Faith Independent, January 8, 2014

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Fa$,# Ga1",," & T#" Fa$,# I'!")'!"', S$' " 1910 V(%-&" 85 2 N(. 18
J.;A.>E 8, 2014
G2;2?22 & *E<:6;4 /AE? D &E %.69><.1
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
&/(9 ( +0--,7,4*, 04 ( 24 /5:7 6,705+. M54+(> <(8 ),25< ?,75 (4+ 95+(> 08 ( 62:8.
2013 6; >2B62C
M"1$) 0>; "$/ /JK:;DJ CEKD9?B IFEDIEH;: 7 8BEE: :H?L; ED )7H9> 7J> ?D C;CEHO E< J>;?H <EHC;H J;79>;H, ,7JJ? /JEHC. )HI. /JEHC 7D: >;H IJK:;DJI :?: ED; 8BEE: :H?L; 7 O;7H <EH J>; F7IJ I;L;H7B O;7HI 7D: J>;O 7H; 97HHO?D= ED J>?I JH7:?J?ED. 0>; "7?J> (ED=>EHDI 8HEK=>J >EC; J>; 9>7CF?EDI>?F JHEF>O <HEC J>; ?IJH?9J 16B 0EKHD7C;DJ ED /7JKH:7O. ,;==O +\CEDDEH ?I J>; D;M;IJ <79; 7J J>; "7?J> CB?D?9. ,;==O, 7 9;HJ?<?;: DKHI; FH79J?ED;H, >7I 8;;D MEHA?D= >;H; I;L;H7B CEDJ>I.. "EH J>; I;9ED: IJH7?=>J O;7H, J>; ?IJH?9J 16B 9>7CF?EDI "7?J> (ED=>EHDI M;H; :;<;7J;: 8O J>; ?IJH?9J 15B KFH;; 0?=;HI <EH J>; .;=?ED 8B J?JB; 7D: J>; 8;HJ> JE J>; /J7J; B 0EKHD7C;DJ. 0>; C7J9>-KF ?D )E8H?:=; ED 0K;I:7O, )7H9> 5J> :H;M 8?= <7D IKFFEHJ;HI <EH 8EJ> I?:;I. "7?J> $?=> /9>EEB ABKCD? AIID., M>?9> >7I 8;;D IJHK==B?D= J>; B7IJ <;M O;7HI 8;97KI; E< 7 B79A E< BE97B IKFFEHJ, >7I 7IA;: J>; BEEIJ;H CBK8 <EH >;BF. 0>; BEEIJ;H CBK8 M?BB 8; :?I9KII?D= J>?I ?D CEH; :;J7?B M?J> J>; ABKCD? AIID. 7J 7 )7H9> 13J> C;;J?D=. (E97B ?DJ;H;IJ >7I 8;;D >7H: JE <?D: 7D: 7J J>; FH;I;DJ J?C; DED; E< J>; BEEIJ;H CBK8 C;C8;HI 7H; "$/ ABKCD?. 3; >7: IEC; =H;7J M;7J>;H J>; C?::B; E< J>; CEDJ>, 7BJ>EK=> M?D:O CEIJ :7OI, EKH M7HC;IJ :7O H;79>;: 7HEKD: 70U, 8KJ /KD:7O M7I ;DJ?H;BO :?<<;H;DJ. 0;CF;H7JKH;I EDBO =EJ JE 78EKJ J>; C?: 30I 8KJ ?J M7I GK?J; M?D:O. +D 0K;I:7O, )7H9> 12J>, 2013, J>; A?:I JEEA F7HJ ?D 7 IF;;9> 9EDJ;IJ IFEDIEH;: 8O )E:;HD 3EE:C;D E< AC;H?97, 7 <H7J;HD7B <?D7D9?7B I;HL?9;I EH=7D?P7J?ED. /JK:;DJI I>7H;: J>;?H FH;I;DJ7J?EDI ED J>?I O;7H\I JEF?9: YA F;HIED M>E >7I EL;H9EC;Z. 0>; M?DD;HI <EH 5J> & 6J> =H7:; M;H;: 1IJ-$K=> #HEL;I, 2D:-)?';DPO )?BB;H, 3H:-BHEEABOD $7DIED; 7J> & 8J> =H7:;: 1IJ-/>7B? />;H?:7D, 2D:-&7C;I 1BH?9>, 3H: BHEEA; (;CC;B. !79> E< J>;C H;9;?L;: 7 JHEF>O 7D: 7 =EB: 7M7H: F?D, 7D: J>;?H D7C;I M?BB 8; ;D=H7L;: ED J>; I9>EEB\I IF;;9> 9EDJ;IJ FB7GK;. C?JO 9EKD9?B >;B: 7 B;D=J>O C;;J?D= ED )7H9> 19J>. %J;CI ED J>; 7=;D:7 ?D9BK:;: 7 D;M F?J 7J J>; B?7D:<?BB, J>; DKC8;H E< B?GKEH B?9;DI;I J>7J 97D 8; ?IIK;:, 7D: J>; ?D<BKN E< D;M F;EFB; <HEC J>; F?F;B?D;. CED=H7JKB7J?EDI JE CE:O 0H7?DEH <EH 8;?D= D7C;: JE J>; (?JJB; )EH;7K CED<;H;D9; 1IJ 0;7C, .;==?; .>E:;D JE J>; 2D: 0;7C, 0;7HD;; *;BIED 1IJ 0;7C, />7DD7 /;B8O 2D: 0;7C 7D: )7H?II7 CEBB?DI $EDEH78B; );DJ?ED! D&"3)2: ;D?II; (KJP, #;D; !I9EJJ, %BC7 #78H?;B,
Page 2 7 J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@
,D,. ELH9BG=CB !9@DG 0=H< EGH5H9 5B8 F5FA -F5BG=H=CB )@5BB=B; H<FCI;< GH5H9-K=89 0CF?G<CDG
B.++'%*#/, /. .-/ /1 !NJ;DI?ED IJ7<< E<<;HI JME KD?GK; MEHAI>EFI JE 7DIM;H GK;IJ?EDI ?DLEBL;: M?J> ;IJ7J; FB7DD?D= 7D: 7?: ?D FB7DD?D= <EH <7HC JH7DI?J?EDI. 0>; /KIJ7?D?D= J>; (;=79O!IJ7J; ,B7DD?D= 7D: "7HC 0H7DI?J?EDI CED<;H;D9;I, :;L;BEF;: <EH 7BB F7HJ?;I ?DLEBL;: ?D J>; <7HC EH H7D9> EF;H7J?ED, M?BB 8; >;B: ?D I;L;H7B BE97J?EDI J>HEK=>EKJ /EKJ> 7AEJ7 8;=?DD?D= ";8. 7, 2014. ADEJ>;H FHE=H7C, :;I?=D;: <EH MEC;D ?D 7=H?9KBJKH; 7D: >;B: 7I F7HJ E< J>; ADD?;'I ,HE@;9J ;DJ?JB;:, )7D7=?D= <EH 0E:7O 7D: 0ECEHHEM 9EKHI; <EH "7HC 7D: .7D9> 3EC;D 8;=?DI &7D. 15, 2014 ?D '7:EA7. 0>;I; MEHAI>EFI M?BB FHEL?:; 7JJ;D:;;I M?J> ?D<EHC7J?ED ED >EM JE F7II J>;?H EF;H7J?ED ED JE J>; D;NJ =;D;H7J?ED, JE :;L;BEF 7 <7?H ;IJ7J; FB7D <EH 7BB >;?HI; H;:K9; <7C?BO <H?9J?ED :K; JE J>; JH7DI?J?ED E< 7II;JI; :;L;BEF 7 FB7D J>7J C7?DJ7?DI FH?L79O; 7D: :;L;BEF 7 FB7D J>7J <KB<?BBI J>;?H =E7BI <EH J>; EF;H7J?ED. 3>O 7 JH7DI?J?ED FB7D ?I D;9;II7HO: AI J>; 7L;H7=; 7=; E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7 FHE:K9;HI 9EDJ?DK;I JE 9B?C8; J>; L7BK; E< J>; ;IJ7J; 9B?C8I 7I M;BB, 9H;7J?D= I?JK7J?EDI M>;H; J>; D;NJ =;D;H7J?ED JE J>; EF;H7J?ED 9EKB: DEJ 7<<EH: JE 8KO ?J EKJH?=>J M?J>EKJ IEC; JOF; E< 8KI?D;II FB7D, FKH9>7I; FB7D, 7D:/EH ;IJ7J; FB7D, ;NFB7?DI $;7J>;H #;IID;H, / /1 !NJ;DI?ED (?L;IJE9A BKI?D;II )7D7=;C;DJ "?;B: /F;9?7B?IJ. ",HE:K9;HI >7L; ?DL;IJ;: O;7HI ?D J>;?H EF;H7J?ED. % ADEM J>H;; :7OI ?I 7 BEJ JE 8; 7M7O, 8KJ J>?DA E< ?J 7I 7D ?DL;IJC;DJ ?D J>; <KJKH; E< OEKH EF;H7J?ED. &KIJ B?A; J>; J?C; OEK ?DL;IJ I;B;9J?D= OEKH D;NJ >;H: I?H;, EH I;;: L7H?;JO," I7?: #;IID;H. )7D7=?D= <EH 0E:7O 7D: 0ECEHHEM 0>; )7D7=?D= <EH 0E:7O 7D: 0ECEHHEM: "7HC 0H7DI?J?ED ,B7DD?D= FHE=H7C, 7 D;M ADD?;'I ,HE@;9J 9EKHI;, >7I 8;;D I9>;:KB;: <EH &7DK7HO 7D: ";8HK7HO ?D '7:EA7 ED 3;:D;I:7O ;L;D?D=I; &7DK7HO 15, 22, 29, ";8HK7HO 12, 7D: 19. A <;; M?BB 8; 9>7H=;: F;H F;HIED, M>?9> ?D9BK:;I 7 300-F7=; MEHA8EEA M?J> <79J I>;;JI, >7D:IED 79J?L?J?;I, 7D: FH;I;DJ7J?EDI. A B?=>J IKFF;H M?BB 8; I;HL;: 8;<EH; ;79> 9B7II 7J 5:30 F.C. CEKHI; I?P; ?I B?C?J;:, IE FB;7I; H;=?IJ;H IEED.WW ;I?=D;: <EH IF;9?<?97BBO <EH <7HC 7D: H7D9> MEC;D, F7HJ?9?F7DJI M?BB B;7HD 78EKJ 8KI?D;II, ;IJ7J;, H;J?H;C;DJ 7D: IK99;II?ED FB7DD?D= <HEC / /1 !NJ;DI?ED "?;B: /F;9?7B?IJI 7D: 7H;7 FHE<;II?ED7BI. %D 7::?J?ED JE 8H?;< FH;I;DJ7J?EDI, J>;H; M?BB 8; :?I9KII?EDI 87I;: ED F7HJ?9?F7DJ GK;IJ?EDI 7D: <EBBEM-KF 79J?L?J?;I <EH <7C?BO C;C8;HI JE 9ECFB;J; 7J >EC;.
N,,+ H,(29/ I48:7(4*,? 2,(8, J504 $8
EJ9FMCB9 =G K9@7CA9 5B8 9B7CIF5;98 HC 5HH9B8 CIF (D9B !CIG9 +9;5F8=B; H<9 A::CF856@9 C5F9 A7H.
<;1.E J.;A.>E 20@5, 2:00 =: H 6:00 =: L246<; H.99 H .6; &@>22@ H F.6@5, &D
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"3;'H; >7FFO JE 8; 7 F7HJD;H ?D 8H?D=?D= J>?I L7BK78B; FHE=H7C JE &79AIEDCEKDJO," I7?: A:;B; $7HJO, / /1 !NJ;DI?ED CEM/ C7B< "?;B: /F;9?7B?IJ, "0>?I <7HC JH7DI?J?ED 9EKHI; ?I 7D EFFEHJKD?JO <EH <7HC 7D: H7D9> MEC;D JE C;;J M?J> EJ>;HI M>E I>7H; I?C?B7H ?IIK;I 7D: 9ED9;HDI. 3; B?C?J J>; I?P; E< J>; 9B7II JE C7A; ?J 9EC<EHJ78B; <EH ;L;HOED; JE IF;7A KF 7D: =;J GK;IJ?EDI 7DIM;H;:." ADD?;'I ,HE@;9J, 7D 7=H?9KBJKH7B H?IA C7D7=;C;DJ ;:K97J?ED FHE=H7C <EH MEC;D, >7I IK99;II<KBBO H;79>;: CEH; J>7D 9,000 <7HC 7D: H7D9> MEC;D ?D 30 IJ7J;I. "0>?I D;M FHE=H7C ;CF>7I?P;I J>; HEB; MEC;D FB7O ?D >;BF?D= JH7DI<;H <7HCI 7D: H7D9>;I <HEC ED; =;D;H7J?ED JE J>; D;NJ," I7?: $7HJO. ")7D7=?D= <EH 0E:7O 7D: 0ECEHHEM: "7HC 0H7DI?J?ED ,B7DD?D= M?BB ;CFEM;H MEC;D JE J7A; EMD;HI>?F E< J>; <KJKH; E< J>;?H <7HCI," I7?: $7HJO. ""7HC CH;:?J /;HL?9;I E< AC;H?97 ?I 7 IJ7J;M?:; IFEDIEH E< ADD?;'I ,HE@;9J 9EKHI;I." )7D7=?D= <EH 0E:7O 7D: 0ECEHHEM ?I IKFFEHJ;: 8O J>; B;=?DD?D= "7HC;H 7D: .7D9>;H ;L;BEFC;DJ ,HE=H7C E< J>; *7J?ED7B %DIJ?JKJ; E< "EE: 7D: A=H?9KBJKH;, 1/ A, #H7DJ # 2011-49400-30584. )EH; ?D<EHC7J?ED 97D 8; <EKD: ED J>; ADD?;'I ,HE@;9J M;8I?J; 7J MMM.ADD?;I,HE@;9J.EH=. "EH CEH; ?D<EHC7J?ED 7D: JE H;=?IJ;H 9EDJ79J A:;B; $7HJO, / /1 !NJ;DI?ED CEM/C7B< "?;B: /F;9?7B?IJ 7J 605-394-1722 EH 7:;B;.>7HJO@I:IJ7J;.;:K; EH B;B?D:7 )?J9>;BB, BE97B 9EDJ79J 7J 605-837-2281 EH B;B?D:7.)?J9>;BB@87DAM;IJI:.9EC. /KIJ7?D?D= J>; (;=79O-!IJ7J; ,B7DD?D= 7D: "7HC 0H7DI?J?EDI CED<;H;D9;I 0>; 9ED<;H;D9; FHEL?:;I <7HC;HI 7D: H7D9>;HI M?J> J>H;; :7OI <KBB E< ?D<EHC7J?ED ED 9H;7J?D= J>;?H FB7D DE C7JJ;H >EM 8?= EH IC7BB J>; EF;H7J?ED. 0>; 9ED<;H;D9; M?BB 7BIE 9EL;H J>; <EBBEM?D=
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967-2160//5+34: 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
F(09/ C533:409> H,(29/ C,49,7
H5:78 5- O6,7(9054: M54+(> 9/7: F70+(> 8 (3 A 12 63 (4+ 1 A 5 M
P4#,*2)&% *. 3)& H&"13 /' 3)& &23 R*5&1 E-0*1& ,K8B?97J?ED *E. 184760 ,K8B?I>;: 3;;ABO ED 3;:D;I:7O "7?J>, / 57626-0038
,+/0)A/0!., /;D: A::H;II C>7D=;I JE: ,.+. BEN 38, "7?J>, / 57626-0038 ,$+*!: (605) 967-2161 X "A4: (605) 967-2160 !-C7?B: <7?J>?D:@<7?J>I:.9EC
DEADLINE: (7IJ FEII?8B; CEC;DJ JE JKHD D;MI ?J;CI ?D 7J J>; E<<?9; JE 8; FK8B?I>;:. LEGAL NE SPAPER FOR: /J7J; E< /. ., );7:; CEKDJO, C?JO E< "7?J>, "7?J> /9>EEB ?IJH?9J 46-2
,K8B?I>;H............................................................. ED .7L;BB;JJ; +<<?9; )7D7=;H....................................................... ?7D; %I779I .;FEHJ;H, ,HEE<H;7:;H, CECFEI?J?ED.................(EH;JJ7 ,7IIEBJ
/1B/C.%,0%+* .A0!: "7?J> & KFH;; $34.00 + BE97B J7N; %D-IJ7J; $39.00 + BE97B J7N; +KJ-E<-IJ7J; $39.00; "EH;?=D $45.00.
