Faith Independent, December 4, 2013

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$1.00 (%(!&."#, - 0)
F %-$ G 2#--# & T$# F %-$ I("#*("#(- S%(!# 1910 V)&.'# 85 3 N). 13
D/-/6,/: 4, 2013
#=,53- 78<3-/; 37 7/?;9+9/:; ,85;</: 18>/:76/7< <:+7;9+:/7-A
*? D)<1, B68,-=?2 /-5-8)3 4)5)/-8, #.D N-=97)7-8 A996+1):165 8IC@<I K?@J DFEK?, "FM<IEFI D<EE@J D8L>88I; LJ<; ?@J N<<BCP :FCLDE KF J?8I< @E=FID8K@FE N@K? :@K@Q<EJ 89FLK DFM@E> JK8K< >FM<IED<EK KFN8I; DFI< KI8EJG8I<E:P 8E; 8::<JJ@9@C@KP. .G<:@=@:8CCP, ?< NIFK< 89FLK K?< C8LE:? F= 8 E<N JK8K< >FM<IED<EK N<9J@K< K?8K D8B<J @K <8J@<I =FI K?< GL9C@: KF C<8IE 89FLK 8;D@E@JKI8K@M< ILC<J 8E; I<>LC8K@FEJ K?8K 8I< GIFGFJ<; 8E; @DGC<D<EK<; 9P M8I@FLJ JK8K< 8><E:@<J. /?< E<N N<9J@K< @J ILC<J.J;.>FM. CFE>I8KLC8K@FEJ KF K?< >FM<IEFI =FI :I<8K@E> 8 GI8:K@:8C 8E; LJ<=LC N<9J@K< K?8K N@CC N<CC J<IM< K?< :@K@Q<EJ F= .FLK? D8BFK8EJ. AE; K?8EB PFL KF "FM. D8L>88I; =FI 9I@E>@E> DFI< 8KK<EK@FE KF K?< E<<; =FI KI8EJG8I<E:P @E >FM<IED<EK. "$ JKIFE>CP 9<C@<M< K?8K K?< NFIB@E>J F= >FM<IED<EK J?FLC; 9< 8J KI8EJG8I<EK 8J GFJJ@9C<," K?< >FM<IEFI NIFK< @E ?@J :FCLDE. "AJ .FLK? D8BFK8 :@K@Q<EJ, PFL ;<J<IM< K?< FGGFIKLE@KP KF BEFN 89FLK 8E; G8IK@:@G8K< @E PFLI >FM<IED<EK." #<I<, ?<I<! $ :FLC;E'K 8>I<< DFI<. /?8K'J 8 D<JJ8>< E<NJG8G<IJ ?8M< 9<<E GIFDFK@E> =FI ;<:8;<J 8E; @K'J >I8K@=P@E> KF J<< DFI< 8E; DFI< <D9I8:< K?< @;<8CJ F= KI8EJG8I<E:P 8E; FG<E >FM<IED<EK. '8JK DFEK? K?< 130 D<D9<I E<NJG8G<IJ F= .FLK? D8BFK8 )<NJG8G<I AJJF:@8K@FE F9J<IM<; K?< =@IJ -<M<I +L9C@: )FK@:<J (FEK? @E .FLK? D8BFK8. $K N8J 8E FGGFIKLE@KP KF 9I@E> 8KK<EK@FE KF GL9C@: EFK@:<J JL:? 8J J:?FFC 9F8I; D@ELK<J 8E; ;<C@EHL<EK GIFG<IKP K8O C@JKJ GL9C@J?<; @E K?< CF:8C E<NJG8G<I 8E; KF K?< IFC< K?FJ< EFK@:<J GC8P @E FLI ;<DF:I8:P. %LJK C@B< K?< GF@EK D8;< 9P K?< >FM<IEFI @E ?@J :FCLDE, GL9C@: EFK@:<J @E K?< CF:8C E<NJG8G<I :I<8K< K?< FGGFIKLE@KP =FI LJ 8J :@K@Q<EJ 8E; K8OG8P<IJ KF BEFN 89FLK 8E; G8IK@:@G8K< @E FLI >FM<IED<EK. A B<P GF@EK KF I<D<D9<I @J K?8K GL9C@: EFK@:<J GL9C@J?<; @E K?< CF:8C E<NJG8G<I GIFM@;<J 8E @E;<G<E;<EK, K?@I;-G8IKP, 8LK?<EK@=@:8K@FE JK<G @E K?< GIF:<JJ F= ;<C@M<I- @E> K?< GL9C@: EFK@:<J KF K?< GL9C@:. /?8K K?@I; G8IKP @J K?< E<NJG8G<I. /?< E<NJG8G<I, 8J GL9C@J?<I F= >FM<IED<EK GL9C@: EFK@:<J, GIFM@;<J 8E @E;<G<E;<EK M<I@=@:8K@FE 8E; ;<C@M<IP F= >FM<IED<EK @E=FID8K@FE. $K @J DFI< GFN<I=LC 8E; DFI< <==<:K@M< K?8E >FM<IED<EK @KJ<C= 9<@E> K?< JFC< 8LK?FI, <;@KFI 8E; ;@JKI@9LKFI F= @E=FID8K@FE K?8K N< 8J K8OG8P<IJ E<<; KF BEFN. AE; @K'J G<ID8E<EK. +L9C@: EFK@:<J GL9C@J?<; @E K?< CF:8C E<NJG8G<I :I<8K< 8 9FE8=@;< I<:FI; K?8K :8EEFK 9< ?8:B<;, D8E@GLC8K<; FI ;<C<K<;. $K'J @EB FE G8G<I. $E =8:K, 8E F==@:@8C EFK8I@Q<; :FGP F= <M<IP GL9C@: EFK@:< GL9C@J?<; @E E<NJG8G<IJ @J GI<G8I<; 8J 8 C<>8C ;F:LD<EK F= K?8K GI@EK<; I<:FI; F= >FM<IED<EK 8:K@FE. )<NJG8G<IJ @E .FLK? D8BFK8 I<:F>E@Q< K?< IFC< F= K?< $EK<IE<K =FI J<8I:?@E> 8E; 8::<JJ@E> @E=FID8K@FE. /?8K @J N?P K?< 130 E<NJG8G<IJ @E FLI JK8K< ?8M< :FFG<I8K<; KF GIFM@;< NNN.J;GL9C@:EFK@:<J.:FD, 8 J<8I:?89C< N<9J@K< K?8K 8>>I<>8K<J 8CC F= K?< GL9C@: EFK@:<J =@IJK GL9C@J?<; @E K?