsemanship,
interviews, and modeling. Prizes
are awarded to the new queens,
also prizes are awarded to the
first and second runner-up and
horsemanship winners in each
age division.
For more information or to
enter, please call Ida Hibner at
605-739-5801. Deadline for en-
tering is August 5th.
Faith Stock Show queen contest
Faye Elberta Canning Peaches
Available Tuesday, July 23
17# case $20.00
While supply lasts
…The Better Choice
Prairie Oasis Mall 605-967-2622
Faith, SD
July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 7
Presenting Tomorrow’s Leaders
Shelby Dale, 10, Cooper
Wade, 6 and Clayton Lee, 2
1/2, Children of
Cody & Meridee Schuelke,
rural Faith
Colby Ryan, 4 and
Eli Garret, 8 mo.
Children of Cody & Mandi
Skogen, rural Faith
Jay, 4, Katelyn, 2 and
Jordan, 2, Children of
Jon & Katrina Collins, Faith
Jade, 12 and TyAnn,7,
Children of Lee and Alysha
Mortenson, rural Faith
Kaydence Michele, 3,
Daughter of Kyle & Amy
Kennedy, rural Faith
Tace, 6, Son of Brian and
Mindy Berglund, Faith
Brixie Rain, 6 mo. Daughter
of JT & Kelsey Vig,
rural Faith
Tez, 5, Everett, 3 and
Chase, 4 month, Children of
Ty & Kari Dieters,
rural Faith
This feature sponsored by
The Faith Independent
& Thompson Photographics
The U.S. House of Representa-
tives passed H.R. 5, the Student
Success Act, by a vote of 221-207.
Included in the legislation were
provisions previously introduced
by Rep. Kristi Noem to reautho-
rize the Federal Impact Aid Pro-
The Student Success Act would
reauthorize the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act, com-
monly referred to as No Child
Left Behind. This legislation will
restore local control, support ef-
fective teachers, reduce the fed-
eral footprint and empower
Noem’s bipartisan legislation,
which she introduced with Rep.
Rick Larsen (D-WA), improves
the Impact Aid program by in-
creasing efficiency, eliminating
subjectivity, and providing
greater flexibility to school dis-
tricts. Impact Aid helps many
South Dakota school districts
with costs resulting from large
amounts of federally impacted
land including military bases, In-
dian lands and federal property.
Many of these provisions were in-
cluded in the final bill.
“I believe it’s important that
we maintain a level playing field
for our South Dakota school dis-
tricts that are on or near federally
impacted land, such as Ellsworth
Air Force Base, nine Indian
Reservations or other federal
lands,” said Rep. Noem. “I’m
thankful to my colleagues in the
House for their support of this
common-sense bill that supports
our schools and students.”
Impact Aid helps local taxpay-
ers by reimbursing school dis-
tricts for the costs associated with
federal property and educating
federally connected children. To-
gether, over 1,300 of these im-
pacted school districts educate
more than 11 million children
across the country.
List of South Dakota school
districts receiving Impact Aid:
Andes, Bennett County, Bison,
Bon Homme, Chamberlain,
Colome Consolidated, Custer,
Douglas, Dupree, Eagle Butte,
Flandreau, Highmore Harrold,
Hill City, Hot Springs, Kadoka
Area, Lemmon, Lyman, McIn-
tosh, McLaughlin, Oelrichs,
Pierre, Shannon County, Sisse-
ton, Smee, South Central, Stanley
County, Summit, Timber Lake,
Todd County, Wagner, Wall,
Waubay, White River, Winner,
and Yankton.
Noem’s Impact Aid legislation
passes House
The Dewey, Meade & Ziebach
County FSA offices would like to
keep you informed of the follow-
ing items important to USDA pro-
grams. If you have any questions
please contact the Dewey County
office at 865-3522 ext 2, Meade
County at 347-4952 ext 2, or
Ziebach County at 365-5179 ext 2.
