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February 20, 2013
tors John Thune (R-S.D.) and
Tom Udall (D-N.M.) today intro-
duced legislation to improve ac-
cess to emergency services in
rural and medically underserved
areas. The Strengthening Rural
Access to Emergency Services Act
(S. 328) would amend the Emer-
gency Medical Treatment and
Labor Act (EMTALA) to allow el-
igible hospitals in rural and med-
ically underserved areas to use
interactive telehealth programs
to satisfy the federal emergency
room staffing requirement for an
“on call” physician when an asso-
ciate provider, such as a physi-
cian assistant or nurse
practitioner, is already on site at
the rural emergency room. This
bill is cosponsored by Senator
Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and is
supported by the National Rural
Health Association, the American
Telemedicine Association, the
American College of Emergency
Physicians, and the American
Academy of Physician Assistants.
“Access to fast, reliable emer-
gency medicine in rural hospitals
is critically important,” said
Thune. “My legislation updates
federal law to reflect advance-
ments in telehealth technology
that are already in use across the
country. Emergency telehealth
technology improves the quality
of care provided in rural emer-
gency rooms while also leveraging
the technology to address prob-
lems in recruiting physicians to
rural areas. I look forward to
working with my colleagues on
both sides of the aisle to move this
legislation through Congress. ”
“Small rural hospitals are life-
lines for local communities, and
telehealth  technologies  can en-
hance the emergency room serv-
ices they provide," said Udall.
"New Mexico is a large state and
many residents live far from
urban areas, so telehealth offers
us the best avenue to meet their
healthcare needs. I am very
pleased to join Senator Thune to
introduce this bipartisan legisla-
tion that will help save time and
save lives."
Currently, small rural hospi-
tals across the country are facing
physician recruiting challenges,
partly due to federal require-
Are you living on a fixed
income and having trouble mak-
ing ends met?
Do you have large medical ex-
Do you need help taking care of
your spouse?
Do you want a milder climate?
Have to drive long distances for
dialysis or other medical care?
Need help daily to bath or
change bandages?
Here at the State Veterans
Home you can bring your own car,
come and go as you please, or
take a 60-day furlough rent free.
Individual residents pay a main-
tenance fee based on 50 percent of
their income and assets; couples
pay 55%. This entitles the resi-
dent to receive a room, utilities
(except telephone), bedding, laun-
dry services, meals, medical serv-
ices, pharmaceutical services,
physical therapy, activities, and
social services. We have a bus
with a wheelchair lift available
for our many planned activities.
The dining room serves three
meals every day, supplies snacks
for activities, and provides for
special diets. Included in the
maintenance fee, a local physi-
cian comes to the Veterans Home
regularly and is on call for med-
ical services. Clinics are held for
special needs. The nurses aides of
the home are all certified and al-
ways supervised by a registered
nurse. Our nursing department
provides supervised medications,
whirlpool baths and a physical
therapist provides restorative
therapy on an individual basis.
We also have exercise equipment
available for any resident’s use. A
licensed dietitian helps residents
with their special diets. We also
have a licensed Pharmacist on
staff to assist you with your med-
For more information contact
your local veteran service officer
or the State Veterans Home at
ments that do not reflect advance-
ments in emergency telehealth
technology that can be employed
to create a practice environment
that is more attractive to young
physicians. EMTALA requires a
physician to be on call and able to
arrive to the emergency depart-
ment within 30 minutes, even if
an associate provider, such as a
nurse practitioner or physician
assistant, is already covering the
emergency department. For
physicians in small hospitals who
see patients all day and then
must be on call at night, this cre-
ates a “24/7” work environment
that can be unattractive to many
young physicians and unneces-
sarily drives up the costs of
health care.
Thune and Udall’s bill would
allow for a physician available by
an interactive emergency tele-
health system to satisfy EMTALA
requirements at eligible rural
hospitals when an associate
provider is on site, and would
keep patients at their local hospi-
tal and avoid unnecessary, expen-
sive transfers to larger hospitals.
Thune, Udall introduce bill to improve access
to emergency services in rural areas
South Dakota Veterans Home the
best kept secret in South Dakota
After receiving unanimous ap-
proval from the House Health
and Human Services Committee,
Senate Bill 72 was on the sched-
ule for consideration by the full
House on Wednesday, February
13. The measure earlier passed
the Senate by a vote of 33 to 0.
This legislation requires the
Department of Health to set up
“an expedited inspection process”
which allows follow-up inspec-
tions for food service, lodging or
campground licensees.
The prime sponsor, Sen. Ryan
Maher (R-Isabel), explained to
the committee that foodservice es-
tablishments are supposed to re-
ceive two inspections a year by
the Department of Public Safety.
The inspection scores are then
posted online by the Department
of Health, where they may be
viewed by the public.
“(Under SB 72) If a business
receives a score between 90 and
99, there is no trigger mechanism
for an inspection,” he told the
committee. “We figured that’s a
fairly decent score, so there is no
need for reinspection. If they
should get between an 80 and an
89, that business would have an
option for a reinspection, and they
would have to pay a fee of $100 to
cover that additional cost.”
The follow-up inspection would
take place within sixty days, and
the new score would be added to
the establishment’s online score
Tom Martinec, Deputy Secre-
tary of the Department of Health,
said, “The concern is that, if I’m
an operator of a restaurant, I get
an uncharacteristically low score
and I have to wait 6 months or
more until the next inspection.
And then I’m kind of stuck with
that low score, and the general
public might be making a decision
whether to frequent my business
or not based on that uncharacter-
istically low score.” He went on to
say that, “This gives the owner
the ability to request an expe-
dited inspection, have us come
back out, give them another
chance to improve that score be-
fore the next routine inspection
happens. It’s a limited option. We
don’t think it will necessarily be
widely used, but it’s an option
available for those business own-
ers to take should they choose to
do so.”
SDRA Executive Director
Shawn Lyons testified in support
of the bill, stating, “It’s an issue
that we’ve talked about with the
Department of Health over the
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Senate Bill 72: Would allow foodservice and lodging
licensees to request follow-up inspections
Reprinted with permission
Many states tax the sales of
goods.   A few also tax services.
South Dakota has a broad-
based,  four  percent  sales tax on
nearly all goods and services.
Because past legislators
and  governors have maintained
the broadness of the tax, it is a
steady, reliable source of revenue,
even in times of economic dis-
Broadening this  tax base
helped Gov. Janklow cut property
taxes 30 percent. Taxing the sales
of a broad array of goods and
services also helps our state avoid
an income tax.
However, an ever-present
temptation exists to ask for ex-
ceptions. Interest groups come to
Pierre each year to argue for a tax
exemption on their particular
goods or services. They are sup-
ported by their lobbyists and
These exemptions do not
have policy goals, other than re-
lieving a particular group from
paying sales tax. They are not de-
signed to attract new economic
activity or help create jobs.  Some
interest groups have better argu-
ments than others, but one fact is
always true: Each time an exemp-
tion is created, it benefits a nar-
row group at the expense of
all other South Dakota taxpayers.
Even if some exemptions are
small, the principle  of a broad-
based tax is violated.
Each time an exemption is
carved out, there is
less revenue for priorities like ed-
ucation, healthcare, or economic
development. For each exemp-
tion, we send a message to the
next interest group  that
they also should try to avoid pay-
ing sales tax.
I vetoed legislation last year
that would have exempted the
sales tax on hay for livestock bed-
ding. Several exemptions have
been proposed this year, includ-
ing certain coaching services,
some rodeo admissions, and sales
of used truck tires.  Certainly
these are very small exemptions,
proposed  by  groups for whom I
have empathy. Still,  I must op-
pose the erosion of our broad sales
tax base through repeated, minor
exemptions that ignore our over-
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Eroding our broad tax base
By Gov. Dennis Daugaard:
Page 2• February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Faith Community Health Center
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Longtime Faith area rancher
and beekeeper, Albert Steen Jr.,
88, died peacefully in his sleep in
the early morning hours of Febru-
ary 10, 2013 at the Fort Meade
VA Hospital near Sturgis, SD.
Service of Remembrance was
held Friday, February 15, 2013 at
the Fort Meade Chapel at Fort
Meade, SD. Rev. Harold Del-
bridge officiated and inurnment
of Albert's and his wife Lila's
ashes was held at the Black Hills
National Cemetery south of Stur-
gis, SD.
Albert was born the youngest
of five boys to Albert and Eliza-
beth (Heiner) Steen on January
19, 1925 at the Steen homestead
cabin southeast of Faith, SD. He
attended various country schools
in Ziebach County. Junior was
the only son to graduate with the
class of 1943 from Faith High
School. He helped his family herd
sheep, raise cattle and break
Junior herded about 1200
sheep with his brothers Charles
and Eugene throughout the win-
ters, springs and falls of 1943,
1944 and 1945 near present day
Takini School. With a remuda of
two horses, several sheepdogs
and a sheep wagon about the size
of a small car, the three brothers
spent their days on the prairies.
It was here that Junior began to
sharpen his culinary skills. He
was often in charge of the chow
line and he developed an appreci-
ation for cooking.
He enlisted in the US Army in
April of 1946 and spent the next
18 months during WWII at bases
in Califonia, Montana and
Arkansas. He did clerical work at
the bases in California often as
paymaster. Junior was honorably
discharged in 1947.
Junior met Lila Knight in 1949
at a dance in Red Scaffold. They
were married on September 13,
1951 before a Justice of the Peace
in Rapid City. Together they
moved next door to his parents on
the homestead and began ranch-
He worked several years for
Jim and Ethel Keegan's dirt mov-
ing operation as a cat skinner. He
helped his father-in-law Wally
Knight with his dirt moving busi-
ness, as well.
In 1979 he began his beekeep-
ing career with Lawrence Steen
and Alan Fowler. He set up bee
yards within his own cattle range
and over most of western Ziebach
Albert “Junior” Steen
County. Junior extracted honey
at Alan Fowler's plant in Faith
until he built his own plant in
1983. He sold his honey to Dutch
Junior retired from the bee
business in 1989, but extracted
for several more years. In 1994 he
bought a small herd of cows that
he watched over for years as a pet
project. He was a member of the
Red Scaffold Volunteer Fire De-
partment, the American Legion,
Faith Stock Show and Rodeo As-
sociation, Sheep Growers Associ-
ation and was a storm watcher for
the National Weather Service.
He enjoyed fishing, hunting,
gardening, good stories, coffee,
the Faith News, travelling, his
dogs and cats and card playing
with the Chalmers family. His
greatest pleasure was being on
the ranch and cooking supper for
his grandson, Chris, no matter
how late it was.
Junior was preceded in death
by his wife Lila of 57 years, his
parents, Albert Sr. and Elizabeth,
his brothers, Arnold, Charles,
Gene and Lawrence, his sisters-
in-law, Verna and Florence Steen
and Marjory Knight and his
brothers-in-law, Jess Knight and
Luther Knight.
Grateful for having shared in
his life are his daughter, LouAnn
Steen of Faith, SD and Jomay
Steen of McLaughlin, SD; his
grandchildren, Bobbi (Mark)
Misar, Christopher and Eugene
Steen and great grandchildren,
Jase, Lani and Marty Misar; sis-
ters-in-law, Edith Knight of
Cherry Creek, Nadine Cook of
Covelo, CA and Mary Ann Knight
of Eagle Butte, SD and Helene
Steen of Rapid City, SD; brothers-
in-law, Stanley Cook of Covelo,
CA and Doug Knight of Dupree,
SD and numerous nieces and
Condolences to Albert’s family
can be sent through our website
at www.evansonjensenfuneral-
Keep up with your city, school,
and county … Read the Legals
VA Black Hills Health Care
System (BHHCS) is pleased to
announce the appointment of
Joanne Barreno as the new Sui-
cide Prevention Coordinator
Joanne will work to ensure ap-
propriate measures are taken to
prevent suicide in the VA BHHCS
Veteran population. She will fa-
cilitate suicide prevention strate-
gies through education,
monitoring and coordination of
activities. Joanne will assess Vet-
erans for high risk suicide, track
appointments and coordinate en-
hanced care as needed. As SPC,
she will ensure Veterans identi-
fied as high risk for suicide are
monitored and maintain commu-
nication through phone calls and
mailings. Joanne will work in col-
laboration with VA Veterans Cri-
sis Line staff and others to
provide confidential support and
referral for Veterans in crisis. She
will also provide educational re-
sources to medical providers, Vet-
erans, family members and
community members about risk
factors and warning signs for sui-
Joanne came to work at VA
BHHCS in 2008 after transfer-
ring from the Vet Center Outsta-
tion in Martin, SD. She has been
a social worker for various pro-
grams at the Hot Springs VA
Medical Center and the Commu-
nity Based Outpatient Clinic in
Pierre. Joanne also provided out-
patient mental health services to
Eagle Butte, McLaughlin, Rose-
bud and Winner VA clinics while
stationed at Pierre. She com-
pleted her Master of Social Work
at the University at Buffalo, the
State University of New York and
Bachelor of Social Work at Buf-
falo State College.
Joanne grew up on her dad’s
reservation territory, Cattarau-
gus Indian Reservation in Irving,
New York. She has been a career
federal employee since 1985.
Joanne is a certified foster parent
through Lakota Oyate
Wakanyeja Owicakiyapi, Inc.
(LOWO). She is also an enrolled
Oneida band member from Six
Nations Reserve of the Grand
VA BHHCS welcomes new
Suicide Prevention Coordinator
arching policy goals.
I truly believe that we should
strive for more TAXPAYERS, not
more TAXES or higher
rates.  Spreading the burden
among many makes each one's
burden lighter.   We should not
continue to chip away at our
steady, broad tax base. It’s easy to
agree with each group and make
an exception "just this once." But
we must be vigilant against it.
Voters, taxpayers and the pub-
lic in general don’t have an asso-
ciation, interest group,  or
lobbyists. As your Governor, I be-
lieve it’s my responsibility to
speak for the people. It’s my job to
work on behalf of the unorganized
many against the interests of the
organized few.  Let's keep our tax
rates low by asking everyone to
share in the responsibility to pay.
Gov. Dauugard Continued from Front Page
February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 3
Sen. Ryan Maher’s
Legislative Report
Bring in your prescriptions and have them filled locally
3 Easy Ways
1. Have your physician fax in your prescription to our pharmacy
2. Bring us your empty refill bottle
3. Call Vilas wi th your physician and prescription information
It’s That easy. Fai th’s full-service pharmacy is here
to serve you – PH: 605-967-2123
Please bring in your new insurance cards when you fill or
transfer your prescription!
Vilas Pharmacy &
Healthcare Store
PH: 967-2123, Fai th, SD
The children of
Dr. Wayne Sletten
request a card shower
in honor of his
80th Birthday
March 7
Cards may be mailed to: 1107 Field
View Dr., Rapid City, SD 57701
We love you Dad!
last year. If you’re a foodservice
operator you take those inspec-
tion scores very seriously. And so
if there’s an opportunity for you to
improve your score, and if it falls
in that wedge category between
80 and 89, it’s an opportunity for
the operators to make those im-
provements because it’s impor-
tant to them, to their customers
that they’re dining at a good es-
Lyons also told the committee
that concern about lack of timely
inspections in some areas of the
state is what originally prompted
Sen. Maher to bring legislation
pertaining to inspections. He said
the Department of Public Safety
is working on addressing those is-
Rep. Troy Heinert (D-Mission),
a bar and restaurant owner, also
voiced his support of the bill.
“I don’t know how many estab-
lishment owners think that in-
spections are good, but I do,” Rep.
Heinert said. “This is going to
work well for establishment own-
ers and the public. The public’s
safety is number one.”
