Faith Independent, January 22, 2014

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$1.00 ($' %-!"+ ,a/)
Fa$,# Ga1",," & T#" Fa$,# I'!")'!"', S$' " 1910 V(%-&" 85 2 N(. 20
D6J<66G9 =69 H6>9 =>H ;>GHI EG>DG>IN L>I= DC:-I>B: ;JC9H LDJA9 7: WID @::E DJG G6>CN 96N ;JC9H 6I 10 E:G8:CI D; <:C:G6A ;JC9 6EEGDEG>6I>DCH.X /=: H:8DC9, =: =69 H6>9, LDJA9 7: ID <>K: 6 EGDEDH:9 $30 B>AA>DC ID I=: BJ>A9>C< .DJI= D6@DI6 !JC9. D6J<66G9 6AHD EGDEDH:9 8=6C<:H ID BD9:GC>O: I=: 76C@ ;G6C8=>H: I6M, 6H L:AA 6H I=: D>K>H>DC D; $CHJG6C8:. C=6C<:H >C I=: "DK:GCDGYH #DJH: EGD<G6B I=6I D6J<66G9 >H EGDEDH>C< LDJA9 7G>C< I=: =DB:H JE ID ;:9:G6A E6HH>K: =DB: HI6C96G9H, I=6I LDJA9 B6@: I=:B BDG: :C:G<N :;;>8>:CI. D6J<66G9 A6J9:9 I=: HDA9>:GH D; I=: 1722C9: I=: 162 HDA9>:GH L=D G:8:CIAN L:G: 9:EADN:9. W/=:N B6N 7: I=: A6HI >C .DJI=
J0=D0AH 22, 2014
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
GAH7D@AD 53>>E 8AD <A4E 3@6 FD3;@;@9 ;@ 366D7EE 3F $79;E>3FGD7OE EF3DF BH E;8I014C7 L(0<M GA>BI, C><<D=8CH #4FB (4AE824
Price increases expected to generate $2 billion in new revenue to improve financial situation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
*.(. %>BC0; (4AE824 0==>D=24B =4F ?A824B 5>A 2014
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
Page 2 = J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C
!DH;@ $. ,:A?BEA@
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B! Ka! Ingalls
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
AD'E#%I$ING #A%E$: 'D86A D>HEA6N: $4.70 E:G 8DAJBC >C8=. (AN% AD$ & CA#D$ F %HANK$: $5.00 ;DG ;>GHI 20 LDG9H; 10P E:G LDG9 I=:G:6;I:G. AD$ & NE($ DEADLINE: (DC96N )DDC
!&BLIC N %ICE DEADLINE: !G>96N, 10:00 6.B.
F (1' C-++2,(15 H$ *1' C$,1$/
H-2/0 -% O.$/ 1(-,: M-,# 5 1'/2 F/(# 5 8 + 7 12 .+ ,# 1 7 5 PM
!<+42:1.- 26 ;1. H.*9; 7/ ;1. (.:; #2=.9 E5829. +J7A>86I>DC )D. 184760 +J7A>H=:9 2::@AN DC 2:9C:H96N !6>I=, .D 57626-0038
+*./(A./ -, .:C9 A99G:HH C=6C<:H ID: +.*. BDM 38, !6>I=, .D 57626-0038 +#*) : (605) 967-2161 U !A3: (605) 967-2160 -B6>A: ;6>I=>C9@;6>I=H9.8DB
DEADLINE: '6HI EDHH>7A: BDB:CI ID IJGC C:LH >I:BH >C 6I I=: D;;>8: ID 7: EJ7A>H=:9. LEGAL NE($!A!E# F #: .I6I: D; ..D., (:69: CDJCIN, C>IN D; !6>I=, !6>I= .8=DDA D>HIG>8I 46-2
+J7A>H=:G.............................................................DDC -6K:AA:II: *;;>8: (6C6<:G.......................................................D>6C: $H668H -:EDGI:G, +GDD;G:69:G, CDBEDH>I>DC.................'DG:II6 +6HHDAI
.0B.C-$+/$*) -A/ : !6>I= & DJEG:: $34.00 + AD86A I6M; $C-HI6I: $39.00 + AD86A I6M; *JI-D;-HI6I: $39.00; !DG:><C $45.00.
+ -$*D$CA'. +*./A" +A$D !6>I=, .DJI= D6@DI6 57626
C*+4-$"#/: 1988 !6>I= $C9:E:C9:CI. AAA G><=IH G:H:GK:9. )DI=>C< B6N 7:G:EG>CI:9, E=DID8DE>:9, DG >C 6CN L6N G:EGD9J8:9 ;GDB I=>H EJ7A>86I>DC, >C L=DA: DG E6GI, L>I=DJI I=: LG>II:C 8DCH:CI D; I=: EJ7A>H=:GH.
V$/, S"' #, CNP D /"( H /.$/, CNP
F-/ ..-(,1+$,10 " **: 605-967-2644 -/ 1-800-584-7668
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C =
Page 3
-+DA/F3D? +7DH;57 A97@5K &7IE
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
$?0; #4FB 2>=C8=D43 5A>< ?A4E8>DB ?064
C:CI:G ;DG 8=JG8= H:GK>8:H, I=:C DK:G ID I=: CDBBJC>IN C:CI:G ;DG I=: HDJE 6C9 9:HH:GI 9>CC:G, EAJH H>A:CI 6J8I>DC, 86@: L6A@ 6C9 ;>H= EDC9 ;DG @>9H.T /=>H L6H (6G8JH +G:H7NI:G>6C I=: ;JC9G6>H:G ID @::E I=: 9DDGH DE:C ;DG I=:>G 8DBBJC>IN L>I= I=>H ADC< HI6C9>C< 8=JG8= 7J>A9>C<.T /=:N =69 6 <DD9 8GDL9, <DD9 ;DD9, <DD9 6J8I>DC 6C9 <DD9 I>B: D; K>H>I>C<. .JC96N, #DE: 1>< =69 9>CC:G L>I= DL6NC: 6C9 5DC6 1>< 6C9 ID =6K: 6 E>:8: D; E>: ;GDB I=: 6J8I>DC. (N A6EIDE 8DBEJI:G IDD@ 6 7>< 9JBE 6C9 8G:6I:9 6C JA8:G ;DG B: 6H $ ADHI 6AA BN :B6>A 8DCC:8I>DCH DC I=6I 8DBEJI:G EAJH BDG: >BEDGI6CI HIJ;;.T DDJ7A: 96GC >H 6AA $ =6K: ID H6N.T
"3@. 14F: "3@. 15F: "3@. 16F: "3@. 17F: "3@. 18F: "3@. 19F: "3@. 20F: 46 43 34 42 40 46 35
34 21 18 19 32 34 4
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B>35= ;>>E +FA5= +:AI +:77B D3K E7F 8AD F74DG3DK 6
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
Page 4 = J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C
Central Meade Count! Ne s
B! Sand! Rhoden
/=DJ<= I:BE:G6IJG:H =6K: 7::C B>A9, I=: L>C9 G:A:6H:9 >IH ;JGN A6HI L::@ ;DG H:K:G6A 96NH. /=: L>C9 G:IJGC:9 DC (DC96N BDGC>C<. $I =6HC'I 7::C 67A: ID B:AI 6 ADI D; I=: >8: 6C9 HCDL 6H >I =6H 7::C 688JBJA6I:9 6C9 E68@:9 L>I= I=: EG:K>DJH HCDL 6C9 G6>C L: =6K: G:8:>K:9. $I =6H 7::C 6 C>8: 7G:6@ ;GDB I=: 8DA9 I:BE:G6IJG:H I=DJ<=. /=: !6>I= K6GH>IN 76H@:I76AA I:6B 86B: DJI L>I= 6 ;DJGI= EA68: >C I=: 2:HI ->K:G B6H@:I76AA /DJGC6B:CI. /=: !6>I= %1 I:6B EA6N:9 >C -6E>9 C>IN 6I I=: C>K>8 C:CI:G DC .6IJG96N 6;I:GCDDC 6C9 LDC, 7:6I>C< ):L 0C9:GLDD9. /=:G: L6H 6 C>8: 8GDL9 6I I=: C:CIG6A (:69: CDJCIN CDBBJC>IN C:CI:G DC .JC96N ;DG I=: (6G8JH C=JG8= !JC9G6>H:G. /=:N =69 6 K6G>:IN D; HDJEH >C8AJ9>C< 8=::H:7JG<:G HDJE, 8=>A>, 7::; HI:L, 8=>8@:C CDD9A: 6C9 9:HH:GIH. (6CN >I:BH L:G: DC I=: I67A:H ;DG 6 H>A:CI 6J8I>DC 6C9 I=:N =69 6 86@:L6A@ 6C9 ;>H= EDC9 ;DG NDJC< DC:H. /JB7A:GH 6G: =6A; ;>C>H=:9 L>I= I=:>G H:6HDC 6C9 L>AA =DA9 6 HE:8>6A EGD<G6B ;DG 6CNDC: L>H=>C< ID 6II:C9 HDB: I>B: >C !:7GJ6GN. /=: GJG6A ?JC>DG =><= <>GAH L>AA ;>C>H= I=:>G H:6HDC L>I= 6 76H@:I76AA IDJGC6B:CI >C .IJG<>H I=>H 8DB>C< L::@:C9. /=: 4I=- 6I= <G69:GH L>AA =6K: ILD BDG: IDJGC6B:CIH 7:;DG: I=:N 8DBEA:I: I=:>G 76H@:I76AA H:6HDC. /=:G: L>AA 7: 6 D>HI.29 ':<>HA6I>K: CG68@:G B6GG:A DC .6IJG96N, %6CJ6GN 25 6I I=: CDJGI=DJH: >C .IJG<>H. $I L>AA 7:<>C 6I 9:00 6B. /=DH: L=D 6G: GJCC>C< ;DG D;;>8: 6G: 8JGG:CIAN 8>G8JA6I>C< E:I>I>DCH ID EJI I=:>G C6B:H DC I=: 76AADI ;DG I=: EG>B6GN :A:8I>DCH ID 7: =:A9 DC %JC: 3. (6CN L>AA 7: 6H@:9 ID H><C E:I>I>DCH ;DG A:<>HA6I>K: G68:H 6H L:AA 6H HI6I: L>9: :A:8I>DCH. A 8:GI6>C CJB7:G D; H><C6IJG:H ;DG :68= D;;>8: >H G:FJ>G:9. .6C9N 6C9 /G>HI:C -=D9:C L>AA 7: ;AN>C< ID !I. -J8@:G AA676B6 DC 2:9C:H96N ID 6II:C9 I=: <G69J6I>DC 8:G:BDCN ;DG CD9N -=D9:C. #: L>AA <G69J6I: ;GDB ;A><=I H8=DDA 6C9 L>AA 7: 6C D;;>8>6A E>ADI ;DG BA68@ #6L@ 6C9 '6@DI6 =:A>8DEI:GH. '6GGN -=D9:C L>AA CDI 7: 67A: ID 6II:C9 6H =: ;JA;>AAH D7A><6I>DCH >C +>:GG: 9JG>C< I=: A:<>HA6I>K: H:HH>DC. CD9N L>AA 7: G:IJGC>C< =DB: ID 0C>DC C:CI:G. (6CN D; I=: BGDC8DH ;6CH >C I=: 6G:6 6G: :M8>I:9 ID H:: I=: BGDC8DH >C I=: .JE:G BDLA. A;I:G L>CC>C< I=:>G <6B: DC .JC96N 6;I:GCDDC, >I'H K:GN A>@:AN I=6I .JE:G BDLA +6GIN =DHIH =6K: 7:<JC I=:>G EA6CC>C<. /=>H L6H IDD A6I: ;DG A6HI L::@: '6GGN -=D9:C 6II:C9:9 I=: A< C=6>GH .JBB>I >C *@A6=DB6 A6HI L::@ ;DG .A-' (.I6I: A< 6C9 -JG6A ':69:GH). /=: DG<6C>O6I>DC >H B69: D; JE 6<G>8JAIJG: 8DBB>II:: 8=6>GB:C 6C9 >CK>I:9 6< 8DBB>II::B:C L=D <6I=:G ID 9>H8JHH 6<G>8JAIJG: >HHJ:H 6C9 A:<>HA6I>DC. /=: DG<6C>O6I>DC 8DCH>HIH D; A:<>HA6IDGH 68GDHH I=: 0... '6GGN 86B: =DB: 6H I=: C:LAN :A:8I:9 +G:H>9:CI D; .A-'.