,!.%+ %CA(/ ,+/0A#! ,A% "7?J>, /EKJ> 7AEJ7 57626
C+,5.%#$0: 1988 "7?J> %D:;F;D:;DJ. ABB H?=>JI H;I;HL;:. *EJ>?D= C7O 8;H;FH?DJ;:, F>EJE9EF?;:, EH ?D 7DO M7O H;FHE:K9;: <HEC J>?I FK8B?97J?ED, ?D M>EB; EH F7HJ, M?J>EKJ J>; MH?JJ;D 9EDI;DJ E< J>; FK8B?I>;HI.
%,74( "*/(+, CN D(7*0 H(76,7, CN
F57 (6650493,498 *(22: 605-967-2644 57 1-800-584-7668
J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7
Page 3
CC@8 -9AD9F5HIF9G "B8I79 CC@8 ,HF9GG =B C5@J9G & %57H5H=B; CCKG
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
J?ED. T "H;I> 9EMI M?J> IMEBB;D K::;HI 7H; CEH; IKI9;FJ?8B; JE 9>7FF?D=. T "ABM7OI H;C;C8;H J>7J FH;L;DJ?ED ?I J>; A;O," #7H9?7 I7?:. T C7BL;I & CEB: /JH;II T 3>;D ?J 9EC;I JE 97H?D= <EH 97BL;I, 0H79;O !H?9AIED, / /1 !NJ;DI?ED 7?HO "?;B: /F;9?7B?IJ H;C?D:I FHE:K9;HI J>7J 9EB: IJH;II IJ7HJI ?D 97BL;I M>E 7H; B;II J>7D 21 :7OI E< 7=; ?< J>; J;CF;H7JKH; :HEFI 8;BEM 60 :;=H;;I; 7D: J>7J 9EB: IJH;II 8;=?DI ?D 97BL;I =H;7J;H J>7D 42 :7OI E< 7=; 7J EH 8;BEM 42 :;=H;;I. T "+8L?EKIBO, M; 7H; ;NF;H?;D9?D= IEC; I;H?EKI 9EB: IJH;II H?=>J DEM," I>; I7?:. T /EC; J?FI JE 97H; <EH 97BL;I 7I M;BB 7I C7JKH; 97JJB; J>7J I>; I>7H;I M?J> 8;;< 7D: :7?HO 97JJB; FHE:K9;HI 7H; 7I <EBBEMI: T #;J J>;C E<< JE 7 =EE: IJ7HJ ?D J>; <?HIJ 48 >EKHI E< B?<; - <EBBEM?D= FHEF;H FHEJE9EBI <EH D;M8EHD 97BL;I, ;IF;9?7BBO =;JJ?D= ?DJE J>;C M7HC, >?=> GK7B?JO 9EBEIJHKC. T #;J 97BL;I :HO & A;;F J>;C :HO. T ;;F & HO 8;::?D= - ,HEL?:; 7 FHEF;H D;IJ; M>;D J>;O 7H; B7O?D= :EMD ED; I>EKB: DEJ 8; 78B; JE I;; J>; <;;J & B;=I E< J>; 97B<.
T C7B< 8B7DA;JI - ;L;D J>EK=> J>;O 7:: ;NJH7 ;NF;DI;, J>;O 7H; H;KI78B; 7D: FHEL?:; 7D ;NJH7 B7O;H E< FHEJ;9J?ED <EH 97BL;I T ,HEF;H L;DJ?B7J?ED ?I ?CFEHJ7DJ 8KJ OEK CKIJ 7BIE FH;L;DJ :?H;9J :H7<JI <HEC >?JJ?D= OEKD= 97BL;I T A::?J?ED7B <;;:?D=I F;H :7O 3 J?C;I 7 :7O <;;:?D=I M>?9> M?BB FHEL?:; 1.5 FEKD:I JE 2.25 FEKD:I E< C?BA H;FB79;H FEM:;H F;H :7O M?J> 20% <7J 7H; D;9;II7HO JE FHEL?:; 7:;GK7J; ;D;H=O ?DJ7A; :7?BO. B; 9EDI?IJ;DJ ?D <;;:?D= J?C;I. )7A; IKH; C?BA ?I M7HC 8KJ O;J :E;I DEJ I97B: J>; 97BL;I' CEKJ>. T +J>;H EFJ?EDI E< ?D9H;7I?D= 97BEH?9 ?DJ7A;; 3>;D ?J ?I ;NJH;C;BO 9EB: <;;: 0.25 FEKD:I F;H :7O E< 7::?J?ED7B 60% <7J IKFFB;C;DJ C?BA :KH?D= J>; <?HIJ 14 :7OI E< B?<;. )7DO 9ECC;H9?7B FHE:K9JI 7H; 7L7?B78B;. 07F;H E<< <;;:?D= J>; IKFFB;C;DJ IBEMBO 7I J>;O IJ7HJ JE 9EDIKC; IJ7HJ;H.
T ,HEL?:; M7HC M7J;H 78EL; 102 :;=H;;I " 78EKJ 30 C?DKJ;I 7<J;H <;;:?D=. B; 97H;<KB DEJ JE =;J ?J JEE >EJ J>EK=> 7D: I97B: J>; 97BL;I' CEKJ>. T ,HEL?:; 7 >?=> GK7B?JO, <H;I> IJ7HJ;H :7?BO (<H;; E< CEB: 7D: <?D;I), JE ;D9EKH7=; :7?BO ?DJ7A;. T (7IJBO, FHE:K9;HI/;CFBEO;;I I>EKB: J7A; 97H; E< J>;CI;BL;I IE J>;O 97D 8; L?=?B7DJ 7D: E8I;HL7DJ 7I J>;O 97H; <EH J>; 7D?C7BI. ?#HEM.EH= "EH;97IJ 0EEBI 0E B;7HD CEH; 78EKJ >EM JE 97H; <EH 7D: FHEJ;9J 97BL;I 7I M;BB 7I C7JKH; :7?HO 7D: 8;;< 97JJB; <HEC 9EB: IJH;II, L?I?J ?#HEM.EH=. 0>;H; ?I 7BIE 7 I?N-97J;=EHO I97B; :;L;BEF;: JE ?:;DJ?<O J>; H?IA E< >7P7H:EKI 9ED:?J?EDI <EH D;M8EHD B?L;IJE9A, H7D=?D= <HEC *ED; (=H;;D 9EBEH) JE !NJH;C; (H;: 9EBEH) 7L7?B78B; 8O L?I?J?D=: >JJF://?=HEM.EH=/B?L;IJE9A/8;;</M; 7J>;H-<EH;97IJ-JEEBI-<EH-D;M8EHDB?L;IJE9A/.
.,DA/F5FA ,9FJ=79 A;9B7M '9KG
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
P* "$
C* 00(%($# A#... 36 %2/ F (1' I,#$.$,#$,1
967-2160/FA) 967-2160
Opal Hall Annual Meeting
Tuesday, Jan 14, 1:30 PM
Page 4 7 J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@
Faith Ne s
B! Loretta Passolt
/EKJ> 7AEJ7 >7: J>; 9EB:;IJ J;CF;H7JKH;I ED /KD:7O J>7J J>;O >7:D'J >7: ?D :;97:;I. 0;CF;H7JKH;I M;H; ?D J>; -20I M?J> M?D: 9>?BBI D;7H -50. )ED:7O CEHD?D='I M?D: 9>?BB M7I IJ?BB D;7H 7 -40. )7DO 7H;7 I9>EEBI M;H; 9BEI;: EH >7: B7J; IJ7HJI. "7?J> 97D9;B;: I9>EEB <EH J>; :7O. 3; 7H; IKFFEI;: JE M7HC KF JE J>; 30I 8O C?:-M;;A. C;HJ7?DBO >EF; IE! 7L; 7D: !B:EH7 "?I9>879> B;<J <EH (7D;IL?BB;, %* ED ;9 20J> JE IF;D: C>H?IJC7I M?J> :7K=>J;H /KI7D 7D: ;7D 7D: 8EOI. 7K=>J;H (7KH?;, )?A; 7D: /7C7DJ>7 @E?D;: J>;C J>;H;. 0>;O >7: 7 =H;7J C>H?IJC7I 7D: ;D@EO;: L?I?J?D=, 97J9>?D= KF, FB7O?D= =7C;I 7D: ;7J?D= JEE CK9>. 0>;O H;JKHD;: JE .7F?: C?JO ;9. 30J>. 0>;O 7JJ;D:;: J>; /;M?D= C;DJ;H C>H?IJC7I F7HJO M>;D J>;O =EJ 879A. A99EH:?D= JE "B J>; AHB;D 7D: B;JJO $KBC <7C?BO 9;B;8H7J;: C>H?IJC7I 7J 7HB7'I >EKI; ?D /F;7H<?I>. /EKD:;: B?A; J>;O >7: 7 =EE: J?C;. )7H=; $E<<C7D >7: JME C>H?IJC7I' 7=7?D J>?I O;7H. />; 9;B;8H7J;: M?J> =H7D::7K=>J;H BE88?; ,7KB 7D: <7C?BO ED J>; 20J>, J>;D 7=7?D B7J;H M?J> :7K=>J;H (OD:7 7D: #7HO <HEC AH?PED7 7D: =H7D::7K=>J;H C>H?IJO <HEC 37I>?D=JED. (OD:7, )7H=; 7D: C>H?IJO 7BIE 8HEK=>J ?D J>; *;M 5;7H ?D ;7:MEE:, M7J9>?D= J>; 87BB :HEF 7J J>; "H7DAB?D $EJ;B. ,7KB 7D: % >7: C>H?IJC7I M?J> EKH A?:I 7J 7L; 7D: !B:EH7'I >EKI; ?D .7F?: C?JO. 3; =EJ ?D BEJI E< L?I?J?D=, ;7J?D= 7D: ;L;D =EJ IEC; 97H: =7C;I ?D. ABB ?D 7BB, M; >7: 7 =H;7J C>H?IJC7I. $EF; OEK :?: JEE! .?9>7H: 7D: />;HHO 'EA;I> >EIJ;: C>H?IJC7I :?DD;H <EH '7O 'EA;I> 7D: 878O, AB?9?7 'EA;I> 7D: <H?;D:, &EI;O 7D: /7H7 $7KI;H 7D: JEC 7D: C7HEB; /J;HD7:. ;B?9?EKI FH?C; H?8 M7I ;D@EO;: 8O 7BB! #H7D:C7 $?DJP 9>EI; JE IJ7O >EC;. C7HC;D 7D: &E>D $;?:B;H M;H; 7J #H7D:C7 EHEJ>O $;?:B;HI. C7HC;D :;B?L;H;: :?DD;H JE %H;D;. 0>7DAI C7HC;D! 7DDO )?B;I IF;DJ C>H?IJC7I !L; M?J> >?I CEJ>;H, !IJ>;H )?B;I 7D: 8HEJ>;H .ED )?B;I ?D /F;7H<?I>. .7OCED: 7D: ?7D; %I779I @E?D;: J>;C <EH C>H?IJC7I 7O. 7DDO )?B;I IF;DJ *;M 5;7HI 7O ?D /F;7H<?I> M?J> !IJ>;H )?B;I, .ED )?B;I 7D: 7HH;D 7D: EH?D; )?B;I. AHB;D; )7HJ?D, KFH;;, IF;DJ C>H?IJC7I !L; 7D: 7O M?J> >;H :7K=>J;H, :?7D; $KC8B;. ?7D; $KC8B; 7D: AHB;D; )7HJ?D M;H; C>H?IJC7I 7O :?DD;H =K;IJI E< &. 7D: /7D:O .7ICKII;D. ?7D; $KC8B; IF;DJ C>H?IJC7I M;;A;D: ?D )?B;I C?JO, )EDJ7D7 M?J> BHK9; 7D: IED, BB7?D;, E< 3OEB7, )EDJ7D7. /9>EEB IJK:;DJI 7D: IJ7<< 7H; 879A ?D I9>EEB 7<J;H 78EKJ JME M;;AI E< L797J?ED. % ?C7=?D; J>; 8EOI 7D: =?HBI 87IA;J87BB J;7CI M?BB 8; 8KIO M?J> =7C;I 7=7?D DEM. 0>; 0H;;, 3H;7J> 7D: #EE:O 7K9J?ED H7?I?D= $635 <EH J>; "7?J> AC8KB7D9; /;HL?9;. 0>7DAI JE 7BB M>E :ED7J;: 7D: FKH9>7I;:. 37DJ JE M?I> OEK 7BB 7 >7FFO, >;7BJ>O 2014! "H?:7O D?=>J 7I % FH;F7H;: <EH 8;: % J>EK=>J E< CO CEJ>;H. 0>; M?D:, ?D JOF?97B /EKJ> 7AEJ7 IJOB;, M7I >EMB?D= 7D: I>7A?D= J>; >EKI;. 0>; M;7J>;H C7D >7: FH;:?9J;: 7 :HEF ?D J>; J;CF;H7JKH;I 7D: J>; 7<J;HDEED\I H7?D >7: JKHD;: J>; FH7?H?; JE =B7II. 0>; EDBO J>?D= M; M;H; C?II?D= M7I 7 =EE: H?F IDEHJ?D= /EKJ> 7AEJ7 8B?PP7H:. +D D?=>JI E< ?DJ;DI; 9EB: 7D: IJEHC CO CEC D;L;H KD:H;II;: 7D: E<J;D D;L;H M;DJ JE 8;:. %< OEK M7D:;H;: EKJ ?D J>; D?=>J I>; M7I I?JJ?D= ?D J>; EB: HE9A?D= 9>7?H 9HE9>;J?D=. /EC;J?C;I J>; FEM;H M7I EKJ 7D: I>; MEHA;: 8O J>; B?=>J E< 7 A;HEI;D; B7CF 8KJ IJ?BB I>; IJ7O;: 8KIO 7D: L?=?B7DJ. />; I7?: ?J M7I IJEHCO D?=>JI M>;D >EKI;I M;H; CEH; B?A;BO JE 8KHD. %D B7J;H O;7HI M; >7: FHEF7D; >;7J 8KJ % 7BIE >7L; C;CEH?;I E< CO :7: IJ7O?D= KF 7BB D?