AUGUST 1 – COC nomina-
tions close
AUGUST 2 – Last day to sign
up for DCP
AUGUST 2 – Last day to re-
port acreage
County committee nomina-
USDA's Farm Service Agency
(FSA) in South Dakota an-
nounced that county committee
election nominations begin June
17, 2013. Farmers, ranchers and
landowners are encouraged to
nominate candidates to serve on
their local FSA county committee
by the August 1, 2013 deadline.
Elected county committee
members serve a three-year term
and are responsible for making
decisions on FSA disaster, conser-
vation, commodity, and price sup-
port programs, as well as other
important federal farm program
County committee members
are a valuable asset because they
are local producers who partici-
pate in FSA programs themselves
and have a direct connection to
farmers and ranchers in the local
Producers may nominate
themselves or others as candi-
dates. Organizations that repre-
sent minority and women farmers
and ranchers may also nominate
candidates. Nominees must par-
ticipate in a program adminis-
tered by FSA, be eligible to vote
in a county committee election,
and reside in the local adminis-
trative area (LAA) in which the
person is a candidate. To become
a nominee, eligible individuals
must sign form FSA-669A. The
form and more information about
county committee elections are
available online at:
County committees are com-
prised of three to five members
elected by local producers. All
newly elected county committee
members and alternates will take
office January 2, 2014.
Nomination forms must be
postmarked or received in the
local USDA Service Center by
close of business on August 1,
For more information about
county committees, please contact
your local FSA office or go online
at www.fsa.usda.gov.
Dewey County is seeking nom-
inations for someone to run in
LAA 2. Paula Hinckley from
Glencross is currently holding
this position.
Meade County is seeking nom-
inations for someone to run for
LAA 3. The current member is
Marge Duprel who has served 3
full terms and cannot run again.
Ziebach County is seeking
nominations for someone to run
for LAA 3. Jace Birkeland cur-
rently holds this position and has
served his maximum number of
LAA 4 is up for election this
year also and is currently held by
Sullivan White Wolf.
USDA/Farm Service
Agency News
Page 8 • July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Keep up with your city, school,
and county … Read the Legals
Special Fall Bred Cow, Yearling & Sheep Sale
Sale Time: 10 AM
Expecting 200-250 fall bred cows, 700-800 feeders,
1200-1500 sheep
Escott (Disp) – 150 blk & bldy cows 3-5's bred Angus calf Sept 1
Escott (Disp) – 35 Hereford cows 3-5's bred Angus calf Sept 1
Flintrock – 30 Hereford cows 4's bred Angus calf Sept 1
Graham – 70 blk & bldy steers HR DF 850-900#
Graham – 40 blk & bldy heifers HR (open) 700#
More fall bred cows, yearlings and sheep expected by sale time.
August 5-6: Western Video Market Sale in Cheyenne, WY
Can be seen on Dish Network Channel 399
August 6-11: Faith Stock Show and Rodeo
Monday, August: 12 NO SALE
Monday, August 19 – 53rd Anniversary Sale (selling both sheep and cattle)
Monday, August 26: Special yearling and sheep sale
Faith Livestock Commission Co.
(605) 967-2200
A larger run of sheep sold on a steady to higher market with
a few more buyers on the seats. Cows and bulls sold steady
to higher than 2 weeks ago with yearlings selling on a strong
Thank you for your business.
VTV Ranch
292 ...........................x bred lambs 91 ...............$107.75
Reder Ranch
295 ...........................x bred lambs 91 ...............$104.00
Jim Wilkenson
266 ...........................x bred lambs 97 ...............$103.50
Ed Chapman
40 .............................x bred lambs 96 ...............$106.00
Bernie Anderson
38 .............................x bred lambs 100 .............$105.50
Joyce Mulloy
47....................................wf lambs 100 .............$105.50
AJ Lindskov
42.....................................wf ewes 209 ..............$ 29.00
.................................................... ..............................