Faith Ne s
B! Loretta Passolt
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
Marcus Ne s
B! Vick! Waterland
(N ;6I=:G, $GK>C /=DBEHDC, E6HH:9 6L6N /J:H96N 6I I=: 6<: D; 98. #>H ;JC:G6A L6H .6IJG96N 6I !6>I=.T$IYH 7::C 6 ADC< L::@. AI I>B:H D; ADHH 6C9 >AAC:HH, L: 6G: G:B>C9:9 D; L=6I 6 <G:6I 6G:6 L: A>K: >C. /=: =J<H, @>C9 LDG9H 6C9 HD;I IDJ8=:H D; 8DC9DA:C8: 6G: HD HE:8>6A. /=: ;DD9 I=6I L6H H:CI ID DJG ;6B>A>:H 6C9 I=: ;DD9 6C9 9:HH:GIH H=6G:9 6I I=: 9>CC:G L:G: LDC9:G;JA. /=: A69>:H L=D 7GDJ<=I ;DD9, H:I DJI I=: B:6A 6C9 H:GK:9 86C C:K:G 7: EG6>H:9 6C9 I=6C@:9 :CDJ<=. (N H>HI:G->C-A6L, DYACC: /=DBEHDC, 6C9 AB6C96 8DD@:9 6C9 EG:E6G:9 I=: ;DD9. /=6I L6H 6 B6?DG ?D7 6C9 L: HD 6EEG:8>6I: I=:B. +6HIDG #6GDA9 D:A7G>9<: 9>9 I=: H:GK>8: HD NDJ @CDL >I L6H HE:8>6A. &6N &>C< EA6N:9 I=: BJH>8, %D=C (>AA:G H6C< W/=: .IG6L7:GGN -D6CX, 6C9 '68:N 2DC9:G8=:8@ EJI ID<:I=:G I=: HA>9: H=DL. /=:G: L6H ADIH D; K>H>I>C<, =6EEN HIDG>:H, =DI 8D;;:: 6C9 ;DD9.T D69 LDJA9Y6 7::C EA:6H:9. /=6C@H ID I=: 8DBBJC>IN D; !6>I= 6C9 I=: E:DEA: D; .DJI= D6@DI6. 2: 6G: HD 7A:HH:9 ID A>K: =:G:. CDC9DA:C8:H 6AHD <D DJI ID I=: #DI8=@>HH ;6B>AN 6C9 I=: '6JG:CO 6C9 BD<J: ;6B>A>:H >C I=: ADHH D;; I=:>G ADK:9 DC:H I=>H E6HI L::@.$ 8DE>:9 I=>H D;; /6CC6 #DL>: #DAO:GH L6AA DC !68:7DD@. $ =DE: >I 86ABH DI=:GH 6H >I 9D:H B:. 88A:H>6HI:H 3:1-2, 8: For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace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
!>20; 1DB8=4BB A42>6=8I43 1H '4C08;4AB ABB>280C8>=
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
2:.69 B@ .A 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
$C /DLC & DJEG:: $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? $C CDJCIN $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *JI D; CDJCIN $39.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *JI D; .I6I: $39.00
+* BDM 38 Q !6>I=, .D 57626 +=: 605-967-2161 !A3 605-967-2160
/=: !6>I= $C9:E:C9:CI
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C =
Page 5
,.A. LDD1M H>C27:8BB
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
D424<14A (CD34=CB >5 C74 ">=C7
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
B4*3. '20
$1.4+@ $29.:-L.53. H*942. H.2-4.9
%@A66 M79;.6:76 L.6*. H*26.:
B9*6-2 $2576:
2:.69 B@ .A 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
B+%(# %( 2).+ *+!,c+%*-%)(, a( $a/! -$!' "%&&! &)ca&&2
Senior Citizens Menu
AAA B:6AH H:GK:9 L>I= B>A@ 6C9 7G:69. (:CJ HJ7?:8I ID 8=6C<: L>I=DJI CDI>8:. (.-., J*6. 22: BG:69:9 76@:9 ;>H=, CDBE6CN EDI6ID:H, .I:L:9 IDB6ID:H, /GDE>86A ;GJ>I %1<9:., J*6. 23: C=>A>, %:AAD L/E:6GH, AEEA: F92., J*6. 24: +DG@ 8=DEH L/8:A:GN H6J8:, B6@:9 7GDLC G>8:, BGD88DA>, CG6C7:GGN H6J8:, !GJ>I 8D8@I6>A M76. J*6. 27: B::; 6C9 CDD9A:H, /DHH:9 H6A69, +6GHA:N 86GGDIH, +AJBH %<.., J*6. 28: (:M>86C 8=>8@:C HDJE, !GJ>IN HA6L, !GJ>I 8G>HE (.-., J*6. 29: CG:6B:9 IJG@:N DK:G 7>H8J>I, /DB6ID HA>8:H DC A:IIJ8:, !GJ>I 8D8@I6>A %1<9:., J*6. 30: .L>HH HI:6@ L/DC>DC 6C9 IDB6ID:H, (6H=:9 EDI6ID:H, +:6H, +:6GH F92., J*6. 31: .6JH6<: <G6KN DK:G 7>H8J>I, "G::C 7:6CH, B6@:9 HFJ6H=, %:AAD L/HIG6L7:GG>:H
3 Ea,2 Wa2,
1. Ha/! 2).+ *$2,%c%a( "a1 %( 2).+ *+!,c+%*-%)( -) ).+ *$a+'ac2 2. B+%(# ., 2).+ !'*-2 +!"%&& b)--&! 3. Ca&& V%&a, 0%-$ 2).+ *$2,%c%a( a( *+!,c+%*-%)( %(")+'a-%)(
I-5, T$a- !a,2. Fa%-$5, ".&&-,!+/%c! *$a+'ac2 %, $!+! -) ,!+/! 2). 4 PH: 605-967-2123
P&!a,! b+%(# %( 2).+ (!0 %(,.+a(c! ca+ , 0$!( 2). "%&& )+ -+a(,"!+ 2).+ *+!,c+%*-%)(!
Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare Store
PH: 967-2123, Fa%-$, SD
Page 6 = J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C
$79;E>3F;H7 -B63F7
*7B. B7FFK '>EA@
/=: M:8JI>K: BD6G9 B:I DC (DC96N 7:;DG: I=: 2014 ':<>HA6I>K: H:HH>DC HI6GI:9. 2: 6EEGDK:9 I=: A6C<J6<: >C I=: ;>GHI 7>AA ID 7: >CIGD9J8:9 >C I=: .:C6I:. .B 1 EGDK>9:H ;DG I=: H:A:8I>DC D; I=: 8=6>G 6C9 K>8: 8=6>G D; I=: M:8JI>K: BD6G9 D; I=: ':<>HA6I>K: -:H:6G8= CDJC8>A, ID EGDK>9: ;DG I=: N:6G-GDJC9 <DK:GC6C8: D; I=: ':<>HA6I>K: -:H:6G8= CDJC8>A 7N I=: M:8JI>K: BD6G9, ID EGDK>9: ;DG I=: I:GB D; M:8JI>K: :68= 8DCHI>IJI:9 BD6G9, 6C9 ID EGDK>9: ;DG 8DCI>CJ>IN D; 7D6G9 B:B7:GH=>E. 2: 6AHD =69 I=: ':<>HA6I>K: -:H:6G8= CDJC8>A 8DBE>A: 6 A>HI D; EGDID8DAH ;DG I=: CDCE6GI>H6C HI6;;>C< D; E6GI>H6C 86J8JH:H ID =:AE 7DI= EDA>I>86A E6GI>:H 67DJI 8DCHI>IJI>DC6A>IN, A:<6A>IN, A:<>HA6I>K: EG:8:9:CI, A:<>HA6I>K: G:H:6G8=, ;>H86A 6C6ANH>H, 6C9 DI=:G >HHJ:H I=6I B6N 6G>H: I=6I =6K: CDI=>C< ID 9D L>I= E6GI>H6C EDA>I>8H. /J:H96N L6H I=: ;>GHI 96N D; I=: 2014 ':<>HA6I>K: H:HH>DC. !>K: A:<>HA6IDGH G:H><C:9 A6HI N:6G 6;I:G I=: 2013 H:HH>DC, HD "DK. D6J<66G9 6EED>CI:9 G:EA68:B:CIH ;DG I=:>G EDH>I>DCH. .:C6IDG BA6@: CJG9 G:EA68:H (6G@ %D=CHIDC >C D>HIG>8I 12, .:C6IDG C=J8@ %DC:H G:EA68:H -JHH:AA *AHDC >C D>HIG>8I 8, .:C6IDG AA6C .DA6CD G:EA68:H .I6C A9:AHI:>C >C D>HIG>8I 32, -:EG:H:CI6I>K: D6K: AC9:GHDC G:EA68:H +6IIN (>AA:G >C D>HIG>8I 16, 6C9 -:EG:H:CI6I>K: &G>H '6C<:G G:EA68:H %DC #6CH:C >C D>HIG>8I 25. "DK. D6J<66G9 <6K: =>H .I6I: D; I=: .I6I: 699G:HH /J:H96N 6;I:GCDDC. BDI= I=: .I6I: D; I=: .I6I: 699G:HH 6C9 =>H 7J9<:I 699G:HH L:G: :C8DJG6<>C<. .DJI= D6@DI6 >H 9:;>C>I:AN BDK>C< >C I=: G><=I 9>G:8I>DC. 0CA>@: I=: ;:9:G6A <DK:GCB:CI, .DJI= D6@DI6 =6H 76A6C8:9 DJG 7J9<:I :K:GN N:6G ;DG 125 N:6GH. .DJI= D6@DI6 =6H I=: 2C9 ADL:HI HI6I: I6M 7JG9:C >C I=: C6I>DC. /=: .DJI= D6@DI6 -:I>G:B:CI +:CH>DC !JC9 >H DK:G 100% ;JC9:9. B6GGDCH G:8:CIAN A>HI:9 .DJI= D6@DI6 6H I=: B:HI -JC .I6I: >C I=: )6I>DC 6C9 C)BC G6I:9 .D #1 ;DG BJH>C:HH >C 2013! .DJI= D6@DI6YH JC:BEADNB:CI G6I: ;:AA ID 3.6 E:G8:CI U I=: H:8DC9 ADL:HI >C I=: C6I>DC. *CAN 15 HI6I:H =6K: G:8DK:G:9 6AA D; I=: ?D7H I=DH: HI6I:H ADHI 9JG>C< I=: G:8:HH>DC. .DJI= D6@DI6 >H DC: D; I=:B. /D96N, .DJI= D6@DI6 =6H DK:G 10,000 BDG: ?D7H I=6C L: 9>9 7:;DG: I=: G:8:HH>DC. .DJI= D6@DI6 >H 2.5 E:G8:CI 67DK: DJG EG:-G:8:HH>DC E:6@, L=>A: I=: C6I>DC G:B6>CH 67DJI 1 E:G8:CI 7:ADL EG:-G:8:HH>DC A:K:AH. .DJI= D6@DI6YH 6K:G6<: E:GHDC6A >C8DB: <GDLI= 8DCI>CJ:H ID 7: 6BDC< I=: =><=:HI >C I=: C6I>DC. $C I=: I=>G9 FJ6GI:G D; A6HI N:6G, E:GHDC6A >C8DB: <GDLI= 8DBE6G:9 ID I=: H6B: FJ6GI:G >C 2012 L6H I=: =><=:HI >C I=: C6I>DC. *JG E:G 86E>I6 >C8DB: CDL :M8::9H I=: C6I>DC6A 6K:G6<:. )JB7:GH 6K6>A67A: ;DG 2012 >C9>86I: I=6I I=: 6K:G6<: .DJI= D6@DI6C :6GCH 67DJI 3.8 E:G8:CI BDG: I=6C I=: 6K:G6<: AB:G>86C 6C9 7:86JH: D; I=6I, L:YK: H::C 6 1.3 E:G8:CI 9:8G:6H: >C I=: CJB7:G D; E:DEA: DC (:9>86>9 6C9 6 2.4 E:G8:CI 9:8G:6H: >C I=DH: :CGDAA:9 ;DG .)A+ DG ;DD9 HI6BEH. .>C8: I=: HI6I: >H >C <DD9 H=6E: ;>C6C8>6AAN, L: L>AA 7: 67A: ID <>K: >C8G:6H:H D; 3 E:G8:CI ID &-12 :9J86I>DC, (:9>86>9 EGDK>9:GH 6C9 HI6I: H6A6G>:H, L=>8= >H 6 1.6 E:G8:CI >C8G:6H: 86AA:9 ;DG 7N HI6IJI: 6C9 HI6C96G9 EG68I>8:. #6G9>C< CDJCIN I:68=:GH
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
B6@: 8GJ:AIN ID 6C>B6AH 6 8A6HH 6 ;:ADCN. K:GN A< DG<6C>O6I>DC >C I=: HI6I: =6H 7::C LDG@>C< ADC< 6C9 =6G9 L>I= HI6I: K:I:G>C6G>6C DJHI>C *:9:@DK:C ID 8DB: JE L>I= 6 A6L I=6I L>AA H6I>H;N I=: #JB6C: .D8>:IN 6C9 + /A ;DA@H L>I=DJI =JGI>C< DJG A>K:HID8@ 6C9 E:I DLC:GH. .:K:G6A A:<>HA6IDGH G:EG:H:CI>C< I=: 6< 8DBBJC>IN, >C8AJ9>C< B:, G:B6>C H@:EI>86A. 2: 6G: HIJ9N>C< I=: >HHJ: 6C9 L>AA IGN ID 9D L=6I >H 7:HI ;DG DJG 8DCHI>IJ:CIH L=DH: A>K:A>=DD9 9:E:C9H DC JH B6@>C< I=: G><=I 9:8>H>DC. -:E. #>8@:N >H <D>C< ID 7G>C< 6 7>AA ID IGN ID 9D 6L6N L>I= 86E>I6A EJC>H=B:CI. AIIDGC:N ":C:G6A (6GIN %68@A:N H:CI 6 E68@:I ID 6AA A:<>HA6IDGH <>K>C< I=: 9:I6>AH D; I=: 8G>B:H 8DBB>II:9 7N :K:GN DC: D; I=: 8DCK>8I:9 BJG9:G:GH DC 9:6I= GDL >C .DJI= D6@DI6. A;I:G G:69>C< L=6I I=DH: 9:EG6K:9 8G>B>C6AH 9>9 ID I=:>G K>8I>BH, $ 9DJ7I -:E. #>8@:NYH 7>AA :K:C B6@:H >I DJI D; 8DBB>II::. -:69>C< I=: 9:I6>AH D; =DL I=DH: >CCD8:CI K>8I>BH HJ;;:G:9 L6H 67HDAJI:AN H>8@:C>C<! /D <:I >C IDJ8= L>I= B: >C +>:GG:, 86AA I=: #DJH: C=6B7:G CJB7:G 773-3851; A:6K: 6 E=DC: CJB7:G 6C9 $YAA 86AA NDJ 768@. /=: ;6M CJB7:G >H 773-6806. $; NDJ H:C9 6 ;6M, 699G:HH >I ID -:E. B:IIN *AHDC. 4DJ 86C 6AHD :B6>A B: 6I G:E.7:IINDAHDC@HI6I:.H9.JH 9JG>C< H:HH>DC. 4DJ 86C @::E IG68@ D; 7>AAH 6C9 8DBB>II:: B::I>C<H 6I I=>H A>C@: =IIE://A:<>H.HI6I:.H9.JH/ 0H: I=>H A>C@ ID ;>C9 I=: A:<>HA6IDGH, H:: L=6I 8DBB>II::H I=:N 6G: DC, G:69 6AA I=: 7>AAH 6C9 IG68@ I=: HI6IJH D; :68= 7>AA, A>HI:C ID 8DBB>II:: =:6G>C<H, 6C9 8DCI68I I=: A:<>HA6IDGH.TTTTT
D424<14A (CD34=CB >5 C74 ">=C7
J*.4*62 &;1.