=>J M7J9>?D= J>; IC7BB 9E7B IJEL; ?D J>; 87I;C;DJ E< EKH >EC; 7J 0?C8;H (7A;. %< J>; M;7J>;H =EJ L;HO 9EB: ?J MEKB: EL;H >;7J 7D: 8;=?D JE =BEM H;: 7BB EL;H. #E:, :7::O 7D: CECC7 A;FJ J>;?H L?=?B EL;H KI 7D: M; D;L;H >7: 7 <?H;. $EM J?C;I >7L; 9>7D=;:. 3; >7L; 7BB ;B;9JH?9 >;7J ?D EKH >EC; IE J>;H; ?I DE EF;D <B7C;. 3; 9EKB: >7L; 7D ;B;9JH?97B I>EHJ 8KJ ?J'I DEJ 7I D;HL; MH79A?D= 7I I?JJ?D= 7BB D?=>J 8O 7 H;: >EJ IJEL;. /J?BB % J>EK=>J, ")ECC7 MEKB: >7L; IJ7O;: KF. />EKB: %?" % 9>EI; 8;: 8KJ <?D: COI;B< KF 7J 1:45 MH?J?D= J>?I 7D: B?IJ;D?D= JE J>; M?D:. 0>; J>EK=>J E< >;7J 7BIE H;C?D:;: C; E< JH?FI :7: C7:; JE J>; "?H;IJ;;B CE7B )?D; <EH 7 F?9A KF BE7: E< 9E7B. 0>; F?9AKF M7I 7 1949 C>;LHEB;J M?J> 7 I;J E< MEE:;D I?:;8E7H:I 7D: ;D: =7J;. 3>;D :7: 97C; >EC;, >; 7D: CO 8HEJ>;H, BK8, >7: JE I>EL;B J>; 9E7B ?DJE J>; 87I;C;DJ. %D J>EI; :7OI ;L;HO 9>?B: 9EKB: <?D?I> J>; I7O?D=, 8B79A 7I .......... DEM7:7OI CEIJ >7L; FHE878BO DEJ I;;D 9E7B B;J 7BED; I>EL;B;: ?J 7D: E8I;HL;: J>; B;7< FH?DJI J>7J BK8 I7M 7I >; I>EL;B;:. $EM CK9> :?: J>; 9E7B 9EIJ? % >7L; DE ?:;7. ?: J>; C?D; HKD EKJ E< 9E7B EH EKJ E< 9KIJEC;HI? 37I J>; 7:L;DJ E<
Marcus Ne s
B! Vick! Waterland
FHEF7D; >;7J J>; ;D: E< J>; 9E7B C?D;? % :ED'J ADEM J>; 7DIM;HI. % :E ADEM J>7J CK9> E< J>; B7D: 7HEKD: %I78;B 7D: "?H;IJ;;B >7L; EH >7: 9E7B 8;:I KD:;H J>;C. % >7L; M?I>;: M; 9EKB: >7L; FH;I;HL;: IEC; E< J>; B;7< ?CFH?DJI BK8 7D: :7: I7M. *EM M; MEKB: KI; 7 :?=?J7B 97C;H7 8KJ ?J :?:D'J E99KH JE KI 879A J>;D, :;L;BEF?D= <?BC M7I ;NF;DI?L;. AI % BEEA 7J J>; M7O EKH >EC;I >7L; 8;;D >;7J;: ?D J>; F7IJ % MED:;H M>7J EKH <KJKH; M?BB 8H?D=. % >7: =H;7J >EF;I <EH IEB7H 7D: M?D: ;D;H=O. BEJ> C;J>E:I I>EKB: B;II;D EKH :;F;D:;D9; ED FEM;H 9ECF7D?;I 7D: C7A; ?J ;7I?;H JE C7A; ;D:I C;;J M>;D ?J ?I 8?BB F7O?D= J?C;. 3>E ADEMI M>7J ?DL;DJ?EDI M?BB E99KH ?D >EC; >;7J?D= 8KJ % :E ADEM /EKJ> 7AEJ7 M?BB D;;: ;<<?9?;DJ, H;B?78B; >;7J?D= C;J>E:I J>7J 7H; IJHED= ;DEK=> JE EKJB7IJ EKH M?DJ;HI. )O =H;7J =H7D:CEJ>;H, ADD; 0>ECFIED, 97C; JE 7AEJ7 0;HH?JEHO 7I 7 OEKD= 8H?:; M?J> 7 6 M;;A EB: 878O. AI 7D ;B:;HBO MEC7D J>;O >7: JE J7A; >;H L?I?J?D= IEC;M>;H; ?< J>;O ;L;H M;H; =E?D= JE 9B;7D KF 7HEKD: J>; FB79; 7D: 8KHD MEE:. />; >7: IF;DJ IE C7DO O;7HI JM?IJ?D= =H7II <EH J>; <?H; J>7J I>; MEKB: H7DJ 7D: H7?B ?D *EHM;=?7D 7D: !D=B?I> 78EKJ J>; MEE: J>;O M7IJ;:! %\C =B7: #H7D:C7 97D\J I;; EKH M7IJ; DEM. 3>7J M?BB M; <KII 78EKJ EKH E<<IFH?D= M7IJ?D= ?D O;7HI JE 9EC;? W /KD:7O :?DD;H =K;IJI 7J 0K9A;H 7D: B;L $K:IED'I M;H; #;D; 7D: )7H?BOD /;9H;IJ, (7HHO 7D: HKI ';BBE== E< /F;7H<?I>, 7D: C7HB 7D: .7CED7 3?BB?7CI E< .7F?: C?JO. *;M 5;7HI 7O =K;IJ 7J 0K9A;H $K:IED'I M;H; &E>D ,EM;BB 7D: 0?D7 $K:IED. 0K9A;H'I D;F>;M 7D: M?<; J>7J M;H; IKFFEI; JE 9EC; EKJ <HEC /F;7H<?I> M;H; KD78B; JE 9EC; :K; JE 7 <BK 8K= =E?D= 7HEKD:. ABB E< EKH <7C?BO >7L; ;NF;H?;D9;: J>7J 8K= 7I >7L; IEC; E< J>; '?BD;II <7C?BO. (79;O, .E8;HJ 7D: -K?HJ 3ED:;H9>;9A M;H; ?D .E9>;IJ;H, )?DD;IEJ7 ED )ED:7O 7D: 0K;I:7O, ;9;C8;H 30 7D: 31. -K?HJ >7: IKH=;HO <EH 7 9E9>B;7H ?CFB7DJ JE >?I B;<J ;7H ED 0K;I:7O. %J M?BB DEJ 8; 79J?L7J;: KDJ?B 7 B7J;H :7J;. 0>;O :HEL; >EC; J>7J I7C; :7O :;IF?J; 7:L;HI; HE7: 9ED:?J?EDI. 3;:D;I:7O J>;O M;DJ JE *?9A 7D: (?B7 C7IF;HI 7J !BC /FH?D=I JE F?9A KF .?E 3ED:;H9>;9A M>E >7: IJ7O;: J>;H;. $7HEB: 7D: % IJ7HJ;: <EH .E9>;IJ;H ED )ED:7O 8KJ 7<J;H JME ?9O HE7: ?D9?:;DJI ;D:?D= M?J> 7 HKD ?D J>; :?J9> M; 97C; >EC;. 3; :?: L?I?J 7J )7HL 7D: *EHC7 3?BB?7CI >EC; M>?B; J>;?H 9>?B:H;D 7D: <7C?B?;I M;H; >EC; <EH C>H?IJC7I L797J?ED. %D CO JH7L;BI EL;H L797J?ED % C;J &E:O B;;H '7CC;H;H M>?B; ?D ,>?BB?F. % AD;M I>; B?L;: J>;H; 8KJ :?: DEJ H;7B?P; I>; >7: 8;;D J>; FEIJ C?IJH;II J>;H; <EH 11 O;7HI. /E D?9; JE I;; >;H 7D: 97J9> KF ED >;H <7C?BO D;MI. 3>?B; F7II?D= J>HEK=> *;M;BB $7HEB: 7D: % IJEFF;: <EH 7 GK?9A BKD9> 7D: C;J (?B7 0?88I 07JED. A=7?D M; >7: 7 D?9; L?I?J 7D: IF;DJ IEC; J?C; 97J9>?D= KF ED <7C?BO. 0>KHI:7O (79;O, -K?HJ 7D: .?E 3ED:;H9>;9A HE:; JE "7?J> M?J> KI. .?E M;DJ JE J>; 9B?D?9 M>?B; -K?HJ 7D: % IJ7O;: 7J J>; >EKI; 7D: KDBE7:;: IEC; ?J;CI M;\: 8HEK=>J <HEC J>; 9EKDJHO. $7HEB: 7D: % >7L; FKH9>7I;: )7HA 7D: )7HB;D; #KIJ7<IED\I >EKI;. 3; 7H; DEJ CEL?D= <HEC J>; 9EKDJHO 7D: DE ED; M?BB 8; B?L?D= ED EKH FB79; 8KJ KI. % MEHA ?D KFH;; 7D: "7?J> JME :7OI 7 M;;A 7D: J>;H; 7H; C7DO J?C;I M;\L; C?II;: >7L?D= J>; EB: >EKI; ?D JEMD IE >;H; M; 7H;. +KH JEMD F>ED; DKC8;H ?I 967-2014 7D: J>; 9EKDJHO ?I IJ?BB 985-5318. 0>; ADDK7B 3?DJ;H !NJH7L7=7DP7 IFEDIEH;: 8O J>; )7H9KI C>KH9> M?BB 8; >;B: /KD:7O &7DK7HO 19J> 7J J>; 1D?ED C;DJ;H CECCKD?JO BK?B:?D=.W /EKF 7D: :;II;HJ 87H IJ7HJ?D= 7J 12 DEED M?J> 7 I?B;DJ 7K9J?ED. 0>;H; M?BB 8; <?I>FED:, 7D: <79; F7?DJ?D= <EH J>; A?:I. !L;HOED; ?I M;B9EC;. 07A; OEKH M?<; EKJ JE :?DD;H 7<J;H 9>KH9> 7D: J;BB IJEH?;I M?J> J>; D;?=>8EHI. -K;IJ?EDIW 97BB B;L $K:IED, ;D?I; 3;O;H, EH ';HH? "H;?. #EJ 7DO D;MI? ! C7?B L?9AOM7J;HB7D:@>EJC7?B.9EC EH 97BB 9855318 EH 967-2014.
O&a# Ha## S%*& S*&&e' a$d P"e A*c)"%$ Sa)., Ja$. 18)!
()a') (e'+"$ a) 5:30 PM
L$& * A#3$/1(0(,&
F/(# 6 ,--, !$%-/$ W$#. .2!*(" 1(-, %2/ F+3;2 I6./8/6./6;
9A5=@ IG 5H: :5=H<=B8@:5=H<G8.7CA
J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7
Page 5
Opal Area Ne s
B! Ka! Ingalls
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
Central Meade Count! Ne s
B! Sand! Rhoden
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Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare Store
Prairie Oasis Mall, Faith, SD
Has 3 new wines “14 Hands” “Carlo Rossi Sangria” “3 Rednecks”
Page 6 7 J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@
G7(4+ !0;,7 !5:4+:6
B> B,99> O2854 %I ?J 9EB: ;DEK=> <EH O7? /KD:7O M7I 78IEBKJ;BO C?I;H78B;. %J M7I 8;BEM P;HE M>;D M; =EJ KF 7D: 8O 7<J;HDEED J>; C;H9KHO >7: :HEFF;: JE 20 8;BEM M?J> 7 <EHJO C?B; 7D >EKH M?D:. % 78EKJ <HEP; CO <79; E<< M>;D % M;DJ EKJ JE J7A; 97H; E< J>; 9>?9A;DI. *EJ ;N79JBO J>; M;7J>;H %\: >EF;: <EH JE IJ7HJ J>; *;M 5;7H. 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(7IJ IKCC;H <;BJ >EJJ;H AD: J>?I M?DJ;H I;;CI CK9> 9EB:;H. 0>;H; M7I 7 J?C; DEJ BED= 7=E 3>;D B?<; M7I GK?J; 7 8B7IJ. *EM % <KBBO KD:;HIJ7D: A8EKJ '(?L?D= ?D J>; ,7IJ' 3; KI;: JE =E JE M;::?D=I, "EEJ87BB =7C;I 7D: BKD9>;I. *EM M; =E JE <KD;H7B >EC;I, AD: 7<J;H-<KD;H7B 8HKD9>;I. 3; KI;: JE >7L; >7D=EL;HI, "HEC F7HJ?;I J>7J M;H; =7O. *EM M; IK<<;H 8E:O 79>;I AD: IB;;F J>; D?=>J 7M7O. 3; KI;: JE =E EKJ :?D?D=, AD: 9EKB:D'J =;J EKH <?BB. *EM M; 7IA <EH :E==?; 87=I, CEC; >EC; 7D: J7A; 7 F?BB. 3; KI;: JE E<J;D JH7L;B 0E FB79;I D;7H 7D: <7H. *EM M; =;J IEH; H;7HI "HEC H?:?D= ?D J>; 97H. 3; KI;: JE =E JE D?=>J9BK8I AD: :H?DA 7 B?JJB; 8EEP;. *EM M; IJ7O >EC; 7J D?=>J AD: M7J9> J>; ;L;D?D= D;MI. 0>7J, CO <H?;D: ?I >EM B?<; ?I AD: DEM CO J7B; ?I JEB:. /E, ;D@EO ;79> :7O 7D: B?L; ?J KF B;<EH; OEK'H; JEE :7HD;: EB:! A $A,,5 *!3 5!A. JE OEK 7BB! )7O J>; (EH: 9EDJ?DK; JE 8B;II OEK 78KD:7DJBO, 7D: 2014 8H?D= OEK 7BB J>; =EE: >;7BJ> 7D: FHEIF;H?JO OEK 97D >7D:B;.