A & C Price
27 ................Angus heifers (open) 810 .............$139.50
E & G Dupris
27 .............blk & bldy heifers (exp) 720 .............$142.00
Ted Imsland
1..............................red baldy cow 1860 .............$76.50
Stradinger Ranch
8 .....................................red cows 1453 .............$82.75
3 .....................................red cows 1668 .............$82.00
Storm Inc
10 ..............................Angus cows 1509 .............$79.75
1 ..................................Angus cow 1540 ............$79.00
Scott Storm
2 ................................Angus cows 1390 .............$77.75
David Storm
5 ................................Angus cows 1456 .............$77.00
John Paul
2 .................................Angus bulls 2090 ...........$107.50
Storm Inc
1...................................Angus bull 1920 ...........$108.00
1...................................Angus bull 2060 ...........$106.00
Brett Hanson
1 ...............................Hereford bull 2055 ...........$109.00
Chad Price
1...................................Angus bull 2040 ...........$108.00
We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200
or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell.
We would be glad to visit with you.
Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – (605) 739-5501
OR CELL: 484-7127 OR Max Loughlin – (605) 244-5990 OR
1-605-645-2583 (cell) OR Dace Harper 1-605-515-1535 (cell) OR
Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)
July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 9
XLT, 5 s¡d., 8,200 nilcs,
lilc ncw.............................$24,49S
2010 F-3S0 4X4: Cal cIassis, V-
10, rcgular cal.......COMING SOON
4X4: FX4 ¡lg., V-10, sIorilo×, lo×-
lincr, Icaicd scais, cancra, 31,000
nilcs .................................$34,99S
2009 F-3S0 CREW CAB: Long lo×,
4×4, Lariai, V-10,
41,000 nilcs . . . . . . . . . . $33,99S
MURDO FORD º ððy-z¶yz
(60S) 669-2?S4 EVENINGS: 669-2SS1 - 669-291S - Murdo, SD
Terry Van Dam: 669-291S - JIm Butt: 669-2SS1 - TravIs Van Dam: 406J239-S020
TOLL-FREE: 1-S00-6SS-SSSS - www.murdo-Iord.com
2013 ESCAPE SEL: Ecoloosi, 4×4,
Icaicd lcaiIcr, sunroof & norc,
16,500 nilcs . . . . . . . . . . $2?,99S
LcaiIcr, lacl-u¡ cancra, 15,500
nilcs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3?,49S
Dacl-u¡ cancra, 34,000 nilc local
iradc . . . . . . . Co11 ]or greo1 deo1!
2004 EXCURSION XLT 4X4: V-10,
irailcr iow, 109K nilcs . . . $14,49S
1996 CHEVY SUBURBAN: 3/4 ion,
4×4, vcry usallc . . . . . . . . . $3,99S
New D0T B0 tt. 0ar HauIer: Tandem ßS00 Ib. axIes...8ß,B9S
B00S TraIIer:
B pIace sncwmcbIIe, drIve-cn, drIve-ctt ....................81,99S
PICKUPS º qxqs º qxzs
XLT: Nicc looling & driving, 80K
nilcs, wcll cqui¡¡cd ..........$21,49S
200S DODGE DAKOTA: 4×4, V-8,
SLT ¡lg., quad cal & norc $S,99S
4×4, V-10, wiiI ionny lifi &
racl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,99S
199S F-1S0 SUPERCAB 4X2: V-8,
199S F-2S0 4X4: 7.3 dicscl, 120K
nilcs ...................................$S,49S
SUVs G Vans
2012 CHEVY MALIBU LT: 26,000
nilcs, vcry wcll cqui¡¡cd ..$16,99S
wiiI o¡iions, vcry nicc 20,000-nilc
¡rogran car ........................23,900
2012 FUSION SEL: Sunroof, Icaicd
lcaiIcr, 17,000 nilc ¡rogran
car ....................................$21,49S
M¡d-S¡zed G Fam¡Iy-S¡zes Cazs
2010 FORD FUSION SE: 4 door,
32,000 nilcs,
lois of c×iras.....................$1S,99S
Sunroof, Icaicd lcaiIcr, 60,000
nilcs, call on iIis onc! ......$16,2S0
200S BUICK LESABRE: Vcry clcan,
wcll cqui¡¡cd,
67,000 nilc car...................$S,99S
9 s¡ccd, 22' grain lo×, rcady io
Dovciail Tandcn, 3500 ll. A×lcs
8054 2012 F-2S0 Crcw Cal, longlo×, 6.2 V-8 gas, 4×4
$45,065. Discounis & Fclaics. $7,235.