< CF:8C E<NJG8G<I. )<NJG8G<IJ GIFM@;< K?8K N<9J@K< 8K EF :?8I>< KF >FM<IED<EK FI :@K@Q<EJ. BLK @K 8CC 9<>@EJ N@K? K?< GL9C@:8K@FE F= 8 >FM<IED<EK EFK@:< @E PFLI CF:8C E<NJG8G<I. 2< K8>><; FLI +L9C@: )FK@:<J (FEK? F9J<IM8E:< N@K? 8 "1$+" K?<D<. 1<I@=@89C<, @E;<G<E;<EK 8E; G<ID8E<EK. *I, M8CL89C<, @DGFIK8EK 8E; GL9C@:. @K?<I N8P, K?<J< 8I< 8CC 8;A<:K@M<J K?8K ;<J:I@9< K?< J@>E@=@:8E:< F= GL9C@: EFK@:<J GL9C@J?<; @E PFLI CF:8C E<NJG8G<I. AJ K?< >FM<IEFI NIFK< @E ?@J :FCLDE, W M<E N?<E @E=FID8K@FE @J FG<E, ?FN<M<I, @K @JE'K M<IP LJ<=LC N?<E @K :8EEFK 9< <8J@CP 8::<JJ<;. +LKK@E> @E=FID8K@FE FEC@E<, @E FE< CF:8K@FE, N@K? 8GGIFGI@8K< <OGC8E8K@FE, 8CCFNJ K?< GL9C@: KF G8IK@:@G8K< @E >FM<IED<EK 8K 8 ?@>?<I C<M<C." $ C@B< KF K?@EB K?8K GL9C@J?@E> GL9C@: EFK@:<J @E K?< CF:8C E<NJG8G<I K?8K @J :FDGC<K< N@K? FK?<I CF:8C, I<C<M8EK E<NJ 8E; @E=FID8K@FE 8E; K?8K @J ;<C@M<I<; KF PFLI ;FFIJK<G FI D8@C9FO :8E K8B< K?8K GL9C@: G8IK@:@G8K@FE KF 8E <M<E ?@>?<I C<M<C P<K. $K D8B<J PFL V K?< :@K@Q<E V 8 1$+.
C63- E390-8- ... 19 4)215/ 019 9-+65, +659-+;:1<- )77-)8)5+): :0- F# 15 L)9 '-/)9. C63- =)9 15 10:0 73)+- 15 :0- 8-/;3)8 9:)5,15/9 15 9),,3- *865+. (- =)5: :6 =190 014 :0- *-9: 6. 3;+2 6<-8 :05->: 10 ,)?9! "06:6 +6;8:-9? #1+0)8, L-<15-, "#CA "06:6/8)70-8
0-3, :0-18 :8-- )5, =8-):0 );+:165 M65,)? 51/0: 15 :0- .684-8 K-..-3-8 K8-):1659 36+):165 15 :0- 4)33. "86+--,9 .864 :0- );+:165 =-5: :6 :0- F)1:0 A4*;3)5+-. "06:6 *? L68-::) ")9963:
C0819:4)9 F-9:1<)3 ...
Page 2 : D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7<
E0B5: &<=1:31=
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
(/</:+7;/5/13;5+<8:; :8=7. <+,5/; 37 %.D.
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
9>30B %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8> 90 B9?< -2+81/ 90 +..</== ,/09</ 79@381 9< += ;?3-56B += :9==3,6/, =9 += 89> >9 73== + =3816/ 3==?/.
AD&E"$I#ING "A$E#: 'F:8C D@JGC8P: $4.70 G<I :FCLDE @E:?. 'AN$ AD# & CA"D# OF $HANK#: $5.00 =FI =@IJK 20 NFI;J; 10R G<I NFI; K?<I<8=K<I. AD# & NE'# DEADLINE: (FE;8P )FFE
%BLIC NO$ICE DEADLINE: !I@;8P, 10:00 8.D.
F)1:0 C644;51:? H-)3:0 C-5:-8
H6;89 6. !7-8):165: M65,)? 8:00 )4 C 7:00 74 %;-9,)? - F81,)? 8:00 )4 C 5:00 74
'-85) $+0),, C " C M65,)? - %0;89,)? "-//? !DC65568, C " C M65,)? C F81,)? D)<1, #633)965, "A-C - %0;89,)? F68 )77615:4-5:9 +)33: 605-967-2644 68 1-800-584-7668
;*3190-, 15 :0- H-)8: 6. :0- '-9: "1<-8 E4718+L9C@:8K@FE )F. 184760 +L9C@J?<; 2<<BCP FE 2<;E<J;8P !8@K?, .D 57626-0038
+*./(A./ -, .<E; A;;I<JJ C?8E><J KF: +.*. BFO 38, !8@K?, .D 57626-0038 +#*) : (605) 967-2161 V !A3: (605) 967-2160 -D8@C: =8@K?@E;@=8@K?J;.:FD
DEADLINE: '8JK GFJJ@9C< DFD<EK KF KLIE E<NJ @K<DJ @E 8K K?< F==@:< KF 9< GL9C@J?<;. LEGAL NE'# A E" FO": .K8K< F= ..D., (<8;< CFLEKP, C@KP F= !8@K?, !8@K? .:?FFC D@JKI@:K 46-2
+L9C@J?<I.............................................................DFE -8M<CC<KK< *==@:< (8E8><I.......................................................D@8E< $J88:J -<GFIK<I, +IFF=I<8;<I, CFDGFJ@K@FE.................'FI<KK8 +8JJFCK
.0B.C-$+/$*) -A/ : !8@K? & DLGI<< $34.00 + CF:8C K8O; $E-JK8K< $39.00 + CF:8C K8O; *LK-F=-JK8K< $39.00; !FI<@>E $45.00.