F'/9. L/;+894)0 C422/88/43 C4. (605) 967-2200
NE%" !ALE: MONDA&, JAN#A & 13"H
!pECiAL B ED CO$, B ED HEiFE , FEEDE CA""LE & !HEEp !ALE "(2, #03,: 10 AM
E=6,*904. 800-900 )7,+ *5<8, 800-1000 -,,+,7 *(992,, (4+ 500-600 8/,,6
"309/ A 180 C<5F L GH99FG !+ 800-825# "309/ A 130 C<5F L <9=:9FG !+ 775-800# "309/ A 110 AB;IG GH99FG !+ 800# H,4+,7854 A 180 C<5F & F98 L GH99FG !+ 800-850# H,4+,7854 A 110 C<5F L <9=:9FG !+ 800-825# )2>5A9?@ H 180 AB;IG GH99FG !+ 625-750# 6992> H 110 AB;IG GH99FG !+ 800-850# *6982;?<; H 100 AB;IG GH99FG !+ 800-850# * #.9:2> H 60 6@? & 6@8M GH99FG !+ 850# G<11.>1 H 100 6@? & 6@8M <9=:9FG !+ 600-650# %<?2;<C H 80 6@? & 6@8M 75@J9G !+ <:F B/ 700-750# &:6@5 H 60 AB;IG <9=:9FG !+ B/ 650# B208:.; H 100 AB;IG GH99FG !+ (;F99B) 475-525# &@<>: I;0 & & &@<>: H 80 AB;IG L 75@J9G !+ 600-675# ).>9.;1 G6>9? H 230 C<5F L 75@J9G !+ 700-775# #208 H 75 AB;IG <9=:9FG !+ 500-550# J<>42;?<; H 35 F98 L <9=:9FG !+ 600-650# %212> H 50 6@? & C<5F L 75@J9G !+ 600-650# #208 H 25 AB;IG GH99FG !+ 600# &@<>: H 35 6@? & 6@8M <9=:9FG !+ 550# L.A>2;F H 80 1GH L & AB;IG <9=:9FG !+ 600# %E2; H 20 !9F9:CF8 & AB;IG <:FG !+ 600# A7*/0)(2+ A 120 AB;IG <9=:9FG !+ 6F98 AB;IG 75@: 3-15 J M(/,7 (DI" ) A 200 AB;IG <9=:9FG !+ A"'8 AB;IG 75@: 2-1 (3-20 85M 75@J=B; D9F=C8G) F #53(* A 45 AB;IG & 1GH L 65@8M <:FG !+ A"'8 AB;IG /DA+ +95@@M 0=B8M 75@: 3-1 (3-20 85MG) L04+815; A 100 AB;IG <9=:9FG 1100# (F5B7M) A"'8 AB;IG %- ,IB85B79 0057 EA ,I6GH5B79 2144 75@: 2-10 (2 85MG) !,,;, A 25 AB;IG <9=:9FG !+ 6F98 AB;IG 75@: 2-20 J M(/,7 (DI" ) A 300 AB;IG 7CKG 3-5G 6F98 AB;IG 75@: 2-5 (I@HF5GCIB898) 3-20 85M 75J@=B; D9F=C8G B &0220(38 (DI" ) A 190 AB;IG 7CKG 3-6G 6F98 %9BG9;F5J !M6F=8 6I@@G 75@: 4-1 &CF9 6F98 7CKG, 6F98 <9=:9FG & :9989F 75HH@9 9LD97H98 9LD97H98 6M G5@9 H=A9. <;1.E, J.;A.>E 20: ,D97=5@ :9989F 75HH@9 5B8 G<99D G5@9 <;1.E, J.;A.>E 27: +9;I@5F 75HH@9 5B8 G<99D G5@9 <;1.E, F2/>A.>E 3: +9;I@5F 75HH@9 5B8 G<99D G5@2 <;1.E, F2/>A.>E 10: ,D97=5@ F9D@579A9BH <9=:9F, :9989F 75HH@9 G5@9 &92@@2; A;4A? BA99 &.92
C5480.43,498: C(2;,8 & ',(7204.8
C<;?64;:2;@?: B>21 H2632>?
C5480.43,498: B7,+ C5<8
(#C" I!G &ALE&
G /6 V ,"$ 8 (605) 967-2162 OR S"-11 V ,"$ 8 CELL: 484-7127 OR9M 5 L-2&'*(, 8 1-605-645-2583 ("$**) OR G*$, K(,& 1-605-390-3264 ("$**) W$ ../$"( 1$ 6-2/ !20(,$00. G(3$ 20 " ** 1 605-967-2200 -/ 444.% (1'*(3$01-")."-+ (% 6-2 ' 3$ *(3$01-") 1- 0$**. W$ 4-2*# !$ &* # 1- 3(0(1 4(1' 6-2.
J.;A.>E 8, 2014 7 '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7 Page
,MA6C@=N=B; %=:9 =B ,CIH< D5?CH5
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
L<;45<>;? />6;4 5<:2 . C6; <B2> 0L.A4596;
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
3?J>?D J>; 9?H9B; E< J>; =H;7J I;7B E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7 7H; H;FH;I;DJ7J?EDI E< 9ECC;H9;, ?D:KIJHO 7D: D7JKH7B H;IEKH9;I. /EKJ> 7AEJ7 8;97C; 7 IJ7J; ED *EL. 2, 1889. A BEEA 879A 7J J>; >?IJEHO E< J>; IJ7J;\I ;C8B;CI 7D: IOC8EBI ?I 7 <?JJ?D= M7O JE 9ECC;CEH7J; J>; 125J> 7DD?L;HI7HO E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7\I IJ7J;>EE:. 0>; >?IJEHO E< J>; =H;7J I;7B =E;I 879A JE J>; :7OI E< 7AEJ7 0;HH?JEHO. AI 9EDIJ?JKJ?EDI M;H; :H7MD 7D: IJ;FI JEM7H: IJ7J;>EE: M;H; J7A;D, J>; :;I9H?FJ?ED E< E<<?9?7B I;7BI JE 7KJ>;DJ?97J; E<<?9?7B :E9KC;DJI >7: JE 8; 7::H;II;:. CECC?JJ;;I M;H; 9H;7J;: 7J 9EDIJ?JKJ?ED7B 9EDL;DJ?EDI <EH J>7J FKHFEI;. /J7J; >?IJEH?7D E7D; .E8?DIED, ?D >?I !D9O9BEF;:?7 E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7, IJ7J;:, Y0>; =H;7J I;7B E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7 M7I :;L?I;: 8O 7 9ECC?JJ;; E< J>; CEDIJ?JKJ?ED7B CEDL;DJ?ED E< 1885, E< M>?9> H. &EI;F> 37H: M7I 9>7?HC7D 7D: J>; :;L?9; 7D: CEJJE 7H; >?I IK==;IJ?ED.Z 37H: 97C; JE 57DAJED ?D 1868. $; M7I J>; <?HIJ C?D?IJ;H 97BB;: JE J>; <?HIJ CED=H;=7J?ED7B C>KH9> ;IJ78B?I>;: ?D 7AEJ7 0;HH?JEHO. %D 7::?J?ED JE 8;?D= 7 H;B?=?EKI B;7:;H, 37H: M7I 7 B;7:;H ?D C7DO 9?L?9 7D: ;:K97J?ED7B ;DJ;HFH?I;I 7D: ?D J>; CEL;C;DJ <EH IJ7J;>EE:. $; M7I 7 C;C8;H E< 9EDIJ?JKJ?ED7B 9EDL;DJ?EDI ?D 1883 7D: 1885. 37H: 7D: >?I 9ECC?JJ;; E<<;H;: 7 :;I9H?FJ?ED E< J>; IJ7J; I;7B 7J J>; 1885 9EDIJ?JKJ?ED7B 9EDL;DJ?ED. 3?J> 7 <;M 9>7D=;I, IK9> 7I 9>7D=?D= J>; MEH: 7AEJ7 JE Y/J7J; E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7Z 7D: 7::?D= J>; 79JK7B O;7H E< IJ7J;>EE:, J>?I :;I9H?FJ?ED M7I 7FFHEL;: M>;D /EKJ> 7AEJ7\I 9EDIJ?JKJ?ED M7I H7J?<?;: ED +9J. 1, 1899. 0>; IJ7J; I;7B 7I :;I9H?8;: ?D J>; /EKJ> 7AEJ7 CEDIJ?JKJ?ED, 7HJ?9B; 21, ?I: Y0>; :;I?=D E< J>; =H;7J I;7B E< /EKJ> 7AEJ7 I>7BB 8; 7I <EBBEMI: A 9?H9B; M?J>?D M>?9> I>7BB 7FF;7H ?D J>; B;<J <EH;=HEKD: 7 IC;BJ?D= <KHD79; 7D: EJ>;H <;7JKH;I E< C?D?D= MEHA. %D J>; B;<J 879A=HEKD: 7 H7D=; E< >?BBI. %D J>; H?=>J <EH;=HEKD: 7 <7HC;H 7J >?I FBEM. %D J>; H?=>J 879A=HEKD: 7 >;H: E< 97JJB; 7D: 7 <?;B: E< 9EHD. B;JM;;D J>; JME F7HJI J>KI :;I9H?8;: I>7BB 7FF;7H 7 H?L;H 8;7H?D= 7 IJ;7C-
/5+34 <: +; 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
Page 8
'52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7 J.;A.>E 8, 2014
FC,A&E+"CA A;F=7I@HIF9 G7<C@5FG<=DG 5J5=@56@9 HC ,CIH< D5?CH5 ,H5H9 .B=J9FG=HM GHI89BHG
$2,500 scholarships available to juniors and seniors for 2014-2015 academic year "7HC CH;:?J /;HL?9;I E< AC;H?97 ("C/AC;H?97), 7 9KIJEC;HEMD;: <?D7D9?7B 9EEF;H7J?L;, 7DDEKD9;: ?J M?BB E<<;H $2,500 I9>EB7HI>?FI JE @KD?EHI 7D: I;D?EHI 7J B7D: =H7DJ KD?L;HI?J?;I ?D %EM7, *;8H7IA7, /EKJ> 7AEJ7 7D: 3OEC?D=.W "C/AC;H?97 M?BB FHEL?:; I9>EB7HI>?FI JE I?N /EKJ> 7AEJ7 /J7J; 1D?L;HI?JO (/ /1) GK7B?<O?D= IJK:;DJI IJK:O?D= 7=H?9KBJKH; EH 7= 8KI?D;II ?D J>; 2014-2015 797:;C?9 O;7H. 2014 C7HAI J>; 18J> O;7H J>7J "C/AC;H?97 M?BB E<<;H B7D: =H7DJ I9>EB7HI>?FI J>HEK=> ?JI I9>EB7HI>?F FHE=H7C. AFFB?97J?ED ?D<EHC7J?ED 7D: 9ECFB;J; I9>EB7HI>?F 9H?J;H?7 7H; 7L7?B78B; 7J <9I7C;H?97.9EC/I9>EB7HI>?FI. ,H?DJ;: 7FFB?97J?EDI 7H; 7BIE 7L7?B78B; 7J J>; CEBB;=; E< A=H?9KBJKH; 7D: B?EBE=?97B /9?;D9;I 7J / /1, A= $7BB156. 0>; :;7:B?D; <EH J>; / /1 I9>EB7HI>?F 7FFB?97J?ED ?I ";8HK7HO 15, 2014, 7D: 9ECFB;J;: 7FFB?97J?EDI CKIJ 8; I;DJ JE H. ED )7HI>7BB 7J / /1. Y0>;I; I9>EB7HI>?FI FHEL?:; D;;:;: <?D7D9?7B 7II?IJ7D9; JE ;B?=?8B; IJK:;DJI 7D: 9EDJH?8KJ; FEI?J?L;BO JE J>; <KJKH; E< 7=H?9KBJKH; 7D: HKH7B AC;H?97,Z I7?: BE8 /9>C?:J, I;D?EH L?9; FH;I?:;DJ, "C/AC;H?97, ,?;HH;. Y,HEL?:?D= ;:K97J?ED7B IKFFEHJ JE EKH <KJKH; FHE:K9;HI 7D: 7=H?8KI?D;II B;7:;HI ?I ED; E< J>; C7DO M7OI M; IKFFEHJ J>; /EKJ> 7AEJ7 9ECCKD?J?;I M; I;HL;.Z +J>;H I9>EB7HI>?F 9H?J;H?7 ?D9BK:; 7 =H7:;-FE?DJ 7L;H7=; E< 3.0 EH >?=>;H, MH?JJ;D ;II7O, 7=H?9KBJKH; 879A=HEKD: EH MEHA ;NF;H?;D9; ?D 7=H?9KBJKH;, 97H;;H ?DJ;H;IJ 7D: H;I?:;D9O 8O IJ7J;. /JK:;DJI CKIJ 8; ;DHEBB;: ?D J>;?H KD?L;HI?JO\I CEBB;=; E< A=H?9KBJKH7B /9?;D9;I 7D: *7JKH7B .;IEKH9;I M?J> 9EKHI; MEHA ;CF>7I?I ?D 7=H?8KI?D;II EH ;9EDEC?9I, EH ;DHEBB;: ?D J>; CEBB;=; E< BKI?D;II A:C?D?IJH7J?ED M?J> 9EKHI; MEHA ;CF>7I?I ?D 7=H?8KI?D;II, <?D7D9;, 799EKDJ?D= EH ;9EDEC?9I JE 8; ;B?=?8B; <EH J>; "C/AC;H?97 I9>EB7HI>?FI. 0>HEK=> ?JI 9ECCKD?JO ?DLEBL;C;DJ FHE=H7C, "C/AC;H?97 9EDJH?8KJ;I CEH; J>7D $425,000 ;79> O;7H ?D ;:K97J?ED7B I9>EB7HI>?FI 7D: IFEDIEHI>?FI <EH ?JI 5EKD= 7D: B;=?DD?D= ,HE=H7C, 4-$, ""A 7D: EJ>;H 7=H?9KBJKH; B;7:;HI>?F FHE=H7CI ?D ?JI <EKHIJ7J; 7H;7. %D 2013, "C/AC;H?97 7D: ?JI ;CFBEO;;I 9EDJH?8KJ;: CEH; J>7D 5,000 LEBKDJ;;H >EKHI 7D: CEH; J>7D $2.2 C?BB?ED :EBB7HI ?D 9ECCKD?JO ?DLEBL;C;DJ IKFFEHJ JE EH=7D?P7J?EDI ?D %EM7, *;8H7IA7, /EKJ> 7AEJ7 7D: 3OEC?D=.