FInaI PrIce.........................................................$3?,S30
8036 2012 F-3S0 Crcw Cal, Lariai, sIorilo×, 6.7 dicscl, 4×4
$59,440. Discounis & Fclaics. $10,618.
FInaI PrIce.........................................................$4S,S22
8056 2012 F-3S0 Crcw Cal, 4×4, sIorilo×, 6.2 gas, XLT
$45,450. Discounis & Fclaics. $7,243.
FInaI PrIce.........................................................$3S,20?
8091 2012 F-3S0 Crcw Cal, sIorilo×, Lariai, 4×4, 6.7 dicscl
$58,445. Discounis & Fclaics. $10,433.
FInaI PrIce.........................................................$4S,012
N1oe Rebo1es & D1sooun1s!
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡cr Crcw, XLT, sIorilo×, 5.0 cnginc - Kodial
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡crcal, XLT, longlo×, 5.0 cnginc -
Ingoi Silvcr
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡cr Crcw, XLT, sIorilo×, Ecoloosi - Crccn
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡cr Crcw, Lariai, sIorilo×, Ecoloosi - WIiic
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡cr Crcw, XLT, longlo×, 5.0 - WIiic
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡cr Crcw, XLT, longlo×, Ecoloosi - Silvcr
F-1S0 4x4 Su¡cr Crcw, Lariai, sIorilo×, Ecoloosi - Dluc
F-3S0 4x4 Crcw Cal, Lariai, longlo×, 6.7 dicscl - Drown
F-3S0 4x4 Crcw Cal, XLT, sIorilo×, 6.7 dicscl - Dluc
ò|oµ |n |oda¿ {or a |c+| dr|ic!!
Following a 19 hour flight,
Lieutenant Colonel Tim Schepper
stepped out of the B-1 Lancer at
Ellsworth Air Force Base and was
surrounded by family and fellow
airmen. This wasn’t a typical
flight. In fact, this flight marked
over 5,000 hours of flight time in
the B-1 for Lt. Col. Schepper – a
milestone that no one else in the
world has reached. I would like to
not only congratulate Lt. Col.
Schepper for this incredible
achievement, but also the many
airmen that have come before
him and will come after him, for
their service to our great country.
While the next generation
bomber is on track to be in service
by the mid-2025s, the B-1
bombers are still the workhorses
of our nation’s bomber fleet and
have been part of military opera-
tions in Afghanistan for over a
decade.  Early last year, the B-1
flew its 10,000th combat mis-
It is crucial that our military’s
readiness is not jeopardized due
to recent budget cuts, which is
why I voted for and supported
multiple efforts to replace these
so-called sequester cuts with tar-
geted and responsible spending
reductions that did not dispropor-
tionately affect our nation’s
armed forces.   Additionally, I
have cosponsored legislation to
prevent another planned round of
military budget cuts by slowing
the growth of the federal work-
force and freezing congressional
Earlier this year the Air Force
planned to ground the B-1s for
the rest of the year.  I had the op-
portunity to question the Air
Force during a House Armed
Services Committee hearing
about the impact the decision
may have on military readiness.
The Air Force then allowed for
flying on a limited basis and has
now announced that flying hours
have been restored. This decision
is absolutely vital and in the best
interests of our country’s defense.
I believe we have a responsibility
and a duty to ensure that our men
and women are fully prepared
and equipped for their military
I will continue to fight for the
B-1 bomber and all the missions
and airmen, not only at Ellsworth
but across the state of South
Dakota. Lt. Col. Schepper has
proudly served this country for
decades and we owe it to him, and
every other service member, to
support and provide for our
armed forces during their mis-
sions and after they return home.
Supporting our
Air Force’s
By Rep. Kristi Noem
email us at
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Serving the town of
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Kevin Jensen your friend
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marine, hunting, camping, and
even swimming products.