K*92:* C*952,1*.4
2:.69 B@ .A 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 = )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C = Page
+5:AA> 8G@6;@9, 8;@3@5;3> AH7DE;9:F FA :;9:>;9:F >79;E>3FGD7
/=: <DK:GCDG HE:AAH DJI BJ8= D; =>H A:<>HA6I>K: 6<:C96 >C /J:H96NYH .I6I: D; I=: .I6I: HE::8= ID DE:C I=: 2014 A:<>HA6I>K: H:HH>DC, L=>A: A:<>HA6IDGH 6AG:69N 6G: H=6E>C< I=:>G DLC EGDEDH6AH. /G69>I>DC6A >HHJ:H HJ8= 6H I=: HI6I: 7J9<:I, EGDE:GIN I6M:H 6C9 :9J86I>DC ;JC9>C< L>AA DC8: 6<6>C E:G8DA6I: I=GDJ<=DJI I=: H:HH>DC L=>A: C:L DC:H HJ8= 6H 7::;:9-JE DK:GH><=I D; I=: HI6I:YH ;>C6C8>6A E>8IJG: 6C9 :8DCDB>8 9:K:ADEB:CI EGD<G6BH 7N A:<>HA6IDGH L>AA :CI:G I=: H8:C:. /=: 89I= A:<>HA6I>K: H:HH>DC GJCH ;DG 38 96NH, L>I= I=: ;>C6A 96N D; I=: B6>C EDGI>DC H:I ;DG (6G8= 14 6C9 6 K:ID 96N H8=:9JA:9 ;DG (6G8= 31. "DK. D:CC>H D6J<66G9 =6H EGDEDH:9 6 3 E:G8:CI >C8G:6H: >C E:G-EJE>A ;JC9>C< ;GDB HI6I: 6>9 6C9 <:C:G6A-:9J86I>DC EGDE:GIN I6M:H ;DG EJ7A>8 H8=DDA 9>HIG>8IH. .DB: H8=DDA D;;>8>6AH 6C9 A:<>HA6IDGH LDJA9 A>@: ID H:: 6 3.8 E:G8:CI =>@: ID <:I H8=DDA ;JC9>C< 768@ ID A:K:AH 7:;DG: 7J9<:I 8JIH I=6I L:G: B69: >C 2011. W$ I=>C@ I=6I 6 9>H8JHH>DC L>AA I6@: EA68: G:<6G9>C< 3.8 E:G8:CI, 7JI I=: IGJI= >H I=:G: >H CDI I=: DC<D>C< ;JC9>C< 6K6>A67A: ID <:I ID I=6I CJB7:G,X H6>9 .:C6I: (6?DG>IN ':69:G />B -6K: (--B6AI>8). W2: L:G: AJ8@N ID <:I ID 3 E:G8:CI L>I= I=: >C;AJM D; I=: $70 B>AA>DC :MIG6 DC:-I>B: BDC:N 6C9 H=DJA9 BDK: ;DGL6G9.X -6K: 699H I=6I >; C:6G I=: :C9 D; I=: H:HH>DC A:<>HA6IDGH 9>H8DK:G I=6I I=: HI6I:YH ;>C6C8>6A E>8IJG: >H GDH>:G I=6C 6CI>8>E6I:9, I=: 9>H8JHH>DC ID 8DCH>9:G 6 H8=DDA-6>9 >C8G:6H: <G:6I:G I=6C 3 E:G8:CI 8DJA9 7: >CI:CH>;>:9. #DJH: (>CDG>IN ':69:G B:GC>: #JC=D;; (D-46C@IDC) HJEEDGIH 6 3.8 E:G8:CI >C8G:6H: ;DG :9J86I>DC ;JC9>C<. WA 7>E6GI>H6C HJBB:G HIJ9N D; A6LB6@:GH G:8DBB:C9:9 6 3.8 E:G8:CI >C8G:6H:. /=6IYH 6;;DG967A: 6C9 $ HJEEDGI I=: HJBB:G HIJ9N G:EDGI,X #JC=D;; H6>9. A A:<>HA6I>K: >CI:G>B 8DBB>II:: HIJ9N>C< H8=DDA ;JC9>C< A6HI ;6AA G:8DBB:C9:9 6 3.8 E:G8:CI >C8G:6H: >C :9J86I>DC ;JC9>C< DC 6C 8-7 KDI:. (:6CL=>A:, I=: 8DCIGDK:GHN I=6I 9:K:ADE:9 A6HI N:6G DK:G HI6I:->CKDAK:9 ;JC9>C< 6C9 HJEEDGI ;DG I=: 76C@GJEI:9 7::; E68@>C< EA6CI >C A7:G9::C L>AA 9G6L 6II:CI>DC ;GDB A:<>HA6IDGH >C I=: 8DB>C< L::@H. ,J:HI>DCH 6AHD HJG;68:9 67DJI I=: HI6I:YH >CKDAK:B:CI >C 6 ;:9:G6A EGD<G6B ID G:8GJ>I ;DG:><C >CK:HIDGH, I=: B5 K>H6 EGD<G6B. W/=: B5 EGD<G6B >H DCAN E6GI D; I=: ;>6H8D I=6I L:YG: ;68>C<,X #JC=D;; H6>9. W/=: >C=:G:CI ;6>AJG: D; DJG IG>8@A:-9DLC :8DCDB>8 9:K:ADEB:CI E=>ADHDE=N >H 7:>C< :MEDH:9 >C 7>IH 6C9 E>:8:H. /D G:HIDG: 8DC;>9:C8: 6C9 :CHJG: I=6I L: =6K: EDA>8>:H 6C9 EGD<G6BH <:6G:9 IDL6G9 =:AE>C< .DJI= D6@DI6CH, L: C::9 6C :M=6JHI>K: 6C9 >C9:E:C9:CI 6J9>I.X -:EJ7A>86C A:<>HA6IDGH L6CI ID L6>I ;DG I=: G:HJAIH D; K6G>DJH DC<D>C< ;>C6C8>6A >CK:HI><6I>DCH >CKDAK>C< I=: "DK:GCDGYH *;;>8: D; 8DCDB>8 D:K:ADEB:CI 7:;DG:
B6@>C< 6CN ;JGI=:G 9:8>H>DCH. W2: L>AA 699G:HH I=6I >HHJ: L=:C I=: 0... 6IIDGC:N ;>C>H=:H =>H >CK:HI><6I>DC 6C9 L: =6K: 6AA I=: >C;DGB6I>DC >C =6C9 ID B6@: HJG: L: 6G: B6@>C< :9J86I:9 9:8>H>DCH 67DJI 6CN >HHJ:H,X -6K: H6>9. W/D 9D 6CNI=>C< 7:;DG: L: =6K: 6AA I=: 6J9>IH 6C9 >CK:HI><6I>DCH 6G: 8DBEA:I: LDJA9 EGD767AN CDI 7: EGD9J8I>K:.X
':<>HA6IDGH 6AHD L6CI ID HI:E JE I=:>G GDA: >C I=: HI6I: 7J9<:I EGD8:HH. /=:N 6G: EGDEDH>C< I=6I I=: <DK:GCDG EG:H:CI =>H EGDEDH:9 7J9<:I ID I=: A:<>HA6IJG: I=G:: L::@H :6GA>:G. )DL I=: <DK:GCDG EG:H:CIH =>H 7J9<:I >C I=: ;>GHI ;:L L::@H D; D:8:B7:G. ':<>HA6IDGH 6AHD L6CI I=: <DK:GCDGYH 7J9<:I D;;>8: ID E6N 6II:CI>DC ID G:8DBB:C96I>DCH D; I=:
':<>HA6IJG: +A6CC>C< CDBB>II:: 6C9 EG:H:CI 6 ADC<-I:GB ;>C6C8>6A EA6C 6CCJ6AAN ID I=: A:<>HA6IJG:. B>AAH I=6I 6G: >CIGD9J8:9 6C9 LDG@ 7:>C< 9DC: 7N A:<>HA6I>K: 8DBB>II::H 6C9 8=6B7:GH 86C 7: IG68@:9 DC I=: .DJI= D6@DI6 ':<>HA6I>K: -:H:6G8= CDJC8>AYH L:7H>I:. CDCI68I >C;DGB6I>DC ;DG 6AA A:<>HA6IDGH 6AHD >H DC I=: L:7H>I:.
Page 8
)74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C = J0=D0AH 22, 2014
B>35= ;>>E +FA5= +:AIQ *3@5: *A67A 8;7>6 E7F
/=: BA68@ #>AAH .ID8@ .=DLZ -6C8= -D9:D L>AA ;:6IJG: 63 I:6BH 8DBE:I>C< ;DG I=: 8DK:I:9 I>IA: D; BA68@ #>AAH .ID8@ .=DL -6C8= -D9:D C=6BE>DCH.T W/=>H >H I=: H:8DC9 BDHI :CIG>:H L: =6K: :K:G =69 ;DG I=: DG><>C6A -6C8= -D9:D 6I I=: BA68@ #>AAH .ID8@ .=DLZX, H6NH &:K>C .8=B>9I, 8=6>G D; I=: -6C8= -D9:D CDBB>II::.T /=: EG:K>DJH G:8DG9 ;DG :CIG>:H L6H 70 ;DG A6HI N:6GYH H=DL.T /=: BA68@ #>AAH .ID8@ .=DLZ -6C8= -D9:D >H 6 IGJ: I:HI D; L=D >H I=: 7:HI 8DL7DN H>C8: I=: 8DBE:I>IDGH 8DBE:I: >C G6C8= A>@: 8=DG:H 7JI 6I 7G:6@C:8@ HE::9. /=: EG:A>B>C6GN :K:CIH L>AA 7:<>C /J:H96N, !:7. 4I= 6I 8
6.B. 6I I=: %6B:H &?:GHI69 K:CI C:CI:G 6I I=: C:CIG6A .I6I:H !6>G<GDJC9H.T !>;IN-DC: D; I=: I:6BH L>AA 7: :A>B>C6I:9 >C I=: EG:A>B>C6GN GDJC9 >; I=:N 6G:CYI JE ID I=: 8=6AA:C<:.T /=: IDE 12 I:6BH L>AA 8DBEA:I: >C I=: -6C8= -D9:D !>C6AH >C 6C :;;DGI ID L>C E6GI D; BDG: I=6C $30,000 >C 86H= 6C9 EG>O:H. W2: 699:9 8=6BE>DCH=>E H699A:H A6HI N:6G 6C9 I=>H N:6G L: =6K: 699:9 6 H699A: ;DG I=: 7:HI =DGH:,X .8=B>9I H6NH.T
DG6<<>C /=G:: +:G;DGB6C8: #DGH:H, I=: 9:;:C9>C< 8=6BE>DCH ;GDB B6@:G, (DCI. L>AA 7: 768@ ID IGN ID L>C I=: =6G9L6G: 6<6>C. /=>H N:6G I=: C:CIG6A .I6I:H !6>G -6C8= -D9:D C=6BE>DCH ;GDB +=>A>E '>K:HID8@ L>AA 7: 6BDC< I=: I:6BH IGN>C< ID JCH:6I I=:B.T />8@:IH 6G: 6K6>A67A: ;DG I=: DG><>C6A BA68@ #>AAH .ID8@ .=DL -6C8= -D9:D 6I I=: B#.. *;;>8: DG DCA>C: 6ILLL.7A68@=>AAHHID8@H=DL.8DBTT
$36K $A@9:AD@E I;@ A@7, >AE7 A@7
BK #3EE;6K !@9:D3?
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
#<A63F (52 F.6A5 I;12=2;12;A <3 F<B? 05.;42 <3 .11?2@@ /23<?2 :<C6;4 <? .@ >B6089F .@ =<@@6/92, @< .@ ;<A A< :6@@ . @6;492 6@@B2.