+ -$*D$CA'. +*./A" +A$D !8@K?, .FLK? D8BFK8 57626
C*+4-$"#/: 1988 !8@K? $E;<G<E;<EK. ACC I@>?KJ I<J<IM<;. )FK?@E> D8P 9<I<GI@EK<;, G?FKF:FG@<;, FI @E 8EP N8P I<GIF;L:<; =IFD K?@J GL9C@:8K@FE, @E N?FC< FI G8IK, N@K?FLK K?< NI@KK<E :FEJ<EK F= K?< GL9C@J?<IJ.
D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7< :
Page 3
A2?1= ?41 &?;=9: *4-?'> "1C?? 911?5:3> .135: D1/. 17
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
$+7-2/: $/53/0 F=7. :/637.; 9:8.=-/:; +9953-+<387; +:/ 89/7
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
%<+</ I7;=:+7-/ D3>3;387 +558?; -+::3/:; <8 /@</7. 95+7;
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
/7+36 ?= +> 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
9>30B %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8> 90 B9?< -2+81/ 90 +..</== ,/09</ 79@381 9< += ;?3-56B += :9==3,6/, =9 += 89> >9 73== + =3816/ 3==?/.
P-#%' # C-#33+(+'& A&... *' F#+4* I/&'1'/&'/4
967-2160//7+36: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
F ()* Na* &%a# Ba%" % Fa *h a B(a%ch &f F ()* Na* &%a# Ba%" % Ph # ', - ## be h&)* %g a% A''(ec a* &% Da/ % h&%&( &f M&(( ) G+)*af)&% M c" Ha %e) She((/ Pa#$e(
f&( *he ( $a%/ /ea() &f )e(, ce a%d ded ca* &% *& *he ba%" %g c&$$+% */ % Fa *h a%d *he )+((&+%d %g *&-%), a) -e## a) *he ( c&$$ *$e%* a%d %,&#,e$e%* % *he Fa *h a(ea.
P#ea)e )*&' % *& , ) * - *h *he h&%&(ee) a%d e%!&/ ca"e a%d (ef(e)h$e%*) &%
M&%da/, Dece$be( 9, 2013, 9 a$ 0 4 '$
A* F ()* Na* &%a# Ba%" % Fa *h
O( /&+ $a/ )e%d ca(d) add(e))ed *& *he h&%&(ee) *& PO B&. 187, Fa *h, SD 57626
PHILIP, S.D. 605-859-2525
Member FDIC
FAITH, S.D. 605-967-2191
Page 4 : D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7<
Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
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
Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
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
!7)3 A8-)
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
B@;J JK8P<; KF JG<E; K?< I<JK F= K?< N<<B 8E; -FI<P :8D< 98:B FE .8KLI;8P, JK8P<; FM<IE@>?K 8E; KFFB K?< B@;J ?FD<.U .LE;8P, .GL; 8E; B<IE@:< '<DD<C N<EK KF -8G@; C@KP @E K?< 8=K<IEFFE KF ;F JFD< HL@:B J?FGG@E>. -F;, /I8:P, 8E; %LJK@E $E>8CCJ ?FJK<; FLI =8D@CP /?8EBJ>@M@E>. D@EE<I >L<JKJ N<I< -F:? 8E; -@K8 B<JK><E, A;8D, %LC@8E8, AE;I<N 8E; 'FD8E,U 'LB< 8E; %<JJ@:8 B<JK><E, .8I8?, -<9<::8 8E; '<M@, +<K<I 8E; (8LI@ .F9FKB8, B<CC8 8E; %<EE8, #FN8I;, $ 8E; %8JFE $E>8CCJ D8C< 8E; (8I@< $E>8CCJ JG<EK J<M<I8C ;8PJ 8K K?< (8PF CC@E@: @E -F:?<JK<I, () =FI (8I@<'J P<8ICP :?<:BLG.U/?<@I ;8L>?K<I D<C8E< 18E8;8 AF@E<; K?<D K?<I<. -<GFIKJ N<I< >FF;, K?8EB=LCCP. D8C< 8E; (8I@< 8I< EFN F== KF K?< )!@E '8J 1<>8J. .8KLI;8P, #FN8I; 8E; $ N<EK LG KF -F9<IK 8E; %FD<< $E>8CCJ ?FD< =FI 8EFK?<I ?L>< =<8JK. %LJK@E $E>8CCJ, C?L:B 8E; 0C8 !FNCB<J, %<IIP 8E; -<E8< -FJ< 8E; K?<@I ;8L>?K<I )@BB@ 8E; ?LJ98E; 8E; C@KKC< 9FP, K?< (8IB (FP<I =8D@CP, B<E 8E; '8LI8 (<P<I, BIP:<E 8E; )<M8<?, %8D<J 8E; /8J?FEE8 $E>8CCJU 8E; KNF FI K?I<< FK?<I PFLE> =FCBJ $ J8N F== 8E; FE N<I< 8CC K?<I< =FI ;@EE<I.U /?< +LCM<I =8D@CP JKFGG<; @E C8K<I @E K?< 8=K<IEFFE 8E; D8P9< DFI< =FCBJ $ D@JJ<;. '8K<I K?8K 8=K<IEFFE #FN8I; 8E; $ N<EK ;FNE KF 0E@FE C<EK<I KF 8KK<E; K?< 80K? 9@IK?;8P G8IKP =FI -@:?8I; #8INFF;.U -F; 8E; /I8:P 8CJF ?8; >FE< ;FNE =FI K?< G8IKP. .LE;8P 8=K<I :?LI:? ;@EE<I >L<JKJ F= .8D 8E; %FE8K?8E CFNC<J N<I< C8J<P 1FJJ 8E; K?< 4 FC;<I B@;;FJ.
By Kay Ingalls
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
K//: ?: A3>2 B9?< -3>B, =-2996, +8. -9?8>B... #/+. >2/ L/1+6=
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C,*" ',&+ 1/ #,. C%.&/0*a/ &+ 0%" C,1+0.4 D" . 16, 10 AM67:30 PM
F.,+0&". R,,* &+ 0%" P.a&.&" Oa/&/ Ma)) La/0 *&+10" $&#0 &!"a/ #,. "2".4,+" ,+ 4,1. )&/0 H"&!)"./ W,,!3,.( S "+0/4 R,-" A.0 b4 Ka.& La.&+!a7/ Da55)&+$ D"/&$+/ W"/0".+ J"3")/ O+" B)"//"! M,**4 Wa0(&+/ Pa*-"."! C%"#
$>9: 38 +8. /849B </0</=27/8>= A236/ B9? =29:!