212 West 4th St, Faith, SD
PH: 605-967-2690 or
Second reading of revised Ordinance
No. #27 – An Ordinance Regulating
Fireworks, Campfires, and other In-
cendiary Devices will be held by the
Board of Meade County Commissioners
on July 31, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in the
Commissioners meeting room in the Er-
skine Administrative Building, Sturgis,
/s/ Lisa Schieffer,
Meade County Auditor
Published July 17 & 24, 2013 at the total
approximate cost of $10.38
The City of Faith, South Dakota will
be accepting sealed Bids for the pur-
chase of a used Street Sweeper as per
specifications on file in the Finance Of-
fice at the Faith Community Center,
Faith, South Dakota.
Sealed bids will be received up until
4:00 P.M. MDT on August 6th, 2013.
Bids will publicly be opened and read in
the regular meeting room of the Com-
mon Council in the Faith Community
Center at Faith, South Dakota at 7:15
P.M., M.S.T. Each sealed bid must be
clearly marked “Street Sweeper”.
The City of Faith reserves the right to
reject any and all bids and any and all
portions thereof, and to waive any irreg-
By: Debbie Brown
City Finance Officer
City of Faith
Faith, South Dakota
Published July 17 & 24, 2013 for a total
approximate cost of $18.82
LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS July 24, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 11
email us at
and a lump sum be allocated to the
Weed and Pest Board in the amount of
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Chairman deferred.
Action, Discussion: D. Register of
Motion to approve as submitted.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to hire a full-time employee, to
be split for 2014, between the Auditor's
Office and Register of Deeds Office and
not hire the part-time employee needed
for election time of four weeks prior to
Primary and six weeks prior to the Gen-
eral elections. In 2015 it would be split
half-time between the Auditor’s Office
and 4-H Office. Motion died for lack of a
Motion by Niederwerder, second
Motion to hire a full-time employee to
be split between the Register of Deeds
Office and the Auditor’s Office beginning
January 1, 2014, and not hire the part-
time employee for election help. Motion
died for lack of a second.
Motion by Bertolotto, second NONE.
Action, Discussion: E. Equalization/
Motion to accept budget as proposed.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: F. Community
Motion to approve budget.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: G. Commission
Motion to set all elected officials at a
2.1% cost of living raise, except the
Motion by Rausch, second by Aker.
An amendment was offered to the
original motion that the Commission
raise be set at 4.5%. Motion died for lack
of a second.
Motion by Aker, second NONE.
A vote was then taken on the original
Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto,
Nay: Aker
Motion to approve a 2.1% increase
for all elected officials
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
A substitute motion was offered for a
3% increase for the Commission. Motion
died for lack of second.
Motion by Aker, second NONE.
A vote was then taken on the original
Final Resolution: Motion Carries
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto,
Nay: Aker
Motion to approve the budget as pre-
sented with the 2.1% on Commissioners’
Motion by Bertolotto, second by Aker.
Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Not Present at Vote: Niederwerder
Action, Discussion: H. Commission
Assistant/HR Office
Action, Discussion: I. Other Fund Bal-
4. Dinner Break @ Noon
Minutes: A. Recess for Dinner Break
5. Items from Commission Assis-
Action, Discussion: A. Alcohol Bever-
age Application – Bulldog Campground
Motion to set a hearing for application
of a Retail (on-off sale) Malt Beverage li-
cense for July 31, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: B. Full Throttle
Pyrotechnics Request
Motion to approve the pyrotechnics at
Full Throttle Saloon following the plan
that was submitted.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: C. Elk Creek
Conservation District 2014 Funding
(Original motion was made at the July
3rd meeting for $20,000, which the
Chairman deferred) A substitute motion
was offered to approve $30,000 for both
the Elk Creek and Tri-County Conserva-
tion Districts.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: D. TRI-County
Conservation District 2014 Funding
See motion above.
Action, Discussion: E. Financing Op-
tions - New Motor Graders
Motion to accept the financing pro-
posal of John Deere, with a $300,000
down payment.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
A substitute motion was offered to put
$600,000 down and accept all other pro-
visions of the John Deere Contract.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Motion Fails
Yea: Bertolotto, Niederwerder
Nay: Rausch, Aker
Abstain: Heidgerken
The vote for the original motion then
took place
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker.