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C =
Page 9
$79;E>3FGD7 GB63F7
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7DI= H>9:H L:G: JC67A: ID G:68= 6 8DBEGDB>H: 6C9 6<G::9 ID HE:C9 I=: HJBB:G 6II:BEI>C< ID ;>C9 8DBBDC <GDJC9. CDBBDC-CDG: ':<>HA6I>DC: /=:G: =6H 7::C A:<>HA6I>DC >CIGD9J8:9 ID A>B>I I=: .I6I:YH 67>A>IN ID 69DEI CDBBDC-CDG: HI6C96G9H. CDBBDC CDG: HI6GI:9 DJI 6H 6 HI6I:-A:9 >C>I>6I>K: ID 7DDHI &-12 8DCI:CI HI6C96G9H 6H 6C 6AI:GC6I>K: ID I=: )D C=>A9 ':;I B:=>C9 A8I. #DL:K:G, I=:G: >H :MI:CH>K: 9:76I: 67DJI =DL I=: HI6C96G9H 6G: 68IJ6AAN 7:>C< >BEA:B:CI:9 >C H8=DDAH 6C9 9>HIG>8IH. .DJI= D6@DI6 =6H CDI 688:EI:9 6CN ;:9:G6A ;JC9>C< ;DG CDBBDC-CDG: 6C9 I=: HI6I: B6>CI6>CH I=: DEI>DC D; 69DEI>C< 8DBBDC-8DG: HI6C96G9H DG CDI. .B 62 U .:C. GC>: *II:C, -/:6, >H I=: EG>B: HEDCHDG. /=: 7>AA 86AAH ;DG 6C :K6AJ6I>DC D; CDBBDC CDG: 7N 6 25-B:B7:G 8DJC8>A I=6I LDJA9 7: 8G:6I:9. /=: 8DJC8>A LDJA9 G:EDGI >IH ;>C9>C<H CD A6I:G I=6C D:8. 1, 2015, ID I=: ':<>HA6IJG:. /=: 7>AA >C8AJ9:H 6 $100,000 6EEGDEG>6I>DC ID 8DK:G 8DHIH D; I=: :K6AJ6I>DC EGD8:HH. /=: 6EEGDEG>6I>DC B:6CH I=: 7>AA C::9H 6 ILDI=>G9H B6?DG>IN >C :68= D; I=: .:C6I: 6C9 I=: #DJH: D; -:EG:H:CI6I>K:H ;DG 6EEGDK6A. .B 63 U *II:C >H I=: EG>B: HEDCHDG. /=>H 7>AA H::@H ID A>B>I I=: >C;DGB6I>DC 8DAA:8I:9 7N I=: HI6I: D:E6GIB:CI D; 9J86I>DC 67DJI HIJ9:CIH 6C9 <G6CI 8DC;>9:CI>6A HI6IJH ID DI=:G >C;DGB6I>DC 67DJI >C9>K>9J6A HIJ9:CIH. .B 64 U *II:C >H I=: EG>B: HEDCHDG. /=>H 7>AA LDJA9 6AADL 8JGG:CI CDBBDC CDG: HI6C96G9H ID I6@: :;;:8I 7JI LDJA9 G:FJ>G: 699>I>DC6A =:6G>C<H 7N I=: HI6I: BD6G9 D; 9J86I>DC 7:;DG: 69DEI>C< DI=:GH. B-5 +GD<G6B *K:GH><=I: /=:G: L>AA A>@:AN 7: :MI:CH>K: 9:76I: 67DJI L=6I 699>I>DC6A G:<JA6I>DCH, >; 6CN, I=: HI6I: H=DJA9 >BEA:B:CI >C G:<6G9 ID I=: $BB><G6CI $CK:HIDG +GD<G6B, 6AHD @CDLC 6H W B-5X. $I >H 6 ;:9:G6A EGD<G6B 69B>C>HI:G:9 7N I=: 0. C>I>O:CH=>E 6C9 $BB><G6I>DC .:GK>8:H 6C9 L6H 8G:6I:9 7N CDC<G:HH >C 1990 ID HI>BJA6I: I=: 0... :8DCDBN I=GDJ<= ?D7 8G:6I>DC 6C9 86E>I6A >CK:HIB:CI 7N ;DG:><C >CK:HIDGH. /=:G: =6K: 6AG:69N 7::C 9:B6C9H ;DG 699>I>DC6A 6J9>I>C< 6C9 DK:GH><=I 7N I=: HI6I:. /=: ;:9:G6A >CK:HI><6I>DC >H HI>AA E:C9>C< >C G:<6G9 ID I=: )DGI=:GC B::; +A6CIYH JI>A>O6I>DC D; I=: EGD<G6B. $C 699>I>DC, I=: HI6I: >H 8DC9J8I>C< 6C :MI:GC6A G:K>:L D; "* D 7N 6 EG>K6I: 688DJCI>C< ;>GB, 6C 6J9>I 7N I=: D:E6GIB:CI D; ':<>HA6I>K: AJ9>I 6C9 6 G:K>:L 7N 688DJCI>C< ;>GB >9: B6>AAN D; "* DYH >CI:GC6A 8DCIGDA EGD8:9JG:H.T D>K>H>DC D; $CHJG6C8: -:<JA6IDGN B>AAH: /=: D>K>H>DC D; $CHJG6C8:, I=GDJ<= I=: D:E6GIB:CI D; '67DG, =6H >CIGD9J8:9 6 E68@6<: D; 7>AAH I=6I LDJA9 :ME6C9 >IH 6JI=DG>IN 6C9 >BEA:B:CI 699>I>DC6A G:<JA6I>DCH DK:G I=: >CHJG6C8: >C9JHIGN- >C8AJ9>C< JC;6>G 8A6>BH EG68I>8:.
!>=67>A=B C0:4 4C7 0C ,4BC '8E4A )>DA=0<4=C
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22= B= D6A5 F<B? 06AF, @05<<9, .;1 0<B;AF... &2.1 A52 !24.9@
Page 10 = J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C B>35= ;>>E &3F;A@3> FAD7EF FA ;D7 ,7?BAD3DK E?B>AK77E
/=: BA68@ #>AAH )6I>DC6A !DG:HI L>AA 7: =>G>C< I:BEDG6GN :BEADN::H ;DG 2014 6C9 L>AA 7: =DHI>C< DE:C =DJH:H ;DG I=: EJ7A>8 ID A:6GC 67DJI ?D7 DEEDGIJC>I>:H 8DB>C< JE I=GDJ<=DJI I=: !DG:HI. .>C8: 1905, 0. !DG:HI .:GK>8: :BEADN::H =6K: 7::C DE:G6I>C< JC9:G I=: E=>ADHDE=N >C>I>6I:9 7N I=: ;>GHI C=>:; D; I=: !DG:HI .:GK>8:, ">;;DG9 +>C8=DI, L=D 7:A>:K:9 >C "I=: <G:6I:HI <DD9 ;DG I=: <G:6I:HI CJB7:G >C I=: ADC< GJC." !DG:HI .:GK>8: 86G::GH EGDK>9: :M8>I>C< 6C9 8=6AA:C<>C< DEEDGIJC>I>:H ID 7: >CKDAK:9 >C I=: B6C6<:B:CI 6C9 EGDI:8I>DC D; I=: C6I>DC'H !DG:HIH & "G6HHA6C9H. /=: BA68@ #>AAH )6I>DC6A !DG:HI =6H 6 L>9: K6G>:INTD; I:BEDG6GN HJBB:G ?D7 DEEDGIJC>I>:H 6K6>A67A:, 6EE:6A>C< IDT7DI= DJI9DDG 6C9T>C9DDG :CI=JH>6HIH, >C8AJ9>C< >C I=: 6G:6H D; 6G8=:DAD<N, 69B>C>HIG6I>DC, =N9GDAD<N, 7DI6CN, L>A9A>;:, G:8G:6I>DC, I>B7:G, :C<>C::G>C<, ;>G: 6C9 BDG:.T W(6CN !DG:HI .:GK>8: 86G::G :BEADN::H HI6GI:9 >C I:BEDG6GN EDH>I>DCH,X H6>9 -JI= HE:G6C8:, (NHI>8 D>HIG>8I -6C<:G. W.::@>C< 6 I:BEDG6GN ?D7 >H 6 <G:6I L6N ID A:6GC 67DJI I=: DG<6C>O6I>DC 6C9 ID EG:E6G: >C9>K>9J6AH ;DG EDI:CI>6A E:GB6C:CI :BEADNB:CI.X 2DG@ AD86I>DCH DC I=: !DG:HI >C8AJ9: B:6GAD9<: -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, .JC96C8:, 24;T )DGI=:GC #>AAH -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, .E:6G;>H=, .D; (NHI>8 -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, -6E>9 C>IN, .D 6C9 #>AA C>IN, .D; #:AA C6CNDC -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, CJHI:G, .D 6C9 ):L86HIA:, 24; T.JE:GK>HDGYH *;;>8:, CJHI:G, .D. $; >CI:G:HI:9 >C LDG@>C< DC I=: BA68@ #>AAH )6I>DC6A !DG:HI, EA:6H: EA6C ID 6II:C9 DC: D; I=: =>G>C< DE:C =DJH:H. BA68@ #>AAH )6I>DC6A !DG:HI :BEADN::H L>AA 7: 6K6>A67A: ID EGDK>9: 699>I>DC6A >C;DGB6I>DC 6C9 HE:6@ L>I= >CI:G:HI:9 6EEA>86CIH. A G:EG:H:CI6I>K: L>AA 6AHD 7: 6K6>A67A: ID EGDK>9: 6HH>HI6C8: 6C9 >C;DGB6I>DC G:<6G9>C< I=: 6EEA>86I>DC EGD8:HH >C 0.A%D7H. *E:C #DJH:H: (NHI>8 -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, CDCI68I: (605) 343-1567 D6I:: /=JGH96N, %6CJ6GN 16, 5:00-7:00 E.B.; /=JGH96N, %6CJ6GN 23, 5:00-7:00 E.B. 2=:G:: (NHI>8 -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, 8221 .DJI= #><=L6N 16, -6E>9 C>IN, .D 57702. )DGI=:GC #>AAH -6C<:G D>HIG>8I; CDCI68I:T (605) 642-4622; D6I:: /J:H96N, !:7GJ6GN 4, 1:00 U 7:00 E.B. 2=:G:: )DGI=:GC #>AAH -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, 2014 ). (6>C, .E:6G;>H=, .D 57783 B:6GAD9<: -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, CDCI68I:T (307) 283-1361, D6I:: /=JGH96N, %6CJ6GN 23, 5:00 U 7:00 E.B. 2=:G:: B:6GAD9<: -6C<:G D>HIG>8I, 101 .DJI= 21HI .I., .JC96C8:, 24 82729
SUVs & Vans
2012 FORD EXPLORER XLT 4X4: Nice, one owner trade-in, well equipped . . . . . . . . . . . . . $27,995
2006 EXPLORER: Eddie Bauer, heated leather, DVD & lots more, 94,000 miles, clean . . . . . $10,995
2012 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4: Lariat pkg. with all the extras, 28K easy miles, call soon..........$33,995
PICKUPS • 4x4s • 4x2s
2013 ESCAPE SEL: Ecoboost, 4x4, heated leather, sunroof & more, 16,500 miles . . . . . . . . . . $26,995 2013 FORD EDGE LIMITED: 20,000 miles, AWD, heated leather & more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,495
1996 CHEVY SUBURBAN: 3/4 ton, 4x4, very usable . . . . . . . . . $3,995
Mid-Sized & Family-Sizes Cars
2011 RANGER SUPERCAB: 4 door, XLT, 4x4, 8,900 miles .......$22,995 2008 F-250 CREW CAB: Lariat, 4x4, 84,000 miles, V-10, good, clean rig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,995 2008 SUPERCAB 4X4 XLT: Well equipped trade, 93,000 miles, way under book. . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995 2008 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT: AT, clean, good running . . $19,995
2010 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4 XLT: Local, one owner trade-in, well equipped, 54,000 miles . . $27,995
2008 F-250 CREW CAB SHORTBOX: 72K miles, XLT, 4x4, diesel, trailer tow pkg., clean. . . . $26,995 2005 FORD RANGER EDGE: Supercab, 4x4, 5 speed, 4.0 V-6 engine, well equipped, 111,000 miles. Just traded. One owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,995 2005 DODGE DAKOTA: 4x4, V-8, SLT pkg., quad cab & more $7,995
2012 FORD FOCUS: 5 door hatchback, well equipped, 40,000 mile economy rig ......................$13,495
2013 LINCOLN MKS: Ecoboost, AWD, 16K miles, extras ....$38,495
2009 FORD TAURUS LIMITED: Sunroof, heated leather, 60,000 miles, call on this one! ......$13,895
2003 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature, 170,000 easy miles, well cared for car.................................$4,995
2010 F-350 SUPERCAB 4X4: Long box, V-10, 6 speed, XLT, 67,000 miles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,995
2009 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT: 102,000 miles . . . . . . . . . $18,495
F-150 4x4 Super Crew, XLT, longbox, 5.0 engine ~ Black F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, shortbox, Ecoboost ~ Blue F-350 4x4 Crew Cab, XLT, shortbox, 6.7 diesel ~ Blue NEW F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, Ecoboost ~ White
2013 F-150s & F-350s Nice Rebates & Discounts!
1994 FORD F-150 SUPERCAB 4X4: 5 speed, good buy . . . $3,995
2010 GRAND MARQUIS LS: Ultimate pkg., good full sized car, 63,000 miles .....................$13,995
2009 FORD FUSION SE: 4 cyl., 4 door, sunroof, 57,000 miles, clean & economical........................$12,495 2004 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature Series, very good, comfortable car, 143,000 easy miles, $1,500 under book .........................$5,495
New DCT 20 ft. Car Hauler: Tandem 3500 lb. axles ...$3,695 2005 Trailer: 2 place snowmobile, drive-on, drive-off ....................$1,995
TOLL-FREE: 1-800-658-5585 • www.murdo-ford.com
Terry Van Dam: 669-2918 • Jim Butt: 669-2881 • Travis Van Dam: 406/239-8020
(605) 669-2784 EVENINGS: 669-2881 • 669-2918 • Murdo, SD
MURDO FORD • 669-2391
18 FT. CAR TRAILER Dovetail Tandem, 3500 lb. Axles … $2,895
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 = )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C = Page
"GEF;57 EKEF7? A@ FD35= I;F: BDA9D3?E 3BBDAH76 >3EF E7EE;A@
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
2:.69 B@ .A 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
F&.8- L.:*784(0 C422.77.43 C4. (605) 967-2200
A >;9:F7D DG@ A8 53FF>7 :7D7 8AD AGD E3>7 A@ %A@63K, "3@G3DK 20, I;F: 3 EF736K FA :;9:7D ?3D=7F. A 4;9 E:AI;@9 A8 >3?4E EA>6 FA 3 H7DK EFDA@9 ?3D=7F I;F: F:7 A>67D 4D76 7I7E E7>>;@9 A@ 3 EA8F7D FD367. )70=: H>D 5>A H>DA 1DB8=4BB.