D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7< :
Page 5
Faith News
By Loretta Passolt
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
Senior Citizens Menu
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
$/9. K:3;<3 !8/6C; )//45A C85=67
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JKI@:K@FEJ 8=K<I JF D8EP G8I<EKJ, J:?FFC 8;D@E@JKI8KFIJ 8E; GFC@:PD8B<IJ I8@J<; :FE:<IEJ.U BLK K?<@I 8:K@FEJ FECP C8JK K?IFL>? K?< <E; F= K?@J J:?FFC P<8I.U $ N8EK KF D8B< K?<J< :?8E><J G<ID8E<EK. /?@J D<:<D9<I, $ 8D @EKIF;L:@E> 8 E<N J:?FFC CLE:? ELKI@K@FE 9@CC KF CFFJ<E K?< I<>LC8K@FEJ K?8K ;@:K8K< ?FN DL:? D<8K 8E; >I8@EJ FLI JKL;<EKJ :8E 9< J<IM<;. $K N@CC 8CJF <8J< LG FE JFD< F= K?< ILC<J K?8K ?8M< @E:I<8J<; =@E8E:@8C JKI8@E FE FLI J:?FFC ;@JKI@:KJ.U '@B< D8EP F= PFL, D8B@E> JLI< FLI B@;J 8I< ?<8CK?P @J FE< F= DP KFG GI@FI@K@<J.U C?@C;?FF; F9<J@KP @J 8 >IFN@E> :I@J@J 8:IFJJ K?< :FLEKIP 8E; .FLK? D8BFK8 ?8J FE< F= K?< ?@>?<JK :?@C;?FF; F9<J@KP I8K<J @E K?< :FLEKIP.U BLK I<>LC8K@FEJ FM<I9LI;<EJFD< 8I<EYK K?< I@>?K N8P KF 9L:B K?< KI<E;.U 2?@C< N< ?8M< 8 CFE> N8PJ KF >F, .FLK? D8BFK8 @J FE< F= K?< =<N JK8K<J K?8K @J DFM@E> @E K?< I@>?K ;@I<:K@FE FE :?@C;?FF; F9<J@KP. (L:? F= K?8K @J ;L< KF <==FIKJ FE K?< CF:8C C<M<C N?<I< N<YM< NFIB<; KF @E:I<8J< KI8@E@E> 8E; <;L:8K@FE JF :?@C;:8I< GIFM@;<IJ 8E; FK?<IJ :8E ?<CG B<<G B@;J DFI< G?PJ@:8CCP 8:K@M< 8E; <E:FLI8>< K?<D KF <8K DFI< =IL@KJ 8E; M<><K89C<J. $KYJ D8;< 8 ;@==<I<E:<. +8I<EKJ DLJK 8CJF 9< @EMFCM<; @E =FID@E> ?<8CK?P ?89@KJ 8K ?FD<.U AIFLE; K?< ;@EE<I K89C< 8K DP ?FLJ<, N< K8CB 8 CFK 89FLK D8B@E> ?<8CK?P :?F@:<J.U /?FJ< ;@J:LJJ@FEJ N@CC >F DL:? =LIK?<I K?8E I<JKI@:K@E> DP ;8L>?K<I &<EE<;P KF 2 FQ. F= D<8K 8K CLE:? ;LI@E> MFCC<P98CC J<8JFE. AJ N@K? D8EP K?@E>J K?8K @DG8:K FLI B@;J, :?F@:<J 89FLK ELKI@K@FE J?FLC; 9< D8;< 8J :CFJ< KF ?FD< 8J GFJJ@9C<.U 2< E<<; KF >@M< CF:8C J:?FFCJ DFI< =C<O@9@C@KP KF D8B< JLI< K?< B@;J K?<P J<< :FD@E> K?IFL>? K?< CLE:? C@E< <M<IP ;8P 8I< ><KK@E> K?< =FF; K?<P E<<; KF 9< ?<8CK?P 8E; JL::<JJ=LC.
Vila! Pha mac$ & Heal"hca e S"o e
Need a new prescription? ! Refill an existing RX?
All our hometown needs!
Ma&) S/., Fa&/%, SD
We )"'ld like &" &ha!k "'$ )"!de$f'l child$e!, g$a!dchild$e! a!d Ad$ia! )h" #aid f" "'$ &$i# &" Ha)aii f"$ 10 da+% &" celeb$a&e "'$ 60&h )eddi!g a!!i(e$%a$+ !e*& A'g'%& 14&h. Tha!k% al%" &" Ma$ie a!d Albe$& DeK!ikke$ f"$ bei!g "'$ g'ide%, cha'ffe'$ a!d c""k We had a )"!de$f'l &i e. L"(e a!d Ha##+ Tha!k%gi(i!g, B"b & Je!!i C"lli!%
Home: (605) 837-2945 Cell: (605) 381-5568 WBackhoe WTrenching WTire Tanks WVacuum Excavation WCobett Waters WDirectional Boring
Excavation work of ALL types!
Brent Peters
Located in Kadoka, SD
-We match or beat most costs-Vilas takes most insurance-We are proud to serve our VA members-
B-&)$ 0. 3*0- "(+/3 -"#&'' *//'" *%a1" 3*0- +%3.&!&a) !*)/a!/ *0- +%a-(a!3
G&1" 0. a !a'' 605-967-2123 *- Fa# 967-2910 W" 2&'' a).2"- 3*0- ,0"./&*).