Voting in favor of SB 72, in
support of SDRA’s position: Rep-
resentatives Campbell, Ecklund,
Haggar (Jenna), Hawks, Heine-
mann (Leslie), Heinert, Hickey,
Magstadt, Munsterman, Sly, Soli,
Steele and Westra.
From the South Dakota Retail-
ers Association/Legislative Bul-
letin #4 / February 12, 2013
Senate Bill 72 Continued from Front Page
Week 6 of the 9 week session is
now over, with 24 days down and
14 to go. So, these last 3 weeks of
session is where we start priori-
tizing spending. Education and
healthcare remain top priorities
for the caucus. We find ourselves
balancing these needs against
bolstering reserve funds in antic-
ipation of sequestration cuts and
supporting economic develop-
ment.  While it might not seem
important now, the cuts coming
from Washington weigh heavily
on all of us here in Pierre.
As our session comes to a close,
we will hear what cuts will be
coming as Congress continues to
fight over our spending. If we
don’t prepare, we could be called
into special session to alter our
budget due to our federal govern-
ment's inability to pass their own
Good Stewardship of your tax
dollars at the state level require
careful and responsible manage-
ment, including keeping our
budget structurally balanced, and
looking to promote future growth
through economic development.
School funding is certainly
many topics of discussion this ses-
sion with many bills going
through the process trying to get
more money in the K-12 system.
Unfortunately, this important de-
cision is typically made toward
the very end of the session. We
know that schools are struggling
to make up for the budget cuts of
past years. A component of school
funding which was recently
brought to the Legislature’s at-
tention in SB15 is the depletion of
the Extraordinary Cost Fund
used for students with special
needs. This is a fund which local
school districts can apply to when
they have costs which exceed the
school’s special education levy. In
SD, there are 18,026 children who
qualify to receive special educa-
tion services. This represents
14.3% of all of our students and is
an increase of 7.1% over a ten-
year period. These statistics were
taken from the National Center
for Education Statistics. The pro-
posal of this bill from the SD De-
partment of Education would
shift even more of the funding for-
mula for special needs toward the
local taxpayer and away from the
state government’s responsibility.
They are proposing an increase in
the local effort levy for special ed-
ucation from $1.2 to $1.3 and in
turn decreasing the state’s share
from 42.41% to 39.3% by 2015.
Also dealing with education
funding, I have introduced Senate
bill 76 which will put funding into
the Education Service Agencies
which is administered by North-
west Area Schools. This bill has
been through many revisions. It
passed out of the Senate Educa-
tion Committee and is currently
sitting in the Senate Appropria-
tions Committee waiting for fund-
I also introduced Senate Bill
80, which will be up in House Ed-
ucation this week, Wednesday,
for a hearing; it has already
passed the Senate. This bill will
reinstate the accounting proce-
dures our schools use too account
for impact aid funding. This lan-
guage was taken out statue this
past session in 2012.  This bill
will reinstate those laws.
This past week in Senate, we
passed Senate Bill 195 to help
restart wind energy projects. The
Senate passed this bill out of com-
mittee to provide up-front money
as an incentive on wind energy
projects. South Dakota is a very
wind-rich state with the potential
for continued expansion. With the
Obama Administration blocking
projects such as the Big Stone II
expansion, which would have pro-
vided expanded infrastructure for
wind energy transmission capa-
bility, it falls to states to help
wind facilities develop and ex-
This week, the Senate took
swift action to expand our 2nd
amendment rights through Sen-
ate Bill 166 on Concealed Weapon
Permits. It passed the State Af-
fairs committee on an 8-0 vote,
and passed unanimously on Sen-
ate floor. This measure revises
the years that a concealed
weapon permit is valid; reducing
the bureaucracy that citizens face
in obtaining and maintaining a
concealed weapon permit. This
measure is now on to the House.
Currently, we’re coming up on
a vote for Senate Joint Resolution
which increases the vote required
to raise taxes. Senate Taxation
passed this measure as amended
6-1, and it will be an amendment
to Article 9 of the SD Constitu-
tion. This will require the support
of 2/3rd of voters to increase or
impose new taxes – protecting
your hard earned paycheck from
anyone who tries to raise your
taxes. It provides a better level of
consistency, and matches the
number of votes that it requires
in the legislature.
SB 51 is a bill that has to do
with the Retailers Collection Al-
lowance. In 2006, the legislature
decided that as soon as the Tax
Relief Fund reached $10 million,
retailers would be eligible for a
reimbursement from that fund to
mitigate the cost of collecting and
submitting sales taxes. This reim-
bursement, or “collection al-
lowance,” would have originally
been a cost to the state of $6.4
million. SB 15, however, asks city
governments to pick up $1.5 mil-
lion of the tab, which is not neces-
sarily a cost to the city so much as
it is a source of revenue that they
will no longer collect. An amend-
ment is on the table that would
not require the municipalities to
cover this $1.5 million, which
would then require the state to
pick up the full bill. I feel it is only
fair the state covers the whole col-
lection allowance because that
was the original deal. It is impor-
tant to note that municipalities
are already paying $3 million per
year to the business tax fund in
order to help process the collec-
tion of sales, use, and contractor’s
excise taxes. This bill has put us
between a rock and a hard place
because the state is not paying
the amount that was agreed
On Tuesday, February 12th,
the Joint Appropriations Commit-
tee heard from the department of
Tribal Relations. The mission of
this division is to establish and
maintain a positive working rela-
tionship between Native Ameri-
can South Dakota citizens and all
other parts of government. Tribal
Relations was also established to
secure and coordinate federal,
state, and local resources to advo-
cate for the Native American pop-
ulation. This is a relatively new
department instituted by Gover-
nor Daugaard, which has been
very successful in building rela-
tionships with our tribes.
Please keep in touch on the is-
sues and feel free to contact me at
(605) 850-3598 or at my legisla-
tive email sen.maher@state.sd.us.
my personal email address is
rmm2697@hotmail.com.  I enjoy
the chance to serve as an elected
official in your citizen Legisla-
ture.  As always you can follow
everything online at
http: / / l egi s. state. sd. us/ ses-
Sr. Citizens Menu Sr. Citizens Menu
All meals served with milk and
bread. Menu subject to change
without notice.
Wed., Feb. 20: No
Meals/Kathy gone
Thur., Feb. 21: Roast Beef,
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Har-
vest Beets, Peach Crisp
Fri., Feb. 22: Macaroni &
Cheese, Stewed Tomatoes, But-
terscotch Pudding, Banana
Mon., Feb. 25: Swiss Steak
w/Tomato & Onions, Baked Po-
tato, Corn, Seasonal Fruit
Tue., Feb. 26: Sausage Gravy
over Biscuit, Green Beans,
Squash, Jello w/Strawberries
Wed., Feb. 27: Chicken Noo-
dle Veg. Soup, Orange Juice, Ba-
Thur., Feb. 28: Roast Pork,
Scalloped Potatoes, California
Vegetables, Cooked Apples
Page 4• February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Faith News
By Loretta Passolt
Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
Interesting February weather
we are having here in South
Dakota. Several days have
seemed and looked more like
March than February. We are
still dry and that ugly yellow-
brown. Hopefully we will have
lots of spring rain so we can com-
plain about the mud but praise
God when the grass turns green!
Some folks have started calving
so I’m sure they’re enjoying the
There will be a wedding
shower Sunday, February 24, at
the White Owl Hall for Chuck
Timmons and Darlene Bolm. The
shower begins at 1:00 P.M. with a
potluck. Everyone is invited (guys
that means you too). Call Kay
King with any questions.
The Faith High School fresh-
man class members have been
out and about selling pizza kits
and raffle tickets on two star
quilts. Apparently their class is
responsible for financing the post
prom party for the rest of the
school. In my day that was not
such a big deal but today the kids
expect more than breakfast at
4:00 and a movie before that. Post
Prom was started by concerned
parents who wanted to keep their
kids off the streets and out of a
wreck caused by drinking and
driving. If you’d like to  help them
out find a freshman and buy some
pizza kits or call the high school.
They’ll like it.
Allen Waterland and Jim
O'Dea did repair work on the
Plainveiw Water Co-op, near the
Radway Ranch, on Monday. Allen
then ate dinner at O'Deas.
Thursday found Jim and Von-
nie O'Dea headed to the Hills
where they visited Jim's brother,
Dean, and then to Michael's bas-
ketball game. Another win for the
Spartans! Sunday, Jim and Betty
Smith, Vonnie's sister and hus-
band, were morning visitors.
They had dinner and in the after-
noon were joined by Marvin and
Phyllis Coleman. Cards were en-
joyed and later all were supper
guests before heading home.
Lacey and Quirt Wondercheck
rode to Faith Saturday night with
Harold and I to attend the Faith
Philip basketball game. It was
Parents Night for the boys so
there was a large turnout of fam-
ily, friends and fans. Robert Won-
dercheck picked up Lacey and
Quirt for supper before driving
Harold and I stopped for a visit
with Corinna Thompson after the
ball game Saturday night. Sun-
day afternoon we visited at Bub
and D’Anne Thompsons. Later
that afternoon, they traveled
around our area selling items for
Troy’s freshman class.
Mike Fisher caught me Thurs-
day morning to tell me about the
ladies I had questions on last
week. He said Pankratz ran the
lumber yard and Schuh’s had a
construction company like Mike’s.
Thanks for the answer to those
questions Mike. I had no idea.
It also just occurred to me that
many of todays Faith residents
may not know that Durkee Lake
is named in honor of Dr. Durkee,
Faith’s long time physician and
town promoter. The old brick
building at Durkee Lake held the
machinery for the town’s water
supply and pumping station.
Water fresh out of Durkee, of
course fresh out of Durkee occa-
sionally meant freshly ground up
frog pieces in any unfiltered
water that got to town or a big
chunk of moss and some weeds.
Besides all that it tasted pretty
bad and tended to get darker as
the dam got lower. Some folks
claimed Faith would never run
out of water because the sewer
sometimes spilled over, ran down
the draw and back into Durkee.
That way the tourists going
through town were bringing us
new water all the time, ingenious
idea!! The water didn’t taste real
fine either. Many town residents
hauled or bought their drinking
water cause the chlorine could get
a little stout with all those lovely
additions. The Faith kids are also
lucky to have the swimming pool.
Again, we had Durkee Lake with
a ton of moss and a glop of mud.
The summer I was going to learn
to swim I caught poison ivy out
there and to this day can’t swim!
My dad, Irvin, told us about
trailing cattle into Faith to sell.
They generally stopped at Durkee
to let them graze and fill up on
water. Ole’ Doc Durkee would
come out an “give ‘em hell” to get
out of the water. Can’t say I
blame him! Durkee Lake has
been a special place for a lot of
Faith’s younger folks. It was a
place to party, have picnics, drink
beer, go fishing, sunbathe on the
dock, water ski, boat and enjoy
summer. My next question, Does
Doctor Durkee have any living
children or grandchildren? He
certainly influenced our little
town for several generations.
Tucker , Bev and Tina Hudson
were hills shoppers on thurs. they
had appt. in Spearfish. They went
to Ft. Pierre to watch their calves
sell on Friday.
Tucker and Bev Hudson were
Sunday guests of Dick and Gene
Hudson on Kirley Flat near
1st Tuesday & 3rd Wednesday
of each month
Trips to Rapid City, Sturgis & communities in between
Fares to Rapid City are $25.00
For information or a brochure call (605) 374-3189
or Call 967-2001 to arrange a ride!
We had 40s the early part of
last week, even made it to 50 on
Wednesday, then temperatures
dropped to the low 30s on Thurs-
day and Friday. We also had
plenty of wind and some snow. It
looked like it was really going to
do something in the morning but
it didn’t last long. The weekend
was entirely different with highs
in the 50s. It sounds like it is
going to be cold most of this week,
in the teens and twenties.
Raymond and Diane Isaacs
went to Sturgis and Spearfish
last Thursday. Raymond had an
eye appointment and Diane rode
along and got in some shopping.
Dave and Eldora Fischbach
went to Rapid City last Thursday
and spent a few days. They re-
turned home Sunday afternoon.
I understand our community is
very lucky not to be attending
four funerals this week of some of
our high school students. Monday
night, four high school boys fell
into Durkee Lake in a pickup and
one of them was able to get out
and pull out the other three. They
walked to Tim Traversie’s place
and got warmed up and I’m sure
parents were called.
The girls District Tournament
started here Monday night and
continued Tuesday night. The
Lady Longhorns had a bye in the
first round, along with Lemmon.
Those two play the winners of
Monday night’s games. The
championship game will be Fri-
day night at 7:00. The District
champions will play in the Region
Championship next Tuesday,
Feb. 26th. Good luck Ladies!
The Longhorns will be hosting
the Wall boys this Friday night.
The boys District Tournament
will be next week at Harding
County, starting Monday and
continuing Thursday and Friday.
Good Luck Longorns!
The jr. high boys will be hold-
ing a tournament here this Satur-
day beginning at 9:00 am.
Snowmobile trails across
South Dakota welcomed a mid-
winter blizzard, and snowmobil-
ers are taking full advantage of
the conditions while they can.
“Trails are in excellent condi-
tion in northeastern South
Dakota, where some areas re-
ceived up to 16 inches of snow,”
said State Trails Program Spe-
cialist Tony Schmitt of the De-
partment of Game, Fish and
Parks. “Trails near Sisseton,
Webster, Milbank and Aberdeen
received a significant amount of
snow and are in excellent condi-
tion. Trails near Watertown,
Brookings and west to Huron did-
n’t receive as much snow, but are
still in great condition.”
Black Hills Trails are seeing
some better conditions after a re-
cent warm spell.
“We had a few weeks where
many trails had minimal cover-
age due to the warm weather, but
cooler temperatures and the re-
cent snowfall have improved trail
conditions just in time for Presi-
dent’s Day Weekend,” said Shan-
non Percy, Black Hills Trails
District Park Supervisor.
The upcoming holiday week-
end will be particularly busy in
the Black Hills because the South
Dakota Snowmobile Association
will host the 33rd Annual Gover-
nor’s Snowmobile Ride on Feb. 16
at Hardy Camp, located 20 miles
south of Lead near Trailshead
Schmitt would like to remind
snowmobilers to drive carefully,
as the coming weekend typically
brings heavy traffic to the Hills.
“Please be aware of your sur-
roundings and slow down around
corners, so everyone on the trail
can have an enjoyable experi-
For more information about
the snowmobile trails and up-
dated trail conditions in South
Dakota, visit www.gfp.sd.gov or
call 605-773-3391.
Snowmobile trails in great
condition across South Dakota
For $150, place your ad in 150 South Dakota
daily and weekly papers through the
Statewide Classifieds.
Call the Faith Independent: 967-2161
February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 5
Opal Area News
By Kay Ingalls
Some catch-up news too late
for last week was that Gladys Pe-
terson, Michelle and Wyatt Mc-
Graw went to Carl and Judy's
town house to take in the stock
show and rodeo and for some
shopping. Michelle and Wyatt
went the next weekend as well.
Judy spent from the 3rd to 7th at
the ranch as she brought Wyatt
back for school and Gladys to
spend time visiting. Michelle had
an appointment on the 4th and
then came back to the ranch also.
Glenn and Margaret Fogelman
and Dan were in Faith on Tues-
day to do their income taxes, then
on Wednesday they went to Pied-
mont to attend the Don Hight fu-
neral services.  Thursday, back to
Rapid City to keep eye appoint-
I visited briefly with Zona Vig
on Tuesday afternoon.  Kind of
one-sided visiting as Zona had
lost her voice but wasn't feeling
Marlin and Ethel Ingalls kept
morning appointments in Rapid
City on Wednesday, then at-
tended the funeral services as
well.  Friday afternoon, they went
down to the Paul and Debbie Del-
bridge ranch to help Debbie cele-
brate her birthday.