SUVs & Vans
2013 FORD EDGE LIMITED: 20,000 miles, AWD, heated leather & more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,495
2012 FORD EXPLORER XLT 4X4: Nice, one owner trade-in, well equipped . . . . . . . . . . . . . $27,995 2013 ESCAPE SEL: Ecoboost, 4x4, heated leather, sunroof & more, 16,500 miles . . . . . . . . . . $26,995
2011 RANGER SUPERCAB: 4 door, XLT, 4x4, 8,900 miles .......$22,995
PICKUPS • 4x4s • 4x2s
1996 CHEVY SUBURBAN: 3/4 ton, 4x4, very usable . . . . . . . . . $3,995
2013 LINCOLN MKS: Ecoboost, all wheel drive, 16,000 miles, most all the extras . . . . . . . . . . . . . $38,495
2010 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4: Lariat, heated & cooled leather, box cover & lots more, 34,000 miles, town pickup, just in ..........$32,995 2010 F-350 SUPERCAB 4X4: Long box, V-10, 6 speed, XLT, 67,000 miles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,995
2008 F-250 CREW CAB SHORTBOX: 72K miles, XLT, 4x4, diesel, trailer tow pkg., clean. . . . $26,995 2005 FORD RANGER EDGE: Supercab, 4x4, 5 speed, 4.0 V-6 engine, well equipped, 111,000 miles. Just traded. One owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,995 2005 DODGE DAKOTA: 4x4, V-8, SLT pkg., quad cab & more $7,995
2008 SUPERCAB 4X4 XLT: Well equipped trade, 93,000 miles, way under book. . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995
2013 LINCOLN MKS: Ecoboost, AWD, 16K miles, extras ....$38,495 2012 FORD FOCUS: 5 door hatchback, well equipped, 40,000 mile economy rig ......................$13,495
Mid-Sized & Family-Sizes Cars
2012 CHEVY MALIBU LT: 26,000 miles, very well equipped ..$15,995
2004 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature Series, very good, comfortable car, 143,000 easy miles, $1,500 under book .........................$5,495
2009 FORD FUSION SE: 4 cyl., 4 door, sunroof, 57,000 miles, clean & economical........................$12,495
2003 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature, 170,000 easy miles, well cared for car.................................$4,995 2003 FORD TAURUS SES: Sunroof, power seat, good tires, 119K easy miles...................................$3,995
2009 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT: 102,000 miles . . . . . . . . . $18,495 2008 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT: AT, clean, good running . . $19,995
1994 FORD F-150 SUPERCAB 4X4: 5 speed, good buy . . . $3,995
F-150 4x4 Super Crew, XLT, longbox, 5.0 engine ~ Black F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, shortbox, Ecoboost ~ Blue F-350 4x4 Crew Cab, XLT, shortbox, 6.7 diesel ~ Blue NEW F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, Ecoboost ~ White
2013 F-150s & F-350s Nice Rebates & Discounts!
18 FT. CAR TRAILER Dovetail Tandem, 3500 lb. Axles … $2,895
2010 GRAND MARQUIS LS: Ultimate pkg., good full sized car, 63,000 miles .....................$13,995
2009 FORD TAURUS LIMITED: Sunroof, heated leather, 60,000 miles, call on this one! ......$13,895
New DCT 20 ft. Car Hauler: Tandem 3500 lb. axles ...$3,695 2005 Trailer: 2 place snowmobile, drive-on, drive-off ....................$1,995
TOLL-FREE: 1-800-658-5585 • www.murdo-ford.com
Terry Van Dam: 669-2918 • Jim Butt: 669-2881 • Travis Van Dam: 406/239-8020
(605) 669-2784 EVENINGS: 669-2881 • 669-2918 • Murdo, SD
MURDO FORD • 669-2391
/>:8+8/9 079 ;2/ C3;? 70 F+3;2 @ F+3;2 $-2774 D3:;93-; 46-2 @ M/+./ C7<6;?
J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7
L.;13699, #.>@-@6:2, $8.00 D9F <CIF EE'I!G& &5MCF, $60.00 D9F A99H=B; CCIB7=@, $50.00 D9F A99H=B; F=J9 - M9G JCH9G. ,D9B79F O BC. &CH=CB 75FF=98. &05<<9 6; &6<AD F.99?: #CB CC@@=BG K=@@ 69 5HH9B8=B; H<9 #C=BH .H=@=HM -F5=B=B; ,7<CC@ =B ,=CIL F5@@G CB #5BI5FM 21-23, 2014. %=;<H:=9@8 A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB HC 58>CIFB. &CH=CB 75FF=98. 4444444444444444444444444444444 @9B !5=B9G, &5MCF 444444444444444444444444444444 D966=9 BFCKB, F=B5B79 (::=79F )I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 8, 2014 :CF 5 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $118.58
Page 9
#><02216;4? <3 @52 C<::<; C<A;069 C6@E <3 F.6@5, &D
-<9 CCAACB CCIB7=@ :CF H<9 C=HM C: F5=H<, ,CIH< D5?CH5 A9H =B F9;I@5F G9GG=CB CB D979A69F 17, 2013 5H 7:00 ).&. =B H<9 CCIB7=@ +CCA C: H<9 CCAAIB=HM C9BH9F. &5MCF !5=B9G 75@@98 H<9 A99H=B; HC CF89F, BFCKB 75@@98 FC@@ 75@@, 5B8 &5MCF !5=B9G @98 H<9 )@98;9 C: A@@9;=5B79. CCIB7=@ A9A69FG DF9G9BH: +=@9M, "B;<F5A, ,D9B79F, %=;<H:=9@8, !9@@9?GCB 5B8 B9FB8H. (H<9FG =B 5HH9B85B79 K9F9: D966=9 BFCKB. "B;<F5A A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 5;9B85 5G DF9G9BH98. &CH=CB 75FF=98. "B;<F5A A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M %=;<H:=9@8 HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 A=BIH9G C: H<9 'CJ9A69F 19, 2013 A99H=B;. &CH=CB 75FF=98. CLAI & A##%")ED: -<9 :C@@CK=B; 7@5=AG K9F9 DF9G9BH98 5B8 F958: .H=@=HM D9D5FHA9BH, ,5@5F=9G O $6,029.52; F=B5B79 (::=79, ,5@5F=9G O $4,618.62; )C@=79 D9D5FHA9BH, ,5@5F=9G O $4,027.77; B5F & %=EICF ,HCF9, ,5@5F=9G O $1,825.09; #5B=HCF, ,5@5F=9G O $1,242.96; AA6I@5B79 D9D5FHA9BH, ,5@5F=9G O $4,027.51; #5A9G CFC7?:CF8, %5B8:=@@ &5B5;9F O $280.45; AB;9@5 (GHF5B89F, %=6F5FM ,ID9FJ=GCF, $184.24; $5H<M ,7<I7<<5F8H, %=6F5FM ,I6 O $628.01; AAM .@F=7<, %=6F5FM A=89 O $36.83; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, F989F5@ EL7=G9 -5L O $358.76; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, 0=H<<C@8=B; & ,, O $3,090.99; CCA6=B98 "BGIF5B79, ,IDD@9A9BH5@ "BGIF5B79 O $36.00; B5B?75F8, CC@@97H=CB F99G O $115.55; ,D ,H5H9 -F95GIF9F, ,5@9G -5L O $4,176.79; A-&-, )IF7<5G9 C: A77HG +979=J56@9 O $113.85; BFCGN EB;=B99F=B;, "B7., )FC:9GG=CB5@ ,9FJ=79G O $12,571.25; BIG=B9GG FCFAG & A77CIBH, K2'G & 1099'G O $138.00; D5?CH5 B57?ID, )FC:9GG=CB5@ ,9FJ=79G O $35.00; F5=H< "B89D9B89BH, )I6@=G<=B; O $665.32; F5=H< %IA69F 25F8, ,IDD@=9G O $571.65; C@89B 09GH -97<BC@C;=9G & "BH9FB9H ,C@, "BH9FB9H !9@D D9G?, !D ,I6G7F=69F CCIBH C<; O $1,652.28; C@89B 09GH -9@97CAAIB=75H=CBG, ,D97=5@ A779GG O $5,740.31; #C=BH .H=@=HM -F5=B=B; ,7<CC@, -F5=B=B;-#CB O $200.00; #C<BGCB 09GH9FB 0<C@9G5@9, %=EICF O $423.35; %MBB'G D5?CH5A5FH, ,IDD@=9G O $205.35; &5;I=F9 "FCB, "B7., 05H9F -CK9F O $750.00; &5H<9GCB -F=- 5G "B7., (LM;9B -5B? +9BH5@G O $15.55; &9589 CCIBHM, &9589 E( (B@=B9 ", O $65.00; &=8 AA9F=75 CCADIH9F CCFD., -C@@ &9GG5;9G & C56G )FC79GG=B; C<; O $715.93; )<MG7=5BG C@5=AG CCAD5BM, AA6I@5B79 B=@@=B; O $1,351.54; )CK9F !CIG9, ,5K C<5=B O $28.00; )F5=F=9 CCAAIB=HM !95@H<, &98G :CF AA6I@5B79 O $6.90; +=7?'G AIHC, %%C, +9D5=F & &5=BH9B5B79, ,IDD@=9G O $886.50; +CM'G )FCBHC AIHC )5FHG, +9D5=F & &5=BH9B5B79 O $807.22; ,9FJ5@@ .B=:CFA/%=B9B CC., ,IDD@=9G O $268.65; ,D (B9 C5@@, %C75H9 F99G O $2.10; ,D &IB=7=D5@ E@97HF=7 AGGC7., &9A69FG<=D DI9G O $500.00; ,D &IB=7=D5@ %=EICF AGGC7., ABBI5@ &9A69FG<=D O $25.00; ,D &IB=7=D5@ )C@=79 C<=9:G AGGC7., &9A69FG<=D DI9G O $95.59; ,D CJ9FBA9BH F=B5B79 (::=79F'G, &9A69FG<=D DI9G O $40.00; ,D !IA5B +9GCIF79 AGGC7., ABBI5@ &9A69FG<=D O $25.00; ,D &IB=7=D5@ %95;I9, &9A69FG<=D DI9G O $404.95; ,D +9H5=@9FG AGGC7=5H=CB, &9A69FG<=D DI9G O $100.00; ,D ,H5H9 E@97HF=75@ CCIB7=@, &9A69FG<=D DI9G O $40.00; ,D&% 0CF?9FG CCAD9BG5H=CB FIB8, "BGIF5B79 O $12,907.00; -F= ,H5H9 05H9F, 05H9F O $16.20; /=@5G )<5FA57M & !95@H<75F9, ,IDD@=9G O $1.99; /",A, %=6F5FM ,IDD@=9G O $205.73. %=;<H:=9@8 A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M +=@9M HC 5DDFCJ9 5@@ 7@5=AG 5G DF9G9BH98. A@@ M9G JCH9G. &CH=CB 75FF=98.