Nay: Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: F. Surplus County
Land / Set Auction Date
Motion to surplus County property of
640 acres (Section 16, Township 6
North, Range 9 East, BHM, Meade
County SD) and to appoint four apprais-
ers suggested by the Director of Equal-
ization Office. The auction date will be
set in October 2013 and we request pro-
posals from auctioneers.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder
Action, Discussion: G. RFP for Moun-
tain Pine Beetle
Motion to designate Jerry Derr as
Program Administrator.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to call for request of proposal
on the tracts previously stated as Tract
1, 2 and 3 with same eligibility rates as
the previous motion.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto,
Abstain: Aker
6. Adjourn
Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the
Published July 24, 2013 for a total ap-
proximate cost of $89.99
Special Meade
County Commission
(Wednesday, July 17,
Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on
Thursday, July 18, 2013
Members present
Robert Heidgerken, Alan Aker, Bob
Bertolotto, Galen Niederwerder. Absent:
Linda Rausch.
Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM
1. Call to Order at 8:30 AM
Procedural: A. Prayer
Procedural: B. Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Linda Rausch pres-
2. Items from Commission
Action, Discussion: A. Courthouse
Design Options
Motion of intent to design an exterior
elevator without the 3 way design sepa-
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
3. 2014 Department Budget Re-
Action, Discussion: A. 4th Judicial
Motion to change the proposed Judi-
cial System Budget to $6,000 in tran-
scripts and to delete the line items of
Teen Court and CASA, and otherwise
approve the budget with those proposed
Motion by Aker, second Rausch.
Substitute motion was made to lower
the juror’s line item from $50,000 to
$47,000, witness fees from $3,000 to
$2,000, transcripts from $10,000 to
$6,000 and remove line items Teen
Court and CASA from the budget.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: B. State's Attor-
ney's Office
Motion to not fund CASA.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Nay: Niederwerder.
Motion to approve the State’s Attor-
ney’s Budget adding one full-time em-
ployee (January 2014), and to reduce
the funding of $7,500 for the intern posi-
tion/$1,500 for the rally help from that
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Substitute motion was offered to
adopt the State's Attorney's Budget with
the reduction of the money that was
added for one additional full-time em-
ployee and retaining the intern, and elim-
inating the temp rally help, with adding in
$5,000 for Court. Motion died for lack of
a second.
Motion by Aker, second NONE.
Voting then took place on the original
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Bertolotto, Nieder-
Nay: Rausch, Aker
Motion to add $5,000 to the State’s
Attorney’s Budget for Teen Court, but the
same is on a requisition basis and that
data is provided for tracking the same.
Motion died for lack of a second.
Motion by Galen Niederwerder, sec-
ond NONE.
Action, Discussion: C. Weed and
Motion, commencing in the 2014
budget year, that the Weed and Pest em-
ployees cease being County employees
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Furnished Home in Faith, SD for Sale!
2 bed/ 1 bath, garage converted to living
quarters; on 2 city Lots;
Owner Financing
Dave Wilson Owner/Broker,
RANCH Complete dispersal of 450
Registered and Commercial Fall
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spring calvers, 90 2012 Fall Heifers
and 50 Fall Bulls. August 10th at
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and phenotype. Past National
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marck ND 58503, Email
is seeking applications for a HS
Math Instructor (w/wo Head Boys
BB Coach); Base Pay - $34,150
plus signing bonus. Contact Supt.
Lenk at Dupree School (605) 365-
a 9-12 Science Teacher, W/WO ex-
tracurricular duties as needed, for
the 2013-14 school year. To obtain
a certified application www.arling-
ton.k12.sd.us or the business of-
fice. To apply send application, a
copy of college transcript and
teaching certificate, with resume
to: Chris Lund, Superintendent,
306 S. Main, PO Box 359, Arling-
ton, SD 57212. Open until filled.