A;0= DH4 75 ......................A@9GE :7;87DE B. % & + )4=>;3 64......................1EF J 43>6K EF77DE 55 ......................... 7D78AD6 EF77DE J8< B8=60<0= 75.........................4>= & D76 EF77DE 60.........................4>= & D76 EF77DE 90.........................4>= & D76 EF77DE 'H0= "2!4;;0= 44................................4>= J EF77DE 33...............................4>= J :7;87DE !8== '0=27 23.............................A@9GE EF77DE 30............................A@9GE :7;87DE )>33 !D=314A6 16............................A@9GE :7;87DE 30 ...........................C:3D J :7;87DE 48C7 C0A<82704; 18 ......................... 7D78AD6 EF77DE 512 .............$206.50 674 .............$188.75 679 .............$183.50 758 .............$170.50 781 .............$168.00 658 .............$185.00 602 .............$198.50 545 .............$199.00 52 ...............$224.00 503 .............$200.00 561 .............$189.00 600 .............$179.00 579 .............$194.50
B8;; )7><?B>= 34 .................. 7D78AD6 EF77DE &/ !>H0; (27D;C4B 40......................A@9GE EF77DE &/ 8 .......................C:3D J EF77DE &/ 31.....................A@9GE :7;87DE &/ 14 ....................C:3D J :7;87DE &/ .................................................... ' & J A:4AB 133 ......................................>3?4E 49 ........................................>3?4E "0G "0C74FB 84 ........................................>3?4E AJ !8=3B:>E 300...............................7I7 >3?4E #D C>=B86=<4=C 110 ......................................>3?4E .................................................... BD3 !>=6 39 ................................I8 7I7E 2E 50 ................................I8 7I7E 3E 52 ................................I8 7I7E 4E 28 ................................I8 7I7E 5E J8< ,8;:4=B>= 41.............................I8 7I7E 5-6E F8B77>>: '0=27 220 ..............................I8 7I7E 6E
596 .............$178.25 512 .............$227.00 589 .............$202.00 462 .............$202.50 530 .............$185.00 .............................. 71 ...............$242.00 77 ...............$238.00 104 .............$228.00 107 .............$230.00 103 .............$231.50 .............................. D ..............$220.00 D ..............$235.00 D ..............$195.00 D ..............$195.00 D ..............$137.50 D ..............$123.00
E4.$"1(,& 400-500 !/$# " 11*$, 800-900 %$$#$/ " 11*$
K & D R-!(,0-, 7 100 A@9GE :7;87DE * 4D76 A@9GE 45 A@9GE :7;87DE A!'6 (1 63K) 53>8 3-6 35 A@9GE :7;87DE 53>8 3-28 (15 63KE) 20 A@9GE :7;87DE 53>8 4-13 (15 63KE) K & D R-!(,0-, 7 60 4>= & 4>6K 5AIE 8-10E 4D76 A@9GE 53>8 4-15 H$,#$/0-, 7 50 *76 A@9GE 5AIE F76 5AIE P /)$/ 7 50 4>= & 4>6K 5AIE F76 5AIE L$/+$,5 R ,"' 7 95 A@9GE :7;87DE * 550-625# "-,0(&,+$,1 7 85 A@9GE :7;87DE B. 650-700# M-/$ !/$# "-30 & '$(%$/0 $4.$"1$# !5 0 *$ 1(+$.
*%C$"I#G (A!E(
">=., F41. 3: #$ (A!E (B>35= ;>>E +FA5= +:AI & *A67A) ">=., F41. 10: (?4280; A4?;024<4=C 74854A, 54434A 20CC;4 & 1A43 2>F B0;4 (;4CC4= A=6DB BD;; (0;4 0C 1:00 ?< >554A8=6 70 H40A;8=6 1D;;B ">=., F41. 17: +B75;3> 4D76 5AI & 87767D 53FF>7 E3>7 ">=., F41. 24: *79G>3D 53FF>7 3@6 E:77B E3>7
G&5< #&2(* > (605) 967-2162 OR (377 #&2(* > CELL: 484-7127 OR?M&; L38,-0.2 > 1-605-645-2583 ((*00) OR G0*2 K.2, 1-605-390-3264 ((*00) $* &445*(.&7* <385 '86.2*66. G.9* 86 & (&00 &7 605-967-2200 35 :::.+&.7-0.9*673(/.(31 .+ <38 -&9* 0.9*673(/ 73 6*00. $* :380) '* ,0&) 73 9.6.7 :.7- <38.
Page 12
)74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C = J0=D0AH 22, 2014
LEGALS !24.9 #2D@=.=2? 3<? A52 C6AF <3 F.6A5 G F.6A5 '05<<9 D6@A?60A 46-2 G "2.12 C<B;AF
CA??;EE;A@7D *3GE5: N $E(C CA??;FF77 %AF;A@ 4K B7DFA>AFFA, E75A@6 4K *3GE5:. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: G. (A>;5K 8AD /D;F;@9 C:75=E 'GFE;67 A8 F:7 ,IA CA??;EE;A@ %77F;@9 D3F7E %AF;A@ FA @3?7 CA??;EE;A@ AEE;EF3@F "7DDK D7DD 3E F:7 B7DEA@ 3GF:AD;L76 FA 3BBDAH7 I3DD3@FE, I:7@ :7 3@6 F:7 AG6;FAD 677? ;F @757EE3DK, BD;AD FA 3BBDAH3> 4K F:7 BA3D6 A8 CA??;EE;A@7DE. +G5: I3DD3@FE E:3>> 47 D7BADF76 E7B3D3F7>K FA F:7 CA??;EE;A@ 3F ;FE @7JF D79G>3D>K E5:76G>76 ?77F;@9. %AF;A@ 4K &;767DI7D67D, E75A@6 4K *3GE5:. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. %AF;A@ FA 3BBA;@F 3GF:AD;L76 E;9@3FAD;7E FA 47 *A@ %7DI;@, D3H7 %G>>7D 3@6 C:7DK> CDAEE FA F:7 5A??;EE3DK 355AG@FE. %AF;A@ 4K &;767DI7D67D, E75A@6 4K B7DFA>AFFA. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: . D787DD76 CA?B7@E3F;A@ (DA9D3? 8AD .A>G@F77D F;D78;9:F7DE 3@6 A?4G>3@57 (7DEA@@7> CA??;EE;A@7D &;767DI7D67D IAG>6 >;=7 3 >7FF7D 6D38F76 3@6 E7@F FA 3>> F:7 HA>G@F77D 3?4G>3@57 3@6 8;D7 67B3DF?7@FE ;@ 3@ 788ADF FA E77= F:7;D ;@BGF A@ F:;E BDABAE3> 3@6 ?3=7 EGD7 F:7K 3D7 3I3D7 A8 F:;E ;@;F;3F;H7, 3@6 366;F;A@3>>K ;@H;F;@9 F:7? FA 5A?7 8ADI3D6 FA F:7 CA??;EE;A@ FA ?3=7 F:7 CA??;EE;A@ 3I3D7 A8 F:7;D F:AG9:FE 3@6 3@K 5A@57D@E. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: !. CA??G@;CG7E' FA CA??;EE;A@ 6. IC4<B 5A>< )A40BDA4A D;E5GEE;A@: A. B3@= D7BAE;FADK +A>;5;F3F;A@ %AF;A@ FA >73H7 43@=E F:7 E3?7 8AD F02014 3E EB75;8;76 ;@ F02013 ?AF;A@. %AF;A@ 4K &;767DI7D67D, E75A@6 4K B7DFA>AFFA. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: B. &A@ CA>>75F34>7 %A4;>7 A?7 ,3J7E %AF;A@ FA B>357 6;EFD7EE I3DD3@F #2173 A@ F:7 G@5A>>75F;4>7 >;EF. %AF;A@ 4K &;767DI7D67D, E75A@6 4K *3GE5:. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. %AF;A@ FA 67@K ?AH;@9 6;EFD7EE I3DD3@F #2214 FA F:7 G@5A>>75F;4>7 >;EF. %AF;A@ 4K 7;697D=7@, E75A@6 4K B7DFA>AFFA. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. 7. IC4<B 5A>< AD38C>A A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: A. +7F *3F7 A8 (3K 8AD E>75F;A@ /AD=7DE 8AD F02014. %AF;A@ FA 3BBDAH7 F:7 D3F7 A8 B3K 8AD 7>75F;A@ IAD=7DE ;@ 2014 3E: F;8FK DA>>3DE ($50.00) 8AD E5:AA>;@9; '@7 G@6D76 ,I7@FK-8;H7 DA>>3DE ($125.00) 8AD E>75F;A@ D3K; ,:;DFK-E7H7@ C7@FE ($.37) B7D ?;>7 8AD ?;>7397; ,7@ DA>>3DE ($10.00) 8AD E3;6 7>75F;A@ IAD=7D ;8 :7/E:7 GE7E F:7;D AI@ B:A@7 8AD 7>75F;A@ BGDBAE7E 3F F:7 BA>>;@9 835;>;FK. %AF;A@ 4K *3GE5:, E75A@6 4K B7DFA>AFFA. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA. &AF (D7E7@F 3F .AF7: &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@: B. 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D75>3D;@9 (A>>;@9 (>357E 8AD 2014 7>75F;A@ K73D %AF;A@ FA 3BBDAH7 F:7 8A>>AI;@9 BA>>;@9 B>357E 8AD %7367 CAG@FK 8AD 2014 7>75F;A@ K73D: &'*, EA+, +,-*G!+ #1A +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* EA+, +,-*G!+ #1 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* +'-, EA+, +,-*G!+ #2 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* +'-, +,-*G!+ #2A +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* CE&,*A$ +,-*G!+ #3 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* /E+, +,-*G!+ #4 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* +'-, /E+, +,-*G!+ #4A +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* &'*, /E+, +,-*G!+ #5 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* +,-*G!+ #5A +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* ,!$F'*D #6 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* A$#A$! #6A A$#A$! A$$ *-*A$ +,-*G!+ #7 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* A*%'&0 #8 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* BEA* B-,,E #9 +,-*G!+ C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* +-%%E*+E, #10 +-%%E*+E, C!,0 A$$ (!ED%'&, #11 (!ED%'&, C'%%-&!,0 G0% EA+, (!ED%'&, #12 (!ED%'&, C'%%-&!,0 G0% +'-, EA+, (!ED%'&, #13 (!ED%'&, C'%%-&!,0 G0% B$AC# A/# #14 B$AC# A/# F!*E DE(A*,%E&, *-*A$ B$AC# A/# #15 B$AC# A/# F!*E DE(A*,%E&, /E+, B$AC# A/# #16 B$AC# A/# F!*E DE(A*,%E&, .!E/F!E$D #17 &E/ -&DE*/''D C'%%. CE&,E* E$% +(*!&G+ #18 E$% +(*!&G+ A$$ CE&,*A$ B$AC# A/# #19 B$AC# A/# F!*E DE(A*,%E&, E*EF'*D #20 E*EF'*D A$$ E$# .A$E #21 .A&DE&BE*G +C ''$ E$$+/'*, #22 .A&DE&BE*G +C ''$ BA+E #23 .A&DE&BE*G +C ''$ /E+, E$# .A$E #24 .A&DE&BE*G +C ''$ / !,E '/$ #25 / !,E '/$ C'%%-&!,0 A$$ C A$# B-,,E #27 CE&,*A$ %EADE C'. C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* FA!*('!&, #29 CE&,*A$ %EADE C'. C'%%-&!,0 CE&,E* *ED '/$ #30 *&A A$$ FA!, #31 FA!, %-&!C!(A$ (!&E #33 '(A$ +C ''$ +-$( -* #35 %-D B-,,E F!*E A$$ -&!'& #40 ($A!&.!E/ A$$ %A*C-+ #41 %A*C-+ C -*C AB+E&,EE .',!&G E*+#!&E AD%!&. 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"4034 C>D=CH C><<8BB8>= "44C8=6 (,43=4B30H, J0=D0AH 8, 2014)