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7:15 #
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
#><02216;4? <3 @52 C<::<; C<A;069 C6@E <3 F.6@5, &D
-<9 CCAACB CCIB7=@ :CF H<9 C=HM C: F5=H<, ,CIH< D5?CH5 A9H =B F9;I@5F G9GG=CB CB D979A69F 30, 2013 5H 7:00 ).&. =B H<9 CCIB7=@ +CCA C: H<9 CCAAIB=HM C9BH9F. &5MCF !5=B9G 75@@98 H<9 A99H=B; HC CF89F, BFCKB 75@@98 FC@@ 75@@, 5B8 &5MCF !5=B9G @98 H<9 )@98;9 C: A@@9;=5B79. CCIB7=@ A9A69FG DF9G9BH: +=@9M, "B;<F5A, B9FB8H, %=;<H:=9@8 5B8 !9@@9?GCB. CCIB7=@ A9A69FG 56G9BH: ,D9B79F. (H<9FG =B 5HH9B85B79 K9F9: D966=9 BFCKB. "B;<F5A A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M %=;<H:=9@8 HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 5;9B85 F9ACJ=B; =H9A #8. &CH=CB 75FF=98. "B;<F5A A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M %=;<H:=9@8 HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 A=BIH9G C: H<9 D979A69F 17, 2013 A99H=B;. FCIF O M9G JCH9G. +=@9M O BC. &CH=CB 75FF=98. CLAI & A##%")ED: -<9 :C@@CK=B; 7@5=AG K9F9 DF9G9BH98 5B8 F958: A:85<@'G ADD@=5B79, +9D5=FG & &5=BH9B5B79, ,IDD@=9G O $131.85; A@H97 "B8IGHF=9G, "B7., +9D5=F & &5=BH9B5B79 O $635.02; AJ9B9H, %%C, ABBI5@ ,9FJ=79 )57?5;9 O $350.00; BIH@9F "BGIF5B79 CCAD5BM, E@;=B ,HF99H ,K99D9F O $238.00; C9BHIFM%=B?, ,9FJ=79G ELD9BG9G O $5.10; CCBGCFH=5 CCBGI@H=B; 6M -9@97, 9B9F5@ CCBGI@H=B; & ,9HH@9A9BHG O $1,797.88; C0D A69F899B, ,IDD@=9G O $351.14; D5?CH5 BIG=B9GG C9BH9F, )F=BH9F-%=6F5FM O $2,375.00; D9DH C: +9J9BI9, 05H9F -9GH=B;, DF=J9FG %=79BG=B; O $43.00; EA9F;9B7M &98=75@ )FC8I7HG, "B7., ,IDD@=9G O $52.55; F5=H< %IA69F CCAD5BM, ,IDD@=9G O $1,681.89; E88=9 !9BG7<9@, AA6I@5B79 %5IB8FM O $48.40; #9FCA9 B9J9F5;9, B99F O $4,299.00; #C<BGCB 09GH9FB 0<C@9G5@9, %=EICF O $2,300.31; %MBB'G D5?CH5A5FH, ,IDD@=9G O $179.63; '9J9'G .B=:CFAG & EEI=DA9BH, )C@=79 .B=:CFAG & ,IDD@=9GBF=5B O $175.00; +9@=56@9 (::=79 ,IDD@=9G, (::=79 ,IDD@=9G O $109.95; +=H9F, +C;9FG, 05HH=9F & BFCKB, %%), %9;5@ F99G O $85.00; ,7<K5BG, &=G7 O $201.27; ,9FJ5@@ -CK9@ & %=B9B, ,IDD@=9G O $142.91; ,C85? D=GHF=6IH=B; CCAD5BM, %=EICF O $2,929.66; ,CIH< D5?CH5 '9HKCF?, 800 D5H565G9 %5B8@=B9 O $8.78; ,MG7C-'CFH< D5?CH5, ,IDD@=9G O $330.24; -F= ,H5H9 05H9F, 05H9F O $8.60; /9F=NCB 0=F9@9GG, AA6I@5B79 & )C@=79 C9@@ )<CB9G O $230.81; &=GGCIF= +=J9F EB9F;M ,9FJ=79G, 0A)A, DI9G, ,IDD@9A9BH5@ )CK9F O $22,003.57; ELDF9GG CCAAIB=75H=CBG, "B7., "BH9F/"BHF5 A779GG +9J9BI9 O $1,077.81; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, )5MD5@ (EL=H ,=;B & EA9F;9B7M %=;<HG) O $310.00; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, BCBIG BI7?G :CF EAD@CM99G :CF C<F=GHA5G - $980.00; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, 911 ,IF7<5F;9 O $356.25; -FCIH &57<=B9FM, 2006 "BH9FB5H=CB5@ D=;;9F D9FF=7? -FI7? O $77,900.00; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, 0=H<<C@8=B; & ,, O $423.86; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, 0=H<<C@8=B; & ,, O $725.10; BCF89F ,H5H9G E@97-
HF=7 ,IDD@M, E@97HF=7 ,IDD@=9G O $167.27; D9 %5;9 %5B89B, CCD=9F %95G9 O $44.46; F5=H< "B89D9B89BH, )I6@=G<=B; O $188.57; &&D FCC8 ,<CD, 5GC@=B9 O $445.48; 'CFH<K9GH B9J9F5;9 "B7., B99F O $11,240.15; +=7?G AIHC, +9D5=F & &5=BH9B5B79 O $155.00; ,9FJ5@@ -CK9@ & %=B9B, ,IDD@=9G O $141.55; ,CIH< D5?CH5 BFC5865B8 -97<., "B $=B8 H97<BC@C;M ;F5BH DCFH=CB O $1,165.60; F5FA9FG .B=CB (=@, 5GC@=B9 O $2,334.04; +CMG )FCBHC AIHC )5FHG, +9D5=F & &5=BH9B5B79 O $692.19; F=FGH '5H=CB5@ B5B?, 0=H<<C@8=B; & ,, O $3,323.93; BC;I9 5B8 BC;I9, %5KM9F F99G O $5,000.00. %=;<H:=9@8 A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB HC 5DDFCJ9 5@@ 7@5=AG 5G DF9G9BH98. A@@ M9G JCH9G. &CH=CB 75FF=98. -<9 'CJ9A69F F9J9BI9G K9F9 $183,549.57 5B8 H<9 'CJ9A69F 9LD9B8=HIF9G K9F9 $152,991.70. %E&"L('I"!& A!D "%DI!A!CE&: !9@@9?GCB =BHFC8I798 H<9 :C@@CK=B; F9GC@IH=CB 5B8 ACJ98 :CF =HG 58CDH=CB: %E&"L('I"! !". 12-30-13-01 0!E+EA, H<9 C=HM C: F5=H< B998G HC HF5BG:9F 5B8 H<5H H<9 F=B5B79 (::=79F 69 5IH<CF=N98 HC HF5BG:9F :FCA H<9 CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 =B 577CF85B79 K=H< ,DC% 9-21-6.1: 6070.00.............. :FCA CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 HC 9B9F5@ CJ9FBA9BH BI=@8=B; 300.00.............. :FCA CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 HC )I6@=G<=B; 160.00.............. :FCA CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 HC "BGIF5B79 5B8 BCB8G 171.00.............. :FCA CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 HC %=6F5FM ,97CB898 6M "B;<F5A. A@@ M9G JCH9G. &CH=CB 75FF=98. %=;<H:=9@8 =BHFC8I798 H<9 :C@@CK=B; F9GC@IH=CB 5B8 ACJ98 :CF =HG 58CDH=CB: %E&"L('I"! !". 12-30-1302 A +9GC@IH=CB )5GG98 )IFGI5BH HC +9J=G98 (F8=B5B79G, -=H@9 8 - .H=@=H=9G EGH56@=G<=B; +5H9G 5B8 C<5F;9G :CF .H=@=HM ,9FJ=79G :CF H<9 C=HM C: F5=H<, ,CIH< D5?CH5; 0!E+EA, DIFGI5BH HC H<9 +9J=G98 (F8=B5B79G, -=H@9 8 - .H=@=H=9G, H<9 CCAACB CCIB7=@ =G 5IH<CF=N98 HC 9GH56@=G< F5H9G 5B8 7<5F;9G :CF 5@@ IH=@=HM G9FJ=79G 6M +9GC@IH=CB; 5B8 +E,(%/ED, H<5H H<9 :C@@CK=B; F5H9G 5B8 7<5F;9G 5F9 58>IGH98 5B8 58898 HC H<CG9 F5H9G 7CBH5=B98 =B +E,(%.-"(' '(. 12-31-91-02 K<=7< H<9 :C@@CK=B; B9K F5H9G K=@@ 69 9::97H=J9 CB F96FI5FM 1, 2014 6=@@: E@97HF=7: +9G=89BH=5@ +5H9: ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9 O $11.60 D9F ACBH< (EJ9FM &9H9F IG98 6M H<9 7IGHCA9F K=@@ 69 6=@@98 5 ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9) #IB9 -<FI AI;IGH O A@@ $ 0 ! $0.115 ,9DH. -<FI &5M O 0 - 750 $ 0 ! $0.104 (J9F 750 $0! O $0.083 CCAA9F7=5@/C=HM +5H9: ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9, ,=B;9)<5G9 O $18.00 D9F ACBH< (EJ9FM &9H9F IG98 6M H<9 7IGHCA9F K=@@ 69 6=@@98 5 ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9) ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9, -<F99)<5G9 O $24.00 D9F ACBH< (EJ9FM &9H9F IG98 6M H<9 7IGHCA9F K=@@ 69 6=@@98 5 ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9) #IB9 -<FI AI;IGH O 0 O 5000 $0!, $0.121 (J9F 5000 $0! O $0.102 ,9DH. -<FI &5M O 0 O C<;@6;A21 <; ;2D@ =.42
Page 10
7 '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7 J.;A.>E 8, 2014
F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB: B. AA9B8 &CH=CB :FCA D979A69F 3 & 4, &99H=B; &CH=CB HC 5A9B8 H<9 CF=;=B5@ ACH=CB :FCA H<9 D979A69F 3F8 F9;I@5F CCAA=GG=CB A99H=B; HC GH5H9 H<5H H<9 $35,000 5@@C75H=CB :CF H<9 F9JC@J=B; @C5B :IB8 7CA9 CIH C: 101-5-111-429.5 K=H< BC 7CBH=B;9B7M ACB9M 69=B; IG98. &CH=CB 6M A?9F, G97CB8 6M B9FHC@CHHC. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. 3. I@2:? 3><: H*, &A=2>6;@2;12;@ A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: A. +(0 D96F=G +9ACJ5@ - CCBHF57H )FC79GG A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: B. ,HC7?D=@9 A;F99A9BH K=H< D(&CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 5;F99A9BH. &CH=CB 6M '=989FK9F89F, G97CB8 6M +5IG7<. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: C. ABBI5@ A;F99A9BH K=H< C5FF=9F EB:CF79A9BH &CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 5;F99A9BH. &CH=CB 6M '=989FK9F89F, G97CB8 6M B9FHC@CHHC. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: D. ,9H D5H9 :CF FI9@ B=8G &CH=CB HC G9H 5 85H9 HC CD9B :I9@ 6=8G :CF #5BI5FM 22, 2014 5H 1:00 D.A. :CF H<9 !=;<K5M D9D5FHA9BH. &CH=CB 6M A?9F, G97CB8 6M '=989FK9F89F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: E. A-%A, D5A5;9 HC CCIBHM +C58G A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: F. -FI7? )I@@-(:: CB '9K .B89FKCC8 +C58 4. I@2:? 3><: C<::6??6<; A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: A. ,H5H9 I5F5BH998 %C5B )FC;F5A A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: B. EL97IH=J9 ,9GG=CB ,DC% 1-25-2 (1) &CH=CB HC ;C =BHC 9L97IH=J9 G9GG=CB 8I9 HC D9FGCBB9@ A5HH9FG. &CH=CB 6M '=989FK9F89F, G97CB8 6M A?9F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. &CH=CB HC ;C CIH C: 9L97IH=J9 G9GG=CB 5B8 F9HIFB HC F9;I@5F G9GG=CB. &CH=CB 6M B9FHC@CHHC, G97CB8 6M A?9F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. 5. D6;;2> B>2.8 @ !<<; &=BIH9G: A. +979GG :CF D=BB9F BF95? 6. &0521A921 I@2:? @ 1# A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: A. +9=GGI5B79 C: HKC F9H5=@ (CB-G5@9) @=EICF @=79BG9G K/,IB85M G5@9G :CF @9B7C9 EBH9FH5=BA9BH %%C. &CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 F9B9K5@ C: HKC F9H5=@ (CB-G5@9) @=EICF K/,IB85M G5@9G @=79BG9 5DD@=75H=CBG C: @9B7C9 EBH9FH5=BA9BH %%C. &CH=CB 6M B9FHC@CHHC, G97CB8 6M +5IG7<. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, B9FHC@CHHC. '5M: A?9F, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: B. -F5BG:9F 5B8 F9B9K5@ C: F9H5=@ CB-G5@9 @=EICF K/,IB85M G5@9G 5B8 )57?5;9 C::-G5@9 (:CFA9F &7?99'G )I6 & F=@@) &CH=CB HC HF5BG:9F H<9 F9H5=@ CB-G5@9 @=EICF K/,IB85MG G5@9G 5B8 )57?5;9 C::G5@9 @=79BG9 5DD@=75H=CB HC 0=@@5F8 #5A9G EA9FM. &CH=CB 6M B9FHC@CHHC, G97CB8 6M '=989FK9F89F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. &CH=CB HC F9B9K H<9 F9H5=@ CB-G5@9 @=EICF K/,IB85MG G5@9G 5B8 )57?5;9 C::G5@9 @=79BG9 5DD@=75H=CB C: 0=@@5F8 #5A9G
/>:8+8/9 079 ;2/ C3;? 70 F+3;2 @ F+3;2 $-2774 D3:;93-; 46-2 @ M/+./ C7<6;?
C<;@6;A21 3><: =>2B6<A? =.42 5000 $0!, $0.107 (J9F 5000 $0! O $0.085 !CA9 (77ID5H=CB5@ +5H9: ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9 ,=B;@9)<5G9 O $18.00 D9F ACBH< (EJ9FM &9H9F IG98 6M H<9 7IGHCA9F K=@@ 69 6=@@98 5 ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9) ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9 -<F99)<5G9 O $24.00 D9F ACBH< (EJ9FM &9H9F IG98 6M H<9 7IGHCA9F K=@@ 69 6=@@98 5 ,9FJ=79 C<5F;9) #IB9 -<FI AI;IGH O 0 O 5000 $0! O $0.118 (J9F 5000 $0! O $0.102 ,9DH -<FI &5M 0 O 5000 $0! O $0.103 (J9F 5000 $0! O $0.084 &9H9F98 ,HF99H 5B8 ,97IF=HM %=;<H=B;: 100 K5HH !), O $7.25 D9F ACBH< 250 K5HH !), O $12.00 D9F ACBH< 400 K5HH !), O $17.00 D9F ACBH< ,97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB. +=@9M, %=;<H:=9@8 5B8 "B;<F5A O BC JCH9G. B9FB8H 5B8 !9@@9?GCB O M9G JCH9G. &CH=CB :5=@98. 7:15 H "=2; B61? 3<> &529B2?: 'C 6=8G K9F9 F979=J98. &A>=9A?: B9FB8H A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M %=;<H:=9@8 HC GIFD@IG H<9 M9@@CK 8=;;9F HFI7? 5B8 HKC GBCK D@CKG K=H< D5J9 $=@6M, #9:: BFCKB 5B8 5FM F=G<9F 5G 5DD5=G9FG 5B8 GIFD@IG H<9 H9@9D<CB9 9EI=DA9BH HC 69 8=GDCG98 C:. &CH=CB 75FF=98. C<::6@@22 %2=<>@?: "B;<F5A GH5H98 H<5H H<9=F 7CAA=HH99 <58 A9H K=H< DCBB DIDD9F 5B8 8=G7IGG98 H<9 DF=CF=HM @=GH. B9FB8H F9DCFH98 H<5H H<9=F 7CAA=HH99 8=G7IGG98 5A6I@5B79 8CCF BCH KCF?=B;, C)+ A57<=B9 IB89F 5 ;F5BH, BC E&-RG K9F9 =BH9F9GH98 =B H5?=B; 5 7@5GG :FCA H<9 58J9FH=G9A9BH H<5H K5G G9BH CIH, 5A6I@5B79 =G :=B9 CB H<9 <5F8G<=D 7@5IG9 :CF BCK 5B8 AF@9B <58 <=G G97CB8 ?B99 F9D@5798 5B8 H<9 CCIBHM =G H5?=B; HKC 85MG 5 K99? 5B8 BF=5B &98FI8 =G 7CJ9F=B; H<9 F9GH. ED20A@6B2 &2??6<; H #2>?<;;29: B9FB8H A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB HC F9H=F9 =BHC 9L97IH=J9 G9GG=CB HC 8=G7IGG D9FGCBB9@ 5H 7:30 ).&. &CH=CB 75FF=98. &5MCF !5=B9G 897@5F98 H<9 CCIB7=@ CIH C: 9L97IH=J9 G9GG=CB 5H 7:35 ).&. %=;<H:=9@8 A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB HC 58>CIFB. &CH=CB 75FF=98. 4444444444444444444444444444444 @9B !5=B9G, &5MCF 44444444444444444444444444444444 D966=9 BFCKB, F=B5B79 (::=79F )I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 8, 2014 :CF 5 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $110.46
2.12 C<A;@E C<::6??6<; 22@6;4 ( <;1.E, D202:/2> 23, 2013)
G2;2>.@21 /E L6?. G &0562332> <; <;1.E, D202:/2> 23, 2013 &9A69FG DF9G9BH +C69FH !9=8;9F?9B, %=B85 +5IG7<, A@5B A?9F, BC6 B9FHC@CHHC 5B8 5@9B '=989FK9F89F. &99H=B; 75@@98 HC CF89F 5H 8:30 A& 1. C.99 @< ">12> .@ 8:30 A )FC798IF5@: A. )F5M9F )FC798IF5@: B. )@98;9 C: A@@9;=5B79 2. I@2:? 3><: AA16@<> A7H=CB: A. FCF9GH ,9FJ=79 )5MA9BH HC ,H5H9G &CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 G=;B=B; H<9 9@97H=CB :CFA 5B8 ;C=B; K=H< H<9 -=H@9 " FIB8=B;. &CH=CB 6M +5IG7<, G97CB8 6M A?9F.