EDUCATION Cooperative opening:
part-time early childhood special
education paraprofessional for the
2013-2014 school year: Contact Di-
rector Cris Owens 605-466-2206,
trict #62-6 for 2013-2014 School
Year: HS Math; MS Special Educa-
tion; and Birth to 2nd Grade Spe-
cial Education. Contact Tim Fred-
erick at 605-845-9204 for more in-
formation. Resumes and
applications can be mailed to the
school Attn: Tim Frederick at 1107
1st Avenue East in Mobridge SD
57601. Open until filled. EOE,
Signing Bonus available.
is taking applications for full- time
Douglas County Highway Superin-
tendent. Must have valid Class A
Driverís License. Experience in
road/bridge construction/mainte-
nance. For application contact:
Douglas County Auditor (605) 724-
COULD IT HAPPEN? Terrorists de-
stroy the Internet, collapsing civi-
lization. Get Michael Tidemannís
South Dakota-based novel, Dooms-
day: A tale of cyber terror, for $2.99
on Amazon Kindle at: http://www.
AUCTION. Selling without reserve,
deluxe condominium at Terry Peak,
3 lots at Lead Country Club & 6
acreages at Rochford Ridge Es-
tates. Seller financing. Details at
Acres completely surrounded by
USFS, near Whitewood, Sturgis &
Spearfish. DETAILS AT
$19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High
Speed Internet starting at
$14.95/month (where available.)
SAVE! Ask About SAME DAY In-
stallation! CALL Now! 1-800-308-
Digital Phone-Satellite. You`ve Got
A Choice! Options from ALL major
service providers. Call us to learn
more! CALL Today. 888-337-5453
where By Satellite! Speeds up to
12mbps! (200x faster than dial-up.)
Starting at $49.95/mo. CALL NOW
& GO FAST! 1-888-518-8672
statewide for only $150.00. Put the
South Dakota Statewide Classifieds
Network to work for you today! (25
words for $150. Each additional
word $5.) Call this newspaper or
800-658-3697 for details.
operators, freight from Midwest up
to 48 states, home regularly, newer
equipment, Health, 401K, call
Randy, A&A Express, 800-658-
Ruby Gabriel is looking for pictures of
these Meade County ghost towns:
Bonieta Springs, Chalk Butte,
Dunnebecke, Elm Springs, Fairpoint,
Hereford, Sulphur, and White Owl.
Looking for information on Melvin Tivis,
World Champion rodeo rider
Contact Ruby 605-457-2353
Join Ruby at Vilas Healthcare in Faith
for an information exchange
on Monday, August 19th 10 am-5 pm.
She will be selling her 1st book of the
West River area
HAY FOR SALE: call Brian Si-
monson, 605-739-3531. F46-1tc
FOR SALE: Alfalfa seed, grass
seed and high test alfalfa hay.
Delivery available and volume
discount available. Call 798-5413.
ERATIVE, INC. has two full-
time Customer Service
Representative positions open
due to retirement within the or-
ganization. Qualified applicants
must have a high school diploma
or equivalent, experience with
basic Microsoft applications, com-
puters and related office equip-
ment with excellent oral and
communications skills. Two
years previous experience in an
office or customer service envi-
ronment preferred. Interested
applicants should submit a re-
sume and job application to
Penny J Nelson, Manager, Cus-
tomer Service & Internal Opera-
tions, Grand Electric
Cooperative, Inc., PO Box 39,
Bison, SD 57620, telephone 605-
244-5211. GEC is an Equal Op-
portunity Employer. Deadline for
submitting resumes is July 31,
2013. F45-2tc
mage sale Saturday, July 27, 7
AM–?? in the church basement.
tower is going to be repaired so
water will be diverted around the
tower, so you will se a fluctuation
in water pressure and at some
times will be without water. this
will last up to two weeks. Please
be patient as our water tower is
being repaired on the inside.
RANCH RODEO entries are
open. Limited to 20 teams. Call
605 739-5836 to enter.  F46-2tc
Countryside Apartments in
Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted
throughout. Laundry facilities
available. Handicap accessible.
Rent based on income. For infor-
mation contact: MetroPlains
management, LLC 1-800-244-
2826 or 1-605-347-3077 Equal
Opportunity Housing F5-tfc
with trencher and backhoe, Live-
stock Water Systems. 10 1/2
miles south of Maurine, 605-748-
2473 Merle Vig. F2-tfc

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