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97F76, A8 3 2.1% 5AEF A8 >;H;@9 36<GEF?7@F. %AF;A@ 4K 7;697D=7@, E75A@6 4K B7DFA>AFFA. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: C. +7F D3F7 A8 (3K 8AD (>3@@;@9 3@6 /776 & (7EF BA3D6E %AF;A@ FA 3BBDAH7 $100.00 B7D ?77F;@9. %AF;A@ 4K B7DFA>AFFA, E75A@6 4K 7;697D=7@. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: D. A6ABF F:7 (D;?3DK 3@6 +75A@63DK $793> (3B7DE A8 %7367 CAG@FK %AF;A@ FA 3BBDAH7 F:7 %7367 CAG@FK ,;?7E 3@6 F3;F: !@67B7@67@F 3E F:7 BD;?3DK/E75A@63DK >793> B3B7DE 8AD %7367 CAG@FK. %AF;A@ 4K &;767DI7D67D, E75A@6 4K 7;697D=7@. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: E. CA??;FF77 ABBA;@F?7@FE 8AD 2014 %AF;A@ FA 3BBA;@F #7@@7F: $77 FA 3 3K73D F7D? 8AD F:7 /776 3@6 (7EF BA3D6. %AF;A@ 4K 7;697D=7@, E75A@6 4K &;767DI7D67D. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. %AF;A@ FA D7@3?7 F:7 %7367 CAG@FK ,75:@;53> ,D3@EBADF3F;A@ CA??;FF77 FA F:7 %7367 CAG@FK *A36 3@6 BD;697 CA??;FF77 3@6 3BBA;@F 7;697D=7@ 3E 3 ?7?47D. %AF;A@ 4K A=7D, E75A@6 4K &;767DI7D67D. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. %AF;A@ FA 3BBDAH7 F:7 CA??;FF77 ABBA;@F?7@F >;EF 3E 3?7@676: 4- BA3D6 (,BD) B>35= ;>>E CAG@5;> A8 $A53> GAH7D@?7@FE M CA??;EE;A@7D *3GE5: M CA??;EE;A@7D &;767DI7D67D - A>F7D@3F7 C0<?6A>D=3 C><<8CC44 M CA??;EE;A@7D B7DFA>AFFA M CA??;EE;A@7D *3GE5: M *A@ %7DI;@ M *:73 CD3@7 M "7DDK D7DD C><<D=8CH A2C8>= M CA@@;7 BGD6;FF M CGDF;E &GB7@ E;: CA44: C>=B4AE0C8>= / )'I C>D=CH M CA??;EE;A@7D &;767DI7D67D F08C7 (C>2: (7>F M CA??;EE;A@7D &;767DI7D67D M AD>;7 G>? - (D7E;67@F GA0=C C><<8CC44 M $;E3 +5:;7887D M "7DDK D7DD M A@97>>3 +GFFA@ M &3F:3@ "39;? J>8=C F8A4/A<1D;0=24 H0I<0C/ C><<D=820C8>=B C><<8CC44 M CA??;EE;A@7D B7DFA>AFFA M CA??;EE;A@7D 7;697D=7@ M +:7D;88 *A@ %7DI;@ M C:;78 ";? BGE: M A@97>>3 +GFFA@ "4034 C>D=CH F08A B>0A3 M CA??;EE;A@7D 7;697D=7@ M CA??;EE;A@7D &;767DI7D67D M #7>>K #7887>7D - (D7E;67@F M .( M ,3??K #7887>7D - ,D73EGD7D M .A@63 A@67DEA@ - +75D7F3DK M $73@@7 +5:?;6F M *A5:7>>7 +5:G>FL M "35CG7 $3?B:7D7 M ,35K $3@97?7;7D "4034 C>D=CH H>DB8=6 & '434E4;>?<4=C M BD7FF $K@3EE - C:3;D?3@ (F7D? 7@6E 12/31/14)
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A@ FAD7EF +7DH;57 $3@6E %AF;A@ FA ;EEG7 BD7EE D7>73E7 3E 6D38F76 3@6 3?7@676. %AF;A@ 4K &;767DI7D67D, E75A@6 4K *3GE5:. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: G. +7F 1EF *736;@9 8AD (DABAE76 C:3@97E FA 'D6;@3@57 11 %AF;A@ ?367 FA E7F 8;DEF D736;@9 8AD F74. 12, 2014 @ 1(%. %AF;A@ 4K B7DFA>AFFA, E75A@6 4K *3GE5:. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. 14. C>=B4=C C0;4=30A A5F;A@, D;E5GEE;A@: A. %AF;A@ FA ABBDAH7 CA@E7@F C3>7@63D %AF;A@ FA 3BBDAH7 ;F7?E A@ 5A@E7@F 53>7@63D. %AF;A@ 4K 7;697D=7@, E75A@6 4K *3GE5:. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F), %;@GF7E: B. D757?47D 3, 2103 %;@GF7E A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F), %;@GF7E: C. D757?47D 5, 2013 %;@GF7E A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F), %;@GF7E: D. D757?47D 23, 2013 %;@GF7E A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F): E. AG6;FAD'E *7BADF/,D73EGD7D'E *7BADF A*DI)$''( ACC$*#) ,I)H C$*#). )'EA(*'E' ,A F:7 A@AD34>7 BA3D6 A8 CAG@FK CA??;EE;A@7DE %7367 CAG@FK: ! :7D74K EG4?;F F:7 8A>>AI;@9 D7BADF A8 ?K 7J3?;@3F;A@ A8 F:7 53E: 3@6 53E: ;F7?E ;@ F:7 :3@6E A8 F:7 CAG@FK ,D73EGD7D A8 F:;E CAG@FK 3E A8 "3@G3DK 1, 2014. ,AF3> 3?AG@F A8 67BAE;FE ;@ 43@=E N 18,911.52 ,AF3> 3?AG@F A8 35FG3> 53E: N 4,240.00 ,AF3> 3?AG@F A8 5:75=E 3@6 6D38FE ;@ ,D73EGD7D'E BAEE7EE;A@ @AF 7J5776;@9 F:D77 (3) 63KE N 26,367.81 !,E%!1ED $!+, 'F A$$ !,E%+, C EC#+, 3@6 D*AF,+ / !C A.E BEE& !&, E ,*EA+-*E*'+ ('++E++!'& '.E* , *EE (3) DA0+: (AEF397 N 1,949.31 CD/+3H;@9E N 302,919.31 (;A@77D B3@= N $302,919.31 F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= +B75;3> C:75=;@9 N 66,615.43 F3D?7DE +F3F7 B3@= N 15,355.70 F;DEF ,DGEF N 0.00 F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= +3H;@9E N 0.00 F>7J A55AG@F N 29,122.50 (BG7@ 2 N 9,177.83
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C =
Page 13
(B/3DD3@F 2 N 1,770,421.74 55 B7@6;@9 N 3,474.34 !@EG88. FG@6E N 1,930.88 ,',A$ N 2,248,537.06 A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F): F. *79;EF7D A8 D776E *7BADF !@ F:7 3?AG@F A8 $22,974.50. A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F): G. C>3;?E 8AD (3K?7@F (A!A'IE(: CA??;EE;A@7DE $6955.00, AG6;FAD - $12154.49, ,D73EGD7D N $24165.31, +F3F7E AFFAD@7K $29722.67, %3;@F7@3@57 $26555.38, D;D75FAD A8 ECG3>;L3F;A@ $43206.57, *79;EF7D A8 D776E $13187.61, .7F +H5/E? %9?F $3995.83, * N $8491.91, +:7D;88 N $94005.78, "3;> N $78912.93, F;D7 (DAF75F;A@ N $5560.08, CAG@FK &GDE7 N $4574.12, /776 & (7EF N $7653.73, ;9:I3K N $86680.22, +@AI *7?AH3> N $291.60, CA??G@;53F;A@E N $29141.14 E-%E#(E( B. DE%A')"E#): C$""I((I$#E'(: * 7;697D=7@ N $77.70, GG@67DEA@ (3>?7D N $945.00, F3;F: !@6. N $296.19, D7BF A8 $79;E>3F;H7 AG6;F N $15890.65, G &;767DI7D67D N $162.80, ,:A?EA@ *7GF7DE N $88.50, B /G N $512.76, A A=7D N $87.29, #@A>A9K N $.88, +%D$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $205.00 E!EC)I$#(: +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $14.00 J*DICIA! (.()E": # ,:A?BEA@ N $781.20, (7@@ CA. +:7D;88 N $1968.00 A*DI)$': #@A>A9K N $.61, )G;>> N $118.34, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $412.00 )'EA(*'E': C;FK A8 F3;F: N $167.11, #@A>A9K N $5.46, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $808.00 C$"%*)E': #@A>A9K $229.99 ()A)EN( A))$'#E.: A>;63K !@@ N $247.38, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 N $19.99, # %35= N $22.80, C 3D=;@E N $55.10, #@A>A9K N $7.62, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $797.00 AB*(ED & #EG!EC)ED CHI!D: /;>67 & G@F N $226.49 !A, !IB'A'.: $7J;E-&7J;E N $336.00, ,:A?EA@ *7GF7DE N $354.00 C$*') A%%$I#)ED A))$'#E.: # ,:A?BEA@ N $1696.86, " +F;7>AI N $2638.77, " ;>B7DF N $6600.56, /;>67 & G@F N $360.64, GD7K $3I N $234.80, * 3;H3>3 N $5312.45, * K?3@E N $9129.81 GE#E'A! G$+E'#"E#) B!DG: B (&$ N $4344.38, AD! N $671.23, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $563.41, +:7DI;@ /;>>;3?E N $147.83, #A@7 N $955.93, CB N $347.12, BAD67D +F3F7E E>75FD;5 N $71.40, "A:@EFA@ 3D6I3D7 N $16.06, #@A>A9K N $1322.00, %7@3D6E N $31.97, +FGD9;E /3F7D N $1939.43, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $10894.00 DI'EC)$' $F E&*A!I/A)I$#/ %&/: F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $908.65, #@A>A9K N $4.96, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $9335.00, D7>> N $3036.88, CB N $195.82 'EGI()E' $F DEED(: #@A>A9K N $1.49, *GE:?AD7 '88;57 N $59.89, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $458.00 +E)E'A# (E'+ICE: #@A>A9K N $3.89, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $67.50 I#(*'A#CE & B$#DI#G: +D (G4>;5 AEEGD A>>;3@57 N $42352.47, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $8687.00, +D (G4>;5 AEEGD A>>;3@57 N $270.00 H*"A# 'E($*'CE(: F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $241.23, /7>>?3D= F>7J B7@78;FE N $271.40, #@A>A9K N $2.64, )G;>> N $18.29, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $284.00 (HE'IFF: F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $889.27, $7J;E&7J;E N $5069.00, ,:A?EA@ *7GF7DE N $265.50, B>35= 3I= F;D7 D7BF N $4800.00, #@A>A9K N $178.82, %;6 +F3F7E 'D93@;L76 N $150.00, +F3F7 ,D73E N $100.00, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $25195.00, CB N $4878.90 JAI!: AD?EFDA@9 EJF. N $147.96, FAAF:;>>E A?7 %76;53> N $24.00, /3>?3DF CA??. N $22.56, CD/ GAHF N $2011.38, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $1381.30, -+ FAA6 +7DH;57 N $4182.27, +FGD9;E *79;A@3> N $312.47, E3DF:-