EA9FM. &CH=CB 6M '=989FK9F89F, G97CB8 6M B9FHC@CHHC. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: C. A@7C<C@ -F5BG:9F - !-, !C@8=B;G %%C &CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 HF5BG:9F C: 5 F9H5=@ CB-G5@9 @=EICF K/,IB85M G5@9G @=79BG9 5DD@=75H=CB :FCA !5;; !CGD=H5@=HM %%C HC !-, !C@8=B;G %%C. &CH=CB 6M '=989FK9F89F, G97CB8 6M +5IG7<. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: D. A@7C<C@ %=79BG9 +9B9K5@ - !-, !C@8=B;G %%C &CH=CB HC F9B9K H<9 F9H5=@ CB-G5@9 @=EICF K/,IB85M G5@9G @=79BG9 5DD@=75H=CB C: !-, !C@8=B;G %%C. &CH=CB 6M A?9F, G97CB8 6M B9FHC@CHHC. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: E. A@7C<C@ +9B9K5@ :CF !5;; !CGD=H5@=HM, %%C. 'C 57H=CB B99898. 7. I@2:? 3><: C<::6??6<; A??6?@.;@ A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: A. ,IDD@9A9BH HC ,H5H9'G AHHCFB9M BI8;9H &CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 $2500.00 :FCA H<9 CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 =BHC @=B9 =H9A 101-5152-411 C: H<9 ,H5H9'G AHHCFB9MRG BI8;9H. &CH=CB 6M A?9F, G97CB8 6M '=989FK9F89F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB, D=G7IGG=CB: B. EA9F;9B7M &5B5;9F /9<=7@9 )IF7<5G9 &CH=CB HC 5IH<CF=N9 D5MA9BH :FCA H<9 CCBH=B;9B7M FIB8 =B H<9 5ACIBH C: $27,853.00 =BHC @=B9 =H9A 226-5-222-434 C: H<9 EA9F;9B7M &5B5;9A9BH BI8;9H. &CH=CB 6M '=989FK9F89F, G97CB8 6M A?9F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. 8. C<;?2;@ C.92;1.> A7H=CB (CCBG9BH), D=G7IGG=CB: A. CCBG9BH C5@9B85F &CH=CB HC 5DDFCJ9 =H9AG CB CCBG9BH C5@9B85F. &CH=CB 6M A?9F, G97CB8 6M '=989FK9F89F. F=B5@ +9GC@IH=CB: &CH=CB C5FF=9G. 295: !9=8;9F?9B, +5IG7<, A?9F, B9FHC@CHHC, '=989FK9F89F. A7H=CB (CCBG9BH): B. B=@@G :CF )5MA9BH E+#E!&E& B, DE#A%' E!': C" I&&I"!E%&: + !9=8;9F?9B O $186.11, IB89FGCB, )5@A9F O $1577.42, % +5IG7< O $190.30, '=989FK9F89F O $109.15, B!0 O $157.85, A A?9F O $71.04, ,HIF;=G E7CBCA=7 D9J O $35000.00 ELEC'I"!&: )CGH5;9 6M )<CB9 O $900.00 J(DICIAL &,&'E : - !5BGCB O $63.32, + !9BB=B; O $50.00, D D5B=9@GCB O $64.80, # C5F@GCB O $33.30, , -F5G? O $69.20, CCAA. !95@H< C9BH9F O $130.00, %5B;I5;9 %=B9 ,9FJ=79G O $47.60, )=NN5 +5B7< O $116.35, # !CK9@@ O $936.20, + !5=J5@5 O $193.20, A C<5::99 O $50.00, ) C<5A69FG O $68.50, A C<=DCKG?M O $55.18, EF8CG O $72.20, , CC8 O $56.66, ! !5FACB O $60.36, B !=;699 O $64.80, % &7'9BBM O $50.00, D &I@J9<=@@ O $60.36, ' 09GHCB O $69.24, % !5J9A9=9F O $30.40, % B5?9F O $11.48, B B5I9F O $54.40, + FCL O $10.74, % F5J5HH O $69.20, B FIAGHFID O $24.80, !5FH9F O $83.30, B !I@@ O $10.74, #C6;9B O $61.10, , #C<BGCB O $54.44, # $F5A9F O $81.08, B %9<A5BB O $69.98, % %9K=G-A?CJ9B?C O $13.70, - %=9B5I O $62.58, C &5H<9F O $23.32, A &9F;9B O $68.50, / &CF;5B O $59.62, $ '9@GCB O $32.20, % ,56C O $66.28, A ,<5K O $94.40, # 0=@@=5AGCB O $10.74, % 2C7?9M O $27.02, + $BIHGCB O $68.50, B CFCGG O $57.40, + !9=?9G O $50.74,
)9BB CC. ,<9F=:: O $1398.50, B=9;@9F O $75.00 A(DI'"%: 19FCL O $236.46 '%EA&(%E%: C=HM C: F5=H< O $180.57, F5=H< "B89D9B89BH O $678.67, $- CCBB97H=CBG O $1340.00, C9BHIFM BIG=B9GG %95G=B; O $109.02, B!0 O $703.03, +IG<ACF9 (::=79 O $2652.02, &9589 CC. -F95G. O $8.66, )CGH5;9 6M )<CB9 O $1500.00 C" #('E%: /9F=NCB O $200.39, CD0 CJRH. O $3781.48 &'A'EI& A''"%!E,: # C5F@GCB $32.80, % C9FA5? O $20.00, C=HM C: +C O $1470.00, /9F=NCB O $54.81, A&B BIG=B9GG O $1643.48, C !5F?=BG O $579.90, +C )C@=79 D9DH. O $7.24, ,H5H9 -F95G. O $35.00, ,D ,H5H9G AHHMRG AGGC7 O $1413.00, ,H5H9 B5F C: ,D O $1835.00 C"(%' A##"I!'ED A''"%!E,: $ -<CADGCB O $4364.57, # ,H=9@CK O $2548.34, # !=@D9FH O $2129.80, 0=@89 & !IBH O $140.24, F=HN;9F5@8 %5K O $435.29, F9M %5K $2366.00, + !5=J5@5 O $889.85, BIH@9F %5K O $8542.43, + !MA5BG O $14973.12 GE!E%AL G")E%! E!' BLDG: B! C<9A=75@ O $451.94, B!)&% O $8008.56, CFIA E@97HF=7 O $2113.84, &+ CCBHFC@G O $1122.45, CB! O $385.04, BCF89F ,H5H9G E@97HF=7 O $516.90, EB CCAA. O $6464.85, 605 DFMK5@@ O $3100.00, #C<BGHCB !5F8K5F9 O $17.18, &D. O $1271.09, &9B5F8G O $1006.97, '0 )=D9 O $3098.95, ,HIF;=G 05H9F $62.21, !=@@G O $4543.06, ,<9FK=B 0=@@=5AG O $1035.71, $CB9 O $1272.44, !CFGH A7CIGH=75@ O $4975.00, #C<BGCB CCBHFC@ O $6430.00, +=GG AGGC7. O $1387.05, &9589 CC. -F95G. O $372.09, -CKB 5B8 CCIBHFM O $33.00 DI%EC'"% "F E$(ALI-A'I"!/ #&-: % *I5A O $16.28, CD0 O $963.45, &5D@C;=7 CCFD O $250.00, /9F=NCB O $1292.97, !9K@9HH )57?5F8 O $6296.25, - 0=97NCF9? O $22.20, )FC-09GH & AGGC7 O $975.00, CB! O $503.83, ,D' CCAA. O $510.00, 0 &7C5FHM O $17.02, D9@@ O $188.59, + &5@@CK O $16.28, )<95G5BH@5B8 "B8. O $282.11, ,DAA( O $330.00, A&B BIG=B9GG O $318.97, ,7<B9=89F CCFD O $3000.00, &5FG<5@@G O $5472.90, *I=@@ O $534.29 %EGI&'E% "F DEED&: A7H=J9 D5H5 O $359.90, EL97IH=J9 &;AH O $76.00, 19FCL O $827.05 I!&(%A!CE & B"!DI!G: C@5=AG AGGC7 O $1018.47, ,D )I6@=7 AGGIF O $124588.49 H( A! %E&"(%CE&: /9F=NCB O $40.01, D5?CH5 BIG=B9GG C9BH9F O $501.63, & )F9MG O $65.00, .BD5=BH98 FIFB=HIF9 O $2033.00, CCADIH9F /=@@5;9 O $724.00, -<CADGCB "B:C. O $319.00, +98KCC8 -CL=7C@C;M O $6.75, *I=@@ O $38.77. +IG<ACF9 (::=79 O $146.45 &HE%IFF: AFAGHFCB; ELH. O $140.00, # *I=BB O $500.00, D5H5:CFA O $1125.40, +=7<H9FG -=F9 O $12.00, /9F=NCB O $1658.56, , +9;5B O $1050.00, CB! O $5200.50, %9L=G'9L=G O $3447.00, C 9<F=B;9F O $150.00, D5@9G -=F9 O $498.64, $BC@C;M O $168.17, %C;5BRG -F5BGA=GG=CB O $2711.64, 'M57CF O $185.44, + %9<F?5AD O $40.00, )9H9FGCB AIHC O $124.55, *I=@@ O $172.88, ,H5H9 -F95G O $105.00, C9BHIFM@=B? O $85.28, 09GH9FB CCAA. O $195.00, 19FCL O $272.52, 3M@GHF5 O $65.00, )=HB9M BCK9G O $500.00 JAIL: AJ9F5 &7$9BB5B !CGD. O $41.36, B! C<9A=75@ O $846.40, CCIBHM DFI; O $6.60, /9F=NCB O $33.84, )9BB CC. #5=@ O $408.00, ., FCC8G9FJ=79 O $2933.81, ,<CD?C )<5FA57M O $2677.87, ,HIF;=G +9;=CB5@ O $221.10, E5FH<;F5=BG O $378.60, C5G< 05 O $445.00, ,MG7C &CBH5B5 O $1359.89, CCAA9F7=5@ $=H7<9B )FC8. O $92.92, -# %C:HIG O $1474.00, )9BB CC. ,<9F=:: O $1302.60, +IG<ACF9 (::=79 O $47.98, &9589 CC. -F95G O $197.38
C"%"!E%: C@=B=75@ %56 O $2027.00, +9;=CB5@ !95@H< O $142.20, (K9BG O $310.80 FI%EFIGH'I!G: A?9F 0CC8G O $6348.80 &(##"%' "F 'HE #""%: $=B?589 FIB9F5@ O $945.00 E!'AL ILL!E&& B"A%D: $ -<CADGCB O $613.20, +C +9;=CB5@ O $620.96, 25B?HCB CC. -F95G. O $212.50, )9BB CC ,H5H9G AHHM. O $215.00, )9BB CC O $453.00, B9<5J=CF &;AH O $375.00 E!'ALL, ILL: ,H5H9 -F95G. O $1349.74 E E%GE!C, A!AGE E!': B!)&% O $68.82, /9F=NCB O $53.46, F=FGH "BH9FGH5H9 B5B? O $2099.40, $+C, O $40.00 HIGH*A,: &CFF=G "B7. O $234500.00, &=7<59@ -C88 & CC. O $126.50, BFCGN EB;. O $26767.50, B!)&% O $347.43, $=9::9F ,5B=H5H=CB O $53.21, /9F=NCB O $254.80, F=FGH "BH9FGH5H9 B5B? O $73.80, D5?CH5 BIG=B9GG O $98.26, CB! O $5891.17, ,=H9 0CF? ,D97. O $12888.69, F5B8 E@97HF=7 O $83.09, F95H 09GH9FB -=F9 O $30.07, &! D=GH. O $120.03, !=@@G &5H@. O $180001.22, D99F9 CF98=H O $300000.00, "BH9FGH5H9 B5HH9F=9G O $999.60, ,<5FD9B=B; G<CD O $30.00, $BC@C;M O $128.19, $=A65@@ &=8K9GH O $325.08, %M@9 ,=;BG O $203.65, )57=:=7 ,H99@ O $275.11, &9589 CC. -=A9G O $39.85, +IG<ACF9 (::=79 O $49.76, ,DD(- O $42331.74, ,HIF;=G 05H9F O $106.79 C"(!', &!"* %E ")AL: CGG5F8 D=FHKCF? O $13822.65, F=FGH "BH9FGH5H9 B5B? O $1298.74, CB! O $559.00, C<5=B ,5K C9BH9F O $607.40, ,D 0=B; C=J=@ A=F O $1117.34, ,5ARG C@I6 O $1284.86, &9589 CC. -F95G. O $44.39 AF7<CB=L C" (!ICA'I"!&: ,MGH9AG O $62434.23, C@89B 09GH -9@9 O $592.00, "BH9FB5H=CB5@ A7589A=9G O $110.00, C9BHIFM@=B? O $1577.32, 09GH9FB CCAA. O $437.20, 19FCL O $419.69 C"(!', E+'E!&I"! "FFICE: D5?CH5 BIG=B9GG C9BH9F O $61.08, CB! O $88.37, &9589 CC #F. %9589FG O $203.69 *EED & #E&': ,HIF;=G '5D5 O $11.07, /9F=NCB O $53.04, E- ,DCFHG O $682.88, ,HIF;=G 25A5<5 O $5081.94, ' #5;=A O $132.46, - !CH7<?=GG O $344.30, $ %99 O $166.60, $BC@C;M O $53.94, ,9FJ5@@ .B=:CFA O $76.69, # ,7<FC989F O $200.00 9. A17<A>; A7H=CB, )FC798IF5@: A. A8>CIFB H<9 &99H=B; C<5=FA5B 58>CIFB98 H<9 A99H=B;. A))+(/ED: 444444444444444444444444444 +C69FH !9=8;9F?9B, C<5=FA5B A--E,-:44444444444444444444444 %=G5 ,7<=9::9F, AI8=HCF )I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 8, 2014 5H H<9 5DDFCL=A5H9 HCH5@ 7CGH C: $123.12
Home: (605) 837-2945 Cell: (605) 381-5568 WBackhoe WTrenching WTire Tanks WVacuum Excavation WCobett Waters WDirectional Boring
Excavation work of ALL types!
Brent Peters
Located in Kadoka, SD
/>:8+8/9 079 ;2/ C3;? 70 F+3;2 @ F+3;2 $-2774 D3:;93-; 46-2 @ M/+./ C7<6;?