Volleyball is still being held
every Tuesday at the Opal Hall
starting after 6 in the evening.
Lots of room for more to come and
have a fun evening and good ex-
Dwayne, Hope and Merle Vig
attended the funeral services
for  Don Hight on Wednesday,
Howard and I were in Rapid
City for appointments on
Wednesday, then home early as
granddaughter Karen Gebes and
family were coming for supper
and overnight visit.  Thursday,
she left to go to her folks near
Whitewood to spend a few days
visiting. Her brother, Paul Best-
gen, was home from Austin, TX
for a visit so their family was hav-
ing some fun times together. Sat-
urday, I drove in to Rita's as well
to see all and especially to get my
hands on the newest great-grand-
son Levi Bestgen who is about 2
and half weeks old.  Great grand-
child number 14 and real sweet
Rod, Tracy and Justin Ingalls
went to Rapid City on Friday.
Rod needed to replace his lost So-
cial Security card so he can get a
drivers license in April. Earlier he
had to get a certified birth certifi-
cate, now all they need is finger-
prints and shoe size!!!  Only
kidding about the last, but think
someone who has had a SD driv-
ers license for almost 40 years
and some quite a bit longer than
that, should be able to just get it
renewed with out all the hassle
we have now.
Spud and Bernice Lemmel at-
tended the Center of the Nation
Wool annual meeting held in
Belle Fourche on Thursday.  Sat-
urday, Bernice and sister, Mary
Hanzlik Murray, went to Upton,
WY to a family gathering/birth-
day party.  Saturday afternoon,
Rick and Spud Lemmel went to
Sturgis where they met up with
Bernice and the Rorey Lemmel
family for supper.
Wednesday, Carmen Heidler
also kept appointments in Rapid
City, then Thursday she met son
Chip and family at Maurine and
all went to Spearfish. Chip had
an appointment and Carmen and
Braylie visited with Norman and
McGee Vansickel. Saturday,
Dorothy Heidler had a birthday
party in Faith for family, but
John and Carmen both had colds
so thought best not to attend.
Walter and Diane Fees went to
the Hills on Thursday to celebrate
Diane's birthday and Valentine’s
Day.  They spent overnight, com-
ing home on Friday forenoon.
Jesse Fees came up on Friday to
help Walter on a pickup project
and Kinley entertained grand-
ma. Kelly brought all the girls up
on Saturday to spend the week-
end with Grandma and Grandpa
Friday evening, Kelsey and
Brixie Vig visited at the Dwayne
and Zona Vig home to help with
bookwork and stayed for supper
and also delivered a Valentine.
That evening late, Dakota Dunn
and children came to visit her
folks. Saturday was spent feeding
cows with Grandpa DC, riding
horse with Hope and visiting with
JT, Kelsey and Miss Brixie for the
first time.  Jason got some shoot-
ing in with Uncle JT and
Dakota got in some target practic-
ing with her new gun.
Nathan Ingalls and OJ Heidler
went to Rapid City on Saturday
and spent the evening and part of
Sunday working on a repair job
on the guest bathroom in his
trailer.  Jason Ingalls joined them
for part of the time, as well as
OJ's friend Jason Hunsucker.
Tracy and Justin Ingalls took
off Sunday forenoon to drive to
Chamberlain, SD to meet Tracy's
sister and bring her back to her
home in Sturgis. Deb had spent
about 3 weeks or so helping her
daughter near Baltic.
Sunday morning, Dwayne Vig
flew Dakota Dunn and family into
Faith for church services. Hope
and Zona drove in, and then after
dinner at the ranch, all loaded up
in Dakota's Suburban to drive to
Sturgis for the area wide singing.
Nice crowd in attendance includ-
ing Dwayne and Zona's five chil-
dren, four of the spouses and all
14 grandkids.
It is good to see Merle Vig driv-
ing himself to church on Sunday
and seems to be doing real good
with his recovery.  Prayers are
asked for Larry Jensen for health
improvements and also for Trin-
ity Wood in her continuing battle
with her illness.
Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
The weekend's temperatures
reached into the 50s with winds
picking up on Sunday. Monday
greeted us with more winter-like
A blood drive was held last
Monday at the Community Bap-
tist Church basement. Donna re-
ported a very good turnout with
24 donors. The community is for-
tunate to have Donna Cammack
and Carolyn Moreland who faith-
fully make the many calls to
schedule the blood donors. They
also spend the day at the blood
drive and make sure needs are
met and goodies are there.
The Bull Creek Cafe was
standing room only  for
their Valentine’s Day Special last
Thursday night. Floyd and Donna
Cammack's wedding anniversary
is on Feb.14 so Bobby and Aggie
Jones treated Donna and Floyd to
dinner for their 61st wedding an-
The Women's Retreat held in
Rapid City on Friday and Satur-
day night was well attended by
Central Meade County women.
Some who attended were Sue
Labrier, Sheri Spring, Melanie
Cammack, Yvonne Cammack,
Jodi Shaw, Ann Shaw, Kristen
Smiley, Sharon Keffeler, Donna
Cammack and others. Most of
these ladies brought their daugh-
ters as well. Sharon Keffeler
brought her granddaughter, Joce-
lyn. Kristen Smiley enjoyed lead-
ing a high school group. One word
about the retreat that has been
heard floating around is 'awe-
Rick Smiley has been scuba
diving in a tropical island this
week. There will hopefully be
more updates next week.
Dean Wink and Larry Rhoden
attended the last cracker barrel of
the season in Piedmont. It took
place at 1:30 pm at the Legion
Dean and Joan Wink then
went into Rapid City for a movie.
Gary Cammack was unable to at-
tend because of a previous family
There are 3 weeks left of the
2013 legislative session. Cross
over day is this week so all House
bills will need to be in the senate.
Likewise, Senate bills that have
passed must go over to the House
side to be heard.
Sharon Keffeler, Dana and
JayDe Keffeler and family, and
Joy Smiley will be leaving for
Phoenix, AZ on Thursday for a
few days. They will very likely
enjoy much more comfortable
temperatures than we will back
here in South Dakota.
Amanda Ingalls turned 21
years old last week and several
Ingalls family members of Robert
and JoDee's have February birth-
days. They held a birthday cele-
bration with family on Sunday
afternoon in the Community Bap-
tist Church fellowship room.
Rural Neighbors is scheduled
for this week on Thursday. An-
other round of winter weather is
predicted for this week. Central
Meade County is still in need of
Page 6• February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent
Place a Classified Ad...
The Faith Independent
967-2160/email: faithind@faithsd.com
Cross Over day, the last day
for a bill or joint resolution to pass
the house of origin, will be
Wednesday, February 20. There
are only three weeks left in the
2013 legislative session, so the
end is in sight. Sen. Maher and I
attended two cracker barrels this
weekend, Friday evening in Bison
with Right to Life, and Sunday af-
ternoon at the Indian Creek
church south of Meadow Corner
with Dakota Rural Action.
Here are some of the bills that
were passed out of the two House
committees I serve on:
Agriculture and Natural Re-
sources Committee:
*HB 1089 to require statewide
livestock ownership inspection
came out of committee on a 7 to 6
*HB 1149 to revise and clarify
requirements relating to limits of
small game and fish taken by
small game hunting parties and
fishing parties. This bill would
allow a group hunting together to
harvest the total number of fish
or game allowed instead of each
one having to quit when they
reach their individual limit.
*HB 1187 to provide alterna-
tive brand inspection procedures
for rodeo livestock. If livestock
owned by and bearing the regis-
tered brand of a bona fide rodeo
producer are being transported
out of the livestock ownership in-
spection area by the owner for
rodeo purposes and there is no
change of ownership, the inspec-
tion certificate may be endorsed
by the inspector issuing the cer-
tificate in order to serve as a
travel permit for the livestock de-
scribed in the certificate. The cer-
tificate must be renewed yearly.
*HB 1228 gives producers pri-
ority to recover on a bond seized
by the state from a public grain
warehouse or grain buyer.
I am the House prime sponsor
of SB 205 to put wolves on the
predator list in South Dakota.
Rep. Lance Russell and I met
with USFW at the start of session
to let the feds know what I had
planned. USFW said they didn’t
have a problem with the bill be-
cause they are going to take the
wolf off the endangered species
list in the western Dakotas in
March of 2013. Just last week two
wolves were seen by several of our
neighbors in a pasture ten miles
south of our ranch and several
other people have reported seeing
them in this area. SB 205 came
out of Senate Ag and passed the
Senate with not one vote against
it. It will come to the House Ag
committee this week.
Local Government:
*SB 88 authorizes the county
to deny bids on county sales of tax
deed properties if the bidder is
not current on property taxes due.
*SB 86 increases the minimum
salary payable to county officials,
state's attorneys, and sheriffs.
*SB 156 authorizes township
boards to increase the front foot
assessment for road mainte-
nance, repairs, and improve-
ments and to revise certain
provisions concerning road dis-
tricts established by townships.
These bills passed the House
and have been sent to the Senate:
*HB 1246 authorizes aerial
pesticide applicators to apply pes-
ticide on their own property. Any
commercial applicator who is li-
censed or certified pursuant to
chapter 38-21 to apply pesticides
to agricultural land may apply
pesticides to property owned by
the applicator if the commercial
categories in which the applicator
is licensed are the appropriate ap-
plications to be made.
*HB 1093 allowing the use of
dogs to hunt mountain lions and
leashed dogs to track and retrieve
wounded or presumed dead big
game animals.
* HB 1220 permits the use of
golf carts within state parks or
recreation areas.
*SB 126 revises the provisions
that authorize townships to com-
bine the offices of the clerk and
the treasurer.
* SB 127 revises provisions
concerning the health and educa-
tional facilities authority.
Several of the bills that came
out of our Oil and Gas Develop-
ment summer study committee
will be coming up in committees
in both the House and the Senate
this week. I’ll be able to fill you in
on any action taken on those next
To get in touch with me, call
the House Chamber number 773-
3851. Leave a phone number and
I’ll call you back. The fax number
is 773-6806. If you send a fax, ad-
dress it to Rep. Betty Olson. You
can also email me at rep.bettyol-
son@state.sd.us during session.
You can keep track of bills and
committee meetings at this link:
http://legis.state.sd.us/ Use this
link to find the legislators, see
what committees they are on,
read all the bills and track the
status of each bill, listen to com-
mittee hearings, and contact the
Legislative Update
Rep. Betty Olson
District 28 Legislators, Olson
and Maher, discussed pending
legislation with about 30 area
constituents at a cracker barrel
hosted by Western Plains Action
Group at the Indian Creek
Lutheran Church on Sunday, the
Several bills of interest were
presented by each legislator in
their opening statements. Rep.
Olson spent quite a little time on
the funding and rules pertaining
to Animal Damage Control divi-
sion of the Game Fish and Parks.
Funding had been cut and a bill
to reinstate and increase funding
is making its way through the
legislature, also a bill to allow
predator districts to increase the
amount of assessment on cattle
and sheep to one dollar ($1.00)
per head. If this passes any in-
crease in assessment would have
to come to a vote in the within the
predator district requesting the
increase. Another bill deals with
a ADC Central Committee which
has basically done nothing due to
the fact that only state adminis-
trators served on the committee;
a bill to add one representative
from each of the state’s agricul-
tural organizations, (Sheepgrow-
ers, Stockgrowers, etc.) would be
added to the committee to allow
input from landowners and live-
stock producers, is working its
way through the legislative
process. Coyotes are becoming a
major cause of loss in some East
River areas and now the Senate
Majority Leader is in support of
the Animal Damage Control pro-
gram so the bills seem to have a
chance of passing. Olson re-
marked that it is amazing how
bills can fly through when the
powers that be get behind them.
Senator Maher serves on the
Commerce, Education and Taxa-
tion Committees; he serves as
chair of the Taxation Committee.
He reported that it appears fund-
ing will be reinstated for Educa-
tional Service Areas, which is a
cooperative service of several sep-
arate school districts. These pro-
vide services to all schools for
implementing federally man-
dated programs such as No Child
Left Behind. A bill to replace
stripped language about account-
ing for Impact Aid for school dis-
tricts is being considered.
A big issue in the eastern part
of the state concerns meandered
and non-meandered waters which
is a huge problem for landowners,
especially in the northeast. This
legislation is being fought dili-
gently by fishermen and bird
hunters. The bill seeks to solve
the problem of public access to
those waters.
Maher is concerned about the
increase to Medicaid in South
Dakota, remarking that the pro-
gram will see an increase in
budget of 250 percent in two
years because of the rules in the
Federal Health Care Law (Oba-
macare) the” working poor” will
be forced to go on Medicaid and
the state will have to pay for that
increase. In his opinion the fund-
ing will be taken from what is
currently in the Education por-
tion of the budget to pay for the
budget increases needed by Med-
icaid. This does not bode well for
schools already struggling with fi-
The question of township lia-
bility on unimproved/unmarked
sections lines, which are consid-
ered public access areas, was
fielded by a constituent. Maher
suggested that townships get
legal assistance to come up with
a solution and language sugges-
tions for a bill which he would be
glad to introduce in the 2014 Leg-
islative Session and Olson agreed
to co-sponsor such a bill. Olson,
who serves on the Local Govern-
ment Committee, said she would
like to be involved as that is
where the bill would be heard
There were a lot of comments,
questions and suggestions by sev-
eral constituents. Maher stayed
around to visit with attendees;
Olson had to hurry off to attend a
function at Reva. Western Plains
Action Group was thanked by the
Legislators for hosting the suc-
cessful and well attended cracker
Legislators discuss various
issues at cracker barrel
Gov. Dennis Daugaard is cur-
rently accepting internship appli-
cations for this coming summer.
The paid position will run from
May to September 2013.
Governor’s Office interns have
the opportunity to work at the
highest level of state government.
The Governor’s Office internship
is policy-driven and will provide
an in-depth education on South
Dakota state government.
Interns’ duties will depend on
interests and strengths. Typical
duties have included aiding in
policy development, research, and
staffing the Governor, Lieutenant
Governor, and First Lady. Previ-
ous intern projects have included:
•Missouri River flooding is-
•Red Tape Review
•Criminal Justice Initiative
•South Dakota Workforce Ini-
tiatives (SD WINS)
The intern position is open to
all post-secondary students, grad-
uate students or recent gradu-
ates. Preference will be given to
South Dakota residents attending
South Dakota colleges or univer-
Interested applicants should
submit a resume, cover letter and
at least two letters of recommen-
dation by March 1, via email, to
Will.Mortenson@state.sd.us .
(Preference is for resume, but an
application will be available at
For more information on duties
or logistics, please visit
ship.aspx or contact Will Morten-
son at
Governor seeking interns
for Summer 2013
February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 7
email us at faithind@faithsd.com
Jarius Halligan… powers past the Philip Scottie during the JV
home game against Philip on Saturday. The Longhorns beat the
Scotties with the score of 42 to 31. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
The Longhorns hosted the
Philip Scotties for three games on
Saturday, February 16th.
The C teams opened the ses-
sion, with the Longhorns getting
the win, led by Tyen Palmer with
14 points.
Quarter scores
Faith 13-20-22-33
Philip 4-8-17-23
Stats: Dustyn Eaton 2 assts, 2
reb, 2 stls; Glenn Palmer 5 pts, 1
asst, 1 reb, 1 stl; Jacob Ulrich 2
pts, 1 stl; John Gropper 1 pt, 2
assts, 5 reb; Joseph Ulrich 5 pts,
3 assts, 7 reb, 2 stls; Troy Thomp-
son 1 reb, 3 stls; Tyen Palmer 14
pts, 7 reb, 1 blk, 1 stl; Wyatt
Schuelke 6 pts, 2 assts, 1 reb, 4
The boys hit 39% of their field
goals and were 71% from the free
throw line.
The jr. varsity also came out
with the win, led by Chaney Kef-
feler with 12 points.
Quarter scores
Faith 8-15-30-42
Philip 7-14-25-31
Stats:Chaney Keffeler 12 pts,
2 assts, 9 rebs, 1 blk, 2 stls; Dal-
ton Sheridan 1 asst, 2 reb, 4 stls;
Gereth Bushong 7 pts,2 assts, 5
reb, 2 stls; Glenn Palmer 3 pts, 1
asst, 2 stls; Jarius Halligan 6 pts,
3 assts, 4 reb, 6 stls; Josh Afdahl
8 pts, 1 asst, 1 reb, 2 stls; Rio
Hulm 2 pts, 1 asst, 3 reb, 2 stls;
Wyatt Schuelke 4 pts, 2 reb, 4
The jr. varsity hit 29% of their
field goals and 89% of their free
The varsity boys took to the
floor in the final game of the
night. Cody trainor was hot on
the night, hitting 27 points for the
Longhorns. Jarius Halligan and
Reggie Rhoden each added 13
Quarter scores
Faith 26-41-51-65
Philip 13-19-31-52
Stats: Caden Smiley 3 assts, 3
reb, 1stl; Chaney Keffeler 2 reb;
Cody Bernstein 2 pts, 3 assts, 2
reb, 2 stls; Cody Trainor 27 pts, 5
assts, 9 reb, 1 stl; Dalton Sheri-
dan 1 asst, 1 reb; Drew Vance 2
pts, 6 reb; Jarius Halligan 13 pts,
2 assts, 1 reb; Josh Afdahl 3 pts,
4 reb, 1 stl; Marty Shaff 5 pts, 1
asst, 2 reb; Reggie Rhoden 13 pts,
5 reb, 1 blk; Rio Hulm 1 asst, 1
The varsity scored on 42% of
their field goals and 72% from the
free throw line.
The Longhorns will have their
last regular game of the season
this Friday night when they host
the Wall Eagles.
Longhorns win three over Scotties
The Lady Longhorns made the
road trip to McIntosh on Tuesday,
February 12th to take on the
McIntosh Tigers in the last regu-
lar game of the season.
The jv girls played half a game.
The Lady Longhorns topped the
Tigers 19-0.
Quarter Scores 
Faith   11-19
McIntosh     0-0
Stats: Teagan Engel  6 pts, 4
reb, 1 assist, 1 steal;  Shali Sheri-
dan  5 pts, 3 reb, 2 assists, 4
steals; Tanielle Arneson  4 pts, 1
reb, 2 steals; Brooklyn Schauer  2
pts, 2 reb, 1 assist; Penny Welter
2 pts, 2 reb, 2 steals; Tori Simon-
son  5 reb, 1 steal; Katie Bogue  1
reb, 1 assist, 1 steal
The varsity girls also came
home with a win, defeating the
Lady Tigers in a close game 57-
50. Tearnee Nelson led the Ladies
with 19 points, followed by Shali
Sheridan with 14, and Madison
Vance with 12.
Quarter Scores   
Faith     10-25-41-57
McIntosh      12-23-36-50
Stats: Tearnee Nelson 19 pts, 9
reb, 5 assists, 6 steals;  Shali
Sheridan 14 pts, 1 reb, 6 assists,
1 steal; Madison Vance 12 pts, 3
reb, 1 assist, 1 steal; Paige Brink
6 pts, 1 reb, 1 assist, 1 steal;
Marissa Collins  2 pts, 11 reb, 1
assist;  Shanna Selby  2 pts, 2 reb,
3 assists, 2 steals;  Ashton Del-
bridge  2 pts, 5 reb
The varsity girls finished the
regular season with a 16 – 3
record and the JV and C teams
finished with a 10  -  5  record.
The Lady Longhorns are play-
ing in the District Tournament
this week. They had a bye in
Round 1 Monday night so will
play their first game Tuesday.
Lady Longhorns
win over
Page 8• February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent
1788 +/- Acres Just North of Philip
Call Rick at 605-641-1987
Reggie Rhoden … goes up for two points during the varsity
home game against the Philip Scotties on Saturday evening.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Cody Trainor … makes a layup look easy during the game
against the Scotties on Saturday. Photo by Marcia Samuelson
The Longhorns traveled to
McIntosh on Friday, February
14th for a game with the Tigers.
Jarius Halligan led the Long-
horns this night with 27 points.
Quarter scores
Faith 13-31-47-64
McIntosh 10-18-26-33
Stats: Caden Smiley 6 pts, 3
assts, 4 reb 1 stl; Chaney Kef-
feler 2 reb; Cody Bernstein 2 pts,
1 asst, 4 reb, 3 stls; Cody Trainor
2 pts, 10 assts, 6 reb, 3 stls; Dal-
ton Sheridan 1 reb; Drew Vance
4 pts, 2 reb; Gereth Bushong 2
pts; Jarius Halligan 27 pts, 1
assts, 2 blks, 1 stl; Josh Afdahl 6
pts, 1 asst, 2 reb, 3 stls; Marty
Shaff 2 pts, 1 reb, 1 stl; Reggie
Rhoden 10 pts, 2 assts, 10 rebs; 1
blk; Rio Hulm 3 pts, 1 asst, 2
reb.The team hit 38% of their
field goals and were 88% from the
free throw line.
McIntosh Tigers
Willie Nelson’s song, “On the
Road again”, may very well de-
scribe many of us especially as we
head into tournament time in our
communities.  But, do you ever
wonder ...”Who’s on the road with
According to NHTSA (National
Highway Transportation Safety
Administration), there is an aver-
age of 14,000 drunk drivers on
the road per hour. NHTSA also
reports that “about one-third of
all drivers arrested or convicted of
driving while intoxicated or driv-
ing under the influence of alcohol
are repeat offenders.” It is esti-
mated that drunk drivers kill ap-
proximately 30 people every day
in the United States; that number
does not include the number of
people who are injured in alcohol
related crashes.
As you head out for tourna-
ment action, make sure YOU are
the sober driver and help us make
a dent in the statistics by report-
ing drivers you suspect are driv-
ing drunk. Look out and report
drivers that display any of these
•swerving in and out of their
•inability to maintain a con-
stant speed.
•hugging the side of the road.
•braking too much.
If you notice any of these be-
haviors, get the license plate
number and a description of the
car. Do NOT try to stop or con-
front a drunk driver. Pull over
and call local law enforcement;
they are trained to handle these
Most drunk drivers think they
are able to safely operate their ve-
hicle and are unaware of how
even a little alcohol can turn
them into a danger on the road.
Keep our roads safe for ALL
drivers and passengers.
DRIVE SOBER and always
Information from NHTSA,
MADD and NW Prevention Re-
source Center Three Rivers Coun-
Who’s on the road with YOU?
Gillette College
announces President’s
Honor Roll
The following is a list of
Gillette College students named
to the fall 2012 semester honor
For full-time students to earn
a place on the President’s Honor
Roll, they must maintain full-
time enrollment by completing 12
or more college-level credit hours
with letter grades of A or S and a
semester GPA of 4.0 for all
classes. Credits counted in S
graded classes may not exceed
one credit.
Gillette College students on
the full-time President’s Honor
Roll from Faith area are:
Kami Elshere, Faith and
Channin Austin, White Owl
Campus News Campus News
email us at
February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 9
Troy Thompson … moves the ball down the court during the
C game against Philip. The Faith Longhorns went on to defeat the
Philip Scotties with the score of 33 to 23.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Marty Shaff … makes his way to the basket to score two points
during the Longhorns/Scotties game on Saturday. The Longhorns
went on to defeat the Scotties with the score of 65 to 52.
Photo by Marcia Samuelson
Regular Cattle & Sheep Sale
Sale Time: 10 AM
Replacement Heifers, Grass Cattle & Sheep Sale
Sale Time: 11 AM
Upcoming Sales:
Mon., Mar. 11: Special replacement heifer, grass cattle & bred cow sale
Schauer Angus bull sale followed by
JDJ & Watje Charolais bull sale
Mon., Mar. 18: Special bred cow, replacement heifer & grass cattle sale
Monday, March 25 Special replacement heifer and grass cattle sale
Lastovika & Dameron Angus bull sale at 1:00 pm
Monday, April 1 NO SALE (Easter Monday)
Monday, April 8 Special grass cattle, replacement heifer sale
Faith Livestock Commission Co.
(605) 967-2200
A nice sale here for Monday, February 18, with a steady mar-
ket with a week ago. A lot of high quality cattle in the offering
with a nice crowd of buyers on the seats.
Thank you for your business.
Fishhook Ranch
71......................Angus heifers BV 692 .............$178.00
72......................Angus heifers BV 683 .............$177.00
Jim Wilkenson
53......................Angus heifers BV 773 .............$152.00
Doyle Simon
43......................Angus heifers BV 634 .............$141.25
Dwight Kolb
55......................Angus heifers BV 647 .............$138.25
John Heidler
31........................baldy heifers BV 620 .............$141.75
Kirk Schuelke
17........................baldy heifers BV 637 .............$141.00
30......................Angus heifers BV 613 .............$141.00
Pete Anderson
36......................Angus heifers BV 712 .............$136.50
Terry Klein
72.............................Angus steers 780 .............$139.25
76.............................Angus steers 720 .............$145.00
77.............................Angus steers 708 .............$145.00
Raydelle Sperle
75.............................Angus steers 736 .............$141.75
Lermeny Ranch
150..........................Angus heifers 641 .............$143.00
D & D Archibald
73 .......................blk & bldy steers 790 .............$139.60
74 .......................blk & bldy steers 806 .............$139.35
78 .......................blk & bldy steers 699 .............$144.00
Bruce Hagen
144...........................Angus steers 875 .............$132.00
Earl Ehlers
79 .......................blk & bldy steers 812 .............$136.75
28 .......................blk & bldy steers 688 .............$147.75
Allen Earsley
48 .......................blk & bldy steers 873 .............$132.75
50 .............................baldy heifers 844 .............$126.50
Keith Gaaskjolen
71.............................Angus steers 783 .............$139.85
L & J Brockel
98 ..............................baldy steers 610 .............$163.00
L & C Johnson
139...........................Angus steers 855 .............$132.50
93.............................Angus steers 750 .............$140.75
10.............................Angus steers 1024 ...........$120.50
Blake Honeyman
69.....................Charolais x steers 840 .............$133.50
D & A Drolc
55 .......................blk & bldy steers 837 .............$136.60
45 ......................blk & bldy heifers 738 .............$135.25
David Nash
19..........................Angus cows 5s HD............$1575.00
Tanya Baker
15................................wf ewes 5s HD..............$120.00
42................................wf ewes 5s HD..............$117.50
We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200
or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell.
We would be glad to visit with you.
Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – (605) 739-5501
OR CELL: 484-7127 OR Max Loughlin – (605) 244-5990 OR
1-605-645-2583 (cell) OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)
email us at faithind@faithsd.com
Page 10• February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent
2013 F150 Headquarters
2DJS Ford FJSD LAR1AT: =8137, Dluc Jcan Mciallic, EcoDoosi, Crcw Cal,
Powcr fold nirrors, Icaicd/coolcd scais, rcnoic siari. MSFP $43,095
Now: $39,99S
PIus, up to $6,000 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD LAR1AT: =8123, WIiic, F×4 EcoDoosi, Crcw Cal,
Icaicd/coolcd scais, rcnoic siari. MSFP $50,025
Now: $46,99S
PIus, up to $3,S00 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD S.D XLT: =8112,
Ingoi Silvcr, Su¡cr Cal, laclu¡
cancra, ¡owcr slidcr, cIronc ¡lg.
MSFP $41,340 Now: $3S,390
PIus, up to $3,S00 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD XLT: =8116,
Crccn Ccn, EcoDoosi, Crcw Cal,
laclu¡ cancra, ¡owcr slidcr,
cIronc ¡lg. MSFP $44,605
Now: $41,2SS
PIus, up to $4,S00 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD S.D XLT: =8110,
Kodial Drown, Crcw Cal, laclu¡
cancra, ¡owcr slidcr, cIronc ¡lg.
MSFP $43,040 Now: $39,?9S
PIus, up to $6,000 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD XLT: =8126, Fcd,
EcoDoosi, Crcw Cal, iailgaic sic¡,
lo× sidc sic¡s, cIronc ¡lg.
MSFP $44,490 Now: $41,649
PIus, up to $4,S00 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD XLT: =8115,
Dlacl, EcoDoosi, Crcw Cal, laclu¡
cancra, ¡owcr slidcr, cIronc ¡lg.
MSFP $44,605 Now: $41,2SS
PIus, up to $4,S00 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD S.D LAR1AT: =8129,
Palc Adolc, Crcw Cal, Icaicd/
coolcd scais, rcnoic siari, laclu¡
cancra. MSFP $47,625
Now: $4S,92S
PIus, up to $S,000 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD XLT: =8130, Ingoi
Silvcr, EcoDoosi, Crcw Cal, lcd
lincr, laclu¡ cancra, cIronc ¡lg.
MSFP $46,810 Now: $43,S29
PIus, up to $4,S00 oII wItb rebates*
2DJS Ford FJSD S.D XLT: =8124,
WIiic, Crcw Cal, ¡owcr adjusi ¡cd-
als, iailgaic sic¡, lo× sidc sic¡s.
MSFP $43,095 Now: $39,99S
PIus, up to $6,000 oII wItb rebates*
+8124, Sicrling Crcy, Crcw Cal,
Navigaiion, ¡owcr noon roof,
rcnoic siari. MSFP $50,115
Now: $4?,369
PIus, up to $S,000 oII wItb rebates*
*WiiI a¡¡rovcd crcdii.
Sonc will noi qualify.
Pre-owned F150s
J99t Ford FJSD. =8143, Ccniurion
Cusion, 4 door, 260,000 nilcs...$3,99S
2DDS Ford FJSD LAR1AT. =8040D,
Crcw cal, lcdlincr, Icaicd lcaiIcr,
158,000 nilcs...........................$10,49S
2DD4 Ford FJSD F×4 XLT.=8066A,
Crcw cal, ncw iircs, ca¡iain cIairs,
109,000 nilcs...............................SOLD
2DD9 Ford FJSD XLT. =8032A, Su¡cr
cal, ncw iircs, 115,000 nilcs...$16,99S
2DJJ Ford FJSD LAR1AT. =8136A,
Crcw cal, Navigaiion, noon roof, 95,000
nilcs ........................................$2?,49S
2DJJ Ford FJSD LAR1AT. =8113A,
Crcw cal, Navigaiion, ¡owcr noon roof
54,000 nilcs ............................$32,49S
2DDt Ford FJSD XLT. =8105A, Crcw
cal, lcdlincr, FancI Hand lun¡cr
rc¡laccncni, 109,000 nilcs......$14,99S
2DDS Ford FJSD F×4 XLT. =8084,
Crcw cal, ca¡iain cIairs, ncw iircs,
58,000 nilcs ............................$22,99S
2DDS Ford FJSD XLT. =8107A, Crcw
cal, ¡owcr windows, locls and nirrors,
81,000 nilcs ............................$19,99S
Are you ready to take charge of
your financial future? South
Dakota Saves is here to help. Feb.
25 to March 2, 2013 is SDSaves
During this week, sponsors
aim to promote good savings be-
havior, help consumers learn
more about personal finance is-
sues and suggest ways to save.
SDSU Extension is part of a na-
tional coalition spearheading the
promotion of savings across our
nation. America Saves is a na-
tionwide campaign run by the
Consumer Federation of America
that encourages savings among
low to moderate income house-
holds. Each year they motivate
youth and adults to join as a
Young America Saver on-line and
to take action during this week by
opening or adding to an account
at a local financial institution.
This opportunity allows people to
commit to a savings goal and
identify specific plans to achieve.
You can enroll as a South
Dakota Saver at www.southdako-
tasaves.org Enrolled savers re-
ceive a newsletter with a variety
of savings topics. The website has
many online resources where you
can learn to save such as building
an emergency fund, saving for a
home, education or retirement.
The campaign encourages peo-
ple to set a savings goal; make a
plan on how you will save money;
and learn to save monthly
through direct deposit or auto-
matic transfer from your checking
to savings for every time you get
paid. Maintaining an emergency
savings account should be a top
priority for every individual and
family. It is possible to have an
emergency fund for all Ameri-
cans, no matter what your income
is. With an emergency savings ac-
count you will not deplete your
savings that is set aside for your
personal goals.
There are many places to find
money to save. Start with loose
change that you accumulate.
Americans typically save more
than $100 in loose change each
year. Cut back on small, unneces-
sary expenditures. The America
Saves website lists more than
twenty ideas for reducing spend-
ing. These ideas range from pack-
ing a lunch, to switching from
daily lattes to daily coffee, to not
bouncing checks.
Saving for an emergency fund
may be easier if you involve your
whole family in meeting this chal-
lenge. By explaining the impor-
tance to your spouse and children,
they may even help build the ac-
For more information on this
campaign contact Karen Slu-
necka, SDSU Extension Family
Resource Management Field Spe-
cialist, at 605-626-2870 or email
at karen.slunecka@sdstate.edu.
Take charge of
your financial
February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 11
Dr. Jason M. Haf ner
Dr. David J. Prosser
Faith Clinic
PH: 967-2644
910 Harmon St
Cell: (605) 441-7465
Fax: (605) 859-2766
Bus. (605) 859-2585 or 1-800-859-5557
101 W. Oak St., PO Box 816
Philip, SD 57567-0816
Chrysler • Dodge Ram • Ford-Lincoln
Faith Community
Health Service
HOURS Mon.–Fri.:
8 a.m.–12; 1 -5 p.m.
After Hours
Verna Schad: 964-6114 or
605-365-6593 (cell)
Dusty’s Tire Service
PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck &
machinery tire repairs call Dusty.
Leave a message if no answer
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
I have tubes & most common
tires on hand & can order in any
tire of your choice.
Serving the town of
Faith, SD
Bison, SD
H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 mi. W & 3 mi. N of Howes, SD
Equip. Repair/Maintenance -
Hydraulics - A/C - Tires
Car & Light Truck Tires
Shop: 605-985-5007
Cell: 605-441-1168
Certified Diesel Tech
Dr. Brandace Dietterle
DC Chiropractor
Located in
Imagine and More
Prairie Oasis Mall,
Faith, SD
PH: 415-5935
Imagine And More
Home Furnishings
High Quality ~ Low Cost
Prairie Oasis Mall
Po Box 402 Faith, SD 57626
Mon.–Thurs. 8 aM-6 PM
Bus: 605-967-2562
Krissy Johnson ~ Owner
Ravellette Publ. Inc.
We offer a complete commercial
printing service ...
• Business Cards • Letterheads
• Envelopes • Brochures
• Office Forms • And More!
The Faith Independent
PH: (605) 967-2161 OR
FAX: 967-2160
e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com
Faith Veterinary
(605) 967-2212
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 am-Noon
For the best in critter care!
For all your Real Estate Needs
call Kevin Jensen
Black Hills land, homes and businesses.
With values and honesty born and bred in Faith,
trust Kevin Jensen to help you
solve your real estate questions.
Kevin Jensen your friend
in real estate
Exit Realty, Rapid City
Bogue & Bogue
Law offices
Eric Bogue
Cheryl Laurenz Bogue
416 S Main St., Fai th, SD
967-2529 or 365-5171
Available for all
Anniversary - Weddings
Call Diane Fees
605-748-2210 or 2244
Hol l oway Storage
Fai th, SD
Unit sizes: 5x10, 8x20,
10x10, 10x15 & 10x20
Steel storage facility
Cal l 967-2030 or
Cel l 605-200-1451
Badlands Enterprises
Samuel C. O’Rourke, Sr.
PO Box 1618, Eagle Butte, SD
• Septic Tank Pumping
• Portable Restrooms
• General Contracting
Breakfast: Burritos
Lunch: Hot Hamburger – $4.29
Sandwich: BBQ Chicken
Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch: Tacos – $4.29
Sandwich: Rueben
Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravy
Lunch: Asian – $4.29
Sandwich: Hamburger
Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches
Lunch: Cassserole – $4.29
Sandwich: Philly Steak & Cheese
Breakfast: Burritos
Lunch: 2 Piece Chicken Dinner – $4.29
Sandwich: Hamburger
…The Better Choice
Prairie Oasis Mall 605-967-2622
Faith, SD
Keep up
Read the
Legal Advertising
Friday noon before
Wed. publication
The Faith Independent
Keep up with your city, school,
and county … Read the Legals
Page 12• February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS
Meade County
Commission Meeting
February 5, 2013)
Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on
Thursday, February 7, 2013
Members present: Robert Hei-
dgerken, Linda Rausch, Alan Aker,
Galen Niederwerder, Bob Bertolotto
Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM
1. Call to Order at 8:30 AM
Procedural: A. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Meade County Veteran of the
Discussion, Information: A. Mr. Dallas
Mr. Blomquist served in the United
States Marine Corps from August 1942
until July 1945.
Mr. Blomquist was part of the 7th
Marines, 1st Marine division, E company,
2nd Battalion. His career field was an
Automatic Rifleman. He participated in
numerous operations against the enemy
at or on Cape Gloucester, New
Britain. He also participated in landing,
assaulting, and occupation of Peleliu Is-
lands. He has foreign service to the Asi-
atic Pacifica Area, New Caledonia,
British Solomon Islands, Australia, New
Guinea, New Britain, Guadalcanal, Cape
Gloucester, Peleliu and the Palau Is-
He was awarded the Asiatic Pacific
Campaign Medal with 4 stars, American
Campaign Medal, and the Navy Presi-
dential Unit Citation with one star. Addi-
tionally, he received the Purple Heart for
wounds received in action against the
enemy in the Central Pacific area on
September 19, 1944. While recovering
he had spent some time upon the USS
The Meade County Commission and
the people of Meade County would like
to recognize and give a heartfelt thanks
to Mr. Blomquist for his service to his
country during the WWII.
3. Routine Business
Discussion, Information: A. Opportu-
nity for Public Comment
Jerry Lolley came before the Board to
invite them to the St. Francis of Assisi
Church on February 10th at 1:30 p.m. for
a presentation of the Four Chaplains.
Discussion, Information: B. Items
from Department Heads
Updating the Board on Department
Head matters were:
Ron Merwin - Sheriff
Kevin Forrester - Maintenance
Kevin Krull - State's Attorney
Ken McGirr - Highway
Kirk Chaffee - Director of Equaliza-
Lisa Schieffer - Auditor
Jerry Derr - Human Resource
4. items from Commission
Action, Discussion, Information: A.
Communiques to Commission
Board of County Commissioners may
act on any correspondence presented.
The following communiques were given
to the Commission:
Letter - DOT / Speed Limits
Letter - USDA / Noxious Weeds
Letter - Black Hills Resource and
Conservation & Development
Discussion was had regarding the
RC&D dues for the County.
Motion to approval the $100.00 dues
for RC&D.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Letter - NeighborWorks
Sharon Martinisko came before the
Board to ask for a $5,000.00 allocation
for the Neighborhood Works Program.
Martinisko gave a brief background on
all the things the program does to assist
people in Meade County.
Move to approve $5,000.00 to the
Neighborhood Works Program to be
paid out of contingency and moved into
budget 101-5-111-429.5.
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto.
Nay: Heidgerken, Niederwerder.
SDDOA - Contract
Joint Regional Training Activity
(Rapid City)
Action, Action (Consent): B. Black
Hawk Exit
Chairman Aker brought the same be-
fore the Board.
Motion to authorize out of Contin-
gency Budget the expenditure of
$2500.00 to purchase trees and for
planting trees at the Black Hawk Exit and
authorize Commissioner Aker to recruit
volunteers for the planting of the same.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Discussion was then had regarding
the landscaping efforts at Exit 52. The
County’s proposal would be planting
shrubbery, vegetation and trees to the
area and would be interested in donating
labor and up to 2,000 small trees to the
Commissioner Rausch stated for the
record “I love trees and I love the beauty
and I hope this is going to be more beau-
tiful. We are going to grow a lot of trees
and it is not a lot of money, although
$2500.00 is still a lot of money if it is in
my pocket.”
The Board was open to other ideas to
seek the funding for the same.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries
Yea: Rausch, Aker, Niederwerder,
Nay: Heidgerken
Contingency of $2,500.00 will be
moved into Commissioner Budget line
item 101-5-111-429.5.
Action, Discussion: C. Welcome
Signs to Meade County
Commissioner Aker brought the
same to the Board to discuss budgeting
possibly for the FY2014 Budget.
Action, Discussion: D. Request to
Equalization Office
Commissioner Aker brought the
same before the Board for discussion.
Aker would like the Board’s feelings on
requesting the Assessor’s Office to pro-
vide data on the impact of setting Ag par-
cel size at 20 acres.
Director of Equalization Kirk Chaffee
gave background on when the same had
been changed to 73 acres and the data
that he compiled at that time. It was the
feeling of the Board that they would like
the Assessor’s Office to look into the
Motion to authorize the Assessor’s
Office to provide data on the impact of
setting Ag parcel size at 20 acres.
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Rausch, Aker, Bertolotto.
Nay: Heidgerken, Niederwerder.
Discussion: E. County Cash Position
No discussion or action was taken.
Action, Discussion: F. 4-H agent Va-
Discussion was had regarding the
resignation of Jennifer Voight and the
pending vacancy that they will have in
the future.
The Board had put into the Budget
money to hire an intern that could work
through the summer. The Board will see
if South Dakota State University can fill
the position and the same will be dis-
cussed more at budget time. The Board
also considered talking to parents and
sending out letters for interest. Commis-
sioner Assistant Jerry Derr and Chair-
man Heidgerken will set up a meeting
with Jennifer Voight.
5. items from Auditor
Action: A. Set Hearing for Transfer of
Retail on-off Sale Malt Beverage
Motion to approve setting a hearing
for March 6th, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. for the
transfer of the following on-off malt bev-
erage license as follows:
Becky Bruer/No Name City Camp-
ground – Lot GF-1R of Pleasant valley
Subdivision Section 25, Township 5
North, Range 5 East, BHM, Meade
County SD - to Farstveet Investments,
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Aker, Niederwerder,
Not Present at Vote: L Rausch.
Action: B. Auto-Supplement into
Sheriff Department
Motion to approve the auto-supple-
ment in the amount of $1,187.40 into the
Sheriff's Department Budget line item
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Information: C. County/Personal Cell
Discussion was had on IRS code for
the use of personal cell phones. Auditor
Lisa Schieffer and Meade County
Deputy State’s Attorney Ken Chleborad
will look into the same.
Information: D. CPI 2013 payable
Information was given to the Board
from the SD Department of Revenue
stating the Consumer Price Index is set
at 2.1% for 2013 payable in 2014.
6. items from Highway Superin-
Action, Discussion, Information: A.
Piedmont Streets
The Board reviewed the engineer's
estimates for repair to Piedmont streets
and discussed the same with members
of the City of Piedmont (Jack Parks, Jef-
fery Kottowitz and City Attorney Talbot
Wieczorek) and to make a determination
as to the direction of said project.
The Board also reviewed the pro-
posed Maintenance Agreement with
Piedmont. Meade County Highway Su-
perintendent Ken McGirr expressed his
opinion regarding the same along with
Meade County Deputy State’s Attorney
Ken Chleborad who said the legal con-
tent was fine.
Motion to approve the Joint Powers
Road Maintenance Agreement with
Motion by Aker, second by L Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Discussion: B. Deerview Road Im-
Discussion was had regarding road
improvements on Deerview Road. High-
way Superintendent Ken McGirr would
like to have a get together with the own-
ers and discuss the same.
Discussion: C. Chimney Canyon
The Elk Creek Homeowner’s Associ-
ation has an interest in improving Chim-
ney Canyon Road in the future. McGirr
will meet with the same or invite them to
a Board meeting.
Action: D. Mag Water Application
Motion to approve roads and sections
of roads for 2013 mag water application
with the recommended changes as fol-
Lincoln Tarken W-L 1
Piedmont Meadows (Red Barn Road)
RBL 1.5
Bethlehem Cave Road (East End)
BCL 300 FT
Chimney Canyon Road 4S .75
Spring Valley Drive (Past Church)
4LS 1000 FT
West Main Piedmont PIED-L .25
East Ridge WHL .5
High Meadows HML 2
Midland Heights Road MIS .35
Elk Vale Road (South) 13C 6
150th 2L 1.5
224th 2L 1
Elk Creek Road (Approach to Elk
Vale) 4C .25
Antelope Creek Road 17-l 1
Dyess Ave. 2L 1
Avalanche 1C 2
Sly Hill County & City 3T 2
Pleasant Valley Drive 8TN 1
Galena Road 3C 1
Little Elk Creek Road (East End) LEL
Elms Spring Road (Belle Fourche
River) 31-C 1
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Motion to amend the original motion
to add 1000’ feet of mag water east of
Elk Vale Road on the Elk Creek Road.
Motion died for lack of a second.
Motion by Niederwerder, second
A vote was then taken on the original
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action: E. DOT agreement for pave-
ment marking
Motion to enter in an agreement with
the Department of Transportation for
2013 Highway Marking of County As-
phalt Roads.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion, Information: F.
A short explanation was given of
STIP funding (federal highway funds)
and our current balance. Desired
changes for the STIP are due February
8th, 2013. Superintendent McGirr would
recommend no changes be made at this
time as there are other opportunities
throughout this year. When the 2013
funds become available we will have a
balance of approximately $160,000.00.
7. Dinner Break @ Noon
Minutes: A. Recess for Dinner Break
8. items from Director of Equaliza-
Action: A. Add omitted property to
2011 & 2012 assessment rolls
Motion to approve the following add-
omitted property for 2011 and 2012:
Stephanie Cole, #0509693983D in
the amount of $850.00 for 2011.
Stephanie Cole, #0509693983D in
the amount of $850.00 for 2012.
Motion by Rausch, second by Nieder-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Niederw-
erder, Bertolotto.
Not Present at Vote: Aker.
Action, Discussion: B. Abatement
Motion to approve abatement due to
Veteran Exemption Status.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: R Heidgerken, Rausch, Nieder-
werder, Bertolotto.
Not Present at Vote: Aker.
Action: C. Troy & Kristie Harkin are
requesting a setback variance for an ex-
isting addition to their shop on Tract 3 of
L & J Subdivision in 11-4-6
Meade County Deputy Director of
Planning Bill Rich came before the
Board with Troy and Kristie Harkin and
explained to the Board that an addition
was built without a permit and is too
close to the right-of-way. The addition is
14’x40’ and they were fined for not get-
ting a building permit. The addition is 13’
feet away from the right of way instead
of 25’ feet.
Motion to approve the setback vari-
ance as presented.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
9. items from Facilities Director
Information: A. Facilities Tour
The Board went on a tour of the
Meade County Facilities.
Action, Discussion: B. Staffing Re-
Meade County Head of Buildings and
Maintenance Kevin Forrester asked the
Board for a part-time intermittent em-
ployee. Forrester informed Commission
his FY2013 Budget would handle the re-
Motion to approve hiring a part-time
intermittent employee to earn up to
$3,000.00 out of FY2013 Budget.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
10. items from Commission Assis-
Discussion, Information: A. Update
on Firewise Program
Meade County Commissioner Assis-
tant Jerry Derr gave an update on the
Vet in the Woods Program.
Action, Discussion: B. Surplus
County Equipment
Discussion was had about County
surplus of equipment. Three appraisals
were done for the following equipment
@ $125.00 each.
Motion to surplus county equipment -
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion, Information: C.
Legislative Bills - Updates
Motion to authorize Chairman to send
an email to Executive Director Bob
Wilcox and to the members Senate
Local Governing Committee on behalf of
the Board in opposition of SB180.
Motion by Rausch, second by Aker.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion: D. Contract with
State of SD
Motion to sign the contract with the
State of South Dakota Consultant Con-
tract/Letter of Agreement for Provision of
Community Health Services.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion: E. SD Retirement
Meade County Coroner Steve Barry
would like a review of his SD Retirement
status and years of contributory service.
Action, Discussion: F. Executive Ses-
sion per SDCL 1-25-2 (1)
Motion to go into executive session
due to legal matters. Meade County
Deputy State’s Attorney Ken Chleborad
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Motion to come out of executive ses-
sion and returned to regular session.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Nieder-
werder, Bertolotto.
Meeting recessed at 6:30 p.m. on
Tuesday February 5, 2013.
11. Reconvene February 6 @ 10
12. Public Hearing 10 AM
Action, Discussion: A. Sheriff's Office
Vehicle Bids
Two bids were received as follows:
Jacobsen Ford – 2013 Explorer 4-
Door $25,498, with options separate.
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LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 13
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Hersruds of Sturgis – 2013 Chevrolet
Tahoe 4WD 4-Door $32,643 with options
The matter was deferred until Meade
County Sheriff Ron Merwin could look
over the specs on the same.
Motion to approve the Sheriff’s rec-
ommendation for three vehicles off of the
Jacobsen Ford bid in the amount of
$28,701.00/each as follows:
Base bid: 25,498.00
LED Spot Light: 149.00
Ready for Road Pkg.: 2,992.00
Courtesy Lamp Disable: 17.00
Pre wire Grill Lamp/Siren/Speaker:
TOTAL: 28,701.00
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion: B. Shade Valley -
Application for Wine License
Motion to approve the wine license
application for Shade Valley Camp Re-
sort, Inc.
Motion by A Aker, second by Bob
Final Resolution: Motion Carries
Yea: R Heidgerken, L Rausch, A Aker,
Galen Niederwerder, Bob Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion: C. Section Line
Hearing was set for 10:00 a.m. for the
re-classification of a section line located
South half of the section line between
Sections 11 and 12, Township 6 North,
Range 14 East and the section line be-
tween Sections 13 and 14, Township 6
North, Range 14 East. Reclassification
to non-motorized due to the topography.
Mitchell Iverson was present from the
Bureau of Land Management along with
Paul Coughlin from the SD Game Fish
and Parks. The Board discussed options
with the two entities if the reclassification
was denied and if they would bring back
Motion was made to table the matter
until the next meeting so the entities can
come back with a recommendation.
Died for lack of second.
Motion by Galen Niederwerder, sec-
ond NONE.
Motion to deny the request of the Bur-
ditt section line reclassification.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Nay: Galen Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: D. 1st Reading on
Nuisance Declaration
Bill Rich came back with an update
after a meeting took place between the
Board of Commissioners and Mountain
West Products.
Move to authorize Chairman to sign
the agreement with Mountain West
Products and amend the agreement to
include asking for a survey, a new spec.
fence for the County, a spec. ditch for the
County, and get the Highway Superin-
tendents recommendations on under-
ground utilities.
Motion by Rausch, second by Nieder-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Motion to defer action on the nui-
sance until after measuring the perform-
ance outlined in the agreement.
Motion by Aker, second by Rausch.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion: E. 2nd Reading of
Ordinance #21
Motion made to approve the second
reading of Ordinance #21 – An Ordi-
nance Providing for Temporary Camp-
grounds, with amendments.
Motion by Rausch, second by Aker.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Move to adoption Ordinance #21 –
An Ordinance Providing for Temporary
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
13. Dinner Break
Action: A. Recess for Dinner
14. Scheduled items
Information: B. Commissioner Tour of
Meade County Jail
The Board of Commissioners went
on a tour of the jail.
Discussion, Report: C. Community
Action Committee
This item was deferred.
Action, Discussion: D. Natural Re-
source Committee
No discussion at this time.
Action, Discussion: E. Additional
County Staffing Levels (FTEs)
It was brought to the Board’s atten-
tion that when approving the FTE’s in
January that they had missed two in the
Register of Deeds Office, leaving the
staff listed as only two.
Motion to amend the FTE’s for the
Register of Deeds Office to say four
FTE’s instead of two.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Aker, Niederwerder,
Nay: L Rausch
Meade County State’s Attorney Kevin
Krull, Register of Deeds Denise Deaver
and Auditor Lisa Schieffer came before
the Board to discuss staffing levels in
their offices due to the Board’s decision
in July 2012 to cut one FTE in each of-
fice for FY2013.
Doreen Creed asked to make a point
of record referring to SDCL Chapter 1-27
in regards to printed material distributed
before the meeting to all members of the
governing body. Creed explained she felt
there was a violation and that no deci-
sion could be made on the matter at this
Auditor Schieffer explained to the
Board that all three of the Department
Heads asked to have this be put on the
agenda, but did not expect a decision
due to having new Commissioners sit-
ting on the Board and that they would
need time to review the matter at hand.
All three Department Heads had the ma-
terials available to the public, but each
explained that no one had asked or
picked up the same.
Discussion then ensued from the
Board with each of the Department
Heads regarding their offices and the
staffing cuts. The Board will review the
materials at hand and if the Department
Heads would like to bring the matter
back before the Board in March or a later
date they can do so.
Action, Discussion: F. Employee Re-
classification Request
Director of Equalization Kirk Chaffee
requested an employee reclassification
(pay grade change) from Appraiser I to
Appraiser II for Mike Cooper.
Motion to approve to Appraiser II and
to change the classification effective
January 26, 2013.
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Action, Discussion: G. Mountain Pine
Beetle Agreement with State of SD
Weed and Pest Director Nathan
Jagim came to update the Board on
grant funding from the State. Jagim in-
formed the Board if legislation passes
we should have a budget ready for the
same to present.
15. Consent Calendar
Action (Consent), Discussion: A.
Consent Calendar
Resolution: Motion to Approve Items
on Consent Calendar
Motion to Approve Items on Consent
Motion by Aker, second by Niederw-
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker, Nieder-
werder, Bertolotto
Action (Consent): B. Commission
Minutes approved for January 8,
Action (Consent): C. Auditor's Ac-
count with County Treasurer
To the Honorable Board of County
Commissioners Meade County:
I hereby submit the following report of
my examination of the cash and cash
items in the hands of the County Treas-
urer of this County as of February 1,
Total amount of deposits in bank –
Total amount of actual cash –
Total amount of checks and drafts in
treasurer’s possession not exceeding
three days – 63,645.52
Itemized list of all items, checks and
drafts which have been in the Treas-
urer’s possession over three days:
Postage & Exp. – 771.01
CD’s & Savings – 801,710.14
Pioneer Bank ($701,710.14)
First Interstate ($100,000)
Farmer’s State Bank
First Interstate Bank Spec. Account –
Farmer’s State Bank – 15,177.21
First Trust – 0.00
First Interstate Bank Savings Ac-
count – 1,485,337.72
Flex Account – 23,015.63
Wells Fargo – 0.00
cc pending – 1,645.01
Insuff. Funds Checks – 29.08
TOTAL – 2,664,007.88
Dated this 1st day of February, 2013.
/s/ Lisa Schieffer, Meade County Auditor
Action (Consent): D. Register of
Deed's Report
Approve January 2013 Register of
Deed’s Report in the amount of
Action (Consent): E. Approval of
Claims for Payment
SALARiES: Commissioners –
$7984.60, Auditor – $19437.06, Treas-
urer – $24688.16, States Attorney –
$29962.66, General Gov. Building –
$27197.48, Director of Equalization –
$42655.20, Register of Deeds –
$13262.35, Vet Service/Emergency
Management – $3879.42, Human Re-
sources – $8128.42, Sheriff –
$97534.84, County Jail – $69145.26,
Coroner – $700.00, Fire Protection –
$6344.96, County Nurse – $4709.63,
Weed and Pest – $7474.86, Highways –
$80237.83, Communications –
COMMiSSiONERS: R Heidgerken –
$120.25, G Cammack – $68.08, A Aker –
$112.23, CBH Coop – $75.36, BHWG –
$560.53, Rushmore Office Supplies –
ELECTiONS: Election Systems &
Software – $6072.00
JUDiCiAL SySTEM: C Tipton –
$169.56, G Dillin – $123.68, R Ander-
son – $129.60, R Bielefeldt – $129.60, D
Biers – $64.80, C Bruch – $5.92, A
Cressy – $65.54, W Estes – $50.74, J
Ewing – $22.58, J Ford – $107.40, M
Ford – $25.54, R Harrison – $10.74, S
Harrison – $57.40, E Jensen – $51.48, J
Oldert – $98.10, G Olesen – $101.48, B
Olson – $101.48, R Price – $101.80, R
Pugh – $21.84, L Rowley – $67.76, G
Scharer – $123.68, K Spear – $10.74, M
Stiefvater – $126.64, P Stoffel – $60.36,
B Taylor – $27.02, K Teter – $87.00, J
Thunen – $24.80, L Tilley – $123.68,
Grocery Mart – $19.11, K Thompson –
$705.30, T Wheeler – $122.20, W
Sheely – $10.74, I Roberdeau –
$102.96, Knuckle Saloon – $144.40,
Rosco’z Steakhouse – $130.00, S
Aberle – $10.74, C Amheiser – $129.60,
R Anders – $65.50, K Backes – $26.28,
D Battles – $11.48, D Battles – $11.48,
B Bennett – $28.50, D Bennett – $28.50,
D Besler – $11.48, G Broersma –
$26.28, D Clements – $24.80, R Cook –
$18.88, M Cooper – $13.70, E Cud-
more – $11.48, W Cuestas – $11.48, P
Dachtler – $10.74, C Dunker – $15.18,
M Dunn – $11.48, R Finney – $21.10, R
Freier – $137.00, A Giltz – $23.32, J Gut-
tierez – $10.74, W Hamilton – $23.32, L
Hammerstrom – $43.30, C Haralson –
$101.48, M Hemness – $101.48, D Hig-
bee – $129.60, S Hymans – $22.58, T
James – $21.10, C Kent – $10.74, B
King – $203.60, C Koupal – $21.10, J
Kramer – $21.10, K Lewis – $27.76, K
Lowe – $135.52, A Maine – $10.74, W
Manderfeld – $12.22, C Mckay – $15.92,
J Mettler – $27.02, J Monnens – $21.84,
A Munroe – $65.50, M Neel – $12.22, B
Nelson – $12.22, D Oliver – $10.74, K
ONeill – $18.88, S Oyler – $24.80, C
Roper – $10.74, C Sanftner – $21.10, R
Scherer – $101.48, J Schlichtemeier –
$12.96, C Scully – $22.58, M Vig –
$255.40, C Vilhauer – $10.00, C Wer-
linger – $14.44, L Yuill – $107.40, K
Zenahlik – $21.84, P Schultes – $60.32,
J Howell – $34.00, R Hymans – $894.15,
W Moss – $325.00, K Ness – $11.48,
Pizza Hut – $56.95, A Kopp – $10.74, C
Fortier – $10.74, J Wood – $24.80, V
O’Dea – $65.50, Penn Co. Sheriff –
$2773.50, J Schroeder – $11.48
AUDiTOR: SD Retailers – $3.50,
Knology – $2.34, McLeod’s – $228.52
TREASURER: Century Business
Prod. – $175.14, Pitney Bowes –
$1029.87, Postage by Phone –
$4000.00, City of Faith – $356.98, SD
Retailers – $3.50, Knology – $10.52,
Meade Co. Treasurer – $45.00, NADA –
$75.00, Rushmore Office – $108.75
COMPUTER: Verizon – $40.01,
Knology – $229.99
Equip – $1656.81, Verizon – $269.89,
City of RC – $560.00, Apex Court Re-
porting – $227.05, J Howell – $76.80, L
Havemeier – $11.60, C Harkins –
$258.40, Redwood Toxicology –
$325.00, Knology – $10.10, Meade Co.
Treasurer – $197.97
Wilde & Hunt – $509.00, Frederickson –
$797.60, R Haivala – $431.00, R Hy-
mans – $459.20
LAW LiBRARy: Lexis-Nexis –
Thompson – $6953.65, J Stielow –
$1629.88, J Hilpert – $2538.60, Grey
Law – $921.60, Oswald Law – $1911.30,
R Haivala – $1234.40, R Hymans –
BHP&L – $12479.45, Verizon – $204.52,
MDU – $2144.99, BH Chemical –
$74.72, Campbell Supply – $46.33,
Crum Electric – $908.29, First Interstate
Bank – $10.58, Ecolab – $212.00, G&R
Controls – $637.65, CBH Coop –
$131.13, Border States Electric –
$858.00, Johnston Hardware – $260.10,
Knology – $1319.22, Nyacor – $83.96,
Meade Co Treasurer – $153.00, Newkirk
Ace Hardware – $182.85, Sturgis
Water – $1655.88, Town n Country –
P&Z: L Quam – $16.28, Verizon –
$359.06, First Interstate Bank – $654.90,
T Wieczorek – $22.20, Pro-West &
Assoc. – $782.50, CBH Coop – $213.55,
SDN Comm. – $510.00, W McCarty –
$17.02, Jacobsen – $41.06, Knology –
$10.66, Sand Creek Printing – $95.25,
Meade Co Treasurer – $44.30,
McLeod’s – $390.91, Mallow – $16.28,
Owens – $12.99, Quill – $275.65
Mgmt – $104.20, First Interstate Bank –
$163.22, SD Retailers $3.50, Knology –
$3.16, Rushmore Office – $35.94
VETERAN SERViCE: First Interstate
Bank – $18.91, Knology – $10.90
lic Assurance – $72.00
$40.01, First Interstate Bank – $421.11,
Dakota Business – $139.40, Wellmark
Flex Benefits – $671.40, SD Retailers –
$3.50, Knology – $1.93, Rushmore Of-
fice – $466.83
SHERiFF: Verizon – $828.57, Pitney
Bowes – $102.48, Optics Planet –
$2875.00, LexisNexis – $162.00, Quill –
$440.40, Sam’s Club – $49.44, Century
Link – $85.28, Xerox – $298.08, A&J
Supply – $80.84, American Jail Assoc –
$48.00, J Quinn – $200.00, L Cermak –
$500.00, First Interstate Bank –
$4461.24, CBH Coop – $5528.14, Knol-
ogy – $180.86, Nyacor – $358.16, Mid-
west Radar – $560.00, Neves –
$1261.66, Peterson Auto – $625.01,
State Treasurer – $122.00, Western
Comm. – $350.00
JAiL: Walmart – $90.18, BH Family
Practice – $387.50, Sam’s Club –
$197.46, Bob Barker – $150.91, Wal-
mart – $17.40, First Interstate Bank –
$149.94, Radiology Assoc – $30.77,
Ecolab – $72.00, US Foodservice –
$8549.73, Shopko Pharmacy – $454.65,
Prairie Comm. Health – $80.00, Cash-
Wa – $3871.14, Earthgrains – $636.08,
Knology – $5.65, Midcontinent Comm. –
$57.20, Penn Co. Sheriff – $2732.60,
Rushmore Office – $21.39, Rushmore
Comm. – $2061.50
toximeters – $1345.00
CORONER: Clinical Lab – $3586.00,
RC Regional Hosp. – $758.00
JDC: Western SD JDC – $10350.00
FiREFiGHTiNG: First Interstate
Bank – $1130.96, CBH Coop – $105.10,
Elm Springs Fire Dept – $2000.00, RDO
Equip – $2000.00, Hereford Fire Dept –
Funeral Chapel – $1500.00, BH Wilbert
Vault – $330.00
MENTALLy iLL: State Treasurer –
hol & Drug – $2500.00
Thompson – $421.80, Piedmont Amb. –
$114.95, K Swanda – $15.00, L Lewno –
$150.45, Audra Malcomb Consulting –
$1332.90, Yankton Co Treasurer –
$103.75, Koletzky Law – $196.60, RC
Regional Hospital – $2186.14, D Cody –
$15.00, Shepherd Reporting – $27.50,
Harmelink, Fox – $201.03, Lewis &
Clark – $149.00, Meade Co Treas. –
$51.00, Kennedy, Pier – $225.40, Penn
Co State Atty – $430.00, Yankton Co.
Sheriff – $25.00
Area Sr. Citizens – $2000.00, Meade Co
Senior Citizen – $1250.00, Piedmont
Senior Citizen – $1000.00
Whitaker – $7358.25, M Pates –
$2357.50, D Whitaker – $908.50, M
Pates – $207.00
PUBLiC LiBRARy: Faith Public Li-
brary – $1347.50, Sturgis Public Li-
brary – $12207.50
BHP&L – $189.16, Verizon – $46.37,
BHP&L – $26.35, First Interstate Bank –
$13.34, KRCS – $40.00, Owens Inter-
state – $37.02, Rushmore Office –
$114.00, SDEMA – $30.00, Western
Comm. – $100.00
DOMESTiC ABUSE: Crisis Interven-
tion – $515.00
911 SySTEM: Golden West –
$35.18, Century Link – $1573.62,
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Page 14 • February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS
Legal Advertising
Friday noon before
Wed. publication
The Faith Independent
Continued from previous page
Xerox – $369.72
HiGHWAy: BHP&L – $438.63, Veri-
zon – $53.47, SD Transp. Safety –
$100.00, A&B Welding – $70.37, Twilight
First Aid – $99.20, Sturgis Napa –
$1229.85, Brosz Eng. – $1844.03,
BHP&L – $1037.32, Bierschbach
Equip – $249.64, Crum Electric –
$390.00, Dakota Fluid Power – $449.06,
Diesel Machinery – $311.28, Dakota Bat-
tery – $1000.52, First Interstate Bank –
$159.74, Dakota Business – $66.20,
John Deere Financial – $13574.90, CBH
Coop – $20581.53, Frontier Auto Glass –
$68.75, Truenorth Steel – $21.50, Site
Work Spec. – $42090.68, Great Western
Tire – $1386.02, Godfrey Brake –
$1639.63, Grimms – $348.52, Johnston
Hardware – $17.14, Knology – $123.83,
Cass County Heating – $326.59, Key
City Glass – $448.00, Kimball Midwest –
$466.94, Pressure Services – $41.56,
Lyle signs – $1032.01, O’Reilly Auto –
$518.35, Signature Plus – $2681.95,
Owens Interstate – $1226.16, Industrial
Supply – $238.17, Rushmore Office –
$19.90, Rapid Delivery – $84.80, Servall
Uniform – $265.30, Sheehan Mack –
$3204.02, SD Dept of Transp. –
$1825.37, Sturgis Water – $55.56, West
River Elect. – $210.95
tric – $145.60, Microsoft Corp – $716.00,
Golden West Tele – $580.00, Knology –
$.53, State Radio Comm – $3500.00,
Western Comm. – $282.60
CBH Coop – $34.50, Knology – $6.00,
Meade Co. Treasurer – $279.74
Conservation – $20000.00, Tri County
Conservation District – $20,000.00
WEED & PEST: Verizon – $48.22,
BHP&L – $164.74, Campbells – $93.30,
First Interstate Bank – $50.00, CBH
Coop – $204.98, Foothills Seed –
$145.00, McGas Propane – $484.55,
Knology – $43.51
Council – $6965.00
VARiOUS FUNDS: Norwest Bank,
matching Social Security – $33837.59,
SD Retirement System, matching retire-
ment – $29007.46, county share of
health and life insurance – $82767.22.
Action (Consent): F. Personnel Ac-
Employee, Action, Effective
Larsen, M., Short-Term Hire at
$15.93/hour, 01/01/2013
Adams, J., Short-Term Hire at
$14.12/hour, 01/07/2013
Dempsey, S., Short-Term Hire at
$14.12/hour, 01/07/2013
Ugland, T., Short-Term Hire at
$14.12/hour, 01/07/2013
Creed, D., Planning Board Member
at $100.00/month, 01/22/2013
McCarty, W., Planning Board Mem-
ber at $100.00/month, 01/22/2013
RAiSES: J Adams – $14.12, A Aker –
$1391.00, C Alan – $15.51, K Alan –
$11.77, C Anders – $18.94, L Ander-
son – $15.52, K Andrews – $13.59, D
Aplan – $14.30, E Asheim – $18.27, C
Averill – $20.83, S Barry – $500.00, T
Bedford – $17.75, D Berglund – $19.28,
S Bergman – $19.03, B Bertolotto –
$1391.00, J Blakeman – $16.13, S
Boadwine – $5250.00, D Bostrom –
$22.09, L Bratland – $18.52, M Bren-
gle – $14.39, R Brennick – $50.00/call,
M Bueno – $14.39, E Bulau – $19.53, D
Campbell – $15.04, K Chaffee –
$6602.67, K Chleborad – $6169.42, K
Cleland – $12.95, L Cleland – $12.95, M
Cooper – $14.82, R Crane – $4747.34,
D Creed – $100.00, C Cross – $15.89,
D Crown – $18.29, A Cummins – $17.78,
D Deaver – $5250.00, S Dempsey –
$14.12, C Dennis – $16.93, J Derr –
$5114.50, C Deyo – $23.69, M Drop-
pers – $18.11, T Droppers – $11.77, G
Eixenberger – $16.78, D Finn – $14.39,
D Fischer – $17.36, D Fish – $16.93, V
Fitzpatrick – $18.12, M Flesner – $17.77,
S Ford – $16.78, K Forrester – $6116.59,
L Fowler – $14.39, S Frickel – $14.82, G
Harmon – $18.94, J Harmon – $16.74, S
Harner – $19.19, K Hast – $16.93, R
Heidgerken – $1391.00, J Hendricks –
$19.53, M Hendrickson – $16.93, J
Holzer – $13.64, J Hostetter – $19.53, B
Hoven – $14.39, T Huffman – $12.57, M
Hulm – $17.79, P Humphrey – $19.98, C
Hunt – $16.93, G Hunt – $4127.84, G
Hunt – $19.53, S Huston – $14.83, N
Jagim – $4185.42, T Jensen – $18.65, C
Johnson – $5021.17, S Johnson –
$22.09, J Julson – $15.27, L Keszler –
$17.77, G Keszler – $18.48, S Keszler –
$14.39, L Kinslow – $14.39, T Knight –
$15.52, S Komes – $14.39, R Korth –
$15.60, K Krull – $6666.67, S Kuper –
$15.51, R Lehrkamp – $5021.17, K Lem-
mel – $16.10, L Lippert – $17.95, S Ma-
jzner – $19.40, R Mallow – $100.00, V
Martin – $16.38, A Masden – $14.82, C
Matt – $50.00/call, D McCarthy – $18.29,
B McCarty – $100.00, B McGee –
$12.86, K McGirr – $6169.42, R Mer-
win – $7083.34, G Messner – $16.74, D
Meyer – $19.78, S Monahan – $100.00,
D Moncur – $50.00/call, D Moore –
$22.84, M Morse – $4602.67, D Muller –
$4058.34, R Nasser – $18.84, G Nieder-
werder – $1391.00, K O’Bryan – $14.39,
C Oedekoven – $18.48, J Olson –
$17.11, L Osborne – $16.74, J Peter-
son – $13.99, B Petrocco – $4008.67, M
Pickett – $16.28, L Quam – $100.00, L
Rausch – $1391.00, Q Regan – $18.75,
W Reichert – $18.02, S Reimer –
$18.84, J Rhoden – $22.59, W Rich –
$4976.84, J Ruff – $14.39, L Schieffer –
$5250.00, L Schmunk – $14.39, V
Schmunk – $14.39, N Schneider –
$18.94, R Schneider – $18.94, R Scott –
$20.98, B Severson – $19.28, T Shoun –
$17.43, B Simons – $15.27, C Skinner –
$18.40, C Smith – $20.03, E Smith –
$19.53, K Sorensen – $5558.34, M
Sorensen – $14.90, K Stansbury –
$12.57, R Stephenson – $11.77, D
Sulzbach – $17.18, A Sutton – $3879.42,
C Swenby – $15.26, S Tegethoff –
$3719.67, K Tifft – $14.39, B Tveidt –
$17.86, T Ugland – $14.12, S Ulrich –
$15.20, J Urbaniak – $13.34, M Van-
sickel – $16.45, T Weiland – $13.49, C
Weischedel – $17.02, R White – $23.69,
T Wieczorek – $100.00, C Williams –
$22.09, J Williams $17.62, T Wilts –
$5430.34, T Woods – $19.28, W
Zuercher – $18.48
Action: G. Wade & Kim Bahr have a
final plat of Lots 2A & 2B of Lot 2 of Tract
13 of McEwen Ranch Subdivision in the
N2NW of 28-3-7
Action: H. Marlene Haivala has a pre-
liminary/final plat of Lot 1 of Lot B of
Tract 10 of Golden Arrow Subdivision in
the W2NW of 22-3-7
Action: I. Jeffrey & Dale Ulvestad &
Bobby Hall Jr. have a preliminary/final
plat of Lots 20R of Woodland Hills Sub-
division #2 and Lot 1 of Ulvestad Subdi-
vision in the SWSE of 2-2-6, NWNE of
11-2-6. They also need a lot size vari-
16. Adjourn
Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the
Motion to adjourn the meeting.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by Aker.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Niederwerder, Bertolotto.
Robert Heidgerken, Chairman
Lisa Schieffer, Auditor
Published February 20, 2013 at the ap-
proximate total cost of $374.28
DiSTRiCT 46-2
The Board of Education of the Faith
School District 46-2 met in regular ses-
sion on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
with Vise Chairman Vance calling the
meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Members present: Hanson, Simon-
son and Vance. Johnson and Welter ar-
rived shortly thereafter.
Motion by Simonson, 2nd by Hanson
to approve the amended agenda. Motion
Motion by Simonson, 2nd by Hanson
to approve the consent agenda consist-
ing of the minutes of the January 16th
regular meeting, the January 24th spe-
cial meeting and the following financial
statements and claims:
Faith imprest Fund beginning bal-
ance 4,270.02, receipts – student
meals – 3,399.75, milk – 240.10, adult
meals – 570.80, girls basketball –
3,276.00, boys basketball – 1,735.01,
from district – 1,805.64; expenditures –
student meals – 28.40, milk – 7.75, girls
basketball – 587.27, boys basketball –
504.12, supplies – 510.00, to district –
Trust & Agency beginning bal-
ance – 34,224.60, receipts – 5,050.66,
expenses – 1,620.44, ending balance –
The district financial statement:
amended beginning balance –
1,232,982.63; receipts – ad valorem
taxes – 6,187.09, penalties and interest
on tax – 220.04, interest earned –
123.72, admissions – 3,264.01, dona-
tions and contributions – 8,000.00, Med-
icaid administration – 2,829.00, other
revenue – 45.70; county sources –
2,389.38, state sources – 83,176.00,
federal sources – 7,130.22, hot lunch –
2,811.65, other – 18,879.95; reimburse-
ments – 35.00. Total revenue –
135,091.76, total expenditures –
189,404.96; ending balance –
AFLAC (ins) – 945.29; Ameritas Life
(ins) – 1,449.94; A. Drum (college ac-
cess) – 50.00; A. Price (supp) – 21.34;
A. Delbridge (college access) – 50.00;
BHSU (dues) – 30.00; Cenex (fuel) –
105.42; City of Faith (util) – 3,193.77;
Dakota Business Center (mtnce) –
448.05; Dakota Silk Screen (supp) –
35.50; Delta Education (supp) – 82.43;
Faith Imprest Fund (officials, pstg) –
1,601.39; Faith Independent (comm.) –
155.15; Grand Electric (util) – 162.75;
Harmon Law (fees) – 120.00; Hauff Mid-
Americe (supp) – 307.30; Heartland
Paper (supp) – 60.00; Jostens (supp) –
67.34; Krause Storage (rental) – 195.00;
Legal Shield (ins) – 216.20; L. Jones
(mlg to parents) – 919.08; Lynn’s (col-
lege access) – 493.60; M&B Cleaning
(custodial) – 2,500.00; M&D Food Shop
(gas) – 1,436.87; Marc (supp) – 91.32;
Mid Central Coop (online classes) –
9,200.00; N. Welter (travel) – 75.62; Quill
(supp) – 151.28; R. Traver (mlg) – 86.50;
Saf Enterprises (supp) – 60.15; SDRS
(dues) – 702.66; SDSDBF (ins) –
7,404.68; Servall Uniform (mtnce) –
821.96; S. Welter (college access) –
50.00; Transamerica (ins) – 20.41; Veri-
zon Wireless (comm.) – 98.30; Visa
(supp) – 114.20; total General Fund –
Capital Outlay: G. Fordyce (water
damage) – 1,650.00; Wells Fargo Finan-
cial (lease) – 265.00; total Capital Out-
lay – 1,915.00.
Special Education: Hands on Health
(PT) – 870.55; Legal Shield (ins) –
26.90; SDSDBF (ins) – 1,032.86; total
Special Ed – 1,930.31.
Food Service: AFLAC (ins) – 25.80;
CANS (food) – 529.94; CWD (food,
supp) – 1,033.05; Faith Imprest Fund
(refund) – 36.15; Food Service of Amer-
ica (food) – 1,235.51; Lynn’s (food,
milk) – 1,138.13; SDSDBF (ins) – 3.00;
total Food Service – 4,001.58. Total
claims all funds 41,444.90. Motion car-
Mr. Daughters introduced student-
teacher Tyrel Bonnet to the members of
the board.
No citizens were present to address
the board.
Mrs. Baye read the superintendent’s
report. The NWAS Advisory Board met
on February 5th. Items discussed in-
cluded CTE programs, enrollments,
open house, Common Core training,
evaluations, housing, Academic
Olympics, Spelling contest, Crisis Pre-
vention Intervention Training and Special
Education Services and Staffing, ESA 5
update and salary discussions for next
year. We are hosting the Academic
Olympics on April 24th and will have to
dismiss the high school students who
are not involved with the event. The De-
partment of Education will be here for a
site visit on February 18th. The Pearson
Corporation will have a representative
with them along with someone from the
Bureau of Information and Telecommu-
nications to make sure that we are ready
for the state online testing. This visit is
designed to assist our schools in review-
ing school and district infrastructure, re-
view setup/system requirements and
evaluate technology. The DOE may in-
vite other schools in the area to visit at
the same time. The Special Education
Review on February 7th went very well.
We were given recognition for the im-
plementation of the RtI process in our
district and were given areas to improve.
We will be sent a letter within 30 days
and will have a specified number of days
to make changes and corrections within
one year. This is the last year of the
Dakota Character grant and we will com-
plete the surveys during conferences.
Mr. Daughters gave the principal’s re-
port. He continues to work on evalua-
tions and has just a few formal
observations left to complete. Pre-school
round-up has tentatively been set for
April 16th for the upcoming year. The
student council plans to head up a Pen-
nies for Patients fundraising effort to help
raise money to go to help children in our
area that have been diagnosed with
Leukemia and Lymphoma. The local
Civic Oration contests will be held in the
classrooms on March 5th. The top three
from each class will perform at the Le-
gion on March 12th, and then the top two
from each age group will compete at St.
Thomas More. March 27th will be our
local spelling contest. The top two from
each class will advance to the NWAS
spelling contest on April 17th. Academic
Olympics will be held here on April 24th.
Noma Welter gave the NWAS report.
The library will receive $423.00 in free
books from the November Book Fair
sales. Meade County commissioners
have allocated a total of $5,390.00 to be
paid out over four installments. This is an
increase of $390.00 over last year’s al-
location. Eleven youths have been par-
ticipating in Story Hour. The City
completed some maintenance in the li-
brary including the heating. Zane King
has made a sign for the front of the li-
brary. The library board voted to give
both Linda and Angela a $.50 per hour
raise for their City hours. Deanna Fis-
chbach was moved from Advisory board
to Trustee. Suggestions for a memorial
for Dorothy Ulrich were discussed.
Scott Vance shared the NWAS re-
port. The Administrative Board meeting
was held on February 6th. A Services
Agreement Change policy was dis-
cussed and given to the board members
to take back to their local boards for dis-
Noma Welter gave a facilities report.
She toured the damage from the broken
water pipe and updated the board on the
progress of the items still needing to be
Motion by Vance, 2nd by Simonson
to go into executive session for person-
nel and contract employees at 7:32 pm.
Motion carried.
Chairwoman Johnson declared the
board out of executive session at
Discussion was held on the proposed
2013-2014 school calendar and also on
the superintendent search currently un-
Bret Hanson gave an update on the
education and funding bills being dis-
cussed in the legislature.
The board dates for a negotiations
meeting and a budget meeting were set
for next week.
In any other business, Amie Schauer
reminded the board that school board
petitions are available and ready to go
out. They must be returned by February
22nd at 5:00pm. No petitions have been
picked up at this point.
Motion by Vance, 2nd by Simonson
to take a three minute recess. Motion
Motion by Simonson, 2nd by Vance
to go into executive session for negotia-
tions at 9:06pm. Motion carried.
Chairwoman Johnson declared the
board out of executive session at 9:18
Motion by Welter, 2nd by Simonson
to approve the contract bid for M&B
Cleaning in the amount of $5,000.00 per
month. Motion carried.
Motion by Simonson, 2nd by Welter
to inform the Faith Education Association
of the Intent to Negotiate. Johnson, Si-
monson, Vance and Welter – aye. Han-
son – nay. Motion carried.
Motion by Hanson, 2nd by Vance to
support the changes discussed in the
NWAS Service Agreement. Motion car-
Motion by Vance, 2nd by Welter to
adjourn at 9:27pm. Motion carried.
Sharron Johnson, President
Board of Education
Amie Schauer,
Business Manager
Published February 20, 2013 for a total
approximate cost of $81.22
Meade County
Pursuant to SDCL 7-8-16 - Notice is
hereby given that on March 6, 2013 at
10:00 AM, the Meade County Board of
Commissioners will hold a regular Com-
mission Meeting at the Faith City Hall lo-
cated at: 204 N. Main Street, Faith, SD
Dated at Sturgis, South Dakota this
13th day of February, 2013.
Jerry Derr - Commission Assistant
Published February 20 & 27, 2013 at the
total approximate cost of $7.79
LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County • NWAS February 20, 2013 • The Faith Independent • Page 15
– February 6, 2013 5:00 p.m.,
isabel, SD
1 The regular meeting of the North-
west Area Schools Educational Cooper-
ative Governing Board was held
February 6, 2013, at 5:00 p.m. at North-
west Area Schools
PRESENT: Nathan Grueb, Sandy
Baumberger, Wilfred Jones, AJ Lind-
skov, Matt Gilbert, Scott Vance, Director
Cris Owens, Business Manager Monica
Mayer and Superintendent Dick Schaf-
ABSENT: Dan Beckman
GUEST: Denise Perryman
2 Approve Agenda: On a motion from
Vance and seconded by Grueb the
agenda was approved with the addition
JANUARy 2013
CASH BALANCE 1/01/13 $220,400.42
ASSESSMENTS $148,396.50
TOTAL RECEIPTS $170,648.06
SUB TOTAL $391,048.48
CASH BALANCE 01/31/12 $295,852.40
Attachment “A”
UNEMPLOYMENT $12,000.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $12,000.00
T&A IMPREST $2,981.82 $423.97 $614.32 $2,791.47
125 CAFETERIA PLAN $00.00 $300.00 $00 $300.00
TOTAL $614.32
NW Area Schools Multi-Dist Ed Coop
Checking Account: 1
A&B BUSINESS SOLUTIONS........................138.52..............................COPIER
BECKMAN, DAN .............................................56.24..............................TRAVEL
CARDMEMEBER SERVICE.............................77.00...................CREDIT CARD
CATHOLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES.............24,388.28..................OT/PT/TRAVEL
CENTER FOR DISABILITIES.........................560.00 ......REGISTRATION FEES
CITY OF MOBRIDGE.....................................250.00..................................RENT
FANNING, FRANCIS .......................................58.05..............................TRAVEL
GOVERNORS INN...........................................50.00...........................LODGING
GRUEB, NATHAN .............................................6.29..............................TRAVEL
HELMS, KATIE ................................................70.67..............................TRAVEL
HUBER, DONNA ........................................3,917.62..CONTRACTUAL/TRAVEL
ISABEL SUPER VALUE ...................................24.87..........................SUPPLIES
JONES, WILFRED ...........................................22.20..............................TRAVEL
LINDSKOV, AJ ...................................................2.59..............................TRAVEL
MCI ...................................................................54.74......................TELEPHONE
NATIONS CENTER NEWS ..............................18.00....................................ADS
OWENS, CRIS ...............................................122.32..............................TRAVEL
PRAIRIE VISTA INN.........................................69.00...........................LODGING
QUILL ...............................................................19.99..........................SUPPLIES
SARGENT, CHRIS ......................................2,191.70 ...............TRAVEL-OFFICE
T & A IMPREST FUND...................................186.00............REIMBURSEMENT
VANCE, SCOTT ..............................................18.87..............................TRAVEL
Fund Total: ...............................................38,153.40
of 5a.
3 MINUTES: Minutes of the last
meeting, January 9, 2013, were ap-
proved on a motion by Grueb and sec-
onded by Vance. Motion carried.
Vance seconded by Lindskov to accept
and approve the Financial Report for
January 2013, a copy of which is made
a part of these minutes as Attachment
“A”. Motion Carried.
5 BILLS: Motion by Vance and sec-
onded by Grueb to approve the Educa-
tional Cooperative bills for payment as
presented, a copy of which is made a
part of these minutes as Attachment “B”.
Motion carried.
5a Executive Session: Motion by
Gilbert and seconded by Lindskov, the
board entered into executive session at
5:10 for personnel pursuant to SDCL Baumberger declared out of
executive session at 5:20. Owens will
recommend nonrenewal for the school
psychological examiner position for next
year and will be advertising for a School
6 Special Education Services for
School Year 2013-2014: Owens dis-
cussed speech services being offered
through the cooperative and the schools
hiring their own speech pathologists.
These items will be discussed and voted
on at the local boards meetings and be
brought back to the March Meeting.
7 Staffing for 2013-2014: Catholic
Health Initiatives has terminated their
OT/PT services with our Cooperative
Schools effective April 1, 2013. Owens is
in the process of arranging services with
a different company to provide these
8 Salary Schedules Discussion: The
Board discussed the New Hire Salary
Schedule for Speech Language Pathol-
ogist and Early Childhood.
9 SLPA Job Description: There was
discussion regarding the SLPA Job De-
10 SLPA Evaluation Tool: On a mo-
tion by Vance and seconded by Lind-
skov, the SLPA Evaluation Tool was
11 Speech Licensure Bill: The rules
and regulations have not been set yet by
the State Department of Health.
12 Teacher of the Year: Holly Schu-
macher will be contacting the schools on
how your school can nominate a teacher
for Teacher of the Year.
13 Assistant Director: There was dis-
cussion regarding hiring an Assistant Di-
On a motion from Grueb and sec-
onded by Vance this items was tabled
until the March meeting.
14 Other: On a motion by Lindskov
and seconded by Grueb the Memoran-
dum of Understanding For Tuition Reim-
bursement with Mitchell Technical
Institute (MTI) was signed and a check
in the amount of $3,000.00 was issued
to them.
15 Adjournment: Baumberger ad-
Sandy Baumberger, Chairperson
Monica Mayer, Business Manager
Published February 20, 2013 at the total
approximate cost of $122.76
The Board of Meade County Com-
missioners on February 6, 2013 did
adopt Ordinance No. #21 – An Ordi-
nance Providing for Temporary Camp-
This Ordinance incorporates and
adopts comprehensive regulations and
notice of adoption is published pursuant
to SDCL 7-18A-5.
/s/ Robert Heidgerken
Chairman Meade County
Board of Commissioners
Attest: /s/ Lisa Schieffer Meade County
First reading: January 8, 2013
Second reading: February 6, 2013
Adopted: February , 2013
Published: February 20 & 27, 2013
Effective Date: March 19, 2013
Published February 20 & 27, 2013 at the
total approximate cost of $15.58
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Meade County Commissioners at the
City Hall located in Faith, SD, on March
6, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. will consider a
transfer of a Retail (on-off sale) Malt Bev-
erage application as follows:
Becky Bruer/No Name City Camp-
ground – Lot GF-1R of Pleasant valley
Subdivision Section 25, Township 5
North, Range 5 East, BHM, Meade
County SD - to Farstveet Investments,
Notice is further given that any per-
son, persons, or their attorney may ap-
pear at said scheduled public hearing
and present objections to any or all ap-
plicants, if any objections there be.
Dated at Sturgis, SD, this 11th day of
October 2013.
/s/ Lisa Schieffer,
Meade County Auditor
Published February 20 & 27, 2013 for a
total approximate cost of $16.88
CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 967-2161 • Email: faithind@faithsd.com The Faith Independent • February 20, 2013 • Page 16
CLASSIFIED RATE: $5.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ each word after.
CARDS OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $5.00 minimum for first 20
words; 10¢ each word after. Each name and initial must be counted as one
NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges.
Classified Display Rate.....................................................$4.70 per column inch
PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is sub-
ject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise
“any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national ori-
gin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimina-
This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which
is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised
in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.
Hyde County, Highmore, SD: Must
be certified in law enforcement or
willing to be trained and certified
within one year of hire date. Appli-
cation available from Hyde County
Auditorís Office, 605-852-2519, or
Box 379, Highmore, SD 57345.
Closing date: March 1, 2013. Hyde
County is an Equal Opportunity
BELLE FOURCHE, a growing
South Dakota community of 6,500,
seeks Economic Development Ex-
ecutive Director. Excellent wages
and benefits. Full job description
and application at www.belle-
fourche.org . Closing date: March
1, 2013.
Custer Clinic and Custer Regional
Senior Care in beautiful Custer,
SD, have full time and PRN (as-
needed) RN, LPN and Licensed
Medical Assistant positions avail-
able. We offer competitive pay and
excellent benefits. New Graduates
welcome! Please contact Human
Resources at (605) 673-2229 ext.
110 for more information or log
onto www.regionalhealth.com to
DEPT. has opening for Me-
chanic/Operator. Good Benefits.
Applications are available at Court-
house in Bison, SD or call 605-
range: $20.14-$24.50/hr. Visit:
www.cityofbrookings.org Return
application w/resume to PO Box
270, Brookings, SD 57006-0270.
ING for Northwest Area Schools
Education Cooperative in NW
South Dakota. Competitive wage,
excellent benefits, vehicle provided.
Contact Cris Owens at 605-466-
2206 or
Parcels Left! 35 acre ranches from
$695 per acre. Magnificent water
and mountain views. Low down -
Guaranteed financing. Call Today!
1-888-411-7050 www.RanchLand-
DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders rep-
resenting Golden Eagle Log Homes,
building in eastern, central, north-
western South & North Dakota.
Scott Connell, 605-530-2672,
Craig Connell, 605-264-5650,
statewide for only $150.00. Put the
South Dakota Statewide Classi-
fieds Network to work for you
today! (25 words for $150. Each
additional word $5.) Call this
newspaper or 800-658-3697 for
SD HORSE FAIR March 15-17
Fairgrounds, Sioux Falls. Dana
Hokana Clinics. Ranch Rodeo,
Horsemanís Challenge, Trade
Show, Sandy Jirkovsky, Breed &
Driving demos, Youth Events, Cow-
boy Church. LIKE us on facebook!
discounts for spring delivery.
50x80, 62x100, 68x120, 68x200,
100x200. Take advantage of tax
deductions. Limited Offer. Call
Jim 1-888-782-7040.
rights on private property for An-
telope and or Mule Deer. Call
605-321-3635. F22-3tp
WANTED: ranch or grass land to
lease by the month or year, by the
head. Call 316-734-3374.
Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc.
is accepting resumes for an Ap-
prentice/Journeyman Electri-
cian/Serviceperson. Must be a
high school graduate or equiva-
lent and have one year of ad-
vanced electrical training or
electric vo-tech graduate or
equivalent. Work includes sales,
installation and repair of appli-
ances, heating/cooling and resi-
dential and farmstead wiring.
This is a full time position lo-
cated in Bison, SD, with good pay
and benefits: hospitalization,
401K savings plan, retirement,
life and accident insurance, sick
leave and vacation. Working
hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m., Monday through Friday.
Applicant must be able to work
overtime hours when needed and
be able to do some heavy lifting
of up to 100 pounds. Contact
Steve Senn, Asst. Operations
Manager or Colle Nash, Director
of Operations at Grand Electric
Cooperative, Inc., P. O. Box 39,
Bison, SD. An Equal Opportunity
Employer. Deadline for submit-
ting resumes is March 11, 2013.
HELP WANTED: Grand Electric
Cooperative, Inc. has an opening
for a part-time Accountant posi-
tion at their headquarters office
in Bison, SD. This position has
good potential to become full-time
in 2013. The successful applicant
must have a high school diploma
or equivalent. It is preferable that
the applicant have a minimum of
two years of general office experi-
ence, including but not limited to,
payroll, accounts payable and
general bookkeeping. Job duties
include posting journal entries,
verifying and posting invoices,
processing checks, etc. Interested
individuals please send your re-
sume to Colgan Huber, Director
of Finance, Grand Electric Coop-
erative, P.O. Box 39, Bison, SD
57620.  Grand Electric is an equal
opportunity employer. Deadline
for submitting resumes is March
8, 2013.
Countryside Apartments in
Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted
throughout. Laundry facilities
available. Handicap accessible.
Rent based on income. For infor-
mation contact: PRO/Rental Man-
agement 1-800-244-2826 or
1-605-347-3077 Equal Opportu-
nity Housing. F5-tfc
with trencher and backhoe, Live-
stock Water Systems. 10 1/2 miles
south of Maurine, 605-748-2473
Merle Vig. F2-tfc
Angus Bull Sale
March 5, 2013
1:15 p.m. (MT)
at the Ranch • 6.5 miles west, 3 south of Bison, SD
80 head
of Big
A.I. Sires
Triple J Design,
Equator 395M,
Sinclair Net
Present Value
Featuring sons of Performer 884
Duane Pankratz Dan Nelson
(605) 359-9222 (701) 351-1795
Sale book will be online at: www.RPIpromotions.com

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