9D3;@E N $617.34, C3E:-/3 N $2453.20, +KE5A %A@F3@3 N $2348.60, C:3FEIADF: G>AH7E N $985.87, F3>> *;H7D CAG@FK N $69.00, !@?3F7 +7DH;57E N $1200.00, #@A>A9K N $4.64, %AAD7 %76;53> N $781.29, %;65A@F;@7@F 5A??. N $58.27, +3?OE N $146.28, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $20432.00 24/7 ($B'IE). %'$G'A": 24/7 +A4D;7FK (DA9 N $454.00 JDC: /+D"DC N $12240.00 ")# %I#E BEE)!E: A=7D /AA6E N $7898.80 FI'E,I(E: +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $23402.00, CB N $358.91, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $652.01 (*%%$') $F )HE %$$': &A &3?7 C;FK C3?B9DAG@6 N $700.00 "E#)A! I!!#E(( B$A'D: ,:GD?3@ $3I N $184.10, *C *79;A@3> AEB;F3> N $620.96, AG6D3 %3>5A?4 N $1973.22, (7@@ CA. +F3F7E AFFK. N $215.00, 03@=FA@ CA. +:7D;88 N $25.00 "E#)A!!. I!!: +F3F7 ,D73E. N $1811.63 E"E'GE#C. "A#AGE"E#): B (&$ N $149.72, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $106.16, #@A>A9K N $.07, #*C+ N $40.00, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $67.50, /7EF *;H7D E>75FD;5 N $96.51 D$"E()IC AB*(E: CD;E;E !@F7DH7@F;A@ N $1135.00 HIGH,A.: ,I;>;9:F F;DEF N $221.85, +FGD9;E &3B3 N $93.75, B (&$ N $1120.31, +D +F3F7 ,D73E N $367.64, BGF>7D %35:;@7DK N $241.97, C:D;E +GBB>K N $9.14, #;7887D +3@;F3F;A@ N $53.21, D3=AF3 B3FF7DK N $196.28, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $57.31, A&A AGFA +3>H397 N $4500.00, "A:@ D77D7 F;@3@5;3> N $2981.80, CB N $4553.83, CB N $3775.34, F3EF7@3> N $218.75, GD3@6 E>75FD;5 N $85.00, GA68D7K BD3=7 N $4675.00, /39@7D $3@6 N $347.13, CA@FD35FAD +GBB>K N $1229.59, +5AFF (7F7DEA@ N $3939.84, .7D?77D ;9: (>3;@E N $69.40, &74D3E=3 +3>F N $7290.37, !@>3@6 ,DG5= (3DFE N $721.78, G 3D?A@ N $4.44, %5G3E (DAB3@7 N $909.93, "A:@EFA@ 3D6I3D7 N $49.43, (7D=;@E CAG@FK IK N $1822.50, #@A>A9K N $136.82, $K>7 +;9@E N $167.01, 'O*7;>>K AGFA N $141.86, $;9:F & +;D7@ N $1148.54, 'I7@E N $305.40, A63?E N $77.09, *3B;6 D7>;H7DK N $14.40, +7DH3>> -@;8AD? N $327.72, +:77:3@ %35= N $134.59, +FGD9;E /3F7D N $116.14, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $39506.00, ,AI@ @ CAG@FDK N $91.99, /7EF *;H7D E>75FD;5 N $227.94, /:;E>7D B73D;@9 N $42.92, /7EF7D@ CA??. N $28.00 (#$, 'E"$+A!: , & % $A9 3G>;@9 N $11865.00 C$""*#ICA)I$#(: BGFF7 E>75FD;5 N $141.86, GA>67@ /7EF ,7>7 N $592.19, #@A>A9K N $.03, C +:3H7D N $1500.00, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $835.00 C$*#). #*'(E: +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $150.00, +F3F7 ,D73E. N $2060.00 C$*#). E-)E#(I$# $FFICE: F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $112.11, D3=AF3 BGE;@7EE C7@F7D N $37.20, #@A>A9K N $2.15, CB N $40.96, *GE:?AD7 '88;57 N $13.99 ($I! C$#(E'+A)I$#: ,D;-CAG@FK CA@E. N $15000.00 ,EED & %E(): B (&$ N $116.51, F;DEF !@F7DEF3F7 B3@= N $68.69, +D%$ /AD=7DE CA?B N $3793.00, +FGD9;E 03?3:3 N $572.93, "A:@EFA@OE 3D6I3D7 N $26.99, #@A>A9K N $53.64, %5G3E (DAB3@7 N $920.63, +7DH3>> N $38.06, *GE:?AD7 '88;57 N $27.00 +A'I$*( F*#D(: &ADI7EF B3@=, ?3F5:;@9 +A5;3> +75GD;FK N $34074.92, +D *7F;D7?7@F +KEF7?, ?3F5:;@9 D7F;D7?7@F N $29326.63, 5AG@FK E:3D7 A8 :73>F: 3@6 >;87 ;@EGD3@57 N $85141.92. A5F;A@ (CA@E7@F): . (7DEA@@7> A5F;A@E D424<14A 2013 %0HA>;; C70=64B E<?;>H44, A2C8>=, E5542C8E4 B7D9?3@, +., $A@97H;FK FA $19.28/ :AGD, 11/26/13
B>3=7?3@, "., *3;E7 FA $16.61/:AGD, 11/26/13 C:>74AD36, #., *3;E7 FA $6,352.67/ ?A@F:, 11/26/13 CDAEE, C., ,D3@E87D FA +75D7F3DK !! @ $16.40/:AGD, 11/26/13 CDAI@, D., *3;E7/$A@97H;FK FA $19.09/:AGD, 11/26/13 #@;9:F, ,., *3;E7 FA $15.98/:AGD, 11/26/13 -D43@;3=, "., (DA?AF;A@ FA +75D7F3DK !! @ $14.29/:AGD, 11/26/13 2014 ,064B, E5542C8E4, 12/26/2013 A=7D, A., $1,267.06/?A@F:, 12/26/13 A>3@, C., $16.28/:AGD, 12/26/13 A>3@, #., $12.02/:AGD, 12/26/13 A@67DE, C., $19.90/:AGD, 12/26/13 A@67DEA@, $., $16.30/:AGD, 12/26/13 A@6D7IE, +., $15.02/:AGD, 12/26/13 AB>3@, D., $15.28/:AGD, 12/26/13 AE:7;?, E., $19.17/:AGD, 12/26/13 AH7D;>>, C., $21.90/:AGD, 12/26/13 B768AD6, ,., $18.68/:AGD, 12/26/13 B7D9>G@6, D., $19.92/:AGD, 12/26/13 B7D9?3@, +., $19.67/:AGD, 12/26/13 B7DFA>AFFA, *., $1,267.06/?A@F:, 12/26/13 B>3=7?3@, "., $16.96/:AGD, 12/26/13 BA36I;@7, +., $5,360.25/?A@F:, 12/26/13 BAD67IK=, %., $4,840.26/?A@F:, 12/26/13 BAEFDA?, D., $23.94/:AGD, 12/26/13 BD3F>3@6, $., $19.42/:AGD, 12/26/13 BD7@9>7, %., $15.13/:AGD, 12/26/13 BG7@A, %., $15.13/:AGD, 12/26/13 BG>3G, E., $20.17/:AGD, 12/26/13 BDK3@, #., $14.69/:AGD, 12/26/13 C:38877, #., $6,927.41/?A@F:, 12/26/13 C:>74AD36, #., $5,944.35/?A@F:, 12/26/13 C>7>3@6, #., $13.62/:AGD, 12/26/13 C>7>3@6, $., $14.34/:AGD, 12/26/13 CAAB7D, %., $15.98/:AGD, 12/26/13 CD3@7, *., $5,042/?A@F:, 12/26/13 CD776, D., $100/?A@F:, 12/26/13 CDAEE, C., $16.72/:AGD, 12/26/13 CDAI@, D., $19.49/:AGD, 12/26/13 CG??;@E, A., $18.70/:AGD, 12/26/13 D73H7D, D., $5,360.25/?A@F:, 12/26/13 D7?BE7K, +., $17.60/:AGD, 12/26/13 D7@@;E, C., $17.79/:AGD, 12/26/13 D7DD, "., $5,378.53/?A@F:, 12/26/13 D7KA, C., $24.19/:AGD, 12/26/13 DDABB7DE, %., $18.99/:AGD, 12/26/13 DDABB7DE, ,., $12.75/:AGD, 12/26/13 E;J7@47D97D, G., $17.63/:AGD, 12/26/13 F;E5:435:, D., $100/?A@F:, 12/26/13 F;E5:7D, D., $18.24/:AGD, 12/26/13 F;E:, D., $18.04/:AGD, 12/26/13 F;FLB3FD;5=, .., $19.03/:AGD, 12/26/13 F>7E@7D, %., $18.92/:AGD, 12/26/13 FAD6, +., $17.63/:AGD, 12/26/13 FADD7EF7D, #., $6,422.68/?A@F:, 12/26/13 FAI>7D, $., $14.69/:AGD, 12/26/13 FD;5=7>, +., $15.84/:AGD, 12/26/13 GAA6DA, %., $12.02/:AGD, 12/26/13 3D?A@, GD., $19.91/:AGD, 12/26/13 3D?A@, "., $17.09/:AGD, 12/26/13 3D@7D, +., $20.15/:AGD, 12/26/13 3EF, #., $17.79/:AGD, 12/26/13 7;697D=7@, *., $1,267.06/?A@F:, 12/26/13 7@6D;5=E, "., $19.92/:AGD, 12/26/13 7@6D;5=EA@, %., $17.79/:AGD, 12/26/13 A>L7D, "., $14.34/:AGD, 12/26/13 AEF7FF7D, "., $20.17/:AGD, 12/26/13 AF5:=;EE, ,., $100/?A@F:, 12/26/13 AH7@, B., $15.13/:AGD, 12/26/13 G>?, %., $18.17/:AGD, 12/26/13 G?B:D7K, (., $20.41/:AGD, 12/26/13 G@F, C., $17.79/:AGD, 12/26/13 G@F, G3., $4,334.45/?A@F:, 12/26/13 G@F, GD., $20.17/:AGD, 12/26/13 GEFA@, +., $15.57/:AGD, 12/26/13 "39;?, &., $4,271.95/?A@F:, 12/26/13 "7@E7@, ,., $19.83/:AGD, 12/26/13 C>=C8=D43 >= =4GC ?064
Page 14
= )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C = J0=D0AH 22, 2014
LEGALS !24.9 #2D@=.=2? 3<? A52 C6AF <3 F.6A5 G F.6A5 '05<<9 D6@A?60A 46-2 G "2.12 C<B;AF
5;>;3F;A@E 6;6 @AF 43>3@57 FA F:7 97@7D3> >7697D 53E: 3?AG@FE D75AD676. '42><<4=30C8>=: /7 D75A??7@6 F:3F F:7 43@= D75A@5;>;3F;A@E 47 5A?B>7F76 I;F:;@ F:7 E3?7 355AG@F;@9 EKEF7? 3E F:7 97@7D3> >7697D 355AG@FE FA 7@EGD7 3>> FD3@E35F;A@E 3D7 BDAB7D>K D75AD676 3@6 FD35=76 I;F:;@ F:7 97@7D3> >7697D EKEF7?. /7 3>EA D75A??7@6 F:3F EA?7A@7 E:AG>6 47 D7H;7I;@9 F:7 43@= D75A@5;>;3F;A@E A@ 3 ?A@F:>K 43E;E F:3F 6A7E @AF 5A?B>7F7 F:7 D75A@5;>;3F;A@E, FA 7@EGD7 3>> ;F7?E 3D7 BDAB7D>K D75AD676 3@6 ?3F5: I:3F ;E D75AD676 A@ F:7 D;EFD;5FOE 8;@3@5;3> EF3F7?7@FE. +;@57 F:7 D;EFD;5FOE 43>3@57 EF;>> :3E 3@ ;??3F7D;3> 6;887D7@57 3F K73D-7@6 I7 D75A??7@6 F:7 D;EFD;5F 3DD3@97 8AD EA?7A@7 FA ;@H7EF;93F7 F:7 H3D;3@57 3@6 5ADD75F 3@K 6;E5D7B3@5K. E/E: E;67 B3;>>K $$( CA@EG>F3@FE 3@6 C7DF;8;76 (G4>;5 A55AG@F3@FE (G4>;E:76 "3@G3DK 22 & 29, 2014 8AD 3 FAF3> 3BBDAJ;?3F7 5AEF A8 $81.21
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/;>FE, ,., $5,697.76/?A@F:, 12/26/13 /AA6E, ,., $19.67/:AGD, 12/26/13 1G7D5:7D, /., $19.42/:AGD, 12/26/13 15. A39>DA= A5F;A@, (DA576GD3>: A. A6<AGD@ F:7 %77F;@9 %AF;A@ FA 36<AGD@ F:7 ?77F;@9. %AF;A@ 4K 7;697D=7@, E75A@6 4K &;767DI7D67D. F;@3> *7EA>GF;A@: %AF;A@ C3DD;7E. 073: 7;697D=7@, *3GE5:, A=7D, B7DFA>AFFA, &;767DI7D67D. A((*'.ED: 222222222222222222222222 A>3@ A=7D, C:3;D?3@ A,,E+,:22222222222222222222222 $;E3 +5:;7887D, AG6;FAD (G4>;E:76 "3@G3DK 22, 2014 3F F:7 3BBDAJ;?3F7 FAF3> 5AEF A8 $349.91
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(G4>;E: "3@G3DK 22 & 29, 2014 8AD 3BBDAJ;?3F7 5AEF A8 $18.18
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,:7 8A>>AI;@9 A88;57E I;>> 475A?7 H353@F 6G7 FA F:7 7JB;D3F;A@ A8 F:7 BD7E7@F F7D? A8 A88;57 A8 F:7 7>75F;H7 A88;57D: CAG@5;> %7?47D N AF $3D97 - 2 K73D F7D? CAG@5;> %7?47D N AF $3D97 N 2 K73D F7D? CAG@5;> %7?47D N AF $3D97 N 2 K73D F7D? CAG@5;> %7?47D N /3D6 '@7 N 1 K73D F7D? &A?;@3F;@9 B7F;F;A@E 8AD F:7E7 E73FE ?3K 47 8;>76 ;@ F:7 A88;57 A8 F:7 F;@3@57 '88;57D 4K 3@K D79;EF7D76 HAF7D A8 F:7 C;FK A8 F3;F: 3F F:7 F3;F: CA??G@;FK C7@F7D, F3;F:, +D 47FI77@ F:7 :AGDE A8 7:30 A.%. 3@6 4:00 (.%., %+,, 479;@@;@9 F:7 31EF 63K A8 "3@G3DK, 2014 3@6 @AF >3F7D F:3@ F:7 28F: 63K A8 F74DG3DK, 2014 3F 5:00 (.%., %+,. D744;7 BDAI@, F;@3@57 '88;57D C;FK A8 F3;F: (G4>;E:76 "3@G3DK 15 & 22, 2014 8AD 3@ BBDAJ;?3F7 5AEF A8 $18.85
J0=D0AH 22, 2014 J )74 F08C7 I=34?4=34=C =
Page 15
22= B= D6A5 F<B? 06AF, @05<<9, .;1 0<B;AF H &2.1 A52 !24.9@
Home: (605) 837-2945 Cell: (605) 381-5568 WBackhoe WTrenching WTire Tanks WVacuum Excavation WCobett Waters WDirectional Boring
2:.69 B@ .A 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
Excavation work of ALL types!
Brent Peters
Located in Kadoka, SD
3T #" B",,"* C#($ " P* a$*$" Oa+$+ Ma%% PH: 605-967-2622 4 Fa$,#, S D
B&0*6< .7 +*&896.3,
4 (4938 +6478*) 143, /4-37
$C /DLC & DJEG:: $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? $C CDJCIN $34.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *JI D; CDJCIN $39.00 + 47,*4 ;*? *JI D; .I6I: $39.00
+* BDM 38 Q !6>I=, .D 57626 +=: 605-967-2161 !A3 605-967-2160
/=: !6>I= $C9:E:C9:CI
P64)9(* 5*(.&1
B64((41. $1.99 & '93(P1&3 &-*&) > 46)*6 <496 95*6 B4;1 86&<7 +642 97
Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser OPTOMETRISTS
F.6A5 C96;60 1'(J3&D +ED#E'DA-' $F (HE "$#(H %H: 967-2644 1-800-648-0760
910 H.?:<; 'A
J-1 Cake!
A$ailable fo all occa!ion!
Dusty’s Tire Service PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck & machinery tire repairs call Dusty. Leave a message if no answer
Bi "hda%! G ad#a"ion! Anni$e !a % - Wedding! Call Diane Fee!
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
! :3H7 FG47E & ?AEF 5A??A@ F;D7E A@ :3@6 & 53@ AD67D ;@ 3@K F;D7 A8 KAGD 5:A;57.