Page 6 : D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7<
G8)5, #1<-8 #6;5,;7
B? B-::? !3965
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
/7+36 ?= +>: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
4T $# B#--#+ C$)%!# P + %+%# O ,%, M && P H: 605-967-2622 5 F %-$, SD
D&-* S1&$*"-3
4 $05/4 J&--9 R0--3
F2&3) A11-& C*%&2 "6"*-"#-& %"*-9
P-#%' # C-#33+(+'& A&... *' F#+4* I/&'1'/&'/4
967-2160//7+36: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
H0-*%"9 O1&/ H053&
Dece be$ 12&h
";A. 26?4 ";A. 27?4 ";A. 28?4 ";A. 29?4 ";A. 30?4 D1/. 1>? D1/. 2:0 30 48 28 56 41 53 51
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Page 7
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C0819:4)9 F-9:1<)3 ... 0-3, :0-18 :8-- )5, =8-):0 );+:165 M65,)? 51/0: 15 :0- .684-8 K-..-3-8 K8-):1659 36+):165 15 :0- 4)33. "86+--,9 .864 :0- );+:165 =-5: :6 :0- F)1:0 A4*;3)5+-. "06:6 *? L68-::) ")9963:
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Page 8 : D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7<
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B6* D86=5, E>:-59165 $7-+1)319:
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
%#EE FAC%$
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
/7+36 ?= +>: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
KPG<J F= C?I@JKD8J KI<<J. /?<I< 8I< ELD<IFLJ <M<I>I<<E JG<:@<J >IFNE =FI C?I@JKD8J KI<<J. C?I@JKD8J KI<< JG<:@<J :8E :FEM<E@<EKCP 9< ;@M@;<; @EKF KNF >IFLGJ - G@E<J, JL:? 8J .:FK:? 8E; 2?@K< +@E<, 8E; K?< J@E>C<-E<<;C< :FE@=<IJ JL:? 8J JGIL:<J 8E; =@IJ. +@E<J ?8M< K?<@I E<<;C<J 8KK8:?<; KF 9I8E:?<J @E >IFLGJ F= KNF FI DFI< 8E; J@E>C<-E<<;C< :FE@=<IJ ?8M< E<<;C<J @E;@M@;L8CCP 8KK8:?<; KF K?< 9I8E:?<J. /?< DFJK GFGLC8I JG<:@<J JFC; =FI C?I@JKD8J KI<<J @E .FLK? D8BFK8 8I< .:FK:? +@E<, CFCFI8;F BCL< .GIL:<, DFL>C8J !@I, !I8J<I !@I 8E; BC8:B #@CCJ .GIL:<. $= PFL >F N@K? 8 I<8C KI<<, D8B< JLI< K?8K @K ?8J 8 CFE> <EFL>? ?8E;C< KF 8::FDDF;8K< PFLI KI<< JK8E;. 2?<E PFL ><K @K ?FD<, D8B< 8 =I<J? FE< @E:? :LK FE K?< 9LKK <E; 8E; GC8:< K?< KI<< @E 8 JKLI;P JK8E; K?8K ?FC;J 8K C<8JK FE< >8CCFE F= N8K<I, FI 8 ILC< F= K?LD9 @J FE< HL8IK F= N8K<I =FI <M<IP @E:? F= ;@8D<K<I F= K?< KILEB. A N<CC-:8I<;-=FI C?I@JKD8J KI<< N@CC EFID8CCP I<D8@E =I<J? =FI K?< <EK@I< ?FC@;8P J<8JFE. (P JFLI:<J =FI K?@J E<NJ I<C<8J< N<I< K?< 0E@M<IJ@KP F= $CC@EF@J, CFIE<CC 0E@M<IJ@KP, *?@F .K8K< 0E@M<IJ@KP, .FLK? D8BFK8 .K8K< 0E@M<IJ@KP OK<EJ@FE .<IM@:<J 8E; 2@B@G<;@8. $= PFL NFLC; C@B< DFI< @E=FID8K@FE 89FLK WC?I@JKD8J /I<<J,X :FEK8:K BF9 DIFNE 8K K?< CFEJ<IM8K@FE *==@:< 8K 605-244-5222, OK<EJ@FE 4 FI 9P <-D8@C 8K IF9<IK.;IFNE@J;.E8:;E<K.E<K. A00 463+6%17 %2( 7)6:-')7 463:-()( &= 8,) N368,;)78 A6)% C327)6:%8-32 D-786-'87 %6) 463:-()( 6)+%6(0)77 3* 6%'), '3036, 2%8-32%0 36-+-2, +)2()6, 6)0-+-32, %+), (-7%&-0-8=, 430-8-'%0 &)0-)*7, 7)<9%0 36-)28%8-32, %2( 1%6-8%0 36 *%1-0= 78%897.
D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7< :
Page 9
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
&;/5-8 &1/@=5?D '5<>
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
AEJN<IJ KF JFD< F= K?< DFJK :FDDFECP 8JB<; (<;@:8I< HL<JK@FEJ !: 2?8K 8I< K?< GI<D@LDJ 8E; ;<;L:K@9C<J =FI (<;@:8I< +8IK A & (<;@:8I< +8IK B @E 2014? A: "FF; E<NJ! /?< JK8E;8I; DFEK?CP GI<D@LD =FI (<;@:8I< +8IK B N@CC 9< $104.90 @E 2014, <O8:KCP K?< J8D< 8J @K N8J @E 2013. /?< GI<D@LD ?8J <@K?<I 9<<E C<JJ K?8E GIFA<:K<; FI I<D8@E<; K?< J8D<, =FI K?< G8JK K?I<< P<8IJ. /?< C8JK =@M< P<8IJ ?8M< 9<<E 8DFE> K?< JCFN<JK G<I@F;J F= 8M<I8>< +8IK B GI<D@LD >IFNK? @E K?< GIF>I8DYJ ?@JKFIP. (FI< K?8E 99% F= G<FGC< FE (<;@:8I< ;FEYK G8P 8EP GI<D@LD =FI +8IK A, 9<:8LJ< K?<P FI K?<@I JGFLJ< G8@; @EKF K?< (<;@:8I< /ILJK !LE; K?IFL>? G8PIFCC N@K??FC;@E> =FI 8K C<8JK 40 HL8IK<IJ ;LI@E> K?<@I NFIB@E> C@=<K@D<J. !FI K?FJ< =<N 9<E<=@:@8I@<J N?F ;F G8P GI<D@LDJ =FI +8IK A, ;<G<E;@E> FE K?< ELD9<I F= HL8IK<IJ NFIB<; K?<P 8I< >F@E> ;FNE KF <@K?<I $9 C<JJ 8 DFEK? KF $15 C<JJ 8 DFEK? @E 2014. /?< +8IK B 8EEL8C ;<;L:K@9C< @E 2014 N@CC 8CJF I<D8@E LE:?8E><;, 8K $147. /?< @EG8K@<EK ;<;L:K@9C<, =FI K?FJ< <EIFCC<; @E +8IK A F= :FEM<EK@FE8C (<;@:8I< 8E; 8I< ?FJG@K8C@Q<;, @E:I<8J<J =IFD $1,184 KF $1,216 =FI 8 ?FJG@K8C JK8P F= LG KF 60 ;8PJ. !FI 9<E<=@:@8I@<J @E JB@CC<; ELIJ@E> =8:@C@K@<J, K?< ;8@CP :F-@EJLI8E:< =FI ;8PJ 21 K?IFL>? 100 N@CC 9< $152, 8E @E:I<8J< F= $4 =IFD 2013. B<E<=@:@8I@<J ;F EFK G8P 8EPK?@E> =FI K?< =@IJK 20 ;8PJ F= JB@CC<; ELIJ@E> =8:@C@KP :8I<. #FN<M<I, KF HL8C@=P =FI (<;@:8I< :FM<I8><, PFLI ;F:KFI DLJK :<IK@=P