J.;A.>E 8, 2014 G '52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7
Page 11
&=206.9 #><02216;4? <3 @52 C<::<; C<A;069 C6@E <3 F.6@5, &D
-<9 CCAACB CCIB7=@ :CF H<9 C=HM C: F5=H<, ,CIH< D5?CH5 A9H =B GD97=5@ G9GG=CB CB D979A69F 31, 2013 5H 1:00 ).&. =B H<9 CCAAIB=HM +CCA C: H<9 CCAAIB=HM C9BH9F. &5MCF !5=B9G 75@@98 H<9 A99H=B; HC CF89F, BFCKB 75@@98 FC@@ 75@@, 5B8 &5MCF !5=B9G @98 H<9 )@98;9 C: A@@9;=5B79. CCIB7=@ A9A69FG DF9G9BH: +=@9M, "B;<F5A, B9FB8H, %=;<H:=9@8, 5B8 !9@@9?GCB. CCIB7=@ A9A69FG 56G9BH: ,D9B79F. "B;<F5A A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M %=;<H:=9@8 HC 5DDFCJ9 H<9 5;9B85 5G DF9G9BH98. &CH=CB 75FF=98. ED20A@6B2 &2??6<; H #2>?<;;29: !9@@9?GCB A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M %=;<H:=9@8, HC F9H=F9 =BHC 9L97IH=J9 G9GG=CB HC 8=G7IGG D9FGCBB9@ 5H 1:03 )&. &CH=CB 75FF=98. &5MCF !5=B9G 897@5F98 H<9 CCIB7=@ CIH C: 9L97IH=J9 G9GG=CB 5H 2:35 )&. %=;<H:=9@8 A589 5 ACH=CB, G97CB898 6M !9@@9?GCB HC 58>CIFB. &CH=CB 75FF=98. 4444444444444444444444444444444 @9B !5=B9G, &5MCF 4444444444444444444444444444444 D966=9 BFCKB, F=B5B79 (::=79F )I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 8, 2014 :CF 5 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $10.39
,CIH< D5?CH5 57785 CB CF 69:CF9 1:00 )& #5BI5FM 22, 2014 :CF H<9 :C@@CK=B;: GA&"LI!E A!D DIE&EL F(EL& F"% CALE!DE% ,EA% 2014 B=8 GD97=:=75H=CBG 5B8 6=8 8C7IA9BHG 5F9 5J5=@56@9 5H H<9 &9589 CCIBHM !=;<K5M D9D5FHA9BH @C75H98 5H 20623 131GH AJ9. ,HIF;=G, ,CIH< D5?CH5. B=8G G<5@@ 69 DF9G9BH98 CB H<9 8C7IA9BH DFCJ=898 CF =B H<9 :CFA5H 8=F97H98 6M &9589 CCIBHM. E57< G95@98 6=8 9BJ9@CD9 G<5@@ 69 A5F?98 K=H< H<9 KCF8G P,95@98 B=8Q 5B8 G<5@@ GD97=:M H<9 =H9AG, 85H9, 5B8
H=A9 C: 6=8 CD9B=B;. -<9 BC5F8 C: CCAA=GG=CB9FG C: &9589 CCIBHM F9G9FJ9 H<9 F=;<H HC F9>97H 5@@ CF 5BM D5FH C: H<9 DF9G9BH98 6=8G 5B8 HC 5779DH H<9 6=8 899A98 =B H<9 69GH =BH9F9GH C: &9589 CCIBHM. $9BB9H< %. &7 =FF &9589 CCIBHM !=;<K5M ,ID9F=BH9B89BH &9589 CCIBHM !=;<K5M D9D5FHA9BH )I6@=G<98 #5BI5FM 8 & 15, 2014 5H H<9 HCH5@ 5DDFCL=A5H9 7CGH C: $22.08
/5+34 <: +; 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
P* "$ C* 00(%($# A#... T'$ F (1' I,#$.$,#$,1
967-2160//5+34: 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
3T #" B",,"* C#($ " P* a$*$" Oa+$+ Ma%% PH: 605-967-2622 4 Fa$,#, S D
B'0+7= /8 ,+'9:7/34 )4:39 )/33'243 47 ,7489+* 4118 "7= 4:7 7'991+83'0+ 47 5+55+743/ 14',
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!"'ICE '" BIDDE%&
,95@98 6=8G K=@@ 69 F979=J98 6M H<9 &9589 CCIBHM CCAA=GG=CB9FG 5H H<9 &9589 CCIBHM AI8=HCFRG (::=79 @C75H98 5H 1300 ,<9FA5B ,HF99H, ,I=H9 126 ,HIF;=G,
Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser OPTOMETRISTS
F+3;2 C43631$%B3#D (ED E$DA*$ !F %HE M! %H "H: 967-2644 1-800-648-0760
910 H+9576 $;
J-1 Ca'".
A1a&(ab(" #+- a(( + a.&+*.
Dusty’s Tire Service PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck & machinery tire repairs call Dusty. Leave a message if no answer
B&-/%!a3. G-a!0a/&+*. A**&1"-.a-3 - W"!!&*$. Ca(( D&a*" F"".
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
" <5J9 HI69G & ACGH 7CAACB H=F9G CB <5B8 & 75B CF89F =B 5BM H=F9 C: MCIF 7<C=79.
605-748-2210 +- 2244
#+=/44/;;/ "<,4. I6-. (/ 700/9 + -7584/;/ -755/9-3+4 8936;361 :/9=3-/ ... @ B<:36/:: C+9.: @ L/;;/92/+.: @ E6=/478/: @ B97-2<9/: @ !003-/ F795: @ A6. M79/! %2/ F+3;2 I6./8/6./6; "H: (605) 967-2161 !# FA): 967-2160 /-5+34: 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
#+=/44/;;/ "<,4. I6-. %,A! &EAGE% (/ 700/9 + -7584/;/ -755/9-3+4 C299: (605) 441-7465 8936;361 :/9=3-/ ... F.D: (605) 859-2766 >E.;?2.42>@5<@:.69.0<: @ B<:36/:: C+9.: @ L/;;/92/+.: @ E6=/478/: @ B97-2<9/: #HILI# "'"%, I!C. @ !003-/ F795: @ A6. M79/! %2/ F+3;2 I6./8/6./6; BA?. (605) 859-2585 <> 1-800-859-5557 "H: (605) 967-2161 !# 101 *. ".8 &@., #" B<D 816 #5696=, &D 57567-0816 FA): 967-2160 C/7>82,7 @ D5+., !(3 @ F57+-L04*524 /-5+34: 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
Bogue & Bogue Law offices
E'"c B% *e C!e',# La*'e$- B% *e 416 S Ma"$ S)., Fa")!, SD 967-2529 %' 365-5171 H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 '$. W & 3 '$. N )! H)0 -, SD
E+/$*. R *a$,/Ma$(. (a(c H1d,a/&$c- - A/C - T$, Ca, & L$"#. T,/c% T$, S#)*: 605-985-5007 C &&: 605-441-1168 C ,.$!$ d D$ - & T c# ##, *a$,@"0.c.( .
For all your Real Estate Needs call Kevin Jensen 381-4272
Black Hills land, homes and businesses. With values and honesty born and bred in Faith, trust Kevin Jensen to help you solve your real estate questions.
WEST RIVER CABLE TELEVISION /;HL?D= J>; JEMD E< "7?J>, / 1-888-411-5651 B?IED, /
K"1&* J"*."* 3+0- #-&"*! &* -"a( "./a/" Exit Realty, Rapid City #+=/44/;;/ "<,4. I6-. (/ 700/9 + -7584/;/ -755/9-3+4 8936;361 :/9=3-/ ... @ B<:36/:: C+9.: @ L/;;/92/+.: @ E6=/478/: @ B97-2<9/: @ !003-/ F795: @ A6. M79/! %2/ F+3;2 I6./8/6./6; "H: (605) 967-2161 !# FA): 967-2160 /-5+34: 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
Fa$,# C(&&-'$,0 Dr. Brandace Dietterle DC Chiropractor H"a%,# S"*.$ " H!&#$ M76.BF93.: EVERY MONDAY 8 +.5.B12; 1 -5 8.5. Loca"ed in 605/967-2644 P ai ie Oa!i! Mall, A0;/9 H7<9: Fai"h, SD '/96+ $-2+.: 964-6114 79 PH: 415-5935 605-365-6593 (-/44)
Faith Veterinary Service (605) 967-2212
Monda%–F!ida%: 8 a.m. – 5:30 .m. Sa#$!da%: 8 am-Noon CLOSED: SUNDAYS Fo! #he be"# in c!i##e! ca!e!
#+=/44/;;/ "<,4. I6-. (/ 700/9 + -7584/;/ -755/9-3+4 8936;361 :/9=3-/ ... @ B<:36/:: C+9.: @ L/;;/92/+.: @ E6=/478/: @ B97-2<9/: @ !003-/ F795: @ A6. M79/! %2/ F+3;2 I6./8/6./6; "H: (605) 967-2161 !# FA): 967-2160 /-5+34: 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
CLASSIFIEDS ' CALL 967-2161 ' E"a !: fa &h #d@fa &h%d.c$"
CLASSIFIED RATE: $5.00 C?D?CKC <EH <?HIJ 20 MEH:I; 10S ;79> MEH: 7<J;H. CARDS OF THANKS: ,E;CI, 0H?8KJ;I, !J9. V $5.00 C?D?CKC <EH <?HIJ 20 MEH:I; 10S ;79> MEH: 7<J;H. !79> D7C; 7D: ?D?J?7B CKIJ 8; 9EKDJ;: 7I ED; MEH:. NOTE: $2.00 7::;: 9>7H=; <EH 8EEAA;;F?D= 7D: 8?BB?D= ED 7BB 9>7H=;I. CB7II?<?;: ?IFB7O .7J;.....................................................$4.70 F;H 9EBKCD ?D9> PUBLISHER9S NOTICE: ABB H;7B ;IJ7J; 7:L;HJ?I;: ?D J>?I D;MIF7F;H ?I IK8@;9J JE J>; ";:;H7B "7?H $EKI?D= A9J E< 1968, M>?9> C7A;I ?J ?BB;=7B JE 7:L;HJ?I; Y7DO FH;<;H;D9;, EH :?I9H?C?D7J?ED ED H79;, 9EBEH, H;B?=?ED, I;N, EH D7J?ED7B EH?=?D, EH 7D ?DJ;DJ?ED JE C7A; 7DO IK9> FH;<;H;D9;, B?C?J7J?ED, EH :?I9H?C?D7J?ED.Z 0>?I D;MIF7F;H M?BB DEJ ADEM?D=BO 799;FJ 7DO 7:L;HJ?I?D= <EH H;7B ;IJ7J; M>?9> ?I 7 L?EB7J?ED E< J>; B7M. +KH H;7:;HI 7H; ?D<EHC;: J>7J 7BB :M;BB?D=I 7:L;HJ?I;: ?D J>?I D;MIF7F;H 7H; 7L7?B78B; ED 7D ;GK7B EFFEHJKD?JO 87I?I.
'52 F.6@5 I;12=2;12;@ 7 J.;A.>E 8, 2014 7
Page 12
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
BIDS/PROPOSALS CI'+ #F $ A''E 4> >006492 ;=:;:>,7> 1=:8 <@,74140/ 14=8> ?: ,>>4>? C4?D B4?3 /0>429492, 0924900=492 ,9/ .:9>?=@.?492 90B A<@,?4. F,.474?D 1:= .:88@94?D. C:;D :1 =0<@0>? 1:= ;=:;:>,7> ,A,47,-70 -D .:9?,.?492 C4?D :1 $7,??0, &3,@9, !0D0=496 F49,9.0 #114.0=, 605-3373921. $=:;:>,7> >3,77 -0 =0?@=90/ ?: C4?D #114.0 :9 := -01:=0 F0-=@,=D 3, 2014, ,? B34.3 ?480 =0A40B ;=:.0>> B477 -0249. EMPLOYMENT 'HE !##D+ C#("'+ E"'E%$%I&E, 7:.,?0/ 49 F7,9/=0,@, 4> >006492 ,9 ,8-4?4:@> ,9/ ?,709?0/ ?0,8 ;7,D0= ?: 1477 ?30 E/4?:= ;:>4?4:9. '34> ;:>4?4:9 =0<@4=0> ?30 ,-474?D ?: B:=6 >:80 9423?> ,9/ B00609/>, >?=:92 B=4?492 ,9/ 0/4?492 >6477> ,7:92 B4?3 >:74/ ;3:?:2=,;3D >6477>. F@77 -09014? ;,.6,20 ,A,47,-70. A;;74.,9?> 49?0=0>?0/ 49 5:49492 ?30 ?0,8 ,? ?34> ?0==414. B0067D 90B>;,;0= >3:@7/ >09/ .:A0= 70??0=, =0>@80 ,9/ B=4?492 >,8;70> ?:: '30 B=::6492> %024>?0=, ,??9: *4774,8 !.!,.609, $# B:C 177, B=::6492>, &D 57006 := 08,47 ?: -8.8,.609@-=::6492>=024>?0=..:8. C(&'E% %EGI#"A H#&$I'A 3,> 1@77-?480 %" :;;:=?@94?40> ,A,47,-70 B:=6492 49 ?30 -0,@?41@7 >:@?30=9 B7,.6 H477> :1 &D. *0 ,=0 7:.,?0/ 5@>? , >3:=? /4>?,9.0 1=:8 !:@9? %@>38:=0, *49/ C,A0 ",?4:9,7 $,=6, C@>?0= &?,?0 $,=6, J0B07 C,A0 ",?4:9,7 $,=6 ,9/
/5+34 <: +; 0+3;236.@0+3;2:..-75
K//8 <8 >3;2 ?7<9 -3;?, :-2774, +6. -7<6;? A #/+. ;2/ L/1+4:
L$& * A#3$/1(0(,&
F/(# 6 ,--, !$%-/$ W$#. .2!*(" 1(-, %2/ F+3;2 I6./8/6./6;
W" 2+0(! (&'" /+ .a3 T%a*' Y+0 #+- a(( 3+0- ,-a3"-., a-!., 1&.&/., a*! #++! a. N+-)a* &. -" +1"-&*$. W" a-" /%a*'#0( /%a/ G+! %a. a((+2"! 0. /+ (&1" &* a $-"a/ +))0*&/3. A(.+ T%a*' Y+0 /+ 2%+"1"- ("#/ /%" $&#/ +* +0- !++-./",. THANK YOU a(( .+ 1"-3 )0 % a. I a) &* /%" ,-+ ".. +# -" +1"-&*$. N+-)a* & S0.a* D"(b-&!$"

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