605-748-2210 o 2244
&.C2992AA2 %B/9. I;0. +2 <332? . 0<:=92A2 0<::2?06.9 =?6;A6;4 @2?C602 ... G BB@6;2@@ C.?1@ G !2AA2?52.1@ G E;C29<=2@ G B?<05B?2@ G $33602 F<?:@ G A;1 "<?2! (52 F.6A5 I;12=2;12;A %H: (605) 967-2161 $& FA,: 967-2160 2-:.69: 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
&.C2992AA2 %B/9. I;0. '.A# (EAGE' +2 <332? . 0<:=92A2 0<::2?06.9 C4;;: (605) 441-7465 =?6;A6;4 @2?C602 ... F0G: (605) 859-2766 AH0=B4064A@7>C<08;.2>< G BB@6;2@@ C.?1@ G !2AA2?52.1@ G E;C29<=2@ G B?<05B?2@ %HI!I% "$)$', I#C. G $33602 F<?:@ G A;1 "<?2! (52 F.6A5 I;12=2;12;A BDB. (605) 859-2585 >A 1-800-859-5557 %H: (605) 967-2161 $& 101 ,. $0: (C., %$ B>G 816 %78;8?, (D 57567-0816 FA,: 967-2160 C'/50*$/ 6 D-#&$ R + 6 F-/#-L(,"-*, 2-:.69: 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
Bogue & Bogue Law offices
E+%c B)#.! C$!+2& La.+!(3 B)#.! 416 S Ma%( S-., Fa%-$, SD 967-2529 )+ 365-5171 H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 '$. W & 3 '$. N )! H)0 -, SD
E+/$*. R *a$,/Ma$(. (a(c H1d,a/&$c- - A/C - T$, Ca, & L$"#. T,/c% T$, S#)*: 605-985-5007 C &&: 605-441-1168 C ,.$!$ d D$ - & T c# ##, *a$,@"0.c.( .
For all your Real Estate Needs call Kevin Jensen 381-4272
Black Hills land, homes and businesses. With values and honesty born and bred in Faith, trust Kevin Jensen to help you solve your real estate questions.
WEST RIVER CABLE TELEVISION .:GK>C< I=: IDLC D; !6>I=, .D 1-888-411-5651 B>HDC, .D
Ke$in Jen!en %o# f iend in eal e!"a"e Exit Realty, Rapid City &.C2992AA2 %B/9. I;0. +2 <332? . 0<:=92A2 0<::2?06.9 =?6;A6;4 @2?C602 ... G BB@6;2@@ C.?1@ G !2AA2?52.1@ G E;C29<=2@ G B?<05B?2@ G $33602 F<?:@ G A;1 "<?2! (52 F.6A5 I;12=2;12;A %H: (605) 967-2161 $& FA,: 967-2160 2-:.69: 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
Fa$,# C(&&-'$,0 Dr. Brandace Dietterle DC Chiropractor H"a%,# S"*.$ " H$)&' "<;.JF?6.: EVERY MONDAY 8 ..:.J12; 1 -5 =.:. Loca"ed in 605/967-2644 P ai ie Oa!i! Mall, A3A2? H<B?@ Fai"h, SD *2?;. '05.1: 964-6114 <? PH: 415-5935 605-365-6593 (0299)
Faith Veterinary Service (605) 967-2212
Monda%–F!ida%: 8 a.m. – 5:30 .m. Sa#$!da%: 8 am-Noon CLOSED: SUNDAYS Fo! #he be"# in c!i##e! ca!e!
&.C2992AA2 %B/9. I;0. +2 <332? . 0<:=92A2 0<::2?06.9 =?6;A6;4 @2?C602 ... G BB@6;2@@ C.?1@ G !2AA2?52.1@ G E;C29<=2@ G B?<05B?2@ G $33602 F<?:@ G A;1 "<?2! (52 F.6A5 I;12=2;12;A %H: (605) 967-2161 $& FA,: 967-2160 2-:.69: 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
CLASSIFIEDS ' CALL 967-2161 ' E"a !: fa &h #d@fa &h%d.c$"
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FJ6A *E!5-I;8
Page 16
2826 DG 1-605-347-3077 EDGIJC>IN #DJH>C<
!A$%&#E (A%E# LINE$ L>I= IG:C8=:G 6C9 768@=D:, '>K:HID8@ 26I:G .NHI:BH. 10 1/2 B>A:H HDJI= D; (6JG>C:, 605-748-2473 (:GA: 1><. !2-I;8
)/:3 E7B6 3?C/: =>>=@BC<7BG B= 072 =< 3/16 0C::. B357<<7<5 )/B. F30@C/@G 8. F=@ ;=@3 7<4=@;/B7=< /<2 / 1/B/:=5, 1/:: B7:: -7:97<A=<, 605203-0379 =@ #/@9 -7:97<A=<, 605203-0380 D3 );3B, ).D. EMPLOYMENT &(E)IDE$* & CE% )EA(CH: )D)+ A:C;<7 AAA=17/B7=< A339A /< /11=;>:7A632 /<2 AB@/B3571 >@=43AA7=</: B= A3@D3 /A B63 <3E &@3A723<B /<2 CE% =4 B63 AAA=17/B7=<. F=@ 23B/7:A >:3/A3 5= B=: )B/B3A:C;.1=;/CE%)3/@16. &A(*-*I#E &%"ICE %FFICE(: C3@B74732 >@343@@32, C7BG =4 *@7>>, )/:/@G D%E, />>:G C7BG =4 *@7>>, F7</<13 %44713, 101 -. 1AB )B., *@7>>, ).D. 57376, 605-935-1410. FA(# HE"& -A$*ED: FC::-B7;3 >3@A=< 4=@ 53<3@/: 4/@; E=@9 =< 1/BB:3 4/@;, B@/1B=@ 2@7D3@. EF>3@73<13 <313AA/@G. C/:: 605-547-2257 =@ 712-551-7828 4=@ 23B/7:A.
>=A7B, & 4:3F70:3 A1632C:3A. */93 1=<B@=: =4 G=C@ A1632C:3 E7B6 *@7)B/B3 $C@A7<5. A>>:G =<:7<3 B=2/G. EEE.B@7AB/B3<C@A7<5.1=; 800-7271912. $.)*(%# E"EC*(ICA" C%$*(AC*I$G 1C@@3<B:G 6/A =>3<7<5A 4=@ 8=C@<3G;/< /<2 />>@3<B713 3:31B@717/<A. &=A7B7=<A /@3 :=1/B32 /B &73@@3, )D. C=;>3B7B7D3 A/:/@G /<2 03<347B >/19/53. C=<B/1B "7A/ /B 605-224-8750 =@ :7A/@<GAB@=;3:31B@71.1=; =@ />>:71/B7=< 4=@;A. FOR SALE #%*%( G(ADE( F%( )A"E: )3/:32 072A =< 140-H 2007 CA* #=B=@ G@/23@, )/$ CCA03286 /113>B32 C<B7: F30@C/@G 3. I<4=@;/B7=< 1/::: F/C:9 C=C<BG H756E/G D3>/@B;3<B 1-605-598-6233. G+$), G%"D, GI("), G+*), A$D G"%(.: IBIA *HE *(%+B"E)H%%*E(! A< 3F17B7<5 <3E -3AB3@< A3@73A 0G D/D3 D7/;=<2. AD/7:/0:3 <=E =< A;/H=< !7<2:3. HEALTH/BEAUTY &E",IC/*(A$),AGI$A" #E)H? D72 G=C C<23@5= B@/<AD/57</: >:/13;3<B =4 ;3A6 4=@ >3:D71 =@5/< >@=:/>A3 =@ AB@3AA C@7</@G 7<1=<B7<3<13 03BE33< 2005 /<2 B63 >@3A3<B? I4 B63 ;3A6 1/CA32 1=;>:71/B7=<A, G=C ;/G 03 3<B7B:32 B= 1=;>3<A/B7=<. C/:: C6/@:3A H. =6<A=< "/E /<2 A>3/9 E7B6 43;/:3 AB/44 ;3;03@A 1-800-5355727. LOG HOMES DA!%*A "%G H%#E BC7:23@A @3>@3A3<B7<5 G=:23< E/5:3 "=5 H=;3A, 0C7:27<5 7< 3/AB3@<, 13<B@/:, <=@B6E3AB3@< )=CB6 & $=@B6 D/9=B/. )1=BB C=<<3::, 605-530-2672, C@/75 C=<<3::, 605-264-5650, EEE.5=:23<3/5:3:=56=;3A.1=;. NOTICES AD,E(*I)E I$ $E-)&A&E() AB/B3E723 4=@ =<:G $150.00. &CB B63 )=CB6 D/9=B/ )B/B3E723 C:/AA74732A $3BE=@9 B= E=@9 4=@ G=C B=2/G! (25 E=@2A 4=@ $150. E/16 /227B7=</: E=@2 $5.) C/:: B67A <3EA>/>3@ =@ 800-658-3697 4=@ 23B/7:A. OTR DRIVERS D(I,E() -A$*ED: CD", =E<3@ =>3@/B=@A, 4@3756B 4@=; #72E3AB C> B= 48 AB/B3A, 6=;3 @35C:/@:G, <3E3@ 3?C7>;3<B, H3/:B6, 401!, 1/:: (/<2G, A&A EF>@3AA, 800-6583549. WANT TO BUY BCG7<5 8/19@/007BA 4=@ /19-/:=>3A. $5 3/16. C=<B/1B F@/<9 605-484-0898 ((/>72 C7BG).
!A#%-%IME #ECE!%I NI$%/%)!I$% EDH>I>DC 6I /=G:: ->K:GH CDJCH:A>C</ 6<:A BJII: D;;>8:. CDBEJI:G :ME:G>:C8:, DG<6C>O6I>DC6A H@>AAH 6C9 I=: 67>A>IN ID B6>CI6>C 8DC;>9:CI>6A>IN >H G:FJ>G:9. C6AA 800-658-3900 ID G:FJ:HI 6C 6EEA>86I>DC. !20-2I8
A!A#%MEN%$ A'AILABLE: CDJCIGNH>9: AE6GIB:CIH >C !6>I=. 1 7:9GDDB, 86GE:I:9 I=GDJ<=DJI. '6JC9GN ;68>A>I>:H 6K6>A67A:. #6C9>86E 688:HH>7A:. -:CI 76H:9 DC >C8DB:. !DG >C;DGB6I>DC 8DCI68I: (:IGD+A6>CH B6C6<:B:CI, ''C 1-800-244-
BULL SALE -I"!I$)%$ (A$CH B"AC! A$G+) .3/@:7<5 BC:: &@7D/B3 *@3/BG
)+"". C%+$*. )HE(IFFI) %FFICE /113>B7<5 />>:71/B7=<A 4=@ / D3>CBG )63@744. /< E%E, )C::G C=C<BG )63@744IA %44713, &% B=F 189, %<72/, )D 57564. 605-2582 2 4 4 . )D591@,E$*+(EC%##.$E*. I##EDIA*E %&E$I$G F%( %+($E.#A$ &"+#BE( E7B6 D/:72 2@7D3@IA :713<A3 & 1:3/< 2@7D7<5 @31=@2. -/53 D%E' -7<<3@ &:C;07<5 & H3/B7<5 31721 +) HEG 18, -7<<3@, )D 57580 605-842-1487. I((IGA*I%$ )A"E) &%)I*I%$ /D/7:/0:3 7< )=CB6 D/9=B/. *67A 7A / @3>CB/0:3 23/:3@ 7< / 5==2 B3@@7B=@G. H756 7<1=;3 >=B3<B7/:. C/:: )16;72B1= A5 )3@D713A. (605) 6253456. C+)*E( (EGI%$A" H%)&I*A" 6/A 4C::-B7;3 ($ =>>=@BC<7B73A /D/7:/0:3 E=@97<5 7< B63 03/CB74C: A=CB63@< B:/19 H7::A =4 )D. -3 /@3 :=1/B32 8CAB / A6=@B 27AB/<13 4@=; #=C<B (CA6;=@3, -7<2 C/D3 $/B7=</: &/@9, CCAB3@ )B/B3 &/@9, 3E3: C/D3 $/B7=</: &/@9 /<2 ;/<G =B63@ =CB2==@ /BB@/1B7=<A. -3 =443@ 1=;>3B7B7D3 A/:/@G /<2 3F13::3<B 03<347BA. &:3/A3 1/:: 605673-9418 4=@ ;=@3 7<4=@;/B7=< =@ :=5 =< B= EEE.@357=</:63/:B6.1=; B= />>:G. E%E. FA+"!*%$ CI*. A))I)*A$* &+B"IC -%(!) )C>3@D7A=@. %>3@/B3 63/DG 3?C7>;3<B, ;/7<B/7< AB@33BA, ;3B3@A, >C;>A, E/B3@, A3E3@. CD" =@ =0B/7<. F*, 03<347BA. A>>:71/B7=<A 1/:: 605-598-6515, 1:=A3A 129-2014. E%E. I##EDIA*E %&E$I$G): "&$JA & C$AJA, B=> E339:G >/G, 27@31B 23-
2:.69 B@ .A 3.6A56;1@3.6A5@1.0<:
The Fa($ Se(, ce Age%c. ha) a P(&g(a$ Tech% c a% ,aca%c. % *he Pe(" %) C&+%*. Off ce #&ca*ed % B )&%, SD. O'e% %g da*e ) Ja%+a(. 13, 2014 a%d *he c#&) %g da*e ) Ja%+a(. 27, 2014. The ,aca%c. a%%&+%ce$e%* ca% be f&+%d a* h**'://---.+)a!&b).g&,/.
F&( $&(e %f&($a* &% c&%*ac* 605-352-1171.
FSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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