G1<- ) /1.: 9;*9+817:165
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
$E /FNE & DLGI<<: $34.00 + 36+)3 :)> $E CFLEKP: $34.00 + 36+)3 :)> *LK F= CFLEKP: $39.00 + 36+)3 :)> *LK F= .K8K< $39.00 2<9JFK< .LJ:I@GK@FE $34.00
+* BFO 38 S !8@K?, .D 57626
/?< !8@K? $E;<G<E;<EK
Page 10 '
D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 : &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7<
K//: ?: A3>2 B9?< -3>B, =-2996, +8. -9?8>B ... #/+. >2/ L/1+6=
(&DA/F-=9 &1=A5/1 A31:/D "1B>
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
F"*4) L*6&340$, C0..*33*0/ C0. (605) 967-2200
A 8534? =@: ;2 /-??81 41=1 2;= ;@= >-81 ;: !;:0-D, D1/19.1= 2, B5?4 - >?1-0D ?; 45341= 9-=71? ;: /;B> -:0 .@88>. &2+74 A8= 08: A8=: ,=;37/;;. L=-A K7312< 1.........................................87 /;B J/::A +:<37 2 .......................................87 /;B> B3:45+7. B:8; 1.........................................87 /;B I:>371 J8:.+7 3 .......................................87 /;B> 1.........................................87 /;B 5 .......................................87 /;B>
#E"#E$E %A%I'E $ALE$
1775 .............$88.00 1513 .............$82.75 1705 .............$88.50 1621 .............$83.75 1715 .............$82.50 1518 .............$81.00
F:/. K8;< E;< 1..........................................87 .@88 D8A5/ %3687 1.........................................87 /;B $ & D !+;2 1.........................................87 /;B 1.........................................87 /;B 6 .......................................87 /;B> -87;3176/7< 80 19 ...........................87 & .80D 42=?> 2 .............................87 & .80D 42=?> &:+>3; J/?/<< 2..................................A:3@> 42=?> D8A5/ %3687 1 ...................................A:3@> 42=?
2155 ...........$103.00 1425 .............$88.50 1510 .............$84.00 1545 .............$83.50 1409 .............$82.75 826 .............$116.50 968 .............$112.50 902 .............$118.00 1075 ...........$109.50
E>7-+:15/ 400-500 *8-, +6=9, 1000-1200 +)3<-9 & ?-)8315/9
D & M D1-::-83- (A/- D197) C 50 A:3@> /;B> H% 5'> .=10 *5871: %-:/4 A:3@> .@88> /-82 4-10 M)0-8 C 75 1>? C .-80D 41521=> H% .=10 !508-:0 B@88 '1>? A:3@> .@88> /-82 4-1 (30 0-D>) $5662 C 80 %10 A:3@> /;B> 3> .=10 %10 A:3@> /-82 4-1 M;85165 C 50 A:3@> 41521=> .=10 &?1A1:>;: A:3@> /-82 3-10 (45 0-D>) M;85165 C 50 %10 A:3@> 41521=> .=10 %108-:0 %10 A:3@> /-82 3-10 (20 0-D>) H "81+- C 30 A:3@> /;B> 10> .=10 A:3@> /-82 4-1 J L65/*8)2- C 30 A:3@> /;B> .=10 A:3@> /-82 4-1 F315:86+2 C 20 A:3@> /;B> 4> =135>?1=10 .=10 A:3@> /-82 4-1 M133-8 C 40 A:3@> /;B> 7-9> .=10 A:3@> /-82 3-25 D)<19 C 45 A:3@> /;B> 4> .=10 A:3@> /-82 4-5 (2-:/D) M+M;8:8? C 20 A:3@> /;B> 10> .=10 A:3@> /-82 3-25
C6591/54-5:9: B8-, +6=9
F589 01?-58> 8131:0 ;2 &/;??D $4585<
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
C6591/54-5:9: (-)5-, +)3<-9 & ?-)8315/9
B-93-8 C 200 %10 A:3@> >?11=> (B1-:10) 525-625# B86=5 C 150 A:3@> /-8A1> (B1-:10) 500-600# L-59-/8)< C 115 A:3@> /-8A1> 500-600# F J68,)5 C 100 A:3@> >?11=> 525-625# # B86=5 C 120 H1=12;=0 & .-80D D1-=85:3 >?11=> 700-750# F315:86+2 C 110 A:3@> D1-=85:3 >?11=> 825# F F315:86+2 C 70 .87 & =10 41521=> (;<1:) 750# +6591/54-5: C 340 8-9.> 85-135# C +6591/54-5: C 120 8-9.> 85-100# B;88-8 (D197) C 50 B2 1B1> 5-6> >1885:3 ;<1: !;=1 .=10 /;B>, .=10 41521=> -:0 /-8A1> 1C<1/?10 .D >-81 ?591.
'#C" I!G %ALE% 87.+A, D/-/6,/: 16: ->? &-81 ;2 2013 87.+A, D/-/6,/: 23: "# &A E (!1==D C4=5>?9->) 87.+A, D/-/6,/: 30: "# &A E (H-<<D "1B +1-=) 87.+A, J+7=+:A 6: 1>? >-81 ;2 2014
G#29 !#/%' ; (605) 967-2162 OR S%044 !#/%' ; CELL: 484-7127 OR<M#8 L05)*-+/ ; 1-605-645-2583 (%'--) OR G-'/ K+/) 1-605-390-3264 (%'--) "' #112'%+#4' 9052 $53+/'33. G+6' 53 # %#-- #4 605-967-2200 02 777.(#+4*-+6'340%,.%0. +( 905 *#6' -+6'340%, 40 3'--. "' 705-& $' )-#& 40 6+3+4 7+4* 905.
P-#%' # C-#33+(+'& A&...
38 %2/ F#+4* I/&'1'/&'/4
E.#+-: (#+4*+/&@(#+4*3&.%0.
/A=:+:/< 09< >2/ C3>B 90 F+3>2 C F+3>2 $-2996 D3=><3-> 46-2 C M/+./ C9?8>B
D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 B &2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7< :
Page 11
"#'ICE I& HE%EB+ GI)E" ?4-? ?41 C;99;: C;@:/58 2;= ?41 C5?D ;2 F-5?4, &;@?4 D-7;?- B588 =1/15A1 .50> 2;= ?41 <@=/4->1 ;2 -A5-?5;: 2@18. B5001= 9-D /;:>501= - A;8@91 ;2 10,000 3-88;:> 9;=1 ;= 81>> ;2 -A5-?5;: 2@18. A88 .5001=> -=1 ->710 ?; 5:/8@01 ?41 .->1 <=5/1 <8@> ?41 5?195E10 ?-C. AA5-?5;: 2@18 B588 .1 .50 0185A1=10 ?; ?41 F-5?4 !@:5/5<-8 A5=<;=?. B50> -=1 ?; .1 >@.95??10 ;: ?41 B50 F;=9 -A-58-.81 -? ?41 C5?D ;2 F-5?4 F5:-:/1 #225/1. '41 .50 9@>? .1 /81-=8D 9-=710 GAA5-?5;: F@18 B50H. B50> B588 .1 =1/15A10 .D ?41 !-D;= -:0 C;99;: C;@:/58 -? ?41 ;225/1 ;2 ?41 F5:-:/1 #225/1= 5: ?41 C5?D ;2 F-5?4, &;@?4 D-7;?- @:?58 7:15 <.9., 9;@:?-5: >?-:0-=0 ?591, ;: ?41 17?4 0-D ;2 D1/19.1=, 2013, -? B45/4 ?591 ?41 .50> B588 .1 <@.85/8D ;<1:10 ?4-? >-91 0-D -? ?41 =13@8-= 911?5:3 =;;9 ;2 ?41 C;99;: C;@:/58 5: ?41 !@:5/5<-8 B@5805:3, F-5?4, &;@?4 D-7;?-. '41 !-D;= -:0 C;99;: C;@:/58 =1>1=A1 ?41 =534? ?; =161/? -:D -:0 -88 .50> =1/15A10 -:0 ?; -//1<? ?41 .50 ?4-? 5> ?; ?41 .1>? -0A-:?-31 ;2 -:0 5: ?41 .1>? 5:?1=1>? ;2 ?41 C5?D ;2 F-5?4, &;@?4 D-7;?-. BD ;=01= ;2 ?41 C;99;: C;@:/58 ;2 ?41 C5?D ;2 F-5?4, &;@?4 D-7;?-. C5?D ;2 F-5?4, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, D1..51 B=;B:, F5:-:/1 #225/1= $@.85>410 D1/19.1= 4 -:0 11, 2013 2;= - ?;?-8 -<<=;C59-?1 /;>? ;2 $25.99
K//: ?: A3>2 B9?< -3>B, =-2996, +8. -9?8>B... #/+. >2/ L/1+6=
/7+36 ?= +> 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser OPTOMETRISTS
F+3>2 C63831$%E3#D (ED E$DA*$ !F %HE M! %H "H: 967-2644 1-800-648-0760
910 H+<798 $>
J-1 Cake!
A$ailable fo all occa!ion!
Dusty’s Tire Service PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck & machinery tire repairs call Dusty. Leave a message if no answer
Bi "hda%! G ad#a"ion! Anni$e !a % - Wedding! Call Diane Fee!
Call anytime 7 days a week!!
I 4-A1 ?@.1> & 9;>? /;99;: ?5=1> ;: 4-:0 & /-: ;=01= 5: -:D ?5=1 ;2 D;@= /4;5/1.
605-748-2210 o 2244
#+@/66/>>/ "?,6. I8-. (/ 900/< + -97:6/>/ -977/<-3+6 :<38>381 =/<@3-/ ... C B?=38/== C+<.= C L/>>/<2/+.= C E8@/69:/= C B<9-2?</= C !003-/ F9<7= C A8. M9</! %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8> "H: (605) 967-2161 !# FA): 967-2160 /-7+36: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
#+@/66/>>/ "?,6. I8-. $*A! %EAGE$ (/ 900/< + -97:6/>/ -977/<-3+6 C/55: (605) 441-7465 :<38>381 =/<@3-/ ... F+@: (605) 859-2766 :A+7;/+1/:@28<6+35.-86 C B?=38/== C+<.= C L/>>/<2/+.= C E8@/69:/= C B<9-2?</= #HILI# "&"$, I!C. C !003-/ F9<7= C A8. M9</! %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8> B=;. (605) 859-2585 8: 1-800-859-5557 "H: (605) 967-2161 !# 101 ). "+4 %<., #" B8@ 816 #23539, %D 57567-0816 FA): 967-2160 C08?93-8 A D6,/- #)4 A F68,-L15+635 /-7+36: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
Bogue & Bogue Law oFFiceS
E.& B,$1" C%".4) La1."+5 B,$1" 416 S Ma&+ S0., Fa&0%, SD 967-2529 ,. 365-5171 H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 '$. W & 3 '$. N )! H)0 -, SD
E+/$*. R *a$,/Ma$(. (a(c H1d,a/&$c- - A/C - T$, Ca, & L$"#. T,/c% T$, S#)*: 605-985-5007 C &&: 605-441-1168 C ,.$!$ d D$ - & T c# ##, *a$,@"0.c.( .
For all your Real Estate Needs call Kevin Jensen 381-4272
Black Hills land, homes and businesses. With values and honesty born and bred in Faith, trust Kevin Jensen to help you solve your real estate questions.
WEST RIVER CABLE TELEVISION .<IM@E> K?< KFNE F= !8@K?, .D 1-888-411-5651 B@JFE, .D
Ke$in Jen!en %o# f iend in eal e!"a"e Exit Realty, Rapid City #+@/66/>>/ "?,6. I8-. (/ 900/< + -97:6/>/ -977/<-3+6 :<38>381 =/<@3-/ ... C B?=38/== C+<.= C L/>>/<2/+.= C E8@/69:/= C B<9-2?</= C !003-/ F9<7= C A8. M9</! %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8> "H: (605) 967-2161 !# FA): 967-2160 /-7+36: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
F %-$ C)''.(%-1 Dr. Brandace Dietterle DC Chiropractor H# &-$ S#+/%!# H!&#$ M98.EF<3.: EVERY MONDAY 8 +.7.E12; 1 -5 :.7. Loca"ed in 605/967-2644 P ai ie Oa!i! Mall, A0>/< H9?<= Fai"h, SD '/<8+ $-2+.: 964-6114 9< PH: 415-5935 605-365-6593 (-/66)
Faith Veterinary Service (605) 967-2212
Monda%–F!ida%: 8 a.m. – 5:30 .m. Sa#$!da%: 8 am-Noon CLOSED: SUNDAYS Fo! #he be"# in c!i##e! ca!e!
#+@/66/>>/ "?,6. I8-. (/ 900/< + -97:6/>/ -977/<-3+6 :<38>381 =/<@3-/ ... C B?=38/== C+<.= C L/>>/<2/+.= C E8@/69:/= C B<9-2?</= C !003-/ F9<7= C A8. M9</! %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8> "H: (605) 967-2161 !# FA): 967-2160 /-7+36: 0+3>238.@0+3>2=..-97
CLASSIFIEDS ' CALL 967-2161 ' E"a !: fa &h #d@fa &h%d.c$"
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
&2/ F+3<2 I7./9/7./7< : D/-/6,/: 4, 2013 :
Page 12
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
/?8EBJ KF <M<IPFE< =FI 8CC K?< G?FE< :8CCJ, :8I;J 8E; 8:KJ F= B@E;E<JJ N?@C< $ N8J @E K?< ?FJG@K8C =FI 98:B JLI><IP. .G<:@8C K?8EBJ KF K?< E<@>?9FIJ FE D<<G CI<<B =FI 8CC K?< ?<CG N?@C< $ N8J I<:FM<I@E>. "LP +<K<IJ A B@> /?8EB 4FL KF <M<IPFE< =FI 8CC K?< :8CCJ, :8I;J, =CFN<IJ, M@J@KJ 8E; >@=KJ ;LI@E> DP JK8P @E K?< ?FJG@K8C. $K @J KF >I<8K ?8M@E> =8D@CP 8E; =I@<E;J C@B< $ ?8M<. "F; BC<JJ PFL 8CC +8KKP #8LJ<I
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
K//: ?: A3>2 B9?< -3>B, =-2996, +8. -9?8>B... #/+. >2/ L/1+6=
EMPLOYMENT CABI"E( 'A E': H:81 C19?1= 59 +1>?1=9 ':@?4 D-6:?- >116> 1C;1=519/10 C-.591? '-71> D1;-=?819? !-9-31=. B->1 $7@>. '190 &1>@81 ?:: 'D"A/C-.591?, 1125 3290 AA1, B=::6593>, 'D 57006. $E&KI"' C#)"(, HIGH+A, ')$E&I"(E"DE"(. !@>? 4-A1 CD . E935911=593 .-/63=:@90 - ;7@>. #;19 @9?57 1/1/14 := @9?57 257710. F:= 8:=1 592:=8-?5:9: 605-2445624. A;;7D: $1=659> C:@9?D F59-9/1 #225/1, $# B:C 126, B5>:9, 'D, 57620. E#E. (HE CI(, #F #"IDA 5> >116593 ;@.75/ B:=6> 18;7:D11. F@77 (581, B5?4 .19125?>. E8;7:D819? /:9?59319? @;:9 ;=1-18;7:D819? ;4D>5/-7. C-77 605-258-2441. !A"AGE&/#$E&A(I#"' '$ECIA I'( H $1=659> C:@9?D &@=-7 +-?1= 'D>?18, B5>:9, 'D. (41 >D>?18 ;=:A501> <@-75?D 0=596593 B-?1= ?: /@>?:81=> 59 $1=659> C:@9?D, 188:9, -90 B5>:9. (41 ;:>5?5:9 4-> 2@77 =1>;:9>5.575?D 2:= >D>?18 1C;-9>5:9, :;1=-?5:9>, 8-59?19-9/1, -08595>?=-?5A1, -90 259-9/5-7 2@9/?5:9>. C:77131 013=11
L')#- A&6'24+3+/)
F2+&#9 /00/ $'(02' "'&. 15$-+%#4+0/ %2/ F+3>2 I8./:/8./8>
D=9:// D+A-+:/, I7-. +778=7-/; 3<; 2014 A77=+5 //<371 <8 ,/ 2/5. +< <2/ D=9:// D+A-+:/, D=9://, %8=<2 D+48<+, 87 J+7=+:A 8, 2014, +< 6:00 96 ( %&). ";95:-?5:3 <1?5?5;:> 2;= 181/?5;: ;2 D5=1/?;=> 9-D .1 ;.?-5:10 -? ?41 ;225/1 .D 15?41= A5>5?5:3 ;= /-885:3. C-:050-?1> -:0 A;?1=> 9@>? .1 919.1=> ;2 D@<=11 D-D/-=1. A88 919.1=> ;2 D@<=11 D-D/-=1 >4-88 .1 18535.81 ?; A;?1 5: ?41 181/?5;: 2;= 1-/4 D5=1/?;= ?; .1 181/?10. !19.1=>45< 5> ;<1: ?; <-=1:?> ;2 /4580=1: -? D@<=11 D-D/-=1 -:0 -:D;:1 85A5:3 B5?45: - 50 9581 =-05@> ;2 D@<=11 D-D/-=1 @<;: <-D91:? ;2 -: -::@-8 919.1=>45< 211 ;2 $10